Retail Sales, Fed Ahead Blank, Radioactive?

Trifecta of marvelous topics to wend our way through today.  Our headline, of course, is the tiniest view of today that’s possible.  Like looking at Earth through the Webb telescope from halfway across Everything.

The details when we arrange by time of occurrence, So, if you’re set to reverse-rendered Pomodoro with us…


Goldilocks Economics it is!  Because like her three ursine pals, there’s a too hot, a too cold, and a just right number hidden in here somewhere:

“Advance estimates of U.S. retail and food services sales for August 2023, adjusted for seasonal variation and holiday and trading-day differences, but not for price changes, were $697.6 billion, up 0.6 percent (±0.5 percent) from the previous month, and up 2.5 percent (±0.7 percent) above August 2022. Total sales for the June 2023 through August 2023 period were up 2.2 percent (±0.4 percent) from the same period a
year ago. The June 2023 to July 2023 percent change was revised from up 0.7 percent (±0.5 percent) to up 0.5 percent (±0.2 percent).

Unemployment new filers were little changed this week.  The “as experienced by states” report:

Up We Go…

The market futures had been up ahead of the reports. Despite this being Options (of the index sort) Thursday:

Tomorrow, equities settle. I might be tempted to short at the close today if it runs up well.  Nothing like having a high index and being able to cover the deliverable with discounted stocks tomorrow.

As you can see off to the right, we are nowhere near the upside breakout area.  That isn’t until we get through some serious overhead resistance. Simply: Going too slow on the upside.

In the meantime, though our “crossing moving averages” work is warning us that the present market dance could be over at any second.  With one of the dance partners suffering foot injuries!

In other words, the blue line is a 2-day moving average (and because I’m lazy, it’s the S&P 500).  While the red line is a 13-day moving average.  Obviously, when the 2-day is screaming higher than the 13, the market is on something of a bull run.  When the blue drops under the red, hide under the bed.  Unless you hang with Goldilocks, as that’s when the Bears come out.

We’re just waiting for the 2-day to fall under the 13- before putting (“Big Money! Big Money!” as Vanna called it) the Bears.

By the way, this is NOT financial advice.  Ravings of a fool who lives in a trailer in the woods while tinkering with time machines, ham radios, and organic gardening where electroculture experiments are running adjacent to a 100-meter gun range.  Come on, don’t tell me you’d pay any attention to someone like that would you?

Lost in Fed Speak

The reason for the rally (up to the retail sales figures today) is that the CME FedWatch Tool – CME Group is presently giving a 97 percent chance of the Fed taking a pass on a rate hike.

We have to roll with the 3 percent underdogs in our thinking, though.  Because (if you thought about what you read above) the two-day average is failing (so far) to “pull away from the 13-day average.”  Which feels to us like a market with fear of a surprise.

The “surprise” says my consigliere may be that the next war will not be a Banker’s War.  And that real leaders with solid agendas will advance to the “runaway war with its own moods” and totally out from under control of The City or Wall Street.

One insight – a system developed by Joe Granville called On-Balance Volume – can give a long-term sense of whether money is coming into or fleeing the markets.  With a few clicks over to Yahoo Finance, for their excellent charts, you can add technical indicators live OBV and maybe understand why we’re so skeptical of Costa Rica Party Boys who are talking up the rally.

A bit of study of Granville won’t hurt you.  “Granville argued that when volume increases sharply without a significant change in a stock’s price, the price will eventually increase rapidly, and vice versa.”  Wikipedia is one place to begin, but a better option is just reading one of his books. Early ones were good but this one was very good.  Two years ahead of the 1987 flash crash.


Worst word-choice when we’re talking about consumer electronics.  Because most people conflate “radiation” – of the Fukushima/Nagasaki sort – with “radiation” of the “ionizing radio waves heating skin and inducing DNA damage type.”  Touched off by noticing Apple disputes French findings, says iPhone 12 meets radiation rules.

Now, this may not seem like it’s worth your time to drill down into, but we strongly recommend that you read this 10-page PDF on how radio “radiation” works: Handbook section 22_3.pdf (

Once you are done with it, you’ll find that many countries (like Russia) have stricter rules on RF (radio frequency) emissions than we do.  Transmitter power is cheap, better receivers is more the artform.

If you are really sharp, you’ll begin to wonder “If RF has such potential to harm – and we have no long-term studies of the impact of RF on human thinking and behaviors which might be influenced over time – why are all the studies on cell phone (and 5G) OK?

Well, they’re not.  Radio wave heat and the more discrete frequencies transmitting all at once, the more net radiation heating.  And that’s not good for us.  The reason you don’t hear about it is that the cell phone mega-industry does not fund industry-critical radiation research (kind of like Big Tobacco didn’t out itself, right?

