The COVID Weather Problem

Preliminary data first, so you have data to stand on when we get to the weather-related angle: 

Although we could see a “snap-back rally” this week in markets, the longer-term outlook seems to be firming up:  We would not be surprised to see stocks collapse to below 2,000 on the S&P and that infers a Dow that could drop to the 17,000 area –  or lower.

We laid out the wave structure on our Peoplenomics website Saturday.  But, an early look at the futures and headlines suggests another “Pepto-loading dose” before looking at your 401-K.

Gold, which had a big run up earlier had already completed a pullback last week and is heading up again this morning.  Early on it was up $30-bucks (depending on quote source) but it has pulled back only up around $20-bucks as I write.

Astounding to us is that Silver is languishing under $17-bucks an ounce, especially when there’s anti-bacterial and anti-viral activity of silver up the wazoo. Admittedly, that’s a 2011 paper, but here’s one from 2014 and another from 2019.  I would have thought, given the long history in the literature, that facing global pandemic silver would outshine gold.  But, there’s the papers and there’s the quotes today.  We make no claims as to the intelligence level of humans.  If we did, that’d make us stupid, too!

Rolling the Data

Back in early January, we cobbled up a 5-day rolling change indicator to gain insight into the rate of COVID spread, but it turned out to be surprisingly useful for seeing impact of reporting changes as China revamped its methodology.

Here are the latest (as of press time) numbers compared.  Do notice that the Chinese methodology change early-on had virtually no impact on the long-term results.  The cat was already out of the bag:

As you can see, by the most recent couple of weeks, we look to be stabilizing in that 2% range every 5-days.

Not many sites will make forward predictions – and we prefer the term “psychological impact guidance” so you’re mentally ready to cope with “the news when it gets here” – we have been running the numbers forward as fresh data becomes available.

It’s not pretty, but as one of the most useless phrases in the American idiom holds “It is what it is…”


What little happy-talk there is today suggests that the US Federal Reserve is willing to lower interest rates at their upcoming meeting (March 19-20).  Personally, I rather expect they will move sooner than later.  My reasoning is that a sudden rate reduction (like this week) would have more impact than a reduction that is already baked-in-the-cake by incessant headlines and rewrites of the coming event.

Sidebar: If I were running the Fed models, that’s how I’d play it.  Admitting, however, that there is longer-term risk.  In that the Fed will not have lower rates as a response when we get to (my expected much lower) market levels.  Maybe COVID will rid us of central bankers and we can return to Congress managing money?

But with the clown posse there on The Hill, it becomes a vexing choice:  Who would you trust more to hold your wallet?  Schifty Schiff and Nancy, or some self-interested Banksters?  At least with the latter, we know the agenda and it’s a better gamble than slow-motion socialism.  OK, I’ll stay off that soap box for now.  But a terrible choice for once free people to make.

A Weather Problem In Focus

The main thing I wanted to pass pass by you was how the data is spreading on the geographical tracking maps, such as the Johns Hopkins GIS page.

The “conventional wisdom” is that COVUD MAY slow down as the weather warms up.  One doc I spoke to over the weekend (who came up with the notion that when 100-deaths deaths occur nationally, your exposure risk at about 1-in-663) is worried because he’s in Washington State.  His “Rule of 100” as a kind of last ditch bug-out window for viable relocation is closing in as two deaths have now occurred in the Seattle area.

Another medical type (PhD level) in Washington, has been clinging to the idea that warm weather would quickly slow-down the spread of the virus.

With these two competing views (Yikes and Chill, let’s call them) we can divide the country along a sloping East-West axis and notice something odd:

In Seattle, the high today will be 50F and that’s where two people have died.  In fairness to the Jet City, the outbreak centering on nursing home means the population of that cluster is already over in the very “at-risk” column.  A third person is in critical at Evergreen hospital in Kirkland, so the numbers could go higher.

As you can see, the clusters don’t seem particularly weather-related.  In Toronto, for example, the high today will be 41F (and whatever that is in C – 5C?).  While in Los Angeles, the high will be 72.  In Tampa, the high will be 77.  See the problem?

This quietly hints that if cases can be moderated by weather,  we would reasonably expect to see them moderating south of the roughed-in white line.  So far, however, they don’t seem to be.  Time will tell.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a staff epidemiologist on hand here, so we tried to think deeply whilst sipping a good 14-year old single-malt Sunday afternoon out here in the double-wide. (Oban, thanks for asking!) It occurred to us that weather may give us a “second season” this summer even if it turns out weather moderates spread.

