Second Depression – Survival Gardening Guide

Let me see: The stock market has dropped 10.6 percent in the last 12 calendar days and you wonder why this topic and why now?  You are welcome to remain skeptical of our long wave economic views, but unfortunately, the replay of history is continuing as a bad rhyme with little reason. Seen BTC yet today?

You’ll miss the Future if you don’t see the whole woke/virtue/me-me as being a spin (or rhyme) on the Flapper Era.  Which was a kind of sexual blow-off in 1920’s society in which young women expressed their sexual liberation.

Here in rhyme-time, the new and “improved” version, men, women, and even a few species of barnyard animals have been “liberated.”

Today begins Closing Time. for the long wave Replay. There’s no denying what’s in our ChartPack.  Seems that no matter what the Federal Reserve does with rates today, it will be adjudged wrong by someone. Smelling the smoke in the crowded theater, yet?

Our outlook for the coming year ranges from famine to mushrooms.  Soaring prices, falling spirits.  National emotional bankruptcy is at the door.

Of course, if you pass off the presently devolving drought as “just a dry spell?”  Well, just remember de Nile is not just a river in Egypt, is it?

No matter what happens next – geo-econ-and-sociologically – we do plan on continue eating a couple of thousand calories per day.  Gardens matter.

No B.S. Our Biden Garden is bound to help out – especially in 2023 as runaway inflation will likely (in our view) place food out of reach for many.  Today’s No B.S. Survival Gardening was written as a useful compression of many scattered gardening resources.  We’re coming to a period when compressed knowledge will matter.

While our story leads there – to potential for a failed “American families dream”  the information age is going bankrupt. Late from the theater may not work out.

Today’s First Things data will include the Retail Sales, Empire State Manufacturing, and Import/Export prices report, too.

These and our long wave ChartPack – are today’s “snow markers” as we plough blindly along the abyss.

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59 thoughts on “Second Depression – Survival Gardening Guide”

  1. “Rhymes”

    People are always looking for familiar frames of reference. I bet that’s why divorce rates are so high for second marriages. Instead of introspecting peeps try to rhyme.

    During the 1st Depression government went around and inventoried everyone’s farm animals, implements and other things.

    I wonder if during this Depression government will inventory things like civilian solar panels, and later like the WW2 metal drives, take ’em “for the good of the nation”.

    When grannies start dying from the rolling blackouts people are going to complain, alot.

    Here’s some good news about the Next Depression. Recall about three years ago when nobody in Venezuela could afford move-fluid. Gasoline in Venezuela is now the cheapest place to buy the liquid in the world.

    Depressions/deflation is good.

    Gasoline prices, Octane-95, 13-Jun-2022:

    • Doubt the gov. will inventory in person. With every transaction digital, they already know.

      Media warns of (potential) recession, while most people are already there. They won’t say “depression” but many, many folks are already there too.

      Biden administration has been very cozy with Venezuela and other shady places … since he insulted all our other oil friendly sources.

      I recall when people were concerned that if GW Bush was elected, America would turn into a 3rd World Country. Things move slow but … here we are.

      Anybody got a time machine?

      • “Anybody got a time machine?”

        Tell G. n He’s our best hope. I’ll chip-in a solar panel or battery toward 1.8 gigawatts.

    • George, this is exactly why I asked about the rf interference from charge controllers/ inverters (I wonder if during this Depression government will inventory things like civilian solar panels, and later like the WW2 metal drives, take ’em “for the good of the nation”.) Can it be recognized as from a solar system and from how far away

  2. “Big Ed” worked again.

    Call it the ‘red line’. You hear one “Halt”. If you don’t halt the next thing you hear is St. Pete clanking the gate. And if the runner doesn’t understand English, too bad.

    Gunman killed by police at Texas summer camp had opened fire near classroom filled with kids

    No children, staff members or police were harmed as the deadly confrontation unfolded at the Duncanville Fieldhouse just outside Dallas.

    “The armed suspect entered through the complex’s main lobby doors and was confronted by a staff member who exchanged gunfire with him, Duncanville Police Department Assistant Chief Matt Stogner said at an afternoon news conference.”

    • OOWSteve?

