Bottom to Fall Out?

We are entering a critical 10-day window now.  Yes, it is the economy, stupid.  And despite the hype, there’s a real lack of solid growth and anything that could be sold to the marginally aware as opportunity.

A few headlines, of course.  But our main focus on weekends is mainly on the charts.  And for me personally? How to put the next 2 percent a week on the book and doing it more often.

Oh,  for the math challenged: 2 percent a week compounds t0 280 percent per year.  And crazy as it seems, we have readers to do even better than this.

Two worlds out there: Living to work while the evil twin features working to live.

Now, let’s review the opening of the Puetz Window.

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64 thoughts on “Bottom to Fall Out?”

  1. Another good one George. Well done as usual. I sent my REUP check yesterday morning. More than well worth the scratch.
    On the road again, this weekend. My last Uncle passed away a couple nights ago. 99 years old, still living in his house. We had conversations over the past couple years about assisted living and getting his finances, north of 2m in line in order but he was extremely private and stubborn. I had his healthcare POA while my sister, thankfully since I really don’t have time or patience right now, is appointed executor of his will. Let the probate and shyster games begin.
    The point here is just to let folks know to get those insurance policies, bank accounts, houses, real estate, Power of Attorney for healthcare and finances, wills, yada yada yada in place now. Try to find a Shys.. I mean attorney now too. You will be glad you did.
    Also will stop at the house and visit the youngest son to tell him he needs to come to the ranch for his semester break or sooner possibly. This is not a request, his mom said. And a resupply stop at a friends shop to pick up some 45-70 and other niceties.
    Stay safe. 73

    • It is worth the time and effort to AVOID probate.

      We did for one parent.

      The other parent assigned an attorney to execute the will, first bid $6k, final bill, $60k, they made bank by witholding timely info, and dividing the beneficiaries.

      it was an education in criminality watching those shysters steal.

    • “timely” advice – speaking from experience…get all accounts in which there is Money/Assets/Stocks/Bonds/Brokerage – anything and everything that does Not have Beneficiaries already assigned..TOD on all accounts. Transfer On Death.

      There is nothing the attorney’s can do about TOD, they really hate it, will never tell/suggest it to heirs. Request TOD forms from brokerages/money managers..
      You and Ure heirs will be happy you did.

  2. ZH now requires a membership to view their best articles:

    The mid-summer slowdown has hit late at the office. Panic hasn’t set in, but reduced hours will rear it’s head if it goes on too long. Working for an outfit with very limited debt is a two edged affair.
    I don’t fear work interruptions the way I did when I was younger. Medicare is my back-up, and with SS on the horizon, subsistence off of investments is relatively easy with 5% interest available and limited risk. Still, I would rather be earning money doing work I enjoy, rather than draining savings. The last time I was at home for an extended period, I pretty much broke even with one good trade, but it took some time to set it up. In the current environment, equity and PM trading is about to get tough to make a living on.

  3. Great Post…

    “Want a waffle for breakfast? How about WATCH: White House addresses possibility of pardoning Hunter Biden for first time since federal indictment? ”

    what was it I predicted… NOT ONE THING WILL COME FROM ANY OF IT.. its a pony show for votes.. with the dual standards and they have what after this week four congressional working days to act on it..Congress can’t act on anything in ten years oh heck lets say twenty years.. they don’t read or write a thing they vote on.. they work what two days a week and one of those days is questionable.. well three days a week but heck we know they are never working the first day they are there.. heck they if they show up are trying to get reaquainted with the chair in the office LOL..
    then before any of this that woman was asked a year or so ago.. was there a pardon..she said YES.. so we knew before anyone even questioned anything that nothing was going to happen.. its a dead horse issue that they are dragging around the campaign arena for votes..
    Now if it was any of US.. or any regular citizen There would be serious prison time.. If we snuck in and harbored foreign warriors illegally.. well you get the idea.. The prisons are filled with examples of the dual standards of law..

  4. Moonular Dude, why its called lunacy.

    Ure bearish bias is plane for all to sea.
    Makes sense the bearish bias, as we was Selling Rosh Hashanah,premarket-9/15)…and maybe, just maybe Buy sum Yum Kippers! NERP! maths sayz 2 negs do a positive make.

    Speaking of Kippers,Sardines,Grunions ( and Stegte Sild – how does a Dane like Ureself get along in West Texas outback with nary an Ochin in sight ? Salted ? Dried? Smoked..all of the above?

    Guess youse all dont get to do too much cuba diving or norkling neither..
    ..”whoa hoa ohh” = lessons.

    Dont know G – landlubbers seem very confuzzled – not knowing who or what is in control – and thats just it – there is none..Lord help us all when the world populations finally figure this out and realize we are all Wild Childs..

    “they ” are terrified WE will come together, and break free of the Frequency/Prison..shhhhhhh, look what happenz to all the “peace makers. Know why they dont have Halloween in India ? A- No more Ghandi ! bwahahahaahahahahahah

    Imagine – -got Him too .

