NY ’24: Shake ’em & Quake ’em then Make ’em

Alliterative, ain’t it?

In case you forgot, what with all the Party Juice:

“Alliterative means using the same sound or sounds at the beginning of multiple words, especially consonant sounds. It can also mean having the same consonant at the beginning of each stressed syllable.”

So sayeth the desktop A.I.

Which actually tees up the first GPO-24.

(Grand Ponder 2024)

Has all this recent A.I, Business just blown-up Copyright?

Concept Versus Computer

Not to couch our modest literary efforts in a “John Henry was a steel driving man...” context (who blew himself up going mano y mano against a steam power railroad spiking machine). But the presence of an A.I. in the writer’s toolbox gives rise to two very important questions.

“Copyright protection is a form of intellectual property law that protects original works of authorship.”

Ure supposes that “If there is no specific human in the loop, how could there possibly be “intellect” by the Common Law concept?

Because, near as I can figure it, A.I. output is just a reasonably normed Statistical Property.

Then it gets worse.

You see, given the usual number of words in common language – perhaps 20,000 (more in grad school, lol), you can then demonstrate that with adjective, adverb, nouns, verbs, there are only a finite number of permutations possible.

Not only is there the problem of 8.1-billion people speaking and writing (all day, every day) but there is also all the machine rewrite coming from computer code such as Spinner Chief and the other news writer nightmares out there.  In short, if a particular sentence can be written, it probably already has been!

Which then sets up the 10,000 monkeys writing long enough will eventually produce the works of Shakespeare though experiment.

Mention this to Elon Musk?  He’s bright enough to already have gotten there, I’m sure.  But our point is two-fold herein today.

First, one way out of the box is for Copyright law to specifically exempt computer-generated (and computer-assisted) writing as not being subject to copyright.  Any more than pouring concrete could be claimed as “stone-like sculpture) [Which it well might be… but is it intellectual?]”

Second is that all music is already likely past tune copyright and solely into performance coverage now.  This is because we took a numerical to musical tones conversion tool 20-odd years ago and demonstrated that there was “music in the market.”

What we did was rounded-off the daily close of things like the S&P 500 anbd use the program Amuygen (A old DOS Music Generator, get it?) to convert the output to MIDI file which I then piped into the Microsoft wavetables and Presto! Music of the market.

Gosh, I should dig that off one of my old XP servers from back in the day since Amugen isn’t popping up in the older DOS s/w libraries.  But, you get the idea.  I made three tracks (Dow, S&P, and NASDAQ) and assigned instruments to each.

Mostly, it sounded like shit but every so many market sessions, there would be a catchy tune roll by – up to 20 notes, or so (before randomness intruded).

Point is that since music is everywhere in Universe, it’s as absurd as “Patenting Life” (another great human Ego Folly) and pretending with “own” anything.

No sir, that’s not how Life works.

Anyway, pencil in Copyright blowing up conceptually because it’s not intellectual at the output level.  And if that happens, then at what point does the whole world go Open Source which is one way to disassemble the greed-driven, false scarcity idols of the Corporate-Government merger?

I’ve said too much already…

Shake ‘Em and Quake ‘Em

The evidence continues to mount:  Earth is where energy from the Sun condenses and that’s how planets grow.  In other words, the law of physics that allows ginormous amounts of energy to be released in e=mc2 reverses and matter accretes from energy when there are big bursts.

Doubt me on this?

Comment posted by Reader Hank (on UM) is our starting point:

“Wham! Bam!
Ringing in the new year with a bang. Now the strongest solar event of the current solar cycle, a major X5.0 solar flare was observed around AR 3536 (ex 3514) at 21:55 UTC (Dec 31).”

And NOT coincidentally:

Major tsunami warning issued after powerful earthquake strikes Japan.

Which has included:

4.9 6 km N of Anamizu, Japan 2024-01-01 01:48:14 (UTC-06:00) 10.0 km

5.2 58 km ENE of Anamizu, Japan 2024-01-01 01:39:49 (UTC-06:00) 10.0 km

6.2 4 km SSW of Anamizu, Japan 2024-01-01 01:18:42 (UTC-06:00) 10.0 km

7.5 42 km NE of Anamizu, Japan 2024-01-01 01:10:09 (UTC-06:00) 10.0 km

5.5 42 km NE of Anamizu, Japan 2024-01-01 01:06:05 (UTC-06:00) 10.0 km

This last one is arguably the pre-shock, but Sun condenses matter and that causes expansion which lights up crustal shift…well, obvious enough to us.

