Coping: Brain Cleaning and Event-Chains

(Written before Surgery on Thursday)

When I began jotting down a few notes about “brain cleaning” this week, it was not clear why I was going down this path this week, but one of those “odd damn dreams” came along last night to explain it and so I thought I would pass it on to you.

In my dream, a number of things were explained to me.

First and foremost was the explanation of why I lost my contact lens – which as noted in the Thursday column, seems to have dropped into a parallel universe because it is not in our kitchen where it was lost. We’ve torn the room apart two times.

In the dream, what I was shown is not only the why of the disappearing lens, but how it also was part of how things like precognition work.

Yeah…right. A lot of stuff for the dream-schoolers to pass on, so here’s how it works.

According to what I dreamed, there is a web that people have that goes far beyond the normal sense of cause and effect we are all accustomed to.

In this larger scheme of things there are what were described as “Event Chains” and that all Event Chains are interconnected…

So, for example, I lost the loaner hard contact. That one simple act – and the getting on the phone to get the replacement (and spares) ordered set off a series of interactions with the staff of the doctor’s office.

This doctor, BTW, is female and “with child” and it was explained that the Event Chain this child was coming into the world with would make her a famous person in music in 24 years, or so, if I was around.

But it goes deeper, it was explained. Everything we do sets off (or is part of) and Event Chain.

If you drop a bag of groceries, they need to be picked up – and that spaces out things to other pending events, both in your life, and others, can come together in this way, or that, depending on how the Program in Charge wants things to happen. People have {free will} of course, but it is only partial. The Event Chain is like a “world web” that holds each of us in it.

This is why it is so important to be mindful of whatever we do, not just because of immediate effects, but also realizing that in how we set things in motion, we are either in, or out, of harmony with the world web of Events.

This, again in the dream, explained how what we think of as psychic phenomena work. The Event Chains are sort of like a a spider web. You know, how when there is a wiggling of a captured bug, how the web wiggles?

Event Chains have this same characteristic. We are all aware of singular events in our lives but seldom to we look back “up the web” to see hoiw they work.

But, they do work whether we care to acknowledge it, or not.

So, when I have a dream that seems to have some precognitive content, what I have done is sensed a wiggling of the web somewhere else. Sometimes before, most often after, but that is what psi seems to be – an ability to sense where Event Chains are going – much as dominoes fall one into the next, into the next. Some people can sense which ones will fall better, basically.

It was quite a dream.

Then things got weird.

Remember a while back I told you about being able to occasionally “see personal source code”?

As the “schooling part” of this dream came to an end, a brownish screen popped up rather vividly and characters began to flow past me. Some were like stylized X’s, another was like an A with a Nike logo reversed, under it, and offset left. This seemed to go on for a good bit of time and the letters looks like, gosh, RUNEs.

You can find some Runic script looking symbols, like on this page over here, but this is NOT the set in the dream, although the vibe is there. The dream symbols were wider in aspect ratio than these and were different. I am trying to remember a line, or two of it, but so far, no luck.

And that all circles us back to Brain-Cleaning week around here, because now it is all becoming clear to me.

Humans are much like receivers and since I have a decent electronics background, this is an easy metaphor to communicate.

A receiver has a number of characteristics can can be measured and which, all taken together, decide what kind of quality is involved.

Noise is one HUGE factor and I think this is the whole point of Brain Cleaning week. Intuitively (and now reinforced by this odd dream) the world-web is there and we can all sense it, but most people are so bothered by noise that they can’t feel the web.

Just as a receiver can’t pick up a weak station if there is a lot of noise from a local appliance (wall warts and our icemaker motor tear up reception around the ranch, for example), so too, people who have too high an internal noise floor are not able to quiet down and sense the presence of this world-web of Event Chains that is always running, whether we care to acknowledge events, or not.

The odd alphbet – symbology on the bark-colored screen with gray lettering) is a serious mystery. But I just don’t seem to have the mental horsepower yet to pull the symbols from “in/over there” into the “this side” so that’s a task to work on.

Is it Nordic, and somehow related to the Danish side of my DNA which is 50%? No telling. But it may run to the Scottish side, where such ways are not unknown.