Seems to me, in the spring, people will be outdoors more.  But then, when we get into the really hot and humid part of the summer – about June, or so – then everyone will run inside and turn on the AC,” observed (spousal-unit) Elaine.  Her point’s well-taken.   Air conditioning colds and all that.

Bottom line to pay attention to?  Outcomes will bear watching in the next 6-months as we roll up and into summer.  Comparative death rates do matter and it should become evident in the data over time.

The Financial Week Ahead

We’re due to a Purchasing Manager report 15-minutes into the market action today.  Depending on how that looks, things could get better, or worse. D’uh.  (I could write for the MSM with pap like that…)

It’s a hard one to call:  One case is that with China going offline, there are likely to be big increases for anyone domestically who can make a tangible.  On the downside, can they get parts?  Is there even a screw machine left in America anymore?  You know — the reason for my Sunday whine about the death of Industrial Arts in America…

Tuesday would be a fine day to “call in well.”  The only data point is the Redbook and pass the NoDoz on that, please.

Life returns Wednesday as we start ramping up toward Friday’s Employment Situation report from the Labor Department.  Wednesday, ADP will report Job Growth while Thursday, the Challenger Job Cuts are due.

Productivity and Costs will be issued Thursday by Labor and then Friday International Trade data will come in.  That will give us perhaps some of the initial impacts of COVID. Or, ask a longshoreman at the Port of L.A. or Long Beach.

Ugly History Rhyme?

The biggest human rights story today is that China has gone to forced labor to keep making name-brand products for the West.

According to the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI):

“The Chinese government has facilitated the mass transfer of Uyghur and other ethnic minority1 citizens from the far west region of Xinjiang to factories across the country. Under conditions that strongly suggest forced labour, Uyghurs are working in factories that are in the supply chains of at least 83 well-known global brands in the technology, clothing and automotive sectors, including Apple, BMW, Gap, Huawei, Nike, Samsung, Sony and Volkswagen.

This report estimates that more than 80,000 Uyghurs were transferred out of Xinjiang to work in factories across China between 2017 and 2019, and some of them were sent directly from detention camps…”

There’s a lot more to read over here, so put it on your deep-reading list.

Why is it, in certain caffeine-laced moments, I get a vision of China re-enacting in a pre-WW II German sort of role?  Swapping stars for crescents, along the way.

Which would mean all those new Chinese bridges and rail systems could rhyme with the German Autobahn.  You do remember how those came into being in the early 1930’s, right?  Wiki it and you’ll find:

“The idea for the construction of the autobahn was first conceived in the mid-1920s during the days of the Weimar Republic, but the construction was slow, and most projected sections did not progress much beyond the planning stage due to economic problems and a lack of political support. One project was the private initiative HaFraBa which planned a “car-only road” crossing Germany from Hamburg in the north via central Frankfurt am Main to Basel in Switzerland. Parts of the HaFraBa were completed in the late 1930s and early 1940s, but construction eventually was halted by World War II. The first public road of this kind was completed in 1932 between Cologne and Bonn and opened by Konrad Adenauer (Lord Mayor of Cologne and future Chancellor of West Germany) on 6 August 1932.

And look at how China has turned its high speed rail system into a “limited access” transport system using social credits…My, doesn’t history repeat with harmonies and subtexts?  Just notice the riff is not  roads versus  trains.  It’s about LIMITED ACCESS which is why Internet Licensing will be along, in due course, too. Forced group-think is here.  Watch the democrats convention foreplay for pointers.

Cognitive Dissonance

The sanitized version is in Masks may actually increase your risk, surgeon general warns.  But, what was said boiled down to this:  The government doesn’t want YOU to buy N-95 masks so healthcare workers can have and use them.

If the “sturgeon general” doesn’t think they work, why in Gods name would he want them for health workers, not regular people?  See how this doesn’t get followed-up on in  the LameStream Media?  FMTT…‘re-freakin-diculous.’

Sheep Food

OK, so much for  real.  Dow futures are down a hundred.  But let’s more into the deep piles of “bull sheep” that keep your would-be competitors asleep while you’ve been prepping since early January, right?

