China Supply Problems? Blame Lawyers & Greedsters

Regardless of the happy-talk about how COVID-19 will (do this, or that, or  some other thing), there’s a lessor in here about Lawyers, Lefties, Greedsters, and Cowards that warrants in-depth study.  This being Social Studies Sunday….

Ure hit one of his favorite online suppliers this week, looking for a refill of some shop consumables.  1/16th inch bronze brazing rod.  Sure enough, a 20 piece container appeared, but seeing a 50-piece box was listed, I tried to buy that.

Out of stock.  Earliest arrival date here?  Mid April – if that is to be trusted.  And trust me, I  know untrustable when I see it.

The suggests to me that as soon as the remaining stock of industrial items is done, there will likely be a rush to get the last of anything that can be Made into something useful.  So, while I was at it,  I selected a series of other parts from you-know-where.

One 500 gram roll of rosin-core solder for electronics bench work.  And another roll of 1.75 mm  3D printer filament. (It’s ABS plastic that makes very durable printed goods.  Like that small engine starter gear on my Briggs and Stratton powered lawn tractor I’ve complained about for 6-years.)

All of these things, are in my judgment, in danger of going into the “shortfall column” depending on whether production lines in Asia reopen – THEN STAY OPEN – and keep sending us….stuff.

This off-shoring of America’s long-lost industrial might is the result of multiple players  in the Global Hyper-Complexity Model.  In the old days, we just called it The House of Cards.  We will admit that Global Supply Chain does sound a little more credible.

Why I Blame Lawyers

The lawyers (and insurance companies named here as unindicted co-conspirators) were busy during the 1970’s “tuning up their business models.”

Lots of lawyers found work as captive (or hourly rental) counsel for school districts.  In these positions, they advised school districts to “lower their risk exposures.”  We trace today’s problems back there:  Because the means of reducing risk, was to take Industrial Arts out of school and put a bullet in retirement funding of Industrial Arts teachers.

I also blame insurance companies.  Because many did NOT lower rates proportionate to the reduction of risks, when DimwitJohnny and Silly Sally stopped ramming-up green sand molds to pour Mustang car logos from molten aluminum.

No sir, the insurance people re-tooled their scare stories and kept their rates high.

Following the path, are you?  The way this part of the business model worked was?  a) Lawyers made more money, b) Insurance companies made more money, c) School Administrators cut staff  (laying off how many shop teachers?)  This virtually forced fast-growing American business to pack-up and leave..

Blame the Greedsters, Too

This would be Big Talk Politicians on the Rotary and rubber chicken circuit in the 1970’s.  I saw the promises from the podium at one such a breakfast confab myself in 1970,  In a ballroom of the old Seattle Olympic Hotel (now the Four Seasons).

I forget who the political hack was (well, I remember, but he’s dead so let him rest in peace, eh?) and he promised to Build a High Tech Workforce.

Sounded great!  Except it was mostly bullshit.  It was just a way to feed more people into community colleges.  Where – for a lot more dough and higher ed empire-building – the Student Loan Games could be player.  God, what a serial scam it all was.

Instead of learning useful stuff in high school, this was a plan to sell our own children into student loan slavery.  Even if they just wanted to pull wires as an electrician and buy a bass boat.

I couldn’t get my hands on high voltage in High School to save my soul.

Problem was Insurance companies kept everyone from getting our hands on soldering gear and learning how to cobble-up electronics.  “Can’t have Dimwit Johnny and Silly Sally melting solder, for crying out loud.  Why, if Dimwit put a soldering iron in Silly’s eyes, we all be sued…and we’d have to raise taxes even more!!!”

Oh the Joys of fear-based management decisions – now crafted to a fine art.

Result?  The metal shop, that would have made a dandy electronics lab was also shut down.  The gas-engines shop Stan Jones used to teach?  Gone and now it’s a voc-tech school costing $25-grand.

Here we are – 40-years later – convincing the kids to pull their pants down and think about sex changes.  Instead of learning to bend metal or cut wood.  Are we f*cking mad?  (Hint:  starts with a “Y”)

The Greedsters didn’t care, though.  They were reaping the benefits of trans-Pacific air travel.  Why, soon, we would be making lots of thing in Japan.  As Pappy Ure once advised me:  “If you want to make a country great, go to war with the USA and come back in 20-years.”

