Housing, Fed, & Jobs Week, Dream-School

Our sense of the market this week is to be wary for a sell-off before the Fed Meeting results Wednesday. Especially if you have been following the CME Fed tool which is not particularly happy about the odds of a Fed move this week.

There’s a ton of data this too, so a double-whammy on the downside is possible.  Because the first thing due tomorrow is the Case-Shiller monthly read on housing.  We are not expecting this to fall off a cliff – yet.  And as we mentioned on the Peoplenomics side of the house Saturday, there was some upside surprise to most recent port and rail traffic numbers.  Housing would likely remain firm.

Wednesday afternoon, the Fed seems likely to announce “No Change.” But that could spook the markets, always looking for fresh hype – so we’d expect the Chair to hint strongly at a first rate cut this spring.  We shall see.

For today’s action, a mid-morning Dallas Fed reading is not likely to shake the world.  Leaving the first cup of coffee to ruminate on whether “Sell the rumor, Buy the news” will work better this week than “Buy the rumor, Sell the news” in terms of short-duration swing trading.

Mideast Heat

The clock is running.  In fact, in one of our comments over the weekend a liveaboard sailor mentioned a 100-day window where he’s planning to get out of harm’s (potential) way.  We also have G.A. Stewart’s Nostradamus work pointing to the March-April-May period.  And there’s an eclipse April 8 which will pass over New Madrid’s fault about 2 PM that day.  Not that we think it will trigger anything, but we aren’t writing homeowner policies, either…

Despite the Big Picture (leading to the Global War) we are still in the foreplay department, though it’s plenty-painful, as well. Three US troops killed in Jordan drone strike linked to Iran. Which puts you-know-who under pressure as 3 U.S. troops killed in drone attack in Jordan by Iran-backed militia | AP News.  Which then (think billiards) knocks on to Iranian Allies Brace for U.S. Response to Deadly Drone Strike – WSJ.  Set you timers and in 3, 2, 1….

There’s a complicated calculus going on presently.  On the one hand, Biden given chilling nuclear warning over attacking Iran after kamikaze drone kills troops. To be sure, the bombing of Iranian nuclear facilities (pimped by GOP hawks press Biden to target Iran directly over soldiers’ deaths (axios.com)) might serve to make Biden look less foolish in aviator sunglasses.  But, it would also set up an escalation path wherein China could use cover of a U.S. distraction to Europe and Iran as the ideal spring launch time to “reunite” Taiwan at PLA gunpoint.

Still, China can afford to be patient a while longer, since Russia is still getting what it needs for its war industry from Asian manufacturers. Report says Taiwan machine tools entering Russia despite export ban.

Still, unknowable at this hour, is whether China will need a flare-up “Patriotic War” to pivot its citizens from focusing on the literally “bankrupt central planning” model as China Real-Estate Giant Evergrande, Drowning in $300 Billion of Debt, Is Ordered to Liquidate.  Could this be the light-off of a coming global reconciliation with the Reality of Commercial Real Estate’s demise?  How about a solid maybe?

We don’t have too much history we can delve into, but (staying focused on the war angle) the trend in data development migration seems to be rhetoric>sanctions>skirmish wars>global war if we’re reading the tea leaves right.

But then we have to stir in a handful of Cartel players, too. They’re doing a land office business in human trafficking and despite Biden supporter denial, stories like ‘El 80’ pleads guilty in US court, case gives view into Juárez drug cartel (yahoo.com) and Cocaine deal for Fayetteville stopped on I-95, man sentenced to prison (cbs17.com) remind us this week’s major distraction (besides the Fed meeting) will be as the Dolt administration tries to appease pro invasion socialists while pretending to uphold the tattered rule of law.  Which, based on the data, isn’t going particularly well.

As few additional headlines to frost this morning’s cake, then?


