Soft Starting ’24 – Jobs Ho

Stock Futures were falling in the pre-market on this first trading day of the New Year.  Why, if things keep going this-a-way, old Ure will put enough in the Lunch Money Day Trading Account (LMDTA) to buy lunches for the month.  (If I don’t pig out, but that’s a different issue.)

Although the pre-holiday hype was all chipper and cheer, a little closer inspection of Reality offers the idea that we have just done a possible final top of a massive Wave 2 from the lows of 2022.

Our Aggregate Index offers the idea that we may have peaked now, although we learned long ago, never to say never.

If you’re new to this stock market play, you need to read up on something called Elliott Wave theory in Wikipedia. Because, when you do, you’ll see the three green outlined boxes (we call ’em trading boxes) have the appearance of a complete 5-wave advance from the 2022 lows.

Probably the best (living) practitioner of this is Robert (Bob) Prechter, who runs Elliott Wave International.  Bob Stokes had a pretty interesting article on the site recently. In which he observed that when it comes to Stocks: Check Out These Striking Sentiment Gauges.  My late mentor on Elliott Waves always schooled me that “At the top of Wave 2, sentiments will be just as high as it was at the all-time high.

Which circles us back to this morning’s judgment call.  Is the Macro Wave 2 top finally really in?

Our first test should be along after a bit of weakness this week.  That’s because having once gone above the trend channel, which acts like overhead resistance on the way up, now that we’ve bested the line, so to speak, it turns into support and may prevent the bottom from falling out.

Other Indicators

Although I am not a fan of Bitcoin (don’t have a wallet, and I also don’t play in the middle of the freeway at rush hour…) there’s a real application of BTC in my thinking when comes to sorting out where stocks likely are in the long-term Elliott view.

We know, for example, that Bitcoin (a few days after the actual peak Nov. 8, 2021, was reported at $64,400 on Nov. 12, 2021.  Then it fell to a low of 16,683 along in November 2022.

From this, we can calculate that the total decline was (64,400 – 16,683) for a total of $47,717 per coin.  People who “kept the faith” in BTC, we think, will be judged in the longer run of history as fools.  All bubbles and manias have these stairstep declines.  South Seas, railroad stock bubbles, the whole lot of them.

Anyway, Elliott “rules” tell us that once you have a Wave 1 down, the Wave 2 will generally rally to various levels, such as 50 percent, 61.8 percent (the Fibonacci series bounce). 75 percent, 81 percent, and with a noisy distribution up to the 100 percent retracement level.

Since Fibonacci is a common one, you’d take that total decline (47,717) and multiply that times 0.618.  Which gives you 29,490 call it.

Now, you add this to the low which was hit in November 2022. (16,683) and when added, I set a “mental flag” for BTC to rally to 46,172.  See where we’re stuck lately?

Can BTC go a little bit higher?  Oh, hell yeah.  There’s 3-born every minute, adjusting P.T. Barnum’s quote for global population growth.  But you won’t find us playing that game.

Central Concept of UrbanSurvival:

There are two ways to live your Life.

  • Live for maximum gains.  Or,
  • Live for minimized losses.

Having quit smoking (based on the Surgeon General’s report back when), but my drinking of alcohol down dramatically (never a DWI and never touch keys to anything – even the riding mower –  after even one swig of beer) you should be able to figure which camp we’re in.

If not, then today’s noise from the Pied Coiners includes hype such as Bitcoin (BTC) Bears’ $145 Million Bloodbath: $45,000 Price Surge Pulls Liquidations Up.

As we have held (and not wrongly) Government Hates Competition.

When the GovCoin comes along, you think competition will still be legal?  You don’t know as many appointed and elected pricks, as I have met, apparently.

Say, here’s an idea:  Let’s crash the stock market and have the Jeffrey Dickstein names named to keep our eyes off.,….what? Border? Taiwan? NorK?  Nearly 200 names linked to Jeffrey Epstein expected to be made public.

Week Planning

Labor Dept. JOLTS report will be along tomorrow morning.  Which pushes both the ADP and Challenger Job Numbers into Thursday.  And that moves the monthly employment (farce) to Friday.

We see the sell-off this morning as a possible “Sell the rumor, buy the news” on the idea that if the economy really weakens a bit, then the Fed might be inclined to lower rates sooner than later.

We never place bets on such things, but we do keenly watch the buy rumor – sell news data for hints.  Dow futures were down a couple of hundred with an hour to the open.  Come on Lunch Money!!!

Rambling News

Judicial Reform is over in Israel, which may tie the hands of Netanyahu when comes to conduct in Gaza:  High Court invalidates law for repealing the reasonableness standard.

Footsy games are underway east of there as the U.S. pulled a carrier group back from the Red Sea.  And, as we predicted would happen in such a power vacuum: Oil prices rise as Iranian warship enters Red Sea. Which may slow down international commerce as Maersk pauses Red Sea voyages a day after Houthis attack ship popped over the weekend.

 Ukraine’s still a mess (quick, feign surprise):  Russia pounds Ukraine with 90 drones during early hours of new year. And the violence there continues into this morning as Russia hammers Ukraine’s 2 largest cities with hypersonic missiles.

By the way, there’s a thoughtful article on the Newsweek site worth considering: Putin Smells Blood As Ukraine Faces Growing Calls To Negotiate. Which gets us to watching the cheerleading liberal press which now faces the daunting task of making believe that they didn’t support borders for Ukraine but not between the U.S. and Mexico.  Seriously, what liberal idiocy.

Which gets me to noticing how the commie-run media have dropped the Mexico caravan story like a hot potato since Slow Joe started trying to jawbone things?  Tools!