Usually, it doesn’t take that long.  10-years did it for Volkswagen.  Uncle Joe drove over to show off his new  VW  Bug in 1956.  It had the flip-out semaphore turn signals.  He brushed off the “Hitler-mobile” jeering.

The Think Small ad campaign in the mid 1960’s made VW Bugs and Beetles cool.  I bought my first brand new ’68 Bug at age 19 after working for a defense contractor up north of Fairbanks…

Nothing lasts forever, though, especially if you’re a Greedster.

Japan not only raised wages, but they started to make kick-ass cars.  The N360 made its way into the US in 1967.  A couple of years later (with my krautmobile still moving me around) I wondered at the wisdom of another uncle who bought a what?  How do you spell that?  “T-o-y-o-t-a?”

The problem with supply chains is they result in massive economic peaks.  The Japan N225 index hit a lifetime high of near 39,000 in early 1990.  It’s a little over half that, now.  Side bet on where we head?

Japan had its Greedsters, too.  So THEY started to offshore and since Asia was closer…everyone went to China.  U.S. business dribbled in after Nixon opened the door beginning in 1974.  From there, China has been on a roll.

And our schools, save a few in Texas in their Agriculture programs, still don’t teach Dimwit Johnny or Silly Sally to hog-out a part on a metal lathe…

Can you imagine what would happen if Dimwit Johnny busted a finger on a turning metal part?  Or, God forbid, he leaves the chuck key in and spins up power and it hits him in the face.  Explain that to the school board, insurance company, ambulance-chasing lawyers, and the screaming homeowners who don’t understand how much of their “taxes” are just supporting a leach-class…

Meanwhile, Silly Sally ain’t so stupid after all.  She’s trying to ask a smart question after looking at this ungainly machine:

Mommy, what’s and R-8 Spindle Taper? And why is this machine made in China instead of Lima, Ohio or Bridgeport, Connecticut?”

“Oh, my precious darling.  The R-8 spindle taper is just one up from an R-7 Spindle taper.  Now be a good little Princess and tell me what kind of Man you want to be after your operation…”

That isn’t “parenting.”  That’s war-crimes.

You know the country you love is in deep shit when plumbing changes are more important than global ass-kicking.

Thanks to? The lawyers, Greedsters, and monetizers of fear.  You’ve made pandemics and global collapse possible.

All that remains is shutting down the ‘net.  Or, licensing…Hey, how about that annual fee, idea, huh?

Write when you know what shim-stock is,

50 thoughts on “China Supply Problems? Blame Lawyers & Greedsters”

  1. Today George, you have hit the nail on the head. My Dad told me back in the 60’s when I was in high school that greed and the almighty dollar will destroy this country. Well it took a while, but he was right. Maybe, just maybe some people will wake up and see that the US needs to bring manufacturing back to the country, but as long as crap is on TV, pizza is still being delivered, and beer in the fridge, I doubt if most cares until it affects them personally.

  2. Don’t leave out…
    Creeping local codes/ordinances
    Declining quality of willing young workers
    Dumbed down high school graduates
    Gadget face-glued young folks
    All combined with corporate greed to off shore.

    • Let’s not forget that local ordinances are not just proposed by power trippers in the local government. There’s an entire system in place where national laws contain incentives for local governments to institute certain restrictive ordinances as a precondition to getting federal money.

      There are also regional “councils of governments” and similar that invite and/or require that municipal officials attend and comply with their edicts. They also provide “training” for new elected and other officials. Sometimes this is required by the states.

      Can you see a pattern of control here? The national government forces policies downstream through the act of covertly giving or withholding federal money according to contingencies. This is far more pervasive than most people will ever realize. They will complain and fight the local government(rightly), but never realize the source, and will continue to re-elect their same idiots to congress. Of course, the congresscritters never read the bills that are generally written by lobbyists.