We only use a cellphone rarely when off the ranch because our old, addled brains are delicate enough, as it is.  No point holding a Vitamix up next to ’em. That’s not paranoia, just increasingly (un)common sense.

 Less Depressing?  Well,  er…

‘US has no right to lecture us’, says Russia after Putin-Kim meet – India Today.  Except we do, of course.  Slow Joe funding a War we didn’t see a vote on for more than two years.  Seriously, WTF and where is the loyal (more like stupid) opposition party?

Meanwhile, in the war “we” are losing: Air raid messages in Romania: “Stay in shelters” – Geran-2 burst 15 km inside Romanian territory – The biggest Russian provocation so far. Neocons are cheering an expansion of the war but rational people are not.

Flee to Be on the lee of Lee key? Hurricane Lee Zeroes in on Bermuda as Wide Swath of New England Coastline Braces for Looming Cat 2 Storm.  Updated storm tracks are here HURRICANE LEE ( and if you live in the extreme Northeast (I mean another than Bernie-ville…)  or the Canuckian Maritimes, stock up and be ready goes on today’s do-list.  (Yeah, I do-rag. So to speak.)

Where to Hang

Found this to be interesting: Best Places To Live In Canada: Top 5 Cities Of The Great White North, According To Experts – Study Finds.

Calgary, Alberta came in #3.  Which really should have been #1.  Because who would want to live in the shadow of trucker-buster TrueDope in Ottawa?  Quebec City at #2 was unsurprising, given the cuisine arts practiced there.  (Did I just put in a plug for Cuisinarts?)

The real point I was getting to was that Vancouver is #4 on the best list.  Other than needing to change the name of the city to Chicouver, it’s a great place.  OK, VanAsia?

Around the Ranch:  Tax Day

Taxing Thursday: Well, officially it’s tomorrow for those of us who elect to file quarterly taxes with IRS. Estimated Tax date on the IRS site.

There was a time when I resented paying income taxes.  Yet, as I have matured a bit, I have come to think of it as the ticket price to a clown show.

Rains have returned. Though whether the burn ban in East Texas will come off today is another matter.  I’m getting skick of cutting up cardboard.  A burn barrel is so much easier.

Sore right hand today.  Elaine and I popped in a new storm door onto the screen porch Wednesday. Carpentering at 74 is a little different than 55…ya think?

Ham Electronics Bench: Still waiting on parts but I hope to have both the old Icom 761’s back in operation, shortly. A lot of my ham pals question my choice of radios.  (“If you can have anything, why them?”  The answer here: ICOM IC-761 ( 4.9 stars.  Even later equipment like current generation and all-round great radio the IC-7300 rated a 4.6.    Sometimes, oldies really are goodies.  Our 2005 ES-330 purrs,  too. And Elaine…er….

Remember when the U.S. went through its industrial zenith making cars like the Cornet and New Yorker of a certain vintage?  Or Steve McQueen’s BRG Mustang?

There it went!  See it?  Youth going by?  Go on, remember the time…

Did you focus on the BRG Mustang or Ali McGraw?   (*Most of our readers will admit the car…I wanted mags like those! Just not on a Ford product by then...GT40 exception clause applies.  Can you tell I still hold a grudge over that 1970 Maverick Grabber package.)  A   time when roads still had signs by ’em.

  • No more muse,
  • Time for chews,
  • Write when you get rich!
  • (Or you buy us booze,)
  • Thursday – shave!

If you are under 50, there are two decoder rings available for this last bit of nonsense. 1 is here. The better choice here. Depending how much of your time in life you actually own (to the point of controlling…and enjoying a good book).  Late for something, are you?  /ac7x/

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  1. With the rains things have slowed down a bit but also allowed me to attack a few ‘gators hanging on my butt for quite some time now. I was up on the roof yesterday afternoon putting new flashing on the edge after that micro-tornado or whatever it was blew through our valley back in June tore the old off. Hope it holds better than the old.

    Nevertheless Alabama keeps going through my head –

    Can’t get too dirty today as the last meeting with the property tax people is scheduled for this afternoon. Things have gone well over the last 3 meetings so hoping this one will too. We’re getting to know each other very well down there in “What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine” tax land. As long as you behave yourself they’re pretty good listeners but this whole, huge tax increase has been along the same lines as our neighboring state’s governor deleting the 2nd Amendment from our Constitution – “Lets see how far we get this time.”.

  2. “Because most people conflate “radiation” – of the Fukushima/Nagasaki sort – with “radiation” of the “ionizing radio waves heating ”

    Dam.. that just blew my plans all apart.. I was telling the wife we won’t need the microwave or stove.. all we would have to do is put our food on a stick and stick it out the door LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL
    just kidding..

  3. Of all the ZH articles that show up on a daily basis THIS one needs to be posted and forwarded until everyone reads it. Whether or not it penetrates thick skulls is another question, though –

    Here’s what never happened in the hospital during COVID:

    …a doctor sat down next to a patient and said,

    “You have a choice.

