Caution Flag Showing for Market Bears

Wow – some rally Friday, huh? Gobs of jobs. But real?  That’s what we tackle in our ChartPack today because antics of the swamp aside, there is nothing more important than hanging on to the money you have so you can get things of value.

Which – rather remarkably – used to be a simple thing to figure.  You remember the fairytale, right?  Work hard, nose to the grindstone, save money, and all that.

Yet, in the modern world, as my friend the Ecuador ExPat reminds, “Money in banks is no longer yours.  It’s now considered a loan to the bank so in case of bankruptcy, you need to get in line with other creditors.

I correct him, noting that FDIC hasn’t failed us yet.  But his point then rolls to “When?”

Makes the brain hurt just thinking about it.  Still, after a few headlines, bring the Excedrin for this morning’s ChartPack.  For it’s either the Crack-Up Boom or a mega running of the shorts.

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46 thoughts on “Caution Flag Showing for Market Bears”

  1. 15 votes to win,,, when, did Q post [15] on jan, 7, 2018
    Jan 07, 2018 10:05:50 PM EST
    Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 03b993 No. 20558

    now we will see how the hobbled McCarthy concessions will be implemented under the MAGA group and Trump. Major changes to the House rules and assignments , return power to the people.
    Are we watching a movie? Do the American people need to be shown, that Mc has been forced to make concessions, did his handlers need to be shown? preplanned or scripted?
    I still do not like McCarthy, but they got him to surrender power back to the representatives, redistribute power to include more MAGA,, over the Kill America Uni-party,, that is a giant leap forward,,, WIN

    heard a good one when someone referred to Jefferies as
    “dollar store obama”

  2. “Elaine and I are using very low-dose lithium orotate (OTC( based on Lithium: A therapeutic option in Alzheimer’s disease and its prodromal stages? – PubMed ( and extra virgin olive and coconut oils, first cold press based on Extra-virgin olive oil for potential prevention of Alzheimer disease – PubMed ( and on [COCONUT OIL: NON-ALTERNATIVE DRUG TREATMENT AGAINST ALZHEIMER´S DISEASE] – PubMed (”

    Having watched this insidious disease deal a slow death hand to a very good friend and a close relative and now watching it slowly destroy another close relative, if extra-virgin olive oil and coconut oils can lessen this potential disease, I say why not add it to your daily diet. There are certainly hundreds of ways to use it in tasty recipes.

    Do all you can to avoid this awful end to life.

    • I love coconut oil.. and I love olive oil.. so.. why not …
      2 cups.. ( or parts.. of olive oil)
      1 cup of coconut oil
      1 cup of heavy whipping cream..
      1 tsp of salt
      two to three drops of yellow food coloring..( you can use the food coloring for chedder cheese to.. )
      whip it up like you would in making mayonnaise..
      remember you are the boss when it comes to your flavor.. and spices..
      I like honey margarine for muffins.. so.. add a little honey.. refrigerate or freeze and you just made yourself some home made margarine and can put it on anything you like..
      One drop of chedder cheese coloring makes a nice rich color or just use regular food coloring for icing..

      warm the coconut oil blend all ingredients.. and pour into mold.. refrigerate or freeze.. package..
      if you are like us.. you can put it in the freezer till you need it..
      If you want an equal portion of olive oil and coconut oil.. then one and a half cups of each of the two oils..
      flavor it like you want.. if you want garlic butter.. then garlic.. etc..

    • This is interesting. Jonathan Wright gave a lecture in a private venue 20 years ago regarding low dose lithium salts(orotate, carbonate, etc), as a life-enhancing supplement. I never forgot. His experience at the hands of the FDA is street creds IMHO.

      My personal experience has been that I was getting a bit foggy when I eliminated most saturated fats from my diet and I snapped back when I added significant butter back. Butter and coconut oil are largely saturated fats. Eggs help too. Saturated fats and cholesterol are needed to maintain the brain and sex/other hormones. Avoiding these may or may not help cardiovascular function, but it certainly won’t help the brain. Pick your poison. Personally, I do what feels right after serious investigation of the peer-reviewed literature, the anecdotal evidence, and my personal experience. YMMV.

