The “Big Slide” – Jobs – D.C. Dicklock

It’s a nice Friday.  My new CPAP machine is working great, thanks.  With a good night’s sleep, along with a forecast high of 74F today, what could possibly go wrong?

As it turns out: plenty.

Long-term?  Dismal

Being a self-centered, greedy, semi-retired scrooge, let me huff on the whiteboard marker and begin with the market outlook which – we have every reason to believe – will look like we’re “channeling” the slide into the Great Depression over the next couple of years.  Because, at least for now, it’s lining up like this:

I know – it’s not a very charming outlook.  Popular terms like slowflation don’t even begin to cover how it will be experienced. Think Great Depression with a Civilian Vaccination Corp, with 87,000 more taxifiers to make sure you pay your reparated’s.  Love ending scenes of Civilization.  Few nukes, more clueless True Dope’s…get Cecil B. DeMille out of the ground for me.  This will be epic.

Now the Bad News.  When we get over it, the likely War with China for ruling the world, ought to be “game on.” Window’s open.  America needs a terrible adversary, or our economy implodes.  Thus, our bent to war and expansionism even if it means open borders to make up growth…and nuking it all for freedom.  Ahem…

See, we have been telling you that “Downscaling is our Future” – and in the upcoming Peoplenomics report Wednesday, a useful view of “Spiral Economics of Industrial Systems” offers some real insights into Life-Planning.

I’ve saved the “worst for last.”  Ure’s not the only one who sees something dreary as this emerging from our spreadsheet models.  Even the Wall Street Journal hints toward this kind of outcome.  See Corporate Insiders Aren’t Betting on a Market Rebound for additional insights.

Realize that the evidence is there – if you’re brave enough to look  – as we begin to see stories like Home sellers are offering more concessions to buyers, as market stalls.

Don’t be Misled Over Time

The Housing reports will likely show the roll-over of Housing was evident in December 2022 data.  Average people, though, won’t be clued-in to this ultra-long-term outcome for another month or two.  Reason being that there is hysteresis in the data.  Big word for time lag. Events to realizations takes time.

The “net to seller” began to decline promptly as the Fed’s Big Rate Hikes took effect in late 2022.  Now, they are peeking out from the rocks and crevasses of news flows.  Still, officially, the deals going to closing this month won’t be aggregated into figures until February, March, and April.  Closings can be quick, medium, or “Can we just get the g.d. house keys?”

90-120 days from now, we will wake up to a Case Shiller Housing Prices index that will begin to let the cat out:  Times are tough and about to get tougher.

The “trick” to happily everaftering is?  (Not all at once, please!)

  • Get debt free.
  • Own 2-50 acres of land that can support your family outright.
  • With that land, become a producer.
  • In short, live for maximum gain and independence by minimizing loss exposures. Not paper-grabbing. No mortgage if you can swing it.

In my corporate warrior software-turnaround days, I remember any number of corporate poseurs who came along.  High-end car (typically a BMW 6 or 7-series or a Z 06) with just the right (slightly above everyone else) brand of clothing.  You know the kind:  corporate suck ups.

When you’ve been in the outfield bleachers for 70-odd years, you begin to notice these people get hopelessly screwed when the job picture turns against them.

You get the mostest by needing the leastest.  (You already know this stuff, but the odd new kid will wander across this site, from time-to-time.)

Back to Chart Context

I told you a year ago where the Wave 3 down would lead and it’s doing very much in line with our forecast ever since:

The Wave III Possibilities being met is what we’re looking for next.

Go back to the chart (above this table) and follow the green line from the bottom of our proposed Wave 5 over to the left.  That’s a kind of “real good case” outcome.  As you can see, with a low under 16,000 in our proprietary Aggregate Index (truth telling on markets) things could be much worse.

My forecast numbers are NOT inflation-adjusted.  Which means (since I did this in early 2022) that by the time we get to a significant Wave count low, inflation for two-years at 9-percent would drive our 19,786 up into the mid 23,000’s.  Suddenly, the look-ahead right arrow axis is not unreasonable.

Along the Way: Crypto Collapsing

We told you from Day 1:  This is all a Ponzi scheme and sure enough.

There are four dandy “indicator stories” we think you oughta read:

It’s a little early to be hitting the sauce, but a double-shot of hooch may be needed to understand why on God’s green Earth BTC is still $16,729.  (Privately, I’m thinking it has something to do with literacy rates and racialized math…just what the data points to…)

Back to Present!  Job Data

The Federal jobs report was just released.  So, with our long-term outlook pretty clear, this is where the “rubber meets the road” on how evolving Future looks when it shows up.

Verbatim fairytale time, kiddies.  Have some Kool-Aid and read this:

Total nonfarm payroll employment increased by 223,000 in December, and the unemployment rate edged down to 3.5 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Notable job gains occurred in leisure and hospitality, health care, construction, and social assistance.

Rally on!!!

Time to smash them rose-colored glasses.

Only two numbers matter in this parrot-training material handed out to Crooked Corporate Media.  The first being “How much of this jobs report was simply made up?”  The answer to this lies in the CES Birth-Death Model.  Which estimates how many new jobs (and gigs and whatever) were not captured in more formal processes.

The number (from here) is -56,000 jobs.  Which means the official report was actually above  and better by some distance. Which you can assume to be a good thing, unless you like living with more homeless people.  (We don’t, thanks.)

