ShopTalk Sunday: Winter Burn Barrel Festival!

Not too long ago – two or three years, was it? – I picked up a half-dozen 55-gallon drums up in Tyler, Texas.  It was a deal I couldn’t pass up:  $5 bucks each and they’d already had a preliminary rinse-out.

Finally, with the old burn barrel sporting a gaping (coffee can size) hole where a combination of rust (and tossing in occasional small explosives for fun) had done its work.  That burn barrel went to the Barrel Graveyard on the property.  Then I went looking for inspiration.

Best Design

We talked about “Happy Design” recently.  And the ideal burn barrel in terms of performance, was probably this one, found on YouTube:

Or, if you don’t show graphics, see Smokeless Burn Barrel – YouTube.

Happy design on several accounts: Used common tools, only a handful of screws – and the way he did the screws from the inside (and remembered to cut off the resulting sharps on the outside) was stylish.

Logically, all-fired-up with the prospects, I started getting the tools out.

Then I Noticed the Clock…

Forget the fact that the 4 1/2-inch grinder is slower than the plasma cutter:  Looked to me like the project would take over an hour.  I’d already pissed-away more than that “idea shopping” so the next- best design was cobbled up.

The first step was to plasma cut the top off…which was pretty simple.

Then, the barrel is laid down and a series of “C-cuts” are made like so:

These are then pounded in an inch-and-a-half, or so.  The idea is that you want a lot of air coming in, but you also want the remaining metal to act as air-deflectors.  There are a couple of videos of this type of cut-up on Youtube and although not as graceful as the full-on “smokeless” version, the fab time on this was on the order of 10-minutes.

A quick scavenging session for something to burn and I was into it.  Being careful not to get too much of the foul-smelling paint in my nose as the outside coating on the barrel burned off:

One this was roasted-off, it was time to load in additional fuel and see “What this baby could do…”

It was impressive!  Not ideal, but among its attributes:

  • It seems to burn a fuel load about 25% faster than a “normal” burn barrel.  Note:  The “normal” here is a 55-gallon drum with the top cut off and a couple of dozen AK-47 rounds through it about 12-inches up from the bottom.  So, the additional air flow does something.
  • Fab time was not more than 15-minutes, including cutting off the top.

Drawbacks?  Doesn’t everything have them?

  • Not nearly as good as the “smokeless design” in a cross wind.
  • Not likely to last any longer than that conventional burn barrel because there’s no heat control.  I reckon the “smokeless” would last longer if for no other reason than it could be made up – several at a time – and then just plug & play new pieces in as the old ones were consumed.

It was a great cool-weather distraction, and I may put a couple of more together and set them around the property.  Use them for burning deadfall which is a never-ending joy of owning a tree farm.

The Veggie Room

Ever notice how working outside when it’s cold (mid-40s) is no big deal when there’s the prospect of playing with fire, ahead?   On the other hand, I just couldn’t get myself psyched up enough to finish putting the last half-dozen sheets of polycarbonate on the north end of the new grow room off the studio.

No, with age 73 almost here, Ure is not turning into a pothead.  He’s committed to getting a useable trove of veggies out of his “farmerly efforts” however.  Nice, organic…and throughout the summer.  Which is the why behind the grow room:  Too damn hot in garden or greenhouse after mid-May, or so.  Hence, the veggie room with a swamp cooler.

Elaine’s concerns about the panels blocking the view are not without merit.  I’m pretty confident, though, that once I get a few loads of hydroponic Romaine coming out of here that her objections will fade.  We shall see.

Tool Slut’s Notebook

A bunch of interesting projects have come along.  Not the least of which is my half-hearted promise to clean up the metal-working end of the shop.

To begin this project, the first step was an inventory of what’s in the various piles.  Falls (as it always does) into a handful of categories:

  • Actual stationary and working tools:  The big Jet metal lathe, the small (Taig), the box and pan bending brake, Vertical mill, oxy-acetylene rig, and some hand tools like the burnishing grinder (and wheels) and a propane torch.  It’s there because it’s closer to the burn barrel near the door… (In hot weather, you can use WD-40 as a spray-0n fire starter…)
  • Metal for Pending Projects: This includes everything from sheet to bar stock, to angle iron, to plate with a side order of ground rods and such.  Along with this are carboards tubes of all types, too
  • Stuff with No Home:  Now we’re into it:  Outside the door to my office is a collection of outside tools.  This includes (battery-powered) string trimmers, an electric cultivator, battery and corded hedge trimmers, water shut-off tool, and oh, the list goes on. Faraday can, too.