    Campers know how to preserve Fish ? How 2 Catch em ? When going thru training at the HR Stackhouse School of Fisheries Conservation and Watercraft Safety in Bellefonte PA – I used to walk by a historic photoeveryday from Depression era, hundreds of hungry Peeps lined up every morning outside the entry gates to Spring Creek area for chance to catch next meal. That image/picture is burned into my memory banks’- permanant like.

  5. “Law enforcement just doesn’t seem to apply to the rich, does it? Big Money or a dad in the Oval. Pretty fox-uniformed imitation of a democratic republic, anymore.”

    My daughter married a boy from a wealthy family.. anyway she got pregnant.. he didn’t want any kids.. once a week he would make a trip back home to help them with their business.. and one day the daughter was going to ride with him to the store to get a gallon of milk.
    he didn’t turn towards the store..but kept going.. when she reminded him he missed the corner.. he started to beat her in the head telling her how he was going to kill her.. ( he had a kill kit in the car) and was going to cut the baby out and chop it up and burn it in a ditch.. then do the same thing to her.. but he wanted her to see him kill the baby..
    the good thing was it was a mini blizzard .. and he couldn’t find a spot.. she finally got her hand loose and turned the key off then while he was trying to gain control of it jumped from the car going eighty miles an hour.. dragged a short distance.. he had pulled her clothes off as she jumped trying to keep her in the car.. she got up and started to run a woman having seen all of the action of her jumping from the car.. stopped to get her and called the police.. they rushed her to the hospital where they did a catscan and discovered a tumor.. ( this is when they call me..) they caught him.. he had taken a whole bottle of pills and was in the er room next to hers so an officer stood guard and contacted me..
    They didn’t even give him a wreckless driving ticket.. his family was politically connected and no one wanted to upset mom or dad over a boo boo like that.. come to find out.. he had tried it two times previously.. but because of the social class he came from and his parents political alignments.. he still walks free.. if he hasn’t succeeded in what he feels about women.. the laws are not for those in the upper social classes.. the prison populations around the country will tell you that..
    The view of power is .. how powerful are you when you can get the directors of agencies to simply tell under oath a congressman they refuse to answer any of their questions without claiming the fifth.. get them to destroy evidence and lie..

  6. Bottom to fall out,,, ya talkin money circle jerk of feral reserve notes ,,, what about votes/ballots as legal tender

    I AM talking TREASON by the FBI to influence elections
    in the Mi Gov Whitmer case

    we have a run away feral corp government, that needs to be put down
    and reinsertion of paper ballots only, no computerized, scamable machines,
    who can stand/will stand for the people against Goliath?
    will Trump slingshot a simple stone , to take down the monster that rules US and is destroying our home land, destroying our children’s future to be free and prosper, into a nightmare future

    are ya all ready? for what needs to happen and I believe is happening
    unprepared folks will panic
    Storm Warnings come and folks prepare and shelter.
    We were warned in Jan 2017

    Samson took down the demons temple by pushing down the two stone columns of support,,, FBI/CIA
    Jack tried to take them out, the game is still afoot.

    Go Team,,, Team Trump,,, remember how they took power from Samson and then he regrew his power,

      • AMEN to disobedience. We need to be more creative in how we do it and apply it.
        I have all kinds of friends who talk privately of kinetic actions.
        There is too much surveillance any more to organize anything massive and kinetic. Your phone, your computer, any communications.
        We all have to start thinking strategically and individually, what can I do, by myself, to throw sand in the gears of the leviathan?
        I am a chem E, there is all kind of stuff I could do, but there is simple stuff, shutting a valve here, throwing switch there, that people have access to, and never think about, what would that do?
        Also think about Location, Location, Location.
        When I was born almost 70 years ago the USA had 158MM people. Now it has 335MM. One thing has not changed, 90% of those people live 100 miles or less from salt water. They live in a blue stripe down the Atlantic coast, a stripe around the Gulf Coast, and a stripe up the Pacific coast. This is what the Blob will want to control. The other 33.5 MM of us live in the middle, but we have and control all the food and water sources, if we think about it. And we are too spread out to control much. They can do a Waco or a Randy Weaver on us, but people in our area are more aware now. The last time the Blob wanted to do that to a cattle rancher the neighbors came to his aid and pretty well stopped it.
        I think the best way to combat it if we all wanted to protest would be a general strike, where there was no work or especially, commerce for a week or two.
        Cut off all the sales taxes and you would at least get the attention of all the state capitals.
        That in turn would make some of the crap roll up hill for once.
        But don’t plan on being the guy to do a Pickets Charge and be the first guy at the fence yelling, “Y’all follow me!” But if the blob decides to do a “show trial” storming of a neighbor, don’t stay in your home. Take a rifle, not an assault rifle, but something benign looking with some knock down like a .30-30 and go watch. I’m fond of saying, what is the cyclic rate of fire of 200 Win 94s going off at the same tiime? If your daughter is raped by a trannie at school, don’t go to the school board meeting by your self. Count on there being a half dozen to a dozen officers there, so you bring 25 friends your size. When they try to remove you, remove them. And bring a couple to block the exit so the Board can’t leave out the back way. Then tell them they have to listen.
        They will not want the political fit to hit their shan from shooting a parent at a meeting.
        There are ways to do this, but start small, individual, and not on line.