The ultimate Truth Leak is how many people in America are working in any particular month.  With more than a million illegals border-jumping in, remember we need to add at least 50,000-new jobs per month just to keep the long-term data honest in a “population inflation” sense.

In other words, in a country of 329.5-million in January 2020, and earlier is statistically different than this morning’s 334.25-million admits to population gaining 1.44 percent in 3-years. So about 4-10th’s of one percent annually?  Something like that.

But now another shadow falls over the Visual Cortex Numerical Visualator (VCNV):  If we lost how many people to Covid, how come this number is up?  Well, because SloJoe keeps the border wide open and today we’ll read a buttload of specious hype like Biden toughens border, offers legal path for 30,000 a month | AP News.  Look up what SSDD means.

This is not to slur The AP.  Fine news reporting outfit and made many a stringer fee off ’em.  But they can only report the allegations.  It’s up to sensible readers to infer:  Biden has not had a “Come to Jesus” on borders lately.  Unless it’s Ukraine’s, benefits the defense contributors and such.

Biden is going to “prove” (to the really stupid) that he’s trying to Do Something – which is the often repeated lie since (lemme think, now…) Clinton, Bush, Obama, and our current policy Tortoise.  Biden will predictably blame republicans for the whole mess.  The Cartels will continue the transition of Mexico into a narco-state.  And the money flows all around will continue on their merry, well-greased, ways.

One embattled Texas politician has sensible timing for Biden’s visit: Texas AG sues Biden admin over illegal immigration rule ‘increasing burden’ on taxpayers.

SlowJoe, meantime, continues to downplay the democrat party open and Sanctuary reality.  Coming off like a cheap two-bit doublespeaker as ‘Do not show up,’ Biden says to Haitians, others entering US at border.  Racist? After all the caravan promotion?  My, oh my. We’re sure he’ll return to his misguided ways, shortly.  Or, when the 10%’ing dries up.

Worth noting in our narco-state notebook: Mexico captures son of ‘El Chapo’. We expect the Cartels to counter, and maybe begin a “selective harvest” of Mexican officials. Watch for it.

(Whew, gotta pause for a sec to get the blood pressure down…)

“Soap boxer! Was there a further Economic Point, Ure?”

Oh, sure.  Sorry.

What matters to future historians will be what Total Working population shows up in the database.  Which is this:

This circles back to the intelligent use of statistics:  In order to be really useful, they need to be normed to present surroundings.  Remember, since 2020 we are up 1.9 percent population-wise.  Which means take the total working high in 2019-2020 and times the 1.01.9 for what a genuine 100 percent recovery from Covid impacts would need to be for current employment to be equal on a per capita basis.  Not there, yet.

Too much work for most people.  Lazy doesn’t pay well, until you figure out how to feather your own nest with it.

Which brings up another point:  Since News has turned into Press Release ReWrite (done with tools like “Spinner Chief” (You do have an A.I. assisted paraphraser, don’t you?), and history moves to slowly, a later-retirement days career as a “News-History Processor.”  (NHP)  Which works, as we do around here, watching the (mostly made-up) PR spun lies as they are woven into data sets that are later negotiated into agreed upon history.

We circle back to hysteresis. Housing decline slope began with the first Big Fed Rate Hike. (BFRH)

But the hysteresis (between actual RE closings to data aggregation and PR distribution) is where the public mood swings take place.  Obvious to power mad spendocrats (George Soros) the least-cost leveraging of Future control and dominance is in its formative stages which is why political manipulation in America is so much fun.

Average People don’t move their thinking along past and future timelines enough and are therefore predictably (losers). Time-agile thinkers are the only ones truly able to own Future.

It’s work.

Dicklock Tales

How many egos does it take to confirm a Speaker of the House?

Seriously, House Freedom Caucus: The right-wing nuts upending the House Speaker vote are right about one thing.  Should running government be this hard?

Poetic justice, we suppose: McCarthy is being consumed by the MAGA politics he helped push. This monumental mess should have “ended with seven for Kevin” and gone on to the next contestants.  Bye Kev.

Ah, politics.  Last refuge of the ethical defenders of America?  Nope.  If you believe that, consider attending an intervention. And tell us why Adam Schiff is still in office after reading ‘We don’t do this’: Even Twitter’s censors rejected Adam Schiff’s censorship request. Damn democrats and rotten republicans.  Hell of a foundation for a Nation based on “ideals” ain’t it?

As we wake up to J6: January 6: A Day That Will Live in Alchemy.

Bad News Bared

It’s J6 Monetization Day!  Another economic sideshow to behold?  This Happened—January 6: U.S. Capitol Attack. Trump is still free and when will the political dissidents be released?  We ever get all the details on the fed plants in all this?  (Nope….)

The West is jamming up the story about how Russia’s Vlad Putin is going to die shortly from (cancer, whatever).  Fine.  Let me ask you to think about something for a ‘sec. If you were going to die, would nuclear war be much of a threat to you?  The reason for asking is the U.S./West/NATO keep sending in arms US, Germany to supply Ukraine with fighting vehicles. Somewhere between dying and dead, seems to us, Putin will have a nuclear WTF moment.  Anyone who doesn’t see that (“WTF Moment“) nuclear risk is either and idiot or one of the neocons at State. But I repeat myself.