Where to begin?  Lemme see…what’s really  useless.

Send in the Clowns! Buttigieg, Steyer drop out of Democratic race as Biden looks to close in on Sanders.

Cross-selling Correctness! Funding for female founders increased in 2019—but only to 2.7%.

Scream Climate, too: BlackRock faces critics on Amazon deforestation.

Bread and Circuses Basketball then! LeBron James believes NBA is ‘in great hands’ following rematch with Zion Williamson.

Either you and me are getting a hell of a lot smarter, or the world is in intellectual freefall. 

Wow.   Now for chow…

Write when you get rich,


40 thoughts on “The COVID Weather Problem”

  1. Dude George –

    Who f-ing cares – Slaves in China – cry me a dam river! Every single SOUL ever reading this site was-or still is ENSLAVED here on Earth. You know it in your deepest self – deep deep down underneath all the noise- baggage – fear, pain and Doubt – U can still feel it in our Human genes. There be good guys&gals, and there be angry- manipulative- hater types “out” there – the Question is What am I going to do about it – presactly!

    Onwards and Upwards – just like this Market – hold on loosely – might need to bail at a moments notice.. whoopwhoopwhoopwhoop..Hey Moe! Hey Larry! Look! GURLS! – dont want to be a victim of circumstance ..nahhahhhh

    • ‘Every single SOUL ever reading this site was-or still is ENSLAVED here on Earth.’…..Very true, but notice that humans keep pumping out babies so they can give the Powers that Be more slaves. No babies, no more slaves, and the civilization slowly dies a quiet death and dignified death. But people are addicted to sex and other substances that keep them perpetually enslaved. I don’t see a way out until people see that they are enslaved in physical bodies and they are doing all the right things to stay enslaved. Btw, new ‘governments’ will not work. The governments are part of the control grid whether they are ‘democratic’ or ‘socialist’. Humans are now just getting the subtle understanding that they have been enslaved for ions. But of course, this understanding is still relatively primitive. Hopefully, the understanding will grow!

    • “Who f-ing cares” how very “Bohemian Grove” of you to say. The big burning owl pun. lol

      I don’t feel anything of what you speak… it may be true to you in the fabric of your DNA… *shrugs… just more regurgitated sermon quotes from the Evangelical Luciferian Pulpet. lol

      Cling to that if you wish or want or if you must. it is your right to do so. I don’t begrudge anyone choosing a master to serve. Its your human right to do so. There is more to the body then thinking and there is more to life then thinking and there is more to thinking then feeling and there is more to feeling than…. well you get the picture.

  2. Lots of Cognitive Dissonance going on. Very clueless Fed. Oh, the economy is still strong and we will cue up another rate cut. Say what? Your supply chain is going to fail and the best you can do is say the economy is still strong and we will cut rates more? The rate cuts toward zero (and perhaps negative) suggest to me that the central bankers (and Trump) do not fundamentally understand the financial / economic system. Rate cuts have encouraged stock buy backs and non productive spending. I am trying to envision the book that will be written in about a decade – with a title somewhere along the lines of Clinton’s ‘What Happened.’ Like a blind man could not have scene this train wreck coming?

    • Just about right.! When we can get back to the social contract with the people (which all governments have) instead of the greed of the top percentage, which don’t give a damn about the country or its people as long as they can buy the congress and the oval office including the high court.The propaganda machine which is in high gear would have you believe that its all China’s or Russia fault that we have such a screwed up country and its government,that its this party or that party to blame, while they all party on laughing at the dumb people that peddle the crap that its always someone fault never their own,and the sad part is the people believe it for their party can do no evil.!!!

  3. When the stock’s plunge, many have to sell assets to cover losses. Silver being one of those assets, hence the down trend.

  4. You know the old saying “there is no bad that some good becomes of it” hopefully this will wake some people up to moving our manufacturing back on shore and stop demonizing people who work with their hands! I have watched and have been affected by the greedsters, when I sold my aircraft parts manufacturing business in the SeaTac area in “95” it was costing me 50K a year in product liability insurance! I saw one of the best machine shop schools in the country (in Tacoma, WA) close where 75 to 85% of grads were scooped up by Boeing to be replaced with a school on how to blow glass WTF! I guess we will see what the future brings

  5. George

    “especially when there’s anti-bacterial and anti-viral activity of silver up the wazoo.”

