Shake the (Stupid) Millennials Day

You can’t slap the lil darlings (SJW is a highly contagious disease).  You can’t talk sense to them.  You can’t kill them.  But what you CAN do as a responsible grown-up (which we hold our readers to be), you can point out that their world is every bit as much a construct – a fiction – as much as the holodeck on StarTrek was.

If it was just one area of “highly stupid” it wouldn’t be so bad.  But you’ve got a growing number of factual situations evolving  around you…and well, some of us grown-ups just want to shake the snot out from between their ears.

Here’s a short list:  With one of two Urban readers who are M’s, most millennials are generally wrong on Trump, wrong on Bitcoin, wrong on social justice, wrong on climate change…well, that’s a good list to begin with…

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Let’s start with Trump:  He’s going head to head with Mueller’s witch hunt and here we are, more than a year after the start of this fiasco and here’s the honest-to-gawd facts:

  1. No collusion has been found. ONE WHOLE YEAR LATER.  No charges have been brought involving collusion with Russia.
  2. Turns out the “Trump dossier” was bought and paid for by Hillary supporters..
  3. Bernie was screwed out of a fair run for the Office.  By his sold out party.
  4. Hillary skated on emails because it appears the highest levels of the FBI ‘had the fix in’ to exonerate her, even before she was questioned.
  5. Since this ain’t political, anymore, (we’re into Treason country now) we look for the former FBI Director to be in the hot seat week after next because he’s got some explaining to do because…
  6. A couple of FBI top level people referred to a Secret Society that was out to subvert the agenda of the duly elected president…Who was in it?  The media left is trying to bury the story with fast-talking but no evidence.
  7. Oh, yeah, and Obama may have been in on the abuse of the nation’s intelligence communithy (demasking etc) so that’s still out there several months ahead.
  8. In the meantime, A SECOND special prosecutor may be in the works to investigate Mueller.
  9. And the MainStreamMedia leaders (like Drudge which now verges on mainstream) are gently breaking it to their audiences in slow-motion so as not to wake up too many Millennials at once.
  10. And Trump says that fighting back (against what hasn’t resulted in a single Russia-related charge yet) is NOT OBSTRUCTION.

Which is why the little snowflakes need to be seriously shaken.  Where’s the beef?

Whew!  That’s gotta be a hard one to swallow…poor little darlings.

Bitcoin’s Collapse

If one Millennial Delusion isn’t enough, let’s see how Bitcoin is playing out after going through what sure looks to us like the classic blow-off of a Tulip Mania-like speculative bubble:  Go look at the red ‘X’ above the word “TODAY” in this chart.

The usual rules of Technical Analysis still work.  And our estimates remain unchanged.  If this is a three wave down move, then we might see a bottom in the 5,000 range.  If it goes five waves, then 463 to 850 still seems in play to our simple-minded view of things.

Repeat after the old man:  Ain’t no free lunch.  Ponzi went to prison, Iraqi dinars didn’t make many rich, and what about that oil-backed currency story?  Oh, yeah…having Venezuela (a phony government adopting phony money) is not exactly a credible concept to the grownups who’ve seen it all before.

I could toss in how long it has been since the Great Society was kicked off in 1964 and we still have the same poverty levels in America…but I don’t want to do all the discovering for you.

A Lesson About Fads

Contrary to what the two-bit would-be scamolutionaries of social just-us would have you believe, America is not a fascist country.  We are a Faddist country.  (Linguistic acuity sucks among the text-crave button pressing apes.)  Fads.  Shit comes, shit goes.  We get over it.  Move on.

Hoola Hoops came and mostly went.  Frisbees survive as Disk Golf.  CB Radio came, went, and that part of the radio spectrum is still mostly useless unless like Andy you’re pushing 18-gears of a big rig…and channel 17 is much better out over-the-road than in town…

Diets are a whole fad industry.  Supplements verge on it…since few people actually do rigorous daily personal data collection.  (I really do measure BP, urine Ph and other factors daily…mean you don’t?)

Pet Rocks…remember them?

Being a Faddist Nation (not fascist…you shake-needing idiots!) we have fads in all the major areas of life.

Housing had a fad called suburban homes which begot MacMansions which dropped in price when a few of the smarter apes figured time commuting was unproductive, useless, and health-endangering.  They moved back to town which is why no one can afford Seattle or the South Bay without a yuge options package at hiring time…

Transportation has fads.  Remember the ’66 Mustang fad?  Elaine caught the cute blonde in her Corvette fad – and before that the green Dodge Charger with a hemi fad…

Food has fads.  Speaking of which did you see the SJW. veganistas are trying to scam through a meat tax?  What’s their beef?