      • i used to have a survival shirt that said, “A man with a can and a plan.”

        and it had a picture with a can of beans on it and the siluette of an Ar-15.

        i always liked that slogan.

        “A Man with a can and a plan”.

        true words to live by.

      • Make ‘em the blue roof color, orange and yellow flames with black lettering. Simple and bold gets it done.

        Don’t say i never gave you nuthin’


    • We’ve had our IP down in quite a few counties all of yesterday and through this morning so I was going through some old videos I downloaded. One was of JSnip and Penny Kelly from early December 2019. I thought I’d see how her Remote Viewing predictions panned out from there and was surprised at her hit list. It’s probably in JSnip’s list of videos from ‘way back then but one idea Penny came out with when she was talking about what was to come and what We, The Little People can do about it would be to have “No Trasaction Days” where NObody bought or sold anything. The only people to go to work would be those employed by utility companies and other critical fields like Medical people and Law Enforcement. Three days of economic shut down would at least get the attention of TPTB and subsequent shutdowns days later to drive the point home. Given the big tax increases we’ve experienced around here could well prove to push a lot of people in that direction and, for a low population county like ours, have an outsized effect that other more densely populated areas wouldn’t feel until more people participated. If there was ever a good use for FaceBook and other online social gatherings this would be it! With all the other strikes being called across America the American wage earner and consumer could and SHOULD have the biggest influence out there! It could also help the lower income people save a bit rather than giving in to all the impulse buying they usually do.

  7. I have been rather aggressive in my trading this year [ I have a plan..] All in options trading. [ Which I DO NOT recommend for the faint of heart.] As of yesterday I have not had a single loosing trade. [ Which is a record for me. I average roughly one ‘Ooopps’.., every 40 days.] My ROG [ Return on Gambling ] just topped 400% with my Friday close-out. [Another record.] This officially beats my old record, set just last year. When you don’t have to rely on making a spendable income, [ pulling funds to pay the bills.] and can compound your winnings back into the next trade [ all winnings go back into the pile.] – it adds up rather fast.
    Someone asked if I could do this with millions in the account [?]. Probably not. As then I would be dealing with other people’s money., other people’s future., and that would put an over-bearing weight and layer of uber-caution that I don’t currently have. It’s like making a trade recommendation – I don’t and can’t do that. It makes me responsible for your money [ In my view, anyway.] I didn’t make you take the trade., but I did encourage and guide you to do it – that’s on me.., and I don’t want that responsibility – I have a hard enough time being responsible with my bourbon !
    I see a big drop coming in the markets and I think it will be triggered by an event – not fundamentals / technicals [ the market has ignored both those this whole year.] I am not positive on ‘exactly’ when., but I have my suspicions., and I am setting up to make a very large trade [ in Options ] for when the time comes.
    – “Ya gotta be right., and you gotta be fast.”
    “Stay Frosty ! ” Corporal Hicks / Colonial Marine

  8. 100 days until Christmas.

    “pardoned himself of all crimes that might be alleged during his term in office”

    Trump indicated he could have pardoned himself before leaving office.

    Yesterday Newsweek speculated, “Trump May Have ‘Secretly’ Pardoned Himself While…”

    You know how the Boomerang works. We’re going to find out if pardoning before leaving office works for Biden & the boy. And it will work because Reps are softened and basically on board so when it happens for Dems they won’t be able to say much.

    The Internet will ‘break’ that day.

    Crow Calling Cawing Sound Effects – 10 Hours

    • Thanks for reminding me, OOW Steve.
      That 100 days would be a Dandy time for everyone to implement their general strike on commerce.

  9. “Bottom to Fall Out?”

    What most people don’t realize is, it already has. We’ve been seeing it for years. We’re just sand in the hourglass feeling gravity of it all.

    Prove me wrong. I’ll wait.

    • “Prove me wrong. I’ll wait.”

      why would they need to we already all know that your right..
      I believe that the only reason we are still afloat is the water on the table..plastic.. people are using plastic.. as the water dries up the noodle will pull apart.
      giving or dumping more water on the table.. the noodle dissolves and we become like Argentina or Zimbabwe where it takes wheelbarrows full to buy anything.. a Weimar depression..

  10. The Federal Reserve has recorded over $100 billion in losses, according to data released by the central bank. These losses are projected to increase significantly.

