“Change Week” Checklist

Change Week is here.  Not only news, but we also fall over into the “backside of summer from here.  With gasoline prices today at $3.596 per gallon according to Triple A, we’re also in “Peak Vacation weeks” too.

CFNAI Data Release

The Chicago Fed National Activity Indicator is another Regional Fed summary that’s considered as the FOMC gavels in for their rate hike meeting tomorrow and announcement Wednesday:

The Chicago Fed National Activity Index (CFNAI) edged down to –0.32 in June from –0.28 in May. Three of the four broad categories of indicators used to construct the index decreased from May, and three of the four categories made negative contributions in June. The index’s three-month moving average, CFNAI-MA3, increased to
–0.16 in June from –0.21 in May.

CFNAI chart
Not exactly inspired growth to our eyes But our eyes aint particularly good at this age so draw your own conclusions

After the data, the (insane bull) market was still fractionally higher.  Not hot means less chance of a 1/2 percent hike, perhaps, from the FOMC.

Housing is Next

Our morning scrawl tomorrow is in two parts.  The first at the regular (when I get around to it, but before 7:55 AM Central) time.  The second report tomorrow will be on the housing data.

Pay attention here, because the markets are likely to do a lot of Buy the Rumor, Sell the News trading this week.

Since 10 years of rally in U.S. house prices could end, says Robert Shiller (cnbc.com) is being hinted in advance, something of a rally at the open today and a selloff late today and into Tuesday sure wouldn’t surprise us.

Which – if it occurs – would set up a minor rally (Wednesday morning?) and then a potential for Big Disappointment in the Fed Wednesday.  But the REAL declines could come at week’s end when the rest of the world figures out impacts of the expected Fed hike.  Our money is on a half, not a quarter, but delusional day trading is our thing.

War Week in Odessa

We put up the play-along-at-home battlefield mess map a couple of weeks back.  In case you missed it, this is where Wagner is on the north side of Ukraine and the Odessa battle is down in the red arrow vicinity.

Ukraine war map
The big arrows dont move very fast at this scale Poland and Belarus conflict is a growing threat now

The headlines to go with this?

Russia-Belarus War Council: “Conflict with Poland is just around the corner – Two Brigades moved – No. 1 target Rzeszow and Warsaw” – WarNews247

1 killed, several injured after Russian air attack on Odessa – CBS Philadelphia (cbsnews.com)

And Russia-Ukraine war news: Drone hits Moscow skyscraper; Odessa reels from strikes – The Washington Post.

The Buyed ‘Em Ukraine payoffs to his son becoming political fodder in do9mestic politics won’t help the cause of peace. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. says Joe Biden bribery claim ‘needs to be investigated’ (nypost.com).

So the reason this is “fulcrum/change week” is that Biden’s neocon embeds have been spoiling for war and if they can deliver “big enough, fast enough” the utter corruption of the administration will be spun-over by corporate shill media.

Energy Department Pickpockets

As China keeps bringing up MORE coal plants, the political hacks at the Department of Energy want you punished.  We’re sure you saw US plans water heater standards, says they will save consumers $11 billion | Reuters.

But in addition, while one hand is going for the water heaters, the other we mentioned in ShopTalk Sunday is going to clamp down on who has power to recover from hurricanes and natural disasters, Biden Administration Rule Would Ban Nearly All Portable Gas-Powered Generators | ZeroHedge.

With “I’m from the government and I’m here to help” off the rails, seems to us that America’s home-grown enemies now pose a greater existential risk than communism or terrorism, as we score it.

Unless? Well, sure, if someone in an official capacity admitted “We have modeled the future and water heating and generators won’t be around, so start adjusting to it…”  Well, then instant creds are restored.

BUT  that will never happen.

Instead, Poland/NATO could be “into it” this week.  Which might be followed by a Russian nuke at some point.  But then, with “first use” off the table, the Israelis go weapons-free on the Iran nuke mountains where they’re building bombs.  Which then pisses off Islamic states so much that a year end all-out on Israel could happen.

In which case, the larger Wave III down ends in March-ish of next year. We get a Wave IV rally, which by later ’24 or ’25 turns into global war. Then Complexity collapses and humans sunset.

There, ain’t you glad its Monday?

BTC is calling it:  Down to just over $29,200, looks to us like the markets will drop a few percent to join it, shortly.

Oooh! Yeow.  Check this out BTC ballers: Elon Musk’s Tesla Reportedly Removes Bitcoin As Payment Option, But Keeps Dogecoin – Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) – Benzinga

Checking the Pudd’nhead Press

We assume the Mark Twain’s Pudd’nhead Wilson novel is still clearly remembered?)  We are reminded in that by Sam hisself:

“There is no character, howsoever good and fine, but it can be destroyed by ridicule, howsoever poor and witless. Observe the ass, for instance: his character is about perfect, he is the choicest spirit among all the humbler animals, yet see what ridicule has brought him to. Instead of feeling complimented when we are called an ass, we are left in doubt.”

So much for foreplay.  Let’s have an ass check, shall we?

Rich?  Wanna see Rich?  Take US announces punitive measures over concerns Cambodia’s elections were ‘neither free nor fair’ (sfchronicle.com). See, when the Clintonistas orchestrated with FBI insiders’ things like the totally disproven Russia gate, no one (big, connected) gets punished.  But now We – the Mighty Moral High Ground America are off lecturing other countries on elections?  (Seriously, are you shitting me? Why, we have more gall than a bladder operation!)

Sherwood Forest and kimchee, anyone? Another US submarine visits South Korea in wake of North Korean launches, threats.   Lest you think my headline writing has lost it – which is possible, of course – “In missile submarines, crew members may run laps around “Sherwood Forest, the missile tubes…”  So sayeth the web… and thus we assure you, Ure is guilty only word crimes.