      Did you notice the racism in the written article? Read the full article, I am only posting part of it….It’s towards the end…

      “Monday’s incident unfolded nearly three weeks after a gunman broke into Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, about 350 miles southwest of Duncanvile, and killed 19 children and two teachers.”


      “Police in Uvalde are under intense scrutiny. The killer there remained in a locked classroom with victims for more than an hour before a tactical unit from federal law enforcement entered and fatally shot the gunman.

      And nearly one month ago, a white gunman motivated by hate and dressed in tactical gear killed 10 people at a supermarket in a predominantly Black neighborhood in western New York, officials said.”

      See the great BROWN killer is referred to as a “gunman” and ‘killer’. But the GREAT WHITE HUNTER is referred to as a “white gunman motivated by hate….”

      SEE the great BROWN KILLER killed 21 people and I guess he LOVED THEM AND WANTED TO SEND THEM TO GLORY.

      The great WHITE KILLER KILLED 10 people out of hate.

      This is the hundreth millionith billionith scillionith reason why I DESPISE AND AM DISGUSTED BY THE RACIST MEDIA which has done its damnest to destroy this country and pit the races/sexes/ages/ against each other.


    • Hmm.. @Jim in MO I had read once that the USA was experimenting with monkeypox as a carrier for a biological.. which now all of a sudden covid , war, a collapsing economy, a currency that is now questioned as to its value..
      Now a global outbreak of monkey pox…hmm.. isn’t that amazing.. slight of hand look at the monkey pox not what the baboons are up to..

  3. Big ups – Eru survival gardening guide.
    Was raised by gardeners, been around it my entire life.
    – AG rules! at least in Pennsyltucky..
    So it is taken for granted that the rest of the country may not be accustomed so much, to growing Ure own. Speaking of things not accustomed to – anyone know any good recipes for Cat?
    Like any ancient Chinese secrets regarding rendering down fluffy into something edible. I know Hati has taste for Cat, but I dont know any Haitians. With soooo many dead cats bouncing around the streets these days, a shame to let all that feline flesh go to waste.
    Wonder, are they greasy like; the retarded “canadian” geese flying circles and never go anywhere, that overrun public parks, ponds, corp parks, and sinewy whistle pigs (groundhogs) ? Like Evil itself -google,-nasty ass birdz are federally protected..yeah they include the fat lazy American “canadian gooses” in those regs.

    BTC – dude you really are Ostriching blockchain technology. “Blockchain banking”has been in use within breakaway civilization world for over 66.6 years..whoops, said too much ??? new swabieland anyone? bueller?

    Again big ups the Gardening Guide – a very virtuous available “public service”. Our “En-Chained” planet is in the cross hairs..World Govt’s in bed doing business with space nazi’s like the CCC for over 66.6 years..high-tech/ weaponry for resources – both physical and Human.

    for her satanic majestys(draco reptilian) request :
    2000 Light Years From Home” rolling stones

    Sun turnin’ ’round with graceful motion
    We’re setting off with soft explosion
    Bound for a star with fiery oceans
    It’s so very lonely, you’re a hundred light years from home

    Freezing red deserts turn to dark
    Energy here in every part
    It’s so very lonely, you’re six hundred light years from home

    It’s so very lonely, you’re a thousand light years from home
    It’s so very lonely, you’re a thousand light years from home

    Bell flight fourteen you now can land
    See you on Aldebaran, safe on the green desert sand
    It’s so very lonely, you’re two thousand light years from home
    It’s so very lonely, you’re two thousand light years from home

    Ever seen a logo that looks eagle holding chains in its claws ?
    Ure/Our “Mother” is in those chains, and it is an incredibly wicked vibe..pitviperfaced scum- powerfully nasty scheisse.

    Off to the ole replicator – for some slimey ass “breakfast sausage & potatos” button #4

    Say Hallo – 2 the 4th reich…soonly We all will be chanting “hail anal schwab, all hail claus anal schwab”

    * Got Mercury ?

    • While the USA and Canada have proceeded with a formal divorce… unfortunately we got joint custody of the geese. While that thought gives me goose bumps, I’ll waddle out to the garden and take a gander at the moisture levels… I wonder if water flows off a goose’s back?