    What Happened: The U.S. Federal Reserve is paying out more in interest costs than its earnings from bond interests and financial sector services. Experts predict that this trend, which began a year ago, could see the losses double to $200 billion by the end of next year.
    Despite these losses, the Fed maintains that: – “… its ability to conduct monetary policy and achieve its goals remains unimpaired.”
    Our Number One, most influential ‘Bank’ is operating in the Red, from their own rate policies. That is a very odd light shining down unto the economy.
    Has this ever happened before? What were the consequences ? I have a pretty good memory and I don’t believe I have ever heard / seen this before. Maybe, way back – under Carter ?

    • Good find. Is there more to the story? This is the stuff that triggers int’l bank runs and talk of alternate reserve currencies…

    • “Has this ever happened before? What were the consequences ? ”

      yup .. the Weimar depression
      The fall of Roman empire..
      There are Riches to Rags stories..
      “Plato and Aristotle believed that greed, and desires for material wealth, would come at the expense of one’s ethics — and that, “Greed would be at the root of personal immorality”

      “One of Confucius’ most important principles is the supremacy of virtue. He argues that acting ethically in all transactions is is paramount, more important than striving to make money. He would be shocked at the way unfettered greed has poisoned Wall Street”

      “Sariputra, one of the Buddha’s chief disciples, was once asked, “What is nirvana?” He answered, “The destruction of greed, the destruction of anger, the destruction of delusion—this is nirvana.”

      “The world has enough for everyone’s need, but not enough for everyone’s greed.
      Mahatma Gandhi”

      what is in your wallet of life..


        – right hand side of site..Pictures of Daoist Saints painted by Dr Yan, using a masters brushes – said he picked up masters energy and utilized to paint the set .
        Paintings of Daoist Saints..Damo, Lord Lao, Confucius, divine farmer Shengnong, ZhongKui (Teaches ghosts not to play tricks,known as Shoki in Japan) Auspicious Dragon/Deer/Horse/Mountains..
        Pictures in right hand corner change as you click index items..There is nrg & information within the paintings, for you to enjoy.

    • “Has this ever happened before? What were the consequences ? I have a pretty good memory and I don’t believe I have ever heard / seen this before. Maybe, way back – under Carter ?”

      I believe that Jimmy Carter had the right idea.. he had a tax plan that if it had been inacted the way he wanted it…everyone would have felt a little sting but not a ka-pow…INSTEAD…From what I had read Congress threw Jimmy under the bus in 78 and passed what is usually referred to as the millionaire releif act.They gave themselves one hell of a raise as well.. as I was having to work day labor to survive. and the middle class was thrown under the bus of politics.. double digit inflation and then was voted out of office..
      Ronald Reagan got into office and he thought.. business leaders were similar to the business leaders of his youth.. and if you gave them money they would hire more and restart the velosity of cash again.. so Trickle down.. the only problem with trickle down is it didn’t trickle.. It became similar to water left in a jug.. it got stagnent and started to Rot..the banks were failing and about to fail so we started to bail them out..using money borrowed..he gave stimulous tax rebates to entice people to spend then sent industry outside the usa to get cheaper products so people would spend..
      We are there now.. congress printed up trillions of dollars to rebuild better.. but nothing came from it .. no real new jobs.. people are hurting worse than ever.. and the price of a building that sold for fifteen grand next door to us.. is now worth over a half million dollars..utilities food costs its all about to explode in price.. companies have to increase prices just to maintain production.. if wages don’t go up accordingly the velocity falters.. if a company doesn’t make enough to maintain building costs.. it has to do one of several things.. you cut hours on the employees.. take a nursing home.. if there are three beds down.. in a nursing home.. everyone loses a half hour of time.. you still have to be there but everyone loses a half hour of wages.. if there are four beds down in a facility of two hundred beds.. you lose an hour of pay per day.. five beds and above.. the fall witch hunt begins.. and they start dumping the older higher paid employees.. it is the same at a manufacturing plant.. that is why in the eighties I had to work six jobs just to get enough hours and pay to scratch by.. while refugees were guaranteed full hours..
      now we took that to far and I believe that the only thing keeping the sinking USA TITANIC from the graff and waste of those in power is PLASTIC.. to much water the noodle falls apart from expansion.. ( Weimar, Argintina , Greece, Zimbabwe, France, Rome etc.. the list is huge look at any civilization that imploded from their own greed and you got it)
      But.. everyone blames Biden.. it isn’t totally Bidens fault.. its really Congress’s fault.. they should be reading what they are voting on.. then do like our forfathers wanted a diverse crowd to read ,, debate then decide by their moral convictions.. the left the right.. both separate but the same goals for their people.. not what we see today..
      ignorant clueless and no connections to the people they supposedly serve..
      And for Biden hell he hasn’t ever had to work.. he has sat at the trough of DC free money his whole life.. He came from a family where dad was affluent then lost it.. my guess is he pushed the notion that the only thing that mattered is the coin not the surrounding environment.. Delaware.. phew.. they use to make sad comments about Arkinsas but hell Delaware they have to be the stupidest people on the planet.. how could they even think there was any substance there worth voting for.. but heck that is delawares problem… the big thing I see is similar to my fathers rule on cars.. you have to buy your own car.. pay your own gas and maintenance costs..the reason he gave is.. If you have to pay for it.. maintain it, and put all the money you have into it.. then you won’t abuse it because you know how much it will cost if you do..
      Biden hasn’t ever had a job.. he never had to work for anything.. he lives in luxury gets money tossed at him.. countries throwing millions and millions at him just for him to say yeah sure you betcha your idea is mine..
      so how can you trust anyone with funds to manage when you have no experience managing funds on a real world living situation.. you cannot.. I cannot fathom what a homeless person experiences.. nor can I imagine what it is like to live in total luxury.. the dips and bumps along the road happen to everyone in one way or another.. we learn from them I see my dips and bumps as learning experience.. mine were tough enough that I decided that rather than wallow in self pity I would learn to make the things that made my families quality of life.. move on forward .. remember the past live for the future..
      they have a few choices.. give out more stimulous or tighten it up.. but the noodle gets it either way..