Skip the Shopping, do the Globalism thing: Oui, oui: Jill Biden is in Paris to mark the US return to the UN’s educational and scientific agency | Centre Daily Times

So, it wasn’t Yogi and Boo-boo? Woman dead after apparent grizzly bear attack near Yellowstone.

ATR: The Anti-Aging Notebook

(Around the Ranch)

Taking, as we do, a fair number of anti-aging supplements, we’ve been kicking around the best way to tell if things are working. Or not.

Infrequent readers of this site may not realize it, but the major anti-aging protocols we follow include:

  • GlyNAC
  • NMN
  • Selenium + CoQ-10
  • And an HGH stimulus package

While on the external side there’s red light therapy of our own design (transcranial and thymus directed). Plus, gobs of exercise and outdoor activity. And some goodies like lithium orotate because we both have the APOE-4 allele which means increased Alzheimer’s risk in our genetics.

Then on the food side: I’ve dropped just a shade under 20-pounds since May 4th, and in coming months, another 30 which will put me in the 170-pound range which will slide me out of “overweight” into the normal range. Two meals a day, keto, less booze, yada, yada. Bored but healthy?


This is where things turn subjective.  On an appearance basis, yes.  People regularly take Elaine as 20-years younger than her age and most people guess me as “about 50-50” which is 20-years younger than actual.

But one of the less subjective ways to measure your age is to test reaction speeds.  This is the “functional foundation” where we figure *with no medical background* that slow reactions would feed into increased “slip and fall risk” for seniors like us.

I mention this periodically but here it is again to bookmark this time: The Reaction Time Test | JustPark.

I try to remember to look at my reaction speed about once a month.  There are two ways I measure, both in early morning.

  • The first run is made right after taking the morning supplement stack but before any coffee or tea.  The right-hand reaction today was an average of 34 with a best of 31-year-old equivalent.  While the left side was 32 best (again of five trials) and an average of 33.
  • The second run -30 minutes later as things kicked in – was (right side) average of 31 and best of 27-year-old reactions. Average and best of five trials.

Our thinking on the use of an online reaction speed test is that it may be an indication of physical aging. There have been a number of theories about why reaction speeds lengthen while people age. And recent papers like Age-related increases in reaction time result from slower preparation, not delayed initiation – PubMed (nih.gov) are worth reading, as well.

The other thing – and just pulling concepts out of the air here – is that if you have the risk of stroke, just as dissimilar blood pressures between right and left-hand side of the body may be present, we wouldn’t be surprised to see a reaction-time differential in stroke cases.

While looking at recent studies (like Simple and choice reaction times of healthy adults and patients after stroke during simulated driving – PubMed (nih.gov)) we could sure see a “new invention needed” as a portable diagnostic tool for people riding “back of the box”. (Like EMTs and Paramedics.) Not as a substitute for a 12-lead, of course.  But maybe a useful pseudo-medical device for those of us serious about health here in our AARP years.

Something to think about.  Two lights (green and red). Default is green. Squeeze the (thingy) when the light turns red.  Silicon voice says “Your reaction time was 374-milliseconds. Age 28.”  Right side and left side prompts.

Send us one when you get the prototypes done…As the tea and just the smallest about of CBD kicks in, my average (both sides) is down to that of a 28-year-old.  Fast enough to fry up some protein for breakfast, perhaps.

Write when you get rich,


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  1. re: “Change Week”


    Hold the glum, chums! While the official Washington WH schedule for today thus far reflects relative vacancy, the Vice-President remains circling aloft o’er the Windy City. CBS News advises that Mrs. Harris will be addressing Latino attendees of the Unidos US 2023 annual conference. The conference theme for 2023 is “The Power of Us”. Woman, you got this!

  2. “A decade-long rally in U.S. home prices could finally come to an end”

    Is a new rally starting as the old rally ends?
    Are prices plateauing?
    As the rally ends can we expect imminent collapse back to 2012 prices or lower?

    The classic Mayan calendar cliffhanger.

    Have you heard about the “nobody wants to work” strikes?

    Recall a year or two back, “Nobody wants to work for $10/hr.” Today unions say $16/hr is poverty.

    I have no way to confirm this but UPS workers are talking about striking and according to the UPS website UPS workers pull significantly more than $10/hr.

    “UPS full-time small package delivery drivers receive an average total compensation package of $145,000 per year. That includes $0 healthcare premiums, up to seven weeks of paid vacation, plus paid time off for holidays, sick leave and option days.”


    And the poverty stricken bail out their penion fund.

    “On the other hand, UPS is the largest employer of Teamsters at a time when unions are fighting to grow.”

    – 5 days ago

    “Central States Teamsters Pension Fund Becomes the Largest SFA Rescue”

    – 12/2022

    If we consider the last CivWar was a smash & grab on the South to fund Northern financial schemes. The next AmRev should end with all our stuff being confiscated to feed the parasite class.

    • UPS and their Unions are playing with fire.
      FreightWaves: The 30% of volume that could be lost would be equivalent to more than 4 million parcels a day. That could result in 16,000 lost driver jobs and 8 to 10,000 lost package handlers.
      The last UPS strike was in 1997 and there weren’t the options there are today. FedX has stepped up their ground deliveries to be on par with UPS., and this past Sunday the USPS started a whole new 3 to 5 day package delivery service.
      If UPS does strike the volume of packages will be diverted to FedX and USPS., and may never return to UPS.
      Up to 26,000 jobs could be permanently lost.

