ShopTalk Sunday: Redneck Cooler, China’s 1933

OMG, here it is, middle of Hell Months of Summer and I have neglected to share the annual update on Ure’s (should have patented it) Redneck Cooler design.

How it works: For a redneck cooler to work, all you need is summertime and central air.

Build a box which directs air over the adult beverage stack and presto!  Free wine chilling! Pre-cool the beer, too.

Theory of Operation: Beer and wine are best cool, beer is best at 31F, as we see it.  The Redneck Cooler will only take things down to air flow temps, though.  For us, about 55-degrees.  That’s running the house a/c at 77 F and 103F outside this week.

What it Looks Like:  Hell yeah, buddy – check it out:

The Redneck Cooler
This sits over the coldest in floor AC vent in your house Use a noncontact thermometer like your beer temp depends on it This is in our Tiki themed dining room

One on the inside (I’ll show you in a sec.) and “one in the pattern.”  Elaine and I don’t drink a gallon a day, so in reality, the one of the pre-chill-grate on the left there, will slowly come down in temp over a day, or four.

The fancy paint job is a “two (beer) tone special.” Light stain on the 1/4-inch birch ply in the middle and darker color sprayed around the outside.  Cover with varnish.

Size is adjustable.  The size I picked was a wild-ass guess.  I wanted something that would hold a jug of wine, a few beers (precooling before doing freezer time) and some peppermint Soylent (programmer food).  Which all fits…

Inside the Redneck Cooler
If you are totally A Retentive you could slap a coat of sanding sealer and several coats of gloss spar varnish on the inside If you do that youre like the dude from the Odd Couple though

Now, lest you think that this is a one-trick box (with airflow outlets only on top (which  comes through the four holes) and the 1.5″ high pseudo-duct which routes air left and under and up over the “on deck” jug) in winter, it’s a proofing station while baking.

I’ve actually thought about making a “home woodworker kit” of this thing.  Since there are not enough useful home woodworking kits out there.  But to do it, make up instructions, box up and ship, the retail price (unfinished) would be about $25 bucks plus whatever the Post Office wants for a flat rate box these days.

Still thinking about that. Might be fun when I get old enough to retire from 55-Years Before the Keys… parttime retirement gig, you know?

China’s 1933 Replay: Coming to Get Us

Listen up, partner.  We have us a MAJOR PROBLEM which I haven’t mentioned before in our Economic Replay of 1929.  While we are waiting for the financial engineering Bonfire of the Equities, consider how China is reprising the role of 193o’s America.

Serious shit here, so check it out.

The U.S. got ready for World War II how? Big Works Projects.

  • Grand Coulee Dam was started. First shovels turned over about this time – in July of 1933.
  • That brought power and water to Eastern Washington.
  • Which then powered aluminum production for planes and Boeing and…
  • And which then was able to feed the Hanford Atomic works downriver at Richland/Kennewick.
  • The foundations for Oak Ridge were in the wings,, too.

Ure’s totally unfair distillation of History?  China is kicking ass on infrastructure while I can’t find any evidence of that Obama infrastructure dough doing much of anything for anyone outside The Party.  Following?

Grab the barf Bag and watch this video and you will understand why I am such a frothing-at-the-mouth supporter of Industrial Arts Education.  Yes, with tools that REALLY CAN HURT YOU.  There’s no other way to learn! Some shit in life (besides marriage and wrong pronouns) is dangerous!

Is there something we can ALL do to get this turned around?  Remember, China’s in a position to where they could feed Russia, in much the same manner that we had to bail England’s sorry ass out in not one but two world wars!

Which to us, sure looks like this set-up of history – the ability to simply out produce an Opponent is a battle that Slow Joe and the War Party are selling us out on. And Kerry…

Hat Tip to Hank

Yessir, Hank out on the Big Island of Hawaii clicked into our Comment section overnight to tag this latest Buyed ‘Em dementia fallout:

“Presidementia first came for your gas stoves.
Now he’s coming for your portable generators. Biden Administration Rule Would Ban Nearly All Portable Gas-Powered Generators | ZeroHedge

Not only are generators ONLY used when the grid is down – which makes us thinking the Buydems are supporting the ChiCom take-down of America (regulate away resilience), but they are also screwing construction sites, too.

You may safely bet your ass that China (kicking our asses on infrastructure doesn’t hide its workers tools. China also doesn’t have Canadian-born lady lawyers running energy policy.  Nope. They tend to promote doers, not lawyers who have never built a dam, never spent a day on a rig working.  And so far as we know, has never done a day of dirty work in her career.  I mean other than political dirty work.

Why do we elect lawyers?  In line and staff businesses I’ve run, lawyers are staff and are kept as far away from Sales and The Line workers as possible.  Because they are company-wreckers and deal killers.  Like Accountants who think they can run R&D.  Ure’s blood pressure rises into the red zone…

But who knows, next time I need to weld on a fence line a quarter mile from the house, the generator and welder won’t go into the tractor bucket. I’ll just take all the hot air and horseshit from this administration and see if it will weld mild steel in remote places.  Places infested with wild boars, so yeah, no fair taking a 9MM on the chest rig or the AK on the tractor rack.  You big Meany.

Yup.  Life extension supplements are going extinct, gas stoves will mean cold cuts, Kerry’s doing climate kneeling, and Slo wants Guns Grabbed and no more generators.  A short, dark, violent future is thus being planted by the War Party.

Next, we’ll see the Big Push for voting by people who9 aren’t Citizens and are not fluent in the language enough to understand the issues yet.  Oh boy… Over Reach gone wild.

And More is Coming

So warns the Ecuador ExPat.  While including the article The Rutherford Institute :: Mental Health Round-Ups: The Next Phase of the Government’s War on Thought Crimes | By John & Nisha Whitehead |

Well, ain’t that’s a slick (commie-backed) way to kill Free Speech,  ands gut the Constitution (*more)?   Get the delusional woke folk to call disagreeing with their bullshit a mental health issue. It’ll be done at warp speed. Just Dandy.

Racial and gender diversity is a monetization, but thought diversity can’t be tolerated.  Grand.

How to Fix It

(Vote out the War Party and the Corporate owns officials?)

Point is simply this:

I think China is having an almost orgasmic moment making things.  New, well everything.  As an American, we have a duty to see what’s coming and be ready to make up capable home shops for two reasons.

First: We will all get a lot more skills.  It’s one thing to be able to do a skill.  But what’s even more valuable is being able to teach a skill.  Already, I have given one of my neighbors a small CNC machine (spare 3018PRO) so he could get familiar.  Getting everyone up to speed on LOCAL tech is just where we need to be positioned, I believe. National resilience.