      • And the C-Goose shouts CanOOK CanOOK. Leader states no-one in Canada has the right to self defence with a firearm. No where does IT travel without armed security service. And for a reason! Lets Go Castreau

      • Some of those C. geese got lost millenia ago and wound up in Hawaii. Liked it so much they stayed. The neck band coloration changed a bit on our tropical version, but it’s the same goose… and now the State Bird…. Ne’ne’ goose.

  4. Hi George….
    Longtime reader here–and I don’t stick around for much.

    Excellent survival garden synopsis. Thank you from an old gardener (in more ways in one).
    One tip: the color bar on page 2 is so dark as to obliterate the text.

    Also, might you list a few tips on insect control-perhaps in another synopsis? I have had good luck with non-toxic DE (diatomaceous earth) which can be ‘poofed’ onto plants. Be sure to get only food-grade or agricultural grade.

    • I have become a fan of Neem Oil to keep the sucking, munching bugs away. One Tablespoon Neem Oil, One Teaspoon liquid soap ( I use a ‘peppermint’ equate liquid soap) in a one quart spray bottle. Shake thoroughly, and frequently while spraying. It’s non toxic, but basically upsets the bugs’ digestion so they stop eating.

  5. George,
    A couple thoughts on survival gardening..

    Might consider how much acreage would truly be needed per person for meeting all nutritional needs. My guess would be around 1/2 acre, from my memory of what Bill Mollison has written. Of course it would depend on many factors, length of growing season (tropics more productive), efficiency from perennials vs annuals, soil fertility, etc. Key questions would be where you going to get your calories, and protein? A vegetable garden is a great supplement, but provides minimal calories and protein typically. My guess is most gardens would be a nice nutritive augmentation, but insufficient for true sustainability. In the tropics there’s taro, bananas, cassava, breadfruit, sweet potatoes for calories. Chickens can forage completely for all their needs if given sufficient space and insect habitat – for protein needs. But both are a different story in temperate climates..

    Regarding composting: true, purchasing fertilizers would provide for fertility needs without composting. However, microbes would greatly enhance garden fertility over time, through composting, and a form of Natural Korean Farming or JADAM ( my favorite low budget NKF system). There’s short term productivity, and then there’s long term fertility building.

    • “Might consider how much acreage would truly be needed per person for meeting all nutritional needs. ”

      You can’t.

      If’fn we HAVE to grow our own, society is going to be at a high stress level. Where even legumes suck, is no plant is capable of producing high enough quality protein to sustain folks in a high-stress environment. Notice the vege-crowd: Everything they do WRT health and exercise leans hard toward low-stress; and in a low-stress environment, they’re happy, healthy, and benign.

      Should the SHTF, survivors will HAVE to have meat, even if it’s the local rabbit & field mouse population. They will have to have fat, and they will have to have salt. None of these grow in my greenhouse.

      With that said, if properly arranged, a half-acre should produce enough food for an adult human, for a year.

    • Yes, Korean Natural Farming (Dr. Cho’s work) is excellent because it relies on making fertility from your own locale….no box store needed.

      Chemical fertilizers work like magic causing an “explosion” of growth because, indeed, the first chemically derived nitrogen fertilizers were developed to get rid of excess bomb making materials after WWI (Fritz Haber process).

      The problem with that over time is not just soil depletion but mental acuity depletion. Yes, nitrogen quality is essential to our consciousness (think laughing gas if you want to see how nitrogen affects us). Plants grown on chemical nitrogen create “funny” proteins; screwing with our consciousness. Of all the theories about the decline of humanity, almost never is this one mentioned. But it is key. Nitrogen naturally derived from the atmosphere, “fixed” in the soil by microbes and plants, is the form that is healthy for plants, animals, and humans.
      Yes, if one is starving, chemical fertilizers can have their place. As a practice though, learn natural farming techniques. They are cheaper, healthier, and don’t give rise to messed up thinking.

  6. I just watched a news item on TV. They interviewed several yacht owners on Lake Huron who were complaining angrily about the fuel cost for their boats. Big inboard and double outboard engines suck a lot of gas at this prime boating time of the year. Hundreds of dollars more than last year. Very very painful.

