Tides to Float Your Ark (5)

Technology and sociology are the weather forecasts of our Future. To have a great Future, check the forecasts!

Which is to say, if you’re planning a robust future, our chapter of Building a Person Ark today will be useful. It’s all about getting the Future right.  Do that and everything else is almost cake. Not in the next day or two maybe, but the bigger currents in society that work in slow-motion year long timescales will be on your side.

 We therefore consider the perspective of society-level changes. Which happens gradually, not usually overnight.  How are technology changes adopted and dispersed for example.  Work of four luminaries will be covered, as the rate of social progression is explored.

We can do this because the market is weak and on hold for the JOLTS report at 10 AM and the Fed Minutes at 2 PM today, we will consider the pickle traders have gotten themselves into, in our ChartPack.  Look up the word ursine.

Plus, as an extra bonus, the dream world logic behind our speculation that during World War II important experiments in psychology (and transcendence) may have gone missing from the historical record.  Yes, a woo-woo question brought over from the dream Realms.

At more than 8,000 words, today will be something of a deeper than usual dive.  Which happens when holidays allow too much computer time… Who needs 10,000 monkeys and the works of Shakespeare when there’s one George and the Internet, eh?

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62 thoughts on “Tides to Float Your Ark (5)”

  1. In the spirit of boxed cats and un-hanging criminals, I submit a sidebar I published in the Performance and Instruction Journal, 10/81:

    Training the Dead

    Many benefits can be derived by focusing your training efforts solely on dead people:

    – There is no resistance to learning new things.
    – You can use simple galvanic stimulus to produce the behavior you desire.
    – Since the required behavior can be produced at will, you need no longer be satisfied with 90/90, you can always have 100/100.
    – You may use humor, even ethnic or religious humor and have no fear that it will be misunderstood, or that someone’s feelings will be hurt.
    – If you must get something out quickly, you can dig up an old course you’ve written and use it. They won’t notice the difference.
    – For the same reason, you can dress sloppily while teaching, skip entire sections if you get tired, and even use inadequate visuals.
    – For the students, you have all the time in the world to get your ideas across.

    There are, unfortunately, shortcomings to using the dead to compose your training classes:

    – A class will not actually be composed of dead people, it will be decomposing. This is no light matter: all the benefits listed above will be negated if local health department rules add complaints from managers make it hell to conduct your class.
    – While students can achieve high scores on factual material, you’ll find it difficult to evaluate whether or not you’re getting across affective things–attitudes and the like. The whole realm of dead covert behavior is especially hard to evaluate.
    – Student response time may seem eternal, creating course lengths that are intolerable from a management viewpoint.
    – Just plain logistics can be difficult: where to hold classes,  breaks, and lunch. There are still some objections to dead training, although they are fewer and fewer as time goes on.
    – There are no minority benefits of any kind in graduating dead students, even salesmen. The dead outnumber the living.

    • “The dead outnumber the living.”

      Dawn Of The Dead

      Francine Parker : They’re still here.

      Stephen : They’re after us. They know we’re still in here.

      Peter : They’re after the place. They don’t know why; they just remember. Remember that they want to be in here.

      Francine Parker : What the hell are they?

      Peter : They’re us, that’s all. There’s no more room in hell.

      Stephen : What?

      Peter : Something my granddaddy used to tell us. You know Macumba? Voodoo. Granddad was a priest in Trinidad. Used to tell us, “When there’s no more room in hell, the dead will walk the Earth.”

      • “When there’s no more room in hell, the dead will walk the Earth.”

        Maybe he meant to say.. was..
        when there’s no more room in hell, the brain dead will walk and rule the earth…
        If that was what he meant to say.. then he was right on the money.. cause it sure looks like the leaders of the USA are all morons in power..


    • Isnt it fascinating that I cant purchase a robot to do my work, and sit back and collect vig on the earnings like any other labor force provider? You can however use the internet and virtual bots. How will the robots both physical and virutal get paid and pay each other in settlement for services? [in crypto].

      • “Isnt it fascinating that I cant purchase a robot to do my work, and sit back and collect vig on the earnings like any other labor force provider? ”

        you could..
        just like a digital watch was or a computer.. a microwave.. my first microwave was almost a grand.. and it lasted me over twenty years.. well my ex got it and she is still using it.. so that thing is what almost forty years old.. maybe a little older..
        you can buy a robot.. you just can’t afford it yet.. the auto industry has robots working all day long.. an assembly line mostly is just one action.. one person puts in one screw or bolt..repetitive..
        with AI robots are even finding ways to improve themselves..

