Rollover Now? Or Higher?

As much as theory attracts us, there’s nothing like a series of multiple trades – each with small profits – to work in the direction of eventual retirement. Admittedly, this is not the most popular theory on investing.  But in keeping with our evolving view that the stock market, Bitcoin, and damn near everything else is more a gamble than a reasoned judgment, it’s the lens (with long wave cycles) that we look through.

This morning, a focus again and charts and where we could be going from here.  One outcome – as you might imagine – is lollypops and roses.  The other involves a rotating set of fan blades and odiferous material impacting.

As you’ll read:  We’re fans of fans, right now.

After a few headlines.  Delivered in a sardonic, yet sure-footed way.

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30 thoughts on “Rollover Now? Or Higher?”

  1. I am just amazed how long this construct can just “hang sloppy” and avoid collapse. Love American know how. Best to you and your recovering patient….

  2. Since about 2015 whenever possible I’ve been accepting bitcoin in barter in lieu of $$’s. It’s beyond a doubt the smartest financial decision I have made. 401ks and real estate? ha ha. The retail investor in the market largely gets screwed. Real estate? Yeah, add in 20-30 years worth of interest, taxes and maintenance and see what the real basis is.

    • My (no mortgage) paid-for retirement home has doubled in value in the five years I’ve had it. Senior homeowner property taxes $200/ yr. Not that I would ever sell… when I live here essentially free.

  3. Shorting this pig of a clusterfuk nation, hard down.
    Hypothetical – market crashes monday big and bribem steps down- camela appointed President – Would it be considered racist to call it Black Monday 2.0 ?

    Painfully obvious the US is a leaderless – rudderless ship, adrift in a sea of chaos – brought to U by my fav super hero, mr pocyclypse.

    still going long hard assets – Bitcoin being the APEX property in the World, far superior to land, pm’s, collectables, but I digress..

    – recommended Theta & Theta Fuel here on these pages several times in past weeks&months, for pennies.

    – now its a $8 per coin – “this is the future of the Internet/Bandwidth -sound familar?
    Theta will go 10 x from here this year – a TEN bagger – do U rule by the stars, or r u ruled by the stars?

    As the chaos spins up quicker and quicker – must remember to keep our heads – in the blues & purps while gaming out No Balz, No Blue Chips.

    * clusterfuck nation = falling down – mr potato head, is serious mental decline – some cruel scheisse.
    Criminal Act to KNOWINGLY run Candidate for President who has been medically diagnosed as a rutabegga !

    .. Impeaching pigloser,schmear, creepy, camela, – Indicting ABC/NBC/CNN/CBS/Fox – complicit fumblingbumblingidiots, cristiansinaction & doesnotexistagency = SATANIC Scum -Human Adversaries.

    Got 12-gauge gatekeeper slugs?

    ..please stand on the plastic sheet (front&back porch)when coming to question/investigate – stickly rancid sweet smell of old blood triggers my daemon, never a positive outcome when that beast gets out of control – prefer to use him for chores and jobs, work I dont like doing – using
    the “red” frequencies for doing menial stuff.

    • Ya, sure, you betcha.
      I got a big Dutch vape that if ya puff on it you can blow big clouds.
      Hahhaha so to speak.

      I was in the bathroom drinking red bull and covering my in baby oil, flexing and listening to Slayer the other night. You know doing, Man Shit.

      When I was considering The Zero Repot issue #0 as it related to the finance section, I looked at my micky mouse watchi found on the ground by Big 5, to see what time it was and low behold it says 7:30 1928. Never noticed it said 1928 on it before. Funny I don’t miss much. Especially something as eye popping as that.

      I had earlier asked the Councel in the Ethereal Hall of Kings iust passed the Acashic Library about having a year to get my poop a little more in a group before the magical pinwheel run by lightning get busy with despersmet. They said what I just said to you. As above so below.

      You ever watch that show coot, Black Sheep Squaden back in the day. Boy I tell ya, I always one them corsairs. You know the zero’s had Nisan motors in them. That is why Nisan came the us as Datson in the car market. Thank God they enter the US economy selling zippers.

      Trojan horse fo sho!

      If this 7/30/1928 and according Mr Mouse it is… that 00’t to tell us where the equipment of 1929 comes into play. Todaying march 20th 2021, or 7/30/1928.

      Plus there is just too much money running around for this to be in a deep deep ominous voice, ~The End of the World as we Know it.~

      Once that happens? Bitcoin won’t buy a piece of cheese.
      And just like the Stockmarket I could stand corrected.

      I’m THE DUDE, I’m just the dude.
      Big dif.

