Rethinking How “News” is Organized

Heady topic this morning as we take off down a different rabbit hole.  We’re going to “re-cast the news” and get rid of some of the shrill.

As you know the term “fake news” has become quite popular lately, but as we shall demonstrate (complete with a class project and new website  as time permits) there’s a chance that how America looks at “the news”: may be seriously screwed up.  No, make that pretty sure…

Since we live in a country where monetizing our problems is a way of life…let’s see if we can’t make a business model that will serve the needs of the nonpartisan middle a bit better, shall we?

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16 thoughts on “Rethinking How “News” is Organized”

  1. I was going to ask yesterday if we were close to another shooting using your days between shootings computation. We’re we close?

  2. George –

    Why don’t you just set it up based on actual, physical events?

    What we have today is he-said she-said and then we-say…

    Just let it be the actual event.

    Trump tweets something – lay the tweet out and that’s it. Skip everybody else commentary and outrage or whatever.

    Bombs dropped in Syria? Lay out who dropped what and where and who got hurt or what got destroyed. Leave go of the left or right dogma and bashing or ‘splaining away.

    Somebody got shot? Then do the who, when, where, how and let the why go – because it is supposition.

    You see, we are all tired of spin. The fact that today some guy shot repugnicans after asking if they were on the field or not – well, that pretty much indicates who the shooter wanted to hit. The why of it will never be known, but reams of text will be typed trying to spin it this way or that; hours of verbal gobbledygook spouted trying to frame it this way or that.

    What we tire of is spin – right or left – it doesn’t matter. I don’t need some NYC or Contaminated Zone pundit explaining to me why some guy I never met did something or what a SCOTUS ruling ‘really means’ to me here in flyover country.

    Skip sports and weather entirely – because sports is a total waste of time unless you are participating and weather can be had online with radar and wind maps, etc. Celebrity? That concept is utter trash in the first place. I don’t care about Miley Cyrus thoughts on anything, nor those of Meryl Streep or Liam Neeson. Congressoids? They say what they want you to hear and vote the way they are paid to vote. We don’t need to hear from them. Perhaps the best thing for us all to do is to send congressoids home and pay them NOT to legislate. Make winning a national election into the lottery it actually has become, only without having to work ever again.

    We used to cover all the news on this planet in an hour a day – from pole to pole. Why does it now take multiple 24-hours news corporations?

    I think that is the question you need to answer so you can get to the bones of things.

    Then sites like yours are useful to discuss and wade into the why of things…

    • Oilman I loved your response.. now the spin and an oxymoron ..
      “The fact that today some guy shot repugnicans after asking if they were on the field or not – well, that pretty much indicates who the shooter wanted to hit. The why of it will never be known,”

      Of course we won’t ever know for sure but lets cruise down the road from the other angle.. Was the shooter really a disgruntled citizen over Congresses inability to do congressional work..

      or could it be a deeper and darker event.

      Historically anyone in previous administrations going against the puppet masters hasn’t fared very well health wise..
      Although this time around we have a president that in his own right has the same power as the other puppet masters.

      He can literally hire an army to watch his back which could cause some doubt among the few puppet masters forcing them to rethink their plan of action.. even though they do not like his course of action in government and would like to see the path he is taking our country changed to one where they have the final say they really can’t interfere or change that course of action without the help of the what five hundred individuals that they donate so much to to see their will done.. especially since the administration really does have the same level of power that the opposing puppet masters have..
      the puppet masters have tried everything they can from trying to change campaign laws to putting a shadow of doubt on his winning the election to even trying to do away with the electoral college. etc. and the administration still works hard to bring credibility and stability to the american work force without letting the puppet masters change his position and the direction he is taking the usa.. bringing back pride and jobs to the american worker…
      on the other hand .. they have what donated and spent almost a billion dollars in six months to influence five hundred people to bid their will.( they have spent in years past almost four billion). Now that is the oxymoron.. ( because of the weather I was forced to watch a few people trying to question whether or not someone had lunch with a russian ambassador saying they tried to influence seven hundred million americans to vote.. we all know that trump won because there is a level of doubt among the voters that our legislators really want to see the best for us or know or care what the citizens need or want… yet.. what nine thousand people were sent to get 500 congressmen to pass legislation on issues that they wish done (all with the backing of the supreme court to spend and donate what they will to undermine the whole united states and all of its citizens..)
      so my question is.. Since they have already spent almost a billion dollars this year.. what do you buy for a billion dollars and how fast do you want that done for that amount of money..
      especially since they have five hundred people receiving those benefits that aren’t getting the job done in a timely manor on issues that they wish to see done finished and over with expediently …

      I already know we will never know for sure..
      but was this some sort of false flag event.
      to spur five hundred individuals that have pretty much already been compensated to get the job set before them done by putting a level of fear in them? To put in force sections of laws that our congress has already passed in years past that would give the puppet masters more power to control the negative situation that is already a stonewall for the puppet masters..

