The Crooks to Watch in 2020

Sure, there are a number of “economic stories” we could lead with this morning.  But, weekly variances in mortgage applications at a time when part of the nation has been in the deep freeze and it’s a holiday week to boot?  Seriously?

Of, later on, yet-another forecast of “investor confidence” will be out…but we don’t need it.  Because we like to “roll our own.”  All you need to know is the futures point to the Dow climbing about 20 at the open as the blow-off continues.

Is there anything we can safely predict for 2020?  We hope it will be a “Year of the Crooks Unmasked” – although we’re not holding our breath on it.

Long-time reader Len down under (as in Oz) complains that he’d like to invest in gold because it’s historically such a simple long-term inflation hedge.  But he’s worried about how “crooked the markets” are, including gold.

He’s got reason for alarm.

  • Don’t know if you remember, but a couple of years back, there were reports of “altered gold” (basically tungsten with a gold wrapping layer” being sold on the online auction sites.
  • More recently,  ZeroHedge  was reporting “US Official Gold Reserves Auditor Caught Lying…
  • Yeah sure, the story shows up in a “regular” Google Search (here), but if you flip over to Google News (here), guess what?  Poof! The ZeroHedge article isn’t at the top of the list. (*At least when I ran the search at 5:37 AM.)

This gets us around to wondering the Digital Reality.  What makes sense to us is propsoing government run search.  Shouldn’t search be a public utility – like fire and police services, public health and other necessaries?

Privately (corporately) owned Search provides too much opportunity for slanting results.  Because, as we all know, if you can slant results, you can manipulate everything.

Which is what makes the appearances of Social Media and Search executives in Washington so interesting to watch.  Who’s promising what out there in quid-pro-click land?

Admittedly, it’s an innovative idea, one fraught with the dangers of click sand.

Ont he surface, government has a kind of “church-state” separation show between “tech and state,” Actually, though, its street kabuki for the masses.

The reality is that everything you’ve ever digitally done is in government system with your socials attached to it.  Yeah, social media and social security number.

Orwell’s 1984 is here.  The public just wasn’t put on the distro list.

The Socialist’s Online Uprising

We assume you know there are two kinds of socialists, right?

One kind wraps itself around lines and Lenin and manuscripts of Marx.  Teasings of Trotsky and speeches of StalinCastigations of Castro and all Maoist Little Red Book swill   (Not to be confused with Jung’s Red Book.)

We class these as the stupid socialists.  Who don’t understand behavioral economics.  Yet insist on writing volumes that make the Book of Urantia and Treatise on Cosmic Fire look positively grounded and actionable..

Like trying to make economic sense of far-left politicians, it’s nearly impossible to decipher. .

The second type of socialist is more dangerous.  They’re only in it for the money.  Put on the mask, but go for the gold.  Grab guns and whatever else can be managed…

One in particular is especially Hungary for dough above all else, if you know who I mean.  He’s been investing in open borders, Reconquista, and anything that tears away at the foundations of America.

But, he’s not alone. For a real education – when you get some free time – go over to and pick some high-end financial companies.  Lean to use adanced Search tools.  Then pay attention to the employers oif donors with names like “Bank” and “Fund” in their monikers.

What you may find is that financial and “artsy” and “entertainment” companies are largely blue party contributors while heavy industrial and energy seem to write red party checks..

This is a terrible problem:   It’s the 900-pound gorilla no one talks about:  AMERICA’S LEADERSHIP IS FOR SALE.

Yeah, like that ain’t a shocker, no?

One of our hopes for 2020 is that the Crooks of the Swamp will, after a sitting grand jury finishes it work,  parade a miles-long-line of perps who have abused the public trust for political power and/or financial gain.

Here’s who we’d like to see in Orange:

  • All political office-holders who are involved in “relative’s” (or related-entities) operating foundations.
  • All online tech giants that shade search results.
  • All persons donating money to causes that are obviously against the fundamental values set up by America’s framers of the democratic republic.

Need an example?

How about proof of citizenship in order to vote?  This “who’s legitimately entitled to vote” question has been around since our Founding.  Originally, it was property owners only and male, at that.