Texas will keep sending illegal OTMs to left-wing open border cities as long as our state is being invaded: Migrants start flooding over the border into El Paso BEFORE huge 6,000-strong caravan arrives as it slowly snakes through southern Mexico – while busses start ferrying arrivals up to Democrat-run cities.  Pobrecitos!  Jeez, at least keep the OTM’s the eff out.

Take a number, please: Hispanic leaders warn Democrats: Voters are fed up with Biden.  Get in line – it’s a long one!

 Suppose the Don won?  Donald Trump Can Be President From Jail, Fox News Guest Claims.

Clean-up day in Japan following the (data argues solar-flare driven) earthquake New Years: Japan earthquakes death toll climbs to at least 48 as temblors continue rocking country’s west.

New NOAA Solar Cycle Progression numbers have been updated for December.  Has Solar Cycle 25 peaked and into x-flare land (in the chart, where they are most common on the backside of solar cycles)?  Time will tell, of course…

Around the Ranch: National Hangover Day

We sure don’t “party” like we used to.   A double martini and half glass of wine.  Talk about moderation.  Still, there’s a lot to be said for moderation and waking up feeling great.  Try it.

If you didn’t. some after-the fact ideas:

  • Drink a ton of liquid. You’ll need electrolytes.  Gatorade, Pedialyte…
  • Get some good food onboard – carbohydrates.
  • Get some protein, too.
  • Rest
  • Relax – light on coffee

Watch the blood pressure, too. I discovered, purely by accident, that my BP will be 20 points (systolic) higher two days after I have more than one (double) drink.  But not right away, you see; it’s on a delayed basis.  So, keep an eye on BP for a day or two after a ban one/good one…  This isn’t medical advice, just common sense.

A good multi vitamin and a gallon of Gatorade can’t hurt, either.  Use extreme caution with power tools and driving. I knew some (really wild, alcoholic types) years ago who could still blow a DWI even after 8-10 hours of sleep.  This stuff takes time to clear.

Alcohol has some very good applications. but it’s also a dangerous drug.  And it does (though debate rages) as much or more damage than a nice sativa.

But experience still says if you want to get a lot done in Life, focus on good inputs and nothing that slows the body or brain.

Write when you get rich and over the Scotch flu.



74 thoughts on “Soft Starting ’24 – Jobs Ho”

  1. “Nearly 200 names”

    “Q” said this would happen. The trap has been sprung and could explain market action.

    Start looking for a head & shoulders pattern to develop into a post Q1 crash. After indictments are handed from the clean half of .gov to the dirty half of .gov people are going to lose the faith.

  2. Joe is leaving St Croix later today. (time encertain — afternoon-ish, I would guess, to allow a daylight landing at Andrews. (Slightly safer.)

    I did briefly hear AF-1 do a (weak) radio check on MARS airborne phone patch service frequency of 13.927 USB the day he went to the island. I supose there is a small chance of the same brief test later today enroute. (Low order of probability: maybe around 20%, I would guess.)

    I have more than one recever, so I can put one up monitoring all day, which I will. (Icom IC-R72)

    YMMV (Luck, solar freckles, and HF propagation all apply.)

    – 73 –

  3. Listen to Andrew Huberman’s podcast on the effects of alcohol. Part 1 is August 22, 2022. Huberman is a Ph.D and neuroscientist and tenured professor in the department of neurobiology, and by courtesy, psychiatry and behavioral science at Stanford School of Medicine.

    Although I haven’t had a drink in over 4 years, (totally stopped to decrease the aging process, not because of a problem) this podcast reinforced my belief that alcohol should have no place in our diets. It’s a neurotoxin plain and simple.

  4. Hmm… 6:00 am New Years Day. I wonder if alcohol had anything to do with it?

    Five people — including three members of the same household — were killed in a two-vehicle smash-up early New Year’s Day on a stretch of the Cross Island Parkway in Queens, NY dubbed by local residents as the “dead man’s curve,” authorities said.

    The tragic wreck unfolded when a Mazda sedan heading north on the expressway “at a high rate of speed” rammed into a curb and overturned around 6 a.m., police sources said.

  5. Stupid is as stupid does or writes.

    Asch Paradigm – learn and understand what MSM is and has been doing to US populous. In the BCN’s world we call this INCULCATION – and YOUSE ALL have been repeatedly inculcated.. Where as the BCN and very few others are have going against it all and pointing out It is ALL LIES ALL the TIME.

    They, MSM are part and parcel military . We are at War – the progs been attacking and waring on flyover America for sooo long – bout time You salt of the Earth types FIGHT THE FUCK Back for Ure way of life – country.

    the fact the US military is Supporting this treasonous administration is truley a deplorable shame – nutless FAGGOTS and LESBIANS ALL. From TOP of Pentagon on down to the lowly swabie huffing fumes in a paint locker somewhere in the middle of the killing seas over ME way. Same goes for IDF..faggots/lesbos.

    Do any of You support starting WW3 and israHELL/kraine ? They represent DARKNESS-DEATH in this World.

    That simple – Russia is WORLDS guiding light – Sovereign Debt is under 30% , LGBT is banned, and Orthodox Christianty is center of Life, Invincible Weapons and Hardened Military …

    You heard it in NYC at the UN…remember USA being called the great satan ???? HELLO .

    never mind – go back sleep with dreams of sugar plum plastic $$ dancing in Ure heads.


    • PS

      $48 on BTC is light.2 laughable. The charts say higher into triple top at around $52k. See Weekly BTC chart – that is text book Flag pattern – measured gives $52k-53k for starters.

      ETF approved by Govmint competition committee, soonly.
      Halving “just a Spring Clean for the May Queen…$100k in REAL MONAY.