In from the propaganda department:  Surovikin unlocked the Ukrainian defense: Russians took Opitne and entered Krasnaya Gora – Bakhmut-Soledar link broken.”

Something’s Missing…hmm.. Oh! News to fit in with less enlightened Americans!  Kim Kardashian & North West Dance To Taylor Swift Song On TikTok. There. We don’t want to stand out too much for repeated deep thinking.  So, yeah, a lil Hollywood, maybe to lighten  the mood.  Average our brains down a bit.

Mercury, Woo, Hank and George

Woo-woo we wonder?  Hanks Private Mercury:  Reader Hank out on the Big Island (of HowAhYa?) might want to see how his astrological charts work for Mercury Retrogrades.  Just in the last week, he comes down with Covid (and doing much better) and this morning up the road a ways Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano erupts again, summit crater glows.

Our Old Man Observation (OMO) is that most people have a “personal offset” from retrograde.  Which Mercury officially exits on January 18th.  20-day window.  Everyone has an “offset” and mine is +20/21 days before entry date.

Upcoming windows to watch for?

  • April 21 – May 14
  • August 23 – September 14
  • December 13 – January 1, 2024

Looking over Life, in my case, the Winter retrograde seems most significant.  I seem to get an opening Bad Event (Dec. 8 bad knee sprain which just now is leaving).  Then a “near-closing bad event ” – the recent passing of long-term cat pal Zeus fits sadly well.

We’ll be interested to look for Hank’s comments to reveal whether he’s noticed any particular relation to (winter) retrograde windows.  Especially pairing of events.  Which is another “thing” as you learn the “reading of people.”  They tell you things.

Around Here

One of today’s Big Projects is to negotiate with Elaine over where to place the autographed Gilligan’s Island cast picture.  It was a marvelous surprise gift from reader LOOB who is a frequent commenter with tons of neat experiences to report on his life “in the wastelands of a flyover square state up that-a-way“.

In our redneck spin on an imagineered home, Gilligan fits ideally with the motif.  Tiki- Trader Vic’s vibe to it. A heart-felt thank you.

At this rate, I may even get the seatbelts on the bar stools re-installed.  I hear Elaine’s (80th shh!!!) might benefit from them being ‘vailable.  Ambition is a wonderful thing.

Say, is 2,400 words too long a column for Friday?  More here with Shoptalk Sunday and our weekend column on the website with over a dozen market charts…

Write when you get rich,

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  1. I was having a fine morning and then you had to bring up Adam Schiff!
    There are a lot of scum in DC but he has to be the biggest POS in the swamp.

    I have been watching some of this speaker voting fiasco. Nice to see our tax dollars at work eh! OK now my blood pressure is up just thinking about it!

  2. Oh holy Scheisse Gman – you sly fox.

    way to innocently bring up one the greatest conundrums (paradoxical , insoluble or difficult problem, a dilemma) to ever face the Males of the boomer generation..Maryanne or Ginger ?

    Hands down – every time I go for Maryanne. Im speaking to ya G..
    5 bucks say just andy goes for Ginger, everytime and Loob goes for Maryanne.

    In another woowincidence – Mercury you mention..dam, dam and double dam…this is exactly what I have been getting twisted up in lately.. Did you all know those flying machnes – vinnimana’s are not/were not exclusive to ancient India ? Oh no – seems those bad boys were flying around the jungles of central america and south america.
    Youse know…inversion of the gyratory plane..mercury engines(utron) & cyrstals that need a liquid “acidic” solution to feed the crystals(girku’s?). Why rumor has it they even found one in Tuts know one of the guys with long back head. Why would civilizations across the globe all wish their children to resemble reptilians, by manually deformed, elongated skulls? Why pray tell, why? Yes got hard pysical PROOF all over the globe, as opposed to skinny dude wearing dress, bending over, and nailed to cross..supposedly = ZERO evidence-ZERO proof .

    Calling all dogs..

    Gotz any sheetcoins you wanna unload ? very selective – as few will survive. 4 the uninformed BTC is gold standard, Everything else is a “shitcoin”, but some of dem have utility and value, at least to the BCN they do. and so like just bill murray in ground day, so once again the “faithless bastard” states “no Bitcoins for you”, crypto crusader.

    • Re: “calling all dogs”


      Apparently the one Gilligan’s cast member to parley the meager weekly actor’s stipend from the show into big money was the “wealthy
      Mrs. Howell” via LA real estate. It seems her poodle became a multi-millionaire upon her passing.

      • Natalie Shaffer was a millionaire before “Lovey” ever came along. Nobody realized until her passing that her first acting jobs were in silent movies because her age and her work gigs, and the fact she was a cancer survivor, were three of the most closely-guarded secrets in Hollywood…

    • BCN So the story goes Steevo? Question for You: Which do you prefer a Blonde, a Brunette, or a red Head? My Answer: Yes. LOL

      • Film/TV industry has codewords for Lighting a Scene.
        Dullest = Blonde
        Brunette forever!

    • BCN you seen this? Bearablebull lays the plan out succinctly.

      The Pocahontas poker tell? She did not mention blockchain and crypto ownership being banned from lawmakers [of course not]…

      XRP will have market clarity. You can’t sue BTC….. and the rest?
      Will be sued. Theres a lot of hungry mouths to feed.

