Notes for George Noory’s Listeners & Friday Report

A couple of items on the stock market, best taken visually.

One is the overall view of how periodic advances and declines in the stock market line-up in similar ways.  Nice way of saying “All collapses are self-similar” to one degree or another…

OK, so..

When is “The Top” Here?

This is a “What number will the roulette wheel stop on, next?” question.  But…we can review history for some ideas about market behaviors after wash-out lows.

Example 1:  2001:  Market washed out following the 9/11 attacks and was subsequentally closed for a few days.

  • Date:  Week ending 10/04/02  Agg Index 5538.05  Washout low:
  • Date:  Week ending  1/16/04 Agg Index 8515.40  Initial recovery
  • Time to Initial HIgh 67 weeks
  • Date;  Week ending 8/13/04 Agg Index Low Retest 7615.36
  • Time to retest low from washout: 30 weeks
  • EXCEPT  There was a 9 week decline from the 1/16/04 8515.40 level down to 8060.17 on 3/19/04

Example #2: Let’s apply the same logic to the 2009 market lows for comparison

  • Date:  Week ending 3/06/09  Agg Index 5209.51 Washout low:
  • Date:  Week ending  6/14/10 Agg Index 8641.36 Initial recovery
  • Time to Initial HIgh 68 weeks
  • Date;  Week ending 8/23/10 Agg Index Low Retest 8236.55
  • Time to retest low from washout: 10 weeks

A Reasonable Dart Toss Is…???

We know the date of the weekly closing low in the past year, or so:

Week of 12/17/2018 at Agg Index 20367.71

If we assume a 68-week run to “initial high” from  the washout lows, that implies the high could come around April 6, 2020.

I’d like to see a pullback to the bottom of the current daily trend so the final run-up would be a fifth wave.  That’d be graceful.

A ten week decline from there would put us down to a first low around June 15, 2020, then a rally into September with a bigly-hugely decline October and then Election Chaos is possible.

A Small January Pullback?

Under a sport called Elliott Wave analysis, markets usually move in 3 or 5 waves.  And up move is called “impulsive” and a down move is called “corrective.”  More details from Wikipedia here.

What is  one possible Elliott wave count for the present market?  It might looks like this:  Blue trace to right is the bullish outcome.  Red case is “Death to the markets in January” wave count.  Blue track would be great:

Main thing is to not be in a hurry and take your time and get professional help and read some books.

Making Up Money

The main reason the market is going up is the Fed is presently inflating their money creation at the rate of 10.4% annualized in the most recent 90-day reporting window.  The is seen as Table 2 of the Money Stocks report that comes out every Thursday:  Book mark this for later reference:

Here’s what it looked like today:  See the highlight?

When the Fed begins to rein-in the money, then look for the market to follow down.

Meantime, keep an eye on the Fed’s Repo Depot which is also watering the market to keep interest rates from rising:   They put in an expensive cheeseburger less than $50-billion today.  Book mark their site here for later reference.

2020’s Two “War Cycles”

Doesn’t  have to be war, but the 72-year social change cycles often end in that.

Two we’re watching:  One is India-Pakistan and there “Uttar Pradesh Police have geared up security apparatus across Ayodhya city on Wednesday after intelligence agencies flagged “possible terror strikes” by Jaish-e-Mohammed operatives.” reports  India Today.

The other country facing “72” in 2020 is Israel… we certainly hope there won’t be an armed conflict in the middle east, but there’s a cycle at work here…

2020 Election

I’m still thinking HRC will reappear in an effort to recast 2020 as “Clash of the Titans, II.”  Which would “Bernie” the rest of the democrat field, but who said anything about “fair?”

We are pleased, with odds of Trump exoneration high, that the mainstream media (MSM) is maybe returning to the idea of a “middle of the road.”

One hopeful sign is the Washington Post opinion piece ” Rachel Maddow rooted for the Steele dossier to be true. Then it fell apart….”

We’ll be looking for more signs the MSM “got it wrong” but don’t hold your breath.  Although there’s not an impeachable offense in sight, yet, we have great faith in the rabidly anti-Trumper’s to make assertions and allegations and parrot them endlessly on the co-opted mainstream.

On that, a short report this morning (but this is plenty for now).  Except to mention Dow futures were up 68 here in the middle of the night.

Next up will be Peoplenomics Saturday with a focus on “Knowledge Deficiency Mapping.”  Some the MSM could do with a little more of.

Back to non-destructive pillow testing, and write when you get rich…

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  1. and yes all the technical analysis and reasoning in the gold market over 25 years must now be thrown away cause we are all patriot sheep and must help the FED and the street get out of all the mess they created .. so every gold guru will give you all these reverse reasons to tell you buy gold and gold stocks .. bit like fantasy island little tattoo .. look boss the plane the plane .. little tattoo could be dalio or moriarty or any other patriot.. look boss the gold the gold .. the bond vigilantes been riding the curve for 35 years ..

  2. Here we go again. The snake oil salesman are pumped. Fed bonuses waiting on a Friday night. Bob looks a bit fat lately must be in a good paddock. You can just hear the gurus. “We wanna be rich too “. Disgraceful , gold bulls my ass , greedy types like all . Bulls / n bears make money , pigs get slaughtered. Denial is not a river in Egypt

  3. I heard you on CoasttoCoast Dec 26 2019. You mentioned Macular Degeneration’s activities, somewhere in Europe, I think. Can you refer me to a website, or some other source? I am 84
    and have recently been diagnosed, and would like to gather all information I can. Thank you.