  2. ” Has Jeffrey Epstein List Release Been Delayed?”

    What’s the expectation if the list is released? Bill Clinton going to jail, this time. No hope from judicial. Republicans are still in the process of rebuilding the team. And it’s going to take decades – the rest of our lives.

    The Left disrupted DeWine. Back to the drafts in Ohio. Fauci is still circling the stadium with a winners flag.

    “that the Fed could lower interest rates this spring.”

    In the 1st and 2nd chart we can see the Ukie Trident pattern forming. The center prong, from 10/29/23 could form over the next 1/4. China liberating Taiwan from European occupation could be the cause.

    The speculated Spring/Q2 interest rate cut could build the right prong.

    A Summer nuclear exchange using Trident missiles to complete the Trident pattern could develop and end the larger pattern.

  3. Is Japan in “trouble”?

    …even think about leaving the New World Order reservation, except on pain of much death and destruction as follows.

    “The 1/1/24 Japanese earthquake was clearly the work of a geoweapon … just like the devastating Turkey quakes were last year … and like the Fukushima quake and tsunami were on 3/11/11.”

    For those who are not aware, Japan made a number of nuanced moves and subtle maneuvers over the course of 2023, each of them hinting at the distinct possibility that they would rather be friends with the BRICS-allied nations (and especially with Russia) than with the Zio-Anglo-American Axis countries such as the US and UK.


    • Not Israel.

      Iranian Sunnis (the underground resistance).

      Although likely supplied, either by Israel, or by the U.S. or U.K.

      • Calling Bullscheisse on U, Raymondo!

        Lets just say “I knew it !”

        what happened – couldnt take pressure (treacherous Ki of planet Earth) couldn’t hide “it” under rock any longer?

        Truely looking forward to what comes for Me, f-ing cowards.

        PURE EVIL IS isRAhell, pure EVIL.

        Bring it on – SonsofDarkness” – bring it on – as I got MORE LIGHT/LIFEforce than I know what to do with, not to mention armed to the teeth, as are all family members(coached,trained).

        WW3 has just been GUARANTEED, and you go with misdirection…hmmmmm

    • This IS what USA military and israhells IDF have been degraded to..Terrorism. Killing unarmed, INNOCENT Women and Children, The same exact methods are operational in nazi ukraine. ALL of it 100% supported and Backed by jewSA

      What do the inculcated think “The War on Terror” is now ?

      Exactly what it has always been – israhell-us slaughtering innocentss all over the world.
      Youse do still remember 911 -israhell did it, with agency support (same agencies run by bonesmen = globalhomo). many of lil bushies appts were gay “friends” from yale/s&b.

      Sons of Darkness (thedemons) are seemly running amuck.

      Darkness prevails, as usual on this “darked” planet we call Urth.

    • The Sunni’s have taken to using a double bombing in a terror attack. The first one for maximum damage and death and then a second one, ten to fifteen minutes later as they try to kill as many first responders as they can.

  4. Just a friendly FYI for the Ure-clan:

    I don’t do podcasts nor listen to them. ZeroHedge has a bullet point mentioning someone I admire, Guy Adami, who is a frequent trader panelist on CNBC Fast Money.

    Guy _made his bones_ working the open outcry metals pits. While most Financial Media guests talk their books Guy speaks truth, even admits mistakes. A rarity.