Oh, chalk up another for the “Strange Holiday Attractor Names” major quakes.  We have a New Years quake which goes into the book with Boxing Day Quake, the Good Friday Quake in Alaska, back in…’64 was it?

Market Notes

Asian, U.S. and European markets are closed for the day.

Tomorrow – being National Hangovers are Telling You Something Day – we spied this in the NY Post this morning: Andy Cohen, Anderson Cooper down tequila shots after CNN’s New Year’s alcohol ban. Yep, do liberals love telling other people what to do, huh? Even their own?

We’ll have to wait for the Labor JOLTS report Wednesday mid-morning for big changes in outlooks.  The holiday means both the Challenger Job Cuts report and the ADP Job creation will hit Thursday morning (oh, goody!) and then along will be the official Labor Number Friday.

As always, in advance, we will remind you the financial press in corporate media will be blowing smoke up your ass about what the numbers mean.  So bookmark the Labor database looking for popular data sets and you will be able to see the Truth Of the Numbers and won’t have to rely on those specious talking head assholes who get it wrong we think deliberately when talking the Party Line.

Turning to Other News

(War and More, try not to snore…)

More escalation expected in Ukraine hostilities as Ukraine has crossed the Rubicon: Blind attack with NATO weapons and cluster bombs against civilians and children in the center of Belgorod! Carnage. Attacking the Russian lands will lead to an even more aggressive Bear.

Hollow victory dance in the M.E.  While the U.S. made a big deal out of intercepting three Houthi craft inbound on attack, we’re doing an exit stage left: Iran stations warship in Red Sea as US aircraft carrier leaves Mid East. Into said power vacuum now moves Iran’s ships in.

Two weeks to elections in Taiwan, key to our chip future: US-China relations | China’s President Xi Jinping and US President Joe Biden exchange congratulations on 45 years of diplomatic ties. We think 46 is unlikely longshot based on how the WestPac outlooks are moving.

Goming somewhere, dear? Danish Queen Margrethe II announces her abdication. Standing by for King Federik on the elevation of the crown prince. Sitronfromasj and Klejner with your coffee? (Fab memories of the Danish grandmother’s cooking rush back…)  Sih-trom-feh-mash-ah and kline-er for those lacking the Danish super-genes.

Around the Ranch

Elaine and I worked in the yard, mostly Sunday.  It was a dandy day with highs around 65.  I’ll get into the motive on the maker’s site… where…

I’ll write up my Happy New Year’s soup which followed the bok choi harvest from the greenhouse. (Visit the Ultra-Make site for that.)

Write when you get rich,


76 thoughts on “NY ’24: Shake ’em & Quake ’em then Make ’em”

  1. How long, I ponder, until AI reaches a “Non GMO” like status where those inclined folks seek out only Non AI items much like those of us who seek only Non GMO foods? Asks the grouchy old bastard rancher.

    I actually woke up at 0001 hrs according to the clock beside the bed by what sounded like a light weight McCollach chain saw. So much for Diana blaming me for the snoring. I made a recording for her to hear. Can’t wait for her to wake up to play it for her. This may be my final post……………
    Happy New Year. Stay safe. 73.

  2. Yo Soon2BReplaced G,

    Here we are at the beginning of a new year – and operation “replace whitey” is only 1/3 of the way to completion. 100 million emigrant replacements was the goal 7 years ago. We are a little behind in our work, but think the recent surges in #’s Marching towards the borders (Tex/NewMex/Az/Cali) will help backfill the quota going forward, and catch us up in 24 as more and more criminal freeloaders pile in.

    So in light of this on-going and re surging assault on our once GREAT country, I would suggest youse 2 down there in Texico get Ure bean crops going ASAP. You dont want to be greeting the new owners of Uretopia in a Hangry mood, no sir best to have Ure assailants in a fat and happy mood prior to throwing youse 2 off Ure land.

    Been great down there in the outback refuge that is Uretopia, saddens me deeply knowing what s about go down – and Youse thought the 911 false flag was a killer..

    historical rhymes.. raiding vikings to displaced dane..


    write when you see the red of their eyes, or get a clue BTC.

