Forget Hack Friday: Here’s Worse

Abstract: A novel form of warfare is proposed.

Having written about this kind of thing long ago (see my book: Broken Web: The coming collapse of the Internet, 2012) it is hardly surprising that we had something of a global hack on Friday.

It was one that most people could avoid with some simple personal emails rules, but we will get into that in a moment.

Point is, is you thought Friday was a bad day on the web, wait till we lay out a new kind of warfare that uses the web as its CC&T (control, command & telemetry) backbone.  Now we’d be talking about a new form of warfare.  We’ll explain the concept but only for subscribers.

First though, the charts and some headlines plus those personal email rules…So buckle up, bean up, it’s time to roll…

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24 thoughts on “Forget Hack Friday: Here’s Worse”

  1. You mentioned your eyes again today. My suggestion is max out on vitamin A and take bilberry (research it). If memory serves, bilberry was used in WW2 for night flying pilots. Been in use a long time for eyes. Also try homeopathic medicine cineraria. While it is primarily used for cataracts, those drops may help. It is strongly promoted by the Indian government health service. I buy the brand made in Germany.

    • Thanks, S/L – I ALREADY take the Bausch & Lomb ARED2 formula of vitas, plus Billberry plus OccuGard…but I appreciate your comments.
      The eye issues seem to come from dry corneas and I forgot my night time fix of night Systane srops last PM
      Plus Mura 128 drops an hour before contacts plus Lobob wetting agent plus the new VueSonic vibrating RGP lens cleaning machine plus…(it continues)

  2. During my 30 plus years in Corporate America , I kept a copy of Clausewitz on my nightstand. Very relevant for office use.

    • Your survival (and mine, lol) in the mahogany fox hole dept is a testament to vC’s great mind

    • I always thought the movie, The Lion In Winter, was relevant to my experience in corporate America. You couldn’t trust anybody, especially as you climbed the corporate ladder or exhibited your ambition. Even those you elevated to be in your camp, could eventually turn on you. I fully understand the aura that Trump is operating under now, and why he has elevated family members. They’re there to observe who is a friend and who is an adversary posing as team player.

      • Albert J Bernstein’s books “Dinosaur Brains” and “Neanderthals at Work” were very apt assessments of personalities in the workplace. It’s been a long time since I’ve read the first but I loaned it to my director when I was her IT person and almost didn’t get it back.

        Personally my go-to movie was “The Wind and the Lion” with Sean Connery, if you can put up with a Raisuli with a Scottish accent. I have a lot of what the Japanese call “natshukashii” –

  3. Very good piece this morning! Thinking about this stuff may be difficult or distasteful to some, but will indeed save lives if taken to heart as a possibility and given a bit of thought. Each of the “surprise” events have been tossed around for a while in some circles, but this is the first time I’ve read anything that’s put them all together. No doubt something to consider and to manage one’s preps to account for. If even just one part of it happens, those preparation can be lifesavers.

    Another matter you mention is the idea that the Cubs have ANY chance of making the NL playoffs this year. Nationals, Rockies, and Diamondbacks, are the only 3 NL teams I see as contenders at this time. Dodgers can always be a wildcard – but the Cubbies? No way. Cubs owners sold and traded too many critical pieces after winning last year when the value of each player was high. This season all NL contenders will have to get past the NL West and the Nationals (assuming they still exists in September) to get to the World Series. And the possible actions you lay out this morning could obviously change things pretty forcefully.

    And since I’ve touched on it, the AL isn’t much different. I see the Yankees, Orioles, and Red Sox as the 3 AL contenders this year. Houston has a shot but they (as well as any other AL teams) will first have to get past the AL East. As usual, the Yanks and O’s will likely fade late in the season, but the Red Sox may have the stamina to ride it out.

    So in October, my bet is a Series with the Red Sox and Rockies (if they can field 5 consistent starting pitchers) – but this time the Rockies win. At least that’s my sleep-deprived vision at this early stage of the season.

  4. What are your thoughts on North Korea?
    Why did it seem to suddenly over the past year or two top headlines?
    Could it be REM (rare earth metals)?
    Has China and Russia made investments in NK roads and rails in the last two years?
    Have you read articles about , Panama Papers, and contract to mine in NK for REMs?

    • No, it is to keep the base fired up all over the world so that TPTB can pull the trigger whenever they want to. IF NK were really a threat George Bush the 2nd would have taken him out. They can’t continually make and sell weapons without a boogie man, he’s a useful one right now, and they are making him go the distance. If he can get a nuke airborne and hit Russia all the better in their eyes.

  5. Hey Mr. Ure. I have a couple questions. First, i don’t have a supportive parent in prepping when they found out i had some stashed away for myself and them in my room… They got offended and labeled me a nutjob since i also have a gun too. How can i hide my preps better till i can get a place of my own?
    Second, since i have college debt, how much should i focus on paying that off and balancing preps? (Since you saying summer/fall.)
    Third, Whats a good way to maybe get in contact with you a little further as i could use some fatherly advice in balancing things and what to look forward too in the next few years. Mainly how can i achieve my goals and become a mover and shaker instead of a serf. Of course i know your time is worth plenty of $$$ and you are busy so I am also willing to look at other sources you direct me too.