The dream answered a lot of questions, though: Psi is sensing the web, and Life is not only for perfecting the “living” part, but also for learning to live in better harmony with stuff of the Event Chain and it teaches why auspicious moments are so important in astrology, martial arts, and in simple things – Like what time you leave for work determines if you just barely miss being where there will be a huge accident that might kill or injure you.

So that’s what Brain Cleaning is about: Getting all the old personal issues dealt with, so you can get your receiver to work down into the “noise floor” and there to sense the Event Chains, and then to live in harmony with those.

Simple task?

Well, I don’t think so. It has taken me 67.5 years to get this far, and that’s with the help of some near death-like experiences due to athsma when very young (and turning blue and such).

Makes for a very fine ride through the Theme Park of Life, though. What’s amazing is that we’re all on the same E-ticket ride and surfing our way into the future together. Coached it seems by our Ancestors and DNA on the one hand, and led by wherever these damn Event-Chains are going. Even more startling is that to hold on to the noise is to miss the web completely.

And so, perhaps that’s why it is down in my very core, that social media is evil. Because it doesn’t increase our introspection or lower our personal noise floor closer to ultimate truth (or event chains). Instead, whatever is a distraction and monetized seems to be a kind of other event-chain running at cross-purposes. Good versus evil, both running Event Chains and trying to dominate the other.

Whew. That was one hellavah dream.

Write when you get rich,

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  1. I recently observed that traffic lights are really “fate”, or “destiny” gates. I suppose that’s what getting old does to you.

    • I make my own fate, I run traffic lights, stop signs etc, every chance I get?
      I’m 52, no accidents or dui

  2. Their is a purely evil side of social media which you have pointed out combined with what another reader said, it is a nefarious data collection portal, like unto a web, which tries to connect everyone to someone else. It uses facial recognition, voice collection, and other nefarious means to trap people in its web. It has been revealed that they have software that can read faces and supposedly pick out criminals. You notice they cannot spot Hillary or Bill from a foot away!!! Yes, you are right to suspect social media and the world wide web. More to come! P.S. incredible dream!!!

  3. Your dream sounds like Obiwan Kenobi feeling a disturbance in the ‘force’. Having moved from the Atlanta metropolis to the high plains of Colorado 7 months ago, my noise level has improved substantially and I’m feeling more of the ripples across the fields of the continuum…quite the revelation!

  4. That web is your own multiverse of lives as well, so what happens in the now affects a multiverse of “nows” so that your evolutionary journey nets out as designed by the nurturing silence of the void. Hard to grasp but these are experienced outside of time so that they echo all at once!

  5. Back when I was a tech person I’d almost always have a recurring dream about being chased by a T-Rex a la “Jurassic Park” for a few days before I got in to loading and setting up a server with a new OS version I’d never seen before. When I finally realized this is what the dream was about I never had the dream again. Guess the point had been made.

    Lately the recurring dream is being in one of my old cars or trucks, it starts to move and I’m not able to stop it as it coasts through an obstacle-ridden path in various locations. I’m sure it’s a re-hash of real-life tensions I’m going through now that I’ve moved away from the tech world but just don’t know what as yet. There’s so much to choose from!

  6. Congrats George! Your perception of Event Chains is a modern reinterpretation of the 3rd century Mahayana Buddhist concept of Indra’s Net. Namely that all things are interconnected and by properly perceiving any one thing, you can see the reflection of all others.

    I’d dare say that you tapped into the same source code perceived by many others at unique times and places.

    From Wikipedia:

    Far away in the heavenly abode of the great god Indra, there is a wonderful net which has been hung by some cunning artificer in such a manner that it stretches out infinitely in all directions. In accordance with the extravagant tastes of deities, the artificer has hung a single glittering jewel in each “eye” of the net, and since the net itself is infinite in dimension, the jewels are infinite in number. There hang the jewels, glittering “like” stars in the first magnitude, a wonderful sight to behold. If we now arbitrarily select one of these jewels for inspection and look closely at it, we will discover that in its polished surface there are reflected all the other jewels in the net, infinite in number. Not only that, but each of the jewels reflected in this one jewel is also reflecting all the other jewels, so that there is an infinite reflecting process occurring

  7. I’ve often noticed this phenomenon, such as when a tool goes missing and you need to search high and low to finally find another one, and meanwhile you find all kinds of other things or become aware of something that needs attention. When these other things are handled, the original tool magically appears.