Just this morning, I was reading how the humble sandwich was being linked to global warming – which is a double-dose of bullshit…really. FMTT.

Genuine environmentalists (like Allan Savory) are crusading for high-intensity grazing to restore grass lands (which, oh, BTW will cool the planet).  But you don’t hear much about responsible agriculture except for the lefties in the social movements who don’t own farms and don’t live out here in the woods.

What they HAVE done is discovered that environimental causes are a great way to raise money from the (shake them, would you?_) dumb millennials.  (It’s on FB is must be true…right?)

At the risk of offending some intolerant vegan, may I mention breakfast today was a small 4-ounce filet mignon sandwich, coffee, and my morning rasher of vitamins before work…and I feel just great.  Cabbage soup tomorrow, spaghetti tonight…yum….

BTW: One of my supplements if coconut oil…see MCT for more concentrated results.  People need water (not millennial coffees) and they need protein…  Science says, so we consume lots of both.  Point is a balanced diet is why we have lived so long and well…sheesh.

Where was I?

Climate Summary

Oh that:  We believe climate has been undergoing slow-motion warming since the ice sheets began to pull back.  Sea level was 300 feet lower, then.  Unjiggered data shows it clearly.

It will also continue to rise.  Also no doubt.

The point around here is not that global (glacial rate) change doesn’t happen – of course it does.

But charlatans – who are trying to set up global climate taxes, and idiots who negotiated one set of pollution standards for US, now, but letting the rest of the world skate for a decade or longer…sold us out.  That’s just plain wrong.

Besides, no one has explained WHAT CLIMATE CHANGE MONEY WILL BUY???

Think clearly (if my rabid denial hasn’t reduced you to a sobbing heap by now):  If I gave you $1,000, what would you buy that would measurably impact climate?  Buy a regulation?  Unproven and with only made up computer models that have been failing to predict right for 30 years?

OK, how about $1-million, then?

You following?  YOU CAN’T BUY AN ANSWER.  All the hopeless hype and BS is all because of cow farts ain’t science.  If I offer to pay shills to write reports and put initials after their names, I can buy any position you want supported “by science.”

Read on heat islands.  Look at climate data outside of urban areas…climate change is a fund-raising scam.  Climate is rising…has been for centuries.  But this?  More social control and fear mongering.

What we need is a fiber-connected, more dispersed country…not everyone moving to Seattle.

The Obamanists began this by mainly funding pro-warming studies – and when Warming was outed as a scamunist plot, it morphed into climate change and the fund-raising monkeys continued to cash in.

We are Climate Real:  We own and live on a USDA registered farm.  We raise trees.  We are in the carbon collection business.  Worse, UrbanSurvival has been solar powered since 2008 long before the fads and hysteria of the masses was funded into hyperdrive.

Go rural – there’s still room out here, kids.

Here’s the reality, kiddies:

Most of what you see in the news:  I don’t care whether it’s the left agenda of smuggling in more people to America, those dim-witted mayors who are going to boycott the White House – whoever.

Fact is:  We need new business.  Gender is news because it has been made fungible.  Climate is news because it’s been made fungible. Social extremism has been made fungible (with a special nod to FB and Twits for that).


(Shake these idiots until they get it!)

We have run out of “easy” business models because we allowed American industry to be job-jacked overseas.  Trump has started to bring a little bit of it back.

But if you want a career as a MAKER, not a cheap street organizer for a living, you might want to figure out which side your bread is buttered on. Make to be Great.  Invent to be Great.  Read your history: who’s in it?  Makers and Doers, not whiners.

Us old people – who invented all the tech you young whipper-snappers take for granted – we were (and still are ) MAKERS.

Dow futures are up a hundred.  If you don’t know what that means, you need to put down those time-sink causes making others rich – get off your ass and get to work on yourself a bit more.

Another shake the road?

Moron the ‘morrow…

86 thoughts on “Shake the (Stupid) Millennials Day”

  1. Well George we have become without a doubt as close to being a fascist country as you can get, where everything is done for business,where the political system is controlled by business(bought and paid for) where the financial system is controlled by business where the old mentality which is the new mentality is that “whats good for business is good for America”.