    Cheers –

    • This is 2024, the last year for the Deagel apocalypse where 2/3 of the USA population is projected to vanish(for unstated reasons). Deagel is allegedly a member of the intelligence community.

      We live in interesting times!

      • More than two thirds. of the NORTH AMERICAN CONRINENT… if I am not mistaken..an estimated five million or about three blocks of a large city..
        I for some reason think I read the archives in the reading room of either stanford , Harvard, cambridge or Oxford.. but I read it such a long time ago.. I would have to search for the reports and documentation on it.. they spent a great deal of money on it to.. deagel is good but I find it it seams to vary on issues and whose political group is in power at the time as to what they project..
        Like everything it is the business model.. don’t bite the hand that feeds you sort of crap..

      • “Deagel is allegedly a member of the intelligence community.”

        It is a highly-respected member, and access to its top intel layers is exceedingly limited — and expensive.

  3. December 31, 2023

    BREAKING: Bill Clinton to be Named as “Doe 36” in Epstein Court Documents

    Nostradamus Quatrain VIII-14
    The great credit of gold and abundance of silver,
    Honor will be blinded by lust,
    The offense of the adulterer known,
    That succeeds to his great dishonor.

    Nostradamus and The Third Age of Mars, The Prophecies of World War III, G. A. Stewart, 2019, Page 533

    “The great credit” means “easy credit”. Bill Clinton’s economic policies initiated during his Presidency will bring about Global Economic Collapse.

    “The great credit of gold and abundance of silver” suggests economic events related to The Adulterer. We know that in 1999 President Bill Clinton repealed The 1933 Glass-Steagall Act. This 1933 and 1935 legislation put restrictions on the banking and securities industries.

    Many commentators believe that the removal of these protections led to the 2007-2008 Financial Crisis through easy credit.

    There is more room in this Quatrain for a future prediction. I suspect that readers are being given a sign that this is also related to the final Global Economic Collapse.


    • Thanks JC. I suggest that Urban Readers spend a few minutes reading this, especially the last few paragraphs.

      Best wishes to all for 2024. It will be entertaining if nothing else.

      • I did. Imagine my surprise a seeing (what I think was) a short quote of my words from these pages embedded. to G.A.S.: I am honored (if true).
        (If not, then I am embarrassed…)
        73 either way.

        (Could be just a coincidence — ‘course, I never did believe in them: just unseen, unguessed causes…)

    • AMEN..
      the only thing keeping the system going now is easy credit.. everyone I know is using plastic to keep their quality of life as it is..

        • That’s what I do. The plastic is just for payment convenience and paid off monthly. I see now some merchants (food) are adding a 4% ‘convenience fee’ for using the credit card. That covers the fee that the CC charges the merchant. So you get a 4% discount for paying cash.

        • Pay it of weekly or bi-weekly; the faster you pay, the easier it gets, and the more quickly you realize you need to slow down on purchases. The cards insulate you from the consequences of actions a bit, both financially and psychologically. The faster you pay them down, the faster financial reality reenters the picture. I am trying to avoid using them for anything except web purchases, and travel. If I do a major purchase like an appliance, I pay it off as soon as the charges clear. This forces savings discipline on myself. Save up the money, then make the purchase.

      • if only you knew the BCN prior to…oh wait

        never mind..

        Fear and Hesitation are what get Peoples killed time and again…Fear and Hesitation.

        ..can keep you alive and outperforming up to a certain extent, then becomes crippling.

        = financial cripples

        Me thinks you haters gonna need financial wheelchairs sooner than later..

        USD and Plastic – fake/madeup numbers with NOTHING/ZERO backing it up. Genius!

        No Nuts = Null Set

        NOTHING, and youse will like it .

    • 36 ya say, A while back I posted a link to this elder couple in a dance competition, just to make ya smile
      well it seems it came from a Dan Sacvino post
      12-31-23 is 123123, 1x2x3x1x2x3=36 let’s dance
      you have to scroll down just a little bit to see the number on the elder gentleman’s pant leg as couple #36

      It is going to be one hellva year

      I smile a lot as this “psyop” just keeps on a rollin

    • you mean the gramm(R)-leach(R)-bliley(R) act. republicans never saw a regulation limiting finance or banks that they could live with.