    Sometimes, a delay will occur that sets you back five minutes or so on getting somewhere, and even at that time, I realize that something akin to the “adjustment bureau” is acting. Later, I sometimes realize why that delay happened.

    Regarding the “source code”, I can always remember images of seeing this, but can never copy even a single character from memory. I understand your frustration, but that’s reality. When it does appear, there’s something relaxing about just watching it either shimmer in place or scroll in one direction or another.

  8. I am an impatient driver and years ago I realized that when I get behind a really slow driver there is usually a purpose to it. I have gotten behind a really slow driver and then a block or two up passed a policeman. or missed an accident that I might have been a part of had I not been behind that driver. I now say a small prayer of thanks every time I get behind someone who is driving slower than I like.

  9. We experience time linearly and our brains are transceivers and recording devices/memory, which is what makes us who we are. Memories are imprints of our reception/frequency of a moment in linear time, and is heightened by emotion which creates stronger impressions. We gain knowledge/learn through our experience.Our brain’s ability to retrieve these moments in time/recorded frequencies is what makes us individuals. With that said, each consciousness (human or other) is an impression in the cosmic consciousness, and we have access to this to receive and transmit.

    As we perceive time as linear in this lower frequency dimension (3rd), we grow/evolve as we gain our ability to raise our frequency by opening our consciousness to the higher frequencies. We are energy and energy is vibration/frequency. When components of atoms are broke down to their components, and so on,…we are energy.

    Have you ever read Robert Monroe about his experiences out of body. He defines M band noise, “M Band noise is caused by uncontrolled thought. Monroe perceived this as a sort of chaotic cacophony and learned to hurry through it….”. This is the “noise that they can’t feel the web” problem….for those of us trying to listen anyway. But we should be able to ascend this noise by recognizing what it is and filtering it out.

  10. Hey George

    hope you are feeling better….. check out wyrd on wiki, sometimes referred to as the web of wyrd… is an ancient celtic belief of interconnectivity and there is something called a bindrune which illustrates the idea…. the word weird derives from wyrd but the meaning has become confused.It’s original meaning is “fate”. Your dream interpertation follows this idea closely.

  11. These triggers of the dream web, or Event Chains, I believe, not only hold precognitive aspects, but they generate karma down the line, and LIFETIMES….nothing is ever forgotten. These webs hold vast knowledge/info. So, we can catch up or meet our destiny/karma at any time. Sometimes we create new karma, sometimes we meet and resolve karma. Edgar Cayce said that every single jot, tiddle, etc., is met. Every single action! We can choose to do good and meet that good, even without understanding it, the bad will have to be met, too! From Matthew: “For I tell you truly, until heaven and earth pass away, not a single jot, not a stroke of a pen, will disappear from the Law until everything is accomplished.”

  12. Here’s a Morse Code pnemonic. It breaks down the letters into two tables: letters starting with dash and letters starting with dot. Then sequentially adding dots and dashes to tie the letters together that have a common ancestry. (Cutpi dot com/n0h)

    You only have to remember the table layout to know the correct combination of dots and dashes.

  13. “whatever is a distraction and monetized seems to be a kind of other event-chain running at cross-purposes. Good versus evil, both running Event Chains and trying to dominate the other. ”

    I like it, George. Everything is a distraction from something else, monetized or not. I am not so clear on the “good” or the “evil” thingy though. Although, I see “good and “evil” as part of a bigger Event Chain; Another lobe on the fractal. Because as everything is a distraction from something else, so is everything, vs everything. Seems either way, no matter what moral level we ascribe to anything … it doesn’t care. It just is.

    But what do I know…

  14. George, what an amazing report. I’ve been thinking recently about higher consciousness and reading this material seems to confirm that I’m moving in the right direction. Also I’ve had a definite impulse to curb my excessive cursing habit, in the spirit that everything affects everyone and everything else, such that every time I curse I damage my life and perhaps more. Thank you!

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