Short Report – Have a Great Weekend

A very short report this morning because of eye surgery yest.  Normally I get up at 4 to hit it and get it.  Nuit this morning, try 7 AM. And barely that.

2 1/2 hour eye surgery #2 about did me in.  Hurts like bloody hell.  Maybe more on that this weekend.

On the financial  side, the market should open flat, close down.  Sell before the weekend so as not to have exposure for three days may be the thinking. Some might worry the world could go to hell this weekend, but it doesn’t have far to go when you think about it.

ECB next week.  Housing numbers Tuesday.

Our Peoplenomics report will be posted Sunday, or so – depends on the eyes.

Futures are flat – and with a soft ending expected, fine time to take off early.  See you Sunday or Monday…, will try for a short report Monday on Urban… 

Be well…

35 thoughts on “Short Report – Have a Great Weekend”

  1. Eyes heal fast, hope yours do, too, and that the surgery was successful. YOU do need to rest, though, tell your Type ‘A’ self it needs to take some ‘Ure’ time.

  2. take extra vitamins A and E — I did that after abdominal surgery and the doc said I healed fast

  3. Had my eyes worked on several months ago It is a Bitch but well worth it, the results are wonderful, Hope your eyes get repaired and have wonderful results.

  4. I am knowing your procedure was a complete success and your recovery is speedy and complete!

  5. Will sorely miss your comments if you don’t take care of Ureself. Take whatever the doc allows to get some rest if that’s what it takes. Elane can stand by with a hammer.

    God bless.

  6. If Elaine is up for it, try taking a day(or two) off. Get horizontal and just touch hold hands and vibe. Turn down the lights and enjoy all the senses that you’ve suppressed while you’ve done all your visually intensive work for so long.

    If nothing else, you can just enjoy music, audiobooks, or beautiful silence. You might even have a conversation, or sleep. There’s a world beyond the visual, but most of us are so visually oriented that we miss much of it.

    Sorry about the pain – I had eye surgery as a kid and can imagine, though I’d rather not. Take the whole weekend as personal or couple time. I can wait for the next PN issue.

    Best wishes for the best result.

  7. George, hope you heal rapidly. Meanwhile, get lots of rest, listen to music, audio books, and stay away from your big toys!

  8. I concur with A, you need to take a rest. Not a day or two, but a real rest of at least a week, preferably two. When working in business rarely took much time off. Once I took two weeks off lest I loose the time. The real rest came during the second week. We all follow you daily but we will survive for two weeks. Besides to be back on top of your game, the two weeks with out stress will be appreciated by your heart, body, mind and especially Elaine. Keeping you in my thoughts. Get well soon.

  9. Time to cozy up with a dark room lots of pillows and old movies .
    It too shall pass . Feel better

  10. Take a rest George, your health is more important to you and us than your thoughts and writings.

    Be well my friend. Take a break….Don’t make us come down there.

  11. Get well George, patching up an aging body is not easy. We hold up good when everything is working, but maintaining the country living can hurt. Getting over bruised ribs myself. Old man Mott down the road from me is 97 and witnessed him digging post holes by hand just a few weeks ago. His wife is still doing good too. The land may hurt us but it keeps us moving even if it’s from one doctor to the next.

  12. My Lasik was the same way..hurt like bloody hell !! I hope the surgery was successful, and the almighty will ease your pain.


    • Mine too. It felt like someone was putting out a cigarette on my eyeball. Ouch! Nothing to do but rest, since if you move one eyeball, the other goes with it. At least the eyeball heals very quickly, so keep them still and get well soon.

  13. Take time off George We Miss you but will all survive. Besides the markets are closed. …. ..
    …. ..

  14. Best wishes for your return to health, and thanks so much for sharing your life experiences along with your financial insight.

  15. George,

    Have been following your travails and wish you a very speedy and complete recovery. Both parents and two siblings have had very similar issues/procedures and I know first hand how difficult things can be. Rest is key.

    On a brighter note, my wife was watching the History Channel yesterday and you were given a full name credit for your work on the Web Bot project. Kudos! It’s about time, eh?

  16. best wishes…we will survive(barely) without your sage comments for a couple of days..get well

  17. healing works best when you doing something that you enjoy,,,,, if you enjoy challenges or if you do just laying back whatever it is that gives you Joy gives you healing, how do we know when were healing because our brain starts working it starts going well I’d like to do this or what I’d like to do that our imagination gets carried away when we are healing to the point where were over the hill and we’re out of the danger zone but when were in the danger zone or like zombies waiting for whatever it is to have its way so that we can make it a better day, oh crap we’re talking about Cycles here comma like the cycles own house rulers cheapest slaves and make us pay all kinds of insurances every day when actually we need to be freed from a system just like in Texas out there where you’re at I read where or watched where they are giving people you know tickets and then they give them a certificate after that for $2,000 and if they don’t pay they take your license away how terrible can the crooks in the power structure be well I guess they can be a lot worse when they did what Hitler was doing and I was just taking people at random and throwing them into the furnace but I like the idea of having a positive attitude and I hope you get well soon and May the force be with you hahaha little laughter there,me I like ice cream when I’m healing Neapolitan effect

    • They did what Hitler was doing and (he) was just taking people at random and throwing

  18. All the best to you. Take the time you need to really heal-we will all wait patiently.

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