Rudy Giuliani for FBI Job?

Yeah,, the CPI numbers in a second.  But I wanted to begin this morning by tossing out what I think is a pretty good idea.

Namely, that Donald Trump, should as I see it, ought to appoint Rudy Giuliani to head up the FBI where everyone knows there’s a job opening.

Why Rudy?  Well, there are a ton of reasons….ready to copy?


For one, Giuliani has demonstrated an ability to “lead under fire” — and that seems to be one of the major job requirements.  Like Sully and the Hudson landing, Rudy was the “right guy for the job” on 9/11.

Secondly, he knows how to handle democrats, since early in his career he was one, though he’s made a successful recovery.  Still, according to sources, he still has a spot in his heart for the “little guy.”  That’d be nice, too, having been MIA for a long time.

But it’s in Rudy’s legal qualifications that we find the main reason for Trump to nominate Giuliani.  Did you know, for example, he invented the prosecutorial technique called The Perp Wak?  Yes (sir, m’am or other) he did that this Rudy fellow.

Let me share the summary of his legal bona fides off Wikipedia:

“In 1981, Giuliani was named Associate Attorney General in the Reagan administration,[33] the third-highest position in the Department of Justice. As Associate Attorney General, Giuliani supervised the U.S. Attorney Offices’ federal law enforcement agencies, the Department of Corrections, the Drug Enforcement Administration, and the United States Marshals Service. In a well-publicized 1982 case, Giuliani testified in defense of the federal government’s “detention posture” regarding the internment of over 2,000 Haitian asylum seekers who had entered the country illegally. The U.S. government disputed the assertion that most of the detainees had fled their country due to political persecution, alleging instead that they were “economic migrants”. In defense of the government’s position, Giuliani testified that “political repression, at least in general, does not exist” under President of Haiti Jean-Claude Duvalier‘s regime.[23][34]

In 1983, Giuliani was appointed U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, which was technically a demotion but was sought by Giuliani because of his desire to personally litigate cases. It was in this position that he first gained national prominence by prosecuting numerous high-profile cases, resulting in the convictions of Wall Street figures Ivan Boesky and Michael Milken. He also focused on prosecuting drug dealers, organized crime, and corruption in government.[24] He amassed a record of 4,152 convictions and 25 reversals. As a federal prosecutor, Giuliani was credited with bringing the “perp walk“, parading of suspects in front of the previously alerted media, into common use as a prosecutorial tool.[35] After Giuliani “patented the perp walk“, the tool was used by increasing numbers of prosecutors nationwide.[36]

Giuliani’s critics claim he arranged public arrests of people, then dropped charges for lack of evidence on high-profile cases rather than going to trial. In a few cases, his public arrests of alleged white-collar criminals at their workplaces with charges later dropped or lessened, sparked controversy, and damaged the reputations of the alleged “perps”.[37] He claimed that veteran stock trader Richard Wigton, of Kidder, Peabody & Co., was guilty of insider trading; in February 1987 he had officers handcuff Wigton and march him through the company’s trading floor, with Wigton in tears.[38] Giuliani had his agents arrest Tim Tabor, a young arbitrageur and former colleague of Wigton, so late that he had to stay overnight in jail before posting bond.[38][39] Within three months, charges were dropped against both Wigton and Tabor; Giuliani said, “We’re not going to go to trial. We’re just the tip of the iceberg”, but no further charges were forthcoming and the investigation did not end until Giuliani’s successor was in place.[39] Giuliani’s high-profile raid of the Princeton/Newport firm ended with the defendants having their cases overturned on appeal on the grounds that what they had been convicted of were not crimes.”

I’ve played a fair amount of chess in my life, including games against Grand Masters like Yasser Seirawan. (*I got my ass kicked.)

Nevertheless, I can sense a winning move when I see one. And naming Rudy Giuliani his FBI Director would go a million miles toward restoring confidence in both the Trump administration and the Superfund site we call the District of Corruption.