      • The Teamsters needed a bailout (not the first) to shore-up the pension fund. That’s evidence the pension funds were not being fully funded before the workers decided they’re underpaid. UPS has probably been BK for sometime now. The bailouts created a wasteful financial Potemkin Village.

        General Motors is still BK and surviving on bailouts/”loans”. But not like school loans. I bet these loans get forgiven when Toyota slaughters them with solid state.

        “By early 2021, GM was already planning for a second generation of Ultium batteries offering a 500 to 600 mile range overall. ”

        “GM, LG venture gets $2.5B federal loan to boost EV battery manufacturing. The Lansing facility is one of the EV battery company’s three sites in the U.S. Courtesy of Ultium Cells.”

        – Dec 14, 2022

        Vs last month

        “Toyota has laid out a new strategic roadmap for electric vehicles which will see it develop EV batteries with a range of 900 miles “or more” using solid-state technology.”

    • $145K per year is $60/hr for a 40-hour week. This is better than mid-level career federal government work.

      • Not “government work”.

        Just “government employment”.

        That’s rather disgusting. I actually had to do real work and take real risks to get what I have, and no medical insurance crap either.

    • And… the rest of the story…
      low income rent is a gran a month.. at ten dollars an hour they would gross shy two grand a month no overtime..
      utilities have also gone up..at ten dollars an hour your not eligible for the assistance programs..
      car payment average two fifty.. fuel , insurance… oh hey your two grand is gone and you haven’t even gotten to the other expenses.. its a balancing act..A little in a little out…
      you can raise the cost of anything but if your on a limited income..you have to decide which comes first.. stop the flow of cash and you limit the flow of traffic in a store..you also limit what you can buy..
      the teller at the bank is actually only there for the health insurance. after daycare and gas oil etc. she makes two dollars a week ..so yes to maintain their quality of life that they are use to.. they will want more..the companies have to increase their rates to compensate..
      as the dollar pound and euro implodes people with a million will notice its true value is in free fall..the poor are panic buying.. I had sticker shock last week when I went to do my monthly shopping spree..prices took off like a bottle rocket..

  3. “I try to remember to look at my reaction speed about once a month. There are two ways I measure, both in early morning.”

    Wow, at first glance, I thought I read…

    “I try to remember to look at my erection speed about once a month. There are two ways I measure, both in early morning.”

    • JC: now that’s ^ funny. Interesting how the brain mangles text

      Pudd’nhead: what is this 7:55 am CDT? I am often reminded of a US Army commercial where troops are shown at their tasks followed by one guy saying to another: “we get more done before 9:00a than most people do all day!” I used to roll out at 4:45a Eastern but now am a slacker until 6-something (usually, an occasional 5-something spoils the streak). Slogan still applies.

      Having mentioned our finest ^ I’ll detour into military morass just long enough to state surviving the big flash overhead is not something me or Mrs. Egor have decided on. Being within a couple hours of Chicago and steel cities to east … ?

      Interesting action in the big casino ending last week / starting this. Lots on our collective plate, some which could be significant. 1/3 of the SPX Cos. report this week. Ignore leaping over a lowered bar and read forward guidance IMO, NFA.

      Pffft on being overly healthy. I’m storing fat for future.
      Write when you get ballast,

      • I remember the “we do more before 9AM than most people do all day” days; mid-80s in Germany, push ups, sit-ups, salute the flag at Reveille, run two miles (unless the Colonel decided to run with us, then it was five miles because someone wanted to look hard core). Colonel ran 15 miles every morning and his sedan driver (my barracks roommate) used that time to sell hash in Frankfurt. Colonel was later reassigned to the Pentagon and had a heart attack while out running, died just shy of his 49th birthday. Running will kill ya.

      • lol lol lol
        don’t you just hate that lol lol lol
        thank god C or Mark didn’t spit out their liberal he’s a Saint crap to.. you could have choked to death as well laughing lol lol

  4. Thunder storms and rain this morning keeping me in the shop, damn climate change. Just Park says I’m 31. Been on this plan of weight reduction for a couple years now. Over 70 and currently 235. Can’t seem to get it off no matter what I do or don’t do. Eat twice a day, 9amis to 3pmish, no alcohol, no added sugar, whole grains only and I sure do miss Miss Betty’s cinnamon rolls, never thought I would say this but greek style yogurt from goat milk, fresh fruit and vegetables, and mostly chicken or turkey for protein. Small amounts of red meat, I know odd coming from a cattle rancher. Top it off with plenty of exercise and physical activity. Discussions with the Doc 2 times a year and all she can tell me is my vitals and bloodwork are excellent. No bp pills, a couple different statins she tells me are very mild (huh?), and Allopurinol for gout. She even wrote me up the last meeting as “well nourished and well proportioned”. Don’t forget adorable I told her.

    Thought provoking report this morning as usual. Thanks.
    Stay safe. 73.

  5. Congratulations on the weight loss George. I am happy you are taking it nice and easy. Better chance of keeping it off. I am doing well with my slow weight loss program, down 14 pounds since start of the year. It is amazing how well things go when you eliminate bread and sugar laced foods from the diet.

    Since I am following a similar supplement program as you, I decided to do the reaction speed test. I got an average 23 year old on right side and average 21 year old on left side. Guess this 81 year old can keep driving his car for a while longer. LOL

    I did reaction speed test. Average for

  6. Forget slo Joe Bribems and his anti generator psychopathic need to fuck the USA into total submission,,, that reminds me to run all the gas out of my gen set and refuel with fresh gas with Startron and change the oil for another year.
    Today is forecast 100 degree, good day to run the gen’s old gas out and feed the air conditioner electrons.

    smart meter can shut off ure elec grid supply but how does the powers to be shut off one individual households gas supply remotely? CONTROL=OWERSHIP
    How secure is one’s bitcoin? really?

