Spaghetti and Retail

Bend the plastic, brothers and sisters!  Retail sails higher!  Except, as revealed in the chart, the fact is without auto sales, this economy would be in the crapper.

Of course, you’re supposed to drink the Kool-Aid without stopping to look at that absolutely towering auto number on the far right.  Back that out and the eCONonly is in der flusher… But it writes well…

The U.S. Census Bureau announced today that advance estimates of U.S. retail and food services sales for May, adjusted for seasonal variation
and holiday and trading-day differences, but not for price changes, were $444.9 billion, an increase of 1.2 percent (±0.5%) from the previous
month, and 2.7 percent (±0.9%) above May 2014. Total sales for the March 2015 through May 2015 period were up 2.1 percent (±0.7%) from
the same period a year ago. The March 2015 to April 2015 percent change was revised from virtually unchanged (±0.5%)* to +0.2 percent
Retail trade sales were up 1.4 percent (±0.5%) from April 2015, and 2.0 percent (±0.7%) above last year. Motor vehicle and parts dealers were
up 8.2 percent (±3.0%) from May 2014 and food services and drinking places were up 8.2 percent (±3.3%) from last year.

With the sunset of open government, the completion of the corporate takeover, and yesterday’s running of the bears on Wall Street, we find ourselves staring into a bowl of leftover spaghetti wondering if noodles will work any better than tea leaves, lately.

Spaghetti is a decent mental tool for visualizing the problem of investing in America these days;  everything is a mash-up, threads don’t seem to lead anywhere, but it’s all served well enough sauced that it doesn’t much matter.

So it’s like any other day in ‘Merica…

The Corporate/Globalist takeover continues on track with TPP, but here are some leaks about who is reading the secret trade deal which we’ve gotten along for 239-years without.

Congressman Paul Ryan deserves to be unelected for saying we’ll see this abortive corporate sellout after it’s too late

Ryan is, as I see it, guilty of false advertising.  He said he was a republican.  Now he’s a corporate takeover shill. 

TPP takes issues that should be contested in the American civil courts and hands them over to outsiders.  That’s why this is such a crooked deal.

Look:  Politicians kiss babies and anything else to get elected…but on this, they keep it secret.  That screams to me it’s crooked.

We are pleased to report that the tools of honesty in government seems to have transitioned from guns (circa 17875) to servers, but please note how the mysterious drying up of ammunition has continued.

Yes, government has placed massive contracts, there’s virtually none to be had from stores, and while this continues to shock and amaze us, here comes a secret trade deal which will allow corporate giants to screw the American people, once again.

Like us, you should be saving a few bucks to contribute to the 2016 presidential voting machine audit, know what I’m saying?

But most of the flock is still asleep so I will try to choose tender words. Moderate my tone.  There, there…

Slaughter of the Bears

Yum.  Dead bear for breakfast…

The stock market rally Wednesday was accompanied by a two and a half percent rise in the 10-year Treasury to 2.48% – see the TNX data here.

Gather round the spaghetti bowl, brothers and sisters…this is how it’s going to roll out over the next several years.

Step 1.  Money of the rich, largely parked in bonds and such, will be forced out of retirement and into something else as yields bottom.

What I mean “parked”?  In fixed income products that just sit there are leach off everyone’s work.  What this “urge to park money” has resulted in is…the worst turnover of money in your lifetime.  (Unless you’re 90, or older).

Money at rest doesn’t create jobs, spending, public works, or anything else.  And when this chart does finally bottom we will have the biggest screaming inflation you will see in your lifetime and gold will be $10,000 and sorry no one told you.

Step 2:  There isn’t bupkis worth of investments out there for Big Money, so they will begin a huge roll into stocks.

Step 3:  We will have a blow-off top in 2016 to 2017’ish that will track to the blowe-off in 1927-1929.  With that, look for the Dow to explode to 30-thousand, the S&P to 3,000 or better, and the NASDAQ to stratospheric numbers, as well.

Janet Yellen  is already warning of the bubble, but who will notice?  Answer:  No one.  Nothing sells in America like a free lunch and this next market bubble will be the 250-year capper.

Step 4.  We get the mother of all Depressions.

Thanks to disappearing ammunition, and Jade Helm, the civil order side of things should be “manageable” and besides: by then, corporations should have won the right to vote directly, as if spending hundreds of millions buying their hand-picked sock-puppets right now isn’t bad enough.

The end of America, being here, turns into a corporate fascist state, which don’t look now, we’re quickly transitioning into.