There’s one more thing to know about Rudy…his experience in another key area:

According to an FBI memo revealed about 20 years later, leaders of the five New York mob families voted in 1987 on whether to issue a contract for the death of U.S. attorney Rudolph Giuliani. Heads of the Lucchese, Bonanno, and Genovese families rejected the idea, though Gambino leader John Gotti encouraged assassination”

So Rudy has experience working with those plotting his downfall.  Which ought to be at least one of the Trump HR filters in place right now, because that’s what democrats are.  And if you doubt it, just ask Bernie how it worked out for him.

No, looks from the Outback like Comey was going after Russia allegations and that despite lefty media claims, his #2 at the FBI wasn’t aware of any money requests for a bigger probe… Still the left-leaning press simply has to keep up the pressure on (non-existent so far) Russia slurs because otherwise issues like cheating Bernie, uranium deal to Russia by HILLARY, email server, and the Prime Minister of Bangladesh alleging Clinton Foundation strong-arming…well, that might get back on center stage.

As one report called it this morning “…a clear example of pay to play…”

Where was Comey on this obvious crap?  Damn right he got fired.

We Pester Lester so Holt On….

But I’ve never seen such a pant-load as was foisted last night.

Wife Elaine has an amazing “artists eye.”  She spied it in an instant: “Look!  Trumps chair looks shorter than Lester’s!” she exclaimed on first viewing.

We then looked up the height of both men.  They are both 6’2″ BTW.

But you wouldn’t know that from how the shots were staged.  Lester looks much bigger (thanks to what looks like a taller chair) and in addition, the shoulder shots where Trump is in focus and Holt is visible to the right – make it look like Holt is “looking down” on Trump.

In media studies this is how positional power is communicated to your subconscious without you being aware you’re being programmed anti- Trump.  The “who’s in charge” person always is dominant – just like in the animal kingdom (and in Animal Farm, too, come to think of it) and gets to “look down on the sub.”

Lester’s “looking down on Trump” was further evidenced, it seems by interrupting the president nine times in 3-minutes.

Remember I stopped watching Bill O’Reilly the first time I saw him interrupting people whose COMPLETE answers I wanted to hear. I don’t suffer fools.

I’ll save the obvious dot connector.

I’d have to look through the full transcript, but didn’t hear Holt ask about ( in the partial transcripts or during the “big exclusive” interview) I saw, anything that pinged my keywords “uranium,” “foundation,” or “server.”

As I viewer this gets me to wondering: Does NBC play slow-pitch with democrats and save the 100 MPH fastballs (and interruptions) for republicans?  Compare what I’d characterize as the slow-pitch Andrea Mitchell interview with Susan Rice with Thursday’s interruption festival with Holt.

If we’re going fishing, let’s plumb all the potential lakes, shall we?  Toss even pitches.  Ure ump has spoken.

But hey!  No facts needed.  Let’s just poll things to death, shall we?  Sheep can’t question stats…

I’ll say it again: I think the inventor of the “perp walk” would be the guy to root out the media ties to the former administration and the PowersThatBe.  The sneakers, leakers, and cross-aisle peekers, too.

But if you have someone more qualified than  Giuliani in mind, go ahead and post a comment.  Name names. Just remember, you’re revealing a lot about who you are by the choices you’d make… Public creds, track record, honesty and candor.  Law degree and meaningful prosecutorial experience, too.  Experience under stress.  Anyone else in view – really?

On to the CPI Figures

The market has been selling off this week ahead of these.  Will it be a “sell the rumor, buy the news day?

Press release, por favor…

The Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers (CPI-U) increased 0.2 percent  in April on a seasonally adjusted basis, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics  reported today. Over the last 12 months, the all items index rose 2.2 percent  before seasonal adjustment.

Increases in indexes for shelter, energy, tobacco, and food all contributed  to the monthly increase in the all items index. The energy index rose 1.1 percent,  with all 3 of its major component indexes rising. The food index rose 0.2 percent,  mostly due to a sharp increase in the index for fresh vegetables.

The index for all items less food and energy rose 0.1 percent in April after  declining in March. The shelter index increased 0.3 percent, and the tobacco index  increased sharply over the month. However, many indexes declined in April,  including those for wireless phone services, medical care, motor vehicle insurance,  apparel, used cars and trucks, recreation, and new vehicles. 