    We can give you Remdesivir, which killed 53% of the patients in an Ebola trial. It was so bad the trial had to be shut down. And you’ll notice here in Remdesivir’s fact sheet, it says, ‘Not a lot of people have used Remdesivir. Serious and unexpected side effects may happen.’

    Or we can give you ivermectin, a safe and effective drug that’s been successfully used for decades, and send you home. Which do you prefer?”

    The reason that conversation never happened is that it would have cost the hospital too much money. If the hospital gave you ivermectin and sent you home, the federal government paid the hospital $3,200. If the hospital gave you Remdesivir, the federal government paid the entire hospital bill, plus a 20% bonus. So the hospital executives’ choice was to receive $3,200 or $500,000, which was the average hospital bill. No contest. Patients were going to get Remdesivir — whether they wanted it or not.

    Informed consent died a grotesque death in the hospitals during COVID, and we need an autopsy. There was no information, and there was no consent, and without them, patients are reduced to helpless victims, exploited for corrupt financial gain and immoral experiments.

    • Millions have paid/are paying/will pay the price for this foolishness and greed. Your comments are spot-on.

    • you know reading that zero hedge article it reminded me that .. I know people I worked with that had a tatoo put on their chest.. NO CODE and a circle with a line through it..
      the thing is.. you have to be quick there is a time limit.. and it takes a good half hour to get someone to your place.. the odds are that you won’t survive.. that is why I have a couple of AED’s in the pads for adult and for child on all of them.. one in the house one in the garage and one in the car..It’s the one tool I hope I never have to use…I have smoke escape hoods and fire blankets and enough fire extinguishers so one is pretty handy in all parts of the house.. Sure it may be overkill but when a tradgedy happens it is nice to have and the knoweledge that you do have is a good security.. I have a monitored alarm system to.. and almost everyone in our small community put in video surveilance.. can’t whip it out and pee by a tree here without someone seeing it.. LOL

  4. Take a look at:

    While these articles are older, the Microwavenews home site has current news.

    I used to rough tune microstrip lines with my index finger (‘80s). Built up a hard (rf burn) spots on the tip. Right around the microwave oven and cell phone frequencies. After that became very aware of what’s not being looked at.

  5. Yo ObG,

    Did youse see Waaways new phone ? Inside, the DOMESTICALLY Produced Kirin9000 chipset @ 7nm ! whatwhatwhat???

    Thought pedo joes’ sanctions on Chynah were supposed to arrest their tech progress ??
    WTF, over?

    Game changing development – as it suggests they no gonna break anything in Tieoneon. As said previously..PATIENCE grasshopperz, patience.

    Also makes me wonder why those fine folks in the ME insist on new glass making factories versus new chip manufacturing werks. makey no sense Indy, no sense at all.
    ” I aint got time to wonder why, WHOOPEE!, were all gonna die” -country joe&fish

    * did you miss the dip ? no worries – buy today and make Ure blues go away..before the halving event.

    • re: Party Hearty
      feat: hors-d’oevres on deck


      Possibly you did not meet or exceed the minimum donation threshold of $46,000 to the Biden for President or $146,000 to the Biden Victory Fund. Therefore you will likely not according to the “Chicago Sun Times” have received an invitation to this week’s mega donor retreat in the Windy City. Otherwise known as the “2023 Biden Victory Fund Fall National Finance Committee retreat, the festivities began yesterday running through Friday. The Party requested and will benefit from the valued presence of the Vice-President at this important gathering of the deep-pocketed. Attendee donors have apparently been notified that regulations permit a maximum contribution of $929,600.

      Elsewhere, in the not-halving quarter, the “Chicago Sun Times” notes the Mayor is championing a “Winterized Tent City” in a 12 acre abandoned grocery store parking lot on the South Side. Apparently this will encourage people growth from illegal migrants and persuade them to abandon their current domiciles at the airport and police stations. Unlike the Party event noted above, the City’s marketing arm appears not to have sent an “email blast” to donors about the pending Winterfest confab.

  6. ““If RF has such potential to harm – and we have no long-term studies of the impact of RF on human thinking and behaviors which might be influenced over time – why are all the studies on cell phone (and 5G) OK?””

    I thought there were a lot of studies done on EMF fields.. everything from anger to physical and mental ailments..
    the sad part is we are surrounded by these RF frequencies all the time..