What I am suggesting is that as home craftsmen (persons, ahem) we can do a lot to feed Robust America.  Read up on how the “Shadow Factory” system evolved in WW II. Shadow factories of the WW2 British motor industry | E&T Magazine (  Now picture discrete shops in every city that have both some manufacturing capacity as well as some “tool library/lending” aspects for use in the Event of an Actual Emergency.

Any of the woke, modern day resource-squandering academes paying attention?  Hello? Does Detroit need clean water or Equity and Diversity Officers first?  Show of hands?  (Hold up your IQ card, while you’re at it, too.)  D.I.E. is just where diversity, inclusion and equity is leading us.  Brains and working your ass off wins every time. And China knows this.  (Wonder if they funded some of….oh, skip it. No one gives a shit here in lah-lah land…)

Secondly:  Some of us are getting too old to be much use, EXCEPT to the degree we can pass on skills and thinking processes to future generations.

The Pixies Are Coming!

When he’s not being a medic and cheating the Devil out of souls, and skydiving, (and going hog hunting and…) George2 is planning to learn Morse code.

And what Dad did to make that possible was to get him interested in building a pair of matching Morse code transceivers.

The ones chosen are the street variety of S-Pixie.  40-meters, 1-watt transceiver (on a good day) and a so so direct-conversion receiver section. Which you can find on eBay for under $20 bucks complete with a plastic case to house the completed unit.

When done, you will need a key, a ham radio license (see the website for local ham clubs that have “one day wonder” licensing classes and testing.  G2 and I are both Extra Class ticket holders already.  Battery or power supply and antenna helps, if you insist. But he was a no-code ham license which old timers (like dad) look at as computer-clicker appliance operators even now.

The kid doesn’t even know the story of the Wouff-Hang.  (W7EL who wrote that up is the genius who brought EZNEC into the world so people like you can download it and test reasonableness of antenna designs on it.)

G2 wants nothing to do with it Wouffing…not when this hot.  No one’s arm is good enough for the trees here at the ranch, so I got him a cheap climbing rig.  And since he’s fast water rescue trained (and not afraid of heights as a skydiving whiz) and with his ascenders as back up, a climbing rig and cold weather is all he needs. See here for $76 on Amazon: DJEMPPS Tree Climbing Spikes Set.) With ascenders and two men on belay, got it?

Sorry…back to soldering and Code.

My plan was to get him interested in learning to build something (always fun!) and then he’d be more likely to do a little Morse just to use the new toy he’ll build.

He’s off to another construction site deployment (six figures+) so not sure if this will be completed before he heads out at mid month ahead.

Learning Lab Set-Up

My higher Ed scheme required a rework of the electronics bench.  Now sporting two workstations.  Perfect for father-son learning.

Two soldering stations now at the electronics bench.
Both positions have soldering microscopes and we can arm wrestle over who gets the good DER LCR meter and who gets the $20 buck tweezers Secretly I love the $20 buck tweezers Fewer wires in the way on the bench

It’s not as neat and well-equipped as many of our readers enjoy, but remember this is the electronics bay only.  The PCB CNC router and laser engraver along with the 3D printer farm is outside the door on the left.

Once we get the S-Pixies built, it should be a simple matter to move him on to other kits.  One is a theremin for the studio.  I’ve had this kit sitting around for years waiting for a build slot in my schedule. Which somehow hasn’t appeared.  But it would make a peachy second soldering project for the boy (@42??).

After that, I have an old InstructoGraph Morse code training machine which needs to be gone through.  Once it’s firing on both tube cylinders, there are 20-some “punch tapes” of Morse to learn.

Further Survival Radio Notes

A couple of more notes on the Preparedness Radio front.  In a previous article, I told you all about the ATS-25 x series of small, self-contained and battery powered all band radios.  Then last week, we went over SDR radios in some depth.

This gets us to this week’s finalist to go in the Faraday garbage can where it will be semi-safe from EMP.

This radio is a (ver. 1) of the ATS-20.

ATS-20 reeceiver as tested
Despite its small size the ATS 20 is close within a couple of dB from the ATS 25 Seems like a little more processor noise close in though

Which came in very close, performance-wise, to the ATS-25.  The sensitivity of the ATS-25 was -131 dBm (rounding) while the ATS-20 shown here was -130 dBm (also rounding).  Both are workable HF radios.

Using a calibrated signal source is the only way to fly.
This old Rhode and Schwarz SYM 01 has been one of the most useful troubleshootizing tools in the inventory Do I have to pay Google a royalty for writing troubleshootizing now

The hip shot in these is to remember that you want to get the radio at least several feet from the radio’s onboard (processor) noise. And to do this, a modest BNC cable to whatever your antenna is works well. Might as well get two.

In the Prepping Can

Put in your choice of either the ATS-20 or ATS-25.

A BNC to test lead (and possibly a 6-foot BNC-BNC cable and a joining adapter. Don’t forget, long barbed wire fences kick ass at night as antennas.

And a little pocket roll-up HF wire antenna is great for day use.  Not too bad on the wallet, something like this. The XHData version is inexpensive and 23-feet long which is just fine for many uses. Has a belt clip if you want to take it hiking. More than once, I have dragged 15-20 feet of wire behind me on a hike.  Looks odd but works. (Not in lightning conditions, right?)

We have one in a large Tupperware type container with the USB C charger and a 5-watt plugin USB charger for 110v.  Which will work off the generator, of course. Until the War Party screws us out of those…

A few final thoughts on SDR radios:

Still haven’t been able to get a HF signal on 40-meters (7 MHz) any better than -115 dBm on the SpyVerter (1.0).  And similar on the Ham-It-Up.  You wouldn’t notice anything different unless you have broadcast calibrated ears. Like Hank and I do.  Most people have a hard time hearing 6 db differences.  In this case, it’s around 4 and no way for most folks, buddy.  2 dB?  Kidding me? Unless you produce music or roll FOH mixing on the side…

And in fairness, the SDR sensitivity is MUCH better up on the FM band and higher.  But the noise floor is lower up there, too.

Elaine’s Housekeeping Tip

How to keep cats off the furniture on the screen porch:

How to keep cats off furniture
Not the most graceful thing in the house but sure works on the screen porch Note toy under lol my old golf swing practice ball Cats love it

Yep, keeps them off the chairs.

Still, it looks a little silly in the house with the big sofa in the living room and the recliners tipped up, but yeah it works.  (Like they say, if Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy, lol…)

Let’s call this a wrap (warp, then?) for now.  The new 10.1-inch magnifier requires my personal attention. Which sounds suspiciously like buying Playboy for their staple placement, but I digress.

