Spinning Up the Intel Platform

With War on the Horizon, time to dial things in. Back in 2015, we outlined how to build a fairly effective “home intelligence platform” using readily available online tools.  Until recently, however, there wasn’t much to “move the needle” in terms of international crisis. 

That has recently changed.  So this morning with get back into Cold War territory of “throw weights” and how many people can be killed in one massive attack.  Not for the faint of heart.

First, however, a few comments on America’s “Split-Level Justice System.”  And coffee, of course.

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25 thoughts on “Spinning Up the Intel Platform”

  1. G – let us forget the fine folks in Greece and Turkey – they disagree as to who has the rights to Energy reserves in the Med. This is another tasty flashpoint for military conflict. No worries really, as Erdogan seems to be a perfectly rational and very stable leader.
    In a game of Nuclear chicken, does 1st to Launch determine the outcome?
    Speaking of huge energy reserves, with the S300 systems now in place in Venezuela, with Russian Spetnaz teams on the ground – how long before we have a new Vietnam in our own backyard?
    War and Rumors of War…see Gold

    • The recent conflict in Syria demonstrated that once Russia arrives on scene things tend to get under control fairly quickly. This time in Venezuela, Russia did not wait and has replied to Maduro’s request for aid by planting their flag with backup before the dipsticks in the DC swamp got any farther than a few guerilla attacks. IMO it is already game, set, match. There will be no war in Venezuela.

  2. Did you pull out searches that include Friday? Elections are usually in November, people start searching for Black Friday deals in November…

  3. Mueller has proven that FAKE NEWS is, in fact, FAKE NEWS, meaning President Trump will be reelected in 2020. God Bless America. Individual accountability will be returning to America.

    • ECS,
      Unless you have read the Mueller report cover to cover, you can’t make that statement. The GOP and Lyndsey Graham are already trying to block the reports release. Why? That makes no sense. If they really want accountability…then release the report…along with Trumps tax returns too, while they are at it.

      As far as 2020, remember the midterms…didn’t go so well for the GOP. The reason? Some of those 100 million that did not vote in 2016 came out and voted. That’s the missing link that neither side wants to talk about. What side will the 100 million take in 2020? That’s a great question and it all depends on who runs. Rumor has it Trump will have at least one GOP challenger…John Kasich is positioned to take a stab at it. He has recently been on just about every talk show lately. Coincidence? There are no coincidences in politics.

      • And how well did the midterms go…Crazies elected who are sending voters to the PT camp in droves. Crazy is over; American Voters have had enough. Mueller just cemented it all in the voters minds. The deplorable base is growing.

      • I am one of millions who did NOT vote in 2016, lost faith with this bought and paid for corp. government.
        President Trump is the first to do his best to complete his campaign platform and HE HAS EARNED my vote in 2Q2Q and I will not miss this election nor did I miss 2018
        He is draining the swamp and the swamp creatures are crying the loudest
        Trump basically handed the demos the house in 2018, but got the bigger prize of the senate and cleared out a lot of RINOS .
        A lot of dems have been scared away by the new crop of freshmen in congress
        better stock up on valiums if you are not mentally prepared for a landslide for President Trump
        Mueller has 2 pieces of bread and the desperate cling on ers think it is a sandwich
        Thank You God, that the evil beast lost

    • Sorry but Trump will never get re-elected for his record is against him, immigration-0 no involvement in foreign wars-0, Israel’s stooge +10 (after all he has to appease his donar base) and he will cave in on the trade deals before its done, so that’s a 0,making America great again -10,so only a fool would vote for the orange clown again .!!

      • Robert, the point you are missing is that it is not for the lack of trying by PT. Voters have duly noted this. Also, it is a nut house of Dem opponents he is facing. Voters have had enough of the crazies. I am not endorsing PT; I am vomiting over the competition.

    • ECS.. I totally love having Trump as my president.. having him in office is about as close as we will ever see a leader giving us the truth for a change..

      but.. If I was Trump.. I sure wouldn’t even try to run again why take the stress and strain the abuse..the next thing you would hear is that the Canadians are in on it plotting against our free system…. dam canukes .. trying to sway our election systems.


      .look at his pictures from when he started to now.. you can see the stress is affecting him.. and who would want to be attacked day and night.. our congress still isn’t going to do a thing.. they basically have stopped working for decades now..