  7. Quarterly filing? Damn, getting bent over once a year is enough. Yesterday was Diana’s day off and on the agenda was a trip to pick up the new dogs Bert and Ernie from the breeder/trainer. Holy crap they got HUGE. Great Pyronese/Anatolian Shepherd mix and now I am seeing some German Shepherd markings showing a little. I asked the breeder if he was sure there wasn’t a German Shepherd in the mix when I saw a huge German Shepherd playing with some kids. Yes their mother was certainly bred to an Anatolian but she did get out of her kennel a couple times. He assured they were good to go and I had no issues since they have been good dogs so far. And the price, free, was right.
    Try driving 2 hours with 2 slobbering monsters so huge they have to hang their heads over your shoulder. And did I say they slobber all over the place. Fuel and pee breaks? A whole other nightmare. I’ve wrangled calves that were easier than these two 100+ lbs monsters.
    Have to go clean out the truck interior.
    Stay safe 73

        • Be sure to keep that Windex off all of your car’s plastic parts (interior trim panels, etc.), as the ammonia in it will cause cracking. I speak from experience.

    • I love dogs… as long as they are someone else’s. Why anyone would support and live with live cattle like that is beyond me. I have a bird… small parrot. That’s enough.

        • Pepe’ the parrot (green cheek conure) talks, and he’s a real pistol! Doesn’t know he’s a bird. Thinks he’s human and wants to hang out with the human ‘flock’. Begs for corn chip treats when he doesn’t get enough attention.

      • These are working dogs along with the 2 Pyrones, Boney and Clyde. They took right to Diana so she couldn’t be safer. They let me get around her but I’m more afraid of her than them.
        Parrots are too cool. Buddy of mine in college had a cockatoo. All it ever said was F$%^ You and where’s the girls.


        I worked at a place as a sand blaster.. LOL LOL the mother of a baby skunk got killed by accident.. we raised little stinky.. so reminiscing about feeding stinky doughnuts and the guy with his bull in the car going for ice cream..isn’t so far fetched.. when we were really little.. my mom and dad heated with coal.. the coal car was at the elevator.. and there was a kitten in the corner.. both my sister and I begged dad to let us have the kitty.. we took it home.. it was a bob cat.. grew up to be as big as my dog now.. its name toodles the cat.. heavy to.. rough tongue it would wake you up licking your face.. and lay on your feet as you slept .. anyway I had a dog small terrier.. named Tiger.. and toodles was sitting on a branch behind me as I was swinging.. and here comes tiger crying.. two big dogs were biting tiger and hurting her.. toodles lifted its head.. before I could jump out of the swing the cat killed both the big dogs.. then licked tigers wounds.. and nurtured her..
        So someone likes cows… LOL LOL LOL LOL
        the veteranarian laughed at me.. we get a cow every year.. and I can’t even look at it someone has to raise it from a calf to adult.. the vet was saying yes because if you had it it would die of old age LOL LOL.. sadly the vet is right..

    • The grandkid made her overture for a dog this Summer “I’m LONEly!” she said while taking a break from playing games with her friends over the ‘net. Even managed to eke out a tear but our house has had enough dogs and I feel sorry for the two we loved for 13 or 14 years. It’s not fair to them and now I can point to the Australian Blue Heeler in my grandmother’s house in town that we just moved my daughter in to. They’ve been there 2 weeks and the ancient Venetian blinds are shredded, carpet’s been crapped on multiple times and you can’t keep him on the enclosed porch or he’ll scratch all the finish off the doors. If he wasn’t such a likable dog and a good watchdog for that neighborhood I would have said “OOPS!” and let him run down the street and disappear.

    • Best Dog Ever, and we’ve had a few.

      Anatolia Sheep Dog/Mix with Golden we were told.

      What a gentle GIANT of a dog, loved babies up to oldies …. kindest, smartest, gentlest, gangley dog you ever met.

      Kids read stories to him, he watched over them. He sat beside their tables as they ate their dinner. :).

      Took road trips all over the country.


      Ours did not drool, nor beg, but those eyes spoke wonders.

      Big Bark. Lived to be 13.5.

      Would have another.

  8. “Did you focus on the BRG Mustang or Ali McGraw? (*Most of our readers will admit the car…I wanted mags like those! Just not on a Ford product by then…GT40 exception ”

    If I ever win the lottery!!!!!!!

    when I was a young man.. to young and stupid.. a good friend.. from child hood his first car was a brand new COBRA super snake…. yup it was a beauty.. no backseat..well there was but no one could sit there.. that looks exactly like the one my child hood friend had.. brand new prime condition.. souped up..
    on those beautiful chrome rims.. there is a small round cover.. the dreadful mistake his brother and I both made.. he got married.. well if we put shaving cream on it.. he would have killed us.. wrote just married on the window death again.. tie crap to his bumper same results… fill his car with popcorn.. another tragedy would await us..
    so What did we do.. we went to the store and bought marbles.. popped the cap off and put them in the rim.. he gets married.. jumps in his baby.. the thing was cherry.. and he zips off.. not one sound.. we both said well that was a great idea and went on our way.. when he returned from his honey moon he is driving a cavalier.. wheres the snake.. OH we got about two hundred miles away and I threw out the rear end.. huh… ( those damned marbles) and the parts for it are custom made so they traded us even up for the beater..
    his brother went on to become a multi millionaire.. and I was visiting with him.. he went and bought a 69 camaro just like the first car he ever owned.. and I said.. you know it is because of us that your brother got rid of his cobra.. I would buy him one in a heart beat.. being guilty of such a dirty deed.. and his brother laughed and said oh well he has lived without it this long….
    Now I see his brother.. he delivers parts for a local parts company.. in with the wifes car he comes in and we chit chat.. on his key ring.. his fob is a small white cobra…… so if I ever won the lottery.. the first thing I would do is go buy him a car.. no explanations just to ease the guilt I have had all these years….