    I got a tear in my eye…………. Not from the snivelling yacht owners but for the contrast to the post from LOOB yesterday.

    “Well.. I dropped the care package to the single mother off.. I’m glad I did..
    She started to cry..she only made 84 dollars for the month of may. no food in the house and according to Gov’t she made to much for any food assistance.”

    When the rich are crying over high gas prices for their yachts and a woman is crying in gratitude for a food package, we are very close to the end my friends.

    Thanks for all you do LOOB.

    • I don’t want to sound like I don’t care about your mother, but it is not governments responsibility to buy your mother food or to provide her with a subsidy. It is easy to get distracted by the fact that many people take advantage and are provided subsidies, but rarely should such “needs” be deemed to be “strangers” responsibilities. Is she a member of a community church, is she able to provide a service back to others, like short term child care, teaching, or lots of other ways to earn money or to barter. The only people that will truly care about the single mother are those that love her or those that she adds value to their lives. Those are the only things you can depend on. As our financial system crashes people will learn this fact of human nature. Unfortunately those waiting around for someone to take care of them will be in for a rude awakening. We are already seeing riots by people demanding they be allowed to kill their children, and you expect these monsters to care for strangers?

      • “it is not governments responsibility to buy your mother food or to provide her with a subsidy. It is easy to get distracted by the fact that many people take advantage and are provided subsidies, ”

        Well nothing is free..there’s really strict guidelines.. a few years ago we had to go a year without an income..we owned a car that wasn’t over ten years old and we owned a home ( the bank did lol)so I could sell the car or home and live on the proceeds.
        What’s funny @JoeDish is in all the years that I’ve been trying to help a few here and there.. I’ve never met one that was taking advantage of the system.. I’ve heard stories of someone that knows someone that heard of someone.. I’ve just never met one.. many are hardworking and don’t have any intentions of getting the assistance.. they were forced to..
        In the eighties I was on my way to work and seen this guy.. lite jacket on six inches of snow ridding a bike.. ( unicycle lol) I pulled over to see if he’d rather ride in a warm car..I took him home after work to.. three little kids.. he delivered them himself on the kitchen table because they were turned away at the clinic.. furnace was shot his car broke down .. they only had enough to buy one jar of peanut butter every 2 weeks..what they were eating was what their cat brought home for them hunting in the field behind their trailer.. they kept the furs to remind them of where they’ve been..
        He was so terrified to seek out assistance that I had to literally take him by the hand and fill out the paperwork for him..
        He now owns a restaurant one daughter is a social worker one of the boys is a mechanic and one a contractor..
        His story reminded me of my best and worst wife had one of those dalkon shield that really messed her blew up. I was on foot in winter coat no snow boots..only an old pea coat..froze my feet.. I would get up at 1 am put on 2 pair of pants.. crumble newspapers and stuffed it between pants..I would then walk the 12 miles to work where I made radiators..then we were hit..the farm crises.. no one buying radiators..the plant shut down..I now didn’t have a job or we all know unemployment insurance isn’t for the unemployed but for seasonal employees.. we had no heat no food.. no electricity..I had a coleman camp stove..( still got it to.. teach all the kids on making one with discarded cans) I would go behind the farm tractors and scrape the grain that had fallen ..then beat it into crude gruel that we would eat.. I would dig the used coffee grounds out of the trash at the restaurant..then re-roast them along with corn to make a crude hot drink..
        We would leave the door to the apartment open to the unheated hallway so that the warmth of the unheated hallway would warm the apartment..
        For a Christmas tree I had broken off a branch from a pine tree..
        Then one day a farmer was looking for some help catching male chickens in his hen house..a dollar an hour..five hours of working..when we were done he said I can give you this five OR you can have the chickens…I took the chickens..honey we eat tonight.. and he gave us eggs.. I was so excited over our bounty..
        I got home all excited to tell my sick wife..went in.. a shock the door was closed.. real fear set in..did they evict us while I was gone.. I put the key in.. turned it..they hadn’t changed the lock I cautiously opened the door.. the lights were on and a blast of warm air.. I was shocked..the kitchen cupboards were full the refrigerator was on it was full.. under that pine branch was a coat for each of the kids..a toy for each..
        I fell to my knees and cried..the lord had heard my prayers.. I swore I wouldn’t ever go through that again.. for two years all there was was day labor jobs..I’ve done jobs that Mike Rowe wouldn’t even do.. never worked less than two jobs and worked an average of 17 hours a day seven days a week. A day of vacation was an 8 hour day.. ( that’s why I have my obituary made up to say..he went on vacation. Hopes that temperature isn’t to warm. Everyone I know knows I’ve never been on a vacation and those that question where I went can go to pizza ranch get a keg give the kids a roll of quarters to play the machines.. then laugh tell good stories) anyway each year I find someone that falls through the cracks and I make sure they have a similar experience..
        I can’t even tell you how .any sets of tires I’ve given out..meals.. see someone digging in the trash for food tell the manager bring them in treat them like a king and I will pay the tab..
        Or if I see a young couple checking to see if they can afford on a menu..I tell my waitress to add their bill to mine, but never let the people know who paid it..
        Years back assistance was only used by the destitute.. now companies pay the lower hourly waged employees just enough so they have to use federal programs..
        76 percent three years ago..I’m betting it’s way more now..forced to seek public assistance.
        Employers using this as a benefit..increase the profit give to the executives instead of valuing their employees..while giving the executives huge bonuses..
        If someone forced to seek out food assistance..then not have it..then the cannot spend it on other things..
        Everone suspected recipients of the food stamp program was on drug’s.. only to discover that there was only one..
        I say give them work..people only want to feel valued.. work hard all your life ..saved then forced to hand it all one leaves with anything..
        It only takes a small push of fate to have anyone of us there..
        My engineering friend had a wall full of diplomas.. hit by a hurricane then an explosion on one if the deep water drilling platforms and horrific oil spill..he was pulled in to give testimony told the truth and was blackballed.
        Couldn’t get a job anywhere ..then traveling through the wastelands looking for work his car broke down..
        I could tell stories all day.. I’ve never regretted giving a hand up.. not a hand out..