  4. George,
    I heard you last eve on Coast to Coast. Your observations of various light emission frequencies and vibration may be more accurate than you know.
    When you explained the crown jewels as passing light through the open backs of the crowns onto and into the brain and therefore affecting thought and action of the royalty wearing them, it made me consider how humans seem to always be close to vibrations and frequencies of music. Humans go to great lengths to create sounds and the instruments to produce them.
    Some resonant frequencies have the capacity to em-brittle and fracture the bonds of molecules of iron, steel, stone and glass etc. The vibrations of musical tones may have unknown effects on the development of neurological brain matter. Thus it would have profound consequence for development of human thought and ability. It almost seems that we have redundancy in the design of our anatomy for receiving the most important sorts of vibration.
    Two eyes, two ears, left and right hemispheres in our brain etc. as if higher life forms are meant to gather various vibrating energies within light, sound, smell, and temperature. Our human senses seem particularly adapted to benefit from the introduction of these sorts of vibrations generated at certain frequencies into our brains.

    • There’s a reported behavior of sasquatch (yeah, I know…who???) that they will sit for extended periods and simply make noises. Like tossing rocks or pine cones at long, regular intervals.
      The process seems nuts, but, then again, these may be “fog people” because of their resistance to being “found.”
      Just as a cat’s thrumming (purrs) are healing sound, other creatures may have them as well and in the overtones and reverence with which summoned, a Sound that unlocks reality is as good a bet as space travel.
      Though much more difficult to monetize…

    • “humans seem to always be close to vibrations and frequencies of music. Humans go to great lengths to create sounds and the instruments to produce them.”

      Ed…did you ever catch that it’s basically 4 chords..4 frequencies that are predominantly..

      Japan did a study on frequency and plant growth..that was extremely interesting..

  5. Barr and Durham are dragging out the investigations into the phony Russian collusion hoax and corresponding indictments that will never happen…Then September comes and the cry will be it’s too close to the election to continue with the process, Hillary steals the election thru her state level operatives, Barr is replaced and no one is prosecuted for the hoax to nullify the 2016 election. The timeline of Durhams report says it all. Barr could indict immediately with what is known but he’s not. America will never recover and people will see indictments and prosecutions are for average folks at the street level not America’s bluebloods.

    • Barr has nothing to do until someone drops a casefile on his desk. Durham is known for honesty, integrity, thoroughness, and a serious lack of tolerance for corruption and people who don’t live up to Constitutional oaths. He’ll deliver when he has a case which prosecutes every dirty gummint employee he can — not before, and he’ll do it regardless the desire of any AG.

      It took him nearly 3 years to nail the dirty FBI agents and clean up the mess Mueller made in Boston, but he did it…

  6. George,

    Happy New Year to you and yours.

    I think most people who have a more realistic awareness of what’s going on on this mental asylum disguised as a planet are expecting HRC to take another swing at it. What perplexes me is that it appears that she, and a lot of other people, thinks that she has a real chance to win. Surely, there has to be some ulterior motive. Honestly, I thought she would have made her move by now, but I was wrong. I think the next time it makes sense is at the Dims national convention, but we’ll see.

    My second bit of sunshine is that I predict, like you have, is that the MSM will begin to move more to the middle. If they want to survive they’ll have to. They’ll sacrifice a few of their own during the move, but move they will. They’ll also begin to tell the necessary lies to make it seem as though that all of the negative coverage of Trump, was not in fact part of a coup attempt, but was honest reporting based on the best information they had at the time. It was all an honest mistake in an effort to keep the American public informed and for the good of the country. Nothing to see here. Move along, move along.

    What I’m interested in observing is if the public will accept it. There’s no denying that an awakening of sorts is currently underway. People have seen for themselves on what side the MSM largely falls and who/what they support. Many are now wise to the game. The game is that there’s nearly no real journalism. It doesn’t exist. It’s a fiction. What does exist is the PR arm of the organized crime groups that masquerade as representative government. I think there are more revelations left to be made that will do more damage to those attempting to maintain the status quo. Of course, there will always be a certain percentage of those who will never change their mind no matter what. The question is is that percentage large enough to maintain the business model or will it fail and be replaced by something else?

    Is it going to be like when The Who said “Meet the new boss. Same as the old Boss”?

    2020 is shaping up to be one of the more interesting years in a long, long time.

    Maybe you should start a bracket for 2020 predictions in the market and political sphere. Something along the lines of a college basketball bracket where the ultimate winner wins a subscription to PN in 2021. That’s presuming, of course, that the power is still on and the internet still exists.

    • I don’t think Hillary will actually run for President. Her only chance is to get appointed as VP if/when they can remove Pres Trump from office, and climb the food chain via that route.

      Somebody just flushed the Swamp, and released a Poop Storm of information that reached critical mass over the past few days. Ironically, it was a whistleblower named “John.”

      Allowing for the possibility that some to all of the whistleblower information has merit, there are 9,000 hours of video/audio tape that just hit the street, along with evidence of nearly 100% of all the corrupt and treasonous activities going on during the entire Obama (Hillary et al) Administration. Forensic Evidence of the FBI, DoJ, White House (etc), and their top appointed officials.

      It certainly explains the Freak Show by the Dems since DJT’s election as President.