    • “the fact the US military is Supporting this treasonous administration is truly a deplorable shame”
      … and trump was not true to his name, IMO. ;-(

      • tell me then choices, why are they so terrified? why are they pulling an “Abe Lincoln” on him,,, keep him off the ballot.
        The game is NOT over, yet you judge him, as not true to his name,,,, what ever you mean by that?
        We have a divided military, do you think Vindman or Milley are loyal to the US Constitution? How about Space Force? Trump still has some powerful exec orders in place that Bribes continued,,, why or how they got Bribes to continue them has differing theories
        exec orders about election monitering and human trafficking with assets to be confiscated
        the great Ali played ‘rope a dope’,,, have some Faith my friend,,, I see a Great future for America and as America goes so does the Earth.
        I had given up on America, it is ‘SUBJECT’ to the bankers via loans
        Trump has renewed my hope, as I saw the news of JKF when I was 13, and then later in life learned it was our unelected government that killed him.
        Killary had JFK Jr’s airplane sabotaged to win the NY senate seat, I ‘saw’ and ‘smelled’ evil through out DC

        Trump and Jr ,,, best friends,,, and Trump values loyalty and is loyal to values, but the lame stream media will NOT tell you that part, be of good Cheer

    • Leaping form your post…. I used to think the marijuana was fine but noticed after codifying gay marriage the Uke brotherhood legalized marijuana.

      “Ukraine’s justice ministry took the first steps towards codifying gay marriage by approving Bill No. 9103, titled “On the Institution of Registered Partnerships” on October 22.”

      “Dec 21, 2023 — Ukraine’s parliament has voted to legalize medical marijuana after the war with Russia left thousands of people with post-traumatic stress.”

      Why would anything good be coming from Uke .gov?

    • this is a continuation of Trump’s order,,,
      ” The prevalence and severity of human rights abuse and corruption that have their source, in whole or in substantial part, outside the United States, continue to pose an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security, foreign policy, and economy of the United States. For this reason, the national emergency declared on December 20, 2017, must continue in effect beyond December 20, 2023. Therefore, in accordance with section 202(d) of the National Emergencies Act (50 U.S.C. 1622(d)), I am continuing for 1 year the national emergency declared in Executive Order 13818 with respect to serious human rights abuse and corruption.

      This notice shall be published in the Federal Register and transmitted to the Congress.


      December 18, 2023.”

      • It is ALWAYS a continuation of the previous Administration’s order.

        The U.S. has been in a constant “State of Emergency” for generations — At least since FDR, perhaps since Wilson, or before.

        The technical “State of Emergency” grants the President near-dictatorial power — much more power and authority than that to which the Executive Branch is entitled.

        I told George in an E-Mail, in early 2016, that I was backing Rand Paul for Prez, and that if he dropped out, I would switch my backing to Ted Cruz. I also told him that Donald Trump was the only candidate who could beat Hillary (yes, DJT was my 3rd choice and I supported him only because I knew he would beat the Hildebeast.)

        The reason I was in Paul’s corner was because of a campaign promise, and the knowledge that as a Libertarian, he would follow through.

        The promise: Rand Paul stated that his first executive action would be to issue an Executive Order, canceling EVERY Executive Order currently in-force.

        Da Prez can’t cancel the “State of Emergency,” but he CAN refuse to renew it. If it is not renewed, Congress gets their power back, and likely would deliberate long and hard, before creating another “State of Emergency.”

        The “State of Emergency” runs from months into a new President’s term, for four years, so just about the time (s)he gets settled into the Oval Office, this piece of paper will cross the desk of the new President with some (usually) fairy tale reason for extending the President’s “enhanced powers.” Even the ones who’re not megalomaniacal will take the power, thinking they can always refuse to renew the Declaration AFTER they’ve accomplished Great Things in their first term. This never happens, so four years later they take another bite of the apple and hope the next CiC will do the right thing…

  6. “Alcohol has some very good applications. but it’s also a dangerous drug. And it does (though debate rages) as much or more damage than a nice sativa.”

    only the unexperienced will try to debate this, having used copious amounts of each, alcohol has much worse effect on the human , spiritually, mentally, and health wise. and $
    Now the only alcohol I get is in my vanilla that is in my 1st tumbler of coffee,,, cannabis,,, sativa, indica or hybrid is for evening time, after work and focus is required, Spent the greater part of my working years drunk, but could pass any drug test, as I abstained from cannabis from age 28 to age 55. a man has to work, wife and child to care for and the government pushed drug testing
    never been a pill popper or a white powder user
    REMEMBER it was the corporate controlled government that took away a medicine that has been around as long as alcohol

    If I could have limited myself to 2 a day,,, I would be fine, but I have a sugar addiction from childhood, the two are connected, when drinking I want no sugar, when sober I crave sweets, I dont want a piece of pie, I want 1/2 of the pie today and the other half the next day,,, now I limit my urges and maintain a steady weight at 170 lb 5ft11-1/2in
    healthier, wiser and richer, but got a long way to go to the top of the mountain
    that all said, I have Everclear and vodka in my home, they have other beneficial uses,,, I do not drink them

    • You, my friend, are 100% correct on ALL of that. Been there and done it. To my knowledge, you are also the only other human besides myself that has made the connection between sugar addiction and alcohol. I picked up on that a few years ago when I still drank bourbon like it was my job. Those two things scratch the same itch in the brain.