  3. Could be a McCarthy Rally. America is going to be so great with McCarthy at the helm. McCarthy did support the cash stimulus payments.

    Does McCarthy support Reparation payments 2024? Repartitions beat pension bailouts.

  4. Bear on the boat:

    Another brutal week in the rear-view. Friday rally embraced (cooked) jobs report as Goldilocks go-go juice and bailed out a lot of options players. There was an excellent article at ZeroHedge detailing puffery.

    My sense is the SPX support / resistance boundaries will hold (until they don’t). Playahs will try for Monday follow-through. Stay tuned. 3 waves make fools of many. Crazy sector dislocations of late?

    Sorta kinda lost track. Think today is #17 -0- gain for solar (due to snow) but possibly Saul will break through later and expose panels. Lake out front looks like glass this am. Of course, it might be making ice so …

    Best to your bride,
    blah, blah, blah

  5. “”

    what is wrong with this story.. years ago.. I knew some Rangers that were sent to a battle zone.. the army that they faced.. was children as young as five carrying weapons told to go attack them..
    these little kids.. in Ukraine.. the same thing is happening.. lets use children.. young girls.. young boys..

    Matthew 18:6 ESV
    But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a great millstone fastened around his neck and to be drowned in the depth of the sea.

    Psalm 127:3-5 ESV
    Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one’s youth. Blessed is the man who fills his quiver with them! He shall not be put to shame when he speaks with his enemies in the gate.

    Exodus 23:7 ESV
    Keep far from a false charge, and do not kill the innocent and righteous, for I will not acquit the wicked.

    It just bothers me that they are going to force kids.. to fight in a war.. Its like sex.. sex is not a right.. it is the most precious gift a woman can give and should be accepted graciously ..those that force or demand it.. is not right..

    • GRRR.. it just bothers me.. I know it had a profound mental affect of those in the rangers to.. it really bothered them deeply..

      • I’ve a friend, a hardened Marine, who was shot by a sniper in Vietnam. The sniper failed to kill him, he emptied his magazine and did not miss the sniper . When the sniper fell out of the tree, the patrol gathered around this ~11yo boy and his AK. My friend took about 6 weeks to recover from the gunshot wounds, but it took the USMC shrink 5mos to get him “recovered” from killing a child and turned back into a “lean, mean, fighting machine.” They did, at least, ship him Stateside after pinning the Purple Heart on him.

        War is hell…

      • “it took the USMC shrink 5mos to get him “recovered” from killing a child”

        Yes it took about a year to get my friend to recover from that.. it still bothers him to this day .. even though he was decorated.. his view is.. decorated for what.. the boys they were fighting were the same age as his children.. War is hell..
        they bitch and moan about guns in the USA then hand them to children in other countries.. books on how to make bombs and all kinds of deadly stuff.. when the child should be a child to grow up ..

    • ” it is the most precious gift a woman can give and should be accepted graciously ..those that force or demand it.. is not right.”

      sex is not just a precious gift women can give.

      that sorta thinking places too much women.

      men give the precious gift of sex to. lol

      I know tons of women who would love a chance. I don’t say yes to everyone I could. or I’d never leave the bedroom. LOL

    • Sounds like “Full Metal Jacket” Ray. It was a hard movie to make and a hard war to fight, especially if you weren’t allowed to win it.