The all items index rose 2.2 percent for the 12 months ending April. While a  smaller increase than the 2.4 percent rise for the 12 months ending March, this
is still a larger rise than the 1.7 percent average annual increase over the past  10 years. The index for all items less food and energy rose 1.9 percent over the  last 12 months; this compares to a 1.8 percent average annual increase over the  past decade. The energy index rose 9.3 percent over the last year, while the food
index increased 0.5 percent. 

Credit where due to the Trump administration on something:  Last year, the April CPI came out on May 17th.  Here we are on the 12th of May this year and we’ve got data.  In May 2015 the data came out on May 22nd!

Gee, think someone’s had a fire lit under ’em?

After the data came out, market was showing -25 on the Dow futures, but we expect more like a 30 point rally for the day which would put us about in line with last week’s Friday close.  The rationale is simple:  The world hasn’t gone to hell in a handbasket this week anymore than it was tracking last week that-a-way.

So why would the market end much different than last week?

We look for a beat down early so the Big Boyz can load up and then a rally next week so the Big Boyz can have Wave 3 of V into the “Sell in May and Go Away” ending…

NK Letter

The Korea Kid, et al, have sent a warning letter to congress over possible new sanctions.

Tell you what, I don’t understand the NK’s.  Why, I send letters and emails to my congressoid all the time with zero, zip, bupkis results, save a form letter.  Just because they may have some nukes, why can Kid Korea get in the line with the rest of us?

Send ‘;em a form letter like the rest of us get (“The congressoid sees this as a very important issue to act indecisively on, so while we do furth3er study, blah, blah, blah...”).

Wait!  Congress has no stones.  Silly me forgetting…

Trade Wars on Horizon

Yeah, we hear how the U.S. has gotten bum trade deals the dems come out and say ain’t true.  But even our favorite pack of megalomaniacs – the Brussels Sprouts – are now ramping up trade pressure over Chinese dumping of cheap steel.

Pickup Recall

Big Dodge recall for 2013-2016 Ram drivers to be aware of.

28 thoughts on “Rudy Giuliani for FBI Job?”

  1. Trey Gowdy would be a much better choice for FBI director than that other person you talked about.

    • Sold out globalist, couldn’t leap to planes loaded with fuel being high jacked and flown into buildings, even though security briefs were coming in all over the world warning about it and a drill was going to be run on 911 practicing for it (that has got to be the biggest coincidence ?on the planet). Plus the subject line of the memo she gave to Bushie Baby said it. She also sashayed around the country with Bushie Baby threatening mushroom clouds, she also refused to testify at 911 commission until she was cattle prodded into it. She, like so many others, has lined her pockets, her suits, and her toilet bowl on the back of American taxpayers and what do we have to show for it? At war for 14 years and taking out those seven pesky, non central bank, countries, General Wesley Clark talked about. All so we can bring damn bombing killing peace to the Middle East. No, Thank you. She is a criminal of the highest order, a colour guard.

  2. Why not just throw Dwayne Johnson, the rock, in there? Lol! Alright, I kid as there is a facebook thing going around suggesting he’s considering running for Presidency sometime.

    That’s a gmafb moment, if there ever was one.
    Our politics have gone to the dogs and even they won’t sniff that rotten meat anymore.

  3. Personally, I think Rudy is much closer to going state’s evidence or being indicted than he is to leading the FBI. Time will tell which of us is right.

  4. Burt Lancaster ‘=)like in
    “Seven Days in May” movie.
    We are all over the world,
    sadly NOT where it counts.

  5. Yes Sir Im with above Trey Gowdy. He would get the approval easier then Rudy because Rudy once said “when I hear Hillary I think Orange Jump suit” that comment might prevent his approval. I just wish we could clone Trey so we could leave him in his current position and one at the FBI.

  6. Despite what Wikipedia says, Rudy Giuliani did not “invent the perp-walk”! The habit of parading the more infamous criminals before cameras has been around literally since motion pictures were invented and if you need proof you need only watch some of the old MovieTone newsreels of the thirties. That Wiki entry is nothing more than a shameless puff piece about a man who knows how to fully manipulate the law the get what he wants.