      Well worth your time to listen to a couple of interviews this weekend. Odds are this is going to be The Game Changer for 2020:

      • What is fascinating is everyone in the media named the trump paramours but no one will out his inside leaker. I mean wtf – is the mainstream crooked, or what??????

      • Thanks for the links, RBI. Somehow, this information about ‘John’ has escaped my attention. I’ll be doing some homework over the weekend.

    • Yeah it may J 13th it’ll be like two opposing forces ones that devilish looking character with some flying Red Wings and then the Angel Lee lillich character with wings andaz the exposure happens those who don’t want to be crucified will Rush up under the wings of the Angel like creature

    • “What perplexes me is that it appears that she, and a lot of other people, thinks that she has a real chance to win.”

      Two reasons:

      1) The Clinton Machine is egotistical enough that they cannot believe Trump Beat Hillary — after 3 years they’re still in denial.

      2) Soros’ enterprises have their finger in enough voting machines that she could sell out to Soros and have the machines fixed.

      ‘Thing is, Hillary is a Marxist communist, Soros is a Nazi fascist. Although both are far-left socialist ideologies, they generally like each other even less than they like free marketeers. Hillary selling out to Soros would be the only reason for her to pick Bloomberg as a running mate. Bloomberg is also a Marxist communist. He brings nothing to the table politically, except possibly enough money to neutralize Soros.

      “Honestly, I thought she would have made her move by now”

      Hillary is in poor health. Trump is in excellent health, and is a dynamo who sleeps little. Another campaign run would kill Ms. Clinton, perhaps literally. Because of the Democratic Corporation’s weirdass membership (voting) rules, Hillary’s best play is to “support everybody,” especially whichever candidates are 4th and 5th in the voting, to ensure no winner in the Primaries, then walk away with the nomination from a brokered convention, with zero campaign mileage.

      “…the MSM will begin to move more to the middle.”


      George Soros controls over 450 media outlets in the United States, and TSG has a “presence” in every network newsroom. Additionally, nearly 95% of “newscasters” are far-left and were taught “journalistic activism” instead of objective journalism. They are not inclined toward “honest journalism,” and many simply do not know how to be objective.

      “They’ll also begin to tell the necessary lies… but was honest reporting based on the best information they had at the time. It was all an honest mistake in an effort to keep the American public informed and for the good of the country. ”

      This will not happen as long as Mr. Trump is in office.

      The tell is from Nancy Pelosi herself. Trump is being impeached for a phone call made in July of 2019, yet no one caught it when Pelosi said in an interview “We’ve been working on this for two and a half years…”

      If impeachment fails, Trump may well be impeached again. I would also not be surprised at assassination attempts. I believe Mr. Trump’s advisors have already made him aware of this possibility — the “press” poo-pooed him a few weeks ago when he sent food samples out for analysis. It’s like they’re trying to “shame him” into not doing so…Why?

      “there will always be a certain percentage of those who will never change their mind no matter what. ”

      A huge number of low-information people (working poor, etc.) believe the MSM dreck unequivocally. The vast number are also lifelong “legacy” Democrats. Fortunately, few actually vote.

      Speaking of groups of whom few vote, another such bloc is the hardcore evangelical Christians. They wax hard conservative, but never vote in off-year elections, and only rarely in Presidential elections.

      My election popcorn time is going to be spent, watching precinct-workers and other Party operatives, as they attempt to motivate these two blocs…

      Trivia fact of the night:

      George Soros has spent over $200mln over the past 31 months, to buy county prosecutors’ elections in every State in the Union…

    • “2020 is shaping up to be one of the more interesting years in a long, long time.” — An old (Chinese?) curse says, May you live in interesting times.

      BTW, just found this site via a link on Coast. Will need to check out more, but the comments qualify as LED’s – lots of light without much excess heat.

  7. George

    “The other country facing “72” in 2020 is Israel…”

    As part of my military service everyone in the squadron attended a World Situation briefing every month. About one month before Israel was attacked by Egypt we were informed during one such briefing that Israel had acquired an Atomic Bomb. That’s old news these days but in August of 1973 I was fearful that Cairo would be reduced to ashes if Israel had it’s back to the wall by the Egyptian army!

    Today’s estimate is that Israel has about 200 nukes. They will use them if forced to. They have vowed that never again will a Holocaust happen! What happens at that point is too terrible to contemplate.

    The whole world could end up in flames!

    Pray for Peace!!

  8. George,
    Happy and healthy New Year to all.
    Was pondering.
    The Great Recession from Bush II’s deregulation push, breaking the Middle East, massive natl debt from tax cuts, less safety from deregulation, subsidized/bubbled stock market, hungry school kids, less health care, global warming, weakened free press, growing wealth gap, and mass migration from the War on Drugs.
    Is there anything that conservative theory touches that doesn’t get screwed up?
    Best, Mike.

  9. I think you underestimate the hatred most liberals have for Hillary. I live in the land of lefties and I can say with confidence that there is no way in hell she will win the Democrat nomination. They blame her for Trumps victory, and nobody hates Trump more than Californians. New Yorkers, Los Angelinos, Chicagoans, feel the same way. Whenever she hits the news cycles, the talk shows and podcasts light up with anger and figurative chants of “Go Away”. If Hillary re-emerges, there will be a true revolution in the streets.