    • as all here know.. I am pro legalization of marijuana..there is way to much positive results on it and it can benefit mankind in hundreds of thousands of way.. in almost every industry..
      NOW.. I do not let myself get mind altered by either.. I will drink a beer or a cup of wine.. but not to the point that it affects my thinking..
      the same with marijuana.. I will eat a half a gummy before bed.. it takes the place of opium based pain killers.. I also have been using the oil under the tongue twice a day.. six drops.. and have been able to quit using the thousand dollar a month seizure medication.. its a win win for me.. but society loves opium.. which is more harmful.. and those that will abuse it or use it for recreation is anyway.. so let the pharmacologists study it make the cancer curing medications and medications on so many things it is just amazing.. use it for fuel and building materials as threads for clothing.. and for fuel.. paper etc..
      it has been deamonized to many years just so some rich bastard could make more money through toilet paper.. and it won’t make a good toilet paper so he wins anyway.. wood pulp tp dissoves better in a septic system than hemp based tp..

    • My bottle of Everclear is presently soaking ten sliced vanilla beans for a year. Been two weeks and already it is dark brown and vanilla aromatic. Next christmas I may become a vanillaholic.

      • Don’t forget to put a cup of simple syrup in with it.. that makes all the difference in the world..

    • I know .. it is just insane our country runs to shambles and we keep another a float because of their business ventures there.. and allows millions to enter that won’t pay taxes for a decade out..

  7. Geeze…, guess I shouldn’t mention that as a Christmas present to myself I bought a bottle of Blanton’s single barrel, a six pack of Guiness Stout and a box of Cuban made rum soaked Cigarettellos .
    – Am I going to be kicked out of the club now?

    • You can be in my club as UNistinguished as that may be.

      I often go two months witout a drop of any “spiritus fermenti,” to quote The Limelighters. But when I do, I enjoy a wee dram of one of the following: (in no meaningful order)

      Heiniken, Grand Marnier, Maker’s Mark, cheap Italian red table wine (chianti).

      …and, an occasional “three-dollar class” cigar. No developed taste there. I used to enjoy House Of Windsor Javelins — but I think they went out of business years ago. Can’t find ’em anywhere. I like “50 – to 70 ring” Churchills. A cigar is a meditative event for me. I go out on the back deck on a Very Nice Day, no media, phone off hook, and “let the smoke carry my thoughts up to God.” I do nothing else except the cigar for that interlude.

      I can’t believe either practice is hurting me, since both are so sparing. Both help me keep my outrigger firmly in the water.

      • My misses calls them “Ponder Sticks”.., whenever I have one of my Cigarettellos, it usually sitting out at the koi pond and do nothing – and hopefully – think nothing. Just…, be….,

    • “kicked out” ???

      you my good man are writing the Book of Regulations for Membership.

      Personally, I like my stiks with a little more girth, but appreciate the smaller stiks, for Wintertime in colder climes. Now about that 6 pack MothersMilk; beer glass full into which youse drop a shot glass full of 50%-Irish Cream and 50% Jamisons or Tullamore Dew = Irish Car Bomb.

      Just dont ask for one in any pub in Ireland..they find NO humor whatsoever in it.. : (

  8. FWIW.

    I come from an alcoholic family. Father and brother. I saw the emotional damage it did to our families. I saw the physical damage it did to their bodies. Alcoholics Anonymous was a saviour for my brother and I cannot say enough good things about this organization that helps those with this life crippling disease.

    I was a social drinker in my younger days and yes, I have been blotto drunk on a few occasions. When I got my health wakeup call about 20 years ago, I changed my drinking habits dramatically and now have a couple of glasses of wine once or twice a week or a wee drab of single malt on occasions like when a friend dies (quite few times the last 4 years).

    Here is my contribution to the “alcohol is bad for you” data base. I use my FitBit to assess my ongoing health (I do like to compare my stats to the general population and watch my changes when I follow some of George’s health tips).

    When I do not drink any alcohol, my nightly lowest sleeping heart rate is 44 bpm. When I drink just 2 glasses of wine, my lowest nightly sleeping heart rate is 48-49. I can only imagine (and would never try to find out) what it might be if drunk.

    After all the studies over the years and stories about red wine being good for you, it is now obvious that alcohol in any form is toxic to the body and large amounts of alcohol speed the aging process.

    • Keith Richards on his new sober lifestyle: “It’s a unique experience”

      “The cigarettes I gave up in 2019, I haven’t touched them since,” Richards explains. “I gave up heroin in 1978. I gave up cocaine in 2006. I still like a drink occasionally – because I’m not going to heaven any time soon – but apart from that, I’m trying to enjoy being straight. It’s a unique experience for me.”

      • back in the day.. in the military they gave you a sample pack of cigarettes lucky’s.. and if you didn’t smoke.. then you did duty.. so everyone smoked.. just so they wouldn’t have to do guard duty or mow grass or whatever was going on..
        then when I got out.. it was the same way at the nursing facilities or the hospitals.. you manned the floor and wasn’t allowed to take a break unless you smoked.. well I quit right after I got out of the military.. but always would say well I am going for my smoke break.. and have a cup of coffee.. it is still what I say.. its my smoke break.. they didn’t stop smoking in public facilities until I believe 95 or 96 The VA just did away with the smoking shacks.. they use to have a smoking room on every floor.. one of the nurses made a comment to me once just a while ago.. she said she sure didn’t know why so many veterans were smokers.. and I had to clue her in.. you either did Shizt detail or you smoked.. the same with the floors at the hospital.. you did detail and manned the floor or you went for a cigarette.. I use to carry a package in my pocket just in case anyone said.. your not smoking.. it has almost been fifty years now that I quit.. It was the way of government.. even in the capital they use to have ashtrays on the wall in the rotunda LOL..

      • ON white house duty.. they had punch bowls of Tereytan cigarettes LOL..After a state dinner.. none of the left overs were kept.. everything had to go.. we use to argue over whose turn it was to do mike duty. Just to get the leftovers.. all good stuff..they had pickled eggs that you would fall over for greatest things ever.. LOL LOL LOL when they said that monica lewinsky and Bill Clinton was having sex.. I didn’t believe it.What I didn’t know was that there was a small personal office without the cameras and microphones. LOL otherwise you can’t pass a fart in there without someone knowing about it and everyone knowing it was you that passed bad gas LOL and that was a long time ago before 911 my guess is security is a tad bit tighter today than then.. Back then they could pick out a conversation between two people in a whisper even though there was a thousand people in that place..

