Sure, there are a number of “economic stories” we could lead with this morning.  But, weekly variances in mortgage applications at a time when part of the nation has been in the deep freeze and it’s a holiday week to boot?  Seriously?

Of, later on, yet-another forecast of “investor confidence” will be out…but we don’t need it.  Because we like to “roll our own.”  All you need to know is the futures point to the Dow climbing about 20 at the open as the blow-off continues.

Is there anything we can safely predict for 2020?  We hope it will be a “Year of the Crooks Unmasked” – although we’re not holding our breath on it.

Long-time reader Len down under (as in Oz) complains that he’d like to invest in gold because it’s historically such a simple long-term inflation hedge.  But he’s worried about how “crooked the markets” are, including gold.

He’s got reason for alarm.

  • Don’t know if you remember, but a couple of years back, there were reports of “altered gold” (basically tungsten with a gold wrapping layer” being sold on the online auction sites.
  • More recently,  ZeroHedge  was reporting “US Official Gold Reserves Auditor Caught Lying…
  • Yeah sure, the story shows up in a “regular” Google Search (here), but if you flip over to Google News (here), guess what?  Poof! The ZeroHedge article isn’t at the top of the list. (*At least when I ran the search at 5:37 AM.)

This gets us around to wondering the Digital Reality.  What makes sense to us is propsoing government run search.  Shouldn’t search be a public utility – like fire and police services, public health and other necessaries?

Privately (corporately) owned Search provides too much opportunity for slanting results.  Because, as we all know, if you can slant results, you can manipulate everything.

Which is what makes the appearances of Social Media and Search executives in Washington so interesting to watch.  Who’s promising what out there in quid-pro-click land?

Admittedly, it’s an innovative idea, one fraught with the dangers of click sand.

Ont he surface, government has a kind of “church-state” separation show between “tech and state,” Actually, though, its street kabuki for the masses.

The reality is that everything you’ve ever digitally done is in government system with your socials attached to it.  Yeah, social media and social security number.

Orwell’s 1984 is here.  The public just wasn’t put on the distro list.

The Socialist’s Online Uprising

We assume you know there are two kinds of socialists, right?

One kind wraps itself around lines and Lenin and manuscripts of Marx.  Teasings of Trotsky and speeches of StalinCastigations of Castro and all Maoist Little Red Book swill   (Not to be confused with Jung’s Red Book.)

We class these as the stupid socialists.  Who don’t understand behavioral economics.  Yet insist on writing volumes that make the Book of Urantia and Treatise on Cosmic Fire look positively grounded and actionable..

Like trying to make economic sense of far-left politicians, it’s nearly impossible to decipher. .

The second type of socialist is more dangerous.  They’re only in it for the money.  Put on the mask, but go for the gold.  Grab guns and whatever else can be managed…

One in particular is especially Hungary for dough above all else, if you know who I mean.  He’s been investing in open borders, Reconquista, and anything that tears away at the foundations of America.

But, he’s not alone. For a real education – when you get some free time – go over to and pick some high-end financial companies.  Lean to use adanced Search tools.  Then pay attention to the employers oif donors with names like “Bank” and “Fund” in their monikers.

What you may find is that financial and “artsy” and “entertainment” companies are largely blue party contributors while heavy industrial and energy seem to write red party checks..

This is a terrible problem:   It’s the 900-pound gorilla no one talks about:  AMERICA’S LEADERSHIP IS FOR SALE.

Yeah, like that ain’t a shocker, no?

One of our hopes for 2020 is that the Crooks of the Swamp will, after a sitting grand jury finishes it work,  parade a miles-long-line of perps who have abused the public trust for political power and/or financial gain.

Here’s who we’d like to see in Orange:

  • All political office-holders who are involved in “relative’s” (or related-entities) operating foundations.
  • All online tech giants that shade search results.
  • All persons donating money to causes that are obviously against the fundamental values set up by America’s framers of the democratic republic.

Need an example?

How about proof of citizenship in order to vote?  This “who’s legitimately entitled to vote” question has been around since our Founding.  Originally, it was property owners only and male, at that.

We’ve made some human rights progress – and we love that.  BUT, at some point, the socialist drive to keep further “opening up voting” becomes a fraud.