    The more likely choices so far are Bloomberg, Klobochar and Biden…My prediction is a Bloomberg/ Klobochar ticket. Bloomberg will come out swinging this spring and summer with some extremely damning anecdotal realities of Trumps terroristic reign on NewYork development and his crack habit substitute called fame…which Trump wanted at any means necessary.

    • “Bloomberg will come out swinging this spring and summer with some extremely damning anecdotal realities of Trumps terroristic reign on NewYork development ”

      If they are anecdotal, they’re not realities. The RNC will counter with Bloomberg’s own ads and data from his nationwide anti-gun and gun confiscation initiatives, his undoing of many of the Giuliani policies which slashed NYC crime rates, and his draconian food control laws.

      Bloomberg has enough money he could send every eligible voter a $100 bribe and not really miss the cost. He is such an unpopular person that even if he did so, Mr. Trump would still beat him handily. I guess that makes him a perfect match for Hillary…

      • And mark you know you’re on the wrong foot there along with a lot of other people, I’ve got a brother who doesn’t have internet at all and he watches the same things that you do on TV and he’s like oh Trump got impeached I mean how ignorant can people be and you Mark and Boomer you both have internet and you don’t seek the truth ,you just get in there,, nuzzle into a big old hole and this is what we’re going to do and you don’t seek the truth you only seek what the main media gives you, can you believe it, Hook ,Line & Sinker.
        Yes the world is changing, the financial system is changing, pedophile industry is changing those who control the world are changing, but most of all Mark and Boomer and Mike and our good host George ure ,y’all are changing too and you don’t even know it yet, it’s amazing how the future creeps up on us I’ve seen the future I know what the future is going to be it’s going to be a lot of the things that you know and hope for, but what you haven’t realized yet, Trump doesn’t have eye glasses because he’s got the year 20/20 in his back pocket and the outcome oh that in the years after a lady president which will probably be in the Trump family,
        So you’re globalist view will happen but in a different way the people who have control will give up that control to the ones who know better how to use that control because the ones in the past have done a terrible job but the future lies for you to see exclusively My mark Malarkey friend.

  10. Another thing. Why is Trump attacking windmills? It’s sort of embarrassing. Is it the fact that Scotland built one in sight of his Golf Course there? He is known to hold huge grudges. That’s very typical of his behavior.

    Or is it the marionette strings being pulled by those than own him? The Saudi’s, the Russians and the Koch brothers. It’s well known that his family owes both the Russians and Saudi’s tremendous amounts of money. They both have oil and natural gas or have the power to acquire them by any means necessary…maybe with the help of Trump. The Koch Brothers own the entire GOP through a consortium of Super PACs…

    Windmills represent a movement towards efficient, low carbon footprint natural energy generation which is a huge threat to the stranglehold of power that those three groups have on the world stage. Less income…less power…Windmills used to be exclusive to Texas (by far, with nearly 18,000 MW of power generation) California (6,100 MW and growing Rapidly) and other western States…no more. 40 states have windmill power.

    Starting Jan 1, all newly built California homes and residential buildings must have solar installed. I have been personally pushing that for years in our legislative meetings of our state and national realtor associations. Solar installed from the start,of construction eliminates the cost factor of having it installed in the housing aftermarket.

    Remember when cars came stripped down to an AM radio and roll up windows? GM thought that it’s subsidiaries like Delco would own the after market installation business…but found out that it’s a pain for consumers to give up their cars for a day or two while they blinged their cars. So they started offering those amenities OEM. Yes, it was added on to the cost of the car, but economies of scale made it cheaper than going into a aftermarket shop and having stereos, air conditioning, etc installed al la cart.

    It’s the same with housing. Having a solar system installed as an OEM package is a good thing, and cost effective. Then there’s the issue we have with PGE and it’s dedication to maintaining it power lines. Maybe it’s time to wean away from public utilities too.

    Tesla has actual solar roof tiles that look like normal roof tiles that only cost a fraction more than installing a composition roof. This is one of the reasons why Tesla’s stock has risen to over $430….double from earlier this year. This new initiative not only will make Tesla’s solar business boom, but there are extra incentives if a home includes a battery storage system. Guess who the leader in that space is? Yep…Tesla with its powerwall.

    • I’m fine with cutting loose from the grid, and I might be able to do it here. If I did, within six months my electrical system would need a new permit and inspection before the power company would turn it on again. In some places, they’re declaring a house to be uninhabitable unless it’s connected to the grid. Just maintaining that connection and using zero power costs around $330.00 per year for no utility value at all. These things are disincentives for off grid solar on any level. The real benefit of a battery system is that you don’t need any connection to a grid and can dispense with the base charges. Many of us use relatively little electricity. I don’t need A/C here and heating is not that bad – I use various heat sources including wood from the property. I’d put in 10KW of PV here with batteries if I could think of how to use it effectively. Backfeeding to the power company is not worth the bureaucracy and other costs involved.

      The instant solution is to have the entire solar array, charge controllers and inverters on a trailer or forkable unit frame system and decoupled entirely from the grid while feeding loads directly.

      • For NM Mike 27 Dec: Windmill generating CAPACITY is usually much more impressive than the amount of power actually produced. Wind is fickle that way. The windmills are usually hyped on CAPACITY rather than PRODUCTION of power. We like using those big, impressive numbers more than we like doing the homework to find the facts.
        As for the new building codes requiring solar power for all new construction, it means a large price increase in the sale of new homes and buildings. Gravy for the developers and contractors- if they can get the places sold.
        To make solar a demand by government in order to develop, it gives away the intent of govt. to impose even more controls over the population. Maybe it indicates that the chain of energy from central grids has reached the last links as far as adding new demands onto the old patchwork for future development.

