Sunday Situation

The once-credible Drudge Report has flipped into the sensationalist column, as we figure it.

Headlining that an ARMED TRUCKER CONVOY is headed to the Biden-backed open border.

When one takes the time to make a disciplined read of reports, the link off the “ARMED” fearcast leads to the story The MAGA Truckers are Back—And Heading to the Border – DNyuz. which sounds like accounts in state-sponsored media.  Warning, in part:

“As Media Matters pointed out, some organizers include a rogue’s gallery of election deniers, anti-vaxxers, and QAnon conspiracy theorists.”

While there is little doubt that some of the participants won’t have had the recommended – what is it now, 6- shots? – and QAnon hasn’t been 100% wrong on calls, there was no cite in the source of “armed truckers”

In fact, the only sentence where the word “armed” appeared was a quote (supposedly from the Daily Beast) that such a gathering “That it could just be a money-grabbing scheme, and that it will attract armed extremists and vigilante groups.”

Didn’t say the truckers would be armed.  In fact, organizers have been very specific about not being armed.

The Rise of Serial Urinalism

Wholly deserving of a new word, we long-ago coined the term Urinalism.  Which is comprised of two major sources:

  • Click seeking fear monetizers rewriting and sensationalizing the works of others (piggybacking) in order to generate followers and revenue.
  • The other source being content aggregators and rewrite engines.

Notwithstanding the shallowness, we try to deal in no further than secondhand news with a preference of firsthand accounts.  So, to explain this taxonomy more clearly (since media won’t tell you):

  1. First-hand reports are where the news writer witnesses or has seen the first-hand data (such as a press release) or event (such as an open border).
  2. Second-hand reports are where the news report is one generation removed.  When we rewrite news, we strive for no further than one level removed from sources.
  3. Third-hand reports on rewrites and “hyped reports” designed to reduce revenue from sources (and second level news purveyors) and get an audience for their (hysterical polarization) of coverage. In news automation, this is the level where rewrite engines are rewriting other rewrite engines.  Each level adds a sense of detail by word choice which is often not strictly-speaking “correct.”
  4. Fourth-hand reports are the doom porn sites that become more extreme in Language use.  This is also the level where (news automation) rewrite engines are rewriting other rewrite engines, which are running off still close rewrite engines. Shrill and shill are the keywords here.

As should be clear, the concept of Free Speech and an Unencumbered Free Press goes “under the bus” about 2.5 levels of rewrite in.

But in today’s example report, we see a professor not at the border (so far as we know) offering an opinion as a (distant being in Kansas) level 1 observer.  Which would make the Beast story level 2.  Placing DNYUZ coverage at level 3.  And that would place the Drudge headline at Level 4.

Remember the elementary school game?  When 20-some kids sit in a circle and one is whispered a secret, which in turn is repeated around the room?

Occasionally, the exact secret will be repeated, but it’s rare.  Distortion of message is sometimes only a word or two different.  In this case we illustrate how “Armed Truckers” arose from reporter generalizations.

We call this Urinalism.

Whether three-letter agencies are pulling some of the strings is less an issue than the desperation of former actual reporters, who can see the handwriting on the wall:  News as an industry is wildly overbuilt. The only way to remain in a gig is to do “perfect journalism.”  Or so we thought. Monetization Matters Most. M3

But with socialist enclaves (Ivy League west to Berkeley) the damage is done.  The higher education industry is still massively over-charging for degrees that will soon drop to near-zero values.  Because of technologies like SpinnerChief – Paraphraser.

With Americans generally imprecise in their perception of “Urinalism” our headlong rush into the financial, social, political, and economic abyss will continue to snowball.

We’ll still be here, though.  Flush with honest criticism, if you will.


On my Ultra-Make site (where the new iterations of ShopTalk Sunday lives)_ the engineering of Dronetenna 1 – of special interest to ham radio types) is up for your inspection. Design of Dronetenna #1 – Ultra-Make.

I don’t claim extreme aeronautical design skills.  But we do have aspirations to do as well as, um, Boeing here lately.