Fortune can’t tell you:  If Trump’s real estate empire is ‘dissolved’ under New York anti-fraud law, it will be one of only a dozen times it’s happened without an obvious victim | Fortune.  They might not want to say it, but Trump’s victim is the socialist-democrat party.  (Reminds me of an old family saying “he wouldn’t say shit, even with a mouthful of it…”  Meaning, it’s time to speak more Truth and the democrats are running an anti-constitution railroad.  No industry appraisal experts at a trial being allowed? What kinda bullshit is this?  Justice is now Just Us. NYBS.

Hey! What’s for Launch? North Korea conducts two launches of new Pulhwasal-3-31 submarine-launched strategic cruise missile (navyrecognition.com).

How can we be Up, Down, and Nowhere at the same time?  Well, when we looked the NASDAQ futures were up, the Dow futures were down, and the S&P was dead flat – nowhere from Friday.  That, we fear, may be code for how this week will run.

Future tripping short-term outlook: Madness on bordering to come, two-part column tomorrow for housing numbers, and job lie roulette on Friday.  What more could an ignorant narcissistic population of phone addicts and lie-lovers possibly hope for? I mean besides a soft-socialist dictator and mandatory gender change laws.

Fair-weather liberals will be along shortly.

Around the Ranch: Dream-School

Another fine, all-day in the crockpot, pot roast with gravy was the set-up for another amazing night in “The Dream Realms.”  Although I’ve written a couple of books on the subject of lucid dreams, the novel Dream Over and non-fiction Psychocartography, the experience of vivid dreams – and being able to recall them on this side of waking never fails to impress.

Understandably, you may be skeptical, especially if you have never sufficiently freed your mind to take you to non-local Realms of being.  Incredible stuff there and with lower (electronics term, oddly fit) distortion products compared with psychedelics.  True, you will be seeing archons and the “mechanical men” first with a good hit of ayahuasca. But dream skills are cleaner by several definitions of the phrase.

Even people who claim they don’t dream, likely do.  There is a mental boundary – a borderland between waking and other worlds – which takes constant practice to navigate.  But entirely worth it; at least for me.

Once you practice retrieval of dream content (bring it back into waking state) mostly by giving yourself permission and then practicing nightly with pre and post sleep focus, you can begin categorizing your dreams.

They come in a lot of flavors, and I started collecting them from the public back in 2008 at the National Dream Center.  The dreambase is alive and well and being operated by a retired USAF Lt. Col. Chris McCleary as an adjunct to his counseling practice.  Chris’s work on the site is monumental because to be an F-15 pilot/wizzo and go into healing human psyche issues is not the “stuff of a usual resume.”  You can find some of the early dreambase and the current work over here.

One of my “bring backs” from The Realms overnight was apparently to encourage you to investigate this other half of “self” which gets short shrifted by the domineering waking mind. Which is fine, since you’d just as soon the pilot of an airliner, or dude in the cab of the Kenworth coming nearly head-on to you on a two-lane road, is not experiencing what students of this stuff call bilocation.  Fully present in the LHN (local here and now) is useful when performing brain surgery, too.

POV Jumps

There is one class of dreams that I report on which stands head and shoulders above others because it occasionally will provide “useful intel” about living life-to-come on the waking side.  Knowledge of future. Dreams from another personality’s Point of View (POV)>

Two examples here are the “personal future-self POV” while the other is “other person POV.”  Both may be either thought-stubs (incomplete thoughts from waking states) being negotiated to irrelevance in sleep) or they can be amazing fantasies, or messages from the dead, future, your body, or others.

An impactful future-self POV dream was my (2014-ish) dream when Elaine and I were in Arizona.  I’d written a column, gone back to sleep for a couple of hours.  Had a dream about a fatal car accident, rerouting our road trip over a much longer route, and while on that, experiencing road construction and curious orange traffic cones.

When I woke, we left where we were and sure enough, an hour later, a cutoff road from Heber, AZ to Holbrook was closed due to the exact fatal accident of my dream and that led to a long detour where the construction and cones were on the road from Show Low, AZ to Snowflake, a little on the Show Low side from Shumway, AZ.   Jaw-dropping experience. Elaine still gets goosebumps about it.