      • One thing…

        “then sent industry outside the usa to get cheaper products so people would spend..”


        NAFTA and GATT were foist on us under Bush41 and signed into law by Mr. Clinton. Mr. Reagan did not export jobs.

        A lot of stuff gets blamed on Presidents, which is not their fault, or is something about which they have no control. A lot of stuff which can be blamed on a President, isn’t: Mr. Clinton did not have to sign NAFTA, and later GATT into law; Mr. Carter did not have to give away the piece of United States territory called the “Panama Canal Zone…”

        …but they did, and the consequences are THEIR fault.

  11. White House says Biden won’t pardon Hunter Biden if convicted on gun charges.
    The charges could carry a 10-year sentence if convicted.
    [ The Hill – an hour ago..,]

    • Biden is a politician, and has never been known for telling the truth. He can and has changed his mind when convenient.

    • lol lol yeah Right lol lol
      if that was true why does he have every single agency on their side.
      what appears to be destruction of evidence covering over illegal actions and activities.
      selling access and compliance of the highest offices of our government..moneyaundering not reporting income.. If that was any of us we would spend decades behind bars.. people that sell information to foreign governments or agents of those countries usually get charged lately.. those exposing those crimes are the ones in prison.. Julian assange published the evidence and he will spend his life in prison or die..the whistle blowers lost their jobs any support their reputations or any way to provide for their families..I had someone living here that gave testimony lost his job and was black balled.. he was homeless living in his car. he had it all..then lost it..

  12. The Biden administration will redirect the bulk of an $85 million military aid package from Egypt to Taiwan, citing concerns about human rights abuses.
    Actually – it’s $55 million to Taiwan and $30 million to Lebanon. $30 million to Lebanon.., that’s a crap-shoot.

  13. Maui Fire
    According to their own statement, Hawaiian Electric admitted that a downed power line started a fire in the morning. Maui county fire dept extinguished that grass fire and declared it 100% contained and extinguished…. And left the scene. Hawaiian Electric lines were de-energized for six hours while crews worked on them. The HECO crew noted a new flare-up and called the fire dept. who were slow to respond, and it was THAT afternoon blaze that burned Lahaina. My speculation is that an ember from the first fire may have ignited the second blaze. The fire dept should have been monitoring the situation more closely, given the ‘Red Flag’ warning and winds in effect. Hawaiian Electric had scathing comments for the fire dept. and denies liability for the second blaze.

    Now the Maui County has filed a lawsuit against Hawaiian Electric for the $5 Billion property damage liability. Hawaiian Electric has petitioned the Public Utility Commission to allow customers to be charged to pay any liability settlement. Note that this will affect ALL FOUR islands that HECO services, excluding Kauai which is a separate co-op company. This will affect me personally. My current bill runs $0.43/kWh and has been as high as $0.55/kWh. It varies with the oil prices we pay. All islands are oil fired, with some alternate wind/solar/ and geothermal on the Big Island. Please compare that to the cheap electric prices you pay on the mainland. I can only imagine how our prices will balloon if this is approved. We will ALL be asked to pay for what amounts to Maui County’s Fire Dept. negligence.

    SO… if you SERIOUSLY believe a DEWeapon was involved in the Maui fire, please submit legally verifiable evidence to the Hawaiian Electric legal defense team. All of us customers will thank you.

    An Old Moron paying the bills.

      • I forgot to put the Jimmy Dor Show video in my post below, it is about this guy’s trip to maui and raising money to help

        they talk about the Theft of the land from the poor by the grubberment ( not a beam vid)

        my thoughts,
        typical deep state planning, Blackrock the major share holder has HEI (Hawaii Elec) claim it is their fault, that does away with the beam accuzations and then they use the government courts to OK making the poor Hawaiians pay for the destruction, raising rates to cover being sued for claiming they started the fires. Since when did the guilty start admitting their guilt? and then the state keeps the land
        some folks just don’t want the blindfold removed.

      • Just the facts, man… nothing but the facts.