The “Correct Answer” seems to be to find homes (for the stuff without one) and combine these with the other collections of stuff with no home – the yard tools which are next to the old Lexus in the carport under the screen porch.  It’s almost (gulp!) like we could use a tool shed for such things.

Which sets me off on this morning’s quest to figure out the answer to this intractable puzzle.

A Personal Note

In case you hadn’t noticed, I have a major streak of ADHD.  Had it my whole life.  It has been a blessing and a curse.  (As all gifts from Universe are!).

On the one hand, the rapid-fire (spray and pray) of ideas, one-after-another, has been a huge benefit in business, investing, and being creative in general.

The downside?

Well, no one ever taught me (when young) that I should complete one project at a time).  Looking at the scrapyard of steel out in the metal shop brought all this to mind.

I have more ideas than time.  As a result, especially with many projects having fairly long lead times (to an ADHD person, a 1-day hour delay on supplies is insufferable!), the project begins in a fury, gets parked while awaiting materials, and then when the materials show up, fury has left the building, and the perpetrator (moi) has moved onto something else.

The good news is that the piles eventually get big enough that something like the “burn barrel collection” provides fast-consumption of as many barrels as are handy – and sometimes with pretty interesting results.

I suppose it will be a balancing act right up to the end of life (in 20-years or whatever) but the sign “A clean desk is a sign of an empty mind” sure seems to apply out in the shop, as well.

If I don’t have 10-pounds of deli meat to make a sandwich, I mean what’s the point, right?  Your experience may vary. You could have the misfortune of being “normal.”

Economics Note:

Bitcoin Crash continues.  $35,750 when I looked.

As my consigliere and I have been wondering:  As BTC collapses and miners come offline (being unprofitable now for many) how long before a) the time to clear a transaction goes through the roof?  And at what point b) then does the whole distributed public ledger stop working (or take a year to clear)?

See why we warned you from the start about Digital Tulips?  Winter is coming.

Write when you get rich,

48 thoughts on “ShopTalk Sunday: Winter Burn Barrel Festival!”

  1. Question? How many levered their Bitcoin into margin accounts and what happens when the margin call hits not only the sale of the security but also the sale of the underlying lever????

      • George you pose some excellent questions regarding Bitcoin’s operations; the big one I have is this: When the last Bitcoin has been “mined” what is the incentive to keep mining? And what happens when you want to make a transaction at that point?
        Looks to me as if some “very smart people” haven’t thought things through and not just Bitcoin. What about the harmonic interference posed on aircraft by the 5G network? Did no one consider this at all? Seems to me there should have been a panel looking into how 5G and aircraft instruments and GPS can play nicely together.

      • “When the last Bitcoin has been “mined” what is the incentive to keep mining? And what happens when you want to make a transaction at that point?”

        hmmm…Only … 21 million Bitcoin….
        LOL LOL LOL read these WD they will definately answer that question.. I seriously don’t think you have any concerns if your worried about an invisible coin that has no designating end resting place.. you don’t know who has it. all any investor in invisible endless wealth is the origination point and a nice sheet of paper( or do they even give you a receipt..I sure don’t know I have a hard enough time keeping copper in my pocket because of rising costs much less an invisible gold coin Shoot you cant even hear them jingle..maybe that is my path to wealth.. make a bitcoin noise maker so you can sound like there is something more in your pockets than what is..) .. or you don’t know how its being used.. so I think you can rest easy ghosts are way easier to manage than an unlimited invisible number…

  2. Winter is coming and it might be nuke caused for a long time.
    There appears to be no end in site to the wests rhetoric and Putin is NOT going to back down. SO if the idiots running the Biden show don’t back off thing will continue to escalate. Just like the west sending that cargo jet (CIA jet) into Russian airspace and it disappeared, so was it made to look like the Ruskies shot it down or DID they shot it down. and as soon as that happened we have a Russian STEALTH fighter appear out of NOWHERE in the capitol of Ukraine and then disappear. The CAT and MOUSE game is getting hotter and hotter.