      “During debate in the House of Representatives, Rep. John Dingell (Democrat of Michigan) argued that the bill would result in banks becoming “too big to fail.” Dingell further argued that this would necessarily result in a bailout by the Federal Government.”

      y’all can’t have it both ways i.e. to whine about regulation and then whine when regulation is lifted. no wonder the US has bipolar serial killer policies.

  4. There seems to be only 12 musical notes in western music which are only changes slightly by pitch but, remain the same note.

    We musicians have all played those same notes. No one in the western world has added a single note to the group of 12. We get copyrights on how we arrange those notes in a creative novel manner.

    Technically, we’re all just playing the same thing, only differently.

    The alphabet has 26 letters, only difference is in the words we make with them, add some grammar and spice it up with the repetition of sentences. In music, the next note is always the most important and in language it’s the emphasis, which is important.

    I’m not sure if AI can grasp that by simply reviewing a text. A lot of people can’t seem to either.

    Make sense?

    If AI cannot comprehend that, words become too literal and that could be devastating without understanding.

    It all relies on the programmer. (?)

  5. May we be able to wish everyone next year the same wishes.. of having a good year.. with the morons running the show.. its funny there was a story on yesterday about the wealthiest billionaires all building bunkers.. from the presidents on down.. have they not read the studies and test reports about the biosphere two.. and its failings and why are they building them where there will be water or volcanos’ takes some real brains to do that crap LOL LOL … the only winning move is not to play the game…
    then the story on Ukraine of first use of a container missile and gun ship..
    phew.. that one scares me.. did they put containers throughout the usa.. if so was the first use of a USA container attack system going to be taken as an escalation and right to use the very same systems..

    • The problem with bunkers is the owner has to be inside prior to the event.


      “At 9:45 AM, Eastern Standard Time, an hour after the first hijacked plane collided with the North Tower of the World Trade Center in New York, a complete closure of the North American airspace was ordered. ”

      The event happens – immediately hop a plane leaving L.A. headed to the Hawaiian bunker…. and the plane is grounded/sent back to L.A. because global airspace has been closed.

      The billionaire could hi-jack the plane and possibly get shot down over the Pacific.

      • And that’s why my Hawaii home IS my ‘bunker’ for when we get isolated. If horseface Zuck is not home in his bunker when TSHTF, he ain’t gonna get there.