    Now according to Rays link yesterday about a gene that allows for tooth regrowth,,, how about the gene that controls one’s ESP or the ability to ‘SEE’ aura’s of other humans.
    I believe we are already, a dumbed down slave species and the owners are still putting rna modifiers in so called vaxes and looking to inject our meat supply.
    DNA determines ure physical make up,,, just imagine if ure allowed to change ure own dna, what changes would u choose ?

    Everyone wants the swamp drained, except the creatures their selves . The creatures are hidden in the swamp waters, but now we are seeing them, and more to come as the water recedes. The twitter files revealed much about the governments heavy hand into our sharing information freely.
    Anybody still believe Fauci ? only fools and climate change suckerfish
    The swamp draining is in progress as we write and read

    Do or will humans find freedom individually or collectively
    as “Where we go one, we go all” ???

    You all have fun now, ya hear,,, zippity do dah,, yes yes

    • My mother had a grandfather or great grandfather who saw auras around people. When I was doing multiple hours of meditation a day I could see the energy around the people i prayed with. Sadly this skill disappeared after i left the monastery.

  7. Preparing for war on the 9th of Av…

    A gigantic explosion has taken place at the Hsiang Feng military base on Taiwan. Authorities are already describing this as “Chinese Sabotage in advance of invasion.”


    G.A. Stewart: Readers should keep in mind my decade long warnings regarding a war in the Astrological Leo time period in conjunction with the 9th of Av, Tisha B’Av. This year that will be on July 26th, 2023.


    • The explosion was caused by a mishandling of a mortar by military personnel, during a live-fire exercise.

  8. George,
    I read this snip-it from today’s post ;
    “The Buyed ‘Em Ukraine payoffs to his son becoming political fodder in do9mestic politics won’t help the cause of peace. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. says Joe Biden bribery claim ‘needs to be investigated’ (nypost.com).”
    and I have to a conclude, that even if uncle joe is guilty of serious crime he will never, can never, stand trail because he is not mentally competent to stand trial

    • exactly…and what scares me is in order to cover the mass of corruption that seems to be decades long. wouldn’t they need to start a huge event to draw the attention away from it..we see it all the time everywhere else.. so what about what’s going on.

      the dominant economic controlling individuals are now faced with losing the thousand plus dominant position.
      the usa has printed and squandered away all of our emergency reserves.
      by pushing the war in Ukraine has destroyed almost 50 percent of our grain crops.
      global droughts has taken 25 percent more.
      the whole planet seems to be in turmoil..
      if they go in big.. start the COG and sends congress home..would end the push to investigate their suspected criminal activities. but the studies all show we would not fare well in a war. and the economic dominance would be changed forever.
      now if this was a poker game in a casino..I would say gold them while your ahead.. but I doubt they can at this point..
      I truly don’t see slow tossing the perv under the bus.. he would be better off shifting the blame back on the alphabets gor not informing him of the kids activities that he has said he has no knowledge of..

    • “he will never, can never, stand trail because he is not mentally competent to stand trial”

      I disagree. He absolutely will. The Democratic Party would never allow it to be known without question that Joe is demented. It would damage the Party for 50 years, and they already must lie about every item on their agenda to maintain the loyalty of their base. They MUST maintain an air of plausible deniability and trust the Dems in the Senate to not convict Biden if the House impeaches him.

  9. Hello URE, but how come that one post and the other also always talk to us about nuclear war and you do it as if you cared nothing, without fear. Is it because at your age and at your wife’s, living or dying is the same?

    • Fear sells, if it Bleeds it Leads.

      You’ll notice other news outlets following the same Misery Mania Meme, bodies, serial killers, sensationalized headlines….

      Feeds the schadenfreude in all of us:

      Part of the Bear Market mentality, no more Bubble Gum for Barbie, King Kong lurks around the corner:

      ’30’s movie genre focused on giant gorillas, vampires, gangsters, etc:

    • The conservatives and realists who frequent this space all care deeply. I can’t say the Leftists care, because they continue to make and argue for choices which would increase the likelihood of our nuclear demise.

      We, and virtually every nation in the EU, are fighting a proxy war against Russia, using the people of Ukraine as cannon fodder. Our goals are to remove Mr. Putin from office, destroy Russia’s ability to fight, and finally to colonize and absorb Greater Russia into Europe and the EU, so the members of the EU and G7 can exploit it’s natural resources.

      This is not a noble quest.

      We are the “bad guys” in this affair, principally because we did not conduct an election wisely, and allowed people who wish the United States and Russia to end, to be put in charge of the United States and its nuclear arsenal.

      The majority of us believe the idiots in Washington, D.C. think we can fight a nuclear war against Russia and “win.” We also believe elements within our government are actively trying, by any means available, to goad or force Russia into using a tactical nuclear weapon, thereby granting us tacit consent to supply Zelinsky with nukes, or use them ourselves against Russia.

      There are a number of people who frequent this place, who have years of first-hand experience with nuclear materials and/or nuclear weapons. The rest of us listen to these people and trust they know something about their specialty. No one takes nuclear war lightly. No one here can exert force of common sense on the intellectually-challenged government employees in D.C. either. Therefore, we plan ways to survive their stupidity.

      With that said, what would YOU propose to do?

  10. Twitter files
    are now the
    X Files,,, can u hear the music in ure head ?

  11. Hey Mr Cyrpto Killa,

    – personal health note to share with community, Males.
    I assume this works as good 4 the “Gooses” as it does for this Ganders.
    One of the most exciting and entertaining exercise activities for promoting Health and Longevity I have found in my search for life extending therapies..