We’ve made some human rights progress – and we love that.  BUT, at some point, the socialist drive to keep further “opening up voting” becomes a fraud.

How would you feel if Ure’s truly successfully lobbied elections officials here in East Texas to open voting booths in far-away places?

Folks living in Toronto could just claim they had Anderson County residency.  The wat the socialists think, this would be dandy!

Let’s open voting booths in Glasgow, outside Buckingham palace, three in our favorite Mexican province, Quintana Roo,. and two each in Moscow and Beijing.  Save them the trouble of hiring hackers.

Why, with that voting plan, I’m sure Hillary would have won in 2016.

As it is, we stand by our prediction that HRC will run again in 2020

Follow the logic here:  Because her Foundation isn’t rolling in the dough like it was when she had some quids to pro quo with.  I don’t know why others don’t  with “foundations” as pay-for-play… Perhaps I’m getting addled in my 70’s….

Well, so much for the wet dream of an Honest Year.  If the forces of evil don’t win, the force of finance will.

Chinese New Years comes at the end of January. rolls out the year’s mascot: It’s the Year of the Rat for them.

America’s leading China in something:  We’ve been in the Decade of the Rats, already,.

In China, public corruption has a “one-round solution” in front of a wall.

In America, we just “talk” anti-corruption to death and wonder why it persists.  Oh, d’uh, huh?

Now, In Other News

(What a great blood pressure adjuster!  Now that Ure awake…into more tangible issues…)

Big Financial Story of the Day?  There are three:  How were Christmas sales?

This being Boxing Day, and a kind of “can’t stop the spending” day,  Fortune’s got some useful pointers in this article on where to hit for the after-shop.

But the real “thing is the ding-a-ling and kah-ching!Mastercard SpendingPulse: U.S. Retail Sales Grew 3.4 Percent This Holiday Season/”  God rest yee merry spenders…

Second and third biggest financial stories come after the markets close today as the government’s last Balance Sheet confessional comes out.  (Don’t expect any repentance, however…).  And there’s the Money Supply report, too.  Which we will roast over an even flame for 10-minutes tomorrow morning.

Speaking of roasting:  Gold’s back up over $1,500 this morning, and Bitcoin was down to $7,203.

We’re sticking by our outlook for BTCs to drop under $4,000 in 2020.  Someone besides me is bound to figure out there are 2,000 competing cryptos, all of them simply “made up” and the only “barrier to entry” in economic terms is owning a computer… Oh, and when the mining stops, will the transacting stop?  We’ll spend our money on steak and wine, thanks.

Keep an eye on the NorK’s.  We didn’t see a “big present” but keeping promises to people is  not North Korea’s main export.  Und zo? U.S. flies spy planes amid escalating tensions with North Korea: reports CBS.

Speaking of CBS, we see them reporting how moderate GOP Senator  Lisa Murkowski “disturbed” by McConnell’s vow to coordinate with WH on impeachment trial.”

Buy the Senator a  waffle for breakfast, would you?  Last democrat to carry Alaska was LBJ and the red party dominates state politics about 3 to 1 in the legislature.

Key thing is: Moderate republicans are mouthing “fair trial.”

We’re  good with fair, and all, BUT….Thing is, this could drag out for centuries since the witness list will be ridiculous on both sides.  Someone is sure to launch  The Impeachment Channel.  (Oh, wait…C-SPAN you say?)

“And what would you like to b e when you grown up, Johnny?” asked Santa.

“I wanna be an impeachment official…because it’s going to be a lifetime career with a great retirement plan…”

This is what Digital Mob Rule looks like. Putting social media on the Internet is like putting fluoride in Water.  Do we really need it?

Save yourself!!!  Unplug for 12-hours a day!

Hmmm…now, where were we…

Notes from the Worker’s Paradise (lost): Russia’s Top 5 Earners Amass Extra $26.9Bln in 2019 – Forbes.

Attention Working Class: Minimum wage hikes hit 21 states in 2019—and more are on the way in 2020.

