ShopTalk Sunday: Doors, Drills, and Dials

We have had the same wooden backdoor on the house for all 20-some years we have been here.  It was patched a couple of years ago  – raccoons the guilty party then.  Here lately, it’s been the possums. Once they got through the torn screens, then here comes the feral cats.

It was time.  So, I measured and turned out the best pre-made solution was a Larson combo screen and storm door which had a good-sized kick area.  Above this, two sheets of glass and either one can be moved for a screen.

Best price was Lowes but delivery was almost two-weeks.  Knowing this going in it was a summer order.  On the Fall projects (when temps don’t climb over 85) I got to it this week.

Door Installation Notes

Well, yes, I am exceptionally lazy now that you mentioned it.  In fact, better part of the week’s cocktail hour thinking was devoted to the hydraulic door closer mechanism to be installed on the door.  For years, thinking back on it (while tired) how much effort have I just plum wasted pushing against a door that doesn’t want to go anywhere? Isn’t there an easy-open auto closer?  Well, no, that would be too easy.  Conservation of energy is cited.  You want a strong closer, you’re in for a strong open…

Well, I decided, on this door, I would take the lazy route and just hang the door so that it had a very gentle tendency to self-close.  Next time you install a door, remember this diagram:

Tendency to self-open: There are a few details involved, if you go this way.  Remember *(as Pappy would always prompt) “The door has opposite corners on it.”  If you mount the upper part of the door frame too far out from the interior (left is outside in this photo) the door will hit the floor and won’t fully open.

If you want self-closing: simply press the bottom of the frame outside (left).  In which case, the falling weight of the door will tend to close it. But now, if the ceiling is low, you might hit that.  Test fit everything before quitting time.

We had talked about it – eventually Elaine’s view *gently closing* prevailed.  But at least, it’s not as hard as those damn hydraulic openers.

A drop of alkyhaul on a p towel will remove most permanent markers boo boos like that one<em> Ahem<em>

On the inside, the fit wasn’t ideal doing this, and since I wasn’t interested in cutting molding and such, the decision was made to do the CQD (cheap quick and dirty) install of the far side frame.  Which allowed me to use the aluminum frame to catch the hinge on.

No, this door is not intended to keep bad people out.  That would be deadbolts (*used elsewhere).  This was just a keep it from blowing in the wind. Slows down the raccoons till one of them gets through the locksmithing course. A goodly number of possums, though, have died of a mysterious lead-born illness.

Point I was getting to (Hmm…there was?)  Was that you always need to have a collection of stainless fender washers around.  Because two of these under the latch mechanism made for a perfect fit.  No designing and printing a fancy shim.  Just two washers, zing-zing, and tight.

Thrill of the Drill

The Larson door made me come to terms with an old phobia.  Whenever the instructions call for putting not one, but three 5/ 16th’s holes through a virgin piece of material, I get, well, almost queasy.  Surmagine that’s some unresolved childhood issue (balsa model building project gone bad, or something).  So, I diddled around for 15-minutes and had coffee…

Eventually, around lunchtime, I worked up the nerve and went to get the very specific 5/16th’s drill.

Turns out there was no sign in any of the $10 cheapo Amazon drill bit sets that live all over.  The electronics bench, the metal area, the main assembly bench, the hobby shop area and (of course) over at the drill press….

They  only went to 4/16ths – 1/4-inch if you’re a math whiz.  So, I headed over to the drill press where there’s a solid Bosch set of cobalt drills that go up to larger than 5/16ths, I was sure of it.

See the problem?

Or opportunity, then?  Germans do some things very well.  These bits have never failed me.  Until this day when I needed something other than an eyeball measurement. The Chineseum drills were simple and all clearly marked.  Germans may have a manual on drill selection somewhere, but I didn’t it so that cost me another 10-minutes getting the digital calipers and then going to the battery storage bins and finding a 2032 lithium cell…and yes, there was a 5/16ths.

Before cocktails Wednesday, the door was done, all the holes were “right sized” the plunger rod for the latch didn’t bind.  Life was OK this week, at least for a while.

Now A Truth Leak

I only did the screen porch door because the replacement display for one of the Icom 761 ham radios hadn’t come in.  As you remember, one of the cables on the radio broke off where a check connector went into a circuit board.