  6. Mano mano shevitz crypto crusader ! wheres the postmortem on BTC ?
    Markets schmarkets – Bitcoin is financial salvation for all ! Way too important to our collective futures as to be dismissed by grumpy ass trolls as “worthless”.
    Lennsters gold call gotz confirmation this week with the MRI bottom signal..buybuybuy.
    Schmarkets – the other big MRI buy signal came in on Bitfarms/BITF bout week ago 12/27. Chart still looks good, and you can play along with options..hinthint. Why there are even some fin research articles regards Bitfarm available for Ure reading pleasure. Also keeping an eye on the cannabis ETF, keeping an eye. Dislike the company , coinbase, really no likey CEO, but stock is a MRI buy as well, so. Is Boeing breaking out ? Si! Consolidation is breaking thru resistance on way to new MRI top. More affordable breakout stock CleanSpark, it too is on an MRI buy
    What is it ? only 25 days away from next fed rate hike – .5% hike. dundundun..

    The BTC postmortem would look something like a big fat RED candle in BTC yearly chart for 2022.

    The good news as it were is UNCONFISCATEABLE. C
    onference tickets are going fast this far as indicated in the price increase. As more tickets are sold, each remaining block of available tickets goes up in price from an initial $500 per to $650 per ticket today. Yes that ticket price is good Unconfiscateable Dec. 7-8 2023 in Vegas baby!

    Speaking of made up money – Turdturdigon is about to be BRICT-ed.
    That will be a huge blow to the gnomes in the west, big blow. Again – no one really cares,gives a shit what any western country(germany,france,aus..) thinks or says as long as Murhica is running things/rules. This of course why US is going after Turkie- stay away from turk based investments for 6 months-year..once Turkey is completely aligned with Russia, Ukraine is land locked and west cutoff .

    nuff future maany peeps still struggle to understand what has been done to them and is still being done to them by WEFrs and their stooges and puppets.
    Meanwhile BCN is sitting out on 2nd flr screened(no see-ums) in porch, enjoying the torrents of rain and 77-80 degree temps, thunder rumbles in the distance. Sleep like a ROCK in this weather, metal roof & rain = NMtFOut for hours.
    By the way – time for Google to die – they got WOKE, they are evil, it will be so..patience.. BRICT is the future, that will be looking back at the smoking,smoldering ruins of the Weast.

    Got Unconfiscateable ? vegas baby!

    • Re: “Got Unconfiscateable?” feat. Krypto Night?


      It seems apropos that the crypto conference venue holds storied tales from the past of a pair of downtown Vegas hotels. Sisters of The Convent of the Good Shepherd of Las Vegas minority holding enabled the current owner to faithfully gather up wayward shares previously held by descendents of the original owner.

      What would a crypto conference be without a poker tournament to kick things off? Buy in with usd525 or 0.030 B which converts to an equivalent of us$17,500 per ‘coin if my math is close. One quarter of the seats are pre-reserved for crypto and poker luminaries. The payout schedule “will be announced prior to the game”. Please note – the exact tournament location is tba BUT “Dancing Dealers” will definitely be in attendance.

      Folks, speaking of getting in on the second floor, let’s catch up with DJ George ready to platter some Sunday tunes on building your beach house on a solid foundation.

      • Re: When DeSantis Go Marching In
        feat: Ya’ Woke Up in Disney World?


        Going from Ocean’s 11 sharks to South Beach, care for some jazz, 1938 style? “France24” has gone full thrust with its livefeed of riotous events in Brasilia while Brazil’s president is out of town, and the head of their capital security decamped to Florida yesterday. The French broadcaster connected dots in a curious fashion. They included a tweet by OAC who claims it’s a fascist attack like 1/6 DC and Bolsonaro should not be allowed refuge in Florida. “France24” also included a tweet from “investigative journalist” and “disinfo expert” Luke O’Brien who says Brasilia is being stoked by people like, in his terms, “international superfascist connector” Matthew Tyrmand. It’s a somewhat puzzling accusation since Mr. Tyrmand’s father left communist Poland to Florida as a famous writer whose life featured the loss of most of his family to nazis in the WW2 Warsaw Ghetto.

        Meanwhile back in the Magic Kingdom, the newly sworn-in Florida governor has broken the news to Snow White’s management that the Seven Dwarfs need to start paying their fair share of state taxes.