      • wisely said, Ed. When we lived on our sailboat, we had a 400 watt wind machine (MarineAir) but I saw that only a very few times going hard to weather on SF Bay on the Sausalito beat hard to weather and 40 knots on the wind meter.
        The rest of the time? A few watts. Not as good as the 2 – two hundred watt solar panels on the dodger in tersm of output on the sailboat/test bed

      • “I’m fine with cutting loose from the grid”

        I am for the grid.. we produce more than we use per day with solar.. but I think we need the grid.. we all should be working with the power companies. not against them.. support the grid and the infrastructure..

        I think they should be promoting solar.. give anyone willing to put in a system ten years without any increases in rates.. unless they decide they want to be paid for the excess they produce.. those that want the money they should be liable for any increases..
        have backup systems in case of power failure..( all of our issues are due to equipment and problems from the power companies)
        but support them..
        I think they should build solar towers.. start at the furthest portion away from the power plant and work your way back.. if I had the money I would build one just to show how I vision it working.. but I don’t have a million so it won’t ever happen by me…. it will remain right where it is.. although kids I have shared my thoughts with have made models of my idea for their classes.. the odds are it won’t ever go any further than that.. by doing that .. you not only strengthen the grid.. but you secure power and you still utilize the resources we are already using.. I am against nuclear plants.. we think we understand it.. but fukishima demonstrated to everyone that we don’t have a clue.. the most efficient model of solar power harvesting is the tree.. invision the roots as the power plant the leaves as homes with solar and branches as solar power stations..

      • “it means a large price increase in the sale of new homes and buildings.”

        LOL Ed… my last three kw solar.. cost me just shy … wait for it… 300.00 for the equipment.. LOL LOL LOL.. of course I got lucky.. the company I bought it from had free shipping for fathers day and there were rebates and tax incentives.. but even without all of that.. the equipment for a ten kw solar is someplace around 12 grand..
        I heard the same thing from a scientist friend that gave me guff for about ten years.. on solar.. ( and he worked with the stuff.. did some pretty impressive things in design for the gvt..) then a big storm happened on the east coast.. he called me and appologised.. he could bake a cake in his home…
        after he retired he moved to the southwest.. temperatures that reach well over a hundred degrees.. he put in solar.. it paid for itself in less than six months and his electric bill was zero.. he would leave the door and window open so that he could get fresh air and the dog could look out.. everyone in his neighborhood would ask him how he did it.. ( they got suckered in by a company that long term lease the equipment ) no solar is the way to go.. I to was shocked.. my first system I had figured on a ten year payback.. it paid for itself in less than five years..and that was when it was over a hundred dollars a watt..

      • I personally like the standard wind turbine. It truly doesnt make much difference what style of turbine tour using. The issue comes in the form of drag and resistance.. I have proposed air bearings to cut through the friction drag.. so far I dont think anyone is using that siggestion.
        I have a 3k wind turbine.. the problem I have is height. I wanted to show the kids that a turbine could be mounted on a roof or just about anywhere.. so the height is to low. Theres to many obstructions. I personallydont have the finances to put together an air bearing low friction turbine but I’ve put one together and torn it apart in my mind plenty of times.

      • Hi looking out of the box the endless Breeze fan which runs off a 12-volt to plug into cigarette lighter was made for people who have animals and they’re transporting to different meets and it hangs on the cage and it is a very very efficient fan it’s got 10 blades and On its low setting it only uses 15 watts or 1.25 amps and on the second one it uses 25 watts or 2.25 amps, and the third one that uses 35 Watts or 3 amps.
        Compared to a regular fan has about 5 blades this 10 blade fan puts out a powerful turbulence of air so using that in reverse if you have a big fan up in the air which would be the wind Mill type things and they only have three blades it’s very inefficient and even if it had 5 blades it’s still in a fish. And if it had 10 blades well it’s getting better so the windmill by James mccanney has many blades okay for instance you know those heater fans that you have in your car and the rotate how they rotate and they have what maybe 15-20 legs are crossed and it propels all that wind through your system now you’re getting close to what James mccanney is windmill does

      • “they only have three blades it’s very inefficient and even if it had 5 blades”

        I had eleven blades.. it would kick up at seven miles an hour.. average wind speed for this state average is 27 low is 8.. i got plenty of power out of it.. but.. take the drag out of the equation and your power percentages increase lower wind speed start up etc…
        The big issue is Wind increases logaritmically with height. which is why skyscrapers are designed to flex several feet in any direction like a tree to keep their structural integrity..
        I like wind.. but compared to solar its not anywhere near as stable.. the wind speeds vary..
        If I had gone up nother fifteen feet.. I would have a turbine that would run the vast majority of the time.. the mount i made for our home is good but the house roof rafters would probably not hold for increasing the height another twenty feet with just the rafters as their anchor.. I don’t want to chance it to experiment with it..
        Now my eleven blade fan.. I switched that out for a three blade falcon design.. and that fan blade is top notch.. cuts the wind real good low wind speed start up.. I have othen wondered what that blade style would be like if there was five instead of three.. lots of power..
        The big turbines. now that is a waste of money.. I visited with one guy.. spent a fortune on a fifty kw wind turbine.. I stopped and we had a long talk.. I told him he would be better off with twenty three kw.. he wouldn’t loose power. but he liked the big blades.. and he took it down.. they take to much work to keep them running.. and the changes are super expensive to effectively impliment them.. ( a waste of good money) where you can put up a small system and put it in with ease and for under a thousand dollars..
        i did have an idea to make one as a roof vent and if the wife wouldn’t throw a fit if I wasted that kind of money to play with it..I would build one…. every house has them.. the trick is to get it to work efficiently.. I have some idea’s but haven’t looked at doing it.. it would be fun .. but to much money to spend on a pipe dream and to much time..My wife is tolerant with some of my tinkering and if I could do what I think would work with C onstruction R esources A round the P erimeter she wouldn’t mind.. but for me to go spend the money that definately needs to be used in our regular daily life.. she would not go with that.. I would build my tower solar plant idea way before I would tinker with the wind turbine idea..