  3. shim stock,used to align the rotating center line of 2 different pieces of rotating equipment, such as a elec motor and a pump. We used to use Starrett indicators w/0.025″ travel and 0.003 was the greatest amount of out of alignment we would accept. Now we got laser alignment tools, but still need shims, they even have pre-cut shims all sizes now.Handy as heck

    the better the alignment, the smoother/less vibration, the longer the bearings last. Then we get into vibration measuring. We used IRD brand equipment for mobile measuring in the field. The turbine/generator had fixed sensors that went straight to the control room

    • I’ve begun to describe aging as the process whereby a feller gets more interested in Popular Mechanics, Modern Machinist, Family Handyman, and new articles in Nature more than Miss Monthly in Penthouse or Playboy. Aging’s a bitch. But I sure get a lot more done.

      • We like it , when things run SMOOTH. Both fields/magazines
        wish I still had the Popular science issue, back in the 70s, that showed Smokey Yunich converting a Dodge Omni 4 cyl to get 50 mpg and do 0-60mph @ 60 sec, over a base line of 35 mph and 0-60 @12 sec
        preheat fuel/air mix and used a turbo as a 1 way valve to hold the expanding gas from backing out the carb

      • One’s for passing the time and the other is for daydreaming. They are not the same unless Ms. Monthly is your apprentice in which case you will start acting like her father. I believe we still have American ingenuity in us. We just need to “get off the bottle” for awhile to bring it back out.

        The tell will be the resurgence of eBay. I tried to price an old printer a few months ago and couldn’t find anything except one that was being sold as parts. And they were expensive! Let’s see what happens when all of our non-compost garbage regains value.

  4. Re: Disappearance of Shop Classes

    George, the Constitution says nothing about education, as the Founding Fathers knew full well that a farmer’s children in Virginia would require a different education than a banker’s children in Manhattan. They wisely left this up to the states (see 10th Amendment.)

    So, pursuant to the Federal Government absorbing as much power as they can possibly grab, and a reluctance to challenge for states rights, we now have a Cabinet-level Department of Education setting and demanding adoption of standards (Common Core Curriculum) for the entire nation. The liberals setting this agenda decided that since of course EVERY high school student must go to college, shop classes must be phased out and replaced with college-prep (AP et al) classes. This dovetailed with the litigious activity gathering speed at around the same time. No more apprentices coming out of high school, manufacturing hastened its move overseas.

    Lot of factors contributing to the loss of manufacturing here in the US. It will take a long term, far-sighted effort to get it back. I’d love to see Bloomberg, Steyer, and Billionaires Inc. spending their money on that rather than wasting it trying to poison American minds against Trump.

    • My place of birth was a factory town in the Midwest. Rush hour was 330-4pm when the factories let out first shift. The grocery stores would get a bump in traffic about that time as mothers would stop and get milk and a few things that needed replacing till the big grocery shopping day, payday Friday.

      Then came the 80s and the original family members who started those factories began to die off. Their heirs just wanted the cash value of those factories so they could hobnob with the hoytie toyties. That began the sale of those firms to out of state conglomerates and the beginning of the loss of our mfg base.

      Then came the opportunities for cheaper labor in China, Mexico and India and the ability to avoid all the laws and regulations. Which brings the Midwest mfg towns to todays reality of high crime, way too many low wage jobs and property values that never rose to allow people to afford a house in the cities, that are now the new hot spots for the high paying info society jobs. .

  5. C’mon Homey – “remember when chewing on life’s gristle, don’t grumble -give a whistle..always look at the bright side of life..if life seems jolly rotten there’s something you have forgotten,and that’s to laugh and smile and dance and sing ..always look at the bright side of death, just before U draw Ure terminal breath” -Monty Python

    What U need is some cheery news.. COVID19 = Universal Vaccine – containing Digital ID

    Get Ures while its still hot..

  6. George you left out a very Important ingredient …the Father and Mother ….TEACHING…their children….things and stuff….not many do this any more….some but not enough….working with ones ‘hands’ has been discouraged and maligned for 30 years…went out of favor with ..SHOP and HOME ED….also American Civics…..and here we are……a beer and pizza sounds good.

    • “the Father and Mother ….TEACHING…their children….things and stuff….not many do this any more….”