  9. “We only use a cellphone rarely when off the ranch because our old, addled brains are delicate enough, as it is.”

    1997 Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards is asked…

    Do you have any strong feelings about Sprint, your tour’s current sponsor?

    The phones were shit. But I don’t use cellular phones, so it makes no difference to me. It’s like sticking your head in a microwave oven. They’re very bad for you. Phones, for me, are strictly for information. I don’t chat. Phones are the bane of my life. Alexander damn Graham Bell, I’d shoot him.

  10. did you focus on the car or ali … boy .. not a hard one there.. I could care less about a thing.. but dam would it have been nice to know ali..

  11. .
    On my front porch swing..,
    strumming my six string..,
    smell those shrimp they’re beginn’ to boilllll
    I have had four, or five Jimmy Buffet songs rattling around in my head for days now..,
    China sends 68 aircraft and ten war ships and surrounds Taiwan this morning..,
    Come Monday – it’ll be alright…,

  12. so ole Mitt Romney is calling it quits as senator,,, sure ain’t saying he is out of politics,,, as Ronnie DeSantis ain’t doing so well. Is liddle Ronna the GOP chair person planning on insertion of uncle Mitt,,, in the RINO/Uniparty side as anybody but TRUMP,,, ah the smell of FEAR from the enemies camp.
    I will be surprised if the 2024 election is held.
    We Trump supporters out voted the other side, but they got ballot printers, but exposure of the theft has been a difficult task, but the upcoming trial in Coffee County will allow the Trump team to enter into open court, evidence previously barred,,, no standing is/was a common excuse to keep evidence out

    the Feral Reserve and those who run election both print paper without gold or legal voters as backing,
    fractional reserve voter rolls, full of dead men, illegal aliens from the other side of the unprotected border, and from people that move out of state, yet somehow are still on the old voter roll and many just plain fictious entries with vacant lots for addresses.
    the machines have to go,,, paper ballots, one day voting, no mail out ballots, except for and only by request for those who will not be at their home address on election DAY
    Q asked , how do we safe guard future elections?
    ya got to show the cheat and rub it in their faces, the faces of the cheaters and the non-believers, alike,,, look at this and smell this shit..
    In my opinion, military stopped the cheat in 2016, to get Trump elected by real votes. the cheaters were using the internet to collect real time votes and send them to a central location and then sent back to the machines to alter the count,,, packets of data, capture and saved, when the modified count was sent back, the military, simply removed the modified count and reinserted the original count,,, Hillary was one pissed offed Witch, Bitch
    Trump wrote exec orders to the military against human trafficking and confiscation of property,,, $$$
    Rothchild/Vatican gold over 600 airplanes to haul it out,, Rothchilds have sold off ancestral estates.
    Trump also wrote orders about election interference by foreign players. We are at WAR by other means.
    Clean ups are and have been going on Globally.
    Looks like a big friggen mess right now, but remodeling is a messy job, tear out, cleanup the garbage, and install new. Swamp creatures are bitching like I have never seen before, it is glorious.
    Zippity do dah, zippity aye, my oh my what a wonderful day.
    puppies get their noses rubbed in their shit and piss when they do it in the house
    HISTORICAL TIMES and we get to watch, LIVE

    Can you believe it? we are declaring our independence from the royal ownership,,, again

    • “how do we safe guard future elections?
      ya got to show the cheat and rub it in their faces, the faces of the cheaters and the non-believers, alike,,, look at this and smell this shit..”

      This is why I said, months ago, that Trump needed to get 300 million votes. The PTB will not permit voting in the U.S. to be fixed, until their cheats are turned against them.

      BTW, Mittens is calling it quits because he would lose 80-20 in the upcoming primary, to virtually any Republican who was capable of being more cognizant and capable than the pride of Pennsylvania (Fetterman…) Rather than suffer the embarrassment of being thrown out of office as a politician [who was] less popular than Nixon [was] in 1974, he announced his resignation…

    • Romney is one of the mf-ers who about killed the Radio industry. Consolidated all the best stations in decent markets through his company Bain capital, then fired 90% of the staff….sold off the Class 3 and 4 AM’s antenna acreage and donated the licenses for a tax write off. What a bastard!