    • I really appreciate that @Bic.. I try.. got a call today that I will get to meet a potential new friend this week.. hopefully when we have coffee to get to know one another that he will be a good fit so we will be able to help out..

      • Rented rooms in houses since 2013. EVERY place I rented the people and owners were on Govt. subsidy. More than one told me I needed to find a Disability cause that would put me in their drivers seat.
        Just applied for Old Age Security @68. Getting paid from year 65 accummulated.
        Lottery Ye Haw

  7. Recall that 2020 New York retail knew to board up the shop windows before the shutdown. The other day Target cancelled orders. They lost deposit money. They know something in advance.

    Maybe Powell will jack rates 125bps or more.

    A tune from the magical, early Paul V days.

    Olivia Newton-John – Magic

  8. If you’re keen on growing potatoes, but short on space I have a technique that might work for you.

    Plant potatoes in an old tire. Lay the tire flat, fill the hole with dirt and plant your potato plant. Once the plant gets about 10 inches tall, add another tire, fill that with dirt so that just a few inches of the plant protrude. Repeat this process until it gets as tall as you’d like. Once it’s time to harvest remove each tire and pick the potatoes…or just kick the whole think over. That’s what we used to do.

    This makes a lot of potatoes in a small space.

      • just be sure your hay has NOT been sprayed with weed killer such as Grazon. Yup, saw it on a you tube gardening video.
        My brother one year had a neighbor accuse my bro of overspraying his own yard with a weed killer, and letting it drift onto the neighbor’s garden when in fact the neighbor used his own grass clippings to mulch his tomato plants. You guessed it, he used weed killer on his own lawn sometime during the week before mowing :)

      • Thanks. I tried potatoes in a cloth bag last year but I dumped it out too soon. This year I’m trying growing in cardboard boxes along the side of the house but I’ve gotten too much rain run off from the overhanging roof. Your method looks pretty easy but I need to see if sterilized hay is available

  9. Bit of cage rattler nostalgia!! Ahhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Jerome da man !!!! Da big swingin type !!! Ahhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaa

  10. Some asked me what I learned at all the shows I have done earlier. What is the biggest thing?
    I thought, hmmmmm….