      Thanks for your comment and stopping by brother coot. I believe you are on to something or on something. Whichever.

      Have a wonderful weekend. Much to do.

      • I will put Wednesday June 15, 2022 on my calendar, little dude. So, do the zombies come before, during, or after Ure called crash date? Sounds like fence upgrades are on the table. Will I need to fence for herds of maurading zombie crypto enthusiasts? 30 degree lateral braces along the road and an 8′ apocalypse fence at the house? So many biblical disasters to ponder. Are there any other apocalyptic scenarios we should be obsessing on? Normally I would ignore scenarios where survival is happenstance, but I figure the crypto walkers would be more bark than bite, and the prospect of open season on ’em doesn’t sound so bad.

      • Ya know N. I dont know everything. that is above my pay grade. I follow the bread crumb trails like everyone else.

        I’m just doing my best to do the next right thing until I become the next right thing.

        ~Right Size and proper perspective. Next right thing until I become the next right thing. ~

        Lately I have insomnia really bad. I normally dont sleep much anyway. 4-5 hours a night. Lately it’s been 4 max. I dont know why. I do meditate alot and sometimes I get more rest from meditation than sleep.

        Remember alot of what I see mediphores and i have to sort it all out. Sometimes I’m really good at that. Zombies could be banks. I would prefer slow moving zombies over fast ones. But the fast ones would be more exciting and fun. Best to be physically fit and alert.

        As always, it is my hope that we return setting much like the 50’s. Which seemed to be more wholesome and more family orientated. I have a long ponder to write up at my website about the world, and outside the box perspective, and I should get around to writing something using the Krystal Sprial as a template next few days. but I’m writing my dream where I went to the center of the milky way today.

        And always out there trying to help someone else have a better life. That is my “calling” if you will. I find the most satisfaction doing stuff like that. that is always number 2 on my list of shit to do that I write every day.

        #1. Talk to THE DUDE aka prayer and meditation
        #2. Be a benefit to someone else. Help someone or many people.
        #3. Gym and exercise
        #4. Write on

        Then what ever other shit I have to do that day.

        I dont normally remember my dreams. This one was cool and Pretty trippy too.

        And FYI: I could be crazy. There is always that to consider. Hahahahahahhahaha. Just like George. Hahahahahahhaha

      • I always look at it like this N.

        George, Myself, nostradamus,
        Edgar Cayse, Clif High and web bot reports, Glps front page and pins, and many of other “seers” , old prophesies and new are like guides. Etherical Sign posts.

        Tarot cards if you will. Which are meant only as you interpret them to mean to you. We aren’t meant to make decisions for you anymore than Numerology or Astrology or Brigs personality test is mean to define you.

        I am a Leo, same birth as Bill Clinton. I was born on the day that is the Sunniest day of the year at 1330 military time. I have a 22 (master number) personality and a life path of 8 in numerology. I drew 3 cards the other day. All major arcana. I am a ENFJ-A personality. I am a Christian and I have been baptized and baptized by the Holy Spirit. I am Rh negative.

        Does that mean that all defines who I am? Nope! Even my environment can alter my DNA. How I think can alter my DNA. What I say can alter my DNA. What I read and study can alter my DNA.. I can alter my DNA at will too. I can change how I learn and how I think at given time. I can change my appearance at will takes a little effort and time tho. I can reprogram my entire mind and how I think. There is plenty of tools available to do so.

        I can change my social and economic status from wealthy to poor and back to wealthy. I can click the “X” in the corner at any time and walk away and never say another world on line.

        All that stuff just like the I-Ching and Palm Readign is interesting stuff. Just like what I write and what George writes and every one else. My life line almost makes a full circle around my thumb on my left hand. I’m not even joking. My head line runs all the way to the other side of my hand and my fate line runs 3 inches down my wrist all the way between and between my middle finger than the one next to the pinkie.

        Does that make me special? Gods gift to humanity? Nope.


        Doesn’t mean it defines me or or you. Doesn’t make me Jesus or the Devil or anything else.

        Better than you?


        You should always think for yourself. I highly recommend it.

        Remember every word that is written is re-written by the mind that reads them. we all have our assemblage points.

        Only meant as guides to make your own decisions by thinking for yourself in every area of your life. I always encourage thinking for yourself. Educating yourself.