Write before you take off, (AC7X)

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78 thoughts on “Sunday Situation”

  1. Do you really know who the organizers of that trucker convoy really work for ? Does anyone remember 1/6?
    I don’t see any civilian caravan heading for the border from any direction as being a positive. I don’t think the MAGA truckers are extremists, but they may, once again, be being duped. They aren’t going to make that situation any easier or better for the professionals working down there. Unless the Texas governor asks for help, the convoy needs to stay home. It has taken four years for the R’s to recover from 1/6. This is amateurish political stupidity, not extremism.

    • “It has taken four years for the R’s to recover from 1/6. This is amateurish political stupidity, not extremism.“

      Better to stand up for what you believe (and recover) than to sit on your hands and do nothing. – Taking the truckers 4 years to recover, is a matter of opinion.

      There are a lot of things the D’s do and have done that are in the category of Stupidity. – 81 million of them voted for who? … who has done what?
      Com’on man. If not for the D’s opening the border, those truckers would be out making a living instead of trying to stop an act of treason.

      And at least, these truckers aren’t burning down Dallas like it was Minneapolis.

      Fluoride doesn’t have the grip it use to since folks bought them water filters. I recommend everyone buy one.


      • Voting the progressives out of office and getting a R
        appointee in the AG office is how you deal with the D’s treasons.

        • votes don’t matter, baby, they hack all machines to get the election vote they want.

          no, it don’t matter how many millions of illegals they let vote, as they don’t need em to win..

          they bringing em in to collapse the welfare state, further indebt the country and wipe out whitey.

          mixed dumbed down races easier to control.

          will be a hundred years before one raises its head up to be shot down.

        • Putiiiiin and rest of Russia and China are laughing at that bullsceisse . Laughing !

          Putin been publicly joking past month regards how easy it is to win an American Election..

          You Mail It In !
          Easypeasy, ohh so lemon squeezy.

    • ????
      good question .. who is pushing the truckers to drive to texas.. the truckers believe it’s a show of solidarity but the government will paint it as an out of control mob. with the laws on the books I totally believe that the president can then declare a state of national emergency. then declare marshal law and stop the election..
      we then become a police state.
      curfews ..
      like the January 6th capital incident.. Trump will be painted as an extreme threat to national security and criminalized even worse than he is already. not good not good at all..

      • Yes. Biden is currently a sure loser, and the progressives are looking for an excuse to start a major war, or next best, declare martial law. The fringe R groups played into the deep state trap on 1/6. Don’t they ever [expletives deleted] learn ?

    • Heed Mentality.. I agree with you N….. stay home business as usual the truckers are going to paint this in a different light get the government to push a Maga extremism ratger than a constitutional right to defend their borders. now if the president really wants free flow of illegals he could just open the border crossings in California, new mexico, arizona. the illegals would not have to cross razor wire or swim the Rio Grande. they would be entering sanctuary cities and states that would openly welcome their arrival..

  2. I still visit Drudge every morning, but am increasingly put-off by the sensationalist headline hype that is all too common in rag-mags like the Sun, Star and Guardian. Drudge also auto-refreshes its page every 5 minutes or so. The auto-refresh counts as a new view, so Drudge artificially inflates its readership ‘visit’ numbers (listed at the lower right of the home page). But it is still a good source for news. Instead of clicking the cherry picked ‘urinalist’ Drudge headlines, many days I’ll click on some of the provided links to the alphabetically listed news/info orgs at the bottom of the page and choose my own articles to view.

    • James infant sale ? In Ure face code name for Exactly what the F that demonic PoS does.

      Ure one sick M-Fer OBD

      In a Civilized society – those 2 pictured pedovores would be Drawn&Quartered.
      Me thinks The “king of Karma” has other plans, still I think drawing and quartering would make a fine public TV .spectacle. Hell I wouldn’t mind selling the Pay per View rights, with all proceeds going to Children’s Charities

      A real feel good kinda Show.. ; )

    • the deeper you dug into that one.. the more bizarre and uglier it got.. on the people suggested as members of it personal web pages.. the emails that suggested it.. all taken down and that ugly man that posted them put in prison the one that gave him the emails supposedly was killed in a robbery attempt. ..
      No worries though .. the authorities said it is a hoax nothing to worry about..
      all the news stories that reported that there was a suspected group like that and their own personal websites were all cleaned up.. the photos except for some that kept them ..are now gone.. it was a non event.. Proven by the authorities that it was all fake news..

