COWG:  Corporate One-World Government.

This is really slick, really anti-American, and people like my Congressman, Jeb Hensarling (Texas R 5th District) are unwittingly being sucked into being One-Worlders.

In simple terms, what used to be autonomous countries (The U.S., Mexico, and Canada) are still reeling from the Bill Clinton scam called NAFTA – the North American Free Trade Agreement implemented circa 1993.

Has NAFTA helped the American worker?


Has NAFTA helped the multinational Corporations?


The One-Worlders have made it clear…they are taking over the World under the “Free Trade Banner.” 

Why, anyone who supports non-free trade is bad, right?

Well, no.   Because “free trade” is not “free.”  Countries give up Liberty and Autonomy. 

Thus, this is the very backbone of Global Government and you need to get that through your head.

To be clear, here’s how Global Government Arrives…


But it doesn’t stop here. 

There will be additional layers added on the top (green) level. 

There will be Climate Law and there will be a Global Income Tax, to fund this new World Government.  Pollution Law…and gosh, doing all this “good work” means we need money at the globalist level, right?  How about a Global Tariff?  Yeah…sure, you bet’cha.

Remember how there was going to be a global pollution tax, and then that became a global climate tax?  It may rotate around some more, but it’s a what when comes down to it?  A Global Government Tax.  A “Put America in its place” and “steal her Independence” tax.  Plain enough?

If you don’t see this is stark relief yet, I’m sorry for your thick-headedness. I should introduce you to my congressman.  If you need help understanding what I’m saying, pass this on to a grown-up (someone over 60)  and have them explain it to you.

So let’s ask is “free trade” good?  The old poster-child of free traders is  NAFTA.  Did it deliver?  No. We’ll do the post mortem on that turd for Peoplenomics subscribers tomorrow.

Besides, here’s a hot off the press news release from my local congressman.  Now, I don’t think he’s a deliberate stooge of corporations…probably a nice guy and all at a personal level.  But he’s being played and hasn’t figured it out yet.

I’ve highlighted the important parts to make it easier to follow:  Read just the yellow highlights because that’s all that really matters…

”Eliminating Barriers for American Agriculture

Knowing of your interest in agriculture, I wanted to make sure you were aware of important legislation recently passed by the House of Representatives to prevent harmful trade sanctions which would hurt virtually every sector of the agriculture industry.

Currently, retailers, including supermarkets and grocery stores, are required to provide Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) for beef, pork, and chicken products sold within the United States. This labeling requirement, which requires American and foreign distributors to label packaged meat if they are to sell it to American markets, was recently challenged in the World Trade Organization (WTO) by Canada and Mexico.

Last month, the WTO’s Appellate Body ruled against U.S. COOL requirements for meat, arguing that the requirements in the existing law are inconsistent with WTO obligations. As a result, Canada and Mexico – the United States’ top trade partners – will seek more than $3 billion annually in retaliatory sanctions against U.S. exports – products ranging from meat and wheat to wine, chocolate, and even furniture. This will be needlessly destructive to our overall economy and will hurt nearly every industry, every state, and every consumer. 

In the wake of WTO’s announcement, USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack pressed Congress to modify or repeal the COOL. Without action, impending sanctions from Canada and Mexico would be a ticking time-bomb waiting to destroy American farmers and ranchers.

In addition to a costly trade dispute, the country of origin labeling requirements would be a bureaucratic nightmare for American and foreign producers to implement the stringent requirements, resulting in increased costs — costs that would ultimately be passed down to consumers in the form of higher prices.

All major Texas agriculture groups, including the Farm Bureau, have long-supported H.R. 2393 and the elimination of the COOL requirements. This policy change is not the U.S. bowing down to the global authority, but rather looking out for the interests of all Texas and American Ag exporters.

I want to make sure that any new labeling systems are implemented in a manner that ensures our safety without bankrupting the agriculture industry or the American consumer.  If consumers are willing to pay the extra costs associated with a COOL system, producers will voluntarily supply this information to attract this segment of the market.  This solution would allow people access to the information they value without the federal government unduly burdening taxpayers who do not place as high a value on such a labeling service.

All food products sold to American consumers must already meet strict Food and Drug Administration or USDA standards. At the end of the day, I believe the power of the American consumer, through their ability to pick and choose what products they consume, is a more effective agent of change than some federal agency in Washington.