    The YouTube video is >40 minutes long, worth it IMO.
    Happy New Year alles,

  5. “The world today features such disparate social planes as drug abuse, illegal immigration, organized crime, gender confusion, cost of technology access, unaffordable housing, and the specter of falling demand for humans.”
    You should also add the continuous drop in agricultural acreage [ farm production.] Especially when compared to population growth.
    ,, and,
    “George II called this week, to say he wouldn’t be coming back to family land for maybe another year..,”
    – And there-in lies the conundrum., the “opposing forces”. Wenatchee has some very serious problems. Housing – affordable or available – is just one of the holes in it’s boat. [ Wenatchee is the third highest cost of housing in the entire State / 23% higher then the national average and the price of a used two bedroom house has increased over 62% in the past five years. Much to the liking of the City Fathers – all from the liberal – socialist I5 Corridor, who keep raising property taxes.] If / When we hit a recession just how much will be cut back in the build-out underway in server farms ? and in single and multiplex residential construction? If we drop headlong into a depression ? – there will be very little demand for computer related growth. On any level. And if we see a few ‘sroom clouds on the horizon? [ According to my math – I should be able to see, just barely, over the Cascade Range, when Bremerton goes up.] No growth at all for many, many years. Decades?
    – .., and yes, we do produce a lot of electrical power – which should make you wonder just how many of those newly built sub-stations,[ to feed Microsoft’s demands ] are on the terrorist’s ‘To Do” List. Shutting down the power to a massive server farm would be a real ‘statement’ and quite disruptive. There is nothing in this area capable of detecting a drone attack., much less stopping one.
    Ignoring the possibilities and planning on a picket fence in quaint suburbia, with the new love of your life…, may be somewhat optimistic. And if you believe in Stu’s years of work – it is ‘very’ optimistic. [ You either believe, or you don’t – your choice.]
    “Logic dictates…,” [ recently, logic has been abandoned to make room for greed..,] .., however, there comes a time when it is more prudent to pack-up the station wagon, stuff the dog in the back seat and get hell out of Dodge., while the gettin’ is good.
    .., but then., what do I know? It’s just a thought., an old man’s opinion.

    • the power … yes it could take thousands of years for people to go back to a currency a currency in remote regions of the planet today have little or no value.
      Lets say they did take down the grid.. I don’t think it would take a lot.. we didn’t design out power grid for security .. it was designed to keep all the eggs in one basket for profit margins..I seen that when I was a kid and even brought it up to a teacher in school decades ago..over night currency would be valueless..I had visited with people that were wealthy had the biggest homes.. that when the depression hit.. they had nothing.. take away the grid power and we have nothing.even today on old homesteads etc.. there are jars filled with money that was shoved there for just such an event. what is different this time is.. we outsourced industry.. we have neglected our infrastructure and devalued the dollar.. even if it was in a jar it will will be worth zero.. if it goes nuclear.. there won’t be anyone around.. instead it will be like in the movie the postman..
      where a copy machine repairman can become the king..Even the white house press secretary on television yesterday was trying to paint the wealthy as the root cause of the inflation.. they don’t pay their fair share of taxes.. not the misshandling of the finances by the administration or congress..Social security should be secure.. it was.. then we let the congress and administration.. that is what happened in Germany.. once they got the support of the general population they could do what they wanted.. the fact that it was the jewish community was a two for.. adolph had a hatred of the jewish supposedly because of an abusive jewish realitive that had become the lover and father figure of his mother after his father died and she was unable to survive on her own.. stories say that he was once abused and beaten so bad that he was in a coma for three days..His mother was forced to stay with the man because of economics.. and in those days corporal punishment was a norm women had little or no rights..
      that is why I have always thought the ones that will survive this event are the ones that have more primitive lifestyles.. Like the Amish.. they still do things that was done a hundred years ago..the tribes in africa and remote regions..
      Now who will reign once it does..




      And its not just there they are also building those in other countries that they live in…. many other countries are doing the same thing… Because I almost starved to death and had so many dramatic things happen in my life.. I took them to be learning instances.. one of the things I never ever did.. was put my faith and trust in having one position.. Like Andy I was all over the place doing all kinds of things.. in the eighties I had six jobs.. the wife says eight at one time.. but I remember six.. the thing is I needed a stepping stone.. if one failed.. ( there isn’t any job security at all anymore.. modern ceo’s are only for the coin not the company) so never was I without a second stepping stone.. if one failed you step out onto the next.. that I what I believe they are doing.. since the writing was on the wall that we are egotistically at war to gain for the widowmakers.. they knew at some point those people would want what they have… to prepare for it.. they took it as a learning event.. and have been quietly preparing.. just like NOAH.. that built a huge ship in the middle of the high plains desert.. they have been quietly building provisions not just for a few schmucks.. but for the majority of the population.. that way in the event something does happen.. they can step out onto the next.. move the industry to another ghost industrial complex.. we on the other hand have pretty much destroyed and dumbed down our citizens for the coin.. an event happens.. do you think that you could see Biden or the perv kid building a car.. not a chance in hell.. shoot he is building a bunker on a hunk of property that is target number one.. and the other guy on a volcano flow zone.. doesn’t matter if they can make it out by digging through a ton of rock or lava.. or if they can swim up a hundred feet to the surface.. the grid goes down.. the world will be looking to them for the survival of industry..
      I get a chuckle out of the American indian tribes.. that are doing what I have been saying for decades.. getting the reservations ready so that when it does happen they will be the ones secure if they survive the catastrophic event.. they will have power and they will have back their native lands ..