  3. Seems, killing off hundreds of holistic healers didn’t quite stop the many others who dug deeper into natural healing. Those who died, didn’t die in vain but rather, became an inspiration.

    Folks have seen the attempts at genocide, which have been quite blatant, and have literally outsmarted those with swords. Doubt folks will be fooled again.

    Covid seen as a bio weapon, vaccines seen as euthanasia, fake food seen as chemical castration, big pharma seen as torturers who prolong suffering for a dollar refusing to offer cures.

    We’ve learned to detox. To remove the (stuff) in our bodies that keep us dazed and confused. Thus, waking up to the real evils around us. Countless folks coming out of Plato’s Cave to see reality for what it really is.

    Illegal immigrants beginning to have second thoughts … realizing they’re pawns … and they didn’t come here to die. – That’s why they left home, so they might have peace and prosperity. Their eyes are opening. Biden no longer looks like a messiah. Invitation was a trap. Sucks being stuck in the middle.

    No election this time? Hmmm. Out with the old, in with the new … sooner or later. Probably won’t be pretty. Too many hurts to care.

    If you didn’t know, in the Amazon series, “Heroes” NY explodes on November 8. For whatever that’s worth. Wonder what The Simpsons say.

    And this coming Passover, the unblemished Red Heifer is to be sacrificed. Doubt that conjures up anything good but, we’ll see.

    Stay at peace with yourself and spread some good vibes. Remember, you might be the butterfly who flutters its wings that gets us on the right path. Never underestimate yourself

  4. Say did I just read a whole bunch of malarkey regards power consumption and useless flying thingyies to erect redundantly weak communications systems. How does ham improve upon current communication systems ? Hmmmm
    Wheres the USE case , Gcat? No power – no ham . Bwahahahahah

    Seems you are talking about exorbitant power consumption for frivolous gossip hotlines and what notz..”The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming!”

    Instead of 85 ft of fugly steel tower for $45k all in with a decent DIGITAL box, You should see BCN’s latest project..

    (14) AXIperfect FXXL WB 415Wp topcon solar panel
    Generac PWRCELL battery cabinet/ Generac PWRCELL EX battery module 3.0 kWh, Generac PWRCELL Inverter 7.6 – bidirectional REbus, misc crap and free monitoring via PRWview Webportal.
    Since this system is going in on house that is only occupied 3-4 months out of 12, have ordered some antminers from Blockforge, to run on our excess power gen = hashing blocks and earning Rewards in bbbbbBbbbBITCOINs!!!

    Back to work Shady, the BTC Boat” done sailed for distant
    shores…breakerbreaker19 you got Ure ears on Gcat? We got us agency bears on Ure “ air”. Breaker breaker what’s an ai/troll look like?

    As the song says “Yes, there are two paths you can by, but in the long run, and there’s still time to change the road your on
    And it makes me wonder” -ledzep

    Maybe write when you see the Light that is BTC.

    BbbbbbBuy the DIP!

    • A small drone would be barely visible at 80 M height. If you slope the line, and the drone can pick it up, you can go for 160 M antenna length. Having that capability would allow for discrete long-range comms from almost anywheres.
      All the fixed site electronic widgetry is great as long as you are there to keep it running, but if you are somewhere else, the benefit is less. I went with transportable batteries and inverter at home, with 6KWH LiFePO4 batteries, which I am using as a plug-in UPS for the freezer for the time being.
      I am looking into a modest fixed panel solar installation for off-grid use with the UPS, but I am watching the prices and sales on the 400W portable panels. 800 W of portable panels will power a lot of doo-dads. Prices for the polymer clad lightweight portable panels are currently outrageous, but coming down.
      When you are talking about 100 W transmitter power, 400 W or so of portable panels and a portable power station rig will get you several hours of daily transmit time.