    Again as usual, thank you for the information you provide and your look of things. Most level headed person i have read on the subject of finances in this interesting period of time!

    • Spend $10 for Georges online book how to live on $10,000. A year ,,2nd do it ,3rd if you have opportunity to make 3 times than the interest on loans then that, then put bill in abc order pay off (A) the largest first then (b) then (c) forget about any corporate debt because they write you off on their taxes, you do not want credit , that what put you in the situation that you’re in right now, don’t worry about hospital bills either they will be written off by the hospital and a certain amount of time what you want is to achieve cash to buy your vehicles your clothes your food and most of all your dwelling, never go in debt again and you will be successful

      • If you already have a job and that’s not enough money get a second job by begging,
        get a big cardboard and write on there, will work for food or some other hard story and go at a city street corner and beg people make 50 to $100,000 a year on street corners in big cities compared to the person who only makes minimum wage so that would be my second option if you already have a job when you get off go to a street corner and a heavy populated area in the city put up a sign and people will stop and throw you money it works,in fact people pay $10,000 for course to learn how beg, just to go learn how to do that up in New York,

      • The Dave Ramsey method says pay off your smile is that first and work your way up to you largest that’s true too anyway the point whether it’s ABC or CBS point is get out of debt and do it as fast as possible anyway that you possibly can and never going again

    • Another thing to help you get out of debt you can sell your blood or plasma and the fourth thing is to throw a party and put a jar there and make sure the party is I can’t pay your rent party so so to speak or something similar and when people come over to have the party they feel sympathy for you and throw some dollars into your begging jar.

      • Because we are entering hard times what matters is getting together with fellow people that are in your status and work together as a unit or a family because it’s cheaper when everybody lives Under One Roof and it’s cheaper when you use one car to take 6 people to work this cheaper when everybody Cooks in one big pot is distributed

  6. As far as dept stores losing employees at an alarming rate. My business operates as a vendor to retail stores that sell home furnishings. This year, the first 4 months, compared to the first 4 months of 2016, my gross revs are down 33.8%. I spoken with other business people who’ve also noted decreased sales this year.

    It seems there’s fewer people shopping these days, but those that are tend buy something.

    The experts are saying its because of so much buying being done online, but I don’t think that’s necessarily so. People like the social interaction that shopping provides.

    I think people are spooked by the caustic political environment, the talk or WW3, and people are maxed out on “stuff”. They are being more practical in deciding just what it is they really need new and/or to replace.

  7. OT, but –

    This will be another nail in the television news coffin:

    When 70+% of local news is spun the same and rehashes the same national propaganda – eyes glaze over and the clicker searches in vain for something different.

    They are homogenizing this mess to the point it is no longer milk or cream or cheese – it is velveeta (which is also very bad for you).

    They need to be smarter – at some point, others will do like me – just turn the sh%t off, because it has become even more odorous. This will result in declining viewers most likely.

    I gave up on competition in news decades ago – because it was all shades of blue anyway…

    • I threw the baby out with the bath water about ten years ago, and I don’t believe I’m behind the times. Got out of banking, and 401k, too.

  8. Mr. Ure that may have been in one of your top ten pieces. Schwerpunkt is the concept you were looking for. The Germans used it at the end of WWI. Some guy named Irwin Rommel helped perfect it in the Italian Alps. I do have to complement you on rediscovering these concepts on your own. It is a pleasure to watch your mind at work. The plan you proposed with this and that happening just has too many moving parts. What is really happening is it is going the OTHER way. I am here in Alaska doing some contract work and a bunch of the puzzle pieces are falling into place. Not sure if you remember me but I like the electronics and I am an amateur student of military history. Oh. one more thing up here the Beer is outstanding you only need one.

  9. Unrelated to your basic thesis, but perhaps related to “Hack Friday” (Hackpocalypse?). Since ransomware payouts are typically denominated in bitcoins, might this widespread ransomware attack be an end run on bitcoin – laying the ground for (over-)regulation? Clearly, bitcoin is a big leak in the global finance dike …

    Even if not planned, it seems to lay the political backdrop for attacking bitcoin …

    • Another thought: has the worldwide ransomware attack driven up the demand for bitcoin?

  10. Oh wait, the North Koreans did it … via ZH.

    While we reserve judgment at the amusing possibility that North Korea could
    have brought a substantial portion of the world’s computer infrastructure to a
    halt until there is some actual evidence, it is worth noting that said
    inquiries emerged shortly after the White House said that paying ransom money
    to unlock files encrypted by the global cyberattack does not work. It was not
    clear how North Korean hackers planned to convert bitcoin into any practical
    currency in a nation whose [major banks have been barred from

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