        Firestorms in high winds can do strange things, like jumping over houses. I saw a portion of one Lahaina video with a single house on the block standing, with all around it burned to the ground. And the standing house was NOT blue. Perhaps an experienced wildfire fighter like G2 could expound on the unexpected things they have seen.

        • One argument I read in passing was that the house was surrounded by a three foot strip of river rock, so there was no vegetation at all next to the house. I imagine that more of that property was xeriscaped too, so there was little to catch fire easily. The house had a metal roof and I don’t know what siding it had, but I’d guess stucco. The weak point in such a structure are the eves, soffits and gables. If these are fireproofed with metal, the house is as well off as possible without going to exotic construction techniques. I suppose sprinklers could be mounted on the roof or even a deluge system like SpaceX, but that would require self contained power and water.

        • For those with eyes to see..

          Hear ya go Makapo Man –

          Start paying attention at 8:15 – the flash is quick (gemini Laser) no microwaves, notice the small fires pop up after flash.

          Ure been F-ed hard and still protect Ure advasaries…”Stockholmed” it seems.

          Oh well, to my lying eyes that is a gemini laser flash. Who (country) pushed the button does not matter. Who gave the orders, deepstate, is all that matters currently.

          Plasma weapons be next, on battle field Earth..

    • last month elec $84.14 for 643 kwh
      now a bunch here are wondering how in a state with no/low natural resource for elec production?
      100% public power, Nebraska. I get to vote for the man who sits on the Board and lives in and represents my area

      DO NOT TRUST what Hawaii Elec says, they want to pass the liability on to the people, so why not lie, to cover the TRUTH when they are owned and controlled,,, who has controlling interest,,, is there a black rock?
      “BlackRock Inc., Vanguard Group and State Street Global Advisors — control almost 25 percent of Hawaiian Electric”
      Hank I would be painting the house SkyBlue, ure a plucked chicken, in an oven, oven is just a hot box, that you do not want to think outside of

      there is the rub, a poor nobody, trying to challenge the Giant
      buy you are OK, you did not live in the valuable seaside property, those folks will lose it all to the STATE, you can’t go in and you can’t have a drone’s view, you have no say.
      The government has and will continue to fuck these people, this video is NOT about beam weapons, is about the theft of the land and shitting on the poor
      is it just another theory about the conspiracies, how much is enough to wake you up? $700 enough?

      • I watched something similar happen to a neighborhood on the shores of an inlet of the Hudson river. The places were owned by families who had them for decades or longer. Probably paid in full, somewhat derelict, with low taxes. The city decided to “redevelop” the area alleging blight, so they condemned it all and green-lighted condominiums.

        Now everyone pays more.

      • There are reasons I chose to live on the flank of the world’s most active volcano. On my windward side of the mountain our ‘microclimate’ gets 130-150 inches of rain a year. I don’t need a blue house. Nothing burns here in the wet, green jungle.

    • I never thought it was a DEW lol lol..looking at the wind and all that dry material.. that was a blast furnace.. it’s a miracle that there were as many survivors. they need a better emergency response system

      • The unanswered question remains: Why is the area off limits to owners, residents, photographers and newsmen? Something ain’t right.

    • I know the feeling…
      Same thing here in CA.
      Some a-holes sued the electric company so what they do now is simply shut the power off if the wind is a little stronger than a few people farting at once.

  14. celebrate, celebrate, dance to the music,
    he even has red and white stripes on his shirt in that old video,,, ironic no? iconic 3 Dog Night,
    a great day for patriots and a defeat for the RINO Bush clan

    Now Ken will get back to work, look out Pfizer and friends,
    why do you think there was such a large ass push to be rid of him, the Texas House is full of bought RINOs, brought to you by Pfizer
    deepstate, mother fucking , baby fucking, satan worshipping azzholes
    How do I really feel,,, vindicated, righteous, thankful.
    This is just the opening of a BIG door. a moment when the tide stops coming in and begins to recede, who is swimming naked, I know, it is a reference used by the market, but seems the Texas House has no clothes for their impeachment efforts,,, and exposed who are swamp creatures,,, as only a RINO with unexposed crimes would have voted to remove Paxton
    Robert Nichols, RINO
    Kelly Hancock, RINO

  15. there is Hu-man.
    there is Sha-man.
    there are O-Men.
    there is A- Men.

    which classification does elliot wave fall under George? each is a uniqe position and movement.

    I was meditating and praying down at the lake and i said give me a vision of your perfect will for DUDE. Then all the sudden this fella in a Big lifted Ford 4X4 One ton, Desiel pulls up next to me with a couple german sheppards in the back and parks. A super hot blond jumps out the passenger side wearing a Mossy Oak ball cap, daisy dukes and cowboy boots, grabs a fishing pole and tackle box out the back and the dogs and starts heading for the lake.

    And i said Okay DUDE, got it, but im still not buying a Ford. hahaha im a cummings guy. i leave the power strokes to the vaccinated.

    okay, off to see about a blonde in cowboyboots and fishing pole.

    ohhhh this just came on the radio. excelent idea! as my good buddy, The Shaman Red Sky Bear would say,

    this song is good medicine.