  9. My late father and I conferred on the subject of alcoholics when he was in his later years. We both had had the same experience with mean drunks – pretty much every abusive person who had done us wrong turned out to be a mean drunk. I stopped social drinking completely decades ago in an effort to limit contact with mean drunks. The more you drink, the more you find yourself in the company of ’em.

    • I have not had a drink in public for many, many years.., I was asked why I don’t drink in public – don’t trust yourself?
      – Nope.., I don’t trust the public.
      – Your “avoidance” is very easy to understand. Stick with it.

  10. coconut water is the greatest source of electrolite. drink coconut water.

    “There are two ways to live your Life.

    Live for maximum gains. Or,
    Live for minimized losses”

    correct me if im wrong. ive never seen ya write about vision boards George.

    for educational purposes:

    i do one every year. for the next year. i create a theme. last years theme for the year 2023 i made on 01/01/2022 was sunsets. and i add other pics in. but i added quite a few beautiful sunsets. the year before was smiley faces as a theme. the year before that was hearts and keys.

    even long after each year has passed i still get lots of beautiful sunsets, smiley faces, hearts and i find keys all the time.

    themes are important.

    one of the things i do (its highly effective) besides having a theme and highly recomend is finding 36 pictures online, group them into a file and then screen shot them together, and make it my homesceen on my phone. so i see my vision (board) a hundred times a day. also make sure you place a picture of yourself in your vision board happy. with a big smile on your face. because that places you seeing you happy in your vision.

    its very valuable tool at creating a ‘Life for maximum gains. ‘

    every single thing in all my vision bords have come true in some form.

    even when i got crazy with it one year, and put a brand new Black Lamborghini Hurican on it. a $344,778 car.

    when i was working at the stadiums. one day i was in my office drinking out of a batman coffee cup looking outside of my office window and i see a truck roll up and on it, it had a brand new Black
    Lamborghini Hurican on it.

    he unloads it and parks it right in next to my office door. i went outside and on the back of it was a batman sticker. i said Hey. nice car. he said is your address. i said yep. im supposed to deliver this here. i said sweet! i said what is with the batman sticker? he said the fella who bought it put it on there to make it his. he said you and said the name. i said no he owns the buisness above mine. i went and got him.

    he gave me a ride in it. haha

    it manifested just like i had it on my vision board. exact car. delivered to my office.

    pretty cool.

    so every year i make a vision board for the next year. and i make a theme for it, and i place a pic of my self happy in it. i screen shot it and make it my home on my phone. where i see it a thousand thoudand times in a year. sometimes directly focusing and most of the time my subconsiouse mind grabs it while im doing something else on my phone.

    i show it to everyone on social media for 24 hours. then i take it off and only see it myself.

    its private and my vision and nobodys buisness but between God and Me.

    they said ~ Create your own reality ~ so i said O.K. i will. and i do. every year. 100%

    if you want to have a life worth living and a life worth loosing? i highly suggest this tool for Maximum Gains.

    have a happy 2024.

    im at a 3 fold path juncture. meditsting on how best to proceed.

    all the best,


    • Excellent advice, Andy, and I think this should
      be taught in grade school, if not sooner. It would
      hopefully make for a happier world. Take care!

    • Hey Homeskillets,

      might wanna consider getting more specific with Ure “exercises”. Also might wanna learn how to “lock things in” so as to leave no questions/ambiguity. Like in Ure story the guy upstairs gets the Lambo.
      Ure new MOON this month is 1-11-2024 this be powerful # combo..
      New moon is in Capicorn, ruled by Jupiter – the Giver of Gifts, Mars the planet of Action will be contact wit this New Moon (wolf moon) on the 11th as well. Mars will make youins pretty decisive, Jupiter will be excited bout Ure visionbrd, and Saturn will ensure you are being realistic.

      *Wise man Rules By Stars, Fools are Ruled by the

      • ha. i have 47 months sober that day.

        on 02/11/24, all the work on doorfore is completed and set.

        and i dont look at it like that mr jedi. i look at the experiance manifesting. the art of it. its not always about getting something. although i often do, its about appreciating the manifold of it all.

        its a dialog.

        and some of those examples like the brand new black lambo being delivered to my address is Creation saying, “Yo! its in the works.”

        like me having the right jackpot lotto numbers but on the oposite tickets. then driving through crators of the moon national park and stopping to pee infront of a billionares retreat. then later that summer stopping to get out of the car to get a coffee and sit for a moment at the same place the fed meeting was.

        my path is getting me to that place. im moving in, closer and closer, along the path those directions without any consious effort. by design, getting closer and closer to entry into my own personal position.

        its part of the journey. i enjoy every moment of it.

        because all those the Fed and the Billionares at the retreat have been estabished. and although im not even remotely as wealthy and have billions of dollars.

        im moving in the same directions as them, simply by spirital progress. not by monitary appointment, financial power or social status or prestige.

        im moving only by spiritual development.

        and that is way more cool.

        noted. thank you! will consider it.