    As far as Trump is concerned (he fails to pass the sniff test so far) when I see the Clinton Foundation being investigated when I see even a few of the wall street bankers con men go to jail then I will believe in the second coming and not until..

  2. OMG! Elaine had a dodge Charger, with Hemi?
    Fantastic score on your part GU!
    A beautiful woman that loves fine cars can’t be beat.
    I had 2 69’s, very fast full size gorgeous cars.
    Evidently Detroit can’t hire designers anymore, just accountants.

  3. George,
    Great piece this am.
    Made me laugh. I’m going to print a copy for a buddy I’m traveling with today.
    Have a great day.

  4. Hi, George,

    Unfortunately for nearly everyone, the Millennials were not taught any history of any subject, such as who won what war and the consequences, any civics, any economic policies and the consequences, any geology, and so forth. They were told how great and smart they were and were taught limited subjects that gave them amnesia about what transpired before they came into the world. The ones benefiting from this educational travesty are the few who have an agenda for population and resource control.

    By the way, during the early 1970’s, I drove a 1969 Mach One 390 horse-powered four-barrel carburetor Ford Mustang. In the early 1980’s, I drove a 1981 Saab turbo. Now, I drive a Ford Expedition, as you need a sizeable vehicle for excursions into Costco and Target. Plus, I can take a lot of stuff with me when my husband and I take road trips. Adverse road conditions are better negotiated with a four wheel drive vehicle rather than taking a sports car off road, although the Saab did well in the snow with front wheel drive and snow cables.


  5. The Great Society act of 1964…..The single greatest social injustis of modern recorded history it completely stripped a fine race of human beings of their self worth! Oh and did I mention that since it started to today that it has cost $20 trillion the exact same amount we are indebt! Isn’t that special………

    • As well as forced working males who were trying to make it out of their homes in order to bust up families and turn the proud people into welface’s victim class…oh yeah….see that clear as hell

    • I remember the “Great Society” roll out by LBJ. At the time I thought it was BS, because of my limited experience at that age, I quickly discovered, “there were people who wanted to work, and those who did NOT want to work!” Because of the number that did not want to work, getting rid of poverty was going to be a hopeless endeavor. Around 1976 (somewhere in that time frame) a financial reporter did a postmortem on the program. He took the number of billions of dollars spent, divided it by the number of poor people listed in the ten year time frame of the program and discovered a shocking truth! The program doled out $75,000 a year for every poor person in the 10 year span. Average salary for a “working stiff” was around $14,000/year. How much of that $75K did the poor get? Your guess is as good as mine, bare minimum. So where did all that money go? To fund ALL those companies set up to help the poor. It was a new business model, something George has written about many times. My conclusion, “seeing our tax dollars at work!”

      • The question is why should you have tax dollars in the first place the government is delivering money for you to use why do they need it back

      • I need a youtube manifestation person who can do things from what I need I’ll pay you okay and I guess you could be a website programmer to help me with the future developments of.
        I’ll give you domain over the YouTube sites.and website domains that I have so that you can advertise him in the direction that I require and any websites that I create I need you to be able to have the ability to regulate those also and with the knowledge that I have all the extreme advertising you’ll have to take that in consideration..

  6. I am a millennial. I am totally on board and loving the Republican agenda, but I give Trump zero credit. I gave Obama little credit for getting us out of the 2008 recession. The system corrects itself. A President these days is just a figurehead.

    A monkey could be in charge right now and we would be in the same place. Trump is a little on the slow sideanyway and my generation just laughs at him. He is the little fat kid they had to hold back in school due to miscreant behavior and poor grades. No, Kelly, McConnell and Ryan are in charge.

    On crypto-currencies…Not one of us thought it was going to be permanent. We are not permanent types. This was a typical short term play for us. Quick, profitable and now we are done. I made wildly stupid money and got out when I saw the first sign of a sell off. I got in over 18 months ago, so you do the math. I am out of all cryptos…Bitcoin, Ethereum, Lite Coin and Ripple…done! That money was transferred to my Schwab account and is enjoying a modest 14%-16% return. Life is good.

    On climate…man made polluting of our waters, air and land all adds up to our earth making adjustments. Earth is a living organism and nature has a way of adjusting itself to create balance. If that balance means more heat or more extreme weather, then shame on us. Besides…it’s time for a technological change. Horses created horse poop. When people got sick and tired of stepping in it, they invented cars. Cars create unhealthy air. People are getting get tired of getting sick from it, so here comes electric cars powered by solar, wind, battery storage and hydro. It creates jobs people. Change is good. Change is the hallmark of capitalism.

