Sighting-in on 2022 (1)

We don’t need to wait for the New Year to show up; we can extrapolate several ways to plot this (bad) movie and make our plans accordingly. Which is fine, because with TurboTax shipping and the balance of 2021 expenses and income pretty-much known, we should be nearing a position where – as threats come into focus –  we can allocate resources.

This is not to make any claims that all threats can be known.  But we can bust the major ones into classes and begin working on things from there.

Which we will do after the ADP Job report just out, and with some of the headlines spilling over from the financial alternate reality next door into Life.

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54 thoughts on “Sighting-in on 2022 (1)”

  1. Ahh man – wtf? Is that anyway to start a new endevour?

    Ure negative Expectations of negative outcome for the portal experiment (s) is dooming you to failUre. Intention is key to positive outcomes manifesting in your workshop.
    “Imagine” what the portal would look like opening in Ure workshop – with a bright & happy “heartmind”, visualizing success..what is it going to feel like? that feeling of wonder sprinkled wit a little bit of fear of unknown…getting all goosebumpy just thinking about it.

    When you open Ure portal – throw something(gopro) -attached to rope- into it – or better yet – throw Ureself into it – just make sUre you are still holding E’s hand when you enter into the unkown known. Golden slumbers?

    • You misread and project. Let’s back up:
      I know the odds are small (or portals would be all over the place)
      I am rational enough to admit as much up front.
      HOWEVER what you don’t realize is that I am scrupulously open to any outcome.
      I DO the work. And then Universe/God/spirits of Zeus or whatever will then either make neat shit happen, or not.
      It’s a process of surrender. (Andy can explain it to you.)
      You admit all that is real.
      Then you seek guidance.
      And then turn the outcome over to the Dude.

      Think the study and manifestation phrase you missed was “That will be done…”

      We are, as the Bahai’s gracefully put it “Hands of the Cause.”

      The martini at the end of the experiments will be same size regardless.
      If there is cause for one than one *jumbo* that will be an outcome of the Thy Will be….

      • (or portals would be all over the place) ?

        they are .. ever been to Sedona, AZ ?
        “I know the odds are small” – ? “rational” “turn over to’ ???

        No wonder you guyz are struggling – “The Dude’ cracks me up everytime – Hows that been working for you guyz ? Pretty hard it seems.

        Bet It answers the “phone’ when you call – no doubt. and yet you all “leave it” to something that Wish were true..Brilliant!

        – New Moon Saturday Dec 4th, at 2:43 AM- wit Solar Eclispe starting at 6:35AM

        – Repeating the experiment on that date & time may change your outcome (s). 4 it is all about Ure perceptions – shared or otherwise.

        Best o luck with the experiments, sounds like a particle riding a wave-kowabunga!

        • Everyone knows the baseline moon condition for a portal is 12% waxing, dude so a moon portal would be about Dec when after the 4th? Dude stay up here…

      • Sounds like ECU wants to open up a Travel channel portal to hell, while you may be going for the Comet channel portal to the lotto news. This accounts for why you both aren’t on the same wavelength (channel).
        Be sure to keep paper & pen, cheater notes on lotto scores, and some religious cleansing paraphernalia with you to cover the range of possibilities. A wooden stake and mallet might be other contingency accessories to consider having on hand.

  2. Liars figure and lie and figures lie.
    Marginally off topic…

    Reading through this morning’s coverage of news, points out the Biden approach to being President is to continually DEMAND your compliance to his various “mandates” which are issued with the THREATS to your well-being and future existence- JUST LIKE EVERY $HITTY DICTATOR IN HISTORY HAS DONE WHEN THEY GO MAD WITH “POWER”. All bullies do this.
    Don’t know if this constant THREATENING of his to accomplish anything leaves you with anger or dread.
    This country once took on the bullies of history and appropriately kicked their collective a$$e$ time and again- until these more recent days.
    Clumsy and stupidly, we bumble along, slowly being given the death of a thousand cuts as JOE and company dismember the U.S.A. into some twisted, grotesque parody of Europe.
    We are Americans, not Europeans. That old empty head of his just can’t seem to get this.
    America is a figurative “melting pot” of humanity. Using a literal “melting pot”, one must occasionally skim the scum from the top of the mix. As a nation, we have forgotten to do this. Now we are stuck…

    • Ed, it’s because we’ve lost the ability to recognize a bully.

      Think about that statement…

      Then remember it the next time someone tells you to do something,
      or an HOA objects to something you’re doing,
      or some biddy bitches you out in the grocery line,
      or some asshat jumps down your throat because you support Trump / hate Trump / support Biden / hate Biden… etc.

      Those are all “bullies.” They are attempting to intimidate you into thinking or acting in a manner of which THEY approve or in which they benefit.

      When Mr. Biden spoke of taking Mr. Trump “out back” and beating the hell out of him, the first time I heard it I laughed so hard I lost my breath. I seriously doubt he could’ve beaten-up Trump’s youngest kid, except Baron’s had a good enough upbringing that he’d probably run away rather than beat a frail old man into the ground. Bullies all bluster, and they’re all cowards. They invariably bring a crowd with them to a fight, both to show off to, and to join in, in case they start getting their butt handed to them. Mr. Biden is an example of what happens when someone gives a bully comparatively limitless power…

      • “When Mr. Biden spoke of taking Mr. Trump “out back” and beating the hell out of him,”

        Lol lol I hear ya Ray. He couldn’t protect his own grand daughter from a criminal element.. all he could say is he can do a pushup.. I think DJT has a better set of morals and ethics over all. He has his issues to.. but as far as I can see icould deal with that in comparison to what I’ve read about the present situation.

  3. ‘……just before the Russian tanks roll west.’

    Ok George,

    To fully inform your readers and to help you out on the military side of things, here are a few things:

    –The Russians do not have to roll tanks – that would be a really stupid military move for a country that has a plethora of stand off weapons to easily strike anywhere in Ukraine
    –To the west of Russia is Donbas – the eastern part of Ukraine. Well populated with pro-Russian guerrillas that have been fighting the inept Ukrainian army forever. They are a well trained force and could easily hold off any Ukraine assault by directing Russian artillery and missiles (lots of the missiles with a great yield and accuracy)
    –The Ukranian army is inept to say the least. They would not attack without substantial NATO backup
    –The US/NATO has a very limited access to Ukraine (assuming they could even muster enough combat forces to matter) – they go overland through Poland or land in the Black sea area and head north, OR come in airborne. They would be chopped up before really engaging.
    –The Biden admin would most likely not get the US/NATO to start a full scale war – the US military is not that stupid – at least I hope not.
    –This is like the ‘vaccine mandate’ – you can threaten and intimidate, but at the end of the day, enforcement through violence is extremely unlikely as it would touch off a civil war.

  4. Portal.

    I know it’s a lot but are you keeping track of temps and humidity and moon phases and other conditions? The worst thing that could happen is a portal begins to open but then losing it and never being able to reproduce the condition.

    Wear a GoPro on a lanyard. If you rise into the portal and decide to stay/or the anchor loses grip of you try to throw the GoPro back.

  5. Ok, I’ll bite …. Did anyone else experience something “odd” yesterday ? (Around 6:20pm edt)

    Time stop, weird feeling, loss of memory … a wtf moment?

    • Sorta. I had a meeting that started at 4pm US Pacific time that roused me from what seemed like an hour of nothingness staring at the screen and not being able to decide what to do. So I noticed something.

    • I hadta crash your thread, Bob.

      OT, and sorry… Marietta is a lovely town but I can’t justify the trip.

      It’s at WCCC. I didn’t know if you’d be interested or not. The filament is worth close to $80 (maybe more) and the auction will probably close at between $180 and $260. The printer, new but without filament is a couple McRibs under $1200 on Amazon.

      • Filament does not age well and the whole game these days is printer resolution, speed, and print vol. Which is why the belt printer (giving one unlimited axis) are so hot.
        Also, discount the filament. Filament degrades over time and if open, unless you have the patience of Job and a dryer, worthless.
        FlashForge Creator 2 was starting at $649 on the ‘zon this morning…dual extruders quadruple (not just double) design and layout issues.
        Keep the bargains coming, though Ray. Just not worth the drive, as you properly sensed.

      • ” Just not worth the drive, as you properly sensed.”

        Yeah. The reason I crashed the thread with it is Marietta is not too long a drive from Bob’s part of the country. He could pick it up for a couple bucks, where I’d have to net a Bennie just to pay for gas…

  6. I am a big fan of gardening, but it is past time that we get away from buying fertilizers. Growing soil, making compost these are more the direction we need to go. Cuts out the middleman too. Then onto seed saving and sharing among our neighbors.

  7. Buttigieg is not off his rocker…again..stay in your lane… I drive from The Bay Area to L.A all the time with zero hassle. That’s 370 miles from door to door and only one 15 minute super charge…next to my favorite place to order a milkshake. Btw…the infrastructure is coming to every state…especially Texas, since a good portion of them are going to be made there. And as far as range, the Texas made Cybertruck will get over 500 miles of range on a single charge with towing capacity of 14,000 lbs.

    The number one selling brand of car here in my state is Tesla…nothing wrong with the naming of the cars either…in fact…it beats them hell out of the misnamed junkers of our generation. Tesla’s cars are the Model S,3,X,Y…what’s that spell? Sexy…at 0-60mph in 2.7 seconds or less and luxurious and technologically advanced as you can get …Can’t get any more on point than that. Electric cars are just by far the best driving cars on the road and it ain’t even close.

    • Look up cost benefit. Cost of ICE engines and compare with electrics and packs. Still not a good deal on cpm basis the way I look. Then where is that power coming from at night? Sure not solar said the 30 panel owner (soon to be 40 panels)

      • Mark is never going to deviate from his line — remember his past life: Mark was a successful ad-man. An ad-man is like a salesman on steroids. To be successful at this job you need tenacity, a laser-focus, and the ability to completely ignore logic, reason, and known or proven fact, to maintain your focus and stick to your selling points irrespective all else. The better you are at this stuff, the more-successful you’ll be at marketing (or sales.)

        {Ask EE, who was also a MadAve type, IIRC…}

        Mark will never even acknowledge the existence of any failure or shortcoming WRT EVs, because to do so would be to go against 40 years of conditioning and lifestyle — something none of us who’re over 60 would ever do, unless forced.

        He will cede no point, ever…

      • It isn’t fossil fuels either. We don’t use coal in California. Hydro, geo thermal, wind, solar and natural gas. I only use solar and don’t tap into the grid. My Tesla Power wall captures the solar power generated power and stores it for night use and for charging my car. You need new solar panel technology. My friends spend $300 plus per month on gas. Me? Zero on any form of electric power for my car.

        • Com on Mark – Coal was 2.74% of the Calif power mix in 2020

          You didn’t even mention nuclear: 8.53% in state and 9.33% over all. Say, this means Calif is exporting pollution, doesn’t it?

          Over all solar (including some imported) was 13.23% and 11.13% was wind. Which comes to 24.36%…so sorry, ain’t buying the holier than rap. In fact, Texas is no great shakes either ( so don’t misunderstand.

          I’m telling you flat out that EVs are only the answer to liberals who run what I call “confined accounting.”

          My pickup truck (2001 dodge ram) cost me $6,000 back in 2005. Now, it’s got nearly 100,000 miles on it, still going strong, and the resale price is probably $6,000 or more. Zero cost of truck.

          Two battery pack changes, for 18 years used (self discharge is an ugly feature of batteries) not to mention an initial cost which is way more than $6,000 – by a factor of 12, or so, places such erudite bullshit far, far beyond the budgets or smaller farmers and ranchers.

          So, while we appreciate your love of EV’s (they do have many cool aspects to ’em!) please remember Tesla is moving to this state and leaving which one?

          There are many reasons to buy an EV – and in your location/position it’s a sound choice. But since your auto is a business expense, relatively short range trips, that doesn’t mean it fits the rural use case.

          I stand by my claim that the Transpo sec who’s maneuvering for 2024 is a shill, telling sheep what they wanna hear.

          A person’s purchase choices (Tesla and Apple) don’t tell me they like robust and saving the environment. No, that tells me their introspection doesn’t include ripple effects accounting. there is a bigger picture here.

          Remember, with more lockdowns ahead, car use will be down, and thus the existing ICE fleet will generate even MORE reductions in greenhouse gases. Which will be offset when the dems drag us into war next year, but that’s another discussion.

          As for NatGas?

          Naw. Let’s talk about Apple exporting jobs to China, or how EVs don’t pay federal gas taxes and hence freeload on highway maintenance costs…

          ANSWERS IN LIFE ARE ONLY AS VALID AS THE BREADTH OF THE UNDERLYING ACCOUNTING USED. Butti oughta know better. He just self-disqualified with us.

      • Hmmm energy.. except for Nuclear.. (I don’t think we should use that until we know more about it and we have a cost effective way of dealing with the waste material) but except for Nuclear I think all forms of energy should be used.. I have a multi fuel stove.. burn coal and wood pellets in it.. I had a burner made that will burn the fumes.. there isn’t any black tarry smoke.. the soot on the other hand is dark.. wear gloves or get dirty.. for the larger cities.. well lets face it.. they are burning through how many acres an hour in expansion.. cities should be green scaped.. because of the loss of tree’s there should be a CO-2 filter on every lamp post and solar.. I believe that the grid would be more secure if we built solar towers starting at the furthest point of the grid in relationship to the power plant and that home owners encouraged to put solar.. the excess power sent back to the grid those not wishing to be reimbursed have a cost per kw hr.. that does not face the increased for a ten year period.. unless they wish to be paid for that energy then they should face the same cost increases that everyone else faces..
        for backup systems I am with Mark there.. now I am not saying that I would go with a tesla.. he buys the systems made and sells them for a profit of course.. but I personally would love to put three of those on my home.. I would buy the ones in China from the manufacturer.. I just dont have the ten grand to do it..
        as far as fossil fuels.. heck Texaco use to have a yearly contest for best car mileage.. the best one I see was done in what the sixties of was it the fifties ..( cars were made out of girder steel then) and it was close to six hundred miles to a gallon.. we do have the technology.. we can use it.. it just isn’t in the business model.. it is after all about little pieces of green paper..

    • “Electric cars are just by far the best driving cars on the road and it ain’t even close.”
      – My fully restored Studebaker pickup, with absolutely no electronics, what-so-ever, takes offense to such lavish claims. :-)
      If there is a grid failure, I will still be able to move about somewhat. That has been my mental-block to buying an EV. Reliable / available recharging.

    • Hmmmm. A coal-fired automobile. How stream punk it all is.
      It’s all good fun till someone’s li-ion battery goes boom.
      I don’t wanna be around, to pick up the pieces….

    • It ain’t the range, it’s the refill time.

      Drive 300 miles and then wait 8 hours (plus hotel room) to go another 300. Assuming that you can get to a charger.

      EV Truck with 500 miles range is great. I HIGHLY doubt that is the range with the 14k payload. The extra torque required will eat up that battery fast. How long to recharge that big battery?

      My time is too valuable to spend it waiting on a charge.

      My Tacoma with 34 gallon tank has a 600+ mile range. 5 minutes at the pump, and I’m good for another 600. 7 minutes for cheetos and coke. And I can fill up on just about any street corner. Plus I can carry a load. And 4WD. Never towed 14k, but a 3k load only drops my range to about 550 miles.

      Last Thanksgiving I had a red Tesla crunch into my front steel bumper because the driver was too busy playing with the computer screen to see he was on my side of the road. His little plastic toy car had to be towed (and probably took six months to get repair parts). My steel bumper has a little red smudge. I leave it there as “kill mark.”

      Convenience and practical trump luxury and sexy. EVs are nothing more than cool toys for kids.

      And by the way, they are NOT “zero emission” vehicles.
      They just move the emissions “over there” to the power plant.

      • “My Tacoma with 34 gallon tank has a 600+ mile range.”

        Henry Ford had the same problem with the people embracing automobile technology way back when. People said, “I can pull my horse over anywhere to eat. With an auto I have to “find”.”

        Henry proved the car by driving it across the country on choppy dirt roads. Today we have Monroe Sensa-trac struts and highways that are 3 feet thick.

        Most of the world said by 2030 we’ll be electric. I’d plan on it.

        No different than telling the 1990 typing pool they’ll all be out of work in 5 years. CEOs will write their own memos using TVs connected to electric boxes sitting where their desk calendar is right now. What, what?

    • Mark
      December 1, 2021 at 11:53

      Another self-contradiction Mr. Ad man???
      “I drive from The Bay Area to L.A all the time with zero hassle. That’s 370 miles from door to door and only one 15 minute super charge…next to my favorite place to order a milkshake.”
      And then, ” I only use solar and don’t tap into the grid.”

      What is this? I don’t but I do? Double standard or brain fog? Listen to yourself man, or at least get your stories straight before you look like a total fool.

    • “Buttigieg is not off his rocker”

      You’re right, Mark. He’s not crazy. He’s naive, ignorant, and narcissistic, and so conceited he would never invest the time or effort necessary to learn his job — any job. When I say the south side of South Bend is a shithole by his hand, I’m not kidding. The Black ghetto south of the tracks, and just SW of downtown, is one of the scariest places after dark that I’ve ever been. The first few times I was in SB, when Tire Rack was still in the Studebaker works on Lincolnway West, that area was LMC, but not crap, and not scary…

      Buttjudge is a Marxist elitist raised in an UMC activist household, who’s never seen nor associated with people who work for a living (or their kids.) I judge politicians by their record, not their mouth. On a scale of 1-5, Mayor Pete gets a zero…

  8. Comrades,

    The history books I got in school told me that The Allied cause prevailing in WW2 Europe was due in no small part to a strong ocean transport component that could keep the screws turning. My casual perusal of the top 30 maritime shippers by 20 foot TEU capacity is that China is at #3, China and Taiwan combined comprise 11 of the top 30, USA holds solely the #27 spot, and Canada isn’t even on the list.

    By the way, yet another cannabis store opened up in the area. This most recent one is in a small corner mall replacing 4 diverse small businesses that had gone belly up one by one strangled out by covid. Occasionally still see deer sightings as I’m on the edge of an urban forest. But man oh man, are the skunks ever moving in! Whew! It’s like they totally had a population explosion under cover of those lockdowns. Trippy, eh?

    • Horse pucky! I had the original Pfizer jab in Jan this year, the 2nd in late March, and the booster several weeks ago. I’ve not had any illness this year – zero – not a sniffle, headache, no malaise, no digestive issues. I’ve had a clean, illness free year. It could be total coincidence, but I’ll take it. I think you and the writer of that link your provided are confusing the push to get immune compromised folks jabbed. These folks are vulnerable to every affliction known to man. Normal, healthy adults have nothing to fear from the vaccine, save young adults who may get heart inflamation. Most of us only get stronger with the jabs. But . . . Ure body, Ure choice. Choose wisely. Good luck which ever path you choose to take.

      • Thank you for posting this Warhammer. You carry a lot of respect on ths site. I agree with you completely. I am concerned with scare tactics on both sides of this argument. When someone makes a video like this and rolls out an unrelated poision bottle to make their point, I turn it off right away.

        As an aging scientist with 60 years experience, I have studied this thing intently for the past 20 months. I have talked to my GP, cardiologist, neuroligist and several other scientific people in my life that I respect. They are all vaccinated and srongly recommend the vaccine. I have had both shots of Pfizer and will get my booster shot next week. I had a slight fever and headache after the first shot and nothing after the second. I have had no illness whatsoever for the past 6 months.

        My wife is vaccinated, my 3 children are vaccinated, my 5 grandchldren have been vaccinated. Almost all of my friends and most business associates have been vaccinated. I am unaware of any of them having any illness of consequence since vaccinations started here in early 2021.

        One of my grandsons is a professional hockey player. He got COVID prior to vaccinations. He and several of his teammates were very ill and out of action for several weeks. They are in their 20s, all strong and extremely fit. All of them are vaccinated now. They are tested every day and a few have had breakthrough cases and were isolated for a week. Almost none of them had any symptoms.

        Perhaps we will all get very sick in a year’s time as some have predicted. I guess we will have to wait and see. But as you said, it is Ure body, Ure choice. Whether you get the vaccine, don’t get the vaccine, take Ivermectin or don’t take Ivermectin, etc. Each of us have to make an educated decision based on the documented expeience to date and continue on with our life. That is what freedom is all about.

      • except from being really tired after the Vaxx.. I haven’t had any issues as well..
        NOW.. I didn’t get the booster.. my doctor isn’t going to get it.. and they are not providing it for any of the employees.. when I got my vaxx.. they were vaccinating all employees and my doctor was right next to me getting his..
        they are not offering it to any of the emergency workers as well..

      • Warhammer have to agree with you. With as many billions jabed am wondering when the great die off is going to happen. I have had approximately the same jabs as you and only had a little soreness for one day. The brain fog for about a month after each jab was the only problem but goes away.

      • “With as many billions jabed am wondering when the great die off is going to happen. ”

        Silly Question warhammer.. but would there necessarily have to be a great die off.. a study done a few years ago indicated that the population of the Earth had grown to such a level that it couldn’t provide adequate food.. and the uses of metals for population control through mass sterilization..
        Not to mention that it would take out the weakest of the species..
        Graphene oxide coating on a metal surface can also be used as a bio marking tracking system and used as a solar panel of sorts .. it takes the electrons right out of the air..
        If I am not mistaken Nichola Tesla used graphine to make a battery of sorts.. or was it that he had thought of coating everyones roofs with metal graphine panels to collect the ion’s from the air..
        a few years ago I tried to get the materials to teach the grandkids how to make solar cells cheaply.. George Senior had visited a plant that was making a cheap alternative to solar cell production.. ( never fear our congress told them to get that crap out of the USA and into china where it belongs LOL) the process was extremely simple and well thought out.. I had gotten a sample at one point of a solar cell made from this inked process.. putting graphene on one side and the ink on the other.. the cost was to high and I couldn’t get a sample because my email didn’t have edu behind it.. LOL..
        anyway.. using graphene could be just a way to control the population.. similar to you don’t see a huge die off in the PNW either from the radiation from Fukishima.. it is there.. instead they are watching for the spike in cancers..
        so would there necessarily have to be this huge dieoff.. the weakest go first.. then the cancers and sterilization..

  9. Give it to em boys !!! And that ugly piece of sheet on CNBCC wants military to mandate killing . You little ugly insect they wouldn’t even take yah in hell . Payback it’s a bitch. Machiavelli !!!

  10. “That’s because of the Dneiper-Donets petroleum basin which has rich potential. And then there’s the warm-water port; something Russia doesn’t have many of. (a near zero number).”

    Russia doesn’t need the petroleum. The significance of Dneiper-Donets is if Russia is sitting on it, nobody else can access it.

    The warm-water port is a commercial and military essential. We have dozens — Russia only two: Crimea and Syria. They will not allow these to pass from their possession and an attempt to wrest the ports from Russia will be met with whatever force is necessary to discourage any such attempt.

  11. “With the Ukrainians having already “Buyed ’em” in terms of Western military support, we take most seriously reports like today’s Putin threatens retaliation if missiles placed in Ukraine story in the NY Post.”

    This is Russia’s “Cuban missile crisis.” Does anyone other than Vichy Nuland want to bet Putin’s ‘nads are smaller than JFK’s…?

    • JFK’s nads weren’t really all that big. They were certainly pea sized when Cuban patriots could have used just a few close air support sorties at Bahia de Cochinos. And they were no larger later (as history records…but is seldom reported) when he perfidiously pulled our missiles out of Turkey and abrogated the Monroe Doctrine in the bargain to remove the Russian missiles in “Cuber”. The rebellion and death that resulted from Fidelito’s subsequent Russian backed adventures in Central and South America (and Africa) as a direct result cost untold treasure and lives.

      • I know…

        We became a “superpower” after WW-I, mostly because we didn’t come out to play until everybody else had exhausted their chips and were drawing to a pair of deuces. We drew a flush and got the kitty, and Wilson got to create the League of Nations.

        Ever since then, the U.S. has felt the need to meddle. Most of it is paranoia — WE are everybody’s bank, construction company, and conscience, and we like being special, but we don’t want anyone to take our toys away — and some fear — We’ve seen Berlin and Hiroshima, and don’t want that fate to befall us.

        ‘Thing is, we have a 400 year history of beginning something, but then not following through. We’ve done it domestically, and we’ve done it WRT foreign conflict. I strongly suspect the only reason we won WW-II unconditionally was because the communist embeds in the State Department feared Japan and Germany would divvy up CONUS + Canada and execute them all, if we didn’t. In a “normal” year, we have military ops going in over 120 different countries besides our own, and have had since the late 1970s. Our intention back then was not to build an empire, but to keep the Soviets from building one.

        Now, I’m not so sure.

        If you’ve read the comments at George’s sites for any length of time, you know I don’t like Victoria Nuland. This is not because she’s a NeoCon. It is because she is a nuclear war, waiting to happen.

        Ever see the Bruce Willis movie “Red-2?”

        Nuland is like the crazy genius — she wants to see stuff go “boom,” specifically between Russia and the United States. One of the best things Trump did was to put her on a shelf where she couldn’t start any more wars. One of Biden’s first actions was to free her from her desk and give her a State Department plane, so she could start more wars.

        We had a general like that some years back. He is a Leftist nutjob — STILL well-respected by the Democrats, mind you. We put the dude in charge of NATO, where he tried to launch nukes on Moscow. He had to be forcibly restrained/removed by the ranking British General. You can read about this, but you’ll never find it in the popular media, because CNN likes to shove a microphone between all the stars on this guy’s epaulets and let him spew poison to their six loyal viewers.

  12. “The total nationwide spending on gardening is 2.5 billion dollars. The average garden yields $600 of produce in a year, minus the spending per household of $70. The average household returns $530 each year from their garden.”

    There is a huge fallacy to this. The retail price for a fresh head of lettuce is around $1. The actual cost for that head of lettuce, once the “public cost” of the itinerant lettuce-picker is figured in, is about $11.50. Add the government subsidy which makes that lettuce cost the consumer a buck, into the cost of the homegrown veggies and that number is north of $5800 potentially saved for the “average” garden (provided we elect a President and Administration who are pro-American and they eliminate the bleeding at the border…)

  13. i am buying some of the fastest velocity stock in the world .. the real deal the greatest goldie ! we are fueling the weapon for launch. cannot wait till signal will be the greatest launch ever .. farken low life sith jabbin facist c@#$%. youll pay

  14. “Buttigieg: Families who buy electric vehicles ‘never have to worry about gas prices again’. Oh? An EV (and I’ve been around ’em for 25-years) – is totally unsuited for rural use. From the lack of grid out here, to load hauling, to recharge times. Butti is off his rocker.

    Where will the gas taxes to pay for highway maintenance come from?”

    Buttjudge is exactly correct WRT that gas prices thing. What he’s not going to mention is cost of ownership & use will quadruple for most people. Someone like Mark can play the diminishing returns game and come out on the positive side. Granny Ghetto can’t afford a Power Wall so she’s going to have to pay that 60¢/KWh to charge her 15yo EV.

    Ain’t nothing wrong with the loads that EV trucks can carry or the oomph in their giddyup. What’s wrong is the miles of extension cord every Texas rancher is gonna have to buy, because when you have time-critical work which must be done, it really is time-dritical, and if’fn you don’t hit the mark, things die.

    The gas taxes will be supplanted by mileage taxes. The mileage taxes will come from ground-to-air communications from every vehicle’s GPS, through an uplink shoved into its OBD-2 port, and will be assessed by the 1/10 mile, because the gummint will be able to do so.

    Side note: I went casually shopping for a new-old set of wheels, starting a few weeks ago. Virtually every domestic car manufactured after 1998 has a built-in “black box” — virtually every foreign car manufactured for North American distribution after 2004 also has a built-in “black box.” On most vehicles it was not implemented until MY-2009, when Progressive Insurance came out with their OBD dongle. {I knew the latter — had no clue the “black box” began to make its appearance shortly after the OBD-2 spec was incorporated in MY-1996 production, though. I thought (apparently mistakenly) that Progressive integrated the GPS into the dongle…}

    I don’t know if Buttjudge even has a driver’s license. I strongly suspect his chauffeur hasn’t driven him farther than the 6 miles from his house in South Bend to Notre Dame International, or the 16 miles through D.C. to Reagan International, in at least 10 years. He has no clue what it takes to live anywhere outside the suburbs…

  15. The John Hopkins University graph to November 30th showing covid19 cases per million of population shows India’s numbers remaining low and flat to declining while Germany, UK, and France’s curves are on near vertical rises. Data collection anomalies or…? Hmmmm?

  16. The cost of building up the infrastructure needed for self-driving cars would indeed be massive, at a time when state and local governments can barely afford to keep the current system maintained. Perhaps what’s needed is a simpler, specialized system of routes that keeps self-driving entities separate from other traffic. Wait! We already have those. They’re called railroads.

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