How would you feel if Ure’s truly successfully lobbied elections officials here in East Texas to open voting booths in far-away places?

Folks living in Toronto could just claim they had Anderson County residency.  The wat the socialists think, this would be dandy!

Let’s open voting booths in Glasgow, outside Buckingham palace, three in our favorite Mexican province, Quintana Roo,. and two each in Moscow and Beijing.  Save them the trouble of hiring hackers.

Why, with that voting plan, I’m sure Hillary would have won in 2016.

As it is, we stand by our prediction that HRC will run again in 2020

Follow the logic here:  Because her Foundation isn’t rolling in the dough like it was when she had some quids to pro quo with.  I don’t know why others don’t  with “foundations” as pay-for-play… Perhaps I’m getting addled in my 70’s….

Well, so much for the wet dream of an Honest Year.  If the forces of evil don’t win, the force of finance will.

Chinese New Years comes at the end of January. rolls out the year’s mascot: It’s the Year of the Rat for them.

America’s leading China in something:  We’ve been in the Decade of the Rats, already,.

In China, public corruption has a “one-round solution” in front of a wall.

In America, we just “talk” anti-corruption to death and wonder why it persists.  Oh, d’uh, huh?

Now, In Other News

(What a great blood pressure adjuster!  Now that Ure awake…into more tangible issues…)

Big Financial Story of the Day?  There are three:  How were Christmas sales?

This being Boxing Day, and a kind of “can’t stop the spending” day,  Fortune’s got some useful pointers in this article on where to hit for the after-shop.

But the real “thing is the ding-a-ling and kah-ching!Mastercard SpendingPulse: U.S. Retail Sales Grew 3.4 Percent This Holiday Season/”  God rest yee merry spenders…

Second and third biggest financial stories come after the markets close today as the government’s last Balance Sheet confessional comes out.  (Don’t expect any repentance, however…).  And there’s the Money Supply report, too.  Which we will roast over an even flame for 10-minutes tomorrow morning.

Speaking of roasting:  Gold’s back up over $1,500 this morning, and Bitcoin was down to $7,203.

We’re sticking by our outlook for BTCs to drop under $4,000 in 2020.  Someone besides me is bound to figure out there are 2,000 competing cryptos, all of them simply “made up” and the only “barrier to entry” in economic terms is owning a computer… Oh, and when the mining stops, will the transacting stop?  We’ll spend our money on steak and wine, thanks.

Keep an eye on the NorK’s.  We didn’t see a “big present” but keeping promises to people is  not North Korea’s main export.  Und zo? U.S. flies spy planes amid escalating tensions with North Korea: reports CBS.

Speaking of CBS, we see them reporting how moderate GOP Senator  Lisa Murkowski “disturbed” by McConnell’s vow to coordinate with WH on impeachment trial.”

Buy the Senator a  waffle for breakfast, would you?  Last democrat to carry Alaska was LBJ and the red party dominates state politics about 3 to 1 in the legislature.

Key thing is: Moderate republicans are mouthing “fair trial.”

We’re  good with fair, and all, BUT….Thing is, this could drag out for centuries since the witness list will be ridiculous on both sides.  Someone is sure to launch  The Impeachment Channel.  (Oh, wait…C-SPAN you say?)

“And what would you like to b e when you grown up, Johnny?” asked Santa.

“I wanna be an impeachment official…because it’s going to be a lifetime career with a great retirement plan…”

This is what Digital Mob Rule looks like. Putting social media on the Internet is like putting fluoride in Water.  Do we really need it?

Save yourself!!!  Unplug for 12-hours a day!

Hmmm…now, where were we…

Notes from the Worker’s Paradise (lost): Russia’s Top 5 Earners Amass Extra $26.9Bln in 2019 – Forbes.

Attention Working Class: Minimum wage hikes hit 21 states in 2019—and more are on the way in 2020.

Since the State Dept. bulked-up it’s Mexico travel warnings, I bet you’re wondering where to go, right? Club Med Opens New 5-Star Resort as Dominican Republic Attempts Tourism Turnaround, might be one to consider.

Confused by this morning’s column?  Ure not alone!

Ah…this explains it all!

On Coast-to-Coast with George Noory tonight…always a grand time.

In the meantime, off to rustle up some hash browns… More tomorrow!

Write when you get rich,