    Further, Giuliani’s hands are FAR from clean and he DID obstruct justice during his early years as an aide to Judge Harold Tyler [who was Deputy Attorney General in D.C. at the time], always with an eye for a quid pro quo arrangement. And, this has been well documented beyond questionable online encyclopedias.

    Giuiliani built his national rep in the mid-80’s by declaring war on the Mafia and did so before every camera that was pointed in his general direction – if you think Comey was a “grandstander” you’ve never really watched Rudy in action. During 9/11 he was front-and-center for every photo-op and was credited with restoring balance to NYC – in reality he had the entire resources of the federal, state and local governments [and the support of every American citizen] solidly behind him, yet he was hailed as some kind of secular saviour.

    If he had stayed true to his calling instead of shifting gears to become a career politician I may feel otherwise… but the man is clearly an operator. A very slick one, but an operator nevertheless.

    • Rudy did a great job of covering all the important tracks for 911. He is a dog watcher. He is a low-level gargoyle for TPTB, that would make him perfect for the FBI role.

  7. Giuliani IMO is a globalist minion. I prefer someone else but have no name to give.

  8. Regarding perps … Marc Rich is arguably Rudy’s highest profile conviction (subsequently pardoned by WJC).

    Regarding Rudy as head of the FBI, he’s pretty old (73?) — with a 10 year term (at least for some of them) that’s pushing it. As a fellow old dude, I can safely say that unless he’s planning on being a DH for just a few years, batting clean up, it might be a better plan to find someone who is younger. Also, we’ve already seen that putting an ex- prosecutor into that role hasn’t been ideal at least in the previous incarnation.

  9. Trey Gaudy seems like a future Presidential prospect; I don’t know if he’d see FBI Director as a step stone along that path.

  10. George,you must’ve gotten a brain fart riding that tractor. Giuliani? Really? He’s part of the swamp that Trump promised he would drain! What a way to alienate your readers.

  11. John Pistole was one of the select crew of minions that turned TSA from an infant agency into one of the most hated ones in our country, and the sole reason that I won’t fly commercially. His attitude of intimidating, humiliating, and coercing innocent citizens with his Gestapo tactics makes him a non-starter, IMHO.

    I have mixed feelings about Rudy. He may be necessary as an accessory to drain the swamp, but he was overbearing in NYC, and I spent a lot of time there pre and post 911. I respect his ability to function well under pressure, but again, an individual in the wrong place or time might well be crushed. A perp walk is perhaps justified when someone is obviously going to be convicted, but it’s a disgusting tactic if used simply as a bait on a fishing trip. I’d much rather that 1000 criminals go loose than one innocent be jailed.

    Regardless, I hope and pray that our President is able to find and place a fair, competent, and honest man for the job, and to do so without reducing the number of his supporters in CONgress.

  12. George, you’re right. If we could only get Rudy as head of the FBI, then it would end those darned inconvenient investigations into treason by Trump with the Russians, and then we could finally get onto something far, far more important to the Republic — tax cuts for the upper 2%. Mike.

  13. Rudy (and Chris Christie BTW) were both highly-competent Federal prosecutors, but I question their non-prosecutorial careers. The FBI is a police agency, not an Arm of the Court, and its job is to collect evidence, then present that evidence to a prosecutor, period. Trey Gowdy is an amazing fellow, and would be a much better choice than Rudy, based on his Constitutional cred, but again, he’s a former prosecutor and jurist.

    My personal preference for FBI chief would be a law enforcement officer… someone like Joe Arpaio or (if’fn y’all think he’s too old) David Clarke…

  14. Rudy Giuliani??? Rudy Giuliani is as crooked as they come. I find it hard to believe he was not in on the 9-11 false flag attack. He controlled the emergency management and the police. Before you popoo that it was not a false flag you will have to explain how building 7 fell the same speed as a rock dropped in air for roughly 108 feet. Since the rock is falling in Earth’s gravity and the building is falling in the same gravity field their falling equivalently means building 7 was held up by the same thing the rock was…air. That’s the ONLY variables. The gravity field and the resistance to falling in the gravity field. We all know the building wasn’t floating in the air. There is no other way you can explain the action except some sort of demo took out the bottom of the building so that it had NO support or at least the same as an equivalent column of air.