      I don’t think we will be seeing CUSIP’s being issued in the future, the future is Bakkt.

      end transmission.

    • Just HAD to stir the pot, didn’t you? Tina Louise was a Marilyn Monroe wannabee with Kim Novak talent. Hot, sultry, and a natural red head. Dawn Wells had the better body and was an actual beauty pageant winner. The photo of Dawn, licking a penis-shaped Popsicle, indicates she may have learned more, growing up in Reno, than her publicist ever let on.

      I’d take Mary Ann over Ginger, but in real life I would have allowed either Tina or Dawn to accompany me, anywhere they wanted to go…

      • “Not Mary Ann…. LOL I never seen that photo..”

        A famous photo, from a shooting break on the set of Gilligan’s Island, in 1966. Search “Dawn Wells popsicle”

        I have a scar on my left shoulder, which I got from a coral cut, skin diving in The Lagoon in 1986. Gilligan’s has interested me for a while…

  3. “Two Years Ahead Downslide”

    Love how your chart goes to 12/24.

    I had a gut-feeling, back about 2 years ago. I just knew it was gonna be bad … for at least 4 years. Looks like the first two years, he was testing the waters which has set the course like a sub’s deep dive.

    And by gosh, he has already claimed the fame as “Welfare King”

    Man, ya gotta be a Super Power to withstand this kind of shit.

  4. Bob Moriarty, another old-timer, is on the same page as Mr.Ure, more or less.

    “In my view we are in one of the most dangerous times in history. I am on record as saying we will have more change in the next six months than in the last fifty years. China, North Korea and Iran could well join the fray of Nato against Russia. It is a time to be super conservative. No margin, no loans, take on no debt, hunker down. The banking system is on the verge of a total meltdown. Clipto currencies already have collapsed $2.2 trillion and only have $800 billion more to fly off to Clipto Heaven.”

    • Stay away from crazy people.
      Not gonna be easy. Remember the 1973 film ‘The Crazies?’

      “One rule that I have always lived by is that crazy people should be avoided. But what good is that rule now that our entire society has started to go completely nuts? Everywhere you look, the fabric of our society is being completely shredded. The thin veneer of civilization that we all used to be able to take for granted is rapidly disappearing, and violence often erupts for seemingly no reason at all. You simply cannot have a “civilization” without civilized people, and the truth is that we are becoming less civilized with each passing year.”

      • that was a good post.. in the last two years.. after the terrorist activities of BLM and Antifa and the new definition of ethics that developed because of the business activities of the corrupt dealings of one family has changed our whole country.. People are panicking and scared of the new administration and the neglected allegations of their business and decadent lifestyle the whole country is falling apart IMHO.. what we were taught as good and honorable when I was growing up.. is now flipped over to a completely different agenda.. those we hired to protect the people are working overtime to cover the corruption of a few in the dual standards of law with out any remorse in what they are doing.. then they wonder why are people buying guns like never before making neighborhood patrols to protect the weakest and taking the law into their own hands in some cases….I believe that it is because the only protection that the weakest had has been defunded and corrupted.. the over all message of decency has been changed in our country. we are supporting some of the lowest people in the world and giving away hard earned wage earners grand kids money to support the most corrupt country on the planet..
        the usa has.. social injustice, incivility, fraud, corrupt business dealings by our own politicians, pandering, These extremes and decadent activity forms of behavior have occurred because of a decline in morality and ethical behavior. Moral theory describes how people, in their everyday actions and judgments, make decisions about right and wrong. Ethical behavior is a set of standards such as those embodied in a code of ethics. The code of ethics has changed from do unto others the golden rule to one of let the buyer beware..
        Morals use to be the prevailing standards of behavior that enable people to live cooperatively in groups as it provides guidelines for behavior. Morality often requires that people sacrifice their own short-term interests for the benefit of those around them and of society. individuals in the last two years have a new definition of what is moral and immoral for themselves in their own unique situation. Anymore there are no commonly accepted standards of behavior or basic rules of social conduct. Of course this is just my opinion..

  5. “ruling the world”

    Don’t count out India. Back in grammar school after the two major bullies took each other out the 3rd string bully lorded over the lost.

    An Indian is PM of Britain and Nikki Haley is an Indian. One election away and like that, Indians command the West.

    “El Chap”

    During CW2 kidnappings will happen in the U.S. When you look at the Buffalo looting, think a baby black market is crowning. Black Market stuff has to come from somewhere.

    • That’s a sweet story, but you have to look at who looted and owns India, and it is not the Indians.

      Who are the Cowboys for $1,000 Alex.

  6. Rooty toot toot I am the bandicoot
    I dont smoke and I dont screw
    And I dont mess with the girls that do
    I aint got no girlfreinds, I aint got no girlfriends..

    But I do have two penny stocks that are approaching their golden crosses (50dma crosses up and over 200dma) . Wanna be in em, prior to crossover, and there is the rub, will they cross. Ures truly is an option player and long both TGB and BTG copper and gold miner stocks. Small price as both under $5. The gold stock pays a qtrly dividend with 4% yield, solid earnings, solid reserves in the ground..both could very well be winnerwinner chicken dinners.

    As Steve McGarrit used to say “book em Dano!”
    got stereo ? kicking it HinH style..