    • Happy New Year to All!
      Back in 1973, I had a 1969 Mach 1 Mustang with a 390 engine and a 4 b carburetor with Manuel transmission. It was a joy to drive, but my 1981 Saab turbo was even more fun. Nowadays, I drive an SUV.

      • Fine line kiddo between wising and aging – we talk about it all he time. Elaine’s been a ‘vette, cuda, and charger owner…and I gave up my Porsche addiction 10-years back.
        I tell myself I’ve gotten wise.
        Memories tell me I’ve gotten old.
        Figure both can’t be right….

        • “and I gave up my Porsche addiction 10-years back.”

          For me I never had a cuda or a cobra..sat in my friends shelby but hated it.. but the smaller cars.. they look fancy.. (around here it has to be Big Green or an orange color and cost three times what the cars cost)
          But Gravity became an issue.. on the honda.. nice car.. but once you were halfway down to the seat.. gravity takes over and your going in.. I drove a realitives sports car.. and hell I had to roll out of it just to get out.. and then needed someone to help me stand up..
          gravity is the main reason I won’t have one of those..

        • @Nancy

          “George, it is tough to even impossible to make a good Costco run in a sports car!”

          Naw… you just have to be creative. My MGA had seven feet of leg room on the passenger side, with the seat in place, and room for five paper grocery bags on the battery shelf behind the seats (I could put the seat down and carry 10′ 2x4s completely inside the car…) ‘Course it had manual-everything, no radio or A/C, and I carried the side curtains in the boot, but one sometimes had to make allowances — After all, it DID have mechanical turn signals, electrical windshield wipers and a heater (which were all options, but darn convenient, especially in winter) and it had what may have been the only positive-ground alternator on the planet, at that time (I built it myself from an old Motorola, taken from a Rambler or Studebaker…)

  6. “Jeffrey Epstein list still now out yet. Big people and pull, you think? Has Jeffrey Epstein List Release Been Delayed? What We Know (newsweek.com) Filed under “Just us under covers..”

    I am sorry.. I doubt seriously that anyone will ever see it.. similarly the thousands of emails from fake accounts of the pres that was vice pres at the time.. to much to hold to many accountable.. and who is on the list..
    It vanished like the list of the satanic pedo group in the NE usa.. it was deamed false and covered over in what could be considered lightning speed.. even the websites of those that were allegedly in the group that had so much crap on their own personal webpages that it would scare anyone..
    then the one that supposedly released the emails.. he was mugged and killed.. and the one that posted them put in prison for the rest of his life..
    I believe that the Epstein papers will go unpublished or misteriously vanish.. from all indications the agencies resposible for the security of our country and the people that live here.. All seem to be implicated in some way to this whole mess..

  7. “Do not go gentle into that good night
    Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”
    I think that’s Dylan Thomas not Robert Frost, but I am not the expert.
    (My PhD English Teacher mother, on the other hand, who was responsible for me KLEPing out of all my college English courses, was a big D. Thomas fan, so I heard that poem often, when I wasn’t doing differential equations of stirred tank reaction rates.)

  8. The MACD [ YTD] has rolled over on the Nasdaq, Russel, S&P500 and my own Aggregate Index. ., but I still don’t trust this pig of a market.

    • EVERYTHING said by this piece of shit president and or administration lackies(myorkas) is a LIE, and, and The Opposite of what they are saying IS real TRUTH.

      So when some asshole in wh behind podium says we didnt have anything to do with it – translates as ” FUCK U! We fucking did it and there aint shit you or anybody else is gonna do about it.”

      You folks can See the darkness in these peoples Eyes, No?

      Youse can at least feel it, no ?

      or are we just zombies ?