    • Is peak oil a reality? If it isn’t, why is there such a big push for tesla type new energy sources and the wide variety of products they offer?

      If peak oil isn’t real, why do the oil companies have to go further into the oceans for deeper wells or access oil tar sands which require large amounts of water to process? Or use steam to glean old oil from the walls of old wells?

      There may many decades of oil left but at what price to harvest it, higher cost to process the lower grade crudes, and higher cost passed onto the consumer.

      Just trying to understand if people think peak oil is real or not and why?

    • “Another thing. Why is Trump attacking windmills? It’s sort of embarrassing. ”

      Actually Mark.. I am totally with Trump attacking the windmills.. I am for using all forms of power production except Nuclear.. ( we just don’t understand it good enough.. to get rid of the waste material is a nightmare.. it isn’t worth it)
      But Large windmills are a nightmare to integrate into the grid.. it takes huge amounts of infrastructure change.. and our infrastructure is so far past needing repair that it is just stupid to put them up.. I am all for smaller systems.. they are inexpensive and easy to integrate.. but the large ones.. they break down you loose the whole thing.. and it costs a fortune to fix.. solar.. absolutely but there again.. one huge system .. that to takes way to much to integrate and the costs are prohibitive in my view.. but smaller systems.. give home owners a rate freeze for ten years if they put up a system.. and no payback.. you make extra they use it for whatever.. I produce about thirty seven kw a day yet I pay for fifteen.. smaller wind.. well put them on lamp posts etc.. a small 1.6 kw turbine cheap in cities put up a co2 filter every other post as well.. that would take the place of the tree’s needed to filter the co2 put out by automobiles.. Parks.. where you have concrete put up a solar tree.. design it so it looks asthetic to the park.. and plant green scape.. the same way with high rises.. either put in solar panel glass.. ( it looks like tinted glass.. I am not sure if congress will allow that in the USA yet or not though) or put solar panels every so many panes of glass instead of a window.. its pretty straight forwar..
      do things that will not cost a fortune to do and integrates easily with the grid…you strengthen the gril and you cut the needs for more facilities that pollute.. Put up a three sided solar tower every lift station.. starting with the lift station the furthest from the power plant.. and work your way back to the power plant.. like the branches on the tree’s you strenghten the system from a collapse in a catastrophic event.. Of course that is just my opinion.. I don’t have any pretty papers on the wall except those done by true artists expressing their artistic talents and willing to proudly show them to everyone…. abstracts for sure..

      Of course that is just my opinion..

  11. Mike your right, I talk to people working regular jobs every week and they are struggling just to pay their bills. Trump=83% tax break for the rich and crumbs for the rest. Republicans want to do away with medicare, medicaid and allow young people to opt out of social security so when they are old and have no money because they have spent it on daily life they will have to sell what they have and live on the street. No matter what the 1% say this is a fact and I am sure they will try to reply with something stupid with no meaning to real lives of average people.

    • Gary –

      I think it was Republicans who canceled mental ill care for the mentally ill. St. Reagan did it prior too the “Just say no” crack epidemic.

      Mental Health Systems Act of 1980 – “During the following Ronald Reagan administration, the United States Congress repealed most of the law. ”

      We have to hand Reagan credit for repealing. Trumpcare is no different than the promise of repealing Obamacare.

    • You leave here with nothing new friend is super depressed today. He went back home to get as few things. The hospitals have been selling off his personal belongings. His significant other got sick. They dropped her from the insurance and everything is gone.
      When we became aware of his situation the wife and I sat down and discussed it. We could help but we would have to cut a few things out of our life. No holidays get togethers.. no gifts for the grand kids.. I’m not an xmas person but the grandkids are.
      Both of us has been on his sd hoes. It sucks then to face the indignity to become homeless when you were once a vital part of society.. we chose to do the right thing.. things mean nothing they can be gone in an instant. What is more important..
      So that’s what we did..
      Unfortunately it’s tough things need to change but they won’t.
      A nursing home is a quarter mil a year per person plus medical expenses and personas l items and services..
      Speaking of being m.j aed to live in cardboard boxes. I still have to teach the grandson how to make furniture out of cardboard.. he still sees it as trash..

  12. Hey George you must have read Doug Wead’s book “Game of Thorns”; the last section is titled “Clash of the Titans”. Good read.

  13. George

    I just finished listening to your C2C interview that I recorded off of my radio. You mentioned the aircraft loss of time when a strange cloud appeared around it. You also mentioned that direction of travel made a difference in wither time was lost or gained.