  7. As it is a new year I want to say thank you to you George and to your commentors. I look around my house and I have some very useful things that were recommended. I have a new set of tools and a home repair book that are quite handy as I replace my sticking doorknobs.

    I am eating fresh homegrown vegetables from my LYKO garden. Plus I have a rototiller and garden posts/netting in the garage. I have bubble wrap for my garage windows to keep out prying eyes.

    I have books on gardening and on self reliance. I also have Chris Tyreman’s translation of parts of the Old Testament which adds to my understanding of Sumerian literature which I am fascinated with.

    I am out of debt and mortgage free. I have extra shoes and warm clothes and some long term food storage. My goals this year are to add a back up heat source in my house or in my unattached insulated garage and to get 2 or 3 chickens.

    Thanks for all your suggestions and advice along with the news.

      • I agree. It is a pleasure to have you as part of this community Eleanor. There are commenters on this site like LOOB that have spent their lives helping others. It is a good group and most of us genuinely care for each other. The next while is going to be very difficult for all the reasons George writes about every day but people like you will survive. Take care.

    • Congratulations – all your work seems to be paying off. Sounds like you have a very good handle on going forward. Well done.

    • Please consider at least 6 chickens, more would be better. Most folks don’t realize chickens don’t always lay an egg a day. They run on a 30 hour day, so they sometimes skip a day. Then they moult and don’t lay at all for a couple of weeks. Sometimes they get moody and decide to stop laying for a few days for no good reason. There will be some days when most of them lay an egg. That’s good. Eggs can be kept for a LONG time, even without refrigeration. Wipe them gently with a light coat of mineral oil and store them in a basket on the kitchen counter.

      I recommend figuring the number of eggs a day you think you need, then buy 3 times that many PULLET chicks. It takes a chick 21 days to hatch, but then it takes 21 WEEKS to lay the first egg. You don’t need a rooster unless you want to raise your own chicks. Then you might want to invest in a cheap incubator to hatch the eggs for you, because modern hens tend not to go broody (sit on eggs).

      • You didn’t tell her about additional lighting and heat in winter because light drives the egg cycles.;..
        We will likely go back to chickens this year…

      • I haven’t heard of the mineral oil wipe before, but if I get a chance to have chickens again, I’ll try this out! I really don’t have a great effective way to keep them from predators right now, but maybe this will be my year to get the chicken house fixed. My last set of them –and ducks– were one by one eaten by a furry thief I could not catch. Yeah, I really miss fresh eggs from home kept over the ones from a store.

      • “Eggs can be kept for a LONG time, even without refrigeration. Wipe them gently with a light coat of mineral oil and store them in a basket on the kitchen counter.”

        Do NOT wash the eggs before you oil them…

      • @silvermitt

        “I really don’t have a great effective way to keep them from predators right now, but maybe this will be my year to get the chicken house fixed.”

        Binge-watch Homestead Rescue for a while. It is a Discovery series, and m/l fills their Wednesday broadcast calendar. You will get lots of (usually) inexpensive ideas about how to have fowl without feeding the local predators…

    • Anton Parks – The Girku Chronicles on Kindle
      reco you start with Adam Genesis-augmented addition(Girku Chronicles 2) A better education in Sumerian than can be had at any University.
      Hard, very hard evidence..

      Hope you enjoy being spellbound. Peace&Love Lady, Peace and Love.

      ps – dont bother strapping in your safety belts, cant stop the expansion of Ure mind.

    • Hi, Eleanor, I, as well, as you and others, have also taken George and the commentators to heart, learning and living as we go.

      My path has taken several dips and up turns since I found this site, but when I look back, that’s how it always has been as a worker bee yet I steadily made progress towards financial independence and spiritual strength.

      Against all odds, I have made progress. In amazing ways. In miraculous ways.

      Very important to set aside something (as you noticed, not just money) for times of lean and to live below our means.

      As your plan outlines, simple, and yet satisfying, and then it becomes fun and rewarding.

      To those of us that love to learn and grow, it is very fulfilling.

      After all, this is a spiritual site, everyone here is here for themselves AND others, just like the TWO greatest commandments.

      I really relish this sharing community of people that care about themselves and others!!!

      When George says, write when you get RICH.

      Well, GEORGE; WE ARE RICH. In all the ways that RICH matters and we are not talking about 401ks, IRA’s, precious metals, Stocks, Bonds, unregulated/unlimited power, or a pig in the trough like our “useless eater” leaders, here, and all over the world.

      THANK YOU.

  8. You are so very welcome. when you first talked about the trader vic themed room I figured that would be the perfect place for that one to hang…. If you will need seat belts on the stools.. LOL I will have to send you some of my apricot wine.. one of the bottles I like cost as much as don perignon and tasty.. well I can make that.. its going in the fermentor this week.. a hint of peach and pineapple.. desert wine.. and one for the ole veranda this spring.. after the avalanche of snow is gone LOL..I can see the trader vic room now..