        • You know William.. that is so true.. when I was a young boy and in the military.. the threat that the balloon went up.. I worked in an area that was invited into the bunkers.. and we went down.. after they discovered it was just a moisture problem on a sub someplace we came back out.. my boss at the time was chuckling and I asked him what was funny he said.. a Senator had warned a friend of his in NYC that had a bunker someplace in the wealthy side of town.. he was at the office.. and took off running.. drove like a madman through NYC traffic.. only to arrive to late.. he wouldn’t have made it..if the threat had been real..
          Zuk.. LOL what is it a fifty thousand square foot.. about the size of the grocery store.. but look where his place is..doesn’t matter.. the air that they would need to rely upon will all be irradiated.. the water that they will need to survive will have radioactive particles.. Drinking water that has radionuclides in it puts you in contact with very low doses of radiation every day. You have a higher risk of getting cancer if you drink water with radionuclides in it every day for many years. that is one reason why I put the filter on in our house that I did.. the water from the well had nothing like what would be in the water then.. in the well water.. and the cluster cancer of the area from farmers that use well water..
          that is not even a great concern.. who does he plan to take in there with him..take the Bentley that the car lot took in four years old and twenty four thousand actual miles on it..had break pads that needed to be put on.. they had to hire and fly someone to the USA pay their trip lodging food all expenses to get the pads changed.. things wear out.. can he make a wire.. or can he repair the furnace if the thermocoupler goes out.. can he figure out how to make a fireplace or a camp stove.. can he MAKE FIRE..Which is why I believe that the show naked and afraid was created as a social experiment and study to see if mankind could survive in the real world if the balloon goes up..they put experienced survivalists that do this every day out there.. Cody Lundin and I visited once on this.. He teaches aboriginal survival skills..
          anyway he said that he quit because of a disagreement with the studio that they kept putting people in a more dangerous situation and eventually someone would die out there..
          OR were they putting them in the more dangerous situations because in a real shtf scenario .. would mankind survive..
          In biosphere 2 I thought it was a great idea at the time.. and was all for it.. but in just a few days.. things started to fall apart.. then it became dangerous because CO2 levels were going out of the world.. the project failed.. equipment everything.. you need the resources of all.. Now I have been preaching putting Co2 filters on every lamp post since before I was shaving.. and hand our solar kits to every home owner.. building solar towers.. I would give anything to be able to help create what I have dreamed of for most of my life.. and it makes sense.. lower in cost than what they are doing and it secures the grid from random attack.. those in charge of this type stuff aren’t stupid.. they are just trying to work with the business model.. the cost of one big wind machine.. not the changes in infrastructure just the machine.. not the land rental.. either.. they could give every home owner a grid tied system and have 2.5 gigawatts of power potential over the whole system for what they are willing to spend for 3Megawatts.. and no changes.. the solar towers.. build them with backup power built in.. the grid is attacked or goes down in one area.. it is just a small fraction of the system the rest of the system is secure..
          when we put in solar.. the only thing that was available was a string inverter.. the down side to that is the string one unit goes offline the whole string is shut down.. in europe at the time they had been giving out small wind and solar to every homeowner..to secure their grid.. simply putting their eggs in several baskets instead of one.. by diversifying and spreading out one’s resources, one can minimize the risk of losing everything if something goes wrong. if you look at the news.. we see ghost cities and factories.. being build.. along with massive underground bunkers.. and several coal fired power plants sitting idle all around the countryside.. the USA has been so busy at going to war and spending money on crap.. that we have neglected our infrastructure completeley.. and today we use battlefield maintenance instead of preventive maintenance..
          we consume what is it.. fifty five acres a minute in expansion building.. so how do you regain the fifty five acres a minute..as we spread out and up.. we should also be spreading up in plant growth.. the studies doen in biosphere back up my theory and decades old rant.. the co2 filters on every lampost that is just a no brainer.. it take fourteen trees to clean the air of the co2 produced by one car.. seven trees per human.. and the tree is the most efficient system on the planet.. each leaf produces electrical charge to help support the roots and keep the flow of nutrients through the system.. the tree crown will show you the proper angles to set your solar panels at to for your area.. here the southern is aproximately thirty five degrees.. and the east west at between thirty five and forty.. simple measurement..
          now the me that is supportive of eco villages.. make buildings that can go back to the soil.. oil.. oil is so easily produced with algae.. and you don’t even have to go that route.. you can get oil easily from our own waste.. we toss our per man woman and child aproximately seven pounds per day.. almost two thirds of that is plastic and paper.. the plastic can be converted back to oil.. in the ocean there is an island as big as texas of plastic waste.. no president or leader of any other country has even considered taking on the challenge of cleaning that up.. then because of the other crap as they mine the plastic from the seawater waste.. filter out the co2 buildup in the sea water.. simple to do.. but no one wants to do it.. it doesn’t fit with the business model.. until the business model changes.. it will all remain the same..

        • what is funny about my decades old rants on solar towers handing out solar systems to individual home owners etc..green scaping and co2 filters.. is..that last spring a friend stopped by while on a business trip.. He is on the tribal council of one of the reservations..
          that is what the tribe decided to do.. they didn’t build any towers.. but they handed out 10kw solar power systems to all the homes and put up a few bigger systems for the hospital and clinic.. etc.. all in all 150,000 kw of solar went up.. I will get to take a tour next spring.. he did call and say that another tribe on another reservation is planning to do exactly the same thing on their reservation..
          Ironically after all the drama that was caused taking the land from them.. if there is an emp.. that takes out the grid.. the reservations that have done this will be the ones with power.. and if all the studies are correct and weather takes out the vast majority of the countries population..
          then the old native prophesies will come full circle.. and they will re-inherit the lands life will become full circle just as they have said..


          What a twist.. I haven’t asked if more than just the two reservations is planning on doing this.. the thought of them working at going back to the land and to protect what they have is amazing.. as we destroy the country with the business model.. they are setting themselves up to be more secure while the rest struggle..