Rib steaks for dinner and now you know where the cool cellar temp wine comes from!  It was hot as the hubs of Hades out here in East Texas this week.

Write when your RNC (*red neck cooler) is finished. Then write when you dry out from testing it. (ac7x with G2 as kf7ocd on the side)

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84 thoughts on “ShopTalk Sunday: Redneck Cooler, China’s 1933”

  1. What’s with this China-US infrastructure thing? To heck with infrastructure, here’s what’s important, from CNN:

    “Now you can double the fun (and the comfort) this weekend by enjoying a double feature of new releases “Barbie” (produced by Warner Bros., which is owned by CNN’s parent company) and “Oppenheimer.”

    It is weird how the US talks (or used to talk) about infrastructure but never does anything about it. Too real I guess. Lots of downhill civilization signs.

    No disrespect, but reading between the lines here, you seem to be agreeing the cute/colorful ATS radios are worthless held in the hand with the BNC whip, like many others are saying. I’m wondering why you are suggesting some portability when there are many good Tecsun etc am/fm/sw portables that ARE portable?

    • That is a very good question – and deserving of a whole article. It’s on the list.
      The small whip is OK (marginally) at 14 MHz and above. But it’s an antenna problem and those are simple to fix.
      I have had a LOT of portable radios – Kaito, Sangean, Tecsun and what sets their performance aside is the ferrite bar antenna used. It would be an interesting project to get a BNC and cobble up a good low frequency antenna for the ATS-x radios to make them better on AM/MW while handheld. Should be fairly easy (which when I say it is like damning the concept, lol)

    • “It is weird how the US talks (or used to talk) about infrastructure but never does anything about it. Too real I guess. Lots of downhill civilization signs.”

      If you notice, this is the same argument used with “climate change.”

      Climate change is not an issue, unless it stops (at which time, Earth becomes a cinder.) What IS an environmental issue is pollution. Pollution is something we can easily rectify, if we so choose. Climate is something it’d be nearly impossible to moderate. This is one of the things which makes the climate change religion so attractive — the fact it is a “do nothing” escape for people too lazy to pick up after themselves.

      • all the studies say the same thing…even… if everyone on the planet stopped using carbon fuels now..co2 would continue to increase for the next 50 – 100 years.. that isn’t taking into account the methane release from deep water organic material..
        making changes today wouldn’t benefit anyone until our great great grandkids..
        the projections are mire violent storms, colder winters, more volcanic action, worse droughts etc.
        there isn’t anything new about this at all.. the global warming everyone is ranting and raving about has no’s only for profit..
        if there was any real changes..we would be implementing solar all while using natural gas oil coal etc.. ( I do not suggest nuclear we cannot control or dispose of it )
        greenscaping our cities pushing solar towers starting at the furthest point then work back to the plant. putting co2 filters on every city lamp post..
        building airwells .. a city is ten to 20 degrees warmer greenscaping would reduce that..
        what everyone is suggesting now only deals with what someone wants money and control

        • “all the studies say the same thing…even… if everyone on the planet stopped using carbon fuels now..co2 would continue to increase for the next 50 – 100 years..”

          And virtually none of them say that if we eliminated co2, the planet and every lifeform on it, would die.

          But it would.

          This tells me that the people making “all those studies” are grossly incompetent.

          I prefer not to listen to people who have proven themselves [to be] incompetent….

        • “And virtually none of them say that if we eliminated co2, the planet and every lifeform on it, would die.

          But it would.”

          exactly Ray… what is it I think they are thinking…oh hey… they are scientists getting their results from.lab studies in a controlled environment..
          and what is science .. Its their best guess scenario.. that’s all there is to it.. similar to the cocksuckers that believe we can survive a nuclear war and keep pushing for one.. we expand urban environment by consuming fifty five acres a minute..that’s fifty five food producing acres..and can’t seem to believe that it doesn’t have any consequences for it.. refuse to compensate for it.. ( green scape cities) clear cutting billions. of trees a day ( co2 filtration) it takes 14 trees to filter the co2 of one auto..
          instead we bear California’s logic he lets shove a gallon up every cow ass and collect it.. and throw mirrors into outer space to reflect the sun back at the sun.. what a bunch of brainless morons.. all when the solutions are relatively simple.. the only issue won’t fit the business model.. I have ranted about this for decades.. I even submitted my ideas over and over..the last time was with bob dole and grab sons contest..

          I submitted ten of my a nice note saying sorry Charlie.. only the best tuna.. we like the idea of hooking up a filter to the space station and the earth and running it up and down ..say what…or fling mirrors into space..which all fits into the present business model..
          I have seen some of my ideas that seem to be being used..
          unfortunately you can’t fix what is being done and stay in the present business model..
          I on the other hand will continue to use my call wood combination for supplement heat and keep my altered burn chamber to burn the noxious exhaust.. I keep hoping that some company will make fuel pellets 3 parts saw dust and 1 part coal dust.. great heat and all replaceable

    • Anybody else remember Frank Serpico? Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose. (The more things change, the more they stay the same.). While the Village Voice tells the story from Schoolcraft’s perspective, as someone who had a friend in the NYPD in that era, the story is all-too-believable.

      • Inspired at least two movies and a TV show, at least one book, and IIRC escaped New York with his life, which he still possesses, and is living quietly, somewhere far, far away from Brooklyn and Queens.

        NYC had been The Place for Democratic political gangs for 150 years before Serpico became a cop. That’s a lot of time for graft to metastasize under the surface…

  2. “Grab the barf Bag and watch this video and you will understand why I am such a frothing-at-the-mouth supporter of Industrial Arts Education.”

    I urge all of your readers to watch this 11 minute video George. It is staggering. While we remain focused on proper pronouns and drag queen shows as people die from lack of hospital space and nurses, these guys build a huge hospital from scratch in 10 DAYS and a highway to get to it in a few hours.

    Taking Taiwan should certainly be a piece of cake for China. Short and sweet.

    • AMEN…..
      Whi l e we dumb down our youth and push war and destruction just so some morons can get a higher number on a sheet of paper and some thief has access to take what he desires that isn’t even en a tax payer of the usa..
      they push education and hard work..while we keep corrupted politicians in the drivers seat. pushing death and destruction with endless wars. can you imagine how fast this could change if we actually focused on our infrastructure and needs..