    I said there is a big difference between those on stage who been at it a long time and the new generation.

    I said guys like Paul McCartney, bands like The Eagles, Tool to name a few, have become their music. Their music is them and they are their music. There no distinct separation. The two are one. The have become their art. Its not a performance. It’s their being. They are the magic in their shows. They are their music.

    The new generation of stars play their music. Perform their music and art. Big difference.

    Then they said, what separates you from your art? What separates you from THE DUDE? Creator of All? You read creation and creation is Malable. It responds to your thoughts and words. Are you not the same? I laughed. They said,

    Chew on that for a while.

    I said,

    That is quite the ponder. Jesus said, “The Father and I are one.” I guess I can understand that to a greater degree now.

    I spose to yield a better harvest? A bumper crop? A gardner must think, feel and speak, “The Gardnen and I are one.”

    As those who have become their art over a period of time.

    Like Jesus said, “The Father and I are one.”

    Hmmmm….Since I am being romanced to a work in a high level security company? The guardeners and I are one. Among many things.

    Quite the ponder.

      • “Would Jesus work for a security outfit?”

        Jesus IS the security outfit. Without Him, there is no security. That’s why we find ourselves in the fix we’re in today. We have driven Jesus from our schools, our government, and in many cases our lives, leaving us to scramble trying to find our own security.

      • Hmmmmmm. This goes way back to Zen Guarden and the Children of God satanic cult.

        You remember when I took Zen to the confessional? Right before I made that post on the time traveler the thread prior to Trump winning the Republican nomination, and the prediction with Japan currency which is unfolding now.

        I went by the handle “Q” Then and everyone kept saying Fuck you! As I had the handle of Q, in Manderine they were all phonetically saying Fu-Q. And Fu in Chinese is good fortune meaning “one breath in the garden” as in Eden.

        I remember just now,

        I had wrote the manderin symbol of “Fu” on my paperwork here, where I work again. As a marker.

        Not much later we had the Q movement.

        To answer your question George. No he would not. He would live the true story I wrote .

        And the name of the schooner I didn’t say, because it is an “!”

        Because this world is not all there is.

        Wow, it is definitely time to listen and think. I’m having waves of info come in.

        Later George. Much to consider

      • I just thought it was funny. A bunch of satanic cult members cursing me a Christian saying “fuck you” and me kicking their ass using the Handle “Q” and they were unknowingly blessing me in Chinese, using the word for “one breath in the garden” on a site called Zen Garden. Hahahaha

        I forgot that I wrote “fu” in mandarin on my paper work here at this company till you said that George.

        Forgot about that. Hmmm. Yes time to listen and see what comes to me. Let it come to me. Yes. Let it come.

      • That is right George. The purpose for that, I was securing the blessing meant for China, to the US. You are a smart dude.

        And being blessed at the same time. Since we are a Christian nation. :)

      • The more that China and the satanic pedophile cults curse the US and me, the more they bless the USA and me. Leading to their inevitable trip to the confesional booth. Whoever that may be. Not my department. I not Jesus. I’m just Andy.

        That is the present dynamic ad the cycle had made a full rotation and is now spirilaning outward as all things in this world. It’s a living dynamic.

        Much to consider. Thanks again George.

        As I said, I only know a little. THE DUDE knows the shit I don’t. So I wait for HIS decision, and will follow HIS guidance no matter what choice is present.

    • “A gardner must think, feel and speak, “The Gardnen and I are one.”

      Japan did a study on plant growth a few years ago.. with various results, depending on what they were exposed to.. similar to Christ’s teaching of do unto others. Or the teachings of the Dao..
      I think of what our children are being subjected to day in a nd day out..the subliminal messages in advertising. The violence in television glorifying acts of violence and crime.. is their psychological growth affected like a plants growth. Plant growth is stunted if ignored, whether and dies if exposed to violent talk or rap music, hard rock, growth if talked to mildly and encouraged, gentle music..
      What does Buddhism teach about anger? Anger (including all forms of aversion) is one of the three poisons—the other two are greed (including clinging and attachment) and ignorance—that are the primary causes of the cycle of samsara and rebirth. Purifying ourselves of anger is essential to Buddhist christ taught the very same thing.. throughout all religious texts .. you eventually can see the fathers teachings that differ from man’s interpretations of gods laws..