Rest assured, I will continue to support policies that promote American agriculture and protect our industry, while preserving consumers’ rights. I am confident that ending Washington-mandated COOL is the smart decision to ensure trade with our closest partners remains beneficial.

Again, the highlighted part is all you need to know.

1.  The WTO (globalist corpgov COWG) doesn’t want  Country of Origin Labels.  (COOL).  That’s because they can feed livestock different things than we allow in the USA.

Holy crap, this is bad for trade…but it hasn’t been decided in a USA Court of Law.  Remember our diagram?

2.  So, instead of telling the globalists to go piss up a rope, we are an autonomous country, home rule, don’t sell here if you don’t like our delivery terms…Remember, the agenda here is to economically subjugate and control the USA and whoever else wanders along without a body guard.

What do you do?

Well, if you’re the somewhat dim-witted (but nice human being who doesn’t get it yet) like Jeb Hensarling, you grovel before the WTO pricks and steal labeling disclosures from the American Consumer.

If I were in Congress, I’d blow out of the WTO in a heartbeat.  We don’t need no globalists.

Especially those who, in the process, introduced God-knows-what into our food supplies from foreign countries…but you won’t  know about it because now all meat products are anonymous and that isn’t COOL at all,  congressman.

Yes, we’re in favor of free trade…but practiced within the confines of the Legal System of the United States.

This setting up external authorities that can dictate terms of commerce to the Formerly Autonomous U.S.A. is simply bullshit.

And that brings me to the only thing on my mind this morning:  The COWG (Corporate One-World Government).

It’s here and the full-court press is on.

If this was a vote with an honest label it would be something like  “All in favbor of giving away USA autonomy, home rule, and Liberty, raise your hands!”

But they don’t, you see.  Instead it gets wrapped up in a Flag and wrapped up with Big Lies like “Free Trade.”  And that’s how the selling out of America works, don’t you see?

I apologize in advance that we have an ignorant congressman in the 5th District of Texas who will lead the charge to sell us out.

Corporations have stolen the ball on global governance and through patsy trade organizations, now dictate terms of commerce, emphasis on dick if you will.  Because that what consumers got.

As I told you yesterday, that’s why 600 corporate executives (no doubt friends of our congressman) get to read the crooked trade deal that sells us out another step.  But a former cabinet level official like Robert Reich?  The New York Times, Wall St. Journal, Washington Post?  Nope./..just close your eyes, bend over and trust us to be gentle.

It’s not every day you get to see the rape of a whole country…this could be it.

Not that this is the first time I’ve seen this sort of thing happen:  I’ve seen it in the halls of corporate America most of my life.

Along comes a clear cut problem, the wrong high level decisions are made (e.g setting up trade organizations) and then in turn remove trade from the long and honorable tradition of American jurisprudence.

Instead of saying “Hey!  This is America.  You want to do business with us, use our Courts and use our Laws if you have a problem, or bugger off,” we just bent over on COOL.  Thanks Jeb.  You really didn’t get it.

I invite you to go over to and look up who paid how much for our congressman and then look up your own.

I’ve said many times that American has, in effect, been put on eBay.  We have the best politicians money can buy…and it does.  And we allow it.

Today, we’re down to the final minutes of bidding and the corporations (thanks to Citizens United – another corporate bidding scam) are set to win this auction.

When  the auction is over – on TPP – it will mark not only a new low point in the defense of Liberty, but it will also be time to return  to American roots; local products, local merchants, a lower lifestyle  because voting happens two places:  In  the voting booth and every time you open your wallet and support the crooked corporate world that has stolen COOL labels and is going for everything else.

Can Senator Jeff Sessions, who obviously does get it, please move to Texas because the sell-out here aren’t representing the views of the Republic.  They are representing corporations.

Both political parties have turned traitors to the Founder’s guiding principles.  American don’t take orders from anyone from outside this once Great Nation.r, at least we didn’t used to

And that did make us – America – exceptional.

Thank you.

P.S. Corporate Congressman :  Don’t get mad that I speak simple truth.  Please vote NO on TPP or I will run for Congress and come after your job.  Besides, get this one right and just think how much more money you will be able to charge  to raise for your support in the future.  It’s all good. Democracy works out.  But only if you don’t break Faith with The People.

Write when you break-even,