An “Other Person’s POV” example was experiencing a murder on an oil rig, seeing what was a “wall” somehow associated with “Cornwall” and imagining this horrible oil platform fire.  After posting that dream, 18 hours later, the Deepwater Horizon fire and spill would take place.  So, this “dream/vision” seems to have had aspects of future embedded in it. It was so far out of “chance” as to be stupid.  Later, I’d learn the pilots of those offshore rig supply boats would refer to “the Wall” as when you head off the Louisiana coast, a “wall” of radar pickets appears when you get near the exploration and production platforms.

This is all “old stuff” but there is a ton more; with more or less detail, different points of view seeing different things. So many, in fact, that my novel DreamOver is about the process.

Which Sets Up Last Night…

That’s a “technology read-in” on how the mechanics of vivid dreaming and recall works. We can skip the “guidance from dead relatives” parts – and the living some number of days in The Realms which operate on a whole-different time base than waking life does here in Waking.

Let’s  call last night “The Handoff”

The dream begins with me being in a large government or public building of some sort in a foreign country.  My sense is that I am an American or Canadian. I was in a group of people who (curiously) all had their shoes off.

I was aware that a major conference was being held. That was in a large meeting hall ahead and to my right.  To the middle and a bit left in my field of vision was the central core of the large building (elevators). Curiously, there was also an old-style wall phone – big one – and the fellow on the phone was?  Vladimir Putin.  He caught my attention since I had time to kill and was in a temporary seating area that had been set up in the foyer/lobby area of this large building.

He was carrying on with a colleague, from whom there had been an urgent call. But, not being due in the meeting room yet, they had continued and were just gabbing. And (the strange part) telling jokes.  It was like every old Swedish joke you ever heard had been retooled and was coming out of Putin’s mouth.  “You know what happens when you take 10-Americans?” began one of them.

While this was going on, a dark-skinned foreign leader arrived (might have come from that big meeting room).  He was taken by his staff to the left where to the side of the building’s core, there was a hallway and a large conference room with half-height glass enclosing it.  This leader and entourage camped out in there.

There was also a man in dark clothing, and hooded, who this leader had stopped and shown respects to, seated just to my right. Some kind of holy man on monk was the sense of it.

While this was going on, I had tried hard not to stare at the Putin figure’s (outlandish) sense of humor telling jokes on the phone; having known (somehow) that Putin had an “odd sense” of what’s funny from others.

Noticing my staring, though, as his call ended, this (dreamworld) Putin with half a dozen bodyguards came over to where I was standing and said some threatening things.  I profusely apologized. But instead of dropping it, this dream figure Putin pulled out a 4-inch barrel chrome-plated large caliber revolver and pointed it at me.

He waved it for a minute, then holstered it saying (in effect) “Let that be a lesson to you…get out of here…

From the temporary seating area, I scrambled for the pile of shoes and quickly found mine (medium brown, loafers).

I was only too happy to comply. Because I was there (in this building) on a spy mission and my contact had failed to show.  I turned and started down a series of halls to make my way to the building exit. But was surprised when there was construction (floor work) underway.

At one point, I tripped and fell to my knee.  A workman came over and helped me up. With a brush of his hand, this workman placed a twice folded (horizontally) piece of paper in my right front pocket and simply said “Leave, now.”

I knew at once that this was the “secret intel” that was being passed to me. I’d carried a pile of “working papers” and a small gift box of some kind, in my left hand.  But this was the real reason for my visit to the building.

I walked further, not sure which way to turn, when I saw a half flight of stairs that led down into a restaurant – Asian – and the woman there quite annoyingly tried to engage me in conversation.  It was an almost painful delay because I wanted to get myself – and the spy materials – as far away, as quickly as possible.  Eventually, she shut up, after I promised to come back and make a dinner reservation, I was able to leave out onto the street level.