    Weekly/Daily.. Sexual Relations (lots) with younger than moi, hot, Latinas.
    Seems this area of the World (land of feathered serpent) is loaded with ex-pats and good looking young women seeking for a way out of “the village”… kinda like PI/ Thailand in that regard.

    1st – and formost regular SA keeps the “Pipes” cleaned and in good working order..including all support hormones and pipe wkrx. Good for z Head, both large and small.
    2nd -Cardio for pleasure..workz well with cardio bunnies you see at the gym on the hamster treads as well, though none of the “Baggage” that comes with “Western” gym babes.
    3rd- with regular “exercise, gets stronger, and just seems to grow larger and sweeter..YRMV

    And so I will close with – Write when you are getting some.

    * Portal This – DISCLOSURE 23 – Can you answer the questions , WHo’s There? montauk/plumisland/mothman, and Wheres the Door Outta this mess/TL.

    ..twins again?
    stuff is foundational wrk – mk ultra/space nazi’s/ and 20&20 NR secret space program Moon/Mars bases, age regressions..the truth is out there.

  12. There was a post yesterday mentioning – someone might consider having an AM, or FM broadcast capabilities when the SHTF scenario – to keep the locals in their area up to date on what is going on locally and around the world.
    – One of my trading buddies has a complete AM broadcast station tucked away in two very large Faraday cans. Last year, on August First he did a test run on his equipment and coverage. At 1:01 in the morning he started his broadcast and ran it to 1:05. I am 12 miles east of him and the Crazy Chicken Lady is eleven miles in the opposite direction – all the others in the group are within 5 miles. His sister is 22.2 miles away.
    – All of us heard his broadcast very clearly.
    – As kind of a joke I burned a demo disc and applied for a DJ job – on “Radio Free Chelan”. I put on my hyped-up best Adrian Cronauer [ Good Morning Vietnam – Robin Williams ] and did a ten minute ‘spot’. Local news mixed with a shorten version of five rock and roll songs. [ I have a digital library of 580 top ten hits from the sixties to mid seventies [ even a couple from the fifties. ., and another 400 from the mid seventies to early eighties.]
    – He loved it., so I now have the morning three hour slot – five to eight am.
    – He broadcasts on an AM freq that no radio station within 400 miles uses. So he is not really interfering with any known broadcasts. I doubt that he reaches beyond 25 miles., so not really a problem – and when everything is down – no one will really care anyway.
    – He has been thinking about setting-up and testing the system from his pickup camper., so he could have a “Wolfman Jack” mobile broadcast station.
    “Goooood Mornin’ Chelan !”

  13. get rid of the pedos ,,, all other problems will become small potatoes
    pedos of a feather, seek children together and share files.
    It was written about, with millstones.

    swamp creatures

    “Wow. @RepSwalwell and @BetoORourke campaigned for Stacie Laughton- the nation’s first transgender elected state rep who was arrested for child porn and child exploitation.

    Worth noting that Stacie has a long criminal history dating back to before his 2022 campaign.”

  14. Been busy maintaning my gardens, so this A.M. I took time to catch up on your site here. Yesterday’s write up struck a chord in me. Specifically about younger people and the terrible social atmosphere they drown in. I just recently picked up my teen son from the FOP camp he attended for the past week. They got the cadet treatment, similar to the military-style camp he went to last month, which involves a lot of physical activity and hands on training. Here’s what I observed at the end event: over half were unconditioned/overweight, and most of the young ladies were confused of their sexual identity. It must have been difficult for those kids to be around such solid individuals as the officers in charge and the 20-30% kids who had a grip in reality. Case in point, one girl my son became friends with wanted to talk with him afterwards, which lasted 30 minutes. We waited to be polite, thinking maybe it was just friends not wanting to say goodbye. Nope, she wanted a therapy session and my kid is not qualified. I told him listening to a friend is one thing, but what she needs is beyond him and should advise her to get some solid help. Yikes. Both my kids see the social scams going down and are losing patience with biting their tongues to keep the peace. As for colleges, they both get snowed under with snail-mail or email crap trying to entice them. As people who had swallowed that posion pill, both I and my husband have talked to them about the benefits of getting skills via trade apprenticeships and two year degrees locally, or be prepared to be debtslaved for a lonnnnng time for the four year stint that is called higher education. Neither feel the latter is a useful choice, thankfully. My daughter leans to electrical or applied engineering studies, and my son is considering something more physical via military or police. He’s only 15, so that could change. Either way, I’m hoping they’ll be wise and pass on the coolaid trap. Btw, for the record, the “camps” both my kids went to this year were nearly 100% covered by the local American Legion groups. They are diligently working to try to interest youths in being civic minded and responsible. Something that is missing in many kid’s lives these days as most homes and schools are remiss on the lessons.

    • Cheers for the FOP summer camps ! I used to work em in PA as a duty/pay for the Fish&Boat Comm – State LE. I even got to train at Hershey PA cadet school as 50yr old cadet. Sadly I was in better shape than 70 % of classmates, many of whom were gulf war vets. I really applaud Ure exposing the the young Man to the regimented Disipline.

      Disipline is the one of the single most important things for Males to learn..Starts with making Ure own dam bed, every morning.
      I totally disagree with the Devaluing of College educations here on this communtiy page. College education was expected of me and my sister, as well as ALL of my cousins, my Spouse and her siblings. We all went to college – many got advanced degrees.Doctors,Dentists, Engineers, Lawyers, Chemists, Charted Financial Analysts..
      I am of the opinion that college education Is Mandatory.
      American public education K thru 12 is WORSE than a friggin dark joke.

