Global News Shortage Breaks Out!

There is really nothing new on the political front since the orchestrated  potentially illegal hit tape on Donald Trump came out. 

As we explained yesterday, although quite Machiavellian, there is not two party system in America other than the “Haves” and the “Have Nots.” Since we are not in the former, the behaviors of the former (which include Bush, Clinton, and other clans) are dressed up in order to perpetuate the myth of “free choice.”  Freed as long as from the royalty class.

As the sorry case of Bernie Sanders proved to anyone paying attention, the “Haves” own the democratic party, as well as the republicans. So when thinks like Paul Ryan refusing to support Trump, or the Bush hit tape on Trump is released, the commonality is not political in the partisan sense. It is more on the order of putting on a “good enough show” to keep 320-million people under the ruling thumb of the One Percenters for another 4-years.

Then the racket starts all over again.

But in the meantime, a global lack of distractions is problematic for the sold-out Mainstream Press. They are now in the unenviable position of having to shill other wrongful causes while the final act of the Circus sets up for November.

Global (*Warming) Nonsense

Still think Global Warming is anything other than a scheme to make up additional layers of government, increase taxes, and shrink our consumptive lifestyles?

Read on.

An article this morning which happened across Fox News Travel is a dandy example of how cognitive dissonances are included in much of what we read in media reports:

Experts warn luxury Arctic cruises of Titanic-style disaster.”

I don’t have any argument with the main thrust of the story. It’s the embedded subliminal programming that bother me. Read the following two sentences and see how it rolls – I bolded the dissonance for you to see it more clearly:

“The ship, owned by American operator Crystal Cruises, traversed an isolated route first navigated by Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen in 1903.

Although climate change means the region is iceberg free in summer, two shipping executives fear a disaster unless guidelines are brought in to protect passengers and the environment…”

Hold the phone.

If Man-made Climate Change is what causes the area to be ice-free, how the hell did Amundsen make his 1903 voyage?

This is how the gates of perception are left unguarded. You think you’re reading a story about travel, but embedded in it is yet-another globalist pitch for “global warming” on the slope of your perception threshold.

It all becomes clear when you remember that Illinois state senator Barrack Obama earmarked money to start up Al Gore’s Carbon Exchange back when and you can see how global warming is more a political agenda that reality.

Just last year it was reported that a “Ship Abandons Global Warming Research Due to EXCESSIVE ICE.”

Yet, predictably, in the hurricane mess we went through as last week’s massively over-hyped event, again government and environmental shills were anxiously selling hurricanes as caused by (man-made) climate change.

Once again, a sober review of facts, you see things like massive Cat 3 and larger hurricanes from the 1800s and earlier. Made-made? About the only thing manmade is the public relations pitch – and efforts to monetize climate as another “emergency” that will require breaking into your wallet for money more for? Government!

I reckon between $200 billion and $1-trillion has been turned over due to the phony “climate war.”

Whether we were driving cars or walking, the sea level would still be rising. It’s what happens after Ice Ages if you read a little bit. And the rate of warming goes through a knee due to the phase change of melting water such as in Greenland.

Sheesh. There;’s a grumpy old man for you.

So as evidence of a lack of “real news” let’sa look at some useful stuff, shall we?

Turncoat Ryan

Remember, I’ve been saying for months that Paul Ryan is not a constitutional republican in the Abe Lincoln sense?

Well, here we go: “Did Paul Ryan’s Top Advisor Leak the Trump Tape?”

Not sure, but I still think release of the tape might qualify as a felony due to California’s two-party recording law. But what’s something as weak as a law when you’re dealing with politics and turncoats, huh?

Gangs of all ztripes ignore the rule of law.

Saudis Still Screwing Us

Saudis, along with Qatar, are funding Islamic State t errorism. No surprise – since ISIS is a follow-on to al Qaeda, and as we’ve explained their role is to get a Saudi pipeline into Europe.

But this latest revelation must be true since it’s in the latest batch of leaked Hillarymails.

Doers it excuse the lame president pissing away $1.7 billion to the Iranians? No, but we find it odds that Hillary’s key assistant’s role in a pro-Iranian publication is forgotten while Trump’s locker room banter replays endlessly by shill media.

More Filler Stories

So with no real finance news, the market set to give up part of Monday’s illusory gains (easier with the bond market closed), here are the kinds of stories I would label “filler news…”

How Fructose May Trigger Body Fat

4 Ways to Find More Meaning in Life

Rhode Island man squashes son’s giant pumpkin record with 2,261-pounder.

The One Story that Matters

The Western headlines are to the effect that Putin Cancels France Trip After President Hollande Accuses Russia of War Crimes in Syria.

The back story: Putin was planning to go to France to be on hand at the opening of a new Orthodox Church there. The French as sitting on a powder-keg of militant Islamists and this is the kind of footwork that will likely lead to a BIG SHOOTING WAR after the election.

As explained in the Saudi story above, ISIS is working the Saudi oil deals and those are in the face of Russia…and France is just blowing in the wind.

We would likely be in flashing nukes now except that anything Putin does now would be described as an attempt to disrupt the American election. Faced with 4 or 8 more years of of “regime change madness” in the US State Department by the nasty nest of Neocons who managed to slither from Bush republican to Obama democrat, Putin may simply decide to “go for it” over Syria.

Which is a war invented by the Nobel Prize scammer. Right here on Democratic Underground the headline is “Bush only started 2 wars. Obama started 3, and kept the other 2 going.

Gotta love what he’s done for race relations, too.

No, Obama should give back the Nobel and apply for a different prize for his mantel.

An Oscar for Best Supporting Actor, perhaps.

17 thoughts on “Global News Shortage Breaks Out!”