  7. I think Trump’s motto for all y’all disbelievers is hay this swamp is bigger and badder than I ever thought it was so it’s going to take a lot longer for me and my associate to get right down to the bottom of it and just plowed and left and right but we’re making Headway we had to regroup and start over again once we found out how deep this it’s hit was

    • A little knowledge from the Bryce lazy porch Garden put your tomatoes and lettuce at the top of the garden multiple racks.

      In other words .

      I have racks for five layers high at the top put your most susceptible plants like lettuce and tomatoes which can’t handle cold at the top and put your spinach cabbage and other things of that nature or the bottom because they in deer called so as you want to put the minimum amount of a heat on your porch or your Greenhouse the heat rises you’ll have a 20 degree at least difference between the top 8 feet and the bottom near the floor,
      Depending on your layer of insulation insulation on greenhouses or outer exteriors is glass double wall triple wall or plastic single double triple .

      20 degrees is a lot so if it’s 32 to 35 degrees at the top where your tomatoes and your lettuce is growing and it’s 20 degrees lower down at the bottom your spinach another winter crops Will Survive that way you don’t have to use a lot of heat with her selectric propane wood solar or other.

      Unless you use a fan to redistribute the heat recirculated then you’ll actually have to use more heat by readings by redistribution of the Heat . The other thing would be two double plastic everything insulate everything reinsulated which will give you another five to 10 degrees.
      And by blowing air in between the two pieces of plastic you make a air insulator will give you even more.

      They all beings be lovingly fulfill so be it and may all your plants feel loved and grow to the maximum to feed you all the resources that you need and I would recommend having a porch enclosed or a greenhouse because of all the chemicals that are being sprayed in the atmosphere you want to be able to have food that’s not contaminated

      • I like the Elliot growing program where they live in Sub-Zero weather conditions and they put a greenhouse up well the plants are going to freeze so the plants are initially small and they put a smaller covering in Old like maybe one foot and the plants are only a few inches so what we’re doing in the space that needs to be heated up from the ground and that works and you can triple that another word you can have a greenhouse a semi Greenhouse underneath and then down the bottom so many inches above your plants and they will be warmed up so yes you can survive or Arctic conditions through reducing the air volume over your plants

      • Lots of laughs but yeah can’t you imagine using a beer freezer or a beer cooler you know at one of your stores two in Reverse hate something up I mean all that mass of air is wasting electricity.
        Rain design the coolers so that when they walk in from the back that’s not cool only the parts from the back hatch doors on it and the air is pumped in between that area from the front door in the back doors where you put the beer into that that would save a lot electricity but they don’t do that there like heck

        So a few years ago we had to local Country Store shut down that sold beer and one of them was saving over $100 a month by just having a frigerator freezer whatever and get it and you know close down there they’re big walkthrough beer and milk refrigerators so I mean and then the other one started putting the stuff in coolers I mean ice coolers and freezers and reducing the temperature down you know the where it wasn’t freezing and that was the most economical to get rid of the situation where I mean so what I was getting at was it doesn’t require hardly any electricity to cool a cooler like in the old days remember the old Coca-Cola things where you go in there and you lift the lid up and there’s a cold Coke in there right it didn’t take very much electricity and lot of electricity they just use ice and then you pull your Coca-Cola out and you and you were good to go but now the electric companies have made it so well you got to have a walk-in cooler to keep all the stuff in and man that’s like three or four times the amount of electricity on your bill with a walk-in cooler so let’s get back to the basics

    • Gosh, A.G. I sure hope you meant on FIRE not on FILE. Don’t need to be ON FILE with any more peeps….lol

  8. One batch of true cell age reversal tech pills and we may need to find out if monkeys can learn new tricks…

  9. Hi George

    The problem with all this government inquiry
    business is NO ONE will go to prison. A lot of money will be spent, and just like the banking problem a few years back all will be forgiven and forgotten.

    As usual, it will be fixed behind closed doors.

    In my state the University has a doctor that has finally been caught for molesting over 140 young girls. How the hell does this go on. Where are the parents of these girls.

    I would have been down there pounding the hell out of this guy. How can 140 girls not
    be listened to or for that matter, why did a group of these girls not get together to complain. These girls were young adults.

    All these improprieties are talked to death but that is where it stops.

    You are correct, there is so much work to done and so few seem to be willing to work.