      College is the 1st step to take on the Path/Road to gaining Generational Wealth.

      Nobody I know of from/in a Family that has/comes from generational wealth doesnt do college, nobody.
      It is not just the Education, the learning experience of living with others (apt/dorm) is a certain maturity.
      The network effect is Phenomenal, and where real Money can be made. On any given Saturday afternoon in the Fall during football season, walk into any sports bar & just shot out “WE ARE”
      and see what happens..its a lot of fun.

      Best advice for P’s with smart, talented kids worthy of and earning the big state school education (PennSate.OhioState/ Iowa State/FloridaSate/UT/NewMex Sate/Cali State (S)/ect..) Get them to the Local Community College for Year 1 & 2 – basic bullscheisse courses, while they can work at least PT. Then you send off to the big state party school for years 3 & 4. Maintain that 3.25 GPA – and they will be interviewing for open Jobs with the big boys and Girls Corporations. You cant put Ure resume in the good “interview baskets” without a 3.25 ob.

      It always comes back to Ure Numbers, always.

    • For college, I’d suggest beginning with distance learning at IVTC for Gen Studies, then after a semester, begin applying for scholarship aid to Hillsdale College (Hillsdale, Michigan) or Liberty University. Hillsdale takes zero Federal money and they actually teach real course material. Their guest lecturers are people like Mark Levin and Thomas Sowell, and guests don’t get booed off their stage. They also actually spend their cash hoard, and so provide up to a full-ride to academically-qualified kids.

      If Junior Boy wants to wear a uniform, he should perhaps consider a military tactical/technical MOS and that he go Officer Candidate School. Does his high school have a JROTC program? The way the country is going, he’s more likely to retire alive and with all his bits intact, if he stays away from police duty.

      If Junior Girl is leaning towards trades, she’ll need a piece of paper for engineering. Purdue is cheapest and a damnfine program for any engineering specialty. PU may even have an extension or joint school at UofE. If she’s okay with apprenticing, IBEW is likely offering apprenticeships in Evansville and Henderson, year ’round. I’d guess she could become a petroleum engineer through a program of part-time schooling at USI or Purdue, and part-time internship/OJT at Countrymark in Mt. Vernon. I’m not familiar with the Mech-E or Chem-E programs in your neighborhood, although I’m sure they’re around.

      • Yo Raymondo,

        would you be surprised to find my Name on the list of Benefactors -Liberty U and Hillsdale ?

        It is -has been on both, for years.

        above I think you provided a better “read” of personalities involved..Thanks.

        I believe,strike that, I know, the 2 Kidz she be talking about – are 2 of the most important and precious treasures that can be found in this World today, as are ALL CHILDREN.

        • “would you be surprised to find my Name on the list of Benefactors -Liberty U and Hillsdale ?”

          Does not surprise me in the least.

          Good job!

  15. Yes, it is worth reading. Often, the observations and opinions serve to promote ‘thinking’. And I like it that way…

  16. White House Launches Pandemic Preparedness Office

    The White House announced Friday that it is creating the Office of Pandemic Preparedness, charged with “leading, coordinating, and implementing actions related to preparedness for, and response to, known and unknown biological threats or pathogens that could lead to a pandemic or to significant public health-related disruptions in the United States.”


    “We’re from the Government, and we’re here…”

    • Pandemic response? Like the last one? Who needs it? The only useful info came from alternative sources.

      Meanwhile, nuclear disaster/war survival skills are never mentioned, nor prepared for. Unless you have a private mile long cave that nobody knows about, you need to think about this individually.

      The government won’t help, even if it could. It can’t even give proper nutritional advice. Think for yourself, do for yourself, and then choose to help others selectively from a position of strength. Don’t become the next victim while trying to help others! Basic first responder stuff. Just know it and practice it.

      God gave each of us a brain. Those who
      choose to avoid using it have only themselves to legitimately blame.

      • That’s why my quote.

        If our government, in general, or the Biden Administration in particular, is creating a (allegedly) forward-looking office or bureau, it is being done to make things more difficult, not easier. D.C. “creates” stuff when it wants to take control of a potential situation, or maintain control of an existing one…

  17. Ah yes, And the naked shorts on the street will be cohomping atthe bit for an excalation into NATO teritory. Nice of Buy Dan 1) To sell our srategic oil reserves down toward zero.
    2) Kill Keystone Pipeline.
    3) Kill nat gas piepline #5.
    4) Ban shale oil.
    5) Ban new oil exploration in the ANWAR.
    6) Expand ANWAR geography to cover over more areas where
    proven light sweet oil reserves are located.
    7) Rescind the Gulf of Mexico new oil leases.
    8) Ban gasoline generators.
    9) Ban Natural Gas Heating.
    10) New regulations on dishwahsers [making it even more
    difficult to manufacture and actually clean the dishes].

    Did I forget anything? Yes 10% for the Big Guy courtesy The Manchurian program LOL . Sad.

    Has anyone mentioned that Eastern Europeans [ this includes Rus] are like Beserkers when pushed too far? Being of European heritage mineself. I’d say we are about to witness same along the Belarus border. Great sales opportunity on all markets for Wall Street.

    People here arent going to sit up and take notice until the grid goes rolling brown out for 33% of the day.

    Have to rememeber that with no internet and no grid and no comms, the DS cant watch you, and that scares the Sh#4 out of them. So any foreplay this year will be for show only IMHO. Have to make it beleiveable for the sheeple without loosing too much control. LOLL. May you live intetersting times. Got Blockchain?