Turns out, you can buy ribbon cables with 2.4mm pins, from  I previously mentioned those dandy fine wire strippers which worked OK.  I’m still debating the payback period (from age 75 on) on spending more for the No-Nick type by reader MR recommended.

Since the pin cables were only $6 for two of them, it only took a few seconds to cut matching colors.

Right about HERE is when I got to thinking about my lack of commitment to repairing the 761-display board.  (The phone rang.) I’d still need to get out the old pins in the board, solder on the extensions with new pins, then heat-shrink everything to avoid shorts and then….

EXCEPT!  I already had a display board on the way (thank you God for eBay for used components) this was how the screen door project actually got scheduled and done.

Which sort of brought us up to speed through Thursday.  Parts were due, door was in, Mama was happy…and there’d been enough rain it was worth a call to the county Judge’s office to see if the burn ban was off… (It wasn’t.)

The Radio Detective Adventures

The necessary board (from Hamguy123, a great seller of radio saving boards on eBay) showed up and quickly went into place.  Test firing it, no problems and it worked like a charm.

The next SNAFU came along during assembly.  The Compressor, Monitor, and Tune buttons didn’t work right.  If you have a good eye for electronic gremlins, you may notice that two of the switches in this view were missing the little white top extensions (unobtanium, ALP SPPH23079As) were nowhere to be found:  S11 and S12 don’t have them. Tuner button S13 of course had one. But 13 has always been my lucky number, doing 13-years on 1300 on the AM dial in news in Seattle.  But I digress…

About here I was getting frantic, but an email to Adam (prized eBay source) and he had one from another IC-761 so I was back in business.

The point (which we’re sneaking up on here) is that some pieces of equipment (like this old cherished Icom radio) have to be assembled in a precise order or it won’t go back together right.

Specifically, about 90 percent of the push buttons can go on after the front panel is mounted.  But in this view, there’s a missing button on the right:

The hole for the missing button under the AM button looks like this when the other 761 was assembled: (look lower right under the AM button again…see it?)

When pressed, that ivory (or “old man teeth color”) button makes the radio blurt out its frequency.  Useful for those with failing eyes – which I do know something about.

Now, I just have to cool my jets until Friday when the new board shows up.

And after that, my second hand Yaesu 920 may be revived with a power regulator board Adam was able to supply.

World has changed in the last 70-years.  (Like duh, right?)

While I get the most enjoyment out of component level repairs, they take time to accomplish.  The component counts on modern equipment have changed the radio restoration mode more to “board swapping” and then, if a board fixes something, you can do the component level work on that later, test, and pass it on via eBay.

Not for me, though.  I enjoy larger components and you get down into 800 (and smaller) Surface Mount components, well, the joy just sort of goes away.

Notwithstanding, it was an interesting learning experience to find which of the knobs have to go on before the panel goes on.  And which ones then press into position after.

I can imagine engineers in Japan having meetings to determine which buttons would be on the “secret list of “put on first” parts. Now that I know, maybe I can sell the secret on eBay or write the definitive guide to “Secrets to complex electro-mechanical assemblies…revenge for Nagasaki?”  We deserved it.

Or not.  A couple of shots of vodka and the blonde sounds like more fun. Easier on the eyes, too, come to think of it.

Write when you get rich, /ac7x/

64 thoughts on “ShopTalk Sunday: Doors, Drills, and Dials”

  1. One of these would fix you right up:

    You can find Chinesium look-alikes for under $100.

    However, this is tough, American made, cobalt steel. Price on it has fluctuated from under $400 to over $2200 over the past five years…

    Chicago Latrobe and Cleveland Forge are two of the few remaining old-time U.S. manufacturers of drill bits & cutters.

    …And “yes,” I HAVE used both the number and letter drills. I have one of these:

    except mine is 30 years older, and filled, because I thread lots of things, and never seemed to have the right tap or die when I needed it.