    • Yo!
      I interpreted your remarks about ham radio as being snide. When disaster strikes ham radio can be the only means of communication in or out of the disaster area. I had my ears on when the great Alaska quake hit and listened in as emergency protocols kicked in. As I recall first and only word was from a ham sitting in his car in downtown Anchorage using a portable rig. Ham radio is not just a hobby.

      • But it may take a 9.2 EQ for people to realize it. I ran coffee for (sk) W7IMF down the street from me as he ran 12-hour phone patch sessions. One reason my “Norb Memorial” station includes the same radios GSB-100, Drake 2B/BQ and a Johnson linear. (*though I have the larger Thunderbolt while he had the smaller pair of 811’s in the Courier. A review of the Thunderbolt is here's%20an%20awesome,hyper%2Ddrive%20just%20sitting%20idle! while the Courier is rare enough it seldom comes up – like this one from a year ago.
        We have two Drakes in the stable here because (see reviews): Also getting great marks even now is the GDB-100…where I posted similar remarks here

        • But you STILL don’t have that IC-7300! :-)
          It does everything except mine BTC and make coffee for you.

      • (“But you STILL don’t have that IC-7300! :-)
        It does everything except mine BTC and make coffee for you.”)

        you know my old co puters had this awesome coffee up pushed a button and it would pop out..perfect accessory..

      • Sorry ole Snidely,

        Not meant to be malicious, commentary on power consumption versus perceived and made up benefits.

        Glad to hear U had first hand experience in hearing the a ham in Alaska just after big quake – big whoop ! Guess that makes you a very important person in FEMA or some such..again useless as tits on a bull.

        Surely you rallied the federal troops with a Call To Action..”roll aid trucks, stat .”
        Yep surely youse hams” have saved literally thousands of lives. Congrats.

        • “Surely you rallied the federal troops with a Call To Action..”roll aid trucks, stat .”
          Yep surely youse hams” have saved literally thousands of lives. Congrats.”

          While hams have served in that capacity, by far the greater overall benefit to society is the connecting of folks in the disaster zone with distant friends/families. We pass message traffic to let distant friends/families know that someone they care about has survived the disaster, hence the “Relay” in the title, “American Radio Relay League”.

  5. Newz: a sad state of affairs.

    All too soon 3D AI bots will “speak” the truth (according to their station slant, need for affirmation). I ‘m affiliated with a site and we agreed from the beginning to eschew being first for being right. Anything with schizzle requires first mover attribution. Or, it didn’t happen? We have on more than one occasion had real breaking stuff but held back to avoid being sued. Sad but true. Only the truth Ma’am.

    ATL: ceiling plaster repairs went pear shaped yesterday right from the start. Thankfully I put down commercial drop cloths because it was soon raining plaster (the real thing, not skim on drywall). Recreated a scratch coat on base blue board in a mesh seam. This repair is putting me behind 2-3 days. Next? Recreate Trvatine (Venetian) finish.

    Lake cake has remained in force through the thaw. Now long range WX models have swung back to below freezing temps 7:10 days. [insert truism : climate changed : it’s what climate (weather) does] Besides possibly sailing the DN Iceboat our annual SnowFest approaches (think: cocktails, camp fires, great eats, bowling on ice, snowquet, etc.).

    As a Michigander I must add:
    Go the Lions!

  6. A suicidal, illegal Houthi could perhaps kick-off ACW2 by firing into either group as both groups should have live ammo and be trained to return fire.

    Or, considering the J6 insurrectionists were infiltrated by .gov the trucker thing could be a .gov Psyop. One degree below Kent State at this time.

    Who shot first:

    American Revolution – The shot heard around the world “no one knows for sure who fired it”.

    CW1 (Fort Sumter) – The honor of firing the first shot was offered to former Virginia congressman and Fire-Eater Roger Pryor. Pryor refused, and at 4:30 a.m. Captain George S. James ordered his battery to fire a 10-inch mortar shell, which soared over the harbor and exploded over Fort Sumter, announcing the start of the war.