  18. Why America’s Largest Tool Company Couldn’t Make a Wrench in America

    Stanley Black & Decker built a $90 million factory on the edge of Fort Worth, Texas, intending to burnish the Made-in-the-U.S.A. luster of the Craftsman brand by forging mechanics’ tools with unprecedented efficiency. But the automated system was a bust, and the tools that were supposed to be pumped out by the million are so hard to find that some consider them collector’s items.


    Craftsman mechanics’ tools used to be forged in the S-K factory in North Carolina, alongside Snap-On wrenches. Both companies decided S-K charged too much for the use of their hammer & forge, so Snap-On opened a forge in Taiwan and Sears, in China. Their departure eventually bankrupted S-K. This is why mechanics still purchase $10,000 Snap-On toolboxes, but fill them with Armstrong, Cornwell, and Matco (Made in USA) tools.* It doesn’t matter if something is “guaranteed forever” when it breaks on a hot job, and you have to choose between making a trip to Lowe’s or Harbor Freight, or watching several thousand dollars flow down the “down-time” drain while the guaranteed replacement is processed.

    *In July 2021 SK was acquired by Hangzhou GreatStar Industrial, a Chinese tool conglomerate company and the current owner of other American brands such as Shop-Vac, Arrow Fastener, and Pony Jorgensen clamps.

      • Why hello, troll.

        I’m waiting to see how many personal attacks you can make before George puts you in time-out…

        Outside the Stanley Works, SBD tools are junk. Inside the Stanley Works, very few tools are still made, and most of them measure something. The vast majority of SBD tools are now made in China. The ones that’re not, are little better than the ones that are. “Made in U.S.A.” is a guarantee of origin, not quality. I don’t know if Ft. Worth used Chinese steel, Chinese hammers, or tried to use sensors to replace eyeballs and AI to replace learned knowledge and common sense. Sensors work on a production line. They do not, in a forging shop which deigns to produce a quality product…

        Now, since I rather doubt you even know what a monkey wrench looks like or how its used, why don’t you quit huffin’ MY methane and go troll someplace to which your talents would be better-suited, like Teen Vogue…?

  19. Wagner fighters want to ‘visit’ Poland

    Fighters from the private military company (PMC) Wagner want to “visit” Poland, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko told his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin on Sunday. According to Lukashenko, the fighters hosted in the country are starting to “concern” local authorities, as they want to “go on tour to Poland” to visit Warsaw and Rzeszow.


  20. I’m glad you brought the health topic up again. It’s probably one of the most important things you discuss here. Health is the foundation on which everything else is built.

    One of the most important things anyone can do is daily maintenance of themselves. Personally, I believe that if you have others that depend on you that you have an obligation to maintain yourself in good condition for as long as possible. Waiting until you’ve developed a chronic lifestyle disease to get healthy is dumb, frankly. None of us will occupy this rock forever so it’s good to have some quality existence while you’re here.

    If you haven’t noticed, the entire game is rigged to tilt us all towards the easy path that leads to being unhealthy and being a lifelong customer of big medicine and big pharma (or should I say farma?). They make the most profit off of a populace in just good enough health to keep working but require daily pills to stay alive. When was the last time you went for a check-up and instead of prescribing you a pill first the meat mechanic/pill-pusher prescribed you exercise and a healthy diet first with a big does of daily accountability? Damn near unheard of.

    So, the moral here is eat clean and get an hour of hard exercise in everyday. That will keep the mortician at bay for as long as possible…not so much for the tax man, though. Trust me, you will look and feel much better.

    Yeah, I hear ya’…exercise is hard and takes time and eating clean is expensive, but have you priced cancer lately?

    Now that I’m done sermonizing, all this is easier said than done, obviously, and there lots of pitfalls and earthly temptations along the path. Stop and smell the roses, too…as long as they don’t smell like meth.

    Everyone has vices. Anyone who claims to be without vice (and is not the lord and savior) is a damned liar and cannot be trusted. So, everything in moderation…including moderation. Keep the blood pumping and the shenanigans to a dull roar and you’ll be a much happier and healthier human.

  21. The stock market will continue to “melt-up” as long as there is no recession. And the is no recession in sight right now.
    – The S&P 500 is roughly 225 points from it’s all time high. Elliott Wave, or no, this going to be “interesting”, folks.

  22. A couple of thoughts, FWIW: Reaction time MAY be a useful metric for aging, depending on whether or not you train for fast reactions or focus on deliberate suppression of reactivity, other than noticing an anomaly and processing it intellectually before reacting. There are benefits to each approach. I rarely see a need to quickly react when driving, other than a deer at night or a multiple car collision in progress right in front of you. I’ve been in both situations, and it’s usually possible to avoid the second, whereas the deer are wildly unpredictable. I had a deer run from the woods and crash over the hood of my nearly stopped car! The deer came from the side, and was actually in the woods as I drove by. The insurance companies consider a deer hit to be comprehensive, not collision, for the purposes of compensation.

    One metric not yet considered here is balance. Those with excellent balance seem to do much better during our elder years. Balance can be trained safely and certain activities(balance beam, tango, skating, etc) can enhance this ability. Reaction time can be trained too. The question remains though – do you wish to react or not? Can reacting(without thought) make things better or worse? Certainly, reacting quickly AND APPROPRIATELY in a gusty crosswind landing is helpful. There does seem to be an attrition of adrenalin response with age. It seems that we can enjoy pondering more provided that there’s no real emergency.

    Regarding weight: I’m definitely down from my winter weight by about 15 lbs, but losing way more than that can result in muscle wasting – not good. I once approached my “ideal” weight and I was told by various women that I looked like I was starving and emaciated. I also lost some strength.