  11. per Ure suggestion George about riding the winds sailing. for 2025s vision board, i placed a picture of sail boat. the name on the sailboat is quite humerous. hahaha


  12. oh and when you do that. as you proceed through the year prior to your vision. it has been my experiance you will get glimpses of stuff on your vision board for the next year, as sorta comfirmations from creation “yo! its in the works”.

    everything for my 2024 vision i have seen confirmations on in some form or another. every single thing.

    the funny thing is. for my 2023 vision theme sunsets. i forgot to place a picture of any beautiful women and i was single all 2023.

    its just one tool. a very valuable tool i discoverd.

    i only share in hope that maybe some of your readers George, may find it educational and useful.

    it has been my experiance,

    it works! it really does!


    adios muchachos

  13. “Although I am not a fan of Bitcoin (don’t have a wallet, and I also don’t play in the middle of the freeway at rush hour…)”

    and because BC is invisible.. LOL a number on a screen.. you can play pocket pool and not have to worry about coins being in the way LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL
    I personally love golf than pool and would rather get a hole in one LOL LOL LOL just couldn’t help myself LOL LOL LOL

  14. “(never a DWI and never touch keys to anything – even the riding mower – after even one swig of beer)”

    If I am going to even have a sip.. we go out and have a staycation.. get a room.. then I will drink one.. I hate the feeling that I am buzzed.. and won’t ever do that.. My kids tell me I nurse the beer they give me.. and I do one beer will last me several hours.. I don’t think having that feeling is fun.. or exciting.. which is why I won’t share my grape wine.. the reason is it started fermentation four times after I bottled it.. I don’t know how strong it is.. so I don’t share it.. I haven’t dumped it either.. it has a wonderful flavor more on the grape wine they use in ceremonies..

    • “My kids tell me I nurse the beer they give me.. and I do one beer will last me several hours..”

      That is the survival technique I taught my kids, for parties and barhopping. That, and to never put your drink down, not even for a second…

      • “never put your drink down, not even for a second…”

        Amen to that one… Good advice from a wise father…
        the cabinet shop had a shift get together..the kids always razzed me about letting loose.. I went to the bathroom and left my beer for way less than a minute.. someone slipped something in it.. I was vomiting like hell for what felt like hours and dizzy never again. I tell mine the same thing.. yes never leave a drink anywhere that was while I was in my twenties.. I don’t even sip a beer in public since.. its water ice and a fruit slice..
        luckily my mini me is exactly the same way I won’t see him r his fiancee tipsey they drink soda water.. they do similar to me and drink iced soda water with a slice of fruit in it he loves citrus like myself I have lemons in mine or a lime and a Lemmon..

        • “Gin & Tonic with a twist… and hold the Gin” was my bar drink after I outgrew the ‘puking 20s’. I almost never drink anymore.

      • A Heineken “zero” poured in a glass works for the kegger set. At my age, peer pressure doesn’t really have any effect, other than to inspire retaliation.

  15. “Texas will keep sending illegal OTMs to left-wing open border cities as long as our state is being invaded: Migrants start flooding over the border into El Paso BEFORE huge 6,000-strong caravan arrives as it slowly snakes through southern Mexico – while busses start ferrying arrivals up to Democrat-run cities. Pobrecitos! Jeez, at least keep the OTM’s the eff out.”

    I hear Delaware california and NYC chicago marthas vineyard and beverly hills is nice.. and they are definately liberal LOL colorado they could use a few thousand more a day as well..

    • ..they are getting turned away (NJ) now and sent back down southern border. Mayor in Edison said cant id em, dont know who is armed or what they are carrying – they pose a serious danger to the community”.

      sooon to be heard in the halls of guvmint in MexiTexas, “there baaack” as Lone Star state slowly becomes a 3rd world shithole.

      What abbott should be saying to Tex Nat Guardsmen is; “Cry Havoc, and let slip the Dogs of War”

      Nerp- put em on airconditioned bus and drive em around the country for lil joyriding, on state taxpayer dime..duh-oooh!

      Dont forget homegamerz, “Meet the Boss, Same as the Old Boss” Bwahahaahahah

  16. probably should have mentioned that on Ure Making site.

    well, best get busy being about. nobody has a right to take anyone elses personal vision from them. it is a God given right. and anyone who would attempt at taking another Creators vision from them, isnt worthy of the Vision created in symphony with the Ultimate Creator. now are they.

    i know there is alot of snooping on my life. i aint stupid. i can hear them yacking away. lol

    but some stuff is private.

    and IF, you stick your nose in someone elese right to Create, well dont be suprized if it doesnt find a good set of spiritual brass kuckles on it. i have just the set. hahaha.

    per my post yesterday.

    tye stage is set.

    have a great 2024, i already am.

    Just Andy

  17. right after i posted that. my brass kuckles with the om symbol engraved on them fell out of my glove box next to me.


    i opened up a book laying next to me to random page, first line at the top of the page,

    “You have chose what is better, and it will not be taken away from you.”


    Sweet! thanks God!

    • Why in the world would you have brass knuckles… I have never even seen any and I sure am not planning on walking the dark path..

      • okay buddy.

        now, IF the world turns to shit and powers out and the roaming gangs start taking food from everyone and looting their stash.

        and i jump out of your closet like some magic trick (because im kinda like that.) and knock a mother fucker out in the Name of Jesus to keep your stuff from getting jacked with my brass knuckles? (which protect my hand from being broken).

        you can tell me all about not walking the dark path over some home made viddels.


      • im joking of course.

        but i am kinda like that. alot. always showing up at the exact moment some shits about to go down and ive heard it many times, wow! you just came out of nowhere.


        brass knuckles protect your hand in a fight from being broken. it also can make a lady who weighs 110lbs and punch like she is a 6’7, 280 lb man swinging in self defence against a bad guy.

        now LOB. you should know by now, im a protector. and although im rough around the edges, to say it nicely.

        i mean i did it for a job. ran pass gate at concerts and protected big named celebraties and rock stars back stage.

        i am very good at it. very good at it.

        and that doesnt make me any less a Man of God.
        I am a Man of God.

        i avoid fights. i dont go looking for them. at all.

        if you are just prepping supplies and have no self defence tools? you are prepping for some group that is stronger to take them.

        and in a battle of the group that says, we are here to take your shit! verses the group that says, no you are not.

        you will definently want a man like me on your team of no you are not taking our stuff.

        because my friend,

        i am very good at it. very good at it.