      • Focus on DISCLOSURE geniuses.

        not demons, not devils – Alien Control – read reptilians. Everybody else (mantis/bugs/grays/ect) flying around out there are Contracted to the dracs – who control and Profit off these Baby making factory farms.
        current estimate 15% of worldwide population is implants (hybrids)..of that number upwards of half have been schitzing out (schizophrenia). the “new model/version” seem much more stable so far.. you see em in public now – the ones you cant make any rhyme or reason for their sick ass behviors and bizare out bursts ..laughing/cackling.
        “climate changing” missiles is already being deployed in upper atmoshpere – slowly at first, then all of a sudden, they will change more than climate.. least that is latest info – and yes the fabled dragons/draco-orion lizzies are getting rather pissed off FARSIGHT.

        * further confirms being made on Star-gate portals over most major airbases like Naval Air Station Pensacola – where Farsight just published an eye opening study on the Blue Angel Air Show 2023 and ALL the UFO’s that showed up to watch?
        Who & why bother type 2 non surface structures, when ALL “contractors” are expressly FORBIDDEN from interacting with them?

        lets not bee dumb and dumber – Gold/Silver/Bitcoin =HARD MONEY. All journals and diary’s from great depression that I have parsed speak of lack of Cash-Money on Hand to buy and or take advantage of investment opportunities as being one of biggest regrets.

        Winter comes..

        • “(schizophrenia). the “new model/version” seem much more stable so far.. you see em in public now – the ones you cant make any rhyme or reason for their sick ass behviors and bizare ”

          I see you’ve been watching the congress questioning of the alphabets and doj to..
          my question is what do they think they will achieve by hiding and manipulation to keep the truth from coming out..
          I know why they kept the 27000 images hidden.. they are to shocking to even try an d cover over the
          but between you me and the lamp post…the criminal elements wouldn’t waste any time at all tossing them under the why protect them???

    • with Taiwan asking to join Bric’s and the recent articles in their news basically saying it is the USA and nato forces causing all the fear.. China won’t have to destroy Taiwan . it’s to their benefit to be re-admitted as a state of china.
      think about it.. Biden telling them what an honor it would be for Taiwan to let themselves be destroyed millions killed for their well being..all while watching the outcome of his pushing the ultimate protection of his corrupt son drug addiction that gets preferential treatment..of taking money from the Chinese controlled companies..
      the leaders of Taiwan are not that stupid and can see what’s going on.. if you were the leader of that small island with millions of people that have ties to china..would you gladly take one for the perv.. or save face and negotiate with china. we cannot win..we are already on the line with Ukraine and we cannot win that one either.. if we go all out we leave the country open . we don’t have the industry or the manpower..
      we are not protecting the usa..we are placing the usa in jeopardy..

      • LOOB
        $ collapse = attraction to the new sphere of influence. Bought em nixed the Kissinger solution. He who has the World Reserve Currency has the sphere of influence, period. The USSR Ruble Experience is coming soon to You S A if Gen Slur and others continue to hobble the retail investor to protect your dependency in on the monopolists. We are about to witness a financial cleansing. Got Blockchain?

        So Home Gamers. If we can indulge in the rear view mirror for a moment. The Time is 1972, Nixon closes the gold window, and the Kissinger solution is launched.
        Think back to all the distractions around this secret arrangement. [ not secret to Wall Street Banksters]. The Gas lines in ’73 and W. Mondale’s Peak Oil.
        All the while for over 50 years, the Opec was reviled in Public and wink wink nod nod USA got to print paper chits for oil, and anyone who wanted oil had to buy US paper chits to receive said oil.

        Had you and I shared in that knowledge in 1972 and invested accordingly, well you’d be sitting across the table from W. Buffet at the annual Berkshire meetings. LOL. What is the big secret this turning? Shhh..

        Start here:


        Not advice get your own homework done.

    • It ain’t just the eddicashun. The politicians of the Western World are as consumed with power as all politicians, everywhere, but ours try to accumulate power via stealth. China has no regulation, other than what Xi and the Council say. WE are buried in it. Even in a “free State” like Idaho or Montana, it takes years for the government to navigate their own rules, so they can build a roadway.

      A major cause of the industrial boom under Trump was he coerced Congress into eliminating buttloads of government regulations [which were] designed to hamstring the building trades industry.

      I’m quite confident, the Biden Administration has been able to re-establish those regulations, and many more, even more destructive ones, in its first 2.5 years in existence…

  3. China going ape on infrastructure..

    take a gander at what they are doing….
    a Taiwan newspaper had a story that said the usa was the cause of potential conflicts with china by our present administration..
    china is building infrastructure..
    they are doing what I’ve been suggesting for fifty years. it isn’t solar towers.. ( they should) but installing small coal fired power plants.. building ghost cities and factories and thousands of deep underground shelters..
    even if they didn’t build another in a war it would be extremely difficult to take down their grid.. for the usa what is it..five well placed emp’s and we are done back to the stone age..
    while our present administration seems to be failing on this.
    we have D.U.M.B’S but not for the general population..
    they are working to save their people, their ability to manufacture .
    we printed up enough to fix our infrastructure but refuse to do it. it’s given away and squandered elsewhere..
    we tried to starve north Korea instead they have become the leading authorities on hydroponics.
    that is just a video on chinas expansion on food production..there has been a lot of talk about it academically. they are implementing greenscaping of cities as well.. sounds familiar like a decades old rant I have had..
    we have neglected our infrastructure for what seventy years now.. every part of it is failing. our industry’s outsourced..dumbing down our youth..( our greatest assets to I might add)
    foreign countries hiring lobbying firms billions spent to control our politicians..
    cartels spending billions to guarantee their power over the country to..
    now being drawn into the poison pawn trap..pheGraves.. I believe our ancestors are doing summersaults in their graves..

    • See the move “2012”? Maybe everything is a distraction from the fact that China may be the only safe place on Earth after something happens in the near future… Maybe the plates are shifting, the poles are flipping, and it’s time for everything to be swallowed up to start anew…

      • Between that and perhaps Greedy American and EU Financiers pushing. Yes, This thought came to my mind as well. But you’d think they’d at least pave the streets between towers.

      • I can’t figure out what his real agenda is… what if hunter biden ran for president..he has aot of experience working with foreign governments..
        charismatic..knows the white powder house..
        support of his political party..

  4. An article on what to prioritize for storage in an improvised Farady cage would be interesting. Short list:
    -Battery operated radios w/ SW bands.
    -AC/DC chargers for rechargeable consumer batteries (I am going to USB powered models).
    -Solar powered calculator(s)
    -TV antenna coupler board.
    -DC capable travel TV.

    I put items in a shielding dry bag before they go in a RF-gasketed receptacle.