      Sadly… since deregulation and the outsourcing of jobs.. we turned into a multi-career household. Mom use to be home dad worked for the local plant the plant manager treated everyone as if they were his family..took care of them knew them and their families.. high profits from importation deregulating necessary services..letting greed take over .
      Then being told what we really need is some of that miracle product.. Brown 25

  7. Although I’m not schooled in the machining arts, I have a small supply of shim stock from my dad, who was.
    A career as a mechanic, I’ve picked up a plethora of skills (and tools) along the way, none of which my son has any interest in. Also a recent ham radio addict. I’m off to Harbor Fright tomorrow for flux core wire & other supplies.

    • After visiting all the local auto parts and several usually reliable hardware stores looking for shim stock I gave up. I was looked at askance and got the wassat?, hunh? I then went to MY local Harbor Fright and bought several sets of thickness gages – one bonus was the thicknesses <0.010" they are in brass, and all are labelled. They have most of the stuff unavailable anywhere else.

  8. Shim stock is used for everything from gapping plugs to aligning things, such as GM starters. I’m about to shim open some locks so I can rekey them. What’s amazing is that a great deal of info is available on youtube in a form that’s ideal for learning hands-on skills. The smart ones learn from this. The smarter ones can learn from a book, and the others will have to take a course.

  9. God bless the two Industrial Arts teachers I had back in the late 60s, early 70s. In the interest of both theirs and my anonymity, even though they’re both probably long gone, I’ll not mention their names but they’re two of the most remembered teachers I ever had. One I was scared sh**less of (which was for the best) and the other was missing his little finger, a sign of wisdom gained. I have the casting of Will Rogers I made in Jr. High on my reloading bench and the knowledge gained from the other teacher as we rotated between wood working, plexiglass work and drafting. Oh – and never pick up a piece of metal that may look cool but is still hot enough to go “ssssst” on tender little fingers that haven’t had time to build up any callouses.

    Now the “Big Idea” the schools are totally enamored with is STEM, which does have some interesting results in the big school districts that can support supplying the materials for the metal working, robotics and, perhaps, culinary arts but I draw the line at the hoopla that developed around flower arranging. I mean …. seriously?? Most schools around our area have not taken up the STEM program thing preferring to bus the kids to closer trade schools or some other alternative but our “Soop” has had it as a pet project for several years and won’t hear of anything else. If the ripple effect of supply line shortages takes firm hold of us here in the States people’s own junk piles will become creative crafts gold in short order. One thing passed on to me from our ranching predecessors is “Never throw anything durable away on a ranch”. It’s saved me more than once and one of the things I love about ranching. It satisfies the creative urge in often surprising ways when a crazy idea actually works.

  10. Thank heavens for YouTube. Last year the computer went out on my 2000 Dodge Ram Van, my only vehicle. YouTube and $120 fixed it. Same with the blower motor. That was fun. I had to use a step ladder so I could lean over and reach into the engine compartment and around all the hoses and stuff to take out the old and put in the new. The gears in my sewing machine disintegrated. (Singer 1984 – I was shocked that they were plastic.) YouTube, $40 and 6 hours of work. Saved me about $2500 in repair costs. My dad and mom taught me a bunch of skills that I’ve used throughout my life and have passed on to kids and grandkids. You’ve got to catch them early.

  11. Hi George,
    many of the skills I have are rather obsolescent,

    a handy place to use some of them is down the local miniature railway,
    a well equipped machine shop is on site
    and I expose the juniors to stuff like this……..

    been pottering about with HHO for a long while, playing with pond foggers too these days,
    working out a (safe) burner to blend and burn the water should be interesting……….


  12. Dear George:
    I hope this finds you well and your business booming. I think I have something that you ought to be able to go to town on.
    I’ve just picked up a special lot of piece Goods off price that I’m going to cut tomorrow in style 637 with which you have done so well. I plan to bring out the number at $2 less than you have been paying, and I know it will fit in well with your April sale.
    I can get a limited number of ( ) out of the lot ,so I’d like to know how many you can use before I offer it to anyone else. We’ll be able to ship within 10 days.
    All good wishes. Sincerely yours, BLPG

    Is this going to be the future

    • provides armed protection, logistics, and compliance services for businesses engaged in the legal cannabis industry in the United States.