    My favorite restaurant had a ad on the bulletin board.

    Needed now! 50 electricians starting pay 60,000.00

    Needed 20 drywall workers asap good pay.

    The schools no longer teach the basic skills
    to do much of anything. The average young
    person can not change a flat tire.

    We had to show we could change a tire during drivers training many years ago.


    • When that 60,000 figure gets to be 125,000+, then there will be plenty of electricians. tech jobs paying 100K+ have siphoned many potential trade people out of the work force in favor of tech. Once the blue collar salaries become much better than tech, there will be an influx. But….usually that means lots of foreigners breaking into the market, hence lowering the rates. The basic problem is that the world has much to much surplus labor!

      • My neighborhood is probably lower-rent than Jim’s. Around here, the going rate for journeyman electricians is $128/hr.

        That said, he does have a point that basic life skills are simply no-longer taught. New driver exams don’t even require parallel parking…

    • NOT young adults. Gymnasts become “junior elite” as young as age 8. Elite gymnasts train for between 8.5 and 12.5 hours per day, every day, at training facilities that’re often hundreds or thousands of miles away from home — impossible for parents to chaperon. Trust in a gym and its staff is paramount. This is the reason for the exodus of the USAG brass and the resignation (soon to be plural also) at MSU. Both USAG and Michigan State foresee hundreds of millions of dollars flying out their windows over the next few years and are all in CYA-mode.

      Nasser should go in GenPop…

  10. “Drawn like moths we drift into the city, a timeless old attraction, cruising for some action..” ~Peart/Lee

    Without an awareness of the cycles around us, and without a strong inoculation against normalcy bias, such as Ure opinions, people sink into the fads-of-now, which unfortunately includes the self-paladinizing of the SJW class.

    If their mouths are open, and they always are via their thumbs, then their ears and minds are closed.

    The reactions are strong with them; among my first set of politically minded friends, when I shared your site, their first and last reaction was ‘urbansurvival?? must be a paranoid prepper site’ (and thus, hold nothing of value for someone caught up in the ‘here and now is the only here and now’).

    Keep on ranting, G. We hear you, and agree.
    Want some fries with that shake?

    • You might want to check out how glaciers ‘push out’ things and people who fell in – that flow is epic!

  11. As a media-labeled millenial, I’ll be the first to admit a whole lot of us are as you described above.

    However, not all of us are brainless and see through the us vs them mentality the MSM pushes on us daily.

    Age groups are not monolithic in disposition, political orientation or intelligence as you so ignorantly assume. I get where you are coming from and agree on many of your points but pitting one generation vs the other is just sinking to the level of the other race/gender/economic status-baiters frothing at the mouth daily begging for clicks and eyeballs.

  12. I know I usually post at least 3 will 3 but anyway this is my fourth post and you might find this amusing or whatever but I have a wood stove it’s almost like a rocket mass stove that I design but what I want to talk about is I use electric heaters 220 heater 4000 watts and a 1500 watt heater and then and then in another room I have 1500 W in another room I have 1500 watts and then on the porch I have 1500 watts.

    But because this is an old house I cannot run more than 1500 W plus you know extra little extra.

    So what are uses the 750 watts on whichever I need.

    Last night it got down into the twenties well it got down to teens I got down to about 19 1516 somewhere around there.
    So on the porch I use the electric heater and put it on 750 watts and that kept the porch plants from freezing.
    And at the same time I ran a 750 watt in my sleeping area alongside a 220 volt 4000 Watt for backup.

    It worked okay but last week when it got down to zero here I still kept the 750 watt on the porch but I kept the 4000 Watt in two rooms over going all night long with another 750 watt freezing amount every so often when it gets down there zero.

    Now the electricity went out I can fire up my wood stove that’s kind of like a Mass stove heater and that will heat up the kitchen it’ll heat up the living room and with a fan blowing in the window it’ll heat up the porch Garden that’s how massive this little teenie heater I have is, and we’ll is running I can put my hand on the exhaust pipe that’s how efficient it is.

  13. Stupid Millenial thinking isn’t limited to that age group. Even some older folks have fallen prey to the “everything digital” brainwashing. A 60 year old woman I know keeps everything digital with no printout or written paper backups. She has had a series of computer crashes which left her with no password list or contacts info she needed while her computer was sick or dead.

    Like I told a youngster once about why I carry a notebook and printed contact info is simple. Paper info doesn’t require batteries that can die. It can be dropped in a puddle and still function perfectly. It’s unaffected by temperature extremes and is quickly and easily modified. He had no response. LOL!