  13. Like G, I have worked with Radio Frequency transmitters and microwaves my entire life… and respectfully. I’ve gotten to seven decades of life with no discernible body damage due to all that. Knowledge is key, and so is keeping exposures to a minimum on the really nasty stuff. That said, I don’t keep my cellphone in my pocket. It lays somewhere else in the house, and it’s my primary phone… no landline here. It is also an older model and NOT a 5G ‘microwave oven’. I was appalled when I saw the 5G specs at the array of potentially damaging microwave frequencies in use all at once on these meat cookers. I won’t have a 5G phone, and I damn sure will not live in an urban environment where there is a 5G node on every block.

    I took a close look at the photo of the Maui “Blue Umbrellas” that are widely touted by the conspiracy crowd for being resistant to. ‘Burning blue lasers from space’. These are not your garden variety of personal beach umbrellas. They are heavy duty commercial jobs built for commercial usage. I will bet a nickel there is a small tag hanging on the inside that says it is constructed of fire-resistant materials… AS IS REQUIRED BY LAW IN MANY LOCALITIES by the local fire codes. But no, that would be the obvious, rational thought by one whose brains have not fallen out. Gotta be blue lasers from space, yep!

    “There was a time when I resented paying income taxes.  Yet, as I have matured a bit, I have come to think of it as the ticket price to a clown show.”

    Heh heh.. I love retirement. I fattened up my SS payout just before I retired, and I have a company sponsored pension that I did not contribute to that is so small it is poverty level and not taxable. Home is paid up and all I have are modest living expenses. But I have as much spendable cash as I had when I was working and paying 50% in taxes. But now I pay no taxes. Simple senior form yearly, with nothing due. Life is good.

    * He lit a match
    * To test a gas tank
    * That’s why they call him
    * Skinless Frank
    -Burma Shave

    • Sure – Hot enough to melt Aluminum @2200 degrees F, but the Asphalt underneath melted pools of Aluminum is UNSCATHED/UNTOUCHED ? Go figure..

      “razor guys” never get it – til they personally feel the “burn” . Oh well police chief & .Mil guys taking care of the details and loose ends, no worries, till the next attack..Sure there is no cover up of NUMBERS of Victims..keeping moving along.

      PS – the DEW installations (german controlled) at Chernobyl and Norway been knocked off line, permanent like. Likely locations of replacement system Mexican badlands and Venezuela-shrimpdyk

      Peace, Live Long & Prosper.

      • “Asphalt” as commonly called paving material is over 90% stone sand. True asphalt is the petroleum ‘glue’ that holds it together that has the melting point you cite. Yes, the paving material was scorched. No… stone sand does not melt.

      • As for molten aluminum temperature that a regular fire cannot achieve, this was a 80mph wind driven fire. Think ‘blowtorch’. Here’s another mind bender for you. How can a brass head blowtorch melt brass in a crucible without melting the brass head of the blowtorch?
        Blue lasers from space?
        I’m tired of arguing with idiots who will not think for themselves or learn facts of life.

        • Simple – heat/flame is outside brass- flowing in outwardly direction.

          Not only the assphalt – the cars themselves, the rubber tires..list goes on – but I guess my lying eyes turning me into an idiot, so be It.

          AFRL – air farce laboratory directed energy directorate -present at Maui Optical and Super computing(AMOS) site.

          RAND been working on it sine 1945

        • Because the flame is in front of the brass nozzle, not touching it? And the hottest part of the flame is even farther away from the nozzle.

        • Well, Stu, I may be an old moron, but I’m an anonymous smart one. I don’t need a ‘claim to fame’. As I’ve told you before, I don’t deny that such weapons exist. I just seriously doubt that such was used on Maui. What would be the point? Armchair critics and analysts scream ‘conspiracy’. I’ve been to Lahaina, and I know the conditions were ripe for this wildfire… ‘firestorm’. It didn’t take ‘blue lasers from space’ to set this off. And local official incompetence took care of the rest.

  14. Caesars Entertainment Inc. paid tens of millions of dollars [ digital ] to hackers who broke into the company’s systems in recent weeks and threatened to release the company’s data.
    MGM Resorts International, announced that it was hacked earlier this week. No report on ransome.
    The group behind the attack is known as Scattered Spider or UNC 3944 – located in the U.S. and the U.K. They are all young – some are 19. And all very well versed in computer systems and software.

    • Link on Drudge says China has encircled Taiwan. Surprise attack strategy.

      Chip shortages loom so a strike may mean they can’t collect pay or unemployment.

  15. “‘US has no right to lecture us’, says Russia after Putin-Kim meet… Seriously, WTF and where is the loyal (more like stupid) opposition party?”