    • I was curious about that…are there agency men posing as truck drivers ..inciting the herd mentality.. I read once that there was up to two hundred at j6 not counting the blm and antifa participants

  7. I hope I’m wrong, but I just don’t see a good ending to the situation in Texas.

    Whether the Texas Governor and AG are real and playing this straight or working as WEF stooges, the only way I see this ending is with blood flowing in the street.

    For that conclusion, I need look no further than the Jan 6 protest that the regime in DC is still calling an “insurrection.” They have moved beyond arresting and holding without trial, the people who entered the Capital building, to people who were outside and never went in. Now they are hunting down people who didn’t even go to DC but were vocal supporters of those who did.

    What happens if the folks in Texas don’t back down and surrender? What if fighting starts between Texans and Dot Gov?

    Martial Law? Mass roundups of “extremists?” I can see that happening. I can also see people all over the fUSA fighting back this time.

    • “ Whether the Texas Governor and AG are real and playing this straight or working as WEF stooges, the only way I see this ending is with blood flowing in the street.”

      Wife and I were just discussing that: if this is the real deal or scripted?

      Biden’s intentions to cut off LNG …

      Is a direct hit on Americans, where ever it is/was suppose to go. – I hear it’s a hit on Red States. Seems to me, it’s an act of war against our own people.

      Sadly, Civil Wars are like that … then it runs up the odds that blood flows in the street.

      Wonder what’s next, shut off the water, not let food come in and disconnect the electricity? What a shit show.

    • “I can also see people all over the USA fighting back this time.”

      Thing is we’re fully integrated. Labels aside everyone is indirectly waiting on a .gov payment. Around my parts even gas stations accept EBT.

      Go to the restaurants and stores to see when the busy days are. I’ll go out on a limb, when the .gov payments drop.

      I doubt most dentists, as example can pay rent if all the .gov streams evaporate. If not patients directly on transfer payments it’s Boeing, GM staff, construction folk building subsidized battery plants for cars nobody is buying, hoteliers with fully booked hotels do to .gov paying for illegals. And if the transfer payments go over the falls by default we do too.

      .gov provides liquidity for the entire system.

      TSMC isn’t purportedly relocating to AZ because of the cheap labor. It’s the free .gov cheddar. Later they’ll say they want more free or they’ll leave/won’t update the plant.

      • “I can also see people all over the USA fighting back this time.”

        around 2010 the USA went and bought what was it several billion rounds of ammo.. to hand out so people in govt.. in case of an uprising.. in the USA.. internal ammunition for cooks cleaners the fbi social workers etc.. in the event of an innsurection.. I wonder.. was this all planned

    • Texas has
      been Invaded.. for three years..
      I believe that they won’t back down..the only peaceful option is to open the border crossings in California, New Mexico and Arizona. with 2/3 or better of all our military coming from the states that oppose the open border policies this could become very ugly real fast..
      having 8 fronts that we are presently on..not counting the potential Trojan horse army that has already crossed into iur country..either way this will hit the history books negatively..past civilizations historically the Generals took command to save their country those that stood steadfast to the failed administration didn’t turn out very well.. now a huge question will they turn away from the failed policies? protecting the criminal elements. or will they throw all the guilty under the bus tires to save their own hides time will tell….

      now I believe this can be turned around..just open the border crossings . send these illegals to sanctuary states and cities…. LA Phoenix.. Chicago Los Angeles..

      I believe he needs to unite the country not separate it..

    • ??????
      think about that…
      2/3 and above our whole army navy marine et.. are from the states that are opposed to the open borders.
      most of our military Generals are from those states as well..
      it’s one thing to face an enemy to protect your homes family and quite another to be told to blast the hell out of grandma’s house.
      if ge really wants to open the borders then open the border crossings in California, New Mexico and Arizona..

  8. My order of morning news scan: Drudge, Urbin Survival (or Peoplenomics or Ultra-make {and ALL the comments}), GLP, and zerohedge. I take all except Urs, with a big grain of salt and only read beyond the headlines on what I think may be pertinent.
    I watch the local TV news for the local weather, traffic, and the stories about Cali turning into a 3rd world society.