The street was remarkably wide.

A brisk walk to a parking area, a block and a half distant, and I was at my car.  It was sort of sporty, the shifter was unconventional, and it was a dream world mashup of (if you’re old enough to remember) an old Hudson with the mohair interior and an older four-place Nash with the rolled back.  Odd car.  And it was cranky to start.

Eventually, it caught and I was nearly safe.  While it warmed for a minute, I dared to look at the spy craft paper.  It looked like nothing but an official government form of some kind.  Yet there was a knowing that this would prove some kind of corruption between Putin and a faction in Serbia. The language I was reading was unfamiliar, but it had the familiar layout (with lined boxes) such as government bureaucrats worldwide seem drawn to.

The document back in my right front pants pocket, I slipped into traffic with plans to pass off the paper as soon as possible.

At this point I woke.  The other person POV event was over.

I still don’t know what to make of it, but it was interesting as hell. I’m still trying to filter what it was all about.  But it was another of the kind of dream world activities that makes it abundantly clear that the most important mission all of us have (here in the waking world) is to answer the question “What mental tools can I gather up here in the Waking world that will give me more powers/control/authority/awareness over in The Realms?”

Tough question…no easy answers.  Bottom line seems to be that “When we leave this existence, should we go on to others (for which there’s some science pointing that direction) what should we pack?

I went deeply into this in my book Packing to Die: Suitcase between your ears.  But figuring out what (mental) additional tools would have helped in this latest adventure, for this morning anyway, escapes me.

Write when I wake up,


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George Ure
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28 thoughts on “Housing, Fed, & Jobs Week, Dream-School”

    by Carlos Castaneda

    Don Juan stated that sorcerers of ancient times developed a set of practices designed to recondition our energetic capabilities to perceive. They called this set of practices the art of dreaming. And that although Dreaming seems to be a sensation or a process in our bodies, it was actually an awareness in our minds. The awareness of sorcerers grows when they do dreaming and this boosts the sorcerers Personal Power.

    Dreaming is primary concerned is with the displacement of the Assemblage Point and through the discipline of Dreaming it is possible to cultivate and perform, in the course of sleep and ordinary dreams, a systematic displacement of the assemblage point. They called this control of the Assemblage Point shifts during sleep “control dreaming” or “the art of handling the dreaming body”. Every time this control of your dream is exercised, one’s Personal Power is fortified. Personal Power in turn makes the Assemblage Point shift into new dreaming positions which are more and more suitable for fostering sobriety. In other words, dreams by themselves become more and more manageable.

    Don Juan’s praxis of dreaming was an exercise that consisted of finding one’s hands in a dream. In other words, one had to deliberately dream that one was looking for and could find one’s hands in a dream by simply dreaming that one lifted one’s hands to the level of the eyes.

    One night, quite unexpectedly, I found my hands in my dreams. I dreamt that I was walking on an unknown street in a foreign city and suddenly I lifted up my hands and placed them in front of my face. It was as if something within myself had given up and had permitted me to watch the backs of my hands.

    Don Juan’s instructions had been that as soon as the sight of my hands would begin to dissolve or change into something else, I had to shift my view from my hands to any other element in the surroundings of my dream. In that particular dream I shifted my view to a building at the end of the street. When the sight of the building began to dissipate I focused my attention on the other elements of the surroundings in my dream. The end result was an incredibly clear composite picture of a deserted street in some unknown foreign city.


    This technique works, but I was only able to do it once, many years ago. I was in total control of myself in the dream, everything was clear and I went where I wanted to go, and it was as if I was awake. – JC

    Even though his ex-wife says Castaneda was a fraud, well, you know how ex-wives can be.

  2. (“We also have G.A. Stewart’s Nostradamus work pointing to the March-April-May period. “)

    for years I would wake up at 3/15 in a cold sweat dreaming of something horrible happening..I always had a feeling of dread and expectations that this was important. every year I sweat the March 15th.

