Rigged Markets?

Say, I don’t like to “cast asparagus” on the financial markets, but see if we’re following along right:

  • The Fed raised rates by 3/4 of one percent Wednesday.
  • The morning, the Nation officially entered recession by notching a second consecutive quarterly decline in GDP.

Did I miss the distro package of economic crack?  Is there a fentanyl shipment to me gone missing?>

I mean WTF?  Dow up 60 at the open and the S&P 500 was up almost 14?

Gold (real money) was only up about $3 bucks?

Meanwhile, foodstuffs like wheat were up.

Is ANYONE able to call this normal?

Is this a free market or a con job?

Guess BTC over $23,000 answers the question, doesn’t it?

I’m going to put on my stupidity trade.


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  1. Yes Mr.Ure, it’s called institutional OTC arrangements, derivatives, and no place for all that fiat paper to go which was ginned into existence when all those Foreign Sovereigns unloaded their Treasury Bond holdings. Cash has gotta go somewhere. Powell is killing the economy ala the Von Mises outcome[ergo company earning are about to swoon]. Where do you park an asset thats being watered down to the tune of 25% per anum [likely more now]. Block chain seems like a safer place to park if you know that the Fed note is going out in flames. While the world is swimming in quadrillions of US $ denominated derivatives from JP and friends losing bets rigging commodities markets, nothing the Fed is doing inre hiking rates is going to stop the tsunami of $ repatriation. Powell is repeating the 1929 playbook, seat belt fastened and trays in the upright and locked position everyone! End Sardonic outlook.

    Got Block Chain?

    • It all dates back already when Richard Nixon REPULICAN vs. Charles de Gaulle had their little
      tiff about US debt, remember? No one raised
      hell then, and no one will now, just saying!!

  2. Yeah stop your crying george . Why don’t you listen sometimes. Gene pool ? One more time from the top !!! Hava nagila hava nagila

    • “What could that look like?”

      It will look like a doubloon, with words in English on its obverse and character design in Big-5 with Cyrillic writing on its reverse. It will be about the size of a U.S. half-dollar, contain 1g of gold, and be denominated in an as-yet unnamed currency, at an equivalent of $100USD (ca. 2015.)

  3. The market crashed in 2015 folks . Don’t listen to the boujouise gurus selling fear to make money . Just buy buy buy gold !!! Then more gold and quality gold stocks . Do not let them spit in your face and tell you it’s raining

  4. So what did you do george ? Short ? Buy the usd$? Where’s that fancy chart that’s broken ? Last thing you would do is say you bought more gold or gold stocks . Nah you changed old man

  5. George – rhetorical questions. Of course it is a con – always has been! I mean, that’s why sites like your exists – to confirm to people who already know that they are being conned.

    Look Dudes and dudetts – we live in a world of lies – it’s all lies – the history, the government, even the so called ‘science’. Now, what happens when people perceive that they should just follow their leaders example and then just lie or cheat on everything? Well, that would be a true third world shit hole – like many African nations, India, many parts of Asia – graft is just another business model there, except – by and large, those people know the con and just play along while they do their own forms of con.


  6. You noticed sheetcoin old fib fella . Yes the FED uses it like a treasury as I told people years ago . Laughed at of course . Fark shitcoin Fark the USD $ . Gold will soar above all . FED thinks we all listen to gurus ? Wait till he sprains his wrist dropping rates . Next pissup meeting

  7. Ah the American Empire is Collapsing along as
    all of the empires do From the head down

  8. No shorts yet either folks . The moment they touch gold let em have it with short short short

  9. “I’m going to put on my stupidity trade.”

    Pardon me, but every paper trade in these manipulated markets is a ‘stupidity trade’. I only buy physical… and keep it in hand. (Waves to Lenny D.) I haven’t touched a paper trade of anything for many years, after my ‘jubilee moment’.

    • Hank in Hawaii,

      You are on the right track. Last month #10 Downing Street issued a press release. For her Platinum Jubilee the Queen was gifted by cabinet a bespoke hand made and painted music box “made in England”. It includes cabinet minister signatures as well as pictures of her 14 Prime Ministers from Winston Churchill to Boris Johnson. The precious keepsake plays the German-born Handel’s “Halellujah” when opened.

      One imagines collector copies would bring a tidy sum on “The Antiques Roadshow”.

  10. “Did I miss the distro package of economic crack? Is there a fentanyl shipment to me gone missing?>

    I mean WTF? Dow up 60 at the open and the S&P 500 was up almost 14?”

    George, you need to find yourself a radio station which broadcasts CNN News on the Hour, so’s to get a little “counterpoint on reality.” Biden, four Administration spokesmen, and every Leftist news talker came out yesterday and has been doing damage control — stressing that “we are not in a recession” whilst trying to sell a redefinition of “recession” which doesn’t involve “negative growth.”

    It would be comical if it weren’t so tragic…

  11. Old hank honest and straight down the middle . Don’t be scared 2 buy quality gold stocks 2 . We have some of the best in the world down under . Pleasure to let you know them . Cheers . Ps . I used to love Hawaii in the 1980s that was !!!

  12. Rigged everything, George. Makes me wonder why you’re still messing around with Elliott.

    Just as in Colorado they’re doing it in N. Mexico, big Dim state. Just proves, C, that Dims can’t win unless they cheat.

    EXCLUSIVE: Evidence Uncovered that Election County Clerk in New Mexico Falsified Pre-Election Machine Certification Records

    “Our audit partners across the state continue to #StandInTheGap at a Sandoval County Commissioner’s Meeting.

    Ramona details her findings after spending HOURS reviewing the pre-election certificates of the MACHINES. 133 machine certificates were MISSING the clerk’s seal, at least 3 different people FORGED the clerk’s signature on certificates.”

