Coping: Futuring – Code Marches On

Things have become more and more curious in the world of future predicting – a field I have been involved in (peripherally) since it began to become clear at the dawn of Big Data (2000) that there was more to the data than just the data.

Although there was a good bit of success with early approaches that involved purely linguistic shift, since 2012, or so, I’ve been working on a broader spectrum approach. Future does not belong to one – it belongs to all.

The reason for going broad spectrum:  The future doesn’t hide itself from us in just one way.

Even a simple observation like that, however is misleading in a sense:  Because the future doesn’t necessarily hide – we just don’t happen to be able to perceive it.

To be sure, in early predictive linguistics there were some marked successes.  But at data continued to explode, the misses did, as well.

But in the meantime, I was noticing how other predictive methods were generating some pretty good hits:  Both my personal experiences with dream work as well as those posted to the website have shown marked areas of high correlation between images commonly associated with words – and later events to follow.

The work of others has continued as well, such as

It doesn’t stop there, either.  Another amazing source of information about the future has come from simply setting up a deliberate series of Google searches.  This has been highly rewarding as well.

I’m sure you’ve been over to look at website – because – if you haven’t – you’re missing a key part of how we make decisions around here when comes to judgment calls about period news events.

Here’s not a poll, but a summary of web searches done around the demoncratic presidential debate:

Say what you will about Bernie Sanders – He was the rock star of Search – and for that reason, we turned the “big data microscope” on him in our analysis yesterday for Peoplenomics readers.

I figure Google doesn’t lie.  Hillary?  Um…you see the point?

Not to rehash that debate here, but you can clearly see the hand of the co-opted Mainstream Media with their pro Hillary bias leaking all over the place.

As one example, a BBC news story was dissected and it referenced Clinton 23 times to Sanders being mentioned 17 times.  Even more astounding was the BBC “analysis” called Hillary the winner.

Sorry, the future – and Reality – don’t look like that in modelspace; and it doesn’t matter which methodology you use – Sanders kicked it and Hillary lost.

Still, this demoncratic and repugnants hack class of political suck-ups, is a fine group of wannabes to study because one of them is likely to become the next president.  Save us, please.

The problem with the data is that while we can see the candidates more clearly now, the public hasn’t yet made up its mind which is the least of the evils and that, as much as anything, will determine the next resident of The Oval.

Part of the problem is we don’t know the next president yet because the inputs are varying.  While my “dream ticket” which would offer real choice about our future is not on the horizon yet, something like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren on the demoncrat side with Trump and Carson on the repugnants’ side, would sure be fun – and offer a sincerely different outcome, I expect.

Problem is:  There’s no data to point to and say “This is coming.”  It’s not.

Each approach to futuring gives us different things to think about.

At the emotional, Jungian, archetype level there’s a high level of frustration in the country right now and for this year the Year of the Outsiders and Non-Corporates is holding sway.

This is something the mainstream repugnician party doesn’t understand because if they did, an old way corporate sell-out like Paul Ryan (pro secret trade deal, open border supporter)( would not have been floated

At the data level – both polls and search – the outsiders are also showing strong as the repugant core can’t seem to figure out that the We the People types are fed up with They the Multinational tax-avoiders and jobjackers..

What the public is slowly coming to realize is the that future has transitioned from being a collection of outcomes based on ideals to a world where the future is determined as much by transactions.  This was cast in stone when the Supreme Corps outrageously decided that legal fictions *(corporations) have the same right to influence the future as flesh and blood voters – perhaps the worst case of “misprudence” in the past century.

As if you couldn’t tell, I’m off working on “new thinking” about the future. 

The screenscrape (top of page) from the development lab (Grady’s basement) shows how we are starting to work in Grady’s discoveries about Fine Structure Constants (FSC) to the predictive engine.

You may remember from our previous work that there seems to be a “murder cycle” afoot – and it runs from about 135 days on the short end to 150 on  the long – which centers around 143 days.  This is when we expect  to see mass murders pop up in  headlines.

This, then, leads to a couple of new challenges.  One of them is refining the prediction so that it’s useful:  It does no good to say “in a week or two we will have a mass murder.”  Because information that is not actionable is useless. 

The specificity problem is huge, though.  Our inputs can be as vast as G.A. “Stu” Stewart’s work over at the Age of Desolation site, to running the Nosty code against the latest dream content.

Each of these inputs has a potential payoff.  You see, Nostradamus’ work may give us some important ideas about where the major “forks in history” could come from – as does the work of,. which I recently shared doesn’t show the term “ruinous heap” in  ancient texts about Damascus/Syria in End Times.  Instead, all we need is diaspora or the area “thrown open, thrown open” to mass population displacement.

When one looks at some of those hints (the Black King of Nostradamus’ work and the diaspora in the Middle East) we can see that we could all be on a very “short fuse” even now.

Futuring, though, is like finding one needle in 10 different haystacks.  One haystack is search (Google Trends), another is FSC/.cycles work, while another may be linguistic shift, others include word frequency, word clustering, predictive phraseology, and then we have dreams, hunches,  and mechanistically modeled future.  Then what about the “economically derived” future – the one where Clinton buys more media supporters than Sanders – and does that allow her to “buy the future?  Or, can Trump outbid her?

The computational problem is immense:  How do we aggregate ALL that into a single call?

Sure, we can roll analytics against half a dozen poll sites (Gallup, et al) but would that result in higher resolution understanding of how the polled future arrives?  Likely not.  That’s because there is no real-time disclosure about how the K-Street Mafia is busy buying the corporation future which in many ways already swamps the human future.

In other words, say you’re a chemical lobby or some kind and you want a bill passed.  You work with a lobby (say retirement homes) and tell a candidate that if they vote for X and Y, then your collection of nursing homes will hold Z number of candidate coffees and since hardly anyone seems to visit old folks, except at election time (or when kids run out of money) that is an “off books” transaction, yet is is an exchange of value that is never publicly recorded, nor available.

I can assure you, though, that if you want win political office, going around and making speeches at nursing homes is a dandy way to start because everyone in a home is encouraged to vote.  It’s the same reason unions used to be so powerful, too.

We live in a world of persuasion blocks – each for sale, though none dare call it transaction

Repeat after me:  Ure’s Axiom about Politics:

There is no such thing as politics.  Only non-monetary transactions.  Period.

Sure, the axiom puts lie to the whole field of “political science” because (tah-dah) it really is all a very well-oiled lie.  PolySci is nothing more that the art of screwing the other guy in a way he will enjoy.  I forget who said the original of that, but everything is still a business model.

A disproportionate amount of our future is bought and paid for.  And you can see in how the Obama administration today has decided to stop the troop draw-downs in Afghanistan how the future of Europe swings in the balance as a result of unchecked immigration from the Middle East.

Yet the Administration can’t see the same problem in our own back yard.  As usual, this will lead to future disasters, but we don’t really need a lot of code to run that prediction.

The problem is that the Obama administration on many fronts continues to be reactive and tries to negotiate a future.  Which would be fine but they are crappy negotiators – a point Trump gets right.

Sorry to report, it doesn’t work that way anymore. Negotiation is toast.  Future is either seized or purchased.  In which case the future is owned by bullies and the rich.

Like right now.

The Big Lie in America, touted by the concubine media is that it’s not really the case.  Yet at every turn, the evidence is right there before us.

In the data.

I’m off in lah-lah land now – trying to invent the new/perfect way to cross-tab multiple haystacks.  Mostly, they still smell and have a used, bad odor to them.

Return of the Flatlanders

Oh-oh.  Starting to get Flat Earth emails again – and of note if you haven’t been there is the website.

As long as we’re on topic, how about those YouTube videos of the Navy chief on flat world or heard the interview over at

And if you’re a pilot, how about this flight instructor who says the world is flat.

Handyman Marketing Lesson

I happened to be over in the throne room this morning, reading the latest handyman magazine (being tool slut, and all) and I decided to look at some of the ads which were showing up that weren’t exactly on point around the topic of home repairs.

Lemme see:  There’s a Viagra ad.  Here’s one to prevent stroke.  The ubiquitous Geico ad, though I think the home security system is close enough to topic.

Since there’s a Geico ad, here’s one for AIG Direct.  Lee thinks I should wear their jeans – but this is home shop work where worn-out business  casual ends up.  The GovMint web site wants me to buy a coin made from a sketch – no word of its melt value though.

Paul Frederick wants me to buy custom-made white shirts…and if dressing snappy doesn’t work, here’s an ad that says TV Ears saved our marriage.

Apparently, working in the shop is taxing, too, since here’s a Sleep Number bed ad.

I had to laugh though at the last ad I had time to assess:  Handyman in a Can. 

Yep…got it. (flush)  Back to work.

Wait:  If I can roll up fashion, Viagra and beds maybe I could start a new magazine.

Handiman’s Quarterly or HQ for short.  Maybe a catchy slogan, too:  Hammered After Dark.

Write when you get rich,


8 thoughts on “Coping: Futuring – Code Marches On”

    • Well said, Warren. Just as light is both a particle and a wave, perception of the earth could be both flat and round. However, don’t expect a lot of friends, most humans would not be able to grasp this. You want a two dimensional world, just close one eye for a while.

      And as far as elections are concerned, they are simply weapons of mass distraction. The situation in the USA is waaaay past the point of being resolved by elections, much less having a president with the power to change things unless by executive order. You now have a president that can sign an executive order and you can be imprisoned for violating that.

      If Hillary does not have charges filed against her soon, she will be the next president, courtesy of Google et al. Trump at some point will drop out, he is just a ruse to suppress any ideas about a third party forming. Trump’s challenge of Obama’s birth certificate was neutralized, and if they can do that they can handle anything.

      You can try all you want to try and find something positive about government in the USA, but just keep in mind you do not even have a legally sitting president who took his oath of office in public. To expect anything to improve is simply a psychosis. To choose not to see this is cognitive dissonance. To see it is to want to get the hell out of the USA to avoid where this absolutely must go. American are riding in a car that at some point will stall on the railroad tracks. Figuring you will get out of the car in time just doesn’t cut it for me. Because if you do make it out of the car, you may be facing a trek back to civilization you may not survive for any of a hundred reasons.

      That’s the view from Ecuador, six years out.

  1. So, conceptually, the CERN project could just be a way to create enough energy to break through this huge dome covering us which, like many feel is the true reason, would break the barrier between the physical and spiritual dimensions.

  2. Future Prediction to log and watch — I made this prediction 3 years ago!!
    The man who will be ‘installed’ as our next president will be ” Jeb Bush ” !

    All I can say is ” HORRORS !!”

  3. RE: Flat Earth — I don’t buy it — my one and only time to the seashore was to Galveston next to the channel (don’t ask). While I waded ankle deep in the tepid, polluted water, I watched a large freighter go out to sea, and DROP DOWN as it went over the horizon. In my understanding of solid geometry, that was a demonstration of a ship moving over a sphere.

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