    It’s been a solid ten degrees warmer this July than average here, and I’ve noticed that I’m prone more to sweating and stinking – an indicator of higher relative testosterone and its variants. That’s even true within a few hours of a good shower. Doing serious physical work in the blazing heat is uncomfortable, but probably helpful.

    • Dudes & Dudettes – I can recommend a Hypervibe machine for physical exercise and gaining incredible balance abilities. Doing Ure exercises/calisthenics on a moving, vibrating steel plate fixes and super improves Balance. Machines aint cheap, but then again when was any German tech cheap ?
      Astronauts/Physchonauts, uncle clif..


    • Ding, ding, ding!

      One trait most of us share, mostly by being old farts and learning stuff in real life, is situational awareness and proper reaction is much more important than simple reaction time. My reaction times, as measured by my State Police, are, after the first time, between 70 and 90 milliseconds, but this is on a test where I know I’m being measured for reaction time, and I know the exact parameters by which the test will begin and end its timing of my reaction to a known stimulus.

      It is not really relevant to how quickly, and in what manner a person would react to, say a car-sized piece of sheet steel, flying off a truck bed in front of them at 70mph and sailing toward said person’s throat. Do you speed up, slow down, swerve (which direction, and is there a vehicle blocking your action?), or dive for the floor and pray you survive the inevitable impact?

      I think it was a Bill Tilghman quote, which Louis L’Amour used frequently: “He shot at me and missed; I shot at him and didn’t.”

      Making the proper reaction in a timely manner is much more important than having the quickest reaction…

  23. “Two meals a day, keto, less booze, yada, yada. Bored but healthy?”

    How many calories in beer? GDNF shows beer calories, wine and alcohol calorie and carbs sorted by their calorie to alcohol ratio. Maximize your buzz by choosing drinks with the highest amount of calories from alcohol, not from fillers!


    • “One of water’s most significant properties is that it takes a lot of energy to heat it. Precisely, water has to absorb 4,184 Joules of heat (1 calorie) for the temperature of one kilogram of water to increase 1°C. For comparison sake, it only takes 385 Joules of heat to raise 1 kilogram of copper 1°C.”

      see your onto something there..


  24. I have the reaction time of a 21 year old, not bad for a mid 60’s gal.

    My hubs has an excellent arm, he threw his paired socks across the room to me, unexpectedly, I caught it left handed as my right hand was full.

    He said, wow, you still got it!!!

    Yes, I do.

  25. “totally disproven russia gate”? Really?

    all quotes from mueller vol. I

    “Russia if you’re listening…”

    “Within approximately five hours of Trump’s statement, GRU officers targeted for the first time Clinton’s personal office. After candidate Trump’s remarks, Unit 26165 created andPP sent malicious links targeting 15 emailPP accounts at the domain including an email account belonging to Clinton aide.”

    “On November 3, 2015, the day after the Trump Organization transmitted the LOI, Sater emailed Cohen suggesting that the Trump Moscow project could be used to increase candidate Trump’s chances at being elected, writing: Buddy our boy can become President of the USA and we can engineer it. I will get all of Putins team to buy in on this, I will manage this process. . . . Michael, Putin gets on stage with Donald for a ribbon cutting for Trump Moscow, and Donald owns the republican nomination. And possibly beats Hillary and our boy is in. . . . We will manage this process better than anyone. You and I will get Donald and Vladimir on a stage together very shortly. That the game changer.”

    “Manafort instructed Rick Gates, his deputy on the Campaign and a longtime employee, to provide Kilimnik with updates on the Trump Campaign—including internal polling data, although Manafort claims not to recall that specific instruction. Manafort expected Kilimnik to
    share that information with others in Ukraine and with Deripaska. Gates periodically sent such polling data to Kilimnik during the campaign.”

    “The message was about a peace plan for Ukraine that Manafort has since acknowledged was a “backdoor” means for Russia to control eastern Ukraine. Several months later, after the presidential election, Kilimnik wrote an email to Manafort expressing the view—which Manafort later said he shared—that the plan’s success would require U.S. support to succeed: “all that is required to start the process is a very
    minor ‘wink’ (or slight push) from [Donald Trump].”

    “Washington Post published an Access Hollywood video that captured comments by candidate Trump some years earlier and that was expected to adversely affect the Campaign.239 Less than an hour after the video’s publication, WikiLeaks released the first set of emails stolen by the GRU from the account of Clinton Campaign chairman
    John Podesta. Corsi stated that he was convinced that his efforts had caused WikiLeaks to release the emails when they did. In a later November 2018 interview, Corsi stated that he thought that he had told people on a WND conference call about the forthcoming tape and had sent out a tweet asking whether anyone could contact Assange, but then said that maybe he had done nothing.”

    • truth teller of smart fellers, you have not kept up,,,

      “The Steele dossier was a report compiled by the former British spy Christopher Steele and financed by Democrats that included salacious allegations about Trump’s conduct in Russia and allegations about ties between the Trump campaign and Russia.

      Documents have shown the FBI invested significant resources attempting to corroborate the dossier and relied substantially on it to obtain surveillance warrants targeting the former Trump campaign aide Carter Page.

      But since its publication, core aspects of the dossier have been exposed as unsupported and unproven rumors. A special counsel assigned to investigate the origins of the Trump-Russia investigation charged one of Steele’s sources with lying to the FBI and charged a cybersecurity lawyer who worked for Clinton’s campaign with lying to the FBI during a 2016 meeting in which he relayed concerns about the Russia-based Alfa Bank.”

      Hillary paid
      “Hillary Clinton and Democrats settle Steele dossier electoral case for $113,000”

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