So THAT’s Where My Idea Went!

Ever have a good idea? One you longed to patent and implement but it would take just too much effort at precisely the wrong time?

An interesting tale today of a novel idea presented in a couple of 2013 and 2014 Peoplenomics articles and how (I can’t make this up) the idea shows up in the Jeffrey Epstein orbit in a complex tale of Israeli intelligence, backdoors in software with more Orwellian high strangeness that leads right to the dark pool some think of as the Deep State master of Totalitarian America.

We’ll run that down after a few opening news events of the day and our odd way of looking at stock market patterns that remind us of 1929…

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28 thoughts on “So THAT’s Where My Idea Went!”

  1. Be still my beating heart!

    George seems to have been Red Pilled! Hallelujah..

    Coot cant help but be Hedged to the downside, as the old saying goes.. Failure to Plan is a Plan for Failure..

    Got BTC’s?

  2. Two words:

    “Craig Livingstone”

    (Possibly Livingston. not stone.)

    A Clintonista, and the facilitator of the Clinton
    Blackmail files, obtained improperly and illegally
    from the FBI.

    Government by blackmail.

    You have NO idea how deep and wide (and long) this goes.

  3. The modern era of the Deep State began with J. Edgar Hoover, FBI Director, who used the FBI to build dossiers on all the political elite in Washington. Since Washington was loaded with sex perverts & crooks their was plenty of dirt available. He used this information to blackmail & increase his power. Hoover was untouchable & his blackmailing went unchecked. Hoover could do no wrong & is still reverred in Washington. He was a little Napolean. His legacy continues today within the Deep State.

    George, your dreams & time loss may be a signal that a massive terrorist plan is about to be unleased on the USA, Israel, & our allies. First Saudia Arabia to provoke a response to justify the next round of attacks. Europe is loaded with Muslims who went there with the purpose of destroying Europe. The attacks will be broad based to keep us off balance.

  4. And free these salacious stories in the Mint Press…Can you still be a supporter of Trump? This is pretty consistent to a lot of the stories that are always circulating around New York.

      • Mark,

        To borrower from Rain Man – “Auto correction sucks”. I use a laptop with a compact keyboard w/integrated number pad. If I tap the wrong key, my cursor jumps. I’ll be typing along and all of a sudden, my paragraph is completely garbled and auto-correct has used different words. LOL

        I should switch to Star Trek style and just use voice for everything, like certain texting apps.

    • And Trump is the only one guilty? How convenient. I am sure you will provide a soft pedal response that justifies attacking Trump as the only known offender. Look at me, I am so pretty.

  5. The Epstein case is effectively closed.

    The 911 groups are another waste of time and reflects the gullibility of Americans. The insurances paid out. The cases are closed. Nobody is clawing back the profits made from Tamiflu. It’s over.

    “an app that provides emergency services with access to a caller’s camera ”

    Good idea.

    In the past I’ve mentioned Fidelity stole my voice print. Now I know why.

    10, 20 years ago Apple came out with an app to identify songs – music recognition.

    I speculate government paid Fidelity (3rd party) and other financial enterprises to collect the voice prints of all of us. The reason is financial services deal with adults, my and your voice print won’t change much ’til the end.

    Now that government has our voice prints, they catalog them and can match our voices to the recorders in their locations.

    • Came out today that Home Depot and Lowes stole your face, body, and movements for the last ELEVEN years and sold all that info and shared it, too. I notice when I pay my cc OTP they insist that I say, “Pay It.” If I make a squeaky voice, they reject it! Used to be I could just Press 1 for Yes to pay it. I guess now that they have Face (shape, eyes, etc.), body type, they just need to finish collecting finger prints, Iris scans, DNA, and Poop samples on everyone, that just about covers it!

  6. George, I sincerely hope your counsellor’s flash bet and timing is wrong. I have my doubts though, and it will really interfere with my personal plans. Thanks for the head’s up and the info.

    The links near the end are downloaded for later reading. The surprise here is the depth of detail that was gleaned by the reporter. The actual control mechanism has been obvious for years.

  7. Isn’t it interesting that those drones could have easily hit target (1) instead instead of target (2)??!!

    Reminds me of when Hitler’s “Berghof ” was destroyed days before WW2’s end while the allies had 4 (four !!!) years time to do it.

    Something to think about, perhaps!!

    • I think The whole thing stinks of a black flag event to get the president to get us into a conflict to cover the reasons for the coming collapse.
      It’s easy to shift the blame on DJT if hes naive enough to bite .. just put the worm on the hook and dangle it move it around..

  8. Muslims don’t play nice with any other religion. IIRC “India” was the “British Crown Colony of India” or “British Raj” and included the piece of dirt we now call “Pakistan,” which was partitioned off from the Union of India, along religious lines. Those two countries don’t like each other, and have been fighting over the Partition since its inception in 1947. ISTM India has a better territorial claim, based on the geology and geography of the region, but Pakistan has a better claim based on the fact the northwestern 2/3 of Kashmir is principally Muslim and Sikh. Since Pakistan ceded a piece of Kashmir to China, (India doesn’t recognize this) were I India, I’d think twice about doing something that’d put me at odds, and potentially in a shooting war, with China…

    • …Then again, a nuclear theatre war between the three would certainly fulfill the Biblical prophesy of “1/3 by fire” and it might go a long way toward that “1/3 by plague” thing, too, assuming The Revelation is figurative speech for folks alive 2000 years ago, and not empirical, absolute speech for readers of any age.

    • T by ey dont play well with members of their own religion either. No illegal refugees are allowed entrance to saudi Arabia and the true refugees are fleeing their religious leaders that are fanatical.

  9. Ok. So where’s the insightful analysis of the interbank liquidity snafu, after a 53 bn Fed repo operation on Tuesday and a 75 bn oversubscribed repo on Wednesday.
    Am I going to have to rely on ZH for insightful financial analysis? So, what is taking liquidity out of the Federal Reserve system which requires a repo operation to patch?
    Let’s look for a historical analogy. In 1929, what caused a banking system liquidity crisis? Well, I don’t know but I’ve been told that a lot of bonds were sold during that period to cover margin calls. So, who’s selling bonds now? Hmmm….

  10. Okay, the Fed cut a quarter…

    The Urepeeins (and soon the Chinese) are outcutting us.

    Doesn’t this do bad things to our trade (un)balance…?

  11. What I would live to do is get Alexa to debate an issue with Siri lol lol lol..
    Did you happen to notice that now on your phone when you use text to speech a disclaimer flag comes up saying your conversations will be sent to google to use as they see fit..

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