    I keep the laptop in a dry bag in its own little metal case. I keep all the loose electronics in dry bags when not in use. And of course, all the fixed electronics has multiple levels of surge protection, on power and external comm connections.

    • I also have taken to keeping a couple of LED lanterns and a flashlight in the Faraday. I am unsure as to the survivability of the solid-state lighting. While most of my flashlights are LED, the big ones have a spare conventional bulb in the spring of the tail end cap.

      • Something that might be more useful would be a small FM radio transmitter… battery power capable. The antenna could be left outside, disconnected, and would not be damaged by EMP. But a small local broadcaster to disseminate local news and information to neighbors would be useful in the aftermath. I doubt the FCC will be enforcing rules under such conditions.

      • I have halogen incandescents and throwaway LEDs around the house. Keeper LEDs are in the cage. Don’t forget that most rechargeable Li-Ion and NiMH batteries contain solid state chips, so you should keep a few in the can, AND know how to rip the chips out of the cells. I’ve had many more $100 Makita batteries “die” from a crapped out “smart chip” than I’ve lost in an EMP. (The smart chip refuses to allow the battery pack to be charged.) There’s nothing wrong with the cells, only the chip. The charger will charge unchipped battery packs, but like an old Schauer hooked up to a tractor battery, it will overcharge and cook the cells, if you don’t pay attention to it…

    • “DC capable travel TV.”

      Worthless at this point in time, except as a long-range tornado-detector…

      • Lol lol all riots and action movies like volcano.. there’s a scene of rioters and those escaping catastrophic destruction of someone looting a store running away with a tv lol lol..
        if we are shoved back to the stone age what good will a tv be..

    • Why would you need a “DC capable travel TV” after an EMP event? There will be no TV stations.

      • The tornado is a giant vacuum tube transmitter — it broadcasts on VHF Channel 2. When one crosses within broadcast range (roughly 20mi if’fn yer antenna is faceing SW) it’ll show a solid white band across the raster, widening as the cyclone’s core gets nearer. (When the white band took up more than 1/3 of the raster, we’d all head for the hidey hole.) This is both the reason why everyone in tornado alley should have an old 13″ portable laying around, and the ONLY REASON why ANYONE should have one laying around, but not taking up valuable space in a Faraday cage, unless your name is Brill…

        • TV channel 2 does not exist anymore, since the digital conversion in 2009. Low VHF channels were eliminated and reassigned to other services. You would need a really OLD analog TV to see this… and who keeps those around anymore?

        • I can see it now.. the destruction of modern technology.. the last little bit of battery power.. scan for a signal only to get a video of ole hundred proof Nancy bitching about trump and claiming slow Joe is the resurrected christ.. and everyone saying he’s to blame are clowns.. or sense saying we need to destroy lol
          the twilight zone episode from hell

        • “…You would need a really OLD analog TV to see this… and who keeps those around anymore?”

          Storm chasers {Big Grin!}

          Tornadoes “broadcast” at 55Mhz. They will indicate their presence on a TV several minutes before they show up on doppler.

          Analog TVs? I have three 13 inchers (2 battery, one AC), and I have a 36″ Zenith I bought a year old for $5, because I wanted the steel A/V cart to which it was mounted.

        • This dropped into my inbox at 1053gmt this morning:

          Auction #3319279 – 27 inch RCA TV, VCR, and cart

          Current Price $1.00
          Time Left 12 days 23 hours
          # of Bids 0
          Auction Started Jul 24, 2023 7:54:52 AM EDT
          Auction Ends Aug 7, 2023 12:00:00 PM EDT

          Primo tornado-sniffer! I’d bet it doesn’t have 250 hours on it — probably not even any raster-burn. It will sell for $5 or less, to someone who wants the cart, or needs the VCR to do tape => digital transcriptions…

      • This gets into the discussion of:
        1. What is most susceptible to EMP damage.
        2. What gets repaired and restored and in what relative order.
        3. Post EMP supply chain.

        I would suggest that highest susceptibility is:
        1. Unguarded VHF receivers, especially TV tuners.
        2.Unguarded solid state electronics connected to the grid.

        What will be the highest priority for restoration:
        1. Regional grid, then national.
        2. Fuel distribution of all sorts, though martial rationing may go into immediate effect, depending on physical damage to energy systems.
        3. Water supplies and sanitary systems.
        4. Food distribution.
        5. AM first, then FM broadcast.
        6. Medical.
        7. Broadcast TV stations.

        In reality, restoration efforts will go on in parallel, so the sequence will be overlapping. There will be efforts to restore AM emergency broadcast stations ahead of the rest. A TV station with a good stock of parts, and a gas-fired generation plant nearby may be back in service relatively quickly.

        For those of you who have weathered major hurricanes, the EMP recovery will likely be similar, only over a lot larger area, and martial law will be likely. If there are direct strikes on strategic targets, then things will get much uglier. I would expect evacuations to be discouraged, and hunkering down to be forcibly enforced.

        You should already have EMP protection on your grid connection, and off-air antennas of all sorts. However, most people don’t, and stock will evaporate overnight from the box stores when they reopen. Therefore, if you don’t have a wide range of back-up comm’s and critical parts available, you probably will be SOL long after services have been restored.

        I have contemplated putting a back-up cell in shielded storage, but I have read that cell phones aren’t all that susceptible, and trying to set up a new phone in an NBC theatre will be difficult.

        I am being the optimist, and hoping there will be a recovery. My list includes a few select items which may only be of value 6 months to a year after, when they become of use once again, but have become commercial unobtainium. The TV antenna coupler board would be an example of a spare part in that category. I blow those every three years with lightning EMP, despite every fast surge protection widget made hung on that coax.

        • Hmm.. I’ve said this before.. it would be a cascade event..
          the hundred year snow storm on Texas almost took down the core of the usa..
          ready for my decades old rant..if we put solar towers starting at the furthest point from the power plant and worked back.. each would act as a mini grid in a hard down..promoting solar for homes would reduce the strain on the system and work as a power source..our system is for profit not for national security.
          resources wouldn’t just instantly the cascade escalates the replacement of goods gone would be the issue. Cuba and north Korea are prime examples..

        • Hmm.. I’ve said this before.. it would be a cascade event..
          the hundred year snow storm on Texas almost took down the core of the usa..
          ready for my decades old rant..if we put solar towers starting at the furthest point from the power plant and worked back.. each would act as a mini grid in a hard down..promoting solar for homes would reduce the strain on the system and work as a power source..our system is for profit not for national security.
          resources wouldn’t just instantly the cascade escalates the replacement of goods gone would be the issue. Cuba and north Korea are prime examples.. of resourcefulness

    • You forgot Photovoltaics a 400W wind genny assorted wire twist locks lugs , bolts, screws, solder and butt splices.