        Let’s rejoin DJ Ure in studio dusting off some beats from the January 1938 “Snow White & the 7 Dwarfs” soundtrack album. Here we go:
        “Whistle While You Work”.

  7. The S&P 500 index fell 19.4% last year. It’s worst performance since 2008.., but is it at it’s bottom? Several indicators say it has a lot further to drop. [ Elliott Wave for one.]
    So.., are we actually in a recession ? If so., then where does that place the stock market? Since the markets have never bottomed “before” a recession hits., it is an important piece of the trading puzzle.

  8. Hi George,
    I’m probably a little off topic, but with trying to do better in the New Year, and a fresh start, I am wondering if you might avail yourself, and opine, as to what accounting system / brand might work best for ” Lunch Money ” purposes.
    Thanks ,

  9. Alzheimers: I can’t find the reference right now, but there is a doctor (whose views are, of course, suppressed) that Alzheimers is “Type 3 diabetes” and the problem is actually sugar crystals invading the synapses of the brain. The recommended treatment is herbal. GYMNEMA SYLVESTRE which activates the pancreas and restores insulin sensitivity when taken daily,

    • Here is a reference Hank. I have spent the last 2 years studying this for very personal reasons. Of all the things that George has written about healthy aging, I put sugar reduction at the top of the list, followed by hydration.

      From the article.

      “Alzheimer’s is like a slow-burning fire that you don’t see when it starts,” Schilling said. It takes time for clumps to form and for cognition to begin to deteriorate. “By the time you see the signs, it’s way too late to put out the fire.”

      Sometimes our brains deteriorate and die long before our bodies.

  10. Hmmm… grocery stores..if they don’t have a deli and the milk gets close to expiration date… they toss it.. the same with creameries… the same thing with restaurants..
    so..get it.. milk starts clumping because of the lactic acid.. the fat clumps.. if you get it just before it starts clumping.. pour it in a pan..bring it up to about 180 degrees at pasteurization temp..then turn off the heat stir in one ounce of acid per quart ( lemon juice.. or Rennet in quarter cup warm water or vinegar) stir it in.. let it rest..
    about a half hour you will see the fat curd on top.. now you can slice this into smaller curds.. then bring it to a boil for cottage cheese.. ( oh your the boss.. add salt or spices to the milk..before you curd it or after your choice.. like for Parmesan 1/2 tsp Thermophilic culture an 1/4 tsp of lipase in two ounces of water mixed in)
    then bring it up to a boil.. if you want ricotta or farmers cheese then don’t bring it to a boils scoop out the curd in a cheese cloth lined strainer and make a ball ..ricotta don’t let it drain to dry scoop into your container use in ten days.. you can take the curd and press it to to make your hard slicing cheese.. the boiled curd drain add sweet cream ..
    free food..there are other cultures for different cheeses..
    the year we went without an income I could get milk for free after the expiration date at the store and make cheese..

    • Oh. I should say if your using FRESH milk you only heat the milk to 90-100 degrees… for a hard cheese culture if you haven’t the money for the culture take yogurt natural.. (some yogurts are just jelled without the actual live culture.. plain add a quarter cup of milk mix) Mix it in real good.. then let it sit covered to let the yogurt culture set in the warm milk.. For about a half hour..
      Now take your acid.. lemon juice,vinegar,or rennet and stir that in for about a minute..take your pan and set it in a hot water bath canned sort of like a double boiler .. heat the water bath to 100.. ( if you have it a sous vide) otherwise warm up the water to a hundred then turn it off.. let it sit.. when the curd gets clean break its ready to cut.. then make your curd balls put in your cheese cloth or cotton pillow case.. mix in salt.. line a pan collander.. ( we have one for spaghetti) lined of course in a cookie flat) then cover it put a pan that fits snug on top with weights.. this will squeeze out the whey.. the salt mixed in will help it dry..
      after 12_hours flip it let it sit another 12 hours …now the aging.. bottom shelf in the fridge with a cotton cloth covering it.. flip it every 12 if you can.. you will do this for about 3 weeks.. during this time if mold appears during the drying stage.. that’s normal..take it and with a rag wipe it down with apple cider vinegar to remove the mold..
      once its aged coat the whole thing with butter..this will keep your hard cheese moist.. you can also wax seal your cheese..
      Now for mozzarella.. take 1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar per gallon of milk and 1/2 cup of water put your cold milk in the pan and stir your cider in it.. bring it up to a hundred degrees.. take your rennet in a half cup of water and stir that in real good..cover and let sit till you get a clean cut curd.. now take one pan with salt water and warm it pan with cold.. cut your curtains put in the collander.. pulling in with a spoon.. now cut it into your cheese balls.. put them in the hot water salt bath for 15 minutes.. pull it out to test stretch.. then put it in the ice cold bath oh keep the cold bath in the fridge till you need it or a double bowl with ice in the bottom bowl.. once you have iced it..
      then you can package it in the fridge..
      A good book is the art of natural cheese wine and beer making cheese is fun and puts a little flavor in your life..