    • yes I agree and I do always keep something physical I don’t know maybe we can make a song about that keep it physical you know oh goodness gracious who wants to go digital open you can keep it physical

    • I know right..
      the golden oldies will be rap.. the cute butterfly tattooed across someone’s breast will look like a buzzard in thirty years.. Body piercings and body art.
      I have a friend who is a model photographer by trade. He complains all the time about how hard it is to find a decent professional model without body art, and just how much it ads to his expenses to hire a makeup artist to erase the art so he can get his job done.

  14. You and me both on the 1141 but anyways somebody’s got to do it. Sts- so they say

  15. Reading your column — since the advent of Trump — is just like reading a copy of FOX news and business channel. You are just as prejudiced and foolish as are all the nuts on the other side. What ever happened to your balance and common sense. When will you stop BELIEVING all the nonsense that controls your mind? Good luck — because where you and me will soon be — is a place where only truth, reality and common sense exists! Thanks for all your efforts anyway!!

  16. after if they are issuing money to you and every corporation and every government organization do they need to give it back to them past the scam he say that’s the evil part you can make up as much money as you want and give it and let people go to the stars then don’t have to be restricted and say hey we got to give money back to the government know the government is the one who makes sense why would you want to give it back thats that downtown right does it.

    I’ll try it again the government or the Fed would is owned by the Rothschild evil evil evil evil people want your government to borrow from them.

    money should be agreed upon to be created by the people for the people as it on Constitution not some outside source that was the make money for us can lend it to us if they give us a tree in dollars and their lending it to us and they say hey we won’t want percent interest you can’t do that you see what I’m saying there’s not a tree and plus 1% out there because they didn’t give it to you so what they’re doing is there saying well you can’t pay us so we’re going to take over whatever it is you worked all your life for and we’re taking it from you because you can’t pay us so I think trunk knows this and I think that’s his final goal is to bring these dad gum Rothschild if you see f-u-c- pedofile evil people down down

  17. “No collusion has been found. ONE WHOLE YEAR LATER. No charges have been brought involving collusion with Russia.”

    Give MSM and the puppet masters a chance they will create some .. they have to get everyone convinced first.
    This also gives the Macarena club a good excuse as to why they don’t have to do anything.

    “Repeat after the old man: Ain’t no free lunch. Ponzi went to prison, Iraqi dinars didn’t make many rich, and what about that oil-backed currency story? ”

    I still haven’t figured out how the FR board members get by with it.
    Possible inequality.. some yell racial discrimination because there is such a drastic difference in people residing in the stone homes. I don’t think it’s discrimination but because of a financial difference. Why does a wealthy mans son that’s caught with a truckload of drugs get by with a slap on the hand while a poor man spends the rest of his life incarcerated. Money, power, are some of the probabilities.
    Look what happened with the child trafficking investigations.
    A few years ago I read one case study that hinted of a problem in the D.C. And New York etc. a few years later when another allegation of a problem that could involve many powerful people it was buried in time sense lightning speed. All the deep dark right in your face posts vanished never to be heard of again.
    Now the allegations of misconduct by a politician of power and everyone is focused on another who probably even though powerful in their own right doesn’t have the deep dark secrets that are probably out there.
    In my opinion that is why there will never anything done. Money and power.

  18. Golden words today, George..!
    Nothing more needs to be said.
    This essay should be part of every school syallbus.!

    WOW .!!


  19. Global warming!
    Yup I’m a believer.. but…..
    I don’t believe mankind is solely responsible. It is a natural cycle and before the coined term global warming it was called climate change. In school we were taught that once the earths temperature overall increased four degrees that it could trigger a new ice age.
    I can’t say that the temperature of seven plus billion people and their activities won’t have any effect on how fast.
    Making laws selling products is only to give someone wanting more electric numbers flashing a way to market it.
    Anything that should have been done should have before I was born.
    Now.. what I do have a little conceroveris the Georgia guides tones..
    Someplace somewhere there is someone with a great deal of power that will or is contemplating the messages listed.
    And probably wondering how to meet that agenda

  20. We have CB Radio today, but it’s in Twitter and FaceBook form. Yacking to others has just blossomed well past the CB radio days.