  13. Everybody has VW bug in California in 1968-1969. I remember telling my buddy when they put in the fuel gauge a few years later that they were wasting money to make it nicer and more comfortable and more expensive.

    My buddy at work had the one of the first 69 Honda car. It was tinyer than the bug. VW bug died in mid 70’s and Honda got big in California.

  14. The most important thing right now is temporal- pertaining to the Affairs of the present life as contrasted with those of future life Earthly as opposed to Heavenly.
    Pertaining to the civil law or the authority



    The politicical candidates finally will be able to do at least one of the dead horse issues they drag around… shelters for the homeless…….
    Found a video and that is just what one concerned voter is planning on doing.. taking worthless campaign signs and turning them into emergency shelters.

  16. Both my sons were washouts in the manual arts growing up not that I didn’t try. #1 Son had a bit of interest in cub scouts and the pinewood derby but alas neither of them showed much interest in toolslinging until after graduating and being on their own mainly out of necessity. #1 grandson, on the other hand, has an artistic leaning and seems to be able to work with tools easier. A recent cub scout project was to build a toolbox by themselves so he brought it over to show me and asked if I could help him paint it. His dad, son in law, is forbidden from handling tools by my daughter so he was minimal help to him. he was pretty proud he did it mostly all himself. While looking it over I noticed a nail had gone in crooked and bent over. I asked him if he wanted to fix that. His reply, That’s the one my dad did. Classic!


    • Instead of pinewood derby.. try out paper airplanes…or buildings..
      NASA has a few so does the airforce and navy.. but in Europechina and even russia they push parent child activities.
      They actually have contests for manual flight and remote control flight..and thousands of models to choose from .( do the large models trying to construct a 747 in small is extremely hard)

      Th Cessna is a good first model

  17. A letter to the Farang; or The War has Begun,

    The current headline on qstheory dot com, mouthpiece of the Chinese Communist Party, is “Epidemic prevention and control is a big test of China’s governance system and capacity”. (Their English language version of the website is two months out of date…)

    Apparently a battle was won. On February 26th, a 100000+ word book was published entitled “Great War – Epidemic 2020, China combating covid-19 in 2020”. Guided by the Central Propaganda Department and the State Council Information Office, the book allegedly tells the truth of how China controlled “the devil”. Led by Comrade Xi Ji Ping, the Chinese people mobilized to help “maintain global and regional health security”.

    Follow up editions are promised to be published in english, french, spanish, russian, and arabic.

    China has sneezed and now the world has pneumonia…

  18. So, reports have it that Chinese factories are beginning to re-open. Wanna know how? Read on…

    Tens of thousands of Uighur Muslims have been removed from the Xinjiang region and made to work in factories across China, an investigation from the Australian Strategic Policy Institute has found.

    The ASPI report, released on Sunday night, used open-source documents, satellite imagery and media reports to identify 27 factories using Uighur labour.

    Those factories have been linked to 83 well-known global brands, including Nike, Amazon, Google, H&M, Adidas, and Apple.

    NOW LIVE: Uyghurs are being sold, mass-transferred and compelled to work in forced conditions across China, while being politically indoctrinated.

    The full list of brands identified by ASPI as benefiting from the use of Uighur workers:

    Abercrombie & Fitch
    BAIC Motor
    Calvin Klein
    Cerrutti 1881
    Changan Automobile
    Founder Group
    GAC Group (automobiles)
    Geely Auto
    General Electric
    General Motors
    Hart Schaffner Marx
    Jack & Jones
    Japan Display Inc.
    Land Rover
    Mercedes Benz
    The North Face
    Polo Ralph Lauren
    SAIC Motor
    Tommy Hilfiger
    Tsinghua Tongfang
    Victoria’s Secret

    Talk about a prospective “boycott list…”

    Entire article may be found here:

    • Lol In the USA we call them minimum wage least they get a decent place to live medical ,dental and meals..
      In san fran they get a box and a lamp post to squat against… lol

  19. George,
    Re shim stock do you mean the official kind from the dealership or the kind cut from a beer can in your garage? Can you name the book?