    • Dam.. I had read that we were doing cross overs and moving missiles on his border.. butihadnt heard that any didn’t come home.. like our sub that hit a rock while they were patrolling Chinese border waters..
      I think it would take a lot to force putin to push the nuclear button.. it would be better for historical purposes.. stories shared around cave dwellers fires about the man from the USA that shoved the world back.
      Kind of like ancient stories surrounding india and the war of the ten kings.
      Putin has some ethics and morals and I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t ever want his name tossed around through history as a egotistical greedy dumb shizt..

      • I’ve been meaning to write an historical fiction for many years now, but can’t quite wrap my head around the idea. I do know the last line of the book, though: “He thought and thought, trying to come up with a lasting way to warn future generations, if any survived, never to use nuclear power to create weapons. Finally, he picked up his mallet and a piece of steel, and began to chisel the rock…”

      • “Someone just paid 1.3 million for a cartoon picture of a rock:”

        SO Mike…. curious minds want to know… WAS IT …. an ORIGINAL HUNTER.
        That would sure answer why it sold for so much.. heck his coloring book scribble pages sell more than Davinci’s and Rembrandts sell for .

      • On a serious note on this mike…
        I know someone that does that..
        They have a store front on second life.. living in New York and a teacher..but makes more on 2nd. Life making bushes and rocks.. for decorating their homes..
        I’ll hit him up to see if he was the seller.. then see if he wants to donate to the power wall project…lol lol if he sold a cartoon rock he may feel flush enough to donate to a stupid charity case friend lol lol… what would give grand be lol lol lol and I’d let him touch them..
        He tried to talk me into joining 2nd. Life they have colleges and just about anything.. the college courses are by qualified teachers. You don’t get a degree but you can take the class if you have the right amount of money..
        They joined to escape the real life drama of the that police were defunded and crime has new allies more people are joining..

      • Just in case, I downloaded this rock. Since it’s so valuable, I’m keeping it for safekeeping. I should probably make lots of copies of it too, and save them in various places. I’m even thinking of hanging a copy of it in my living room, with appropriate security, of course.

        I hope it’s not by Hunter. That would seriously diminish it’s value in my mind.

      • “Cows ROOST ?”

        OTFLMAO…I think those are French Charolais for french toast..and eggnog..

        If you need chocolate milk then you need a cow from Hershey Pennsylvania

  3. An abundance of partially completed projects is our aged version of job security. If I didn’t have a list of items needing further progress or completion I’d expire from boredom. It is a bit unsettling though when you look out at the yard and can only see work to be done and not appreciate the progress. I’m practicing a visual version of selective hearing.

  4. Currently as of 11:12 AM EST 23 January (4:12 PM 23 January 2022 GMT)) Bitcoin in US dollars is following a hourly decay series starting 6:40 pm 22 January 2022 Greenwhich Mean Time (London) of 9/16 of 22-23/18 to 23 hours which will take the three phase decay series into Black Monday 24 January 2022.

    • The hourly pattern for Bitcoin in USD started 10 AM 1/22 GMT vice 640 PM 1/22 GMT. It is following a 10+/26/currently 12 hour pattern. This hourly pattern is at the terminal portion of a daily decay fractal series of 8/19/18 of 18-20 days. The expected crash decay fractal for the Wilshire is 5/11/10-12 days. (Monday through Wednesday)

  5. hi george . 2.15 am and something just woke me up . went down at 9 pm . you know how the jedi are !!!!!!!!!!!!! must be a disturbance in the force some where . ahh well . smoke , black coffee check it out . damn can feel it !!!

    • LD – According to Arnold Schwartzenegger you only need 6 hours of sleep. 9pm to 2:15 am is only 45 minutes short of 6 hours. Not enough time difference to generate a Jedi disturbance. You probably had to go to the bathroom. Also, I would suggest quiting smoking. That could be part of your problem. Glad to be of assistance.

  6. Yesterday’s column got me thinking. For the past two plus years we have been living in fear. Fear of various strains of Covid, of touching things, of non vaccinated people, of oriental people, of eating in restaurants, of going madkless, etc.

    Before that lots of people were angry. Angry at Trump, angry at different racial groups, at different political groups, at different age groups. Pretty much everyone was angry about something.

    You always say to follow the money. Who benefits from all these negative emotions? They seem to be programmed by various media. Who or what is feeding off all this negativity.