    Here’s an article from the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine about using Colloidal Silver to treat lung disease in cystic fibrosis

    It’s an interesting story especially since the doctors admit that using colloidal silver in a nebulizer reduced the patients disease tremendously.

    From the journal:

    ” He remained well for a year, enjoying a skiing holiday, full participation in school rugby matches and significant improvements in his golf handicap. He required only one further course of IV antibiotics until a recent deterioration coinciding with temporary interruption of colloidal silver for a month.”

    If you can use colloidal silver in a nebulizer for cystic fibrosis then you should be able to use it that way to fight pneumonia.

    Nebulizers are cheap and easy to use. You can make your own colloidal silver at home using silver wire purchased online. Five years ago I purchased 30 inches of .999 12 gauge silver wire for about $60.
    Take two pieces of silver wire and hang it in a gallon glass jar of distilled water. Apply 27 volts DC to the leads. You should start seeing wisps of silver smoke come off one of the wires. If not add a pinch of table salt to the water, (10 or so grains of salt is sufficient), to provide some conductivity to the water. Pure water is a poor conductor of electricity. Let this run for an hour or two. You should get a jar of cloudy water. I strain my batch through coffey filters to remove any large particles. I then let it sit in a dark location for a couple of day to let gravity filter out any particles the filter missed. What you are looking for is a golden gray liquid that will reflect laser light. A simple laser pointer works well for this test. I find that over time you will see some blackish residue on the jar’s bottom. This is normal and means that larger particles are settling out via gravity. Particles of silver that are extremely small will stay in suspension as a colloid. This is what you want to use as an antibiotic. Store your batch in a dark warm area. If the batch experiences temperature approaching freezing the silver will fall to the jar’s bottom as their energy levels will be too low to stay suspended. I also recommend using a DC power supply instead of a battery setup as the supply can produce a constant voltage – current relationship which gives better results. I find that what I make is as good as what the health products store sell and a lot cheaper. One caution: do not use this product on a day to day basis. Use it as needed. Using it every day will turn your skin silvery gray. I know a guy who did this and you will look weird!

    You should research this topic on the internet. Moe and more studies are being carried out on the use of Nano Particle Metals in medicine. You need to consider if this ancient technique of using silver is right for you. Nothing is without some risk! I explained what I do. The onerous is on you to think it through.

    Note to George: If this info looks like medical advice then delete it.

    • Good info. Thanks for reminding me! I wonder how much the purity of the silver matters. The easy one is to use old silver coins – those being 90% in the USA. The same is true for sterling(92% I think). Obviously, using the pure stuff is ideal, but in a pinch anyone could cobble up something with a couple of car batteries and maybe an extra cell. Thanks for the details of your setup. BTW, what color laser pointer – red or green? That may or may not matter.

      For now, I’ll take advantage of direct sun and gram doses of vitamin C. The weather is getting better and that’s a chance to build immunity and get exercise.

      • video on youtube “386 colloidal silver” very excellent the best I have se!en it breaks down in detail how and what you are doing

      • The color of the laser light does not matter. I just happened to have a red one. Laser light will pass through pure water with little to no scattering. The stronger your colloid the more reflected light you see. As the colloid sits up more of the larger particles settle out which is what you want. I use 5 coffee filters in a stack for my initial filtering and let it gravity filter for a week. You don’t want to see large reflective particles in your colloid. I also have a production jar and a storage jug for my process. The production jar was a one gallon wide mouth pickle jar. I washed this jar with hot sauce to remove the pickle smell. The storage jar was a one gallon wine jug that I bought for my colloid. The wine was pretty good too! When you set up your production jar keep the wires separated by about an inch and monitor the voltage to keep it at 27Vdc or slightly more. Good luck!

  6. I’m unhappy to see StyeR(sic) drop out so soon. ‘Guess that means there’ll be another illegal alien “caravan” along soon…

    LeBron “believes” whatever the NBA leadership cabal tells him he believes.

    Case in-point: Ask him about China’s Hong Kong policy

  7. George;
    I think the corona virus is not new. a certain number of deaths related to corona virus has been around for thousands of years. I believe we just got to point where we could test for it and now its HERE. when someone dies but are not positive for Influenza type A or B but similar symptoms,might have been covid-19.. Probable from research lab. Stimulates more research into immune system and human body response,how to manage things when our immune system over reacts and starts to damage us..
    Seasonal like Flu. Probable been around forever only we just woke up to it cause we can now detect it.. Education, helps get manufacturing back to USA,safe borders,cheap energy willing good Canadian,US and Mexican work force.. Everything IS a Business Model.