    They’re not stupid, at all. The issue is Mr. Trump and Mr. Ramaswamy are the only two on the National stage who are gonadius intactus…

  16. “Sore right hand today. Elaine and I popped in a new storm door onto the screen porch Wednesday. Carpentering at 74 is a little different than 55…ya think?”

    Practicing ambidextrousity with a hammer is not recommended…

  17. I’m not under 50, so I’ll skip the decoder rings.

    We used to live just south of Savannah, Ga across the Ogeechee River and not very far from the coast. Close enough that if you caught high tide going out you could throw a kayak in the tidal creek next to the neighborhood and paddle out to the Atlantic in a short amount of time. We had a good time living down there and it’s even more fun if you’re friends with the boat owner next door. All the fun and none of the headache of saltwater boat ownership.

    One thing that I don’t miss so much is hurricane drama. We weathered several of them in place and, being from tornado alley, none of them were particularly impressive. The most notable storm was Hurricane Matthew that knocked out power for several days and knocked down enough trees that we could get no further than a 1/2 mile in any direction (except by sea). We were well prepared and the weather afterwards was beautiful. The whole area was dark and quiet for days afterwards. I got the best sleep I’d had in years.

    We never evacuated for a single storm, but it wasn’t out of stubbornness or good guessing. I had evaluated the usual risk factors involved with hurricanes and had developed a set of criteria and a logic chain that I used to make the decision whether to leave or stay for Atlantic hurricanes. Gulf Hurricanes were not as threatening for us so there wasn’t much to consider. The biggest threat is always storm surge. Yeah, wind is dangerous but we had a newly constructed home that was well built and built to code for that area. I even did my own afterhours QC on the house when it was being built, so I had good confidence in it.

    It was basically this:
    *Any storm landfalling on our location from the Atlantic at Cat 2 or below we stayed.
    *Any storm landfalling at Cat 3 or below on Florida’s east coast and moving north we stayed.
    * Cat 3+ direct hit on our location from the Atlantic we leave. Non-negotiable. Storm surge is no bueno.
    * Cat 4+ Making landfall no further south than Jacksonville, FL and moving north we leave.

    Pretty straightforward, but the catch was timing and picking which weather model to bet on. Not only do you have to play chicken with the storm you also have to leave early enough to not get stuck on the highway with the rest of the idiots….I mean evacuees. If you’re gonna do that you might as well just stay home, fire up the margarita machine and break out the water wings.

  18. Biden will keep everyone whole during any strike. $33,000,000,000,000.00 is in the bag.

    “President Joe Biden’s administration is discussing emergency aid to protect smaller firms that supply U.S. auto manufacturers if the United Auto Workers union goes on strike, a source with knowledge of the matter said on Thursday.”

  19. “There it went!  See it?  Youth going by?  Go on, remember the time…”

    a lady asked me yesterday, you have any regrets in life? i said no. Im healthy Spiritually, Emotionally, Mentally, Physically. i make healthy choices. i have no regrets. im always right were im supposed to be doing exactly what im supposed to be doing. all the time.

    i didnt relized, i live a life with no regrets. pretty cool.

    i mean,
    my life is so outlandishly amazing most people when i tell them about it, they give you that look like a deer in the headlights. because its so beyond amazing and far from the norm, it sounds fictionouse. but its not. its all true. hahah. most people couldnt fabricate a a better story. let alone live it.

    everything from sitting in lumen field with my buddy James and Mathew Stafford (who went on to win the superbowl that year for the rams) talking about fishing while the seagals (seahawks cheerleaders) warm up on the feild with nobody else in the stands but us. to Driving Ore Trains in the Mountains and now 2 story house size Tonka trucks with 12 and a half foot high tires. can i make a 100 million dollars driving Giant tonkas? probably not.

    however! crickey it sure is fun!!!! it sure is. li mean these things are as wide as a two lane road. its like driving a Massive go cart.

    its funny when you have those moments where you relize. oh i dont have that problem. other people have that problem. i didnt even relize i dont have that problem. lol.

    like a couple months ago i was in the big city, i bought a bunch of stuff at walley world in the self checkout and when i got home i was looking at the reciept and relized i didnt scan one $0.89 can of cat food. it dawned on me right then, i havent stole anything in 40 years. not a single thing. so i went back and told the lady, i need to pay for this 89 cent can of cat food. she said its only 89 cents. i wouldnt worry about it. i said i didnt come back here for you. i came back here to pay for it for me. because im not a dishonest person. im man of God. so she rang me up and i paid for it.

    its just funny when you relize, ohhhhh i dont have any regrets in life. ohhh steeling isnt anything ive even considered in 40 years. not one time ever. lol. cool. it doesnt even enter my mind. i didnt relize that.