    • “ You always say to follow the money. Who benefits from all these negative emotions? They seem to be programmed by various media. Who or what is feeding off all this negativity.”

      Answer: Satan.

      • That was going to be my answer as well. There’s a reason they had the whole world in fear, these past couple of years especially, and at the same time shut the churches down so no mass singing and praising and prayers were going up to counteract it.

    • Fear is the path to the Dark Side.
      Fear leads to anger
      Anger leads to hate
      Hate leads to suffering.
      ~ Yoda, ‘The Phantom Menace’

      Seriously, this SciFi movie line is deeply rooted in Zen Buddhism. it can be soundly argued that fear is being used today by many of those vested in political roles for steering the masses, herding the sheeple. Putin, Kim, Khamenei and Xi are clear examples. In the West, it can be argued that politicians are using: Covid to socially isolate their populace, controlling their actions and sanitized media fed information;, Shortages, to pit neighbor against neighbor, community against community; and the constant specter of War (Ukraine, Taiwan, Middle East, N & S Korea) to amp up fear. Fear makes the masses more pliable and controllable at a basic emotional level. Propaganda is more easily digested by those who are afraid. Fear also facilitates the generation of negative emotions like anger and hate. As anger and hate build up over time among the people, the power elite look for triggers to unleash that tidal wave of negative emotion, focusing it on achieving their own personal desires or objectives, to their own benefit, with the mindless masses left to suffer in the aftermath. War is a classic method for focusing pent up hate, anger and fear.

    • Fear and anger trigger survival responses and shut down the rational part of the brain. People pushing conspiracies, extreme points of view, and products of various kinds exploit this lack of rational thought for their own self-enrichment. As George says, “Everything’s a business model”.

    • Who is getting rich off the rancor?

      1. Lawyers
      2. Judiciary
      3. Partisans
      4. Bureaucrats
      5. Media
      6. Realtors

    • Who benefits…?

      If you are Christian the answer is too easy, so I won’t go there.

      1) Communists. Their ideas are some of the oldest known, but ever since Marx wrote them down, the commies have dreamt of establishing a one world, worldwide communist state, and have come to believe the United States and its “stupid codification of human Rights” is the major impediment to such a system having already been successfully implemented elsewhere. The commies are laser-focused on breaking down our society any way they can, to get us to willingly toss the Constitution and Bill of Rights, or move our society to a point where they are simply ignored.

      2) Pharmcos. Can you (or anyone) imagine the amount of money the pharmaceutical “industry” is raking in on antidepressants?

      Does anyone realize those “free” Pfizer and Moderna shots are nearly $900 apiece? Somebody’s paying for them… I wonder who? Then if you get COVID and require hospitalization, they’re going to shoot you up with a $4300 dose of Remdesivir? {See, now we need more antidepressants!}

      3) Government. Our various governments make bank whenever the governed yell at it to “do something.” Governments never “fix,” they only “manage,” and they manage a crisis by throwing manpower at it in the form of a new layer of bureaucracy which, although it costs money, justifies the appropriation and outgo of much more money, and sucks cash in via compliance means & licensing for the new regulations the new bureaucracy ushers in. Also, as our government’s proxy (the Federal Reserve) is now doing, we’re printing money out the wazoo. This wanton inflation benefits only government, because only government gets to spend today’s Dollar before today’s inflation erodes it. Inflation is an elegant form of kiting, which only a “realm which issues coin or tender” can do, and a really sneaky form of taxation.

      4) Politicians. One of the really weird things about the American voter is we recognize when someone else’s Representative is a bad person or bad representative, but fail to do so when looking at our own Representative. Nancy Pelosi would not be voted in, in 430 Congressional Districts, yet is so secure in her own pocket of San Francisco that she’s totally untouchable, When there is a crisis, politicians are even less-likely to be voted out. Making whole populations afraid or angry is a wonderful way for politicians to guarantee their stay in office (as long as people are pissed at generic “Republicans or Democrats” and not any one politician in particular.)

    • Fear is the warning. It’s good to be aware of it and learn what it has to say. Then, if warranted, it needs to be replaced by a hot anger if there’s an immediate response needed – like a charging lion, or a cold anger if the threat is insidious and malicious yet not imminent. The cold anger displaces the fear and allows a proper response to be formulated and applied. No emotion is needed against natural threats like weather – just appropriate action.

