Do the Gold Bugs Have It Wrong?

“The Devil makes spreadsheets for idle minds…” is our theme this morning.

It follows a weekend of reviewing 1930’s price data on typical goods including things like food, apparel and even cars.  What I found out is rather shocking.  I mean I AM one of those gold and silver bugs.

My research this weekend raised some damn interesting questions though and you really need to understand the dynamics of how the numbers run out in order to see what’s-what.  So if you’re cheering gold’s break higher this morning, you might want to consider some of the possible implications of the data with us.

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17 thoughts on “Do the Gold Bugs Have It Wrong?”

  1. @ George

    Did you not remember, that Rudy G. is the one responsible for Hillary becoming NY state senator…as he DROPPED out of the race ( medical reasons..prostrate cancer of which he never missed a TV interview because of his ‘weakness’) and GAVE her the senate seat…the rest is history….Now he says justice might still be served…wtf..

      • She was elected by “people” who had no skin in the game, were told to “vote row A”, and were bussed to the voting booth.

        The sheep that “elected” that foul person are emotionally rather than logically led to their “decision”.

        I know one good friend that will vote for her simply because she’s a democrat, and she’s fully aware of how corrupt the cankled one is.

      • AFTER…Rudy dropped out, leaving the GOP with a non contender of a candidate to run against her

        If Rudy stayed in HE would have won and she would not …plain and simple…and by the way HE too would have been elected by the people….imho

    • After 9/11 I thought Rudy was a hero like most New Yorkers. He was the man of the hour who jumped in and took charge while the President flew around in his plane like some coward. But after digging into the reports after the event, one thing really troubled me. The police were notified to evacuate the towers ten minutes before they collapsed. The firemen were not notified and many parished. It was decided that NYC could function without firefighters, but not police. So how does a decision like that get made without the Mayor? As much as I hate to say it, I’m afraid he’s a Globalist too and one of the many elite “actors”.

  2. “Do the Gold Bugs Have It Wrong?”

    Possbily…but the Ag ‘bugs’ have def got it right!!

    As clif says, Ag is gong to skyrocket along with Bit/c… fact, Ag already has…lets see, from a low of $13.66 in Jan 16 to say $20 a day ago…thats 46% ! not to bad for only 6 moths of work!! and the ‘punt its'(sic.) are saying $100 in less than a year….what do do when its 4th and 30???

    • You mean that disease causing GMO crap we’re forcing on the rest of the world? Buying stock in MonSATAN are you? For shame. Will you be happy with your profits when Monsanto controls the world’s food supply and you have no choice but poison to eat? The elite eat organic you know. That GMO corn they put in everything but won’t label is regulated by the EPA because it’s insecticide, not food. Wake up! Three weeks after Russia refused Monsanto they went into the Ukraine and the FIRST thing they did was allow Monsanto in. There will no doubt be ag profits if Monsanto can get the military to force it on the world. And it will take force since there is no consumer benefit to GMO crops, and disease spikes with their introduction into the food supply in every country that allows them. The Senate votes today to make it illegal in any state, even Vermont who voted it in, to label this trash. How long before there is no natural world left? Ag is one of the things that make me most ashamed of the US. I grew up on a farm, and am grateful that my Dad is no longer alive to see what atrocities are being done to the land and the crops now. Thank God that horror is against the constitution in Ecuador!

  3. The markets this week are soft due to uncertainty of Hillary news (though, no charges, her position above the law is in view) and Trump continuing to be viewed myopically. USD getting a little stronger, GLD/SLV down a bit and the market down with the stronger USD.

    Are we just a bigger 7.5 billion person version of the 1.5 billion in existence back in 1930? Besides the lack of buying power of the dollar – have we changed much?

    The market is within a small, tight, trading band right now and bouncing off support/resistance levels drawn (at least on my charts) weeks ago. So, what comes next? I have to think upside to match George’s thoughts of the blow-off top rolling into the election. Some “pumpers” are talking 2200-2300 S&P. I’d take 2175.

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    • you see we have the best moderator,probably better than GEORGE NORRIS of the COAST TO COAST midnight radio program, written -7-6-2016

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    Global it we really want to bet that all those scientific organizations saying it’s real are just nuts..
    the dark ages and mini ice age were caused by a temperature change of what four degrees. .the Mayan civilization ended because of it, Aztecs and Egyptian empire…
    it’s like the upcoming depression. Those that lived through the first one are long gone..or just about..we’ve ever experienced anything like that and since we don’t believe it could happen and the puppet masters are thinking of our wellbeing we are bound to make the same mistakes that were made before..but then this is only the opinion of a bottom feeder..

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