  8. Geography Smeography – U be looking at this all catywhompus – therefore the line is all skeweyed. What you should be mapping is clusters of Chinese/Asians, might as well include Iranians while your at it – why waste a good crisis?

    It is time to round up ALL of Them and CLOSE the Borders:
    Round Eyes – Free to Travel about the Country
    Not Round Eyes – Quarantine/90 Days – or just Shoot Em!

    Karma is a bitch – how they gonna ship all that Fentynal to USA if there all sick and dying, let alone getting the rest of TS military tech info they didnt already Steal or Purchase – aint that right Ms Finestain/Ms Hildebeast/Ms Palsi..TRAITORS!

    In other news Bitcoin is on sale today at only $8800 FRN’s per Unconfiscatable, UnHackable, UnPrintable, IncrediblyScarce,
    Glorious Digital Currency.

    No, no,no Bitcoin 4 U!

      • Website thehalvening dot com is estimating that the bitcoin miner reward will drop by the mandated 50% in a little over 70 days once the current tranche of blocks is mined out.

        In my estimation, miners jumping in now on crypto-mining onramp sites for newbies would experience a loss of USD2000 per mined bitcoin even if USD8900/btc holds. This is not investment advice.

      • “No internet = no money”

        I wonder if a printed out screen shot would sufice..
        NAAA stupid idea… that would be like showing a traffic officer that pulled you over a picture of a krispy creme donut.. it just isn’t the same as the green paper..

    • Sorry BCN, my best friend in this world is a natural born American who is the daughter of LEGAL Chinese immigrants. She’s as American as you are and has every right to travel and she does it quite a bit. She’s intelligent and careful. I’m quite worried that as people get more crazed and less informed, they’ll escalate racial discord beyond even the nonsense we’ve been watching for the last decade. That’s not helpful for anyone. Yes, we need to address the real problems but please – let’s not create new ones.

      • I was going to write something about it being 1861 all over again but this time we don’t call them territories, but then it occurred to me that old history for flyover country is only about 160 years ago. That’s a young three generations of homesteaders and not really enough time to change a culture. I hope you live in an urban area where diversity is part of daily life.

  9. Morning news on merchandise ships in the port in Los Angeles. Down 25% from last year. Maybe we will start seeing shortages on the shelf by end of March. Stock up you Walmart shoppers.

    • Argh, matey. Here be some food for thought. Let’s say only 10 containers arrive at the ports instead of the usual 30. Who decides where those goods will eventually be sold and for how much?

      Will piracy become a growth field?

      • as with everything Joe.. the goods go to the one with the money.. if you have the only bakery in town and there isn’t any grain and everyone is hungry.. how much is your loaf of bread worth.. back in the early eighteen hundreds a cup of water was selling for three ounces of gold.. same for sugar and coffee.. worth its weight in gold..
        the aztecs..Gold was only used for adornment…. they valued corn…

  10. “If the “sturgeon general” doesn’t think they work, why in Gods name would he want them for health workers, not regular people?”

    The gist of the entire presser is that the masks work much better to keep the virus, in an infected person, in, than it does, keep virus in free air, out.

    That is entirely correct.

    When we think of an airborne malady, we assume “lungs” or “sinuses” as its point of egress and infection. With this virus, “eyes” may be the most-likely point from which a “clean” person becomes an “infected” person. Eventually, a “bunny suit” with a full-face rebreather may be the only safe means of being “in-public.” However, by that time, a person in a public place may well be the only one there.

    • Respirators that are comfortable for extended wear have exhale check valves which vent air. These respirators provide no protection for bystanders. A percentage of the pictures I see of healthcare workers with respirators are the sort with an exhale valve.