      #1 – Cardio
      #2 Double Tap

      • unfortunately.. the vast majority of the people are reliant on the people in power to survive.. what was it that Adolph said in his second secret book..
        the average man is only concerned about being able to provide his daily sustinance..
        to get the support of the people so that they could take from the wealthy.. they needed the support of the average citizen..
        what is is.. almost seventy eight percent.. whether it is food stamps.., rent assistance
        daycare assistance.. you cannot go to work and make a living like you could in the sixties and seventies.. this was accomplished by deregulation of essential services..
        If the USA had followed Carters plan.. we wouldn’t be facing what we are today.. instead the middle class was thrown under the wheels of progress.. and we began outsourcing industry..
        everything you see in the news today.. the vast majority of the laborers only catch the drive at five news.. the goodie goodie.. nothing going on here news..
        JOE opening the borders and allowing in millions.. that is being noticed.. then supporting them with more money and essential services than what our own taxpaying retirees get the workers views are beginning to see the reverse image of what is going on..as prices keep going up and income stays low..


  9. Please.., stop this useless spreading of false news. The US, Saudi’s., UK., Israel.., none were involved in the bombing in Iran. It has all the earmarks of Sunni terrorists.., not a drone attack. First bomb is the largest – the kill-shot., and the second bomb is designed for the first responders.
    Two years ago., at the very same celebration the crowd suddenly panicked and trampled to death nearly as many people.
    Just chill.., and wait.

    • yet another – Good.
      from dipped vet, puhlease.

      Ure masters actions are in Plain sight genius- the whole world is seeing It. In spite of the massive heavy suppression goggleworks be doing.

      Ure masters want you to believe and cover(still on payroll?) that it is intercine warfare- figures.

      Ure words/postion put You in Satans Synagogue, I Assumed better..clearly I am mistaken.

      Nassrallah spoke again yesterday..3rd speach – unlimited War on israhell. But of course they dont know shit either. right genius .mil analyst?

      DEATH its what for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Would have thought you had seen enough in Ure lifetime..

      I was wrong again..shocking.

      • well you know in a shit hits the fan senerio.

        God Forbid, ifn ya end up whacking someone to protect yourself, your family and your property.

        a friendly suggestion,

        use Burlap sacks! not plastic! when you burry them out by the knotty pine trees.

        wouldnt want ya to end up with a carbon tax when society retuns to stupidity.

        go green! or go home!

        • FLfI !

          who the F gives them emg medical treatment? where are those hosp.? Who flys isiis victems to hosp. in black US helo’s ? Who trains and supports at al tanf, who provides air support ?

          us-israhell . You are not that stupid, not as stupid as you write. just full of SHIT.

          good day, Sir.,

  10. Sam Brinckman Fried walked last Friday…
    Does anyone here care? F–k the blackbook chronicles-where are the videos from Dipstein and Humas husbands weiners laptop? Where are the stein vids and pics? Will the list be satisfactory? Are you all gonna sit back and wait, trusting in the police force that is not loyal to U? Defending against enemy abroad or within. Shipping illegal, border crossing aliens provided with phones, money and transportation, plus official ID cards. Wake up or end up sleeping forever.
    We are either in the know or the i-phone is giggleing the dupes of USA.
    Go to the border of NK. See where you go next.
    Gotta love the Rebubs & Demos History of defending Constitution Of The United States: for decades. NOT!
    Zero tolerance for DWI. (Dealing With Idiots} Times up.

  11. 19 degrees on the mountain. i slept hours last night.

    i was thinking about it. i kinda had a girlfiend in the start of 2023. i was in alaska and poor and stayed with a lady. now i couldnt afford rent with cash so i paid it daily to her the old fashoned way. hahaha

    hey, women do it all the time. put out or get out. okay honey get naked. hahaha


    much to think about.

    ~ The Grand Rising ~

    remember this aint nothing we aint seen before. the last thing anyone wants to do is count the good old USA down for the count. because time and time again, She rises up and says, Fuck around and find out!

    On the shore dimly seen through the mists of the deep
    Where the foe’s haughty host in dread silence reposes,
    What is that which the breeze, o’er the towering steep,
    As it fitfully blows, half conceals, half discloses?
    Now it catches the gleam of the morning’s first beam”

    ~ The Grand Rising ~

    coffee black and strong. cowboy up!

    country on.