  3. This triggers an idea…

    For many people, there is a sufficiently strong mind wall between DreamSpace and AwakeSpace. These foks will say things like, “I never dream,” or, “I never remember my dreams.” But these follks spend just as much time in R.E.M. sleep as any others, Science has demonstrated.

    So, the difference is the programming of their wall’s strength. I can think of many parameters for this. but that’s another disquisition.

    Recently talk has floated around these parts (pages) about The Afterlife, and the Akashic Record, and other “MindSpaces.”

    The key thing that card-carrying psychics have is a less strong wall in some departments — allowing for passage if information from Over There to Over Here.

    Dream-Enabled people are closer to crossing over either into LightCone Land, The Akashic Library, or The Soul Waiting/Assesment/Reassignment Station (DeadZone).

    Precise words for this fail me…

    • “So, the difference is the programming of their wall’s strength.”
      – Sort of, kind of – agree with that.., that people who claim not to remember their dreams actively block remembering them.
      – The question I have is whether they, themselves put up the wall., block remembering., or does something, or someone else block them., sets up the wall, so they can’t remember ?? If it is something, or someone else – what is it? .., and why?

    • As I re-read this, I’m reminded of stories of very young children “remembering” earlier lives — but eventurally they get talked out of those ideas, and submit to conventional reality, and those memories slowly fade away. (Or, should I say, “safely” fade away. Can’t have such perceptions rattling around all loose…)

    • re: Major Arcana (Greater Secrets)
      feat: “The Fool’s Journey”

      The outlawed Russian slang version of Putin’s (tr. ‘the way/road’) surname, ‘Pt?’ derived from ‘Putin is a dickhead’, employs the somewhat rare velar nasal sound of ? when voiced. The International Phonetic Alphabet names it an en(i)gma. One imagines that jesting scribes don’t usually diss Mr. Putin.

      One of the interesting coinkydoinks of media coverage following the tragic attack on Tower 22 in Jordan near the border with Syria and Iraq is an image used by Deutsche Welle for instance. It’s a satellite picture of Tower 22 from last October attributed to Planet Labs PBC of San Francisco. The interesting currently “blank cheque company” descendent, and former owner of the now-defunct GameSpy platform, is a service provider to Uncle Sam. It was founded by a former Australian Nasa engineer who went where most men have never gone before along with William Shatner aboard Blue Origin NS-18. The former’s current hobbies according to his website include angel investing as well as producing music under the pseudonym Dr. Chrispy.

      Speaking of music, let’s consult with our seer dealing from a full deck over at the ‘Urban studio. Yes, folks, everyone ready for the digital flop from DJ George? Here we go with some Jimi Hendrix Experience with their cover of Dylan:
      “All Along the Watchtower”.

      Pops is on the button?Settle in for the next round of betting?

    • I always dream..usually about building something..rarely do I have a negative dream..

  4. “bankrupt central planning”

    Most countries use central planning. Citizens don’t have a choice.

    Boeings are flying again. Boeing is the West’s version of the East German Trabant 601. Hope you don’t get slammed in the head by a falling door. Getting hit by a plane door sounds absurd but it isn’t anymore. No choice.

    The beginnings of a real estate boondoogle. Oklahoma wants the tallest building record. You wouldn’t think there is such a demand for office space in Oklahoma City but there must be since banks are lending *cough – cough* just like China.

    Oklahoma City wants to steal New York’s thunder with new tallest skyscraper in US

    “If the plan succeeds, the Legends Tower would be the tallest building in the U.S. and the fifth tallest in the world, the developers say. The tallest is the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, which is 2,716 feet tall.”

    “Pointing to a period of growth, Matteson said in a statement that Oklahoma City is “well-positioned to support large-scale projects like the one envisioned for Bricktown.””


  5. Reality..

    It’s a containment program, the more its inmates understand it the more ineffective it becomes.As the Assassins used to say “ nothing is true, and everything is permitted.