    Right on about shop. In middle school we had a fairly complete wood shop and in the metal shop we had 4 small open gas furnaces to heat old school soldering irons. I learned to love the smell of rosen core solder putting together a Halicrafters receiver at home. And as parental educational guidance, my dad believed a college educated man should have a trade to fall back on so l studied to be a draftsman. It was a good choice btw.

    I think you hit one out of park today.

  20. Incase you never read these.

    Navy General Orders of the Sentry

    1. To take charge of this post and all government property in view.
    2. To walk my post in a military manner, keeping always on the alert, and observing everything that takes place within sight or hearing.
    3. To report all violations of orders I am instructed to enforce.
    4. To repeat all calls from posts more distant from the guard house than my own.
    *********5. To quit my post only when properly relieved.
    6. To receive, obey and pass on to the sentry who relieves me, all orders from the Commanding Officer, Command Duty Officer, Officer of the Deck, and Officers and Petty Officers of the Watch only.
    7. To talk to no one except in the line of duty.
    ******8. To give the alarm in case of fire or disorder.
    9. To call the Officer of the Deck in any case not covered by instructions.
    10. To salute all officers and all colors and standards not cased.
    ********11. To be especially watchful at night, and, during the time for challenging, to challenge all persons on or near my post and to allow no one to pass without proper authority

    • you see George. We the People are to blame. We have fell asleep at the wheel drunk and on drugs in a car careening out of control. everyone single person is to blame in this country.

      Let me ask you this. When the Constitution of the US was written and the 13 colonies became a country… it was written not just for US. The United States was the model of freedom for all mankind. It was a united voice and stand against Tyranny. 200+ years later we have become the very thing that our forefathers united and stood against.

      I am a veteran. They sold me on the idea that we are the good guys. We are here to defend the document that stands against Tyranny all over the world and in the US. Foreign and domestic.

      Let me ask you. If any state, pick one Utah, Mississippi, Vermont or Nebraska was invaded because another country was told they had WMD’s and They were the good guys and had to liberate one of those states from the Tyranny of evil men. 20 years later they continued to bomb and destroy homes, roads, occupy, take over industry, steal resources, displace hundreds and hundreds of thousands, leaving them homeless, starving, without water, with rampant disease and deny them the very rights they claimed that “All men are created equal”, indoctrinator one of those states school system with their thoughts and history, while invading their homes with out probable cause or warent, imposing tariffs and tax of that countries will 20 years after their leader was hung in the town square and almost 9 years after Bin Lauden was killed. would you consider that country the good guys???? Would there be a single person not screaming in outrage in this country?????? over the travesty found in Utah? or Mississippi?? while the people of that country sat around and yelled on facebook about presidential investigations and scandles… while those peoples houses burned and their families died… from starvation and disease???? While countless of their elderly men, their mothers, wives, children who are sisters, brothers, cousins…died due to being a byproduct of a war that was founded on WMD’s which after 20 years were never found????? All the while claiming to live by a Document that stated “The right to pursue happiness.” And broadcasting on their media how our soldiers were honor and fighting for liberty and justice.. while Cooperation’s who have better rights than humans get richer and richer….

      How can We the People blame anyone but ourselves????? We are to Fault! We claim to hold fast to a Doccument that we hold so pridefully true!!! and I know my my rights!!!!!! and yet for 20 years we have been occupying two wars denying other men theirs with no end in site.

      Not Obama, Not Bush, Not trump has ever stopped the slaying of innocent men, women, and children across the ocean… and denying them the very rights which are the fabric of our freedom… you cant even get an article about the wars that were started based on a lie because there 20 years later to date has ever been a single wmd found… to post on the opoin section of the National Enquirer let alone any “Real News” paper.

      We are to blame! we the people… is any wonder that our rights are slowly being taken away as we deny the world the same treatment…. and it is not until we make a United Stand that anyone else will have what we cherish so much and day by day are loosing.

      we are responcable. nobody else. And we deserve to have our rights taken away because we are the take of those same rights from others. As Jesus the most famous man in the world said. “Father forgive them, for they no not what they do.”

      Ladies and Gentlemen, I bid you ado. Until we meet again.

      Infinitely Now!