    ohhhhh btw Cupid was right!!! last time i was on urban surivival, someone asked me what is next for Andy? i said lets ask the Cupid. the Cupid said Cheesecake. what ever flavor you desire.

    last night the big big boss cooked us all Big steak dinners for hauling 1.2 Million Tons of Ore. whoohoo! after dinner He brought out a bunch of different kinds cheese cake. comes up to me and says, Have some Cheese cake Andy. whatever flavor you desire.

    hahahha i said yes sir. much obliged. hahaha.

    so i said this morning. Good Call Cupid! got the cheese cake!

    whats next? cupid said, uhmmm Vienna! i said Vienna? like the city in Austria? he said yep! just like that.

    i said Okay, Cupid. Vienna!.got it! thanks!

    ohh i made a post on X. twitter. if any of you old men want to remember what being 53 looks and feels like. i took a picture the other day at the gym.

    i dont get on there much. only once and a while. i could say alot lot more. i might later. but for now, its 2:22 and the fish are jumping. i talked to clif high on there a while back. haha. havent talked to him in foreverrrr.

    53 years old, feels damn good.

    oh per the car, i love the 2020 Shelby GT350 mustang. why not the gt 500? because im old school. sports cars should be stick shifts. not paddle shifts.

    hope all is well.

    right after i asked the cupid, this song came on the radio.

    so i figured id better come see what is up. funny i was just in the city of freedom, wyoning eztabished in 1872 on saturday.

    play, ~ Fast Cars and Freedom ~

  20. as always George. 5 stars.

    yep that is really me. that is what i look like with no glasess on.

    while most men my age are having strokes and get winded from walking from the kitchen to the crapper.

    i feel great. im as stong as a country Hoss. perfect health. 60/118 blood pressure, 60 bpm heart rate at rest, no signs of bad cholesteral, diabetes or any of that shit. never got covid a single time. never got the vax.

    at 53 years old i can still rack 8 plates on the bar and get er did.

    whats my secret? marlboro reds, strong black coffee, banging playboy bunnies and super models. hahaha.. yes sir that is it! hahaha

    ya all have a wonderful week.

    • “while most men my age are having strokes and get winded from walking from the kitchen to the crapper.”

      Not at your age..your just a child yet..well the age of my children..
      Get a colonoscopy done are at the age where the silent killer polyps.. keep an open mind like all of us old geezers will tell you age happens and when you feel your strongest then wham like a thief in the night.. you’ll feel as the conqueror then you’ll end up looking like Don Quixote.
      right now women adore you because of your strength.. then AGE.. will make you appear like a JB or hunter wannabee..

  21. This is my experience with cell phones.

    They cause hearing loss. I have lost 80% of my hearing. I could feel a pain in my ear. That was 7 years ago. Hearing loss permanent.

    I believe, but have no proof, that they cause breast cancer (not surprised if many other cancers including brain cancer, i.e. thyroid, eye, skin, etc.).

    The one I use currently, which is a a Samsung Galaxy AO3s supposedly doesn’t have a high emitting level.

    When I use it, the bottom seems to radiate the energy and I can feel it on my body.

    I can also feel it in my left hand when I hold it.

    It causes my joints to ache in my hand.

    My eyes ache after using it, even with the screen on dim.

    I can only tolerate it for short spurts as a phone.

    I would like for someone on here to tell me how I can get this phone checked to see exactly what it is emitting.

    I do not think it is safe at a short distance, or any amount of time used.

    • See Shungite – its properties, why people are starting to wear it about their bodies. Out of Karilia Russia – famous meteor strike. Peter the Great used to take his wounded troops there (lake) for rejuvenation/healing. Pure form of Carbon, interesting and beneficial small amounts C60.
      Perhaps you may find some relief from dirty nrg – should you choose to wear it 24/7 as a piece of “jewelry”.

      PS – “must stop with the guided Moossiles at Crimea”..terrible price/retribution must be payed.. “Natasha, we must stop the Moose!”

  22. ure runing late mister. haha

    i wasnt entirely honest earlier. i have only one regret. but everything is as it should be. im always in the right place at the right time. doing exactly what im supposed to be doing. every time. all the time.

    i told her. the bannana phone playboy centerfold/ harley calender girl etc. etc.

    she is my one regret in life. i should have married her. she loved me sooo well. better than all three of my ex wives. (counting the stipper in vegas lol)

    even my own mother told me, you should have married Drea. i sent her a message, in the open on facebook. but i seriously doubt she will ever talk to me again. she already forgiven me for alot. because im not perfect. lol.

    who knows, maybe there is redemption for me with her. i doubt it tho. plus i live 1000 miles away. she is big city new york kinda girl and im more of a small town cowboy kinda guy.

    but its important to be honest. and if she does take me back, i will do my best Joe Biden hair sniff move on her. hahahaha. works every time.

    get to work dude. the masses need their diet if vowels and letters!

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