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  1. The book broken web… I gave it some thought.. but.. lately..
    It doesn’t matter what site your on for the most part.. ( except this one of course) but even to get emails there is so many ad’s etc.. that are written right into the site and with every page it is so bogged down that you find yourself leaving that site before you even get to the article you wanted to read in the first place.
    Take drudge, beforeitsnews, wiki msn etc… years ago I had popup blockers but these aren’t popups they are part of the site..
    Just curious if anyone else has encountered this..or is it just my computer..

    • I went from being on the computer three hours a day to about fifteen minutes.. a day.. huge difference just because its almost impossible to read anything.. or I get bored with waiting so long for it to load up that I move on. one good thing about it though.. I have gotten a lot more stuff done around the house..

    • Yes, I’ve noticed that too…. let’s hope George’s brain will provide some intellectual insight and pragmatism into this troubling situation, without the “Power of Ure” to guide us we are doomed!

    • Zerohedge, one of my favorite sites, is almost unreadable now. But I imagine the numbers look good because it takes so long to look at anything. If ad revenue is up and time users are on the site is up, what more could you ask for?

      • The ‘Hedge’ has definitely gone downhill. If it were not for blockers, the site is incredibly evil. Lately, the articles have all swerved from the occasional innovative blurb and some pithy Durdens thoughts to a bland mix of regurgitated dreck.

    • Use Firefox variants with the No-Script option. It’s clumsy, but much better than allowing random scripting by anyone. Avoid Chrome whenever possible. You can disable the scripting as necessary for things you really care for, but may have to do it iteratively for some sites. For those who know what they’re doing, filter sites en-masse using the HOSTS file, and disable any services that you’re not using.

      No site should require scripting unless there’s a definite need, such as on-line shopping carts. I’ll tolerate some, but not much from important sites. That’s my two cents.

  2. Ur . . . I must confess I have an ad-blocker . . . so it mostly is ‘not a problem’ unless I get to a site that requires I read said ‘ads’. I figure it’s not my problem and don’t read said site . . .

  3. ZeroHedge – Like most sites is best read through RSS feeds. most sites give you the entire article, though some, just a synopsis. There are NO ads, and even the embedded videos from Youtube are commercial free…

    I use a professional feed consolidator (I watch well over 150 feeds) but there are several freebies…

  4. It’s the Sesame Street syndrome — short blips of info and pictures or moving pictures for the sustained comprehension-ally impaired.

    The non-linears have consumed the bandwidth.

  5. I don’t see ANY of the ads you’re talking about. I installed uBlock Origin on all my browsers. Zero Hedge, this site, and other sites show me content and no display ads. Lots of empty white space. It’s nice. Very few sites are “broken” by uBlock – but if they are, it can be toggled off per-site, temporarily or permanently.

  6. On the way to the chiropractor this morning, my wife was complaining about her changing eyes after her procedure and she had to wait 2 months before she can get new glasses. I said, too bad they don’t make glasses you can just dial in your own correction. In the Dr’s office I opened up George’s blog for the day and OMG!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you; a pair of Adlens is on the way to our house.


  7. Mr Ure,

    Please explain why the 1 year Libor is at a 52 week high of 1.25%.

    As Mr Trump says….the system is fixed.

    Negative interest rates in Europe, 63 year low on the 10 year treasury but the 1 year libor, basis of many American ARM’s is at a 52 week high.

    Could it be the English banks talked to the American banks to screw American homeowners with ARM’s?

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