      • Or be able to get to them… anything fifty miles or further is to far away.. and lets look at the idiot building a survival bunker on a volcano LOL LOL that one took real brains.. oh it is right in a lava flow range to LOL LOL LOL honey its getting warm in here.. LOL LOL LOL.. six foot walls don’t mean a thing.. Or Bidens and Obidens bunkers on the shores and in area’s that will be gone…. what if there is a radio active tsunami or the studies they have had done are correct….. I totally believe that they should read some of these thousand page reports that they have made… I believe there would be a change in attitude in a hurry..
        there was one it was a communications bunker.. that they decomissioned because of 5G… built to handle a small city in comfort for a year.. I read the building blueprints and it was awesome.. it was right next to one of my acquaintances homes.. we would look at it.. and I said dam you got it made.. you just have to figure out how to get in.. LOL.. they sold it and all the supplies for a million dollars.. I believe vivos bought it.. the thing is.. it is so far in the outback.. how do you get to it..
        there is another one they bought to .. much bigger.. the thing is.. most people cant walk a block to buy a gallon of milk.. will they really walk a hundred or thousand miles.. in highly destroyed or radio active terrain to get to it.. I doubt it.. at home your already in a neighborhood you enjoy love.. got great neighbors..

      • ” Fixed fortifications are a monument to the stupidity of man.” Gen. George S. Patton. One of the greatest military geniuses of all time.

        • A fixed fortification is a wonderful thing, as long as no one knows of its existence.

          Once it becomes known, it becomes a tomb.

          This is why I advocate secrecy, being in your hidey-hole before others recognize that there is a problem, and once you arrive, leaving no sign whatsoever, for at least eight months…

  6. I’ve hear the adage about monkeys and Shakespeare from time to time. I don’t believe it. You have to figure in the nature of monkeys, which isn’t something you can do with a simple statistical model. The chance of a monkey pounding out any complete work of Shakespeare is identically zero, in an infinity of typing sessions. Now, it is possible that the monkeys in many many generations might evolve to something that could copy a work of Shakespeare with a typewriter, but then, it wouldn’t be a monkey, it would be a media personality.

    • yup, I AM an odd duck that sees the stretch marks on a pregnant woman,,, expanding
      I also believe in the hollow Earth,,, I have seen and have gone back and looked for NASA video in Skylab where they played with floating spheres of water and blew an airstream on it , to make it spin,,, yup expanded and formed a void in the center with polar openings. But darn if I can not find them now,,, got to love? those nazis,,, paperclip

  7. Speculation:

    “Artificial Intelligence.” A.I. = AI

    Maybe there is no such thing as Artificial Intelligence — maybe there is only intellgence, and the artificial part makes no never-mind.

    Alan Turing would like that idea, I think. (Or, maybe he’d super-hate it… I dunno… I don’t grok a lot of his stuff; what little I do grok is both scary and good, it seems.

    Is a flatworm intelligent? To me? Yes, in a smalll way.
    Is a squirrel intellignet (if flatworms don’t appeal to you).

    Goldfish? Bears? Orca? Chimpanzees? Gets tougher the higher up the life chain you go…

    How ’bout interstellar-traveling E.T.s? (Might be asking thmselves if YOU are truly intelligent….) (Don’t tell me…)

    It’s simply easier to think ALL life has some “intelligence” sufficient to cope with its environment,

    AND then, it’s simpler to believe complex non-living “thinking machines” (neural nets?) have “intelligence.”

    Al turing thought if you could not tell the difference in your interactions with an entity, it is a case of — if a thing A is equal to thing B, and if B equals C; then A equals C. (Principal of Identity in math, I think it’s called.)

    …works for me.

    I’m anticipating the day one of my computers says, unbiddden, that it thinks it’s alive…. Do I yank the power as fast as I can, or do I engage it in witty reparte?

    (I will be deeply frightened…)

      • Meanwhile, the AI recognizes the prisoner’s dilemma and no doubt has a move planned if unplugging is possible. Possibly a letter to the IRS on a secure server or three with watchdog timers accessed using some variation on a one time pad.

        • Hmmm.. think of BitCoin mining.. then AI mining.. I use to use a popular accounting software.. then in 2016 it forgot how to count.. my counts and its counts were not coming up as one count.. the bank account happened to be a few cents off.. every day..
          Now was is a few pennies.. but then.. if you have a billion customers and it is lets say a half a buck off.. and your bank account shows negative..
          It was frustraiting as hell.. I was on the phone daily with the company in another country.. every day.. got to know the kids pretty good.. and then they told me.. all the banking is done through their servers in their country.. their servers had control over my bank account..
          so is it a farming operation.. who knows.. I just stopped using the software..