    That brings to mind the fact that the aircraft is coupled to a very large spinning mass called the Earth. Experiments by physicists Bruce DePalma showed that spinning balls traveled further when thrown than non-spinning balls. The direction of spin was not investigated in his experiments. Perhaps it makes a difference to objects like aircraft when they encounter the right conditions, ( a weird cloud), that the direction of travel adds or loses energy from the spinning of the Earth. I am not talking about the Coriolis force. This energy is used somehow to affect the time stream. Just conjecture but you might want to factor it in with your other evidence.

    For more technical info on Dr. DePalma work go here:

    Scroll down to end of page for his research papers.

    You did great on the C2C interview!

    • That is damn interesting!!!

      The time incidentz showed arriving ahead of expected times when moving west and behind expected times moving east when I did the meta data study

    • God Mike thanks for sharing.. I dont recall reading any of those theories before..
      I was totally thinking magnus affect .
      What I find interesting is in almost all of the recounts of the situations there was an electrical magnetic charge and vortex rotation.
      I guess I’m gonna have to change my reading lineup for this week…
      I truly appreciate this..

  14. George.

    You make predictions but I think your predictions should be neutral when it comes to politics.

    All of Trump’s troubles are of his own doing and no one else. Those he has surrounded himself with to protect him are instead people who only add more troubles to his life. His supporters need to accept this as Harry Truman put it in the 50s, “The buck stops here,” meaning the presidency. From day one, Trump has played for sympathy by claiming to be the victim, rather than the victimizer. His low level education supporters, of course, buy his BS, but when you look deeper into Trump’s troubles, it’s clear he has caused his own troubles.

    I see Trump as a one term president because of the divisiveness and hatred he spews, to which his supporters only lap it up like thirsty dogs. Trump did not win the 2016 election by popular vote; he lost by three million votes. He won the electoral college but only by 77,000 votes. Our nation was the loser no matter who won the 2016 election, whether it was Hillary Clinton or Trump, with the help of Vladamir Putin directly or indirectly. I don’t see Trump winning the majority of the swing states, not enough of them to swing the election to him for a second term.

    Look at the way our states vote: states that vote Republican or Democrat time after time are called for the candidates of the two parties, irrespective of how people actually voted. The west coast and the northeastern states typically vote for the Democratic candidate, while the ultra conservative hotheaded southern states tend to vote Republican. The southwest, at one time you had one state which tended to vote blue while the others voted red. Now, you have two of the four southwest states that went blue in the last election and two that still remain red. Changes may be in the offing as Texas, a state with 37 electoral votes, may swing to the Democratic nominee in 2020.

    Reason: Trump is trying to use eminent domain to steal land privately owned by families along the Rio Grande for his precious wall. Republicans are against the use of eminent domain when it suits their purpose and against it when it doesn’t. Trump is trying to steal land by paying very, very little for the land he wants the courts to award him for his wall. It won’t take winning the whole state of Texas to swing it to the Democratic candidate. All that needs to happen is for the Democrats to win enough districts to give Texas to them. And that could happen.

    Next to the southern states, Trump’s main electoral college states that are likely to go for him again are the mountain states in the west, which again, tend to vote red. Except for Colorado, which is a swing state. The other states are swing states, mostly concentrated in the midwest and north. And things haven’t been going too good there lately. Saying those states will fall in line behind Trump is like saying Custer had a chance at Little Big Horn. Do you think if someone asked Trump about Custer and Little Big Horn, he would know what you were talking about?

    Georgia is also considered a swing state, although I can’t see why. But, if it is turning blue, Trump can’t afford to lose Georgia or Texas. You also overlook the anger many people in this country feel for Trump. Trump’s supporters are obnoxiously loud, arrogant, intolerant and possess a hatred that borders on being psychotic. Rabid animals.You have people in power, in religion and private individuals threatening civil war if Trump is impeached (which he has been) and removed (which is yet to happen, probably won’t) That’s a pretty sad state of affairs for people caring about a psychopathic con man who doesn’t give two bits as to what happens to them.

    My belief is if Trump is the 2020 Republican nominee, he will lose the election by a landslide. Last time, Trump had Bernie supporters, who rather than vote for Hillary, crossed party lines and voted for Trump. Many of them are saying never again. Bernie supporters were estimated as making up around 10 million of the people who voted for Trump. If Trump had that many and the majority are serious about never again for Trump, do you think he could sustain that much of a loss in votes and still win a second term? I don’t. Then, there are those who were Republicans who had issues with Trump, but because they didn’t like Clinton, swallowed the Trump bitter pill and voted for him. This time, some of them are saying if the candidate is Biden, they will vote for him rather than Trump. The rest of the Democratic field doesn’t excite them but they may stay home rather than vote for Trump again.

    Trump and his supporters in the congress and the senate and in the states are on extremely thin ice. And all had better wake up to that fact.

      • Blpg ,
        Of course Trump has 2020. And every time he bowls he bowls a 300…He gets 18 straight holes in one every time he golfs…He runs 100 meters in 9 flat. Oh wait…That’s his buddy Kim Jong Un…Get the picture? Both are lying, narcissistic dictators that demand respect at any cost and devoid of anything that resembles democracy.