      The reason I question this is.. the puppet masters lobbying firms already have had provisions passed in laws that the congress refused to read allowing this level of power where they could literally take control without their consent if certain criteria exists….

      2. it is easier to get some idiot fired up for a few bucks to scare what five hundred sheep than go after a wolf that has the same level of power and could raise the exact same level of havoc of fear with what ten twenty people.
      Its just healthier for the puppet masters to go after the sheep than the wolf.
      in previous years the members of administrations that went against them didn’t have this level of power so it was easier to just go after them than the people they have already influenced..

      So was this a false flag event.. what do you buy for a billion dollar donation and gifts. Or was this really a disgruntled citizen..

      What could a disgruntled citizen possibly hope to change by doing something this hideous…

      Just another way of looking at this whole situation from another angle..

      I would love to know the truth… but then..

    • There is something to be said for this viewpoint, however it must be noted that currently what used to be called ‘civics’ (including history) has fallen out of favor in schools – leaving many of our people with a lack of knowledge regarding what was common understanding to groups of people. I have also read of those who are dismissive of even ‘why there are laws’, ignoring that laws are an application of history.

      This has led, is currently leading, and will lead to chaos, among those who are ignorant. . .

  3. I can’t help but think of Martin Zweig (3 steps and stumble) after today’s “dovish” ratr hike.

    Everything lining up for August.

  4. In my final years in Television I watched a sea change happen in the news department. We were owned by a large national media outfit with a famous newspaper name and whole TV division of about 35 stations. With the advent of digital TV, the focus became more and more of a ‘social media’ adjunct. Reporters not only did TV news, they were required to post stories on the station website, as well as interact on social media.

    More and more, the TV outlet became just another outlet for a ‘social media/internet’ news organization. When the large media outfit sold out to a media ‘flipper’ outfit, the place was stripped down and focus was even more intense on internet/social operations. “Ratings” from the large TV rating orgs were abandoned as the station was able to show advertisers how much exposure they were getting on internet and social ‘hits’. It all became clickbait!!

    Suddenly all the remote TV news infrastructure we had such as satellite trucks and remote microwave gear for ‘live TV remotes’ became obsolete as the focus became field reports from an iPhone and live TV was done from backpacks with multiple broadband modems to take HDTV to the internet and back to the station for broadcast. That’s how an old RF engineer like me became obsolete.

  5. I agree Oilman2. This is what is needed. It would be great to see a format like you describe.

  6. I don’t think I have found a site that is nonpartisan. Even in here, I stop coming everyday because sometimes it feels like is a right wing website instead of an information website. I didn’t feel that way before but Trump have change everything. Now it takes more time to get the right information because everybody give their opinion of a news instead of just given facts all the facts. I said all because their is always to sides of a coin and the more information we have the better we can make decisions. I still value this site.

    • I disagree Evelyn..I have been a faithful daily reader and George takes us down both roads..

    • Too bad you stopped coming by as you have missed the dominant left liberal globalist Democrat Jon posting on and on in your favor. You wouldn’t make your statement as it itself is biased. This is a comment section, honey, otherwise known as OPINION. If you are looking for facts and don’t know where to go, go somewhere else until you find your nice little pre-trump home. This site hasn’t changed, you didn’t grow up. Geesh!

    • You must not be reading Jon’s post. There’s plenty of opposing banter. But you’re right, the mainstream media is overwhelmingly majority anti-Trump. Happy now?

    • You are correct Evelyn. When I subscribed to GUUS back in the late 90s GU was skeptical of all politicians (as one should be) now George seems to be carrying water for the Repugs and talks about Trump like he is normal. GU made a sharp right turn along the way . To George’s credit he is one smart, common sense s.o.b. and versatile on many subjects. On political subjects I find Jon to be the voice of reason surrounded by the vocal minority

  7. I haven’t had cable in years. No CNN, FOX, MSNBC, etc. I stayed in a hotel last week and got to watch the cable news stations.

    My how they have changed. There is no more reporting. It’s all argumentative opinion. I guess that’s what people want.

    The only news I like is the kind on PBS stations.

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