      When media seeks to provoke fear, the motivation needs to be understood and responded to or not as appropriate.

      • Did you ever see a bunch of kids that DIDN’T, in whole or in part, go the opposite direction of their folks’ admonitions?

    • “You always say to follow the money. Who benefits from all these negative emotions?”
      Or actions.

      Who did it benefit to do all that..
      Or Who’s business model is it?

    • We went to the DFW area this weekend to see “Fluffy” in Dallas and pay homage to The Duke at his museum in the old Ft. Worth Stockyards. While plenty of people were wearing masks in both of these public areas there were the same amount that weren’t. The American Airlines Center required masks going in but by the time everyone was seated and began taking in all the food, adult beverages and laughing our heads off the vast majority of people weren’t wearing them as we made our way through the crowd at the end. I was more concerned about the fact I couldn’t carry – anything – in the center and as we made our way back to the covered parking after the show in the dark. The AA Center wasn’t full by any means but it was probably around 3/4 of seating capacity. IHOP this morning had a majority of people masking up but no one gave us grief over the fact we did not so, all in all, the tension level for this PLANdemic has decreased a considerable amount from times past. I think people are beginning to recognize this manipulation for what it has been. It was clear that Fluffy thought so, too. As an “influencer” he pushed the narrative that direction as gently as he could an still maintain his humor about it.

      One thing is for sure, though, English is definitely a language that’s having difficulty maintaining its dominance there. I actually had to order our first night’s meal in Spanish with a little help from my wife who’s a native speaker. Best food of the whole trip!

      • …And Obama, and Bush, and Clinton, and Bush.

        Go read the conspironut publishings from 1990. Our last six Presidents have all been “going to establish Martial Law and then turn the U.S. into a dictatorship.”

        This shit seemingly never gets old, and snares a new cadre of newbs every few years, regardless of their political inclination or ideology.

        The Prez can NOT authorize the “National Guard” to do anything. Why would you (or anyone) object, however, if he authorized Federal Marshals (which he CAN do) to impound voting machines until a forensic analysis could be made on their function and reported results?

        The sewer rats in D.C. and their allies in the “news” “media” are desperate to prevent DJT from running in 2024. They suborned murder and fraud on a level never before seen in the U.S. to defeat him in 2020. They will do, literally anything, to keep him from running next time. Trump had a highly-motivated FBICIANSADHS crawl so far up his ass they came out his eyeballs, for years, and they found nothing. He is the most heavily-investigated person in the known history of the world, yet no crime has been found, either in his background or his conduct. The “January 6th Commission” is a fishing expedition. They can’t find what isn’t there, so what they will end up doing is smearing him with innuendo, and if that doesn’t chase [him] off the dais, they will invent something and attempt to “try” him ex post facto.

        Use your head. Some things are more important than politics…

  7. I loved the rocket stove burn barrel..

    I think I am going to make a small fire pit.. we are not allowed to have burn barrels but we can have a fire pit.. way back that is how fire pits were made for the pioneers..
    a few years ago for xmas.. I sent out with the cards.. siege stoves
    They are definately more expensive than when I got them.. and I got a great price because I bought enough for all my christmas card list..
    for anyone going to do any outdoor stuff.. it is worth it..

  8. ‘Silicon Heartland:’ Intel Chooses Ohio to Build Largest Chip Factory ‘on the Planet’
    Construction of the facility is set to begin this year, with the site becoming fully operational in 2025. Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger told TIME in an interview that the chipmaker expects the location to become “the largest silicon manufacturing location on the planet,” adding that the plant could expand to 2,000 acres. Gelsinger said that the new site could become the “Silicon Heartland.”

    • Cool! That’ll help zero property values in Silicon Valley, and might pour enough money into Greater Columbus to make the town less 3rd World.*

      *Columbus has some beautiful areas and some really shitty areas, and seemingly not much in-between. I’d really like to see the ghettos get cleaned-up and fixed-up to reflect the beauty which could be there…

  9. “I have more ideas than time.”

    Well, now I know we are even MORE alike. I have projects piled up awaiting ‘finishing’ also… much to my chagrin. Much of my time is taken up with family elder care, which is a priority. But when I get a few days at home it is an energetic scramble to ‘get something finished’ just for the satisfaction of doing it. It’s never enough though, and the list keeps getting longer… everywhere I look. I keep remembering all the things I wanted to do… “someday when I’m retired and have lots of time”. Hah!