    • i spent a few days reading them all but i dont go to glp anymore.

      honestly, with the dog pissing all over the place in the house as i shewed him out the door then go in the bathroom and the cat pissed on the floor.

      i get better news from watching the geese at the lake. and a 3 year old little girl who comes in holding a magicians hat, and a majic wand. she says, im going to do some majic for you Andy.

      i said you arrrrrrreeee. she says, let me see what magic i can make for you? i said okay! and got all excited.

      she says alacazam Andy, then reaches in her hat, pulls out a card with a picture of a house with a sun on it wearing a smiley face.

      i said wow! you made me a house!!!! she said yup, standing there all proud. and she said its a happy house see. it has a smiley face.

      i said i see that.

      she said put it in your pocket. i said okay. she said when you put it in your pocket? it becomes a real house.

      so i have it in my pocket.

      that is the real news. first hand.


      • dogs and cats will let you know when they have to go..
        you only need to be responsive.. male cats will scent its territory .. just be more responsive to their needs and no messes to clean up..

  9. We are being played by the MM and ourseves. It is not who craps in the WH that determines the course of events.

    Quoting somebody, “the left wing and the right wing are attached to the same bird.”

    War is in our future sooner or later, because too many people in the world love it; Therefore, it is what it is. ;-((

  10. In addition to coming here each morning to read Ure website and all the excellent comments from many learned readers, I also read Stu’s site and hope everyone else here is doing so. It is like sitting in a theatre watching a Shakespearian tragedy and having the Coles notes in your lap.

    • “The United Kingdom is in an uproar after it was suggested that they may face a military draft. There is no draft at the time of this writing, but based on the models, you should prepare for one shortly.”

      ” There will be two phases to the nuclear part of World War III. Phase I involves events in Europe, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Israel versus Russian, Chinese, and NATO’s interests.
      It will include naval nuclear battles in the Black Sea and the Aegean Sea, a limited nuclear attack on the United States, and the sinking of Great Britain and Greece with a Poseidon Status 6 nuclear torpedo.” – G.A. Stewart
      Nostradamus and The Third Age of Mars 2024

      • “.., and the sinking of Great Britain and Greece with a Poseidon Status 6 nuclear torpedo.” – G.A. Stewart
        – I can see Great Britain getting the shaft – they seem to be begging for it. But why Greece? It has no political, financial, military significance, at all. With the exception of being a torn in Turkey’s side., they are virtually a non-plus on the world stage.
        – Northern Italy [ Vatican?} That I can understand as a religious / political target. [ Can we transfer all the scrolls, books and documents out first? Hate to see all that history erased.]
        – But why waste such an important, powerful – there aren’t too many of them, weapon on Greece? Sending a “Poseidon” up the Potomac makes a lot more sense.
        What did Nostradamus “see” in Greece ?

        • I’m betting the Erdogan flip into the axis of dweevers. And he would control ME Energy to Europe and the straits at Constantinople, would he not? Payback to NATO for selling Greeks F35s comes to mind as well.

  11. Immigration almost at same level as late 1800’s:

    European immigrants preferred the U.S. in past history:

    The vast frontier of low paying jobs (that Americans won’t do) awaits the modern day immigrant :

    Somebody has to have kids to maintain stable population in U.S., (U.S. birth rate dropped 23%, 2007 – 2020), and fill those low paying jobs..

      • all they have to do is open the border crossings rather than sending them to the Rio..California has it figured out.. great big mansions with a lot of bedrooms. just for two people.. open up those hotel sized mansions.. lots of yard space for tents and Mexico, California, and Arizona.. welcome them with open arms..those multi millionaire’s have the funds and security to keep them safe..
        they just have to put their money ey where their mouth is..instead of spending everyone else has spend their own..
        no one drowning open the gates..

        it makes you wonder why they force the illegals to cross the dangerous River and razor wire..especially when they have roads and walkways there already

    • What is it about “legal” and “screened” immigrants that you do not understand? Do you really think that hundreds of thousands of fighting age gottaway males from countries that hate our guts are going to bring about the paradise you see ahead?