  1. I am going to weigh in on the Billy Bush and Trump tape…I am a retired female 63 year old engineer who worked for a major chemical company for 34 years. I started in 1974. This is how men talk when woman are not around. Sometimes its how they talk in front of us if they are in groups and we are the minority. It blows off steam and and probably fosters camaraderie.
    Get over it!
    Second point: We will look back on this and be surprised we ever cared. Not for reasons you think…it won’t be declining mores etc. Think about this…there is a whole generation of people out there that post every single thought that goes into their head. Hot mics and buried tapes will not be needed in the future. And most of them haven’t realized they might seek political office some day.

  2. Hi George, I always come back to your site to get your take on ongoing events. I respect your opinion. I’ve been wondering if all of these various data “leaks” are being orchestrated by a hostile force, internal or external, as a means of further destabilizing the US. To what end I don’t know but it seems logical that a force that was intent on the takeover of a country would be interested in dividing the population along as many lines possible. I understand that you have a more worldwide view of politics as “haves vs have nots” but it seems possible that this might be the first stages of an ongoing, more subtle attack against the country itself. Paranoid? What do you think? Honestly, I took my medicine today! ;)

    • No, honey, it is to support the ongoing takeover, high-jacking, and continued selling out of America. It is the virulent haves fighting over the scraps of the USA. They don’t have the country completely netted up yet but they are close. They need OverTheHill for 4 years to seal the deal. They are salivating over a century long effort to control, contain, and siphon the USA’S life force. Which means passing of TPP, massive increase in illegal immigration and immense increase in destabilizing refugee resettlement combined with continuing loss of means of production PLUS other easily avoidable problems and issues highlighted by George. WAR is the next highlighted stop on our short orchestrated decline. You know Obama and OTH has managed to outsource the Army. We hire, arm, and fund ‘others’ to fight our undeclared illegal wars for us now.

  3. Obama is definitely far superior to Tony Curtis when playing “The Great Impostor”.Curtis and Fred Demara are in awe of “Obama”,viewing him from the great beyond.

  4. ” environmental shills ‘ anxiously’ selling…how about ‘eagerly selling’ geeze George fingernails on the blackboard….

  5. Infowars seems a curious source to cite since recently Alex Jones said Hillary and Obama are literal “demons” who smell “like sulfur”.
    “I was told by people around her that they think she’s demon-possessed, okay? I’m just going to go ahead and say it, okay?
    They said that they’re scared. That’s why when I see her when kids are by her, I actually get scared myself, with a child — with that big rubber face and that — I mean this woman is dangerous, ladies and gentleman. I’m telling you, she is a demon.”

    • So what, he is talking, he hosts a ‘talk show’. Are you so offended by words? What do you call a decades long serial predatory rapist? Get mad at something important like Bill Clinton and remember the words he told one of his victims after he raped her twice, ‘better put some ice on that.’ Which was her lip.

    • Reggi, I am scared too!! You scare the BeJesus out of Me!!!

      The trend of the Un-United States of Craziness, as reflected in let’s say, the last 20 years, but most definitely the last year- has and continues, to produce so many platforms such as Ure’s- that actually draw the crazies like you and the “bored sh–tless” types, such as myself, into a smelly bottom of the “2 seater outhouse get together”.

      Everyone in the soup of human reality, has as their basis of belief-certain life experiences that cause their aptitude and attitude of expression to be skewed in a generally consistent direction. Ever wonder what ingredients flavored your soup?

      Take a side trip to your local slaughterhouse someday and really look into the eyes of the animal, as it feels the butcher’s knife slit it’s throat. Can you honestly believe that humanity will ever find any redemption in so called political solutions, or come together in a sensible way? After all, opinions are just that-and you know what else besides opinions we all have?

      This site is to me, a journey into darkness, with the hope that Ure’s ” Good Twin” will conjur up a spell moment and slip in some- what I consider to be very worthwhile information! I therefore, at the risk of being chided (again) by Ure moderator, as to my lack of knowledge about all things referencing all things contrary to Ure Doctrine- humbly submit my opinion!

      Keep dreaming Reggi, but be sure to keep those amulets of your chosen political protector close beside you!

  6. > Trump’s locker room banter replays endlessly by shill media.

    The “it’s just locker room banter” defense rates as the equivalent of “But Maaaahm, all the other kids are doing it!!”

  7. > Trump’s locker room banter replays endlessly by shill media.

    The “it’s just locker room banter” defense rates as the equivalent of “But Maaaahm, all the other kids are doing it!!”. It don’t wash.

    Remember, as the late, great Douglas Adams said: “Anyone capable of getting themselves elected President should on no account be allowed to do the job.”

  8. Damn George, I haven’t read your stuff in a long while, and seems like the hateful invective of public comment has spilled over onto YOUR reply page too! I can’t stand to read the crap on MSN or Fox or any other news story reply sites, it is so overwhelmingly hateful. People troll these places spilling their venom-filled guts all over the place. I just give up and go wash my eyeballs and try to forget what a horrid society we are living in. Funny thing, it seems like the folks surrounding me in this little town, or a majority of them anyway, are not like that. They seem as fed up with it all as I am. So where does all this brain poop come from? The big cities?? Or is it only in the relative privacy of their own little minds that they have enough balls to make these rancid comments?? If it weren’t for the innocent little kids, I’d say “bring on them nukes”. It’s time for a toilet flushing. The ones who are supposed to survive it probably will. And if not, there will afterward be some big badass cockroaches left to clean up the reminder, I’d be willing to bet! They can have the place!! ” And the things from space will come at last, to marvel at the endless patience of the growing grass”. Wish I could remember who wrote that, it wasn’t me! But I remembered it forever, because I knew someday it would come true. Day is not far off, methinks.

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