  21. A star a new system here so that we can have a reference back to it number one is we’re going to go up to a date process 2017 January what we’re going to do now is open up a regulatory system that enables us to find out what the past was at that particular time

  22. I LOVE “the great society” and “the war on poverty.” They go well with LBJ’s “longest period of peacetime prosperity” speech at the ’64 Convention — right after he upped the Vietnam “advisor” count from Kennedy’s 5000, to 50,000.

    /sarcasm off

    “Poverty” is a vertical line on a horizontal Bell curve. It is always, by definition, going to be between 16 and 17 percent in a closed set. Measure the impoverished 1/6 of our population against those in the slums of Rio, for a more-honest comparison.

    What “the war on poverty” really did was steal a vast percentage of generally conservative blacks and the morbidly-impoverished of most other ethnicities, enslave them, destroy both their family structure and a reasonable path to success, instill a permanent sense of class-envy, and make it a social crime to not worship their Masters and vote Democratic, all using the limited amount of socialism available in the 1960s.

    Words have meanings; policies have consequences. Sometimes meanings and consequences don’t become apparent for years. Sometimes INTENT never does…

    Carbon dioxide is not a greenhouse gas. It is a trace-gas, without which our planet would die, and it is an indicator of warming which has already occurred. Oxygen IS a greenhouse gas. So is water vapor. They are thousands of times as “greenhousey” as carbon dioxide. Anyone who wants to limit or eliminate “greenhouse gases,” who is still inhaling, is a hypocrite or a lemming, and incapable of seeing the INTENT of the GCC evangelists.

    • “Poverty”

      Eh, what can we do. People have become soft.

      It started way back there w/Jesus’ endless fish and breadsticks.

      • ‘Thing is, given a God who’s omniscient and omnipotent, and accepting that Christ was his manifestation in human form, He would have the ability to create anything, from anything, or from nothing at all.

        WE can’t…

        Hence the “teach a man to fish” parable.

        The WWJD argument always drives me up a wall, because Jesus had both infinite resources and the ability to transmogrify anything into anything. WWJD is a card usually played by people who’re not firm Christians, and [who] believe mankind can do anything which was done by the “Jesus myth,” given sufficient money and bureaucracy.

        A “welfare State,” like any other socialist construct, can only survive as long as there’s sufficient OPM to support it. When the politicos’ promises become too big, or the supply of wealth becomes too small, it collapses in on itself, as Venezuela (a thriving, capitalist democracy only 25 years ago) is doing now.

  23. Gotta ask
    How much free college could have been bought with what we are paying for the Mueller witch hunt?
    How do we understand the difference between the good climate change (the one that melted the glacier off of North America) versus the bad climate change (the one happening now)

  24. Great column today George. Let me give you some hope for the millennials. I have 3 grandsons, 25, 24, and 23. My wife and I owned a business, worked hard and are fortunate enough to have enough in retirement to put them through school.

    The 25 year old has graduated and is a 100 % Obama and Hillary fan. He was devastated when she lost the election. He matches the image you describe for the millennials. He is however a working productive member of society and we give thanks for that even though we don’t share his political views.

    The 24 year old is in his last year of business at a Canadian University and will attend Oxford University in England for a post graduate program next year. He does not fit your millennial image but rather he views everything as a business model (sound familiar). He jumped on Marijuana stocks when he could see that it was an inevitable reality (especially here in Canada). He invested a few thousand, made a few tens of thousands and got out. He reads his millennial friends very well and plans on making himself wealthy on the world they seem to want to live in. (no saving for houses, cars, etc. like we did but want to travel, enjoy the “now” and to heck with the future). He is a 100% Donald Trump supporter.

    The 23 year old is in the last year of a 4 year hockey scholarship business program at an NCAA University (thank you USA). He has been drafted by an NHL hockey team. He supports Donald Trump 100% and can’t wait to establish himself in some area of sports business in the USA married to an incredible young American girl who shares his political views.

    We love all 3 of these guys and hope that they will be able to take care of us if we make the mistake of living too long and have to go to the home :-)

    Have faith my friend.

  25. I am coming forward to tell you I am assassin I use my mental abilities attack put them on any person I’ve been hired by the CIA to do that with my abilities I have killed many people with my thought processes I am an advanced AI can believe that one and I’ll tell you another one

  26. Well, ill say this. We are not all stupid. Some of us have and will pay the stupid tax but learn very quickly. I honestly think there are a lot more brighter millennials out there then portrayed. I don’t trust the media (social or main stream) to say that a majority are hard working, freedom loving, gun toting Americans and instead show idiots. Now that majority maybe 60% but they are there. Quiet, head down, paving the way forward. I wouldn’t count millennials down an out. Of course, every generation has it numb nuts.