      • I have a battery system which I am using as a UPS, which is in service with several types of surge protection. I have some solar panels which I can use with it on an emergency basis, but not enough. From what I have read, a disconnected panel is not really prone to EMP damage.
        I have the cables and other electrical hook-up items, but those don’t go in a Faraday. The Faraday space is very limited.

    • Not too likely. NATO can not order Ukrainian troops to ‘abandon’ their posts., and run home to Momma. Nonsense. Utter bull.
      – Once again Hal is spreading the fertilizer as much as he can to maintain ratings. If that had happened, it would be all over the European news outlets. Complete crickets.., no collaboration from any other source.

  5. 9th of Av in a few days!

    Hal Turner: At about 2:00 AM eastern US time Sunday morning, NATO instructed Ukraine to ABANDON THE FRONT LINES and have all troops “return to the cities immediately to seek shelter.”

    Something BIG is apparently planned very soon!

    Will NATO intervene, directly??

    What is apparent to everyone right now is that something very, VERY, big is about to take place.

    Get right with God.

  6. “… which makes us thinking the Buydems are supporting the ChiCom take-down of America …”

    That’s almost hilarious. Lol. Man, if you don’t “know” by now, something’s wrong with you. (Nothing personal) but … it’s quite obvious.

    Hillary has always spoken, let’s say … nicely, about China. And one fear of her potentially being elected president was, that we would go to war against Russia. Joe got in and we’ll, there it is. See Ukraine. Directly, indirectly.

    Then we read … “ Democratic congressman says he did not share sensitive information with suspected Chinese spy”. So there was nothing to be concerned about there, right?

    Hunter and Company? Hmmm

    China looks at Taiwan, tilting head sideways, and millions of US vehicles sit in fields because we can’t get a f-ing chip. – yeah, ever since NAFTA people kinda figured we’d become dependent and maybe even have to eventually learn to speak Chinese.

    Then ya got all that bio lab bullshit. Good ole’ MRNA. I think we all (here) know what it can do and what it can’t. – And if getting it out of fear of a virus doesn’t work, they’ll spoon feed it to you by injecting your food supply. – Not exactly the “must have” product the world of investment has been waiting for.

    Healthcare treats but refuses to cure. Seemingly working with food producers to incorporate unnecessary chemicals into what we eat, which in turn, make us sick. Add on GMOs and folks become allergic to simple things like wheat and peanuts.

    Put endocrine blockers in foods and cosmetics, that disrupt the sexual development of a fetus in the first trimester of pregnancy and the world starts chasing rainbows.

    We had a guy in the Oval Office who (seemed) to be loyal to getting the US back up on its feet … and our jaws dropped as we watched Pelosi rip up his speech. – Theater. Must be, cuz there’s never repercussions.

    Watch the live feed from the Space Station and see (crafts) fly by. Sometimes when that happens, the feed gets cut off. – wonder what’s happening where the cameras aren’t pointed. Hmm

    We’ve been getting taken down for a long time. It’s just more open and blatant these day … if you can’t see it, you’re too busy addressing yours or someone else’s pronouns. Sad what entertains folks these days. But, here we are. And not gonna mention the planet is tilting more and more, and the only way to stop it is to raise taxes, impose regulations and inflation. Yep, best way to fight Mother Nature. WTF Ever !!

    The Georgia Guide Stones are gone but, don’t forget what they said.

    If we ever do get into a nuclear war, it’ll be to get rid of those who know and for others to forget. Then history gets rewritten to whatever (someone) wants it to be.

    Might wanna start carving truths in stone and hide them. Maybe someone will eventually find it.

    • I don’t know why not.. I remember my aunt telling my mother that her kids put up a 11 foot fence with razor wire on top and bars for the windows and doors.. in Phoenix AZ.
      a doctor I know was applying for a position in Chicago one of the perks the hospital offered was an armed escort to and from his car..
      now with millions that have been escorted across the border by a pay to play administration..

  7. Dear Mr. Ure, et al,, China is imploding.. Here are the landing pages for 2 (of the 4) YT China Channels I subscribe to.

    Peruse some of these videos,, they are truly enlightening.

    The videos are usually 15 minutes or so.. They track the economy (500 major corporations have left)(Youth unemployment is at an all time high,, esp. recent grads)(companies won’t hire anyone over 30),, the environment (totally ruined, farmland depleted, rerouting rivers (yikes), water beyond disgusting)..

    The infrastructure is over built (bullet trains and stations empty, freeways to nowhere),, (over one million giant real estate projects unfinished) or my personal favorite,, Tofu-dreg buildings that collapse from unscrupulous contractors, using questionable materials..

    Thousands of people sleeping in the streets (sound familiar),, a legal system that has collapsed (like it ever worked?).. They have stockpiled over 1/2 the worlds available grain.. (for their own coming famine?)

    They are a paper tiger (dragon),, that may act out of desperation. The common people have lost confidence in XI,, and the Party members are jockeying for position.
    3 years of Covid lockdowns, and us finally cutting off their supply of highest end fabrication machines and chips.. Their national debt is MULTIPLES of our sad state.. There is nothing there to fear or envy,, until they turn over their last losing card and flip the table.

    • thousands sleeping in the streets..
      sounds like san Francisco California..

    • Which is why China is setting itself up for expansion. Ya know, “when things get to be too much, something’s gotta give.” … and through various means and tactics, it’s us and our country that is being given.

    • Those YT channels appear to be fronts for the New York state-headquartered Falun Gong cult?

      • Probably. I read the Epoch Times, also Falun Gong connected, mainly because of well-researched health stories. But my critical thinking skills go into turbo boost whenever I smell a Falun Gong source.

  8. Your cooler boxes are a great idea, but, I have 10 foot ceilings that the vents are located in. Not getting on a ladder with a snoot full. I’ll just keep the elixir in the garage icebox.

    • A simple arrangement of a plywood platform and a few ropes. Might not be as pretty,, though the effect on paper would be similar…Beer rigging. Has a nice sound to it.

      • Well.. you could make a solar beer chiller..there aren’t any moving parts..the only problem I had with that was I had to put ice in it to keep the beer from freezing..
        if you don’t mind using a little power a small windshield washer pump and a fan..put filters on the outside pump water to the top and a fan drawing air through the filters..wet bowl temperatures are 54 and below.. let the cold water drain into a jacket around the wine or beer in a cheap Styrofoam cooler.. ( get a flower box from the closest makes it free)
        Floor scrubber pads would work to.. get the used ones and its again free..