      • Loob – you are standing and breathing in one of 11 in the galaxy “living libraries” “planners” brought here the best of the best from around the Galaxy. All are under quarantine at this time, many desire to come here and experience..death with out torture/peaceful death, physical Emotion (s). Emotion is rare out there..Commerce at any and all costs, “as below, so above”

        dont ever lose sight of fact Ure a Human Resource. We have agreed or dont be Exploited, repeatedly..time after time..
        – Yeah the light, the warm voices, playing on Ure emotions, everytime.

    • Front row Eagles. Doobie Bros,,High School Grad ACDC Australia 1975
      None of them had a message Andy. Your fantasy is your life.
      *Fleetwood Mac
      *Boz Scaggs
      *Humble Pie
      *Ozark Mountain Dare Devils
      *Black Sabbath
      *Led Zepplin
      *The WHO
      *Tragically Hip
      *BB King
      *George Carlin when performers were late
      *Paul and Linda “Wings Tour”
      All in the 70ties except Tragically Hip ‘ 81
      Your name dropping does you great favour.

  11. ” B.S. Our Biden Garden”

    IF…. humanity survives being catastrophically bidened.. IF .. mushrooms don’t grow and we only suffer the worst depression in the history of mankind.
    I am curious if Delawarians are buying more depends than any other state as each day the morons in control keep putting them that much closer to the say cheese event. If they are not terrified then they are stupider than I think.
    just imagine future comments .. people are already scared of being Bidened..

    Wanna try something fun.. set your mini tracker ( cell phone)on the table..then pick a subject and talk about it around your tracker…without touching your mini tracker.. just like ads.. see what pops up for you junk ads..
    I didn’t believe it until one of the grand kids was telling me.. so we tried it..
    Sure enough the ads on her phone reflected what we were talking about..

    • Well, I managed to do something that has caused none of that to happen to me on my phone. I did it by intentionally ignorant accident. I turned as much off of my Samsung Galaxy 800, I think it is…every ap, google ap, samsung, etc., just forced a stop, location, etc., just stop, stop, stop, delete, etc., just stay with it, and so now, it won’t even connect to google, but it works on wireless, meaning, since I can’t connect to google, I can’t download any apps.

      I can’t tell you how to do it, but turn everything off except to use the phone, and the text service, and surf the internet. I never ever get one ad, and I never ever get anything hinted to me cause they can’t reach me.

      No FakeBook, No InsultaGram, No Twiddle Dee Twit, no email, no youtube, nothing.

      NO ADS.

      Maybe a developer/IT/Phone specialist can chime in, and give their professional tips and guidance. That’s my .10.

  12. A moments reflection for all the great gold bulls that have gone before the ones that are left. We will never surrender. This ones for you . Rest In Peace bulls we will fight !! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaa da federali reseverve !! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaa

  13. Blame it all on aliens !!! That’s one way for schwab gates fauci Soros and biden to get off the coming revolutions and lynchings!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhaaaaaa Jerome da man !!!! Zimbabwe!!! Buy wheelbarrows

    • Space aliens will probably be romanticized and will first show to a little blond/blue farm girl in middle America. They’ll save the little girl’s failed winter wheat crop.

      China Says It May Have Detected Signals From Alien Civilizations

      (Bloomberg) — China said its giant Sky Eye telescope may have picked up signs of life beyond Earth, according to a report by the state-backed Science and Technology Daily, which then appeared to have deleted the report and posts about the discovery.

  14. A BIG FU to Fauci at the Center for Not Preventing or Controlling Disease, you deserve what you got for all your lies and coercing vaccination. I got covid from a triple vaxed zealot and my unvaxed symptoms were milder than theirs.
    Govt waste at its finest and a fine Goebbels impersonation from cdc, nih and let’s go brandon..

  15. Associate of stature next door when confronted by myself about current events stated it was simply “communism through democracy” then said do not quote me or I will lose my JOB.

