Our Future: Wahalaylias and Mind Maps

(Tacoma, WA)  A longer than usual report this weekend (don’t expect more than a brief update Wednesday) but more complete than most in that today we will not only embellish on our rather dismal outlook for the coming 10 year period, but we shall also share a few thinking tools and how we use them for analyzing complex situations.

And then we will get into the weird stuff – which after we work through a number of levels of analysis won’t seem all that weird, at all.

And that’s where we will discuss the Wahalaylia – a new kind of percussion device – that arrived as a dream while consorting with future spirits in a post EMP, post-DNA war world.

All over the board?  D’uh.  But somewhere along the continuum of complete hard science and the skill of the quants, all the way over to the shamans at the other margin whose hardest defined point is the human heart, is the place that will describe future.

Our task this morning is to identify that place.  And we’ll begin with a cocktail napkin concept mapping exercise, right after we wade through the headlines. 

Oh, and I tell you that at least one real honest-to-God investment strategist thinks our Trading Model has been pretty damn useful.

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4 thoughts on “Our Future: Wahalaylias and Mind Maps”

  1. i didnt get much sleep last night ,so after being up a few hrs i went back to sleep and i awake from a dream , i had awakened from the passenger side of a truck like vehicle and got out to see a mess behind the truck , it must have been a moving truck the rear door and the roof was gone and the trailer it was pulling was kinda jackknifed and there was furniture everywhere and there was a horse had climbed into the back of the truck and was eating something and i had told one of my daughters hey we have a horse , and I LOOKED over the trailer wreckage and their was a mangled horse in it ,i climbed into what was left of the shell near the eating horse on the truck and the front floor had a big bubble about 2 ft tall near the cab and i tried jumping a few time on it to get the floor to lay down flat, it only went down very little and i woke up

  2. about the dream ,,i had a since of urgency to get the vehicle going because other people were starting to gather around and it felt like whatever i did or was doing was not going to make any difference at that moment an i had to accept what ever was going to happen next without control of the situation

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