Real Secrets of Anti-Aging

Yeah, I know:  “What does this have to do with long wave economics?”

Well, EVERTHING.  Since not only is there the fine print of live that says “Must Be Present to Win” – but there’s also the matter of planning when, how, and in what asset classes to deploy your hard-earned game points.

So, this morning, a peak at some of the most recent science and how it may impact some of us who would not only like to “beat the market” but who would like to “beat death” for a while, longer, too.

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10 thoughts on “Real Secrets of Anti-Aging”

  1. Good column this morning George. I know a lot of people look for the magic pill in a bottle to keep them from aging but unfortunately, it doesn’t exist.

    Ten years ago at the age of 66, I was the picture of what not to be. Overweight by 40 pounds, no exercise, pizza and bag of cookies for dinner. Then the wake up call. Rushed to hospital with chest pain and 3 stents inserted in my heart to keep it pumping. Had ultrasound done on my carotid arteries and they were jam packed with plaque.

    Met a young man going through to be a doctor and studying anti-aging. He said he would help me if I would listen to him and follow his advice. I did.

    Learn to love fruit and vegetables. Exercise everyday, cardio first and weight bearing exercises second. Above all “keep moving.” As we age, we lose muscle mass, flexibility and balance. We have the ability to lessen the impact with regular exercise and healthy eating. Overeating and sedentary living is a killer. It is why you don’t see very many healthy 80 year olds and why so many fall and fracture their bones.

    Today at 76, I am 30 pounds lighter, take 2 low level medications for cholesterol and arterial plaque control and feel better than I have since I was 50. Over 35% of the plaque in my carotid arteries has disappeared. I use a Fitbit device as a motivator to my daily activity, walk 5 miles a day, go to the gym twice a week for strength training and balance exercises. I cut out red meat completely and eat mostly a vegetarian diet.

    As I visit my friends in hospital and nursing homes with cancer, COPD, dementia, etc. I give thanks for the wake up call I got 10 years ago. Nothing could be worse than spending the last few years of your life in pain and suffering and dependent on others IMHO.

    You are fortunate to have good health and the wonderful partnership with Elaine. Never take it for granted.

    Your Canadian friend,


  2. Thanks for the subtle humor today George, and one of my best laughs ever from your site. When discussing anti-aging and the benefits of staying sexually active through the golden years, you wrap it up with a statement:

    “A bit of personal experience from a decade or two of self-tinkering.” Well said!

    At 60+, I have the benefit of family access to a Wellness Center that specializes in anti-aging and sports medicine. Their top recommendation for maintaining vigor, mobility, and the ability to “tinker” in various ways? A HGH pre-cursor called Sermorelin. Just grabbing the first link off of a Google search will show you the benefits:

    Perhaps you could follow this article with another on nutritional supplements that best promote health & wellness?

    • LOL – well, nonsubscribers may wonder what kind of site we run, so in truth, the self-tinkering was in ref the anti-aging supplements. But, Elaine’s a handful, as it were, lol….

  3. It really works. I downloaded the music “Toccata in G Major” 6 minutes 30 seconds long & played it with my eyes closed. It was extremely relaxing & cleared my mind. I may play this before I remote view lottery numbers to improve my batting score which is dismal.

  4. Retirement was the best thing that has happened to my health. Gone is the stress of work, the stress to perform ‘on-demand’ miracles on short notice. I have several decades of serious vitamin and well-researched supplement history, and now I do ‘aerobic yard work’… with iPod music in my ears. I have lost 20 lbs without really trying, and find I eat less and more healthy choices now that I have to ‘do my own’ without all the fast food and restaurant choices I had in the big city. I used to struggle to keep my BP at 120/80… sometimes higher. After my weight loss the BP came down naturally.(My doctor chuckled, “Yes, that will happen!”) I read 104/64 with a pulse of 65 this morning… after coffee and vitamins. People are surprised that I am 65 ‘retirement age’. I look younger than my silver hair belies. Movement and activity are key. I always feel better after being slightly exhausted with the aerobics.

    Incidentally, a lot of the supplements I take are for their long-term anti-aging effects, not just because they ‘make me feel better’. I believe it is a mistake to stop taking a supplement just because it does not make me feel any better. Long term delayed effects are not always discernible with a short-term “I feel better taking this”. Do the research and if there is a good, documented reason to be taking a supplement, stick with it.

  5. Diet and Sexercise ! A very healthful combo indeed. Doing a body “hack’ with C60. Also have my 20 yr old cockatiel and 9 yr old German Shepherd taking the stuff. The results so far after about 9 months have been remarkable. Interesting stuff, a unique form of carbon, long history as industrial lubricant as well as published studies..they have not been able to kill the rats after several years of increasing dosage.
    Thinking on your timeline scenario for markets and not sure how to handicap the upcomming FISA documents declas and release.Deep State playas and certain leftitards are already panicking in DC & not so great britain going to be exposed as F-ing with our 2016 election along with deepstate playas, not the Ruskies… “Natasha we must stop the Moose..its the Moose, quaterbacking for Whatsamatta U”.
    The declas and release of FISA docs has potential to really upset coup plotters and their supporters.not to mention the fact Jeff Session AG, is Un-Recusing and has asked for and received top 2 supreme justice opinion on issues involved,of which there are several.I think I am going to need some more popcorn…

  6. Wow looks like da judge must be a real pervert. Suppose give lawyers some money and they can dig up almost anything.

  7. point of view from what I have seen when its your time its your time.. I have seen people in the perfect health just drop over and people die and get horrific illnesses from the oddest places and others that didn’t take care of themselves live to way over a hundred .. So in my opinion eat drink and be merry for tomorrow you may die..
    a kid the age of a child telling you how to live a long life in my opinion hasn’t lived long enough to know.. there are way worse things than dying way worse..I do have a thing about individual serving sized packages though don’t drink out of the jug..

  8. George, we’re on the same page regarding nutrients and supplements, though of course, the ideal ones for each of us are uniquely ours.

    I love the learning resources page, though I have to wonder about music and learning anything. It’s very hard to read with focus and concentration except in silence. Every change in the music interrupts my concentration and splits it between the music and the words. Between adding an unnecessary task and the task switching, I’m guessing I read only 1/4 or less of my normal speed, with far less comprehension. I’m sure these things are different for everyone. I’m exploring the links between music and language learning, though I have no idea yet how to capitalize on them.

    It’s time to turn the music off.

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