    I have no idea who should FBI director. They all seem so corrupt at the top. The only person I can think of I don’t believe is corrupt is Sheriff Arpiao. If Trump put him forward there would be a huge gasp of Leftist dementia of a scale never before seen. It would amuse me to see this even if he wasn’t able to be put in office.

  15. I personally agree with George.. I like Rudy…He is level headed and knows his way around a situation..

    God I feel a rant coming on..

    As far as all this hoop la over Russian involvement.. my god.. I wish they would get over it.. Does Russia look out for their own interests absolutely did they interfere it is hard to say..probably but did they interfere any worse than the puppet masters I doubt that they did.. But because that is what MSM and the loosing side want to have you hear and if you hear it over and over pretty soon its like marketing.. you send out the first ad.. people ignore it.. the second ad you kind of listen.. the third ad you say Hey I heard about this.. the fourth ad you buy it… its scripted in the news in my opinion.. pretty soon everyone will believe it whether or not there is any legitimacy involved or not.
    As far as Corruption.. back in the seventies.. backroom deals were done under the table you never heard about any of it.. today though they don’t even bother with the table it is pretty open with the lobbyists intervention their writing the bills and Congresses non involvement who cares attitude.. they don’t write them they refuse to read them instead they rush off for recess…

    Now considering Russian involvement in world affairs..
    the USA is currently in what.. fifty plus countries each of them has something that the puppet masters really really want.. all in the name of piece.( to me it reminds me of an old saying in the early seventies.. Fighting for Peace is like F%$king for virginity ). yet countries that didn’t have anything to offer the puppet masters didn’t get man number

    The list is pretty endless.. unless there was something there the puppet masters really wanted.. there wasn’t any involvement to help them.

    who is the aggressor..
    here is an interesting read over coffee and danishes…. take a few minutes and read it
    Hmm.. none.. let me copy and paste a quote..

    ” Since Putin became President, Russia has never attacked or invaded another country, unless there was a clear provocation from the opposite side.”

    as far as the Ukraine.. didn’t the vast majority of the people as Russia to help them..

    once a part of russia.. In my way of thinking that is kind of like Hawaii.. having severe problems and coming and asking for some help.. if I was president I would be there in a heart beat.. Yet the conflict seems to revolve around position and power and of course resources that are dangling in front of the puppet masters..
    if you listen to putins speeches he is pretty level headed.. is there corruption .. probably to some degree but it is done pretty much under the table..

    is it comparable to the puppet masters and their donations to get the ears of change in The district which I might add they don’t even try to hide it anymore..

    that is just one sector in a what four month period.

    Now in defense.. they live in a bubble.. they don’t get to really see the Real world or real life cause and affects. there was a great show on tv.. that took people from different lifestyles and had them give that up and live for thirty days..

    ( that is why we should change legislators like you change a babies diaper.. often )

    I probably am sounding cynical again .There are a couple I like but hey.. even they are human.. what is it that was said years ago ..

    Lobbyists remind me of the old cliche over what a pimp is.. wearing the green fur hat and mink coat gold chains and driving the most expensive car you can find and gold cap tooth….

    • I probably am sounding cynical but Trump had had one chance after inauguration, declaring ML and restart democracy from scratch. He didn’t and that’s the end!

      Many hounds will lead to the foxes death

    • Russia, really??!! Look at what really happened. The Democrats were attempting to steal the election and we’re thwarted, that is why it took so long to get a vote result.

  16. “While everyone is yammering over the Comey firing, the Deflector in Chief signed an executive order opening up exports of beef to China. On the surface, this seems like an awesome deal for American cattle producers. It is, but it will also drive up cattle prices domestically due to increased demand and stress on slaughterhouses and packing plants.”

    do you realize that that comment sounds incredibly like.. you drive a more efficient car than I do so you are driving up the cost of fuel for those like myself that drive an older vehicle

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