      • Anon,
        I agree that Trump would be stupid to run…for his health and the health of those of us that loathe him. …

        But….it does seem lately that he is setting up Lyndsey Graham to be his successor more and more. Graham has been sucking up with Trump a lot lately and Trump has returned the compliments. Personally, I have no problem with Graham…That scenario is set up in Michael Lewis’s new book.

        Wouldn’t be the worst choice and better than most of the Dems running so far.

  4. One only needs to sit at an airport departure gate watching loadings of similarly sized A3– and B73- planes: one is containerized and one is piece-by-piece. Tick, tock; tick tock?

    Speaking of the ponies, it’s perhaps worth a mention that China was first out of the starting gate to ground the Max, and the crash investigation was handed to France’s BEA headquartered at Building 153?

  5. I don’t see the split-level justice article but for the readers edification an example is Geoffrey Gnadt. Was a not-successful lawyer up until the self-directed end. Was charged with strangulation of his wife and that was plead down to a misdemeanor so he could keep his bar card in WI. CA wanted nothing to do with him and he asked to be removed from the bar before CA tossed him out. Later facing a class B felony for the sexual assault of his 3 year old daughter and the DA was willing to plead that to a 4th degree sex crime (aka a misdemeanor) thus allowing him to keep his bar card. His case was part of a 30 min rant by local conservative-rant-radio so it was noticed beyond the normal court-watching crowd.

  6. Hmm would’nt that be something new, a war in our own backyard different any way, for after all we have troops in every ones backyard.They have a loose cannon in Turkey we have one in Washington, with the imperialist (neocons) drooling over all that oil in Venezuela and his imperialistic (neocon) cabinet howling for war, all to make America great again.

  7. According to the sign in the background in the Movie Atlas shrugged II which came out in 2012, 10-29-19 The End of the Word. Is clearly stated in the background, in graffiti, while the chick is on the train. Its just for a second.

    From the song by Rush, The spirit of Radio:

    “Invisible airwaves crackle with life
    Bright antennae bristle with the energy
    Emotional feedback on timeless wavelength
    Bearing a gift beyond price, almost free”

    And The song by Simon and Garfunkel, The sound of silence: “The words of the prophets are written on the subway walls”


      But it begs the point about poets and subway walls and seeing the future…

      • Well old dude, I tested wether i should relay it or not. The archons dont very much like me and they started hammering me about it.

        I can see when someone is being influenced by them. I have been for a while. They dont like being exposed. I had a person even condem me to death, for telling what i see. Lol.

        So, i knew right then and there, it was good to relay it, to the people here.

        Having had 11 NDE’s now, the person condemning me to death, isnt qualified to judge me or sentance me to death. Obviously not his words either. I did not accept his judgement or sentence as of value, or something to be accepted pr retrained, so the words he spoke remain with him. In return, I asked that The Creator of All bless him.

        So, I test every thought, every response and every word that i receive in feedback. I guard my mind, and i practice discernment. Notice the word feedback has the word Feed in it. To feed is offer food. One can decline to eat it, in this case i politely declined.

        We see an example of exactly what I am talking about in the Christian Bible.

        Even now, they are making a great effort at discrediting me. Ha ha ha!

        Mathew? 16:15-17

        15 “But wha?t about you?” he asked. “Who do you say I am?”

        16 Simon Peter answered, “You are the Messiah, the Son of the living God.”

        17 Jesus replied, “Blessed are you, Simon, (whome he called Pe?ter) son of Jonah, for this was not revealed to you by flesh and blood, but by my Father in heaven.

        then not but a few lines later,

        Matthew 16:23 “Jesus turne?d and said to Peter, “Get behind me, Satan! You are a stumbling block to me; you do not have in mind the concerns of God, but merely human concerns.”??

    • I changed it to “The words of the disenfranchised are written on the subway walls”. They are seeking our help.

  8. Hey george, a comment i was replying to yesterday and was posted for me to see, is now missing from the comment section regarding “Salt”.

    Strange days, in deed.

    I have bunch of stuff to get in order.

    Oh i will be around. Just wont be commenting much. Thanks!

    • I know it is hard for a perennial electronics buff to write about a future world one wire short a circuit, but you did well today G___ , with two good articles. The nuclear prep planning discussion makes all the partisan rancor and bickering seem childish and irrelevant (which it is). I think my blood pressure improved after reading your articles today. Keep working on it.

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