    BTW the #52 drill is the perfect size for resistor leads in PC boards, as is the #56 for electrolytics, tantalums, and many IC sockets…

      • We does what we can. My first PCB was for a homing transmitter I designed and built for an Estes, “½A” (tiny) nosecone for a multistage rocket I (also designed) and built when I was about 10. It was years before my Dad noticed the bottles of etchant and lacquer that showed up on his chemical shelf… Loved those m/l generic G-E TO-1, 2, 3, 18, and TO-92 cased transistors when they hit the hobby shelves at the local electronic parts emporiums.

        I was so excited when I bought my Sam’s TTL book I went to the hobby store and bought a tube of X-Acto drills (sizes 48-60) to start making my own stuff (BTW, drilling one of those old phenolic or Bakelite PCBs is an art. It is really easy to snag and rip the copper with the drill bit and ruin the board, if you feed the drill too quickly. I’ve known this for a long time. When I was 10-11 I still had it to learn, so I ruined about 3 boards for every one I successfully made.

        Without failure, there is no success…

  2. If critters ripping the screen on the door causes you heartburn, cut a piece of hardware cloth to fit and attach it to the door over the screen. You’ll still have the screen to keep out bugs, and the hardware cloth will protect the screen from clawed critters.

    • For heavy duty problems, go with a security steel door with bars and add a full length Lexan window (not acrylic or tempered), then cover with hardware cloth. Use an oversized 1/4″ thick plate steel strike plate, with 6″ timber screws.
      A crew of meth-head militia got through my garage security door a dozen years ago. In the end, one crawled through a garage window and they got on both sides of the door and bent the deadbolt enough to jack the door.
      A new and more robust deadbolt, and reconfiguration of the door to the above configuration has held ever since. I have also extended alarms to the garage.
      The gap distance between the door and the strike plate turns out to be very important. Adding the 1/4″ steel strike plate (custom from a local machine shop) reduced the distance to something harder to pry and/or jack.
      I got pictures of the duo with a game camera, including one with guy with his shirt off showing off his gang tattoos. The Sheriff’s investigator showed the pictures over half the county, but the only thing he heard from multiple sources was “they sure look familiar”. No one would rat them out.
      They sliced open the hardware cloth and acrylic window with clean cuts. An acquaintance who sold power tools identified a case one was carrying in one frame to be an electric air grinder, and from the look of the cuts, it was equipped with a diamond saw blade. The double keyed deadbolt thwarted that attack, forcing them to go through the window. Locks on the garage door kept them from getting it open.
      The amount of damage the two stooges did was appalling, and all they got away with was a portable generator.

      • My sympathies n____ I dealt with a similar situation for several months, and yes, meth was probably involved. Methheads are fast, focused, predatory, and psychopaths. Normal citizens are no match for them in real time without an equalizer and early warning.

    • That was how I did the vent screens at the ridge of my gables — makes it so the woodpeckers can’t create an opening for bugs, through the screen. The screen frames are 6/4. I mortised both sides, then built the screens with ½” hardware cloth on the outside, a ½” space, then galvanized screen on the inside.

  3. My grandfather was the “King Of Scroungers”. The shop and outbuildings were filled with all sorts of wonders and oddities. Like the 1955 Buick Special Convertible, red with white ragtop I found under a tarp when I was 14. It had a history. I digress, the backdoor off the porch into grandmas kitchen where the most delicious food imaginable came from was an old screen door gramps recovered from a demo project somewhere that had a Colonial Bread ad painted on it and used a coil spring as long as your arm as a closer. I’ll have that sound it made whenever it opened in my head forever. Skreeeeeeeeek slam.
    Finishing up a couple small projects at the house in town then heading back to the ranch. Think I slept maybe 20 minutes all night. Can’t wait to get out of this town and I think youngest son is ready to get the house back to himself after I gave him a hard time about his housekeeping and how it was good his mom did not accompany me this time.
    Stay safe. 73

    • I knew a guy… I am kind of a scrounger LOL..
      but in our small community there was a guy.. if you had something to get rid of.. you took it to him.. yup put it in that building or that pile.. if you needed something you went to him.. oh its in that pile or building..
      then he died.. his wife was frantic.. this guy had five acres of piles of stuff..the auctioneer said don’t worry.. we will sell it all.. so he started to unload pile after pile advertised it all over the country people came from everywhere.. they would bid on a box of junk.. then take what they wanted and leave.. the box would go back into the lineup..when the television station changed .. the whole studio went to one of his piles.. the telephone company same thing.. in the television show little house on the prairy the telephone operators station that harriet nelson used came from that pile so did the phones..
      and many many more old movies sets..
      she went from living in a run down mobile home from the fifties to being a multi millionaire from those piles..

