The Devil’s in the Triangbles

OK…serious about making money, right?  My net portfolio value was up 3.86% Tuesday.

Did you see it coming?  It was exactly what we were talking about in last Saturday’s report which I told you (usefully and in advance)  “After, that is, we take a look at the charts and a number of “triangle formations” which are grouped in today’s ChartPack as “Devil’s Triangles.”

What happened Tuesday was the breakdown through the bottom of a triangle.  So is it over?

Read on…The Devil’s moved from the details to the triangles.

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10 thoughts on “The Devil’s in the Triangbles”

  1. Weird FM radio “skip” today. Here in southwest NH picked up JACK 102.7 from Baltimore (approx 300 miles as the 727’s fly) when I expected to hear 102.7 WEQX from Manchester, VT. Solar Activity? HAARP activity?

  2. Okay, so having translated more than the first paragraph of the Russian article, it seems that there is animosity from the “elite” in Russian sending their kids abroad to be indoctrinated, educated. The first paragraph makes it seem as though there is an impending war and further reading leads one to the conclusion that they are growing tired of the elite being educated in Western countries and serving two gods.

    • Yup – purdy much nailed it bubba

      If Life was about fulfilling as many people as possible we would not depend on the ramshackle disposable society.;.. recurring broken parts for recurring profits and more time on task rather than reflecting, thinking, or trout fishing…

      • I read about this somewhere (maybe BBC – very tired at the time) – at first I wondered if this was related to the reported increase of ‘civil defense preparedness’ that had been going on under Putin – then about the idea of the students not being unduly influenced by Western thoughts and culture. (Which led to the idea that if I had a child who in a prestigious school like Oxford, Cambridge or Harvard, or was taking some specialized studies in the sciences – I’d leave it up to the student . . .)

        I think for many ‘the toothpaste is out of the tube’ and you will not get compliance . . .

      • Fortunately as a cheese maker, solo most times, there is plenty of time for reflecting and thinking… However, there is not enough time for fishing and I am so close to great trout fishing.

    • Hillary had a great week, more to come on Donald’s vulgar taped speeches…wouldn’t that mean the market jumps just for her?? (As George said it does in previous posts)

      NASDAQ 100 finished a triangle formation, if wave 2 of a larger diagonal is in force for the S&P, it should fall 200 points in the next 2-3 weeks.

      Invest in housing right now?? Why bother when it too will crash…

      And rely on a govt pension and/or Social Security???

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