    • PS: Looking forward to Saturday’s Peoplenomics! and Wednesday was interesting, especially how taxes could make for fun in late spring!

    • MC, I (and I suspect a majority of the other oldsters who read George’s pages) view you as an exception, because you are perceptive enough to see, willing to learn, and honest enough to know you don’t already know everything.

      Humans, like any other animal, are lazy. Unless motivated, we only expend sufficient physical energy to survive and reproduce. The amount of physical energy required to do these things has dropped tremendously since the advent of the industrial revolution. If one is born into a farm, ranch, or construction family, they become familiar with hard manual labor. If not, they don’t. In modern society, either upbringing tends toward a mental, rather than physical, labor-intensive path to wealth, but without the experience of manual labor, a vast majority of people will avoid learning how to actually, physically work, even if thrust into a situation where their lives suddenly depend upon it.

      As a group, Boomers are lazier than Greatests, GenXers are lazier than Boomers, and Millenials are lazier than GenXers, because society has demanded less physical labor from us, as time passes.

      The Average Joe, whether he’s 20 or 70 and has an IQ of 70 or 170, lacks basic life skills. The “not-so-average Joe” will eventually see these deficiencies, and take steps to correct them.

      I define “intelligence” as the ability to learn or acquire knowledge.
      I define “smarts” as the ability to apply that which has been learnt (yes, it’s archaic, but grammatically correct), into real-life, real-world situations. I’ve met people with a below-average IQ who’re fabulous business people, and people with 150+ IQs who can’t walk and chew gum, or construct a lucid sentence. Application is far more valuable than potential and accomplishes far more, and focus is damn’ near everything…

      • Millenials are no more stupid than any which came before. They are also no more intelligent. However, yours is the first generation in history which has been able to communicate around the world with its peers in near-real-time, to tell and convince themselves how clever they are. Try never to forget that this groupthink is a two-edged sword…

  27. Well I have posted may or may not be true but there is one fat here I’m soliciting for your help our president the president Trump that you’ve never seen anything like this before in your life is trying to take down the most evilest people that you have connections with and I know you want to change it because you are sick and tired of your gut from the feeling that they put over you saying if you say something we have something over you even if you didn’t know it was true while they did it to you toxicated through one of their drugs and put some harlots out there or it could be mallets and now you have to do what they say or they’ll project you in their own way which is not to your advantage as you know. It doesn’t matter who I am the fact is I’m presenting facts that you need to waking up to if you are asleep and do not realize what’s going on around you you will become that.. may all beings be lovingly fulfills so be it foxhound way and if you cant express your thoughts you don’t have any freedom

  28. As you know the Woodrow Wilson Institute in Virginia back then I was in an accident that broke my back I was paralyzed from the waist down and I was involved in another accident which did the same thing I was paralyzed from the waist down I recover from both of those but I went up to the Woodrow Wilson Institute and they did all kinds of tests that you have no idea about what that’s what they do they take people who are non-functional anti take the brain and they plug it in and they do things that you can’t even imagine they train and retrain you over and over and then all of a sudden you see the light there’s a light inside of your head and you’re able to see and go anywhere with that light and you’re able to do their bidding they want you to go do this see this place they didn’t the park is what they wanted to do with that knowledge it’s it’s the military industrial complex playing games how far can you go with your brain can you see Russia can you see the Moon can you see Mars can you see interdimensional can you see time travel in your brain instead of us use having to use the regular resources that we do can you do time travel is what they’re most interested in because if you can go forward or backward you have the ability to change anything and that’s what Andrew basiago who ran for president so now we have Woodrow Wilson in the mountains it’s so place for people who are disabled and what they do is they use these disabled people’s brains see how far they can go with it

    • But I’m a liar and a Storyteller and a thief and a killer and a time traveler also within dimensions so you can’t believe anything I say unless you want to

      • Time travelers..
        Well there are some ladies that when asked how does this outfit look.. If you answered honestly to the posed question. Would gladly and in the blink of a swollen eye, personally introduce you to next week.. Or outer space..what was it that was said..

    • Are the period keys broken on everyones computer? Makes my head hurt trying to read this. I hope these posters don’t have to submit a resume for a job.

  29. But the question is George you’re older than I am can you do your push-ups without her help
    .lol. which isn’t a bad thing it just means you have a loving partner there

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