        I share what THE DUDE shows me. And sometimes indontnknow what it means until later. At the end of the day, I’m just a seaker like you. Maybe a little more handsome tho. Hahahaha

        Have a good week bro

      • OK…So what was the 3rd vaccine a metaphor for? There have been at least five major vaccines fielded (3 US, 1 Russian, 1 Chinese) and no “zambies” to speak of.
        I’ve been picking at you on the zombie prediction, but I’m really just interested in how your interpretation evolves.
        You posted a picture of the mouse watch on your website complete with the “1928” back a week or so ago. That one sounds a little mickey to me.

    • We may have to borrow George’s slide ruler or use an architects ruler to figure out the difference. Between the dates.

      Herding kittens I tell ya. its just like herding kittens.

  4. Is there a doctor in the House?

    Adding “My Memoir” by Edith Bolling Wilson to the reading list.

  5. Here’s a goodie.

    Progesterone therapy may improve COVID-19 outcomes for men, study finds

    Clinical trial suggests injections of female hormone may reduce disease severity in certain male patients

    COVID-19 disproportionately affects men compared with women, raising the possibility that a hormone like progesterone may improve clinical outcomes for certain hospitalized men with the disease. New research from Cedars-Sinai published online in the journal Chest supports this hypothesis.

  6. Unless mistaken it would appear you do not publish, my reasonable and respectful comments here. Yet you post this drivel day after day…

    “– now its a $8 per coin – “this is the future of the Internet/Bandwidth -sound familar?
    Theta will go 10 x from here this year – a TEN bagger – do U rule by the stars, or r u ruled by the stars?

    Are you trying to send a message. Stop reading and enjoying my site. Just asking and hoping this is not going staight to spam. Please feel free to answer.

    • Actually, I do approve your posts (as within reason). People forget that I don’t sity in my chair all day awaiting a brilliance to arrive. I block my time and posts may be 12 hours after the fact approved at times.

      In fact, you have had 68-comments approved (including today’s so far)

  7. He is already playing with your heads. Ahh georgey master psyops !!!! You know what you can do with your psyops on veterans

  8. no it is what it is . read it . old bulls would turn in their graves to read such kid stuff . the ones still here just stay short . no matter what expert comes along


    Still want to go out dining at one of the fine restaurants in San Francisco LOL LOL LOL LOL… luckily they have opened the bathrooms here again because of covid.. just as I designed a hang on your car door porta potty LOL LOL LOL clip in a plastic bag lined with paper and wrap it up and put it in the trash.. dam again to late for a great idea..
    I actually had one of the folding porta potties.. and a small tent.. seems the parks department locks the bathrooms if because they don’t have manpower to service them.. and if you have toddlers.. potty training.. so in the back of the stroller out pop it up take some plastic shopping bags.. kids gotta go.. here you are.. then in the trash..

  10. Thanks George. Good call. Had to see if ya still had the integrity to post or not to post that. You are still the man in my book. I got a whole new look. Looks like all that subconscious work and manifestating stuff is starting to produce some fruit. Someone told me just now, I look 20 years. Younger. Biogenisis! What a great idea!

    Well I best go write. Im not late. Im a day ahead. Lol

  11. Its science and shit. Using the power of your subconscious mind to change your body. I just took Biokenis and modified to work a little more better.

    Haven’t ya ever heard, “Mind over Matter.” it takes forever with the eyes. And my joints hurt trying to get taller. Lol. But it works.

    I got pictures to prove it. Someone i havent seen in 2 months just told me I dont even look same dude. They Holy shit bro! You look like you would be your kid compaired to 2 months ago. His girlfriend said how old are you. I said 50. She no way! I wanna see your ID. So I showed it to her and she asked everyone around how old they thought i was. 10 people, The average 38 years old. Nobody believed that I was 50.
    2 more months and I should look and feel 30. Its a good age. 50 feels like shit.
    Diet, meditation, thousands of hours of of subliminal subconscious reprogramming, light crown and binary beats.

    I dropped in 2 months from 255 lbs to 220 lbs and almost all the lines on my face are gone. No Botox. No plastic surgery.

    I couldn’t have done without Ure Chi-gong info. I mean I could. The principles in that speeds up the process my light speed. So thanks!

    I feel like a hundred millions schmackers. :)

    That is probably I dont sleep I been generating energy to alter my physical appearance. You sweat like a mofo while sleeping tho. My pillow would be drenched by morning.

    Bp 120/60 perfect coloesteral and healthy as a 15 year old athlete. Not bad for a 30 year long chain smoking redneck truck driver. I can run 10 miles. All is well.


    Science, yo!

  12. I do hit the gym hard as f too. Lol
    Shit i almost have a 6 pack again.

    Mind over matter. As a man think, so he shall be.

    That chi-gong shit helped alot with Turing biokensis into biogensis. Change my DNA and all that.

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