      • ha ha ha uhh yes sir. hahaaha.

        im over here having the time of my life. that is a fact. hahahah.

        you know i talked to 3 people i know that have hundreds of millions in the bank i know you know people like that too. they are all miserable. have miserable lives. own 12 car dealerships and 20 resturants. but they are never happy. or it seems like that. when a few of them call me, its like i a confessional. then they ask me how im doing.

        i feel bad for say, Fuck! im living the dream. 99% of the time, im laughing my ass off and have fun. im driving these Giant Tonka trucks. they call it work. i think its alot more like fun. hahah.

        honestly they all have waaaaaay more money than i do. but i sure as shit wouldnt trade my life for theirs.

        ohhh btw the lady of the ranch brought a goat home last night. now we have a goat. he has some big ol nuts on him. hahaha.

        wonder what the goat will teach me. gotta be something i can learn from him.

        • “wonder what the goat will teach me. gotta be something i can learn from him.”

          One of the first things he’ll teach you is not to turn your back on him, especially if he has horns. Buck goats can be dangerous.

        • could not resist..blame the Guy with the Crow cawing…gggrrrr

          Takes one to know one, dirty nasty buck Goat that is. Dude you can certainly learn a few pointers from said Goat regards “picking up” the ladies – Horny Goat Style!

          Just piss all over Ureself, roll around in the dirt, and start salivating…that oughta get er done.

          Yehaw !

  16. “I don’t know., but if my dog got three rabies vaccines in a single year and still contracted rabies., I’d be asking some questions.”
    That little quip got me kicked off a: “Covid Awareness Forum” this morning. It was in response to some liberal chick complaining about her mom catching Covid after being vaccinated.

  17. There are other factors besides the Puetz Window.
    1) The Saros Eclipse Cycle. 1929, 1987, 2023 are related to each other.
    2) Sell Rosh Hashanah, buy Yom Kippur.
    3) Opex Fuckery.
    4) Gann Geometry / Price & Time Square.

    In no Particular order:

    Notice how the market rallied on Thursday? It tends to do that when folks are a little heavy on the put side during an options expiration week. Then we either linger and sell off hard the following Monday, or just crater the next day if MM’s are satisfied with the amount premium they have evaporated. That started. With all that Gamma (and rest of greeks gone) next week, the market could move with less restriction.

    Gann states that when time and price are squared, we get a change in trend. Any arbitrary number can be converted to degrees on a circle. You do that with price, you do that with time. If the angle between them is 90° or a multiple thereof (180, 270, 360, which is also 0) you have a square out. Give ~3° of room for error.

    The March 2023 low is 84° on a circle. 90° to the left of it is March 13th in time, when we actually got the low. 45° to the right of it points to July 27th, the actual top, and I was skeptical about it because although it squares out mathematically in Excel, I was expecting 9/15 to be the actual top, which is 90° in time from price and 180° in time from the low.

    We got a lower high, potentially a second wave top in the S&P500.

    IOTW, My belief is the market already topped.

    #2: It usually works, and if it does this time, last weeks high on Rosh Hashanah should kick things off.

    As far as the Puetz Window, I am not 100% sure if it has to start from the actual high. Perhaps the market could already been in a downtrend and that accelerates it. I read his work (The Unified Cycle Theory) quite some time ago. Perhaps I should dig out the book, but really doesn’t matter since I’m already short.

    I see one of two things:

    1) A 3 wave panic similar to 1987 and Feb/Mar 2020. If that is the case, the S&P500 will likely target 3900 (a hair above the March low) in October and be done. Uptrend resumes.

    2) A full five waves down targeting sub 3200 and finishing off ~Dec 15th or March 2024.

    3) Something far more sinister (l think this is what you have) — The 7/28 high is a W2 high after we completed 5 down from Jan – Oct 2022. In that case, this is gonna last a lot longer and head much further South. However, one of the first two options is a possibility first.

    The only major difference between 1929, 1987, and 2023 IF we were to assume 7/28 is the top for 2023, is that in the other two years, tops occurred at new highs, on New Moons. We got the New Moon part on 9/15, but it was a lower high. The next New Moon is 10/14. I sincerely doubt we are going up to an all-time high by then.

    My Gann geometrical square incorporating the Jan 2022 high and Oct 2022 low nailed 7/27 on the nose. If that is right, it points to an end of this cycle in late April / early May 2024. I question it, because markets don’t usually bottom in May, they top. That’s why I’ve hypothesized in Scenario #2 we could get a pivot at the midpoint of the cycle, then invert & come back up for some air. Not to add confusion, but the anomaly could actually be correct because my larger cycles show a major top in 2025 (so it would have to bottom at some point) & then, NASTY, NASTY, NASTY all the way to March 2028.