  10. For your garden, look into UVB lighting. Ramping up uv on maturing planta can increase antioxidants, flavour and vitamins and also helps kill off pests. Most forms of glass and plastic block UV you might also put some warm white LEDs on timers in the grow room to extend your growing season and make up for cloudy days.

  11. “Who benefits from all these negative emotions?”
    The Lord of the Underworld: Satan
    You may remember the Star Trek episode where Klingons were aboard the enterprise in constant battle with the crew. If weapons (on either side) became ineffective new ones would appear to continue the fighting. When Capt. Kirk (naturally) figured it out and they laid down their weapons the invisible ‘entity’ that had entered the ship became visible and was identified as the power that was sucking-up the vibes of hostility and not happening anymore, it departed the vessel.
    No better metaphor than SATAN!

  12. Overtime must be the order of the day at msm newsrooms this weekend with all the goings-on? Not too much mention of the 50,000 who marched to Cinquantenaire Park in Brussels and broke some windows at EU hq while protesting covid mandates. One gathers by omission that the adjacent Great Mosque of Brussels remained above the fray.

  13. Damn!
    I am not angry at anyone.Waste of energy time …
    I am disappointed in Democons and Republicons. All liars ,theives,power hungry.Dissappointed in all the various interest groups,who provide a “point of View” and basically just want your money.I am disappointed in Universities,colleges who do not educate. I had figured out by age 12 ,that education was in my hands.Anyone who can pass the 8th grade can become anything they choose. In some ancient civilizations you see evifence where people just laid down their tools,left their shops and fields and just went elsewhere.. We mightsee that in
    coming years. Republics only last ,I have Heard ,about 250 years. Well that is about where we are. I have some preps, my wife just died 4 and 1/2 months ago.After almost 50 years together that is one hell of a change.That
    gives me a great deal of freedom. To do or not..
    Future unknown, makes it EXCITING..

  14. U.S. weighs sending 5,000 troops to Eastern Europe to counter Russia

    The Biden administration is considering sending as many as 5,000 U.S. troops to Eastern Europe, a U.S. official confirmed to NPR, in what would be a step-up in American military involvement in the region amid growing fears of a Russian invasion of Ukraine. U.S. troops could be headed to Romania and Poland, or possibly Bulgaria or Hungary. No final decision has been made but the troops have been told to be ready to move, the official said.

    Now, about that senile bully in the White House…

    ALL of Biden’s foreign social and military “policy advisors” are Obama holdovers, who were brought back in to run things for Creepy Joe. They are making the same moves, step-by-step, that McNamara made in Vietnam under Kennedy and Johnson.

    It appears to me (right now, at least) that those lunatics are going to attempt to engage in a proxy war, using 20yo boys from NATO and EU nations to fight Russia on our behalf. It’s a great plan, on the surface. WE get to make bazillions of dollars supplying materiel, and we get to bleed Russia dry, economically… Except Putin isn’t Khrushchev and he IS allied with China. We throw sanctions against Russia, the first thing they’ll do is shut off the pipelines. If the sanctions start to hurt, China, Russia’s strategic and economic ally, can just sanction us and shut off all shipments to the U.S.

    After a few million cancer, heart, and diabetes patients die from lack of meds, and the remaining population goes off their downers and begins to starve, the sewer rats in D.C. will cease to believe themselves clever.

    SO MANY DIRECTIONS from which things in North America can get ugly, fast, and the folks who believe our Afghan withdrawal was a success, appear to be planning to try and run a con game on a war that’ll have at least four nuclear-armed participants.

    What could possibly go wrong…?

    • In Clif’s conversation with Bix Weir he outlines just such a scenario. Clif paints a pretty bitter picture and releases a few tears as he explains the familial pain that this Pretendency and Plan-demic has unleashed on his own. In an overall view he explains that a few weeks or months before President Kennedy was assassinated TPTB came to the conclusion that the general population would have to be killed off by continuous war be that Viet Nam, the wars in the Middle East and even down to today in which they’re killing us in our own homes if we can’t get into the killing grounds of the hospitals that refuse to dispense meds that actually work against their man-made pestilence.

  15. Actually after reading for a plebiscite not subscribe to chart guru . Um Fark you and all . If this ain’t a 3 now shove it hard . I’m not listening to this bullsheet

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