Since the State Dept. bulked-up it’s Mexico travel warnings, I bet you’re wondering where to go, right? Club Med Opens New 5-Star Resort as Dominican Republic Attempts Tourism Turnaround, might be one to consider.

Confused by this morning’s column?  Ure not alone!

Ah…this explains it all!

On Coast-to-Coast with George Noory tonight…always a grand time.

In the meantime, off to rustle up some hash browns… More tomorrow!

Write when you get rich,

41 thoughts on “The Crooks to Watch in 2020”

  1. “The second type of socialist is more dangerous. They’re only in it for the money. Put on the mask, but go for the gold. Grab guns and whatever else can be managed…”

    EVIL…. true evil Lull’s a mom’s sweet lulliby it careesses your desires and your will..

    before you know it.. your in its clutchs.. Even Adolph.. was being sincere when he first started.. the lull of evil gradually dragged him in and consumed him with the desires of more and hate..

    there was a television evangelist… that when started out had a true passion for his beliefs.. his goal was to spread the word everywhere… then it started.. he found he was having people literally throw money at him..they would die and leave entire estates to him and his wishes…
    the comment was once said in an article I read.. we didn’t realize it was dragging us in.. there was so much that we got caught up and then it became our wishes..
    Its the same with the puppeteers.. I truly believe their motives in the beginning were sincere..the same with any congressman that gets in office.. they go in with the true image of being able to impliment change…instead money and wishes are tossed at them to such a degree that they become dependant on them.. it is the same with working for a company and having lets say five hours of overtime every week… eventually you impliment that five hours into your lives and budget.. then when it ends.. you see it as a loss..
    its the same with govt. programs .. which is why adolph used that as a form of control.. give it to them.. then take it away.. give those that don’t need it more.. then more again make it so they get wrapped up with it.. then take away the govt programs from those dependent on them and openly say here you go.. give it to the group they want to squash..
    One guy I knew was working on a program to analyze random data for a computer that was going to have to evaluate random data from various other area’s.. my suggestion was.. hey why not make a program to analyze the lottery.. great it would pick ten sets of six..used off of the random pickings from all the earlier picks..
    I would buy five.. the tab was up to a quarter billion.. the sixth set was the number..I didn’t buy that number.. so every pull I was buying all ten sets of random sequence numbers that the program picked..
    One day I was going over the picks and the area’s.. and it hit me.. there isn’t anything random on the lottery LOL LOL LOL the patterns are all there.. its picked by region and the computer already knows wall the numbers that have been printed..
    anyway I have made a short comment long again..
    they are lulled into doing evil .. I think that is why I truly admire Mr. Buffet..Seriously I think he could care less about the money..I think its the ability to see the patterns in the markets that has him and he loves the game..the way I see it he has So far been able to set that part of his life aside so it doesn’t consume him.. I think because he knows it and the power it has that could lure someone to do its biddings and stimulate the greed to pursure its depths..I don’t think he is going to even leave any of it to his family.. probably give them a good education but from what I know he doesn’t want it to corrupt those that he cares about..He is a very pleasant simple man that reminds me of my father has a great sense of humor and is sharp as a tack..

    • I wonder why we couldn’t get along with the NAZI government, while CHINA was no problem to us? In principle both are the same, IMHO.

      Could there have been an ethnic problem somewhere? We shed a lot of blood during WW2, for what really? Is the world better off??

      • The lount of WW1 and WW2 was to pit the White race against each other. It worked, over 100 million killed. All the other programs inplay in Europe, UK, Canada, America, Ireland, and Australia are to completely neuter the White race and destroy it off the face of the Earth. What was done to the German race is the real Holocaust. The bankers, and criminals, but I repeat myself, have been enacting their plans to perfection for over 100 years.

      • Britain dealt itself in to WW-II when Hitler started shooting into France and Belgium. Despite the sinking of American merchant ships, we did not actively join the war effort. Daily timeline for December 7,8,9, 1941: Japan bombed Pearl and declared war on the U.S. WE declared war on Japan. Germany declared war on the U.S.

        We never declared war on Germany or Italy, or the Arab Vichy States.