    • Be careful young man.. Women around the wastelands wants a man that they can rely and depend upon.. a woman can get a couch surfer anywhere.. and at your age.. there comes a time when they think dam.. an old man laying on the couch..I will seek out a younger model..
      I can honestly say.. many men wish they had your lifestyle.. I personally just couldn’t do that.. those that I help I do everything I can in an attempt to stay anonymous so I don’t get drawn into the drama. It is way to easy to get to the point that they depend on my help whenever there is a calamity.

  12. George … your Peoplenomics report is WIDER THAN MY SCREEN!!

    I am having to scroll sideways at each line to read it!!

    Can you make your pages narrower?


  13. “The Cynic’s Headlines

    Money laundry central’s revenge, is it?”


    “US slams Israeli ministers’ ‘inflammatory’ calls for Palestinians to leave Gaza. Look: we told you the two-state solution was gone…and besides there’s gas and oil off Gaza. What’s not making sense?”

    All the gas & oil in the world is not an incentive, when there’s folks who can not tolerate your existence, 36 miles from your capital city, tossing rockets with antipersonnel warheads at your women and children.

    “Embattled Harvard President Claudine Gay resigns – but keeps her tenured professorship and her 7-figure salary

    Fixed that for you…

    “Meanwhile, we’re trying to figure out how the SEC can approve an ETF based purely on made-up numbers?”

    A little money, properly placed, can go a long way…

    “Jeffrey Epstein list still now out yet. Big people and pull, you think? Has Jeffrey Epstein List Release Been Delayed? What We Know (newsweek.com) Filed under “Just us under covers..”

    How ’bout filing it under “wag the dog?”

    Until it occurs to some schmuck (Monkey?) to do the heavy lifting WRT the list, and figure out which rides are innocent, like Epstein giving someone Katy Perry a lift from LA or Miami to NYC for the hell of it (and for an impromptu photo-op to be used later by Gizzy as a “recruitment tool”), and him giving the Slickster a lift to pedo point (and a 14yo waif to provide stimulating conversation and make the time pass quickly…)

  14. “A quarter century ago, I found myself oddly at peace as the end of 1999 brought in Y2k.

    It had been a much-feared event. And, although the mass disruptions were minimal, as far as most citizens were concerned, it doesn’t mean that there was no disruption. ”

    Nobody except their families knew that every IT-professional on the planet slept not, on 12/31/1999, and a lot of us were even sober.

    Since I was not babysitting a serious farm, my “fix” was going to be to disable NNTP, pull the plug, then reboot the ‘puters one-at-a-time, resetting the BIOS clock in CMOS to 1/1/1998 on each, as they booted. I was a lowly builder and needed to sell computers, not worry about a BIOS patch, so I assumed there’d be a patch sometime in the next two years, to fix the issue.

    Fortunately, in the home-PC world, y2k really was a non-issue…

    “Suddenly, things went on a “health kick.” Even with military conflicts (Spanish American War started in 1898, for example), the average lifespan in America by 1913 had zoomed up to 45.1 while in Europe the average was up to 46.8 years.”

    This was the onset of indoor plumbing. Our species dump’t sewage in the streets, then walked through it and drank from village wells that were contaminated with the runoff, for thousands of years. People like George Washington lived to be 67, not because he was wealthy and could afford a better grade of leech than the paupers in Alexandria. He made it to 67 because he was a farmer, and lived out in the country.

    “but also with a similar growth and withering of once-dominant Radio revolutionary R.C.A. Which today has faded into brand noise of consumer products.”

    Actually reduced to just a “brand name” and sold to a ChiCom conglomerate, like most other American manufacturing brands.

    “the world today features such disparate social planes as drug abuse, illegal immigration, organized crime, gender confusion, cost of technology access, unaffordable housing, and the specter of falling demand for humans.”

    All of which are synthetic and optional, save the falling demand for humans. WE (or more-specifically our Leftist politicians) created drug abuse, unaffordable housing, migration/invasion issues, and technology cost, our social efficiency (coupled with a ChiCom propaganda effort) created “gender issues.” Crime is invariant. Organized crime will happen wherever and whenever it can (Left Coast shoplifters are currently organizing into a “theft cooperative.)

    Everything that’s synthetic is simply and easily fixed (although not painlessly…)

    • “Left Coast shoplifters are currently organizing into a “theft cooperative.)”

      Makes perfect sense Ray. Perhaps they can have a large chain of exchange stores called LOSTCO. “We steal it. You deal it. Open 24/7.

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