        God made me good at it for a reason.

        and that has nothing to do with walking the dark side.

        my roomates said a while back, if this person stopps by the house while we are gone? dont let them in the house.

        i said i dont give a fuck if its joe biden. nobody is coming in the house without my say so. i will put him on his head in the front yard if he tries to come in the house without permision.

        and that is 100% true.

        and has nothing to do with the dark path. im sure yoda would agree.

      • i will tell you 4 things that may save your life and those with you.

        IF they take the power grid down this year and all the atms dont work, gas stations dont pump and cell phones dont work. when you cant call 911 and no help is coming.

        #1 dont tell anyone local what ya have. dress in baggy clothes and dont wear anything shiney.

        #2. dont hide behind sheet rock walls in a gun fight like in the movies. sheet rock doesnt stop bullets.

        #3. dont stand with a light on behind you if your hiding.

        your shadow will give you away.

        if anyone is in your house, you know the lay out and they dont. if there is light? look for their shadow. it will always tell you where they are.

        #4. if they cant see ya? they cant fight.

        in a self defence situation dont bounce around like you are in some mma show. this isnt some ego macho shit. its life and death. spread your fingers wide and slap their face as much as you can dragging your fingers accross their eyes.

        if they cant see? they cant fight.

        i highly recomend at minimum a crowbar for defence. 99% of non military or police trained people if they have a gun? will lead with the pistol or rifle way out infront of them.

        so you will see their gun or weapon long before the rest of them.

        a crow bar is one of the best tools for home defence. if someone is coming in a room and you are around the corner, hook their gun or weapon with the bent end of the beny part of crow bar and twist and pull hard. every single person even herculies himself will drop their gun or weapon or you will break their wrist.

        as soon as they drop it, they will grab their wrist. if you give a strong jerk towards yourself??? the gun will drop infront of you. pick it up!

        and get some big zip ties.

        i hope you never need to remember any of that. but if you ever do. i hope for you and your loved ones you rememeber it.

        • American-made zip-ties, from someplace like Tool City (the overseas junk is not well made, the pawl can slip, and it’s atmospherically and photochemically reactive. i.e. It decomposes with age.) Always use three on arms & legs, because anyone who’s been through alphabet training knows how to easily escape a wrist or ankle zip-tie restraint. Mine are 36″ and rated at 970 pounds. I carry two in my vehicle, and have a sealed bag at home — and have had them since 2006.

          Stuff like this makes good Walter Mitty material. You can daydream about being a hero for days on-end.


          There WILL come a time and place when things like crowbars (or any kind of club) and zip-ties in the hands of ordinary civilians WILL become necessary. I hope the place is never CONUS or Canada, and I hope the time is not during the lifetime of any of my progeny.

          With that said, based on the things I see and bits dropped within earshot of me by clearanced-types,

          I would not be willing to bet money that we survive even this January without a descent into war or chaos in the lower 48

          (or in Canuckistan, since the Biden Administration has thoughtfully and surreptitiously shipped nearly a half-million “military-aged male” refug, er, asyl, uh, “migrants” to central and west-central Canada, over the past ~31 months or so…)

          If you are faced with the prospect of watching your preteen progeny be sodomized, then beheaded, would you take up arms and be willing to kill the baddie with the big knife and stiff dick?

          If so, you should probably get your mind situated to where you can protect yourself and your family BEFORE being presented with the moral dilemma of having someone “Allahu Akbar” your grandkids into eternity, right before your eyes. Getting pissed and killing a killer does NOT bring junior back to life.

          If not, all your preps may only help the dude who’s raping your offspring.

          Bear in-mind, the Commandment was mis-translated in KJV-1611.

          It does not say: Thou shalt not kill. Properly-translated, it says: “Thou shalt not commit murder.”

  18. Now, now, now folks … let’s not be too quick to dismiss alcohol.

    My grandma use to give us kids a mixture of Lemon, Honey and Lemon for coughs and sore throats. It worked. I still use it today.

    The grandparents use to soak golden raisins in (good) Gin in a paper towel covered bowl until they dry up. Eating 6 raisins a day for arthritis. Mobility increased and pain and swelling decreased.

    A lot of home remedy tinctures are made with either 40% grain alcohol or 100 proof Vodka.

    And there are a lot of Italians and Greeks who sware of the health benefits of a glass a wine with Dinner. And add alcohol in cooking recipes.

    There’s good and bad about everything. Anything above moderate use can have consequences.

    I find it interesting that studies of what regular folks use on a regular basis, gets negatively critiqued but, prescribed medicine which have sometimes, deadly side effects are brushed off the table for discussion, as if it’s ok … no worries. Just ask your doctor … good luck with that.

    • Grain alcohol burns clean in an alcohol stove. When mixed with peroxide to WHO specs, it makes an excellent hand sanitizer. That same 151 proof sanitizer is the best chigger treatment I have found to date. You clean your legs with it in red bug season when you are through outside. Once you get one of the pests, you tip the bottle up on the spot, and squeeze a bit.
      Ethyl alcohol has many external uses. It has use for cooking and medicinals. Heavy drinking is dangerous for an individual and their victims.

      • Use the Neem tree leaves – for things buggy/parasitic.

        Cold pressed Oil for lazy ass rich westerners or grow the plants and pick Ure own leaves.
        Throw those bad boys in a couple gallons of water and let soak couple days..presto, like magic this treated oil/water is most excellent in keeping pests off Ure plants, taken internally – super anti parasitic. Add some hot ripe chopped Habanaro Peppers to the mix – Iguana’s wont touch it .