      Holy shit.

      • I always thought there was a reason for vetting.. I have no issues of imagination to the usa..but pay our taxes follow our laws . receive no benefits that were designed for struggling taxpayers. then no Social security until they have paid in the taxes of 40 quarters just like the US citizens.
        pay a non resident tax until they gain citizenship..
        they should not be a burden on American taxpayers. if you decide to spend your money is one thing but spending mine is another..

    • U Next Tuesday .

      Piece of diabolical scheisse that is ms Amy Pope resembles you and Ure writing/posts to a T.
      Taring and Feathering will be the least of her worries in next 3 months.

      Despicable sub humans..

  12. to the other truckers,
    country on.

    you know among many other things in life,

    I too am a horn blaring, jake breaking, eaten 18 speed shiften, dipping my hot wings in ranch dressing, while slugging down black coffee trucker.

    i have arms the size of texas, scuffs on my cowboy boots, scars on my kuckles, dirt under my nails

    and fyi cupcakes! i eat the pussy.

    off to grab 18 gears!

  13. been a long time since i said that, eh george? hahahahaha

    Swing Wide!
    Hammer Down!
    Mash it!

    and when i walk in the bowling ally? all the ladys call me King Pin.


    Yes sir!

    true story.

  14. Thought I’d share something from my dreamworld last night Jan 29. Spent what seemed like hours trying to outclimb a massive tsunami and woke up exhausted and grieving for all that had been lost – the people, beaches, islands, all the sea life. So much loss, and it was clear I would not survive either as I watched surge after surge of brown water swell and consume the headland I stood on. The entire horizon heaved and there was a strange darkening of the sky. Someone said the EQ was huge – in the hundreds, which I said was impossible. Then they said “34 or 39” which made no sense either, unless it referred to a latitude? That would encompass northern Japan, NW coast of US, north island of NZ and Chile.

    I think Andy said he was happy to find it was actually Jan 20 instead of Jan 29 – where he had been in a meditation session?? The sun just unleashed an M6 flare that triggered an immediate proton storm. Could mean nothing or something or anything in between?

    Might mean nothing, but

    • Time keeps on slipping,slipping, slipping into the future, and the past. Dimensional time lines are intertwining out west over skinwalker, every time they intertwine there is leak thru’s in either direction.
      So when Bigelow Space corp scientist and security teams shot Dead, the fucking Dinosaur that had been slaughtering the Moosies on the ranch, there was no body to be found when they set out to recover it.
      This phenomena is going to increasing in frequency as we progress thru 2024.

      “ they “ will be just as startled as We will be when people and things just appear/disappear out of nowhere .

      Don’t be “woo’ed”, be the WOO and be happier for it .

    • I, also, morning of 29th worst tsunami, tital waves I have ever seen in my dreams cape.

      2nd time ever. First time over 10 years ago.

      This time, waves coming in, getting taller and taller, at least 50 feet high, miles long, washing in with tremendous unrelenting waves after waves of force.

      Dark skies, dark water.

      We were in an RV by the water, and the water came in and floated the RV moving it up and headed back out to sea and I knew we wouldn’t make it.

      That’s when I woke up.

      Scariest, frightening witness to a natural disaster of unbelievable proportions.

      • Love the water, sailed most of my life … ocean sailed on big sailboats with friends, fun, but NEVER wanted to live on it’s shores or the lowlands near it. Always wanted to be WELL INLAND, a lifetime CORE emotional reaction from deep within my soul.

        Prior to 9/11 when Jim Berkland’s board was up and running there were a number of posts there, or linked from there, of people who were having visions of experiencing stuff, once 9/11 occurred it was clear that those visions were what a single person would have seen with their own eyes when 9/11 happened, and they were part of the event. No big picture context so hard to create a big picture context from the number of different posts.

