The Bankster’s Plan to “Correct the Value of Cash”

imageAre you ready for “Variable Value Cash?”

Bad idea?  NSS!

An incredibly interesting report this morning because it is a topic that we first covered in 2001 – before 9/11.  It was theory then, but a retool version is making the rounds now.

This was back before we got around to naming our introspective reports Peoplenomics.  In the earliest days, still living on our sailboat, it was the UrbanSurvival Inside Report series.  It was still $40-bucks and one of the best deals in keeping ahead-of-the-curve, even then.

But the content was the same as now philosophically.  It was a look-ahead tool so we could all assess, model, and then live best with whatever came along  in the way of financial schemes.

One of the ideas we explored  back in 2001 was the whole notion of “re-charging money.”  And it seems that a variation of that is now making the rounds in the central banker circles.
When things like this come along, it is sometimes shocking what the implications are.  Not the least of which is being 15-YEARS ahead of acceptable economic thought..

But here’s the IMF and here’s this paper on Variable Value Cash.  When the SHTF, what do the bankers want?  Ever more power to diddle with the system!  Grab the Astoglide and read on…

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7 thoughts on “The Bankster’s Plan to “Correct the Value of Cash””

  1. George, I’m a day behind and just read yesterdays offerings. The issues you are having with privacy… well, your old friend is the cause IMHO. Sadly, this is what gives him his jollies, or a reason to continue living, by causing as much sh*t for as many people as he can. It’s a mental problem. You are not the only victim on his long list.

    Have you ever thought of protecting yourself by shielding yourself psychically? Dr. Richard Boyland’s site is interesting and psychic shielding 101 is an interesting article on it. I believe it’ll all end soon, thankfully.


  2. Great piece today George – I think ultimately they want to digitize – but I think they may go down the EU path since that’s been so successful and we will see negative rates – the key will be if it spawns Bank runs – in total tyranny mode I guess anyone with cash will be a terrorist or domestic enemy – the sheep are slow and stupid but getting smarter – this has the feel of a rush job before things get to out of control for the elites hence the continual mention now of “zero lower bound” – always very thoughtful stuff.

  3. There’s nothing much creepier than to have the government/banksters mess with the instant value of cash. It diminishes confidence in both the paper cash and the electronic “cash”, both of which have no intrinsic value. It’s a strong incentive to put as much long term money as possible in something with high intrinsic value and known worth in the market, and put it where the sun don’t shine and sit on it. This won’t flush dark pools more than once.

    What will flush the dark pools is a dream, an optimistic future, and something worth working toward rather than away from. That requires trust rather than fear of the so-called “leaders”.

    Trust is earned over time, and can be broken in as little as one sentence.

  4. There is also a fed paper on making cash less valuable the longer you hold it without spending it. If ou take $100 on Tuesday out of the atm and don’t spend by Monday, it’s only worth $95 (for example). I saw the piece about 10 years ago in the Philly Fed archives as a way to increase velocity.

    • Great memory, J! I actually wrote about that in 2001-2002 as well, but the archived article was roached but it was under the entry “Depreciating Money” in the Peoplenomics subscriber index…

  5. The word “shield” seems to be appearing quite often lately. Haven’t seen the word “shield” used in quite some time, until the past week or so.

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