    Fourier transforms are the rules of engagement, it’s all about Probabilities. Those not prepared for to deal with that better get below decks with the Women and Children.

    Cannot be EMPHASIZED enough – RULES are the enemies best weapon hear, be sure to break everyone you find.

    If we create Loosh we are doing them a favor, if we create Chaos withOUT Loosh, they will die .

  6. no market sell off today, yet … just another up day like all the others since Oct 2023 … been amazing to watch the power moves up … cant say I know how it all ends … but until it happens …. just relax and watch the movie

  7. ” Biden given chilling nuclear warning over attacking Iran after kamikaze drone kills troops.”

    Yeah, because the way to handle a “Rogue State” that’s going nuclear is to do nothing until they can wipe us off the map.

    We have treated Iran like a gnat since 1979. After taking over via armed coup, after the exit of the Shah to seek cancer treatment in the U.S., one of the first things the Ayatollah did was declare War against the United States. AFAIK that declaration has never been rescinded. He who let the nonresident hunter fuck his 15yo daughter is strongly pro-Iranian and despite American warhawk overtures toward spanking them, will permit no direct action (unless a convenient aspirin factory presents itself.)

    Ergo, Persia will go unassailed and remain unrepentant…

    • i heard something about a nuclear agreement between iran, russia, china, germany, the UK, France and the EU. that is until some politician torpedoed it without any sort of alternative plan.

  8. A pretty good overview of the historic, Crumbley trial.

    As a reminder,

    “…the Crumbleys being the first parents in America charged in a mass school shooting.”

    “Prosecutors have alleged that the Crumbleys were grossly negligent on a number of levels, including ignoring their son’s mental health issues, buying him a gun instead of getting him therapy, and giving him access to that gun.”

    Crumbley parents: ‘I really wish we … would have taken him home’


  9. “I was aware that a major conference was being held. That was in a large meeting hall ahead and to my right. To the middle and a bit left in my field of vision was the central core of the large building (elevators). Curiously, there was also an old-style wall phone – big one – and the fellow on the phone was? Vladimir Putin.”

    Decidedly not Putin. He would never speak to someone [who was] significantly beneath him in political stature, (he’d have one of his minions do so, if it were necessary), and he would never threaten someone of equal or greater stature than he. Actually, since he’s not a tinhorn, Putin would never threaten anyone. If’fn you made the top of his shitlist, you would simply disappear.

    Therefore the “Putin” in your dream was an impostor.

    A part of the “message” of your dream might be that Vlad has a doppelgänger carrying his “sniper target” for him. More likely, you saw something regarding President Houseplant which tripped the “latent journalist” in your subconscious and indicated Mr. Biden (who IS a tinhorn and WOULD threaten someone by waving a pistol around) is ganging his own doppel You may have noticed the stand-in is not only a better speaker than Da Prez, but is more sane and less dishonest.

    Your waking self simply cannot accept the fact that a U.S. President could be intentionally doing whatever your subconscious-self noticed. Your sleeping-self is merely trying to help you sort out the moral dilemma and clarify your thought…

  10. re: M & m’s
    feat: the X files

    I’d sure be interested to read what Publisher-in-Charge & chief pencil sharpener Ure has to say about today’s breaking news from the industrial titan of the current Model T(esla). Apparently Mr. M.’s Neuralink has implanted its first brain device in a human guinea pig. Promising times are ahead in medical spheres? As well, business modelers are stepping up to the plate with proposed brain implants so you can directly connect with your smartphone and devices? ‘Appiness will be breaking out all over!

    Naturally, don’t expect multitasking DJ George to be left behind on this breakout Kreskin opportunity. While working the shortwave bands, here he is sparing neurons to bring us some classic Devo:
    “Plain Truth”.

    • Mr. Pencil (dick) admonishes that if a person allowed such a transplant, they didn’t really have a brain to begin with, now, did they? So the results are bound to be debated.

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