        In an after the event review the most interesting one was someone watching TV and it was a specific reporter in a specific location talking saying the “Skyscraper Fell”, actually the quote was longer than that. The person who wrote that vision thought that meant that a major EQ hit NY City and caused a skyscaper to fall. That exact reporter said word for word what the person had dreamed, was standing at exactly the place in the dream, and it was a LIVE broadcast on MSNBC at the time one of the WTC buildings came down. After the fact of course we know the dreamer’s interpretation was wrong, it was the falling building causing the seismic event not the seismic event causing the building to fall.

        While most dreams like yours are just dreams … when multiple people start having serious dreams that can interrelate I have concluded that the time is near for something BIG and it is time to pay attention and try to interrelate the various dreams.

        • Thank you, Stephen 2.

          I appreciate your reply/comment.

          We tried to take our RV to the beach along the Gulf of Mexico over Thanksgiving, but we had one unforeseen event after the other, including only making it 50 or so miles from home base, having to get towed back, so we did not make it to the beach.

          AT that time, I wondered if that was a BIG SIGN to stay away from the coast.

          Our RV is still not operable.

          So, this dream focused so much and mainly on the scenes of the Tsunami waves. How they started low, and wave after wave would rise and come in and then would extend where the water went, so my mind (consciousness) was focused on the scenery of the beach, the color of the skies, and the waves, as they grew and grew, after wave after wave came in. The wall of water was TALL and WIDE, miles wide.

          I didn’t know I was in an RV until the very end, my consciousness had moved into our RV, on a RV park above the beach, not on the beach, but just a block off the beach, but that didn’t really matter as it was just too close.

          That last scene, that last 50′ or higher wave was going to take everything out inland for God knows how many miles, so a block or so off the beach, would be completely destroyed. That wave hit, lifted the RV off of the ground and it started to move, that’s when I realized I was in the RV, and could not get out the front door and that my life, and my spouse’s life, on this earth, was over.

          Because our trip was cancelled, and the RV park gave us a certain amount of time to re book, I am thinking, no, we will not go at all.

  15. ” The MAGA Truckers are Back—And Heading to the Border – DNyuz”

    Neocommunist propaganda site.

    The truckers WILL be armed — every single one of them carries a tire thumper. I doubt a single one will be carrying a firearm though, because they all know the same thing as I: There are States and municipalities which don’t recognize the 2nd Amendment, and carrying a firearm in these places can get you locked-up until you can no longer buy spare parts for your truck… Better to just leave it home.

  16. actually, i think being a Big Rig heavy haul driver is a honorable profession. i never did long haul. im more of a Heavy Haul Construction driver. Good pay and Great Benifits. Dirty hands, honest work, cleaner hands than any politician.

    and crikey, it sure is fun!

    as the song goes….
    “There’s a world outside every darkened door
    Where blues won’t haunt you anymore
    Where the brave are free and lovers soar
    Come ride with me to the distant shore”

    “Through all these cities and all these towns
    It’s in my blood, and it’s all around
    I love you now like I loved you then
    This is the road, and these are the hands”

    got a new hat that reads: Mountain Dude.

    A perfect match 4 me.

    and now you can say, I was there when Just Andy became The Mountain Dude.


    Truly I am Blessed and Highly Fortunate. Off to grab 18 gears.

    Que: ~ Life is a Highway ~

    Rascal Flats

  17. George, I knew you’d ban/censor me sooner or later – but hey it’s your site and you’ve shown what you really are – hint: weak.

    So I’ll bother you no more. Andy is the star poster of your little club and he’s deranged, off with the fairies. Says it all.

    Good luck in WW111. Amerika will virtually cease to exist so I hope you’re not down-wind of anything important. Vassals like Oz will also be taken out & invaded but as we’re unimportant militarily I’m thinking only Pine Gap & the US base in Darwin will be nuked so me & mine may be OK in my retreat in the bush. Interesting times.

    • This being the first and only post from this IP address, sorry, I’m not following your premise?

      Trust everyone remembers that there can be up to 12 hours from posting to approval of a post because I don’t stay up 24/7 to approve posts. Approving ends around 4 pm central and perks up around 5 am when the coffee or tea kicks in.

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