  4. “Something wicked this way comes!”

    R U Sirius ?

    No joke – no hocus pocus .

    The “lumminous” event in Humanities future is here – pending..buffering. Can not be stopped- it is manifesting as I type .
    You all can feel it, whether you recognize it or not.
    Peeps thought it was the Heat, the Allergies..NO. The “event” that has been blocking Viewers for many years now is pending..2-3 months away, maybe.

    Like 9/11 event – so much NRG’s are expended and released simultaneously as to overwhelm all else out there. Source workers – Sorcerers/Sourcerers are really feeling it now a days- referring to this event as exponentially larger than 9/11.

    Andzo – We are all being afforded an unique opportunity to FIGHT back against the Darkness. Become aware of the pending diabolical deed planned for/on CONNUS.

    Talk about it, ponder the ramifications, ask others if they can “feel” anything.

    “They” will tell US it was natural event (s).. and we already know who will be buying those lines of bullshit, as Fear of Reality too much for many to handle at this point in the Games’ “Overtime” period.

    ? If it is an “overtime” period we find ourselves living in..When do the Penalty Shots start, and more importantly Who gets to take em ?

    I got a whole Arsenal (Go Gunners!) of different penalty “shots”, and would like to volunteer my services..even though swore 2 Never Again Volunteer Yourself.

    Put me IN – Im awake, and ready to PLAY!
    To The Shooters:

  5. Drill bit gauge, Chineseum multi packs available on eBay.
    I keep one at the bench, one in the tool bit cabinet and one in my portable bit/screw box.

  6. Hey George,

    Just curious if your pictures are from a phone or a “real camera”? They are very good pictures!

      • Thanks George. I looked it up and it’s going for $120. That’s not bad. I might get one. I do a little deer hunting and have used my phone in the past to take pictures of the different critters that pass by while I’m waiting for the big one. The phone take ok pictures but not great ones.

  7. For future reference, it should be possible to purchase Alpine SPP-J series (surface-mount, right angle) switches from some place like Mouser ( ) and cannibalize them to acquire switch-actuators which will replace the missing ones on S11 and S12 (the underside is the same, the length may be different), or if’fn a body has a 3D scanner & a printer that’ll handle nylon, they can disassemble S13 and…

    Never allow an external circumstance to limit your internal thought. God made us limitless — learn to accept no less…

    • I’ve got the 3d printers and nylon and the steel nozzles but what I don’t have is time.
      $25 from Adam (hamguy123) plus a few bux shipping. Remember, age and time are my enemies – spend too much time creationing, lol

      • I know, but I utterly hate words like “can’t” and “unobtanium,” even though I myself occasionally use the latter. I take it as a personal affront, and a personal challenge.

      • From one of the wisest men I ever met and an expert at stating the obvious:

        “Don’t waste time, yet don’t be a slave of time”. Prem Rawat

  8. All my doors and screen doors are Larson from Lowes. I had two I brought to our current home, and had to go back and order three more to keep consistent. Didn’t realize it when ordering, but the detailed beveled square/rectangle spaces were different. I’m the only one who really noticed, so I considered it a success anyways. We are currently getting kickplates to protect them as my husband is in a wheelchair now. I have no complaints about either screen or steel doors. Never liked the ones Menards sells, and home Depot wants too much these days.

    On a different note, we found out the basement isn’t water proof. Expensive lesson as I’ve lost several irreplaceable books. Some dating from 1900s in unique subject matters.

    • Are those books sufficiently undamaged that you could dry each page and scan it? It’s no longer the original, but the value of the content could be preserved. Alternatively, it’s possible that someone may have already scanned theirs – copyrights don’t apply prior to 1923 and sometimes more recently. There are sites on the net that index and host these things. Many host illegal copies, but in your case that doesn’t apply.