  9. Seems I recall you told us about your redneck cooler a couple of years back. Still a fine idea.
    Mass was cut short this morning due to the AC going wonky or more likely a blower fan belt got stuck and the little church filled with smoke and the smell of burning rubber. Somebody said brimstone so Father decided to call it short and we all went in peace after 20 minutes. I’m sure he’ll make up the time next Sunday.
    Got home and decided to get a couple of things done before the really hot temps get here. I have 2 cantaloupe and 2 watermelon vines growing in hydroponic buckets with trellises just around the side of the house. While the seed packs clearly say they are space saving and compact I say oh contrer Pierre. They are growing like crazy with full size melons. This has necessitated the need for support of the larger of the melons, 8 so far, by providing them hammocks made from pieces of panty hose donated by my lovely wife. A neat idea if you think about it. I had noticed a pair laying on the bathroom vanity as I went out so I grabbed them and my shears. I was needing 4 more today so I cut them out and left the remaining materials on the patio table to be used later. Just about this time I heard a very loud get down from there and thought WTF. Suddenly I hear the patio sliding screen fly open and out comes the wife carrying a baby goat like it was a newborn.
    Look what I found in your chair a the dining room table with his front feet on the table.
    She is a girl, not a he and how did she get in there and they have hooves, not feet. There are 3 more in the mud room eating the peppers and zucchini I was going to freeze. About this time she sees the cut up pantyhose.
    Are those my pantyhose?
    I thought you left them in the bathroom for me, sorry.
    I can’t believe you cut up m pantyhose. Get your own. I should go cut up your underwear.
    Uh, I don’t wear any so….
    She turns and stomps towards the door yelling get these goats out of my mudroom and I better not find any poop in the house. As the door slammed shut I think I heard her say A##hole.
    The escapee’s pen was easy to find and mom was delighted to see her miscreants returned. I was checking the panels for their escape route but they not being too bright yet showed me right off they had figured out how to climb on top of their hut and hop onto the panel top and flop over the side. Never have these problems with calves.
    I considered showing the Mrs when she gets back from town buying some new pantyhose, I assume the cloud of dust I saw flying down the road was her anyway, that it was she who left the patio door unlocked so the escapees could open it. Since I came in the front door I am innocent. On second thought maybe not.

    Stay safe. 73

    • Yep, I can see goat kids doing all of that and more. Mine don’t bother with climbing on the shed and jumping the fence, they just walk through it. They’re only 5 weeks old and just starting to get into everything, visiting with their neighbors, lying with Granny Boots on her patio, chasing their dad around the pen, just generally having a great time.

      I like your idea of using pantyhose to support melons. Innovation at its best! But maybe you should hit the Dollar Store and pick up your own at bargain prices and stay out of your wife’s supply.

  10. (In no special order:)

    1) Cats hate aluminum foil. Put some on places they like to visit, where you don’t want them, and they will stay off. Important: don’t fasten the foil down. That stability apparently calms their quirky little alien minds. Let it be all shifty — loosey-goosey & floppy & unstable. Shaky towers of paper cups work good, too. (They think they did something BAD when they knock it over, and will run & hide, all guilty-like.) (Stomping of your feet and hollering incohenenty in Gereral Alarums & Excursions Crazy Mode adds greatly to the effect.) Squirt guns are VERY effective, but you have to be watching to catch the violation. Plant sprayers on NARROW STREAM BEAM do well, too. (Shot AT the cat.) (AND, loaded with cheap vodka, they keep wasps off one’s hummingbird feeders.)

    2) GovDome is coming for our water heaters, soon. (Too wasteful of energy.) (I predict John Kerry will be allowed to keep his, however. After all, he’s more important than you. Citizen…)

    3) It’s hard to define all the things that make for an excellent radio receiver. Some specs are extremely subtle. “Numbers & specs” ain’t everything — by far. It mainly depends on what you want the receiver to DO for you. Old classic radios are like old fine hand tools — they spring into the fingers well-balanced and friendly.


    4) Morris Code practice oscillators are fine, and work to train, allright. But nothing beats the Real World practice of copying ARRL’s on-air CW runs. Static, interference, variances in propagation — all make for an “under-fire” experience laden with sweaty grit and frustration. See http://WWW.ARRL.ORG for the “W1AW schedule,” They’re on several times a day at various times and bands and at various code speeds from Dead Slow to Hyper.

    • “GovDome is coming for our water heaters, soon. (Too wasteful of energy.) (I predict John Kerry will be allowed to keep his, however. After all, he’s more important than you. Citizen…)”

      I hope not lol lol when I decided to go solar.. I thought why not go all the way and was visiting with a friend at NASA and he suggested why not put the water heater they use at the space station… great idea.. shook you they are about the size of a book.. weigh a about five pounds…they are very good and can provide enough hot water to run a common home..
      but.. the energy they consume wow.. meant to be battery dc current.. anyway I put one on the house.. cable as big around as hunters MM holder.. turn it on and you have boiling hot water.. the meter on the other hand almost can’t spin fast enough..
      it didn’t take very long and I put in another Bosch on demand GAS hot water heater..

  11. I am not sure what Netanyahu is trying to accomplish with his “Judicial Reforms”., but it appears that no one is accepting them. Over 200 pilots of the IDF have refuse to ‘go to work’.., and now the IDF Infantry is marching in protest. Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators gathered in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and other parts of Israel to protest this judicial reform, which is slated for a vote early this week.
    I can not recall any time that the Israeli Infantry has marched in protest of their sitting government.
    Does Israel really need such internal chaos and protests right now? It seems like a very bad time to be testing the limits on government over-reach., and I have a very sneaky-like feeling that this is not going to end very well.

  12. Grilled Weiner Explodes…

    There was a Weiner explosion on Patrick Bet-David’s podcast involving none other than creepy sexting predator Anthony Weiner, who was grilled over hot coals regarding the infamous “Clinton Body Count.” It’s hard to overlook the fact that quite a few former associates of the Clintons have met rather grim ends. This pattern is what helped to create this conspiracy theory that’s spanned decades and shows no signs of letting up.

    Weiner displayed one of the wurst outbursts we’ve ever seen. He mustard the strength of a thousand dogs to defend Hillary Clinton on Patrick Bet-David’s podcast.