    • Heck I am not against alcohol..heck I make wine and beers all the my raspberry chocolate in now..
      I an against abusing it.. in moderation there are thousands of use for it.
      its like guns.. A gun is a useful tool used in the wrong way or abused and negative results happen. the same thing with water.. drinking to much water and you get drunk drink an excessive amount and you die..

  19. Um …. That’s
    Lemon, Honey and Whiskey …
    Not, Lemon, Honey, Lemon.

    I’m trying to do like 6 things at once here. Damn.

  20. “Judicial Reform is over in Israel, which may tie the hands of Netanyahu when comes to conduct in Gaza: High Court invalidates law for repealing the reasonableness standard.”

    This is what happens when a nation’s judicial system is more-powerful than its political system.

    Pay attention, y’all. Rule by judicial appointees is one of the many things the Democrats intend for the future of the U.S.

  21. “By the way, there’s a thoughtful article on the Newsweek site worth considering: Putin Smells Blood As Ukraine Faces Growing Calls To Negotiate. ”

    For those with short memories…

    Two weeks after the war kicked-off:

    Zelensky was all for negotiating with Putin.

    Putin was completely amenable toward negotiating with Zelensky.

    However, the Biden Administration told Zelensky that negotiations were off the table until Putin, and/or his Administration, was eliminated.

    Maybe folks will remember this, if I repeat what I said the last time Russia/Ukraine “negotiations” were rotated to the top of the pile of “current events news stories and selective tail-wagging:”

    Joe Biden is a mass-murderer. He is personally-responsible for the millions of deaths that have occurred on both sides, in the Ukrainian theatre of battle, since the second week of March, of 2022. By banning negotiations or a ceasefire and feeding a constant stream of materiel and munitions into the region to arm a people who got their ass kicked, but are being forced to “fight to the last Ukrainian,” Mr. Biden is fast-approaching the level of his 20th Century heroes — Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, and Mao…

    All this death and destruction are being foist on the Ukrainian people, just to keep laundered black money flowing into the U.S. and prop an economy (ours) which would collapse nearly overnight into the worst depression in the history of the world, were our war production to end.

    • Oh this sure looks like our war.. Putin pleaded for NATO to move the missiles off the border and guarantee Ukraine never become a member of nato.
      I believe that similar to the Cuban missile crises..this could have been eliminated peacefully.. instead of a smart man with moral and ethical guidelines we got what we got.
      even being goaded and pushed Putin has been smart enough not to react. instead he’s letting the USA and NATO make the first moves..
      i believe that once the usa and nato that for years around the campfires of the survivors the stories will be passed on.

  22. “Suppose the Don won? Donald Trump Can Be President From Jail, Fox News Guest Claims.”

    Won’t happen. I expect him to be convicted of something, somewhere. Unless one is convicted of a capital crime, or is a known flight risk (note Trump has made every jurisprudential curtain call? The legal implication of this is that he is proven to not be a flight risk), on conviction, the person in the dock is afforded “appeal bond” upon filing an appeal of his(her) conviction. Trump’s legal team will file appeals within minutes of the gavel-strike. DJT will, if he’s so-inclined, be able to pardon himself at his leisure or, the first time he’s “25th’ed” for his first physical, his VP will take the hour or two they’re in-charge to pardon him.

    I frankly expect there’ll be no pardons, because Trump is guilty of no crime, and any “trumped-up” charge of which he’s convicted will be thrown out and the case dismissed, on appeal. One thing about construction workers, especially those from Queens, is they’re really bullheaded. IMO The Donald would want legal exoneration as proof of his innocence, rather than pardon, which is proof of nothing…

    • My thoughts exactly.. even if he doesn’t go to jail.. I truly don’t believe that they would allow him to ever take office again..
      Not sure what they would do.. but historically any president that didn’t follow the widow makers wishes.. ended up leaving their wives as widows….
      NONE of this would be an issue if he had followed what their agenda’s was.. but he didn’t.. and now he is being economically ripped to shreds in court hearings..
      You don’t see one thing about the perv and his uncle.. or the big guy

      • “I truly don’t believe that they would allow him to ever take office again..
        Not sure what they would do.”

        Yes, you are.

        Mr. Trump has been asked on several occasions whether he realizes that there are people who’re so-invested in the D.C. status quo that, should he win the Presidency, would attempt to assassinate him.

        IIRC, when Tucker Carlson asked him this, he simply smiled and said nothing…

  23. “New NOAA Solar Cycle Progression numbers have been updated for December. Has Solar Cycle 25 peaked and into x-flare land”

    I wouldn’t be surprised.

    However, if it hasn’t, we may get to ALL go back to the 18th Century, after firing nary a shot. If we’re not there yet, that backside is gonna be a rip-roarin’ bitch of a humdinger…

    • Pffft… we survived 2001 with only one dead satellite (Galaxy 4) for an off-the-charts X-ray blast. Carrington says it could be worse, but… what are the chances? Probabilities are MUCH higher of a man made EMP event, IMO.
      I look forward to some ionospheric heating. I want to talk to my Aussie ham friends on six meters, again!
      I claim the world’s rarest DX contact… Kingman Reef K5K expedition on six meters.

      • Forstchen contends the odds of CONUS being hit with a HEMP attack are about 1:6 but the odds of us being hit with another Carrington Event are greater than 1, because it is a natural event which historically, periodically repeats. It was likely the duration of the EMP, not its intensity, which made the Carrington Event the legend it is, today.

        Personally, I don’t care whether it comes from Man or from God. Either way, it’s gonna be a bad day for a lot of people…

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