    I was eating salsa and chips the other day.. and got looking at the bottle.. the boss said.. what are you going to do.. LOL that is the perfect base for a high pressure mantle lantern.. so .. that is what the kids and I will make.. mantle lanterns.. and old dog dish for the reflector some flat skewers for the globe cage…. it should be fun.. and easy project..
    one of the older grandkids asked me on New years how many day labor and part time jobs I have had through the years.. you know.. I can’t tell you.. how many segments of a sidewalk I have walked on either.. they were stepping stones to keep us up when times were down.. some a day long to a week long others for several months.. day labor the guy drives up and says I need six men or women.. and I will pay you x dollars an hour.. help me take a tree down and I will help you with this like my collapsed sewer pipe that I was getting all those bids in the tens of thousands of dollars.. I lended a hand to some kids.. the child remembered and came and lended a hand to me during my time of need…. the more disgusting jobs I remember.. like blood tank steam cleaning… even Mike Rowe wouldn’t do that job.. open the pit cock let the maggots fall to the ground.. .then crawl in with the steam gun.. god that was disgusting.. and nasty.. I can smell it now just thinking about it..
    some of the more gruesome jobs.. I don’t think about.. and there are no gruesome television shows on a tv in our home.. your three year old can walk in and see what we watch.. its not allowed.. see that crap in real life and you never want to see it again..
    but during the down times.. there are some things that you learned how to do.. so that you could have the same life experiences that the guy that lives on the hill can buy.. Like roasting coffee.. a fun pleasurable thing to do simple and easy like roasting peanuts or pumpkin seeds…. today I use my air fryer that the kids got me with a bean rotisserie basket…. but I have coffee roasters.. and have made coffee roasters.. during the worst and best xmas of my life.. I would get the used coffee grounds out of the restaurant trash.. bag them up and take them home.. in my coleman camp stove oven.. ( still got them to..) I would take barley and corn and beat it in a cast iron pan with a rock.. then roast it.. and after it just started to turn.. added in the used coffee grounds.. then grind it using the pan and rock as a mortar pestle.. to make some of the best cowboy coffee you can imagine in a time you could not afford coffee.. it was crude yes.. but it gave me the pleasure of still being able to have a cup of coffee.. today I buy my beans.. once in a great while and will roast a few.. just because I can.. I have my coffee grinders rather than the rock and pan.. ( still got the pan to) my favorite hand grinder is the one I carried back and forth to work with me..
    would I change the path of my life.. Not a chance.. see.. the boss that tossed me under the wheels of the bus to play the stock market was in some ways a blessing. It destroyed any chances of me succeeding in anything.. but it taught me so much to… not being able to take up the opportunities that pass each of us by daily.. was a blessing.. it made who I am today.. I look at my own children and grand children.. that have not had the trials that I have had.. they jump in the car to drive across the street.. they have never had to walk twelve miles in winter to get to a job.. without snow boots or gloves or a hat.. I have made sure those were available.. they wouldn’t ever do it.. ( I think they wouldn’t.. my grandson asked me for a tool.. I said did you ask your dad he said my dad won’t buy a tool you buy the tools LOL..) but having those down times gave me the eyes to see beyond the public mask that everyone wears.. working healthcare.. gave me the ability to be the strength of those at their weakest moments in their lives….
    I met a member of the B club nice guy.. he was a hog farmer.. married a senators daughter and the senator made sure his hog farm sold for big money.. head of several big companies.. stopped by to visit and we put up my garage doors in the eighties he tried for years to get me to come to his cabins..( on jekyll island.. things were gorgeous) .. had a couple of homemade adult drinks.. nice guy.. loved him he wore purple tennis shoes ( cause he could and no one would say otherwise to him LOL) LOL and a rock on his finger that an average man could retire with..
    I decided that we all need things.. but what was the most important invention in the history of mankind..
    the Pencil and paper.. before that.. they chiseled their messages in stone or used ashes to paint the messages on cave walls.. then the scribes that would take the stories from the camp fires and wrote them down.. on papyrus scolls.. so important that they hid them in clay jars.. and hid them away… the book the turning point in civilization I believe was with the invention of the printing press.. the etching press.. back in the eighties.. you couldn’t buy a job.. luckily I wanted to be the next ansel adams as a child and had done a lot of photo lab work.. etching plates was a fun project.. ( still got my diamond etching pencil right her at the desk.. ) I did a bunch of sand eraser etchings for restaurants.. One took them down I thought dang it .. but then seen they have them framed in the dining area.. which made me happy.. had my ship plate stolen by a man that I interviewed with for a job.. it was in my portfolio back then.. but it was just a thing.. the photo came from the back of a book binding.. My one grandson is showing interest similar to mine at that age.. so he is getting all my equipment for etchings and painting.. airbrushes etc.. those things without them society goes back to the cave dwellers.. and I believe at least if I can show them how its done.. that there will be someone to put it back in the world in a shtf scenario.. a few hemps and we are cavemen.. .. my bad periods actually inspired me to learn how to do things.. and enjoy the finer things in life as one of those at the bottom of the pyramid of society..
    anyway musings from the wastelands..

    • I should make a bottle cover that is the shape of a Moai.. that would be perfect.. to a tropical desert wine..

    • right in the middle of the comment you wrote. the spaces between the words make the number 333 diagonally. pretty cool dude. pretty cool.

  9. News you can’t Use:
    – A 212-kg bluefin tuna was sold for an astonishing 36.04 million yen (about 271,500 U.S. dollars) in the first auction of the year at Tokyo’s Toyosu fish market on Thursday, more than double last year’s top price. Over a quarter of a million dollars – for a tuna.., holy crap ! [ $582 a pound.., ]

    • And that is why those East coast tuna boats get big bux for their prime catches. A prime fish on ice is airlifted halfway around the globe and sold for even bigger bux to the Japanese market. They are very picky, and demanding of the very best at any price, especially for New Year’s celebrations. That’s the high point of the year.

