Signs of a “Feedlot Economy”

imageWe are in one hell of a pickle.

Usually in the fall, the market will make a serious downward plunge, there will be an intervention or naturally occurring bottom.  Following that, everyone steps back from the abyss and figure “Well hell, Merle, that there was sure some excitin close brush with Economic Collapse, but shore looks lack we made it fer ‘nother year...”

Not that we have out of the woods – since the market still has plenty of time between now and the end of the year to collapse – but we are seeing some huge underlying shifts in how the “economic game” is played.

This morning we will go poking around the feedlot and see where some of the bull is.  Even if you don’t join us on the tour, though, the concept of a Feedlot Economy is a useful way of understanding what are some mighty curious changes in spending, saving, and consumption.

Plus:  We review the “Clinton Fix” – how she lost the debate to Bernie and still owns the MSM brainwashing machine.

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5 thoughts on “Signs of a “Feedlot Economy””

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  3. Tried to subscribe before with no luck. Love your commentary
    I’m going to try subscribing again.

    • Jacklyn, just keep in mind that when the government says too big to fail, it also means too small to save. The problem is not just in the airports, where you are a criminal until you prove otherwise, just wait until your next interaction with law enforcement at any level.

      Just as it is not necessary for a gun to be used to keep people safe, it only need be present, the same principle applies to law enforcement, the IRS and even the mafia for that matter.

      Mutually assured destruction kept the world at peace for years. Ever wonder why that doesn’t work for Iran? Iran realizes that a gun (nuclear) free zone is the precursor to being a kill zone in this day and age.

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