      • We’ve borrowed two large dehumidifiers from a friend and attempting to dry what can be saved. The ones unsalvageable are total losses, but I h9e to find some via antiquarian book sellers online. I’ve calmed considerably since it’s happened. I was an utter mess for the first day as I put so much value in unique hardcover books. The kids don’t get it, but when their wifi streaming is lost, then they’ll understand, I suppose.

        • The books are likely “technically” ruined, but you may be able to salvage the information they contain.

          If the pages still have enough structural integrity that you can open them, you can insert wax paper between each. This will prevent terminal inkbleed.

          I have tried both baking (heat convection oven to 150°, turn off, insert book and let set until oven has returned to room temperature) and dehumidifying — neither works satisfactorily.

          Does UE have an Art Department? I know both IU and Ball State do, and Earlham College in Rishmond should have a lab whose specialty is saving and restoring books, since that is where the Quaker genealogy library is located (Quakers footnote their Bibles extensively with births, weddings, deaths, weather & farm reports, events, etc. and the Family Bible is always passed from eldest son to eldest son.) When a Bible is full or a line dies out, the Bible is sent to Earlham…

        • My favorite books I have are the little green readers the school kids had at the end of the 19th century into the 20th. The favorite above all is “Stephenson’s Treasure Island”. It’s written so that you can actually experience the accents and it’s not watered down like today’s books. It’s downright spicy in places. I also love the kids’ writings in them over time.


  9. George, I’m denied access to yesterday’s posting. Has my subscription expired? Can’t find your email.

  10. Well the other day.. I went shopping.. we needed a couple bottles of bleach.. and some cream.. what shocked me at the time was that there was a run on the stores for stuff.. there wasn’t any bleach at all anywhere.. none of the stores had any at all.. no cream and they were even out of milk people were raiding the isles like piranha .. I was shocked at it.. I hadn’t heard anything.. went in the next day still no bleach.. so I decided it was time to make some.. put a cup of salt in each of the gallon jugs.. and filled it with water.. give it a gentle shake every day well today the salt is all in the water so it is bleach day..

    I have to make four gallons.. so that is what I am doing.. making bleach today it takes about four hours to make a complete gallon electrolyzed .. I do have to pick up some rock salt for winter.. not just for bleach making but for winters ice on the sidewalk..
    you can buy a bleach jug or sprayer.. they are awesome..
    you can make one easy enough..a gallon and a half jug to probes and a twelve volt power supply..
    now these spray bottles are great.. but you have to put some vaseline on the threads of the bottle..that hooks onto the electrolysis unit.. simple fast efficient.. and you have a nice bleach spray bottle..

    • Dude Loob,

      You got Ure cart before da horse. Lye Soap brother Loob, lye soap is bees knees, the cats meow..

      Picture if you will, Granny Clampet out by the cement pond, black caldron, tripod..some wood Ashes, leftover cooking Fats

      2lb tallow, 10 oz pure filtered water, 4.4 oz lye. * always pour lye into water. This mixture will get real hot all by itself , lye/water mix will burn (nuckleheads). Best part – no chems, girly man perfumes, dyes. Basic schemes. Lye calculator recommended.

      – gather the extended family around a football Sunday for a Soap making and BBQ party.
      Forgotten technology it bee a Ggggreat all around cleaner- & works wonders on drying out vicious case poison oak..don’t ask. ; )

      • ALSO, always make it outdoors. The vacuous stench from cooking the stuff down in not conducive to life.

        I have over 100 essential oils for scenting soap and candles (making the two are complementary arts) but for the most part, just use coconut oil or tallow with little or no scent.

      • LOL LOL I make soap to.. but not lately..
        I showed the older grandkids how soap was made.. and how to make lye..
        it acually costs more to get the ingredients for soap than to buy soap.. it is that way for a lot of things.. Cheese.. fun to make.. easy to make.. but the time it takes to make it.. and the cost to make it.. same thing with chocolate .. easy to make.. but cheaper to buy it.. when it goes hyper inflation though.. I can make most of the creature comforts that we all take for granted..
        Its like making lace.. now if I am at a second hand store and see OLD LACE.. I buy it.. the reason .. lace was made by hand.. very tedious.. and it was made as a creature comfort and one of love for a family or friend.. like the old quilts.. they took a long time to make and was made by hand.. I do tease the wife that she should take the dog fur that the dog sheds and make yarn with it.. LOL LOL I tease her about that a lot.. then the grand daughter was thinking of getting a sheep for wool.. so I brought out the spinning wheel LOL LOL LOL set it up.. and the wife walks in and says.. YOU KNOW YOUR NOT AS FUNNY AS YOU THINK YOU ARE… LOL LOL..