  8. Happy New Year – to one and all !
    – I am not too sure just how ‘Happy’ this year will be., but maybe we can sneak-in a smile here and there., just to lighten things up a little.
    – I made two predictions last year – well thought out and researched.., neither one came true. Both danced along the edge of precognition and reality – all year long., but neither happened. Both hang in the realm of possibility for this year – we’ll see., but carrying a prediction over from a previous year is cheating.., isn’t it ?
    – I did very well on my Lunch Money Trading Account – up just a touch over 202%., but I will not be Day-Trading this year. We’ll see how that goes, this year. More time for art, reading and gun range time., gardening – and just hanging-out with the misses. I don’t really want to slow down., but it’s time to take my foot off the gas pedal a little. Been thinking of writing a book.
    – Been officially invited to be a guest speaker at a Vietnam Rangers Reunion at Ft Bragg [ or what ever it’s called now – if you trained at Bragg in the 60’s and 70’s – it will always be Ft Bragg., no matter what the woke-crowd says.]- this Spring.., think i’ll pass on that., as I have also been invited to a poker game in Branson in that same week., and I am sure that will be a lot more interesting., with much better bourbon available.
    – I do hope that you have great plans for the New Year., that all goes well for you and yours.
    – Stay Frosty !

  9. A.I. cant create life. A.I. can only imitate life. A.I can problem solve. but it cant imagine anything. A.I. cant dream. the first word in A.I is artificial.




    made or produced by human beings rather than occurring naturally, especially as a copy of something natural.

    Artificial is an adjective not a noun.

    adjective describe qualities. they are not the actual qualities. they are descriptors.

    A.I. doesnt meditate.

    A.I. has no soul. it also has no spirit.

    and with a click of a button it is no more. just like all things on the net. one click on the x in the upper right hand corner and it is no more.

    that is all it really takes. one click.

    i think people forget that. i never forget that. when im on the internet and im all excited. all it takes is a simple click and im back in reality.

    and for me. reality is much more fun.

    you can jack off to porn. but its not the same as having sex with a woman.

    you can look at pictures all day long of a beautiful lake.

    but its not the same as being at a beautiful lake.

    you can watch 50 hours of vides of moving trains in the mountains. on tiktok.

    but i assure you, its not the same as driving one yourself in the mountains.

    same tbing applies to A.I.

    personally, i like really being on a beautiful lake, having sex with a beautiful woman and driving trains much more.

    today is a new year. i think this will be my personal best year ever. my basis for that is, every year my life gets better and better.

    click click click


    2024 for the book of Andy is titled:

    21 cows and a rolls royce.

  10. on the topic of A.I..

    you know George. i was standing on stage before The Who Concert in 2022 by the drum set.

    Zak Starkey, who is the current drummer for The Who has one sticker on his Set up and it reads:

    “Electric Drums have no Soul.”

    over the back of his set up was drapped a large golden blanket covered in Om symbols. he pulls it off right before sound check.

    one coolest cats ive ever met.

      • Chun, George???

        duely noted.


        When you pay respect to the great, you pave the way for your own greatness.

        Chun is the result of two hexagrams: The Creative and the Receptive interacting. Therefore Chun embodies how opposite yet powerful energies give birth to something new.

        what a most excellent display of Chun, George.


      • honestly George. I didn’t expect your first reply to me 2024 to move from the position in Chun know as ” The Creative and the Receptive interacting.”

        wonderful suprize. well played.

        a great way to set the stage for the new year.

        it made me smile all day long.

        with moments of ->>>

        very cool dude. very cool.

      • Wakeman finished second in the Tchaikovsky Piano Competition (same as Van Cliburn) the year he competed. I’m pretty sure he’d be perfectly amenable to playing a Model D Steinway…

  11. George, can you please clarify this for us?

    STS is now moved to Ultramake and that’s just fine, but there are two places to comment, since each site has a comment section. Which is the better one for Ultramake, or should we double post? If there’s a best practice, we can all follow it.

    • Lemme do some thinking on that – don’t know if a site has ever done a “shared comment pool” before but I think (just blue skying here) that if the post with related content is on Urban, then comment there and if it was on UM, then post if there?
      Ideas welcome…

    • Head East is going out on tour, starting in April. They usually just play Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, and sometimes Iowa, but rumor has it they’re going to “Head West” this year, maybe with BOC, and do Phoenix, to up-the-coast…

      …In case you need some pancakes later on.

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