    As we’ve all witnessed, this market likes to take its sweet-ass time proving our wave projections correct. I love Elliott Wave, but the one thing it SUCKS at is timing. That alone caused me to miss moves in the past, thinking the rule book needed to be followed to a T. Incorporating Gann has helped a great deal.

  18. “Meantime, we keep wondering if a former President could have pardoned himself of all crimes that might be alleged during his term in office? Only comes up as a passing interrogatory based on US Special Counsel seeks limits on Trump’s statements in elections case.”

    Um, no. You can’t be pardoned of a crime, until after you’ve been convicted of the crime.

    The “special counsel” is seeking to gag Trump, so he can’t defend himself on the campaign trail from all the fake charges that’ve been levied against him. Smith’s goal is to defend the Establishment of both Parties, and the D.C. status quo, at any cost. He seeks to deny Trump his 1st Amendment Rights in an obvious attempt to influence the 2024 Election. His stated “reason” is that Mr. Trump may say something which prompts someone in his audience to commit an act of violence.

    Trump is absolutely, spotlessly clean.

    If he weren’t, he would’ve been locked up in 2016. The D.C. sewer rats couldn’t find any crime that they could possibly charge him with, which is why they have been inventing charges and mis-applying laws since 2019.

    Anyone, to whom this isn’t obvious by now, should turn in their voter ID card and never darken the doorstep of their polling place again. If someone doesn’t like Trump, that’s fine, but if they accept this shit, they should also have the nads to admit that they approve of cheating and depriving Citizens of their Rights, if it serves the political purpose of the National Neofascist Party, the Communist Party USA, and their Congressional surrogates of every political party affiliation.

    I noticed during the Trump interview, Tucker asked him if he were aware that should he be elected, despite the injustice and general crookedness that’s being heaped upon him, the next step from the sewer rats would likely be an assassination attempt.

    I also noticed that Trump didn’t respond…

    …and that he didn’t back down.

  19. “And just between us, is Kamala Harris really the best the War Party can offer?”

    Soros (the younger) is running the country, and has [been] ever since Biden became da Prez. (What? You don’t believe me? WH logs are public. Go pull the logs and see how many times he’s visited since Creepy Joe moved in.) He generally feeds daily orders to Clintonistas like Val Jarrett and Susan Rice, occasionally feeds them to Obama (like his daddy did, all through Barry’s Presidency — again, go pull the WH logs) but because Joe is both senile and stupid, he has had frequent 1-on-two meetings with both Mr. and Mrs. perv, to make sure they can read the script.

    If Kammy can read the Soros script and follow the teleprompter, she’s “qualified.” If she’s got “fumble-tongue” then all the better, because it makes every faux pas and kindergarten rhyme that falls out of her face “open to interpretation” (which translates to: “She didn’t really say what you thought you heard. — THIS is what she meant…”) IOW Soros’ “damage control team” gets to “gaslight” everyone who actually hears the speech, and every media outlet bolsters the lie.

    • I didn’t know those were public.. I am curious how many times the owner of the infamous pizza place visited.. he was once coined the most powerful person in DC..
      even though we already suspect who is pushing the buttons there..
      my surprise is.. WHY.. no one has noticed why the poorest neighborhoods were targeted for the destruction.. no one of real power’s neighborhoods were demonstrated in.. you didn’t see marchers throwing molitov cocktails in beverly hills or the hamptons or marthas vineyard.. nope it was home boys and home girls neighborhood that got destroyed and the businesses there moved into the more lush neighborhoods..
      the had an interview of people from the rodney king neighborhoods that were complaining that they have to drive great distances to buy their groceries.. excuse me.. you burned down the local grocery.. raped his wife and daughter beat him up.. and stold his merchandise.. why would he even want to reopen to such decent people.. the truck driver that was beaten and killed.. you don’t drive into that neighborhood.. back in the day drivers were taking people with them with guns..
      Just like herding cattle.. MOO ve on MOO ve on to my neighborhood you businesses.. nothing here for you today..

      • There’s lots of stuff on websites like It is all public. Some of it is buried, but it can be located (if satisfactory results are not obtained with your current search engine, nearly all of which use Google, try others): Dogpile, which aggregates Webcrawler (both owned by Infospace, BTW) with Google, Yandex (which is Russian, and has its own search engine), and Bing, then adds Yahoo and several other Internet indices, is a good place to start…

  20. “the US Treasury is only $11.4 billion from a National Debt of $33 trillion, in case you missed it. That should pop in headlines Monday or Tuesday which should result in much bed wetting.”

    It won’t. The number is so big it has no meaning, and the typical American, unless (s)he’s had a semester or two of finance classes, doesn’t understand the issue, and couldn’t care less.

    Ignorance is bliss…

  21. Thanks for reminding me, OOW Steve.
    That 100 days would be a Dandy time for everyone to implement their general strike on commerce.

  22. George
    As a favor to us long term readers and chart followers may I ask that among the many great charts to follow on the weekend, you add a weekly Saturday scan of the Brainamp, so we can see where we are and where we may be going?
    Thank you in advance!
    Big Al

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