        Because fascism is essentially corporate socialism, we would have gotten along quite well with Nazi Germany (until we didn’t), had Britain not dealt itself into the War, and Germany not sucked us into fighting a two theatre war. ‘Thing is, fascism requires an ever-expanding resource base, because it is a hybrid socialist, pyramid scheme, and there are never sufficient resources to feed the central authority. With us not in the War, Germany would have eventually conquered the U.K., then Canada, then CONUS.

        After years of thought and contemplation, the ONLY reason I can think of for us to have not backed Chiang militarily is because Joe McCarthy was right, but too slow-moving. That thought-line is deeply-troubling, especially when we ended up fighting the ChiComs anyway, in Korea, less than 5 years post-revolution…

        Suppose Truman had listened to McArthur, where FDR pilloried him?

        China would be a free-market republic, an economic juggernaut, and our closest ally, neither the Korean nor Vietnam conflicts would have happened (nor would Mao’s purges, which killed more people than WW-II), and North Korea wouldn’t exist…

  2. “Year of the Crooks Unmasked”

    They’re all in on it.

    Moses was good to the slaves, but the slaves were still slaves.

    Pharaoh is out for Pharaoh.

    Look to the Great Depression. If you know anyone who “lost it all” move your eyes to the other side of the ledger, the Bush family, as example, gained tremendous assets during the time period.

  3. The One Central Ugly Fact is, obviously, some people ARE “above” the law.

    How many is the only real question. Some are slicker than others, and cover their tracks better, but corruption is damn near Universal in Gov at ALL levels. From “taking good care” of a local zoning official, to bribing a President is only a matter of degree of risk.

    The clumsy and too-greedy get fried in a window-dressing kabuki appearance of Doing The Right Thing, amid much Righteous Indignation and hollering. (Throw a bone to the jackals, and they’ll leave US alone!)

    That we have leaders at all is a vestigial artifact of once-necessary tribalism — MY tribe uber alles! In a sufficiently balanced and “fair” system, leaders aren’t really needed. Honest coordinators and a few administrators, maybe, but not many, and not with semi-unlimited personal power and arbitrary discretion.

    The Deep Heart of Man isn’t ready for that for quite a while yet. So, until that Gentle Utopian day dawns, our choice is between three things:

    1) Run at periscope depth, and take great pains too stay unnoticed.
    Bribe whomever you need to, carefully, so you can operate.

    2) Become a bribed cog in the system. Be a bribe-ee. Be a ruler.

    3) Fight it. (Good Luck with that!)

    Strong entrepreneurs usually do #1.
    Parasites do #2.
    Strong, idealistic individuals do #3 — and are usually crushed, at least in the early innings. But Revolutions and Evolutions DO happen over time as enough minds slowly change.


    You pays yer money, and ya place yer bets.

    Let the scales of Illusion fall from your eyes.

    • Option #4 is to avoid playing the game. Yes, you need to do #1 to get a leg up and independent. #2 won’t work as you’ll be too corrupted to ever leave the system. Once independent, you can disown society and let it fall where it may for the rest of your natural life. The John Galt approach. This is to be expected in the absence of a social contract bought into by both sides.

      Helping society requires feeling part of it. When you’re regarded as expendable and nothing but a “contributing member”, there’s no buy in. WHY should you bother? Especially if there are no grandkids, or you did your job and your kids can take care of themselves. There’s no further reason to care. The false religion of “giving back” presumes that you were given to. That’s questionable at best.

      There’s no reason to sabotage society, yet society has given us no reason to bother with it either. It’s become foreign to me – a curiosity rather than something to be part of. It’s like watching a disaster movie – just enjoy the popcorn and images of pretty girls running around.

      If someone asked for help, it might be different. Instead they try to manipulate through guilt, fear and propaganda.

  4. My cousin put up a simple post on FB today. To save this site from difficulties I shall carefully state that it says either by ballot or physical means (sort of rhymes with ballot) the republic will be revived. I think there are a significant number of folks that agree with this. I prefer ballot, but doubt that a corrupt, rigged system can be rectified from within.