      Around my neighborhood, almost any day I can find a roadside truck with a fisherman selling Ahi (yellowfin) for $20/lb, Fresh and firm enough to carve Sashimi. Or cubed and sauced for Poke’. The joy of living in paradise! Got Wasabi?

    • dam.. I need to stop by costco and sams club and stock up… the last time I was in a couple of pounds of blue fin steaks was twenty dollars..
      the good news is it is still ten bucks a pound LOL had me scared there..

      • Now THAT scares me. Gerald Celente listens in places where even governments don’t know there are places. He’s not right all the time, but he hits more often than he misses. I can see nuclear war coming, but I can also see Washington possibly acquiring some common sense in time to avoid it. I get the impression from this that Celente can not…

      • “I can see nuclear war coming, but I can also see Washington possibly acquiring some common sense in time to avoid it.”

        I have lucid dreams @Ray…
        Last night I had dreams of mushroom clouds….all in color..

  10. “McCarthy is being consumed by the MAGA politics he helped push.”

    This is why I rarely go to CNN for anything.

    McCarthy rarely pushed any of the Make America Great agenda. If he had, he’d be Speaker right now. What he DID do was keep Trump’s policies visible. The reason Trump is behind him is not that Mac is conservative (because he’s not), but because Trump believes Mac can be focused in such a manner as to get things done. Nearly all the republican holdouts would be perfectly fine with McCarthy as Speaker, provided they have him hog-tied away from the Lindsey Graham crowd, and setting on a trap door that’s over a shark pit. A couple won’t, simply because they do not like him, but that’s a personality thing, not a job issue.


  11. I am usually aware of Mercury retrograde dates.,, after something bad happens and I get surprised, Sadly, I have never applied a timing analysis to retrograde dates and my personal experiences. Dammit George,,, now you have given me a year’s worth of homework to do! This one caught me by surprise, I can see it applies to my covid run, But the volcano? I dunno, I have in the past related eruptions to the moon cycle,,, which all the geoscientists deny, But the biggest fountains of lava always seem to occur, like the tides, during a full moon. Hey! That is Today!

    Nothing terribly unusual about the Kilauea eruption, It is confined to the summit crater of Halemaumau. The soup pot just restarted a slow boil, is all, It has run for years like this,

    I’m doing well recovering from covid, Running out the clock on my isolation tomorrow, Not that I plan to run out and celebrate. Folks presumably have read my reports and rant on how well Ivermectin works… despite the Pharma-Nazis attempts to bury it,

  12. You will understand why the price of bitcoin is where it is when your government goes to a digital currency and freezes your assets until you are fully vaxxxed. Or requires you to sign a statement you are fully vaxxed before your 1040 is considered valid. Or until you actually realize that your bank deposits and brokerage accounts are no longer your money, they are considered loans to those institutions and if they disappear you resort to a civil suit to try and recover your funds as a debtor, not a depositor.

    If you check the numbers on the total amount of daily bitcoin transactions, you will understand that corporations are moving money to purchase goods outside the SWIFT system.

    A wealthy friend buys gold in Singapore with his social security twice a year. He transfers into Bitcoin, the seller of gold receives payment and immediately sell BTW for local currency. His gold bars with serial numbers go into Singapore storage. His asset disappears from the USA government, the transfer is done in one hour or less, and his fees are Pennie’s compared to the swift system.

    That’s how bitcoin is meant to be used, ruined by all the bastards that wanted to use it to get rich. Ponzi schemes only exist where you find people that want to get rich by sitting around on their ass.

    If Ecuador goes to shit, our bitcoin will provide immediate funds if we bail to one of the two locations we have researched. No problem with banks freezing assets or crooked immigration officials seizing cash at the border.

    • If you check the press release from the fed and occ types, the criminalization of crypto will be a rhyme on the confiscation of gold and silver which were “off the books” in the previous depression’s fallout.
      So I just reduce my need for cash to an absolute minimum and with our little Earthship in a tax advantaged environmental sector, we stridently work to save the planet while having little to no need for playing the sneaky games to avoid government’s legit exercises of power and dodge or avoid the less honest machinations of despots.

  13. Your biggest investment is your mind . Plenty of folk here have great investments. George is right in many things but remember only read and act on the numbers . Listen and learn and adapt . I’m no expert but have learnt a bit in 25 years. In the last month I have even developed technique for identifying short opportunities. Anyway the gold market is strictly numbers for me . When I thought it was a religion it was stupid . Learn and adapt . Learnt more coming to this site and this man 73 than anyone else

  14. Must I say as well I only invest or short in my own market . G is right these currency wars make it difficult to screw robots . Rules of gann ? Rules of Len . Only hit your own numbers in your own market. I beleive at any age we must adapt . Reflect and learn from past battles . Identify strength and weakness , adjust , plan and act

  15. “I’ve saved the “worst for last.”  Ure’s not the only one who sees something dreary as this emerging from our spreadsheet models.  Even the Wall Street Journal hints toward this kind of outcome. ”

    exactly… the level of despair to get the SS ( shizt show) on the road hast to be daunting.. if it doesn’t we go directly to Weimer depression.. the road to Zimbabwe and Argentina.. and ten thousand dollar happy meals..
    then again..there was a great deal of money donated.. and we are depleting our reserves in the Ukraine war..
    could this have been the plan all along.. do we need to learn how to speak and read mandarin..

