Restyling Thought Processes; Bitcoin Outlook

A couple of interesting topics this morning.  The first ought to really be considered an “application note” from the manufacturers of your brain.  That would be biology, parents, schools, and relationships.  All brought up because I’m knee-deep in the new genre of self-help books arriving.

The Bitcoin outlook?  More a mechanistic outlook, based on Elliott wave theory and trend channels.  Depending on your inclination, either one of them could be profitable.

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22 thoughts on “Restyling Thought Processes; Bitcoin Outlook”

  1. I was thinking about Doom Porn this morning, while I was also thinking I’m lucky to have such great kids that they help me out and speak to me. This latter because I have in-laws and relatives I do not speak to, as they are immoral in the extreme and I just get all itchy-twitchy around people with no center or a dark center.

    Anyway, assuming:

    1) God is going to re-balance things
    2) We were made in his image, ergo…
    3) God has a sense of humor
    4) God works things out in his own time

    Bitcoin goes on and on, gets adopted and morphed into the global digital currency du jour, allowing bankers the control they crave and people get squeezed and squeezed…

    And THEN the next Carrington event hits…

    Why on Earth did that make me feel happy and smile?

    Am I the only one that would be smiling?

      • Both great sites, AS LONG AS YOU REALIZE (and no, I didn’t mean “recognize”) THEIR BIAS.

        Unfortunately, that’s no different than EVERY news site or source, mainstream or otherwise, but especially mainstream, because they hide their bias and push your mind in the “proper direction” with stacked “straw man” and “emotional trigger” arguments.

        In the 21st Century, “porn” means “Anything which triggers a base emotional response, absent higher reasoning.”

        Doom Porn is stuff which scares you beyond reason, for a protracted period of time, either by penciling out an exceedingly unlikely scenario or one for which advance preparation isn’t possible.

        The Doom Porn sites will rotate, or switch to a new scenario every few weeks, when interest begins to wane, thus keeping their readership under their beds and with wallets open…

  2. Automatic mower…
    Hey a couple of nice goats or sheep..
    With goats you could teach Elaine how to milk them.
    The might be like me and wake up to a goat on top of the car.

      • One has to remember that goats do a wonderful job of initial clean-up of the land.
        However, they come with their own biocides. For one, they will eat anything shorter than about 10-12 feet. A big boer will just push it over while other goats jump on it and chow down. Once it’s down, the leader of the pack will eat, too.
        They also don’t go high enough for effective fire suppression. At best 6, but more like 5-feet is about their limit.
        Plus they encourage the formation of goat weed – a noxious weed which can get you cited by the county if you let it get too visible.
        For us? A combinational of 5-years of goat food and five years of diesel (as in mowing) and you end up with a pretty good field and tons of deer…

      • I did it to years ago.. bessy was the houdini of goats.. and could get out of anything.. and my neighbor was always calling me to come get my goat off of his car so he could go to work.. she ended up as sausage..
        Milking was ok and it made great cheese

  3. As of the Friday’s close, I can’t see any indicator pointing to this Bull turning down. As always,if long at these high market prices, check what is happening on Monday’s opening for a possible signal change. But as of now, nothing points to the market heading south.

  4. Dear Mr. Ure,

    I sense you may have intended to say “lifehack” dot org. The plural is too much of a singular, good thing.

  5. I understand that the Hildabeast will be teaching one class in “Successfully Scrubbing Your Compoooter” and another class in Ethics.

  6. As you like drawing parallels to radio and the Internet – this was happening elsewhere on the ‘net.

    The Fake News Fallacy – “Radio, in its early days, was seen as a means for spreading hysteria and hatred, just as the Internet is today.”

    The various efforts to fact-check and label and blacklist and sort all the world’s information bring to mind a quote, which appears in David Goodman’s book, from John Grierson, a documentary filmmaker: “Men don’t live by bread alone, nor by fact alone.” In the nineteen-forties, Grierson was on an F.C.C. panel that had been convened to determine how best to encourage a democratic radio, and he was frustrated by a draft report that reflected his fellow-panelists’ obsession with filling the airwaves with rationality and fact. Grierson said, “Much of this entertainment is the folk stuff . . . of our technological time; the patterns of observation, of humor, of fancy, which make a technological society a human society.”

  7. You have to remember that Bitcoin has a sheathing around it and if they didn’t want that there it wouldn’t be there just like you know the communication Network Facebook YouTube Google and all the others are shut off wherever they have the ability to do that so Bitcoin is wanted buy them to what extent just enough to where they can control it that’s why there has been massive and massive amounts over the last few years Bitcoin being bought not by the population but by governments it’s called the she thing sheathing

    • Point is they don’t want you looking at the scale of everything where its registered registrar
      it all has to do with the rhoads scholarship dealing with the Social Democratic Party
      Don’t get me wrong now it would do need to be able to change course right in the middle of our flight plan you know when we find out that the obstacles that are appearing that have been reappeared because of the people that are in charge of the feature has ultimately changed it again and you’re going to like how in the heck am I going to continue on my course that I have charted when they keep changing the charter of the doll daggum general population Enterprise Corporation

      • Let me reiterate Rhodes scholarship any of a number of scholarships tenable of Oxford University established by the will of Cecil J John Rhodes and providing for the support of selected students from the British colonies Germany and the states and territories of the United States

  8. A proper mower would operate like a GPS tractor and mow without any attention from humans. There’s no reason today, other than the engineering and setup time, that a tractor or lawn tractor couldn’t mow without any human intervention. It would recognize most hazards and act appropriately, and if something truly novel were to show up, like a bear, it would simply stop and call for assistance. I think Roomba is working on something for smaller property, but I’m not sure.

    BTW, why are you mowing so much. I mow once a year if it’s a dry year and twice a year otherwise. Mowing more often seems to make no difference.

    • @ NM Mike…

      George and me have had tropical rainfall totals the last few years. Grass gets 2-3 ft high, snakes in the grass, hides the rodents, etc.

      At my place, we either mow and let the grass spread more or don’t mow and let the weeds and saplings take over. Mowing is pretty good at letting grass replace broadleaf weeds.

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