  5. To answer your question “Shouldn’t search be a public utility – like fire and police services, public health and other necessaries?” Simply no they should not be.

    I can go to any number of search sites, google, bing, duckduckgo (my preferred), dogpile and I am sure there are many foreign locations. You know this better then most, if you don’t like the options out there, start your own search service with a clear promise of how you rank your results. A public service (like most) would quickly become a political mess. Bible thumpers would demand all pornographic or abortion searches be banned and liberals would demand any mis-leading facts on climate change be censored. I much prefer private options where I can choose if results work for me.

    • I do agree with the idea of private search engines. We need far more competition in this field – perhaps even search engines where you pay for a useful answer(no idea how to implement that). I find to be among the better engines, but they all operate on the basis of what I might call meta-boolean.

      We could certainly use several AI based inference engines that could parse complex questions rather than just key word or key phrase searches. Today’s search engines will at best pull up a bunch sponsored results along with a random assortment of other links. Sometimes they’re worth their cost(free), and often not. There’s room in this market for fee based engines – perhaps with a monthly or search based fee.

      The idea of a monolithic government owned single search engine is quite terrifying, even if it was open source!

  6. Wish I had time to read the whole issue today but I’ve got to get the animals fed this morning. Thought I’d pass along another interesting way to own gold. I don’t know how long this has been around but it seems to ring a bell. is issuing “Gold backs” in denominations going from $1 to $50 and actually contain varying amounts of gold in a flexible, encapsulated note. I think they’re also a PM seller. You may want to check this out, George, before you allow this to be posted on your webpage but it looks legit. I remember other companies back in either the late 90s or early 2000s that were issuing coins that competed with US currency who were eventually raided and shut down. I think that company was in Georgia or some South Eastern state. Nevertheless you can actually get the gold itself into your hand and that’s what’s important.

      • they CONFISCATED MINE AND NEVER RETURNED THEM….when I requested they do so as per THEIR instructions…a lesson learned and remembered..about ‘our’ government….but I did retain a ron paul coin from that transaction…..END THE FED

    • @ dwwjr

      GOLD and SILVER coins and bullion….are NOT investments….they ARE INSURANCE…for YOUR wealth as in savings… they can never go to ZERO…as shown for the last 5000 years+….documented HISTORY….and can be used anywhere in the world…

      Mining stocks and etfs…of gold and silver however,

      can be used as investments..with the UNDERSTANDING..THEY CAN AND HAVE GONE TO …ZERO

      • Good points. Just remember that in today’s world, you can’t leave the country or even travel domestically in most cases without a virtual strip search and often a physical one. Moving PM’s between countries is quite difficult – much more so than sending fiat or even diamonds. This is the one real advantage of BTC, less so for other cryptos. I’m not a real crypto fan, though I’d like to learn more. I do know that not being able to transport PM’s reliably around the world removes one of their main advantages throughout history. Of course, they are relatively permanent – you can bury them and have your distant relatives in the far future dig them up again and they’ll still have value, if nobody else digs them up first. That’s unlikely for stocks, bonds, or BTC.

        Storing and maintaining wealth passively is a real problem and always has been.

      • Yes, you are right. I’ve often thought why buy gold coins at high prices when you can get silver coins at a much lower rate. Seems it would be difficult to use an ounce gold coin to buy $20 worth of food or gas and make the change. However an ounce silver coin would be roughly, +/-, $20 at the current rate….. :)

  7. I believe the term I heard for the radical left is watermelons. Green on the outside,
    but red in the middle.

  8. George

    “One in particular is especially Hungary for dough above all else,”

    The S he wears on his chest doesn’t stand for Superman it stands for Sith. Tell me that guy doesn’t remind you of Palpatine? Put a hood on him and he could be a stand in in the movie! Except he’s the real deal. And that’s a bad deal for humanity! Where’s the Mosad when you need relief?

    Can I have my A now teacher?

  9. And its all the result of our endless wars as the imperialist take over, Chalmers Johnson wrote three books on Empire,everyone ought to read them,if they never read another one.