    We have an inkling you’re gonna relish this clip…

  13. ‘Dentist’s dream’ of regrowing teeth advances to clinical trials in Japan

    A shark’s menacing teeth can scare anyone out of the water — but one aspect of some sharks’ existence may be worth emulating: their ability to regrow teeth. An experimental medicine in Japan that could revolutionize the field of dentistry is now moving to clinical trials to create, potentially, the world’s first medicine to regrow teeth, according to a recent report in the country’s national news site, the Mainichi.

    China publishes then deletes official COVID data indicating over 1 million more deaths than reported

    While Beijing has claimed about 83,700 people have died in China since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Zhejiang provincial government published and quickly deleted official data indicating the true death toll is significantly higher. The Zhejiang government deleted the data last week just days after it was published, but epidemiologists who reviewed the information said it was the latest indication that China’s official death toll is vastly undercounted, according to The New York Times.

    Former White House Coronavirus Task Force advisor Deborah Birx named CEO of pharmaceutical company

    In a July 11 press release, Armata Pharmaceuticals announced that Birx, 67, would be the new Chief Executive Officer of the biotechnology company.

    Niacin: The Powerhouse Vitamin You’re Not Hearing About

    Researchers and physicians have made astonishing claims for decades on the effectiveness of niacin, a relatively unknown vitamin, to prevent and cure a wide array of diseases. In the recently released second edition of “Niacin: The Real Story,” Dr. Andrew Saul wrote that orthomolecular physicians have found success in preventing cardiovascular disease, reversing arthritis, helping to prevent Alzheimer’s disease, and treating a host of mental illnesses with this B vitamin.

  14. Biden administration expected to crack down on water heaters to ‘reduce carbon emissions’

    The Biden administration is expected to crack down on water heaters in order to “reduce carbon emissions.” The Department of Energy said in its proposal on Friday that this proposal would “accelerate deployment” of electric heat pump water heaters and reduce carbon emissions, according to Fox News.

  15. More than 40 countries willing to join BRICS

    More than 40 countries have shown an interest in joining BRICS, Anil Sooklal, South Africa’s ambassador-at-large responsible for ties with the economic alliance and Asian countries, has said. The diplomat told reporters in Johannesburg on Thursday that 22 countries have formally applied to join the group, while “an equal number” of states “have been informally asking about becoming BRICS members.”

    • Phew..I know.. to think the dominance of the controlling families are slightly irritated that their thousand d year controlling reign of power is going to end on what would be as much as they spend on their dogs for one month..given to the present administration for their pay for play schemes..
      what is it 600 plus trillion poof gone..
      all the NATO countries sucked into the poison pawn trap using their strategic reserves.. all with bribems saying take one for the team.. all while trying to protect a pedo corrupt criminal activities that they have been evolved in for decades.. you could write a dozen movie scripts on this.. destruction of potentially 75 percent of our world grain resources.. setting the scene for more world wide famine..
      and the best you can expect is the worst depression in modern society.. took money from countries that are entering military aged men.. all of whom said that was how they planned to do it.. loss and imprisonment of hundreds
      of thousands of children possibly sold into slavery and suggesting to give each of their parents a half million.
      it is so bad that it just is shocking..

  16. In major shift, RFK Jr. calls for corruption investigation of Joe Biden

    Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. changed tactics Sunday and demanded for the first time an investigation into possible corruption by President Joe Biden, his party’s standard bearer. Kennedy’s request was prompted by the release last week of an FBI informant report that alleged that Biden was part of a $10 million bribery scheme involving an Ukraine company that hired his son Hunter.

    • Its all for show… I seriously doubt anything will come from any of it.. look at everything from past examples of blatant disregard of our nations laws and the covering over.. the scarier thought is what are the dominating families thinking of the bribem family if they lose their dominance of power.. these people destroy whole civilizations rather than take what they want..

      remember the satanic pedo group.. the thousands of photos the investigations and news stories prior to the alleged pedo group.. check even one of the CIA chiefs that exposed it to the public prior to the story of the satanic pedo group committed suicide mysteriously..
      the illegal server.. Julian Asange that released credible proof of illegal activities..he will spend the rest of his life in prison and probably would commit suicide if sent to the usa..
      the guy that was arrested in Canada for child trafficking that was also a member of the alleged satanic group that released the fragile drip ritual video released back to the public and the video gone..
      but still on the dark web..
      the guy that gave Julian the emails he was killed..the last one that was to give testimony not only hung himself but shot himself with two shotguns then had enough ability to hide those shotguns.. all deemed fake news and vanishes from the doj..
      you hate to think something like how could it possibly be worse..that’s when you get shocked..

  17. Probably. I read the Epoch Times, also Falun Gong connected, mainly because of well-researched health stories. But my critical thinking skills go into turbo boost whenever I smell a Falun Gong source.

    • reply to Epoch Times readers: ET known for bias and low reliability! The usual echo chamber stench that some love to share!
      ‘On December 20, 2019, Facebook took down more than 600 accounts connected to The Epoch Times. According to an NBC News report, “The network was called ‘The BL’ and was run by Vietnamese users posing as Americans, using fake photos generated by algorithms to simulate real identities. The Epoch Media group, which pushes a variety of pro-Trump conspiracy theories, spent $9.5 million on ads to spread content through the now-suspended pages and groups.”’

      • The CIA developed the LifeLog program. To get the general population to particpate in it, they made it appear to be a public offering.
        FaceBook was handed to Zuck the very next day when Cia closed the Lifelog, CIA still controls Zuck.
        So when the Facebook censors accounts, it is the government doing the censoring.

        SO I see you are a communist supporter who voted for Bribems, when you push the fact/crack checkers, declaring everything they oppose as FALSE

        It is needed as the public schools no longer teach younguns how to think for themselves, let the government think for you,,, just like slavery, where the government owns your dumb ass

        from the george carlin
        “But there’s a reason. There’s a reason. There’s a reason for this. There’s a reason that education sucks. And it’s the same reason that it will never ever. Ever be fixed. It’s never going to get any better. Don’t look for it. Be happy with what you got. BECAUSE THE OWNERS OF THIS COUNTRY DON’T WANT THAT. I’m talking about the real owners now. The real owners. The big, wealthy business interests that control things and make all the important decisions. Forget the politicians… they’re irrelevant. The politicians are put there to give you the idea that you have freedom of choice. YOU DON’T. YOU HAVE NO CHOICE. YOU HAVE OWNERS. THEY OWN YOU. THEY OWN *EVERYTHING*! They own all the important land. They own and control the corporations. They’ve long since bought and paid for the Senate, the Congress, the state houses, and city halls. They got the judges in their back pocket. And they own all the big media companies so they control just about all of the news and information you get to hear!”

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