  11. George
    In regards to No-Nick wire strippers. The original wen site I quoted no longer works.
    Fear Not.
    Amazon is a source of these tools made by Miller-Ripley.
    The two strippers I use are part numbers:
    NN014 for 30 AWG
    NN016 for 28 AWG

    The technique that I find works best is to position the wire in the cutting jaws lightly. Hold onto the wire on the wire spool side with small pliers. Then apply light cutting pressure to the jaws. Then push the stripper and pliers apart. Don’t try to strip more than an inch at a time.
    You will find that Tefzel wire strips easier than Teflon.
    Vector still sell wire wrap wire if you need some. Digikey for that.
    Ribbon cable can be stripped also with good results. Spend some time stripping some scrap wire to get the feel of it. As you close the jaws you can feel the cut. Stop at that point. Remove the wire jacket.
    Remember working with this fine wire is like brain surgery not ditch digging, nice and easy works better. Buy new strippers. A lot of the tools on eBay are used junk. Go have some fun!

  12. On those drill bit sets…
    I have several, but buy some stroke of weirdness, the 1/8 bits always seem to disappear from them

  13. You CAN make a difference. Public commentary time on ATF’s new rule about needing an FFL to sell even one gun –

    “We Dare Not Keep Silent”: ATF Releases Anti-Gun Rule For Public Comment

    Erich Pratt, Senior Vice President for Gun Owners of America, said:

    “It’s been said time and again: ‘The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.’ The anti-gun Left would love nothing more than for gun owners to think their activism accomplishes nothing. But that’s a horrid lie. Our activism has … does … and will continue to make a difference. We dare not keep silent, or we will have only ourselves to blame when our freedoms are taken from us.”

  14. George,

    With a low on the last Friday the Wilshire composite 8/18/2023 the fractal model of (6/15/1 of 15 days) remains intact with an expected interim low on 5 October. Observe that the trend line of the 15 day subfractal 2 from its low valuation on day 1 on 8/25 to its low on day 15, 9/15, is below the lows of all intervening days.

    The Wilshire composite end date matches a Bank of Shanghai 6/27/2023 (10/25/25/1 of 15 day) fractal series with an expected low on 5 October.

    The Dax (DX:DAX) is following a 5/31/2023 (27/52 of 66-67 day) subfractal 1 and subfractal 2 series with an expected low on 5-6 October.

    After being in control for 8 months, will the hapless republican congress at least pass a reasonable CR (without riders) to fund the military or will they take the Tuberville US military destruction approach and completely gut the US military? I served with the marines in 2003; this is the first time the Corps hasn’t had a Commandant in over 110 years. The political gamesmanship Senate hold rule allowing one idiot senator to gut the military’s senior leadership for the stupidity created by the Supreme Court by has to go.

  15. oh the pnumatic door event earlier this week with a differernt george. we load off a tipple. george is the tipple operater. i call him tipple george. now i see why ya didnt post the comment as it relates to todays arrticle. hmmm. funny.

    george, is that a left handed door handle set up? if so, i only know one other person who doese that. my father. because he was a builder for 30 years. and in his house. all the doors are hung upside down. so they have a left handed door handle. because my mother and him are both left handed. lol.

    so if you are stumbling around their house as a guest looking for the light switch or the door handle in the dark? it on the left hand side. most set ups are geared for right handed people.

    when you argue with him about it. he will say, no you are backwards. not me. left handed people are the only people in their right mind. lol

    maybe its the picture mirrored in ure post. but it looks like a left handed door handle set up. which ive never seen anywhere but my folks house. lol

    a note for P-Bob. an hour glass is the shape of infinity. one might have never considered this but ***** the sand that moves through the skinny spot to the other side first, is the last to move through the skinny section when the hour glass (shaped like infinity) is turned over.

    which is biblical scripture. “many who were first will be last and many who were last will be first.”

