Short and to the Point

(Tacoma, WA)  Seconds from going back to sleep, eyes propped open with toothpicks this morning.  Candle at both ends.  So a blissfully short column today.  For both of us.

Market is set to open up 50, or there abouts.

There is a new pattern emergent that we’ll look at for readers tomorrow.

The Chinese stock market plunged 7% overnight, as detailed over here.

What will be interesting to watch is whether the USA will see a massive flight to quality benefit.  That ought to be clear by the end of trading today.

I could give you 6,000 words where we weight everything out, but that doesn’t get me a nap and it doesn’t matter what we think.  Time will tell, so let the clock run while we snooze.

Those Horrible Islamists

Are at it again with a murder associated with an attack at an Air Products company plant near Lyon, France overnight.

The French Islamists are running operations that use the same strong arm tactics of mobsters the world over.

Not at all religious, and not at all worthy of leading anyone.  About the only thing they have mastered in France is perfecting the art of “biting the hand that feeds ‘em.”

A different take?  Reader Michael is wondering:

This is what they want your attention on so you won’t see something else that they don’t want you to see.  “Look, Look….over here not over there.”  What do they not want noticed ?  Start looking the opposite direction and digging around to see what might be important to them.

Elsewhere, we see how this “peaceful” religion killed off 146 in a massacre, also.

Even in their own ranks, blowing up mosques seems to be in style.

Yet the liberalistas think its fine to treat people who hate us as “special” who we dare not offend.  Which played right, will get liberal thinking kicked out of American politics.  Not that conservatives are better.

What we need is a Common Sense Party.

Compounding Stupid

America will now talk with hostage takers.  Remember, a couple of weeks back, I told you how in the cyclical work we do that kidnapping was due to make a re-appearance shortly?

Well, here we go:  This kind of stupid, inane policy by the Obamanistas just invites it to blossom, right on schedule.  Like screaming “Bring it!”  And sure enough, it will.

Remember several years ago the Chechen school takeover?  Look for the same thing to happen here:  Soft targets – more ammunition gun controllers – and we have just thrown out a fine policy which the dunderheads and commies in Washington…oh, don’t get me started.  The clocks running and they will be run out of town…

Speaking of Clocks

Did I, or did I not tell you – months back – that the administration would waffle and weave on the Iran talks and we would see delay after delay on actually getting a verifiable agreement?

Don’t look now, but “White House pressed to extend Iran talks deadline.”

Lousy weaseldix are running centrifuges day and night and are playing us.

Ure is right again…though  I’m sick of being right about selling out American interests.

Autobot Wars

BBC has a peach of a story about how a Delphi driverless car, and one of Google’s had a near-miss recently.

I feel compelled to call the Insurance Institute and as them what’s ahead.  I can see the insurance applications going from “Any DUI’s?” to “What version of auto software are you running?”

Since we all know robotic cars will collapse the auto repair industry, perhaps this is what we need:  A random accidentizer function…

7 thoughts on “Short and to the Point”

  1. just what was the trade of one desert “sergeant” for a handful of Gitmo terrorists ? is there a difference in trading people and money? Government speaks with forked tongue – but that’s not new – ask the Native American Indians.

    Sunni’s and Shiites have been killing each other and destroying each others “houses of worship” – otherwise known as mosques for centuries – what’s new? and much of the killing has been over territorial, as well as, religious doctrine control.

    as for a “common sense” party – thank you for the laugh so early in the morning. There is a coalition party that works pretty well with each other – and then there is the other party that has a coalition of sorts, constant infighting, with the power held by the elitist establishment type that are not very conservative, although the losing part of that coalition cannot get it through their head that they are only wanted for their money and their vote – certainly not to have any of their agenda promulgated; oh, the establishment will whisper sweet nothing in their ear to get that money and vote – and then go their own way – mostly doing nothing but holding hearings – certainly not taking any action – as if they had power to do anything if they actually ever got to the dirt of the hearings.

  2. “Yet the liberalistas think its fine to treat people who hate us as “special” who we dare not offend. Which played right, will get liberal thinking kicked out of American politics. Not that conservatives are better.”

    Please let us know which liberals these are so we can read up on them and decide for ourselves. I’m thinking the governments (ours, the UK, and those that support Saudi Arabia and others religion-governed states) and corporations (oil, nuclear, agricultural, pharma, etc.) that look the other way are not doing the world any favors.

  3. “Peacefull religion”. Sarc on. Got it. George, the hypocricy is so thick you could cut it with a scimitar. Our Judeo-Christian types love to massacre by the millions to the sound of trumpets and talking heads on CNN. Not so’s you’d notice with all this “evil Mooslum gonna getcha” claptrap lately. Funny how these scary ISIS dudes always run around with facemasks on, studiously avoid attacking synagogues, and get their wounds treated in Israeli hospitals. Hmmmmmm.

    What do I know, though. I’m too busy trying to buy my evil Confederate flag while they’re still available. /sarc

  4. I wonder whether you intended to write that a religion killed 146 people. Seems pretty extreme, even for you.

  5. Wait, I thought of a situation where the religion actually killed people. After it was determined that the perps had harmed the religion, there was a public opportunity for those accused to perform a public act of contrition prior to having their sentence carried out. It was called “Act of Faith” or auto-da-fe.

    • Check with families of the Tunisia attacks if you are not clear on a religion killing

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