  16. When he NASDAQ100 hit 3% – I bailed. I have had a ‘very’ good week trading. Excellent way to start a New Year.

  17. “Worth noting in our narco-state notebook: Mexico captures son of ‘El Chapo’. We expect the Cartels to counter, and maybe begin a “selective harvest” of Mexican officials. Watch for it.”

    FOX, earlier, was rolling video of urban gun battles and a plane settin’ on the tarmac, full of passengers [who were] cowering as a cartel helicopter strafed the plane with a .50cal machine gun. Dem drug boyz done gots demselves some serious wee-pons…

  18. Up late. I have had a low cost VOIP phone line for years. I have been testing a cheap downgrade VOIP service, and closed out the relatively higher end service this week. No regrets so far, but the new service is rather bare bones, and I am not ready to recommend without qualifications. The cheaper the VOIP, the more user skill it takes to set it up. Technical and customer service support are slow. Once configured and number ported, there isn’t much difference in the services. Having a phone line under $ 5 a month is definitely frugal.
    The employer is swapping around benefits plans. It looks like drive-out will run $200 a month less, with potential for more savings. Frugality is back in style.

  19. “High-end car (typically a BMW 6 or 7-series or a Z 06) with just the right (slightly above everyone else) brand of clothing. ”

    yesterday I was offered a $190k a year job, running shit at the stadiums in Seattle to return.

    I went in to the bedroom, pulled the blanket back and looked those 2 beautiful women naked laying in bed. one heard me on the phone and she are you going to take that job??? I said, nahhhh….. I’m climbing back in bed with you two turning off my phone for the rest of the day.

    the next day.

    I got a 2004 regular cab short box 4X4 Dodge with the Hemi given to me just had to replace the water pump. forgot how hard it is to get that damn clutchfan off without the right tool for the right job. but we got er did.

    and some brand new Mucks, a Columbia Bugaboo II for below zero weather fleece winter jacket given to me. that is $220 jacketet one woman bought me those $220 camo Mucks another woman bought me.

    ~ take some clothes and your books everything you need will be provided for you. ~

    let it be said THE DUDE a MAN of HIS word. yes sir! THE DUDE is good to me. so good.

    my plans for tacos with the Shaman in Mexico the God Buttons down there by tombstone Arizona took me to way up north to the last frontier. hahaha. living with two women and 4 female dogs in the woods. where it’s -10 and there is 12-14 foot snow drifts and giant ass moose in the middle of the road.

    the say being comfortable is the secret to compliance. 4 days ago I was comfortable at the beach. my life is 100% different now. time zone change, amount of daylight change, went from slewping with one female cat to sleeping with 2 beautiful women and 4 female dogs. from driving a Volkswagen passat to a big dodge hemi 4X4, from 53 degrees outside and no snow to minus 10 and 12 to 14 foot snow drifts. from seeing wild bunnies running accross the road to wide moose and tons of eagles.

    I’m definitely out of my confront zone and everything has changed. my entire environment has changed.

    spending time with my mother and helping her around the house. it’s good to be here. going snowmobiling next weekend, do some ice fishing and snow shoeing.

    I was asked how long I’d be here. I said that is not my department. I go where THE DUDE leads. one things forsure, if we are heading for 120 degree Temperatures in Seattle this summer and famin and drought come July the world has never seen? we aint going to starve here and with all that snow? they will be plenty of fresh water.

    i don’t know. THE DUDE does and I’m always in the right place at the right time. the present in the presence and the presence in the present.

    you all have a good day. I have a couple fat bottom women to attend to. ;)

  20. oh yeah sorry to hear about Zeus exiting the stage. he is with THE DUDE now. we are all making our way to THE DUDE. this is the theater of life.

    I read this a while back, you know how you fulfilled your life’s purpose? “if you are still here, your not done yet.”

    I also read in some book. could have been some obscure book writin back in the day, that cats and dogs is the phase incarnation before incarnating as Humans. Humans of course are eggs to becoming spirits.

    might have have been those old books writing by a Christian Author, This Present Darkness by Frank E Paretti.

    been a while since i read that series. I like that line of thought though. very much so. good book series too. how demons latch on to people and feed of their intense emotions. interesting way of looking at things.

    similar statements were made by the Nazi soldiers who wore the very first invented night vision goggles that had red lenses instead of green. all those them nazi soldiers went insane saying that these dark creatures yellow eyes were feeding off of us. latching on when people were intense negative emotional states.


    the Joy of the Lord is my Strength. :)

    ya know, George… I forgot my golden pen in the Volkswagen I use to write prayers for people in my little books of life. I got up in the morning after I got here and thought dang I forgot my golden pen. Wonder where I can get one. i went over to see my Momma and went out to garage and there was a brand new one, same exact kind laying on the floor of the garage. I said Momma, can I Have this pen? I need one for one of journals. she said, I have no idea where that pen came from son. ive never seen it in my life. if you want it. you can have it.

    Thanks DUDE.

    time to cowboy up and get to town. see ya around. after that big bull moose gets out of the driveway. hahaha

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