    hour glasses. marvelous teachers. even the name is a metaphore.

    i noted something interesting george.

    the last 4 times i have come on urban surival and then left to do whatever/ advenute/ ponder and live the Andy life. to return and see whats up.

    i win the powerball.

    all 4 times, ive won the powerball when i came back and said hello. and a few othet times i hit big some other random scratch ticket or some other random thing happens and i find money.

    when i first came back on here. i posted a comment. then i had to head to work. i stopped at the only street light in town and the wind blew a $1 scratch ticket (someone dropped??) titled, Lucky Day in the window of my cqr and it landed on my lap. i checked it after work. $100 winner. lol.

    but weird stuff like that happens all the time in Andys world.

    i just noticed, every time i return to urban surivial and comment after a period of not commenting.

    i win the powerball. jackpot*

    i havent checked my numbers yet. but i know i won.

    intersting discovery.

    hmmm. the goat is gone. lady of the ranch said, i gave him away. he was too loud and asshole. i said asshole? she said yeah he ate all the chicken feed, my socks, the dog food and the cat food and half my flowers. i said in a day? she said yep. lol.

    well, it was nice to meet him. i wish him the best.

    left handed door. only seen that one other place.

    on to adventure. see ya around.

  16. hmmmmm maybe its just a new tempo and rythem im in. not sure, yet. but it has estabilished a pattern enough for me to recognize.

    you know, about those people i know with all that money. i wouldnt trade my life for theirs. but id love to have all that money they have.

    i love my life and my spiritual bank account makes the rothchilds financial fortune look like a bag of circus peanuts.

    but you know what i mean. it would be nice to buy 40 to 100 acres in wyoming, build my dream home on it, with solar yada yada yada and a small cabin full of books and supplys hidden upon it way off on the corner of the property, in another spot and pay cash.

    but i hold all that stuff with open hands to THE DUDE. because HE may have other ideas. and since HE knows thw stuff i dont. i go with HIS plan every time.

    $7.49 for a loaf of gluten free bread today at the store on the shelf. i posted a pic of it on my X-man accout.

    a sign of the times.

  17. something new just happend. at the exact moment i came on here to make a comment. a song started playing

    ~ International harvester ~

    craig morgan.

    i didnt start it. it just came on spotify and i dont use that app on this phone.

    perhaps i have finally had a breathrough in the rythem and frequency of “luck”.

    perhaps it is ~ write when you get rich ~

    some other anomallys that would probably make the hair stand up on the back of most peoples necks occured since my last comment. but im quite used to whoo woo stuff.


    all right.

  18. oh you are awake.

    time wave zero has resurfaced lately. im not sure why. did we ever figure out what the “complex attractor” was?

    its been a long while since ivw read any of terranced mckennas stuff. most people now days have no idea who he even was. and people dont like that much anymore these days. its differnt form of dialog than say 90’s Valley soccor Mom. hahah.

    i read his theory again. this part stuck out at me.

    “From that point of
    view , the shaman begins to look like the advance guard of a new kind of human being, a human being
    that is as advanced over where we are as we are advanced over people a million years ago.”


    the “complex attractor. ” could be AI becoming self aware. in 2012. which we could have had AI since then.

    hmmmmmm. i mean the “complex attracter” could me.


    not sure why time wave zero theory has resurfaced. but it most certainly has crossed my mind quite a few times latley. so much so, i finally said outloud. okay fine! i will go have a look.

    i-ching wave theory. hmmm.

  19. nobody these days uses language like Terrance McKenna did. Terrance is famous for saying,

    ~ the world is made of words~

    the only reason I placed myself in the group of potential “complex attracter” potentialities, is

    my name is written in an ancient language that spans back 4 cataclysm.

    which is kinda weird. spelled Aundy.

    and a Sharman showed up that day I heard the whisper on the wind during covid and stood in the dirt well, in the “center of the universe.”

    hmmmmmm. well, I have other things to think about. and do. just find it odd that I haven’t thought about time wave zero in a very long time and it came up quite a bit lately.

    and some of it syncs with other puzzle pieces like learning the language of creation. the hopi prophecy stone etc. etc.


    okay, see ya when I see ya.

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