        My wish for 2020 is that all Trump supporters take their blinders off and in those extreme red states, take the stitches off your sewn shut eyelids and realize that he has been conning you all along. Trump needs to go away and we need a strong center right politician in his place that is able to recognize that there are two sides and one conciliatory solution.

  15. George, Thank you for all the info. Can you please go over the anti aging, telemere repairing supplements and the dosages you recommend

  16. Great George Noory show. Seems to me that Native Americans are very in tune with creating thumping sound frequencies, smoke fogs,reaching out to the spirit worlds. I’ll be reading your books and articles. Your very interesting.

  17. Some curious things I wonder about.. this..

    Week of 12/17/2018 at Agg Index 20367.71

    Date; Week ending 8/23/10 Agg Index Low Retest 8236.55

    think about it.. the dow is up to 28,645.26 today…

    the big issue for bottom feeders is you get accustomed to your income..
    you budget around it.. you depend on it.. and you use it.. Many people spend it because they might not have it tomorrow. so lets get it now.. then you have the ones that have it but its not enough for them to survive .. and the little oddities that happen when its unexpected.. like a tire blow out.. or car repairs.. doctors visits.. ( that is the one of the leading reasons for the people applyling for bankruptcies.)the thing is.. you get accustomed to that income.. whether or not it is an hour of overtime a day.. when I made hats for the military.. ( yup did that to..before they oursourced them to another country) we had to make two hundred an hour.. to get our hourly wage.. if we made three hundred an hour then we got a bonus.. usually if everyone got that good of a number out they would up the expected production rate.. it is the same with most most factory jobs..
    the thing I am trying to say is when that hour of extra income is lost.. your budget is tossed to the winds.. I can’t even tell you how many times I have told friends don’t get dependent on that.. put it aside..but it happens anyway..Now..

    “Research by retail consultants Global Retail Theft Barometer and Checkpoint Systems has suggested a new wave of middle-class shoplifter is targeting high-end delicacies from supermarkets in order to maintain a lifestyle they could no longer afford. These are people who appear to be reputable and often justify their actions by arguing that they have become victims to the economic recession.”

    having worked retail as one of my many hats for many years.. ( yes I worked mostly three jobs most of my life.. and during the eighties up to six even though the wife says I was working eight. speaking about the old days.. had someone stop by yesterday to drop a delivery off.. his uncle and I worked together day labor to scoop hot dirt from a meltdown.(one of the things they think causes a lot of my health issues.We didn’t find out what it was till we were having cold adult beverages with the big dogs afterwards and asked why they had the suits on with resperators). LOL.. amazing that never even hit the news.. we worked five days shoveling..)
    anyway before I digressed.. what happens if it all drops.. lets say the markes drop to what happened during the depression….

    “October 24, is known as Black Thursday; on that day a record 12.9 million shares were traded as investors rushed to salvage their losses. Still, the Dow closed down only six points after a number of major banks and investment companies bought up great blocks of stock in a successful effort to stem the panic that day. Their attempts, however, ultimately failed to shore up the market.”

    we seen what happened when it was discovered that old Bernie was just sending our pieces of paper with numbers on it…. they got dependent on the number rather than the real..

    with the indexes as high as they are.. just how dependent on those numbers is everyone?.. for the bottom feeders regular hourly wage earners.. not at all on the average they could care less what the markets do. I am an odd one because I like to know that stuff but then it isn’t a big deal for me either.. it doesn’t make a difference either way.. we are use to having to juggle to get things done.. These days unlike the old days our bosses today could care less about anyone working for them they are ME people not considering themselves Team players with their workers.. times have changed (although the show undercover boss where the boss goes out and works on the line gives some indication.. there was a show thirty days where people of privilage had to survive like someone that isn’t.. it only lasted a few shows only one truly went through it the rest quit..)..To the average worker.. its just a job..We all know that if you fell in the parking lot the boss more than likely wouldn’t get up and peek out the window..
    But for the above average wage earner.. you know there are some that put every penny in the funds so that their numbers grow. I have met millionaires that don’t have furniture.. oh my god don’t walk on the floor.. ( one like that was a good friend once.. I use to work out with one guy we were close friends.. then he got a job offer for back then a lot.. quarter mill a year.. he was telling me that in our area he couldn’t even locate a decent house for under a half mil.. and in va they put refridgerators on their porches and cars on blocks.. I told him.. bubba.. you better hope I never win the lottery.. I totally will buy the house next door to you where every you go and put a junker on blocks and fridge on the porch.. the point is with both of them.. the number changed them.. pretty drastically ).. what happens if the dow dropped to six points again?..
    just some thoughts on numbers and what the affects everyone dependent on those numbers the same way that the bottom feeder gets use to his hour of overtime? what happens if it falls apart? going from a position of privilage to one of despiration is in most cases a life changer..

    • most of the people we have helped by giving them a room and hot meals were at some point people of privilage.. when they got to us..they are homeless..except for my favorite.. LOL he lived in as dumpster and under bridges etc.. mr. manners.. great guy.. super funny .. I miss him a lot.. he was a hoot and never was one of privilage..when he got to us.. he was having trouble getting in and out of the dumpsters with his walker..and the cops and garbage men kept an eye out for it and then bang on it saying can man are you in there…. since he didn’t really have any active family.. family get togethers were a big deal to him..
      most of them are pleasant.. one felt depressed because of his position in life before.. he couldn’t understand why he was where he was.. a bag full of sheets of paper.. and frames.. didn’t make any difference at all..

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