    • David Allen Coe recorded this and the 45 was a staple on the jukebox of every college hangout and redneck bar in the Midwest, in the early 1980s.

      This version is better…

  11. I really appreciate the pleasant white on green easy on the eyes night color you have implemented on the free site. how about that option for the paying customers as well?

  12. Wow..this is off lol
    I watched a special on tv about the Bermuda triangle and the theory of an ionized air vortex…
    then I watched the show the time machine..
    ok.. what would an insulated egg.. with a spinning half outer egg magnetic field on the top and a reversed half magnetic field moving in the opposite direction on the bottom.. would that make an invaded ionized field around the insulated inner chamber…

  13. “I won’t include his call sign, but this ham is in the Lviv area. Tentacles of war are long.”

    You could maybe cultivate this HAM and acquire useful information that’s not available elsewhere…?

  14. Biden in Mexico:

    Will the Cartels decide to take on the CIC’s security team?

    Rumors of a $10 million dollar Cartel bounty on Biden’s head have been reported, and that was BEFORE Chapo’s arrest, but who knows if they are true.

    During Chapo’s arrest 29 people died, 19 Cartel gunmen and 10 Police … so it must have been quite a firefight. Take that level of organized violence, including the advanced weaponry that the Cartels have, against the Secret Service detail and “IF” they decide to go after Biden it would definitely be beyond anything the SS has had to deal with in protecting a President so far.

    Unlikely … but still thought I would put it out there for people to think about as we start watch Biden with his first visit to the border and to Mexico.

      • We’re already there. Just because the “mainstream” “media” hasn’t noticed, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

        What pisses me off is the thousands of Federal contractors who’ve moved in to clean out the border-crossers and associated mess, so the cameras can pan from Creepy Joe to show pristine surroundings, and allow CNN and MSLSD to tell us that there is no border crisis.

    • I seriously doubt any of it is true.. the money that they spend on lobbyists.. is amazing.. and we all know that we have the best politicians that money can buy..

    • Perhaps it’s a set-up to get rid of Biden, have Kamala resign and put McCarthy in as prez. Not much difference at all between what we have now and the new swamp critter. We’d probably have a zillion dollar thank you note sent over to the cartels as an add on to the next border “security” spending bill.

      • That would suck.

        McCarthy in the House — effectively neutered and broken to the “conservative harness.”

        McCarthy in the White House — the reins are off…

  15. “Total U.S. carload traffic for the first 12 months of 2022 was …”

    Were there more than 12 months in 2022?

    • That jumped out at me, but I was already rambling long-enough in that column that I didn’t raise the issue. I too thought it was funny, though.
      OJT comes to PR?
      “This week sweetie, we’re going to introduce you to this new business tool called a calendar..”

      Oh, wait, that ain’t wouldn’t be proper. Well, except my preferred pronouns are Drunk, f*cker, pistoff, and bite-me.

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