    “There was NO county clerk seal on any of the 133 certificates, 50 certificates were without a completion date, one had a tabulator technician signature dated November 13, 2022, the clerk did not sign 132 of the certificates, at least 3 different people signed her signature on 131 of the certificates. It appears that tabulator ICE #H0180’s certificate was forged, and a criminal complaint has been filed with the county sheriff’s office. Copies of the certificates and a copy of the ethics complaint that was filed with the SOS office and Ethics Board in Sandoval County were provided for the Sheriff. The sheriff’s case number is 22-001136.”

    This is just the beginning of and even bigger steal than we saw in ’20.

  13. LOOOVE IT!!

    Texas Governor Abbott Vows to Send More Illegal Migrants to DC, as Mayor Bowser Calls in National Guard to Handle ‘Dire’ Influx

    “Texas Governor Greg Abbott has vowed to continue sending illegal migrants to Washington DC, as Mayor Muriel Bowser calls in the national guard to help the city handle the “crisis.”
    DC has been being flooded with thousands of illegal migrants as the Texas governor has sent approximately 5,000 to the city by bus over the last three months.

    Arizona Governor Doug Ducey has also shipped roughly a thousand to the nation’s capital.

    After news broke that Mayor Bowser is asking the Pentagon to help handle the influx of people, Governor Abbott’s spokeswoman issued a statement saying that DC “finally understands” what the border states are going through.”

    East bound and down, loaded up and truckin’
    A’we gonna do what they say can’t be done!
    We’ve got a long way to go and a short time to get there
    I’m East bound just watch ol’ Bandit run….

    • total misdirect – calling em up due migrant influx = BULLSCHEISSE!
      yeah yeah and dark snake bergoglio is repentant “they” got Caught having sacrificed thousands of First Peoples children..THOUSANDS.

      Have another looksie around the edges of Ure perception…Pending Pending Pending….August will be unusually “hot” in DC this Summer.

      “to the left, to the left…the movement of Return”


      • You need to read the book “9 Years with the Indians”. The story of Herman Lehmann who was abducted by the Apache when he was 10 or 11. Best accounting of the Indians’ way of life I’ve ever read. They were doing quite a good job keeping their own numbers down and there was no such thing as a “Noble Savage” out on the Plains. Perhaps back East where there was plenty of food to go around, mostly, but there was never anything the kept them from raping, pillaging and creating the usual mayhem that any other two legged critter on the planet ever committed.

        Besides that you might try dropping the ghetto garbage speak and try some real communication.

    • No. Washington, D.C. is a municipality without representation in Maryland, Virginia, or Congress. Sending busses to DC to send a message to Congress is like me beating up your kids because your wife owes my neighbor money.

      During the day, the crowds are crazy in the Federal agency neighborhoods but at night, D.C. downtown is a ghost town.

      Make no mistake. The mayor asking for help does not mean the mayor is entitled to help from the Feds.

      • Well there’s always Pelosi’s and Schumer’s houses in other states or wherever they’re staying while in town. Either way it makes a splash across the news wires and sends the illegals somewhere else besides a Red State. Wondering how they’ll fair when they meet up with the criminal elements in the neighborhoods there. Could be and interesting combination of car thievery and jungle warfare.

      • Washington D.C. was designed without representation, because it was designed to be a service hub with no permanent residents… That’s kinda why it looks like a big hub, don’cha know.

        I have no problem with those illegal aliens migrating to Arlington or Chevy Chase…

  14. Food for thought:
    The msm spotlight shines on Syrian flagged Laodicea allegedly carrying “stolen” Ukrainian grain to Lebanon. Someone is making dough?

  15. Give it to the gurus and camel jockeys . Buy buy buy gold . Burn your USD $ they are worthless they are a debt . Burn it

  16. “Whistleblower: Same FBI Boss Who Shut Down Hunter Biden Dirt Also Pressured Agents to Juice Domestic Violent Extremism Stats”

    The same senior FBI agent who allegedly shut down investigative activity related to Hunter Biden also allegedly sought to pad the FBI’s number of “domestic violent extremism” cases, a whistleblower informed House Judiciary Committee ranking member Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) on Wednesday.


  17. They Can’t Let Him Back In

    The people who really run the United States of America have made it clear that they can’t, and won’t, if they can help it, allow Donald Trump to be president again. In fact, they made this clear in 2020, in a series of public statements.

    Anti-Trump hysteria is in the final analysis not about Trump


  18. George , market valuations are perfectly valued on a weekly, daily and hourly basis and defined by the asset-debt system’s saturation trading peak and nadir valuations with all valuations under the given debt conditions (and money printing or liquidity reduction) created by the central banks. So is it rigged? Yes, but the central banks’ hands have been tied since 2008-2009 and will continue to be tied in the future given the counterbalancing dynamics of 1. the real total world debt/ world GDP ratio 2. by the base population real economy’s periodically created created inflation, and 3. limited energy and commodity resources going forward.

    For the next 50-55 years, the Fed and other western and eastern central banks) will cyclically lower prime rates to zero or negative during economic downturns which negatively impact the population masses. This will lead to commodity buying speculation by those with advantaged access to money and inevitable inflation negatively affecting consumer base population with reactive central bank rate increases and tightening..

    Currently,July 2022, market valuations are increasing in the context of a dead cat bounce. From the 48 trillion Wilshire peak valuation in November 2021, observable is a 5/12/10/8 week decay fractal ending 6/16/2022. The second weekly decay fractal is 5/10/7 weeks in duration ending in October 2022. We are in the 10 week second fractal of this 5/3 of 10/7 week series.

    Go with the flow; don’t fight the CB’s, don’t fight the expected counter market valuation rallies in a fed induced bear market.

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