Jesus warned about the dangers of “money-changers in the Temple.:”  He should have mentioned the dangers of corporations on the hill, as well.

Life in the Land of Distractions

Obviously, we don’t get enough fluoride in the water here in the East Texas Outback.  If we did, the mass distraction efforts of Combined Media would be more apparent.

But it’s not, so let me lead you around the cow-pies this morning:

Story:  Oh, look, police are looking for two escapees somewhere back east.  Lead Distraction this morning…easy to get live from the scene video…let’s slam this one out there, eh?

The Truth:  If they are in your house, turn off your browser, you idiot, and call 9-1-1.  Otherwise it’s just drama/noise designed to keep you from thinking.  Keep reading.

Story:  Britain’s independent terror reviewer says more surveillance of online is needed.

Truth:  We didn’t need surveillance of the PTSN for 100 years.  We don’t need it now.  Government is going for more control, there’s a war on cash, and you’re being cut up and neutered by excess government.  Try to notice these things.

Also, all these “terror experts” are out of a job if we just shun terrorism stories in media…because when that happens, terrorism loses it’s teeth.  Oh, wait, I forgot:  We’re idiots.

Story:  South Korea cuts rates as MERS clouds outlook; 10th patient dies

Truth:  Odds are probably 50-50 that The Biowar has started.  Go watch 13-monkeys.  Why do we choose to live apart from crowds of filthy disease-passing people?

Waiting for the Big Distraction

I will have to ask my colleague Grady at to run our when our hot dates are for a mass murder to show up.,  they generally cycle around 130-150 days in the news flow, so we’re due for something and it won’t be good.

But take this to the bank: We should get a big distraction today or tomorrow before the TPP Sellout to keep our eyes off the secrecy fanatics. 

So watch for a Big Distraction coming to a country near you.

And if you think we’re cheerful this morning, just come on back tomorrow morning, same time, same website for a look at the Cost of Living data…

10 thoughts on “Spaghetti and Retail”

  1. “…corporate fascist state…” is redundant.

    ‘The Italian dictator Benito Mussolini defined fascism as the merger of the State and the Corporation. It is that social system in which the interests of the State and the corporations merge together This is the quintessential characteristic of a fascist state. Contrary to popular belief the defining characteristic of a fascist state is not a charismatic leader.’

  2. On Tuesday, I got hacked looking at your pool party video link. A “Blue Screen” appeared and froze up my new Dell laptop. The blue screen had a phone number at the bottom to fix the problem. Assuming that it was actually Dell’s number, I called it. And they (Live Technologies)began to walk me through a fix. But halfway through the fix, I decided to call Dell to verify if it was them or not. It wasn’t, so I aborted the fix just in time, before they really screwed up my laptop.

  3. I contacted my Sen. via e-mail just now, George. Thought you might like to see my letter:

    “Pardon me if I do not share your enthusiasm for the secret TPP deal. I remember that is pretty much what you said regarding NAFTA and CAFTA. Now, we have millions of miserable economic refugees streaming into the US from Mexico and South America because they can’t make a living in their own countries and hope against hope that it will be better in the US.

    Now our workers are going to be on a par with the Chinese workers – where factories are equipped with nets outside the windows to catch employees trying to kill themselves because they can’t stand the conditions.

    The worst thing is the part where we give away our sovereignty to international boards rather than our own courts to enforce rules. This undermines our independence as a nation. More and more our governments are run for the interests of international corporations, which have no loyalty to our citizenry or country.

    First, it was the banks that were “too big to fail.” Now, we have corporations like Monsanto and Halliburton that are too rich and powerful to fail. The war-mongers and food poisoners are in charge. And, it has happened on your watch, Sen. Wyden.”

  4. Luckily I think my rep is planning to vote NO on the TPP fast track bill. If your rep thinks the trade agreement is going to be good for USA workers you might want to ask him why the Fast Track bill includes a whopping $700 million cut to Medicare, in order to pay for Trade Adjustment Assistance to help those who lose their jobs due to foreign trade.

    • Cool: Kill the old people, support the people who just arrived over the border…yeah baby…that’s the ‘Merica I know!

  5. The takeover is complete welcome to the United Corporations of America. Stars to be replaced with corporate logos. Can’t wait until the sponsors of the “elected” officials are required to wear patches like NASCAR so we know which corporations own them. I just don’t understand what jobs are they going to move? Really not much left but service “servant” jobs.

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