      • P.S.not mention we looted their national treasures, museums and stamped any semblance of “Freedom of religion” and any right to have a culture of their own….. all the while screaming in our about loosing our own rights to coorperate lobiests, gobbling up cooperate media and how now to live with a perfectly acceptable Presidential approval Rating is bellow 50% of the population and a 32% approval rating of Congress is an acceptable norm….

        ninja please!

        its nobody’s fault but ours. as Bill Murry said in the movie Stripes!

        “That’s a fact Jack!”

      • Andy, “If that’s a fact Jack”, we have to operate accordingly going forward. So far, we elected Trump President. Is this next. ANDY FOR PRESIDENT!

      • “We the People are to blame. We have fell asleep at the wheel drunk and on drugs in a car careening out of control. everyone single person is to blame in this country.”

        You are absolutely right.. We put our trust in a group of people that are brought into office to look out for our best interests. who are being openly persuaded to look after those with the cash to get their attention.. by a legal system that says its perfectly ok to shower the members with gifts and services..
        except for the medical industry where i have seen the same thing over and over again… The big issue is.. we keep voting in the same people.. and the votes are done in such a way that there are ample senior members there to help persuade the new incoming members.
        Its to bad that those gifts and travel vouchers etc.. couldn’t be placed in a separate fund.. then for each state that gets those gifts.. a drawing be held once a year and the gifts given to the voters.. or used to pay for new schools and road maintenance parks etc.. there are billions of dollars given every year.. what better industry is there that can have someone come in an average wage earner and leave a mulit millionaire ..with a golden goose retirement and health program for them..

      • ” As Jesus the most famous man in the world said. “Father forgive them, for they no not what they do.”

        That also died a horrific death just because he was born and wasn’t religious enough to follow the laws of the religious writings … for teaching love thy neighbor and helping those on the sabbath.. LOL hows that one.. he wasn’t christian enough so he was put to death.. LOL…it didn’t help things that he walked into the church and tipped over the money mens tables..
        cute little video..

      • “Is this next. ANDY FOR PRESIDENT!”

        NC…..I would vote for Andy ….. in a heart beat. and not ever think twice about it..

      • “the Constitution of the US was written and the 13 colonies became a country… it was written not just for US. The United States was the model of freedom for all mankind. ”

        7-Up was the original un-cola.. today the makers of the un-cola don’t even try to sell it.
        People still live. It but the originators no longer have an interest in what the people like.. instead they push the altered versions.

      • Thank you. I appreciate your affection and fondness for my words. I must decline. As I have said time and time again. “I do not desire any titles or crowns, positions of prestige.” Even though i have been given many names and titles from “Yoda to Buddha . The 5th element to asshole. From The one to nobody.” IF my GOD desires to reward me that is His business and not my concern. My concern is the path laid out before me and to be a “worker among workers and a man among fellow men. A Brother among brothers. ”

        one last thing before I leave for a while… in case you haven’t figured it out.

        ~ Taxes is just a fancy word for Corporate Money Laundering. ~

        I have been studying the Politic’s of Canadian Snow Geese. lol Really! That is taking much of my past time these last few weeks. We have a flock of them outside the house I am staying in. They are extremely Political in nature. Quite Entertaining and down right Hilarious at times.

        I am late for an engagement.

        Until we meet again.

      • Andy, good decision. You are better off with 18 gears & a Teamsters Penion. Enjoy, which it looks like you are.

  21. its amazing that so many greedy sprukers of everything are starting to take note .. its damn bad .. I haven’t changed since last june and added everything to shortmax .. minnup .. not now .. mark twain had a great saying on rhyme and repetition

  22. From what I can make out, the USA CDC published coronavirus numbers may only be completely updated three times a week, and do not include individuals with the virus who were repatriated to the USA from abroad?

    One of the coinkydoink wrinkles of the tragic Italy and Iran outbreaks is that even though privately owned Iran-based Mehan Air was banned from Italy late last year due to alleged US pressure surrounding Quds support, a week later majority state-owned Iran Air picked up Rome and Milan citing presence of a substantial Iranian diaspora.

    The publicly available flight radar sites has the typical US contractor operating today from China to Alaska and from Spain to Nevada reflecting two of seven in the air. Interesting times, indeed.

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