  16. I spent the first half of the week in a cell towers of babel dead sea zone so I’m a bit out of the loop. While my phone was a proverbial pet rock, I put the radio on scan for the local CBC, but instead it locked on to a dorothy transmission. It was an original religious broadcaster morphed into current-day “The Rock!”, KQRC Kansas City, owned by a Phillie conglomerate. They weren’t playing the Mediaeval Baebes. Did anyone request Nirvana?

    Speaking of rock time, I don’t know when the tectonic shift happened. Sometime between founding in 1961 at Paris and now the International Union of Geological Sciences (IUGS) secretariat moved to China. English and French remain the group’s official languages. Apparently China will oversee the new Deep-time Digital Earth (DDE) program. I guess precision-wise earth time has a higher power than ?.

  17. So, went shopping today…

    I picked up some screw-in guy anchors for the new greenhouse I’m about to buy, and noticed the shelf rows in the local farm store had about six feet between the rows — where end caps used to be on the ends of the rows of shelves, they’re now nestled between the rows. It was a good look — went well with the missing “midways” (the store has three, now only one is occupied with product.)

    At Menards I noticed 23/32 CDX was down to 56 bucks and they were out of 1″ and above, Sch-80 pipe. I also noticed top rail for the cheapassed chain link they sell was $20 and corner posts were $41 (Chinese, and they were $6.99 and $8 two years ago…)

    At Meijer I picked up some $9.89 T-bones and $3.99 ground chuck, but passed on the $8 (free range) chicken, the $11 butter, and the nine-buck Valvoline. I DID (finally) score some Michigan blueberries. I also had packaged strawberries, potatoes, and raspberries leak on my hands (which makes me think stores are keeping food on the shelves longer than is wise — and yes, the T-bones went straight to the freezer…)

    At least gasoline is down to $5.19 now…

  18. Possibly also of interest:

    I received a package of seeds today, from Amazon.

    Itty bitty plastic bags with beans, sunflowers, muskmelon or cantaloupe, and several others, marked “heirloom” “organic” but not identified.

    The seeds came from China.

    I have not ordered any seeds from ANY Amazon affiliate or storefront, or Amazon itself, in 2.33 years.

    ‘Might be brushing, might be something serious. The proper course is to double-bag and send to USDA…

    Interesting, because this stuff is SO 2020…

  19. Now let’s be honest . Why do Americans hate gold ? No really why do Americans hate gold ?

    • Not ALL Americans. We bought our “lone piece” in 2001 when I had a major windfall.
      And that silver I actually recommended at $6.95-$7.04? (2005) might have ONE of those, too.
      Now we like gold. But we also like Obama, Clinton, LBJ, the Bush clan, and two crooked political parties and mindless monetization’s of personal plumbing uncertainties.
      We have our hate for each other, and gold can’t be “made up” and most of us know at some level we’re in the Matrix, know what I mean, Len?

    • Its like Oil to the towelheads, yellow stuff is everywhere man! That is the Truth regards why the NOT federal reserve and FRN’s.
      If all the in ground Gold supply in CONUS were to be divulged/exposed – price of Gold gets flushed.

      Silver will be the rare air” and Gold the common coinage (digi).


      Ben Dova 4 a claus anal schwab (sand lube incl.) with Ure shiney new Digital ID & CBDC & Control Food Supply = happy lil bug eating globo slave – welcome to 4th reich.

    • It takes too much effort to get off the Lazy Boy and make deposits and withdrawals in the backyard at midnight. Sooo inconvenient.

  20. Yep that’s a good explanation. So next is why do the Fed hate gold ? Eh ? Why does the Fed hate gold . Mark my words this will destroy America . Yep nothing surer . But george you put it well . I’m off to bed I can’t watch a parade of evil every night

    • It’s heavy, it takes up a lot of room, and it’s hard to protect against loss. Everybody has some (or a lot) on paper but nobody really knows how much really exists. The mystery sustains the value. Then there is utility. Which is more preferable — a sack of gold coins or a paper deed to a multi-million dollar commercial building of the same value but more utility? What good is a million dollar painting if nobody but one person gets to see it?

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