“The 100-Year Toaster” (Ch. 13)

What “Report from Iron Mountain” missed.  “Report from Iron Mountain on the Accessibility and Desirability of Peace” was long-rumored to have been a parody of “think-tank” style contingency planning prevalent during the Cold War and during Vietnam, as well.

Alhough controversial at the time, the core idea of the book was that using capitalism, humans could be so productive and so doggone creative that we would literally keep producing ourselves into boom-bust cycles forever. 

These, it was postulated would threaten government, but there were only so many things that could be done to keep the masses under control.  National healthcare, an alien invastion, and so forth.

But that was before the Internet which – as we shall explore in in more detail – has changed the social control options available to leaders; both good and bad.

After a bit more coffee, headlines, and our charts. Which, by the way, may be trying to suggest Crashgiving in November this year.

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25 thoughts on ““The 100-Year Toaster” (Ch. 13)”

  1. G – looks like the lever has been pushed down…the market is swirling around the bowl..how long does it swirl – before it drains out in a flash?
    Overnight Repo Ops indicate “they” are still trying to prop it up while holding PM’s prices down.
    Someone (s) is swimming in these shark infested waters without their Trunks on – they be naked.

    Remember the massive amounts of $ draining out of system last time (08) – they had shut off Banking system – literally to stop all the hemorrhaging of massive amounts of Cash (0’s & 1’s).

    Who has been raising cash lately – who has been at the Repo window every morning? Where are the Circuit Breakers..”sorry U cant Withdraw any Cash from brokerage account for 30 days, and then only $10,000.00 at time”..oh my.

    G – where is your Bond Guy/guru..that Long Bond Strategy has been a steady winner – more so as Rates go negative.

    Heard at “criminal” gathering of like minded Libertarians and Patriots recently..”Hey when the power is restored after SHTF do you think big bank will “restore” my Balances of “digi dollars, I mean I (possess) the code to my crypto’s – so while they dont exist until “energized” there can be no dispute as to Ownership – not like they are a bunch of 0’s and 1’s..right?’ Reply – ” oh no I much rather have my old dirty tattered and torn paper statements – bank will honor my claim..if they have any $ left in the kitty.”

    yeah yeah and the Fed will bail out ALL the banks..they just move a couple of decimal points – no problema.

    3-D Chess – the art of inducing others to act to drive a 3rd & 4th party to desired position – Optics are very important – as we see the Demonrats saying & typing on social & LameStreamMedia ALL the the things that constitute TREASON and the Penalties for such filth and deceit. A dandy trap indeed – dangerous as hell to set and spring – need really large cajones for such a feat. But the end result should some political souls getting “nailed to the tree of pain”.

    • “old dirty tattered and torn paper statements – bank will honor my claim”

      I never know if you guys are being serious.

      A lot of 2008 mortgages were based on fraud. Loan officers were scanning in financial documents, tweaking and tuning, printing and submitting.

      We could only hope Fidelity will accept and honor a scan of our last statement.

      • There was a scene in Mr. Robot that seemed probable. After all bank records were encrypted, including off-site, of this major bank, customers were bringing in their statements to prove the number of $$ in their accounts. But the bank wouldn’t accept any printed statements because there were counterfeit statements everywhere and the bank had no way of authenticating the statements. Everybody has color printers – right. My neighbor is retired Secret Service and he keeps his bank statements but doesn’t take them out of the envelope with the assumption that the postal stamp from the bank validates the statement.

    • crash bandicoot, lever on the toilet has been pulled you say, sometimes it gets plugged up and overflows. question is, “will the Fed survive?”
      the corporation known as THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA MUST DIE
      The constitutional form I love is, These United States of America

      the demos scream rasism, BUT they hate the one they call the orange man

    • My guess is that it is Deutsche and their counter-parties that accepted Deutsche trash for repo and now no one will take any of it in exchange – just the FED. Something has gone very wrong and because it’s not really being covered – keeps getting pushed to the background. Somebody should simply ask the FED to identify the largest participants – of course there will be no response because there is no problem.

      • That would mean that the large banks and the Fed are quietly sandbagging in anticipation of something which hasn’t gone public because it hasn’t happened yet. As to whether it’s Deutsche or some other walking dead financial entity remains to be confirmed. Your postulate does fit observed behaviors.

  2. G. , You should post a link to the report from IRON MTN.. I am 58 & first heard of it & read it in 1988. Most people have never heard of it…Like people under 40 ! to them it is just a {conspiracy theory } like JFK’s 1963 speech on {the plot to enslave every man woman & child.}

    peace & love to all

    • Another way: through eliminating the pull of gravity, then the stones float in the air and are easily pushed, pulled, or guided.

      This is what Edgar Cayce said about the building of the Pyramids:

      16. (Q) How was this particular Great Pyramid of Gizeh built?
      (A) By the use of those forces in nature as make for iron to swim. Stone floats in the air in the same manner. This will be discovered in ’58 (1958).

      Here is the website where this a little discussion of sorts about this topic, but the ’56 date is wrong:


  3. George, great article, but please don’t forget about the Tavistock Institute. Great book by Dr. John Coleman, I see a used copy is now for sale on amazon for $350.

  4. RE: Sleep orientation:
    I think there IS something to “Feng Shui” — or however it’s spelled. Like many things, F.S. has over-extended itself into a level of silliness, but there IS some RealWorld basis behind all the saleable hokum.

    I have satisfied myself that if one lives and works in a chaotic jumble, one will be less effective, and dare I say less happy, than if one is surrounded by attractive and orderly surroundings. One can OCD oneself into silliyness in that direction as well, but a modicum of order and beauty supports one’s sanity and focus.

    I guess it’s all a question of moderation, balance, and lasting good values…

  5. I speculate now and then in Dow stocks for enertainment rather then for lunch money. I wonder, is it time to switch my system to “hourly” rather than “daily?”

    • Bruno: Hourly is for traders. Trading is a good way to lose money. I trade now & then & have probably broke even. Also, trading gives me a headache. My big gains have been long term.

  6. Today I bought cat food at CVS and the cashier tried to convert me to subscribe to a “NEW system” with 20% discount on all items I purchase in the future.

    However in the final analisys it requiered either my credit card, or my debit card to accomplish success. Since I’m still an “all cash person” I wonder why would I get a 20% discount on all iteims if I abandon the use of cash?

    Doesn’t make sense to me, or does it?

  7. Svizzera is the target because it plants the seeds of intelligence/synesis/justice/possessing metamorphosis/ curable only by neurotomy

    • To recognize timeline shifts.
      If you put a cup of water in your freezer and after the water freezes you place a coin in it and if after a. Of time you notice that the coin is slightly submerged in the ice and you know that the electricity has been cut off and restarted

      This may be hard to explain but the same thing happens when timelines are interrupted there is a rectangular hyperbola, where there’s a ruin, then a wrinkle or ruffle, that is unlike a pleach,but like an enantiomorph.

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