    • what the wife was told.. and a friend of mine that works on the federal side told me.. Right now there is a run on the masks gloves and personal care items such as toilet paper etc.. the healthcare industry since the vast majority are made in china they cannot obtain them because they are out of stock…. since the hospitals and medical industry employees are working on the front lines they have to have access to what stock is available in the usa.. the same thing with gloves and gowns.. the flu of ninty two was a horrid one.. we couldn’t keep linen clean everyone was working laundry duty in between shifts.. workers were wearing depends because they were all working sick both ends it was horrible.. luckily I didn’t catch it…. we were always going to get t-shirts made that said” the flu of 92 survivor”.. its the same this time around.. just like the post that there isn’t any toilet paper available.. except for one plant in the usa..I believe all of the gloves gowns and masks are all made in china..

  11. Yo Geo, Just took the reaction time test you turned us onto recently. Your comments won’t let me paste the screen snap I took of the screen (but I kept it for proof), but it says. “We’re not sure if you’re an actual human being with a reaction time of (247) milliseconds. Try again” and it didn’t show me an age result for my test. What the hell? I mean, I’m 65 but I’m not going to turn things down for anybody. I kid you not. This is a true story.

    • RAS… if you need to get a five year old.. they have great reactions and can pass the test.. the same thing with the child proof bottles.. dam things are near impossible to open at times.. just get the kids to open it for you.. works every time..they’re reflexes are honed to impulse.. adults have to gestate on it for a bit.. LOL

    • that is common ..if you don’t have insurance in our area.. they will diagnose you but if your not life threatoning.. then you are released.. they don’t start treatment until you can lay down a downpayment.. a friend of my daughters had to go in to the ER ( clinics won’t see them) they diagnosed her with thyroid cancer.. then told her the good news that the kind she had was ninty nine percent treatable.. her response was when do we start.. they responded as soon as you drop fifty thousand at the desk.. her sister took out a second mortgage to start the treatments.. I have seen that so many times that it is sickening..
      I ran to the rescue during the swine flu to a young woman with two kids same story.. when she went into convulsions at home is when they took her in and put her in a chemical induced coma.. leaving the kids to fend for themselves..
      so that really doesn’t surprise me at all.. its all about the money in the end..

      • My buddy had thyroid cancer. Scheduled for surgery. A few years before, he was scheduled for laser surgery on his eye’s, went to the health food store read in the books, Antioxidants. Cleared it up to the amazement of the doctor who cancelled the surgery, the day of! We did the same with his thyroid removal. Found in a book about a doctor Gonzales. Enzymes! He called me excited the next morning, that the golf ball sized tumor on his throat looked like it went down. It was gone in a week and that was 10 years ago and never came back. His doctors had a fit. Call me if need be, leave a message and text.

  12. Well, Hawaii appears to be out of toilet paper. At least I can’t find any in east Hawaii. Warehouse stores are out of stock and cannot tell when they will get more. Weekly shipment??

  13. Watch this video by Doctor Richard Cheng, MD, PhD, located in China and on the front lines. He is the real deal.

    Simply put, 20 grams of vitamin C per day, divided doses, provided a family with full protection from the coronavirus, even when unprotected and providing care for a hard headed mother infected with the virus, in a hospital setting.

    If you buy in bulk we are talking about less than $0.50 per day.

    For more info:

  14. “What little happy-talk there is today suggests that the US Federal Reserve is willing to lower interest rates at their upcoming meeting (March 19-20). ”

    Shizt if they can go below zero to the point where they are paying you to take the money.. can an individual get that loan straight from them..

    a much bigger question since I already know the answer to the first one..

    All of us.. already know we have the best govt. that money can buy.. our legislators are all bought and paid for..
    Fed Reserve ready to head for negative interest rates .. a huge break in the supply lines.. possibility that this virus could start making the rounds that has a large casualty line..
    every facit of our life could be affected.. there is already shortages on some products and as this escalates that supply shortage will just expand.. ok..
    How long do you think the paid for legislators will continue to only represent the puppeteers.. or do you think they will come a point where they will say hey we have to do something.. anything..
    Or will they stay loyal to the chain of silver and gold coins.. just curious.. they will be damned it they do break away from the puppetteers and damned if they don’t.. and if this pans out to be a true pandemic and takes down a significant sector of the population.. it won’t make any difference how many silver coins they get from the puppeteers. A virus doesn’t care who you are or how rich you are.. a number on a sheet of paper is just that.. a number on a sheet of paper…
    if there aren’t any road crews fixing the roads…. how long does a road remain in good shape before it starts to erode and untravelable not to mention truck drivers trains etc…. not even considering the water and gas lines the sewage or garbage services..

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