Rally? Future Sighted! New Book Pending

The first chapter of a (likely) new book should be posted on the Peoplenomics® website Wednesday.  The working title is “Crossover: The Combustion of Human Effort” is poised to drip out the end of my fingers.

I was kicking around the possible nuclear escalation path in Ukraine over the weekend and I shared with him the BEST article I’ve seen yet on the Nordstream pipeline “attacks.”  Except, when you read the deep science behind the article  Nordstream | The LawDog Files, what we see is that events may have a rational (science-based) driver to them.

Oddly, this helps to open up a new way of thinking about a path forward for humans.  I summed it up in an email to a colleague earlier this morning.  Explains where this is heading very directly:

“Been up on the Starlink LEO system for several days now and at the bottom of my ShopTalk Sunday column yesterday is the analysis and comparison.  This morning “out in the sticks” is rocking 160 MB down and 20 MB UP which means it’s time to begin writing in the direction of “crossover.”

“The idea is that since the centralization of resources in “towns and cities” began to accumulate power to the high pop-density population centers, the reasons to seek fortune “in the outback” have declined.

But – as I postulate now – there comes a time when the systemic corruption-depletion-and-politization of urban living (CDP) imposes such a friction on Pursuit of Freedom and Happiness that Rural/Outback living becomes the next High Fashion.

Crossover occurs when City environmentals (one of which is internet speed, another of which is personal safety, a third being a bubble of food, housing, medical, and local social resources – tips in favor of non-urban life.  While sure, I’d love to go see John Williams (conducting anything) live, sitting almost inside my 55 UHD desktop with seriously good sound gear?  Toss in road rage risks to and from live events, the odds of sitting next to a Covid spreader, and pretty soon, some of that locally crafted Texas vodka and the sound up begins to look pretty good.  Undoable on 9600-dial-up.  But with a low latency 150 MB down and 20 up?

This is likely (hopefully!) the Core of our tipping point away from War and a redefinition into a Future that works.

Thinking about it as a book because it’s how we redefine “fashion” (mostly useless in earlier Rev.’s of society) into something new.  Picture it as a driver of the Earthship Revolution for the Whole World.  Which by definition is what home, living, life become (exceptionally cool) when aspiring towards a worthwhile goal. Building your own local universe.

First Chapter (another book to be serialized on Peoplenomics) should be up Wednesday and will send it along.

This is really about the physical inflection point in my “seven domains” view of physical life.  And, as you know – being a fundamentalist as I am – I come to look at little side issues like social movements (even lesser-informed ones) as being by-products of the “combustion of human effort.”

Think of it as the “soot” of “souls.”  The more burned-out, the more soot. 

Absent a proper “goal/effort mixture in the average lives of [the Whole],” dirty (useless) “soot” is produced in lives as the work product of living is largely destroyed, save a few bright lights.  One of which is Elon Musk’s brain and projects, for example.

Anyway, back on point, Ure remains highly concerned about the possibility of an attack, in Polish waters, of the five-shop LNG transshipment operation.

Because even if the LawDog article is correct, there’s a certain ultra-long-term embedded paranoia in Russian thought.  Losing 20-million plus in a World War will do that to a country with long cultural memory.  Which could elicit a critical response above and outside the upper expectation range.

Vee shall see.

Meantime “Crossover: The Combustion of Human Effort” chapter 1 calls.”

New Thinking is a New Mix

Being a “synergizer” this really neat new Big Perspective on Future would not have occurred without a number of “discrete building block events” to tease-out the new perspective. Odd mix of events.

  • The long wave economics view and replay 1929 (which continues)
  • The Strauss and Howe Fourth Turning view, where this becomes the inflection point of the turn.
  • Previously unexplained human stupidity in social, gender, and woke movements which lack a long-term goal; becoming ego exercises.  Even failure to grasp linguistics.  As equality is a God-given baseline.  But failing to grasp that equity involves personal effort.  (Comedian Jeff Foxworthy referred in a Netflix segment to the “Old days being when to get a trophy you had to come in first place.)
  • Having a brilliantly fast Internet connection helped.
  • So did planning how to deploy two diesel heaters enroute to our slice of the Outback.

There’s a term in sailing.  “When the boat’s balanced” that describes a condition where the boat will sail itself. No human intervention needed.  Having lived on a 40-footer for 10+ years and having prepared it for crossing oceans (where there’s no West Marine within swimming distance) the joy of nautical self-sufficiency is well-known to Elaine and me.

But semi-returning to an “off-shore capable farm”?  A little too abstract.  But, thanks to Elon Musk adopting the concept of humans populating Mars, the amazing work of Michael Reynolds – coupled with offshore boat prep – begins to put corner posts in that encompass our thinking.

Yeah – I know – who’s Mike Reynolds?

Michael E. “Mike” Reynolds (born 1945) is an American architect based in New Mexico, known for the design and construction of “earthship” passive solar houses. He is a proponent of “radically sustainable living”. He has been a critic of the profession of architecture for its adherence to conventional theory and practice, and he advocates the reuse of unconventional building materials from waste streams, such as automobile tires, and is known for designs that test the limits of building codes.”

Add water harvesting and food production and that’s the “offshore home.”

What Are We Seeing?

Depends where we look, really:

  • People in Buenos Aires living in barrio appliance boxes?  Tiny personal Earthship drive is there.
  • Putin grabbing grain producing real estate?  Long memory of past famines and suppression of ambition.
  • Monomaniacal environmental singlism’s (self-righteous EV, tree-huggers, anti-growther’s ) get totally hung-up on only one side of the problem.
  • Ditto other “virtuous idiots” – like angry vegans who want to take my choice prime rib – I don’t care if they eat wood chips, for all I care.  Life, Sailboats, mating, and yep – even living – is a matter of balance, not “Cause driven soldier-gathering.”

I better stop here.  But it’s a long answer I wanted to share because a long-time reader asked this morning why UrbanSurvival isn’t the same as it was in the past.

“Your blog used to be a bit conspiratorial, a bit survivalist, and a bit grounded in it’s approach. Tales of ham radio towers, flying, and the economics of the day was the soup du jour. You railed against the government and put your “based” spin on what the government was up to. You sounded like you “gave a fuck” and knew what you were doing. I looked up to you.

 I randomly had the urge to check up on you and see what you were up to (hope the cat is ok btw and send my best to Elaine), but WTF. Did you lose your edge? Is it me? Did we get bored of writing the same thing? Stick to your roots, you are a smart man and have more to offer. 

Times change, my friend.  New information, perspectives and tools come along.  Sometimes it takes a decade, or so, for the important pieces of Life to fall into place.  Living is very much like an escape room.

Earthships for Everyone maybe our future.  Won’t be without contention. Won’t all be kumbayas.

But it you owned your own Life and home – free, clear, and outright.  And further, if that home provided some baseline production of food and energy such that it was a breakeven with enough to power the owners.  And if the owners could raise a family in a setting where hard work and being able to tell the System “F*ck off and leave us alone!”

We live in a world of cowards.  People who are “job-scared” and act like assholes at work – because it’s the only route to advantage they have come up with.  They lack – as I’ve told you a few million times – that Star to Steer By – the worthy personal goal.

Cowards and con men. Everyone wants something for nothing.  But developing insights, collecting data, planning out how to build your own Earthship/Homestead?

The people I respect in life are people like reader LOOB – who builds cardboard furniture and who is working on micro agriculture.  Another reader – BIC who built rural water purification in Africa for years – these are my hero’s.

Speaking of Africa, am I the only one to remember the book “The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind: Creating Currents of Electricity and Hope“?

The idea – Earthships for All – needs to be from the heart and not just-another monetization.

Now, when I see a picture of people living in cardboard boxes, I can’t be swindled.  I try to see what I’m looking at more clearly.  And think deeply on what critical knowledge and motivation can be used to solve the problem.

We need to stop “opening up wallets” so much and replace it with opening hearts, and brains, and sweat. Sharing needs rebirