A very short report this morning because of eye surgery yest.  Normally I get up at 4 to hit it and get it.  Nuit this morning, try 7 AM. And barely that.

2 1/2 hour eye surgery #2 about did me in.  Hurts like bloody hell.  Maybe more on that this weekend.

On the financial  side, the market should open flat, close down.  Sell before the weekend so as not to have exposure for three days may be the thinking. Some might worry the world could go to hell this weekend, but it doesn’t have far to go when you think about it.

ECB next week.  Housing numbers Tuesday.

Our Peoplenomics report will be posted Sunday, or so – depends on the eyes.

Futures are flat – and with a soft ending expected, fine time to take off early.  See you Sunday or Monday…, will try for a short report Monday on Urban… 

Be well…