    First was “Blowback” which deals with out intervention in Afghanistan when Russia was in there,and what the outcome would be and it has, as they cackled in Washington about how we gave Russia their “Vietnam” we laid the ground for our own second “Vietnam”

    The next book was “Sorrows of Empire” (where we are now) and the fact that if they didn’t close at least half of the around 900 oversea bases it would bankrupt the nation.And it has.

    The last one was “Nemesis” The Last Days of The Empire. That’s to come.

    Then he went on to warn ‘A nation can one of a another a democracy or imperialist, but it can’t be both,
    If it sticks to imperialism,it will like the old Roman Republic, on which so much of our system was modeled ,will lose its democracy to a domestic dictatorship.Which is where we our headed while people debate the future of gold,money and socialism>!!!

    Next came

    • We haven’t appropriated any lands.

      The U.S.’ brand of “imperialism” has been to “encourage” regime change to place in-power, leaders who’re “friendly” to us.

      It is a halfassed philosophy, at best.

      It doesn’t take into consideration the local beliefs, tendencies, or proclivities of another nation’s population.

      It also doesn’t educate folks who’ve never experienced “freedom” in how to handle same.

      We won our freedom by fighting for it. The fight lasted 270 years, of which the War of the Revolt, Civil War, and Slave Emancipation were but huge blips on our history’s timeline. We EARNED it, so the successive five generations could p!ss it away (as they’re doing now.) Until a local sociopolitical economic entity craves freedom and longs to be “free” (by whatever metric THEY deem “freedom” to be), they can NOT be liberated into freedom.

      WE have “gifted” “freedom” on people for whom the concept was both foreign and meaningless, since the time if the League of Nations. It doesn’t work. Freedom is not a gift. It is the product of long, hard, deadly labor, and until a People are willing to make any sacrifice required to achieve and EARN freedom, efforts to help them acquire it (like any other abstract concept) will fail.

      The Chinese are doing it right: They come in, build an infrastructure project or three, and leave. They don’t jack with the local leadership or economy. They just go. Then, when someone discovers a scarce resource in the hinterlands, they come back with an offer to build roads, railways, or whatever… “And how about, we build you a port so the world can benefit from your resource and you can become staggeringly wealthy? We’ll build it, manage it, obtain freighters to haul your stuff, even market it for you. You need do nothing — We’ll do it all! You will have no responsibilities or headaches whatsoever, except the one you get, trying to count your money as fast as it comes in…

      THIS is the difference between a civilization that’s been around for 400 years, and reveres nothing, including what got us our status, and one that’s been around for 5000 and reveres historical figures from Sun Tzu to Confucius…

      • American culture and hegemony notwithstanding, I suggest you spend a little time watching this German documentary on the current Silk Road effort. They’re either enclosing indigenous people in camps, prisons or otherwise destroying their culture and lives while replacing them with their own Chinese citizens along the way. China is acting as all empires of the past have done by imposing themselves on others to exploit them. China’s ambition is to be the ruler of the World replacing us with what is very much akin to Nazi-ism.

        This is part one. The second part should be at the top of the side bar.

      • “We haven’t appropriated any lands.”

        From what I understand and have read….

        We won’t.. unlike the great conqurer’s of old that went to war for the increase and wealth of their countries. We get into action and march into countries so that a very few people can gain financial gain and access of raw resources and the power for a few select individuals or corporations. whats disturbing is most of these individuals are not even citizens of our nation. Their only here to use our services and lay the expense and the human loses of these endeavors on the people. Who like sheep openly let themselves be used by saying it is a mission of peace and humanity..
        of course that is just my observation..

      • “The Chinese are doing it right: They come in, build an infrastructure project or three, and leave. They don’t jack with the local leadership or economy. ”

        you know Ray they are doing that here to.. as soon as they got congress to allow foreign countries the right to tak ownership.. they started to finance building..bought up home mortgages and started to buy land and companies.. mostly in food production and distribution. On top of that didn’t we sell out our ports of entry and some of our main toll roads to foreign corporations.. LOL all it took was a little pen in the hands of Congress to do that..
        leaving most of these companies still in the direct control of them.. I know a guy whose company was pretty much put out of business because of it..

        California is the epicenter of Chinese residential investment in the U.S., with 34% of purchases in the state. Other significant hubs are New York, New Jersey, Florida and Texas. they have cut back.. only a few billion this year…


        “He will win who, prepared himself, waits to take the enemy unprepared.” – Sun Tzu

        OH shoot… that one is mostly what is being done with the illegals entering our country LOL…

        art of war sun tzu chapter 11

        20. The following are the principles to be observed by an invading force: The further you penetrate into a country, the greater will be the solidarity of your troops, and thus the defenders will not prevail against you.

        21. Make forays in fertile country in order to supply your army with food.

        Keep your enemy far.. we out source our military and leave our country pretty much open.. sure we have forces here.. but we have by legislation outsourced our military.. we don’t make our bullets our tanks airplanes our communications nothing is made in the USA.. we are dependent on those that are not interested in our lively hood to supply our needs..
        we have sold off vital transportation, ports for supply lines and major companies that supply our people and armies with food and resources.. our military is stationed somplace else fighting so that someone else not even from our own country can benefit and gain power..
        Seriously now..does anyone think that a non citizen truly cares what is going on in this country or what happens to the people here..

        Just my observations.. of course I am not a tactician and there isn’t some fancy dEEploma just my observations from reading the daily newspaper and a few other articles…

      • Bill, the Chinese exploits I mentioned are the way they’ve conducted themselves, in general, since the late 1970s. The “rolling gulags” didn’t come about until shortly before Xi became emperor for life. I mention the “Chinese way” because it got no notice whatsoever in the American “Press” or the wire services (except for BBC) until Trump began talking about the Chinese, and truthfully has gotten precious little press since.

        My point was: The ChiComs don’t care if they’re dealing with a saint or a mass-murderer. They don’t try to change a country’s leadership or political climate, because it’s not important to their bottom line, which is to spawn as many tendrils in as many regions as possible.

        As far as displacing indigenous populations goes, that’s just bringing in “already highly trained” Chinese to man and maintain the infrastructure they’re building, to allow the leaders in 3rd World sh!tholes to become stupid wealthy, even faster (and yes, this is sarcasm, but bet me the “newscasters” on Bloomberg, CNBC, and FBN won’t use it if it ever occurs to their handlers that this could be of concern…)

      • LOOB, we still make guns, bullets, knives, uniforms & boots, compasses and mess kits in the U.S. We make our own tanks and planes, boats, and other fun toys. What we don’t make is the chips which make our toys function. We still have the ability; we still have the facilities, we just outsource because they do it cheaper on the PacRim.

        When I buy MIL-Surplus kit, I never pay more than 10%, and usually less than 3% of the amount the American taxpayer paid to have the whatever, built. It is often brand new. It is always of better quality than anything available on the civilian market, unless it is something like the Ontario machete, which is of such high quality that the civilian market tool was not spec’d, but simply assigned an NSN. A lot of military kit is made by companies you’ve never heard of, unless you were a USAR (Procurement) Officer or worked for the GAO or GSA, earlier in your life, or happened to work for one of them.

        That said, military kit is always overspec’d, overengineered, and overbuilt, and it is expensive. There is no reason to skimp on the motherboard of a $7000 GPS or $70000 targeting unit, to save $200 in build cost. GSA can require bidders to only submit bids if they will build 100% American, using 100% American-manufactured and sourced parts. They’d still get multiple bidders, and our military would lose a potentially gaping security hole… THEN our American-made toys would not be subject to Chinese backdoors or “chipset features…”

  10. Piglosi is worried about Feb 25,2020 SCOTUS hearing, something about encouraging illegal
    immigation for financial gain. She wants Chief Justice (SCOTUS) tied up in impeachment, so he can not be available for this case!!!!!! Timing is everything

    Trump is DRAINING the swamp and the swampers dont like it
    this would also cover human trafficing for money. the satanists are fighting back for their lives

  11. “One in particular is especially Hungary for dough above all else, if you know who I mean”

    There I disagree. His net worth was in the ~$4bln range 12 years ago. During the Administration past, he was a “special advisor” to da Prez and gave such good advise that while everyone else slogged through the “grate(sic) recession,” he merely doubled his wealth every two years. He already has the buckage. What he wants is power — specifically to become Der Fuhrer.

    Hitler did some amazing, wonderful things.
    He also did some amazingly bad things.

    The person in-question believes Hitler’s vision was correct, but his preoccupation with certain ethnic ideals was his downfall, and that a Neu Reich featuring a kinder, gentler Chancellor would swiftly enable him to become King of the World.

    His greed and lust is for power, not money.

    BTW, he’s still just a minor player for “The Directorate” (which probably bakes his cookies, but the members who sit at the grown-ups table don’t care…)

  12. “One in particular is especially Hungary for dough above all else, if you know who I mean. He’s been investing in open borders, Reconquista, and anything that tears away at the foundations of America.”

    He is NOT to blame, but the people (US!) who respect money too much, and seem to be all gaga about royalty.

    Yes there are giants among us; Butthey too visit toilets.

  13. Nothing ever goes to zero..
    But when it is a choice of eating and a metal used for adornment..the value changes.. a glass of water 300.00 when gold was what twenty dollars an ounce..

    Edward Gould Buffum, author of Six Months in the Gold Mines (1850), described having a breakfast of bread, cheese, butter, sardines and two bottles of beer with a friend and receiving a bill for $43 – the equivalent today of about $1,200.

    I have said this before..head down to the Sudan with a tanker of water a truck load of food seeds and planting tools.. and a million dollars.. then nm let someone chose which one they will take.. good water and a potential future they will take the food..

    • I use to have pictures of people carrying baskets of gold and silver items during the weimer depression to trade for vegitables..even today you cant go into any place and use gold as money. You have to find a collector and sell it to them..the same with bit coin..its not an acceptable method of exchange.
      My father told me a story he was told. Two kids got their inheritance.. one invested it in stocks and bonds..the other went out and had the time of his life.. when the weimar depression hit the investor was despirate his investments were worthless where the child that partied had a cellar full of wine bottles and there was a severe shortage of glass..
      Today we dont even have the paper to use for heat or tp.. its digital..your wealth is but a and silver may be pretty but if I’m the only one with a pound of coffee.. I sure in heck wouldn’t give it away for some shiny bobble..
      Something to consider..

      This series was a great template to see what things could seriously be like.. a good reflection watch it and think about it..

      • Chances are good that in a hyperinflation event, if local property taxes are still being collected, that there would still be some way to use silver coinage to pay. As to whether you can buy a loaf of bread with PM’s with hyperinflation in progress remains to be seen. I wonder what relevant experiences the SA readers have had?

      • LOOB- The one government agency which will never close it’s doors is the local property tax collector. I agree that walking into a tax collector’s office with PM’s could be financial suicide. I’m thinking that trying to trade a chicken for tax relief would probably have Iimited success as well. So how do you deal with property taxes in a barter economy?

  14. You are the most important person in the world. As long as you live you have the power to influence most everything for good or evil. ;-(

  15. I have a question regarding the raw NSA intelligence feeds which were apparently being accessed by private contractors between 2012 through 2016, when Admiral Rogers shut down the party. While the Posse Comitatus Act allows for military intelligence feeds to go to domestic law enforcement, allowing the feeds to go to private companies looks like a criminal violation of the Posse Comitatus Act. I mean, these feeds were going to foreign intelligence operatives like Steele, who then repackaged the info and used it to go after then-candidate Trump. Why has the Posse Comitatus angle not been pursued? While portions of the Act may have been gutted, civilian authorities aren’t supposed to hand out direct military intelligence access as political candy. I’m thinking the spin put on this to date looks like misdirection. How many contractors got access to these feeds? Were the feeds really cut off completely? Who represents the interests of the American public in this?

    • One can hope the Durham grand jury will look at this. But, big law firms (Perkins, for example) have TONS of connections and are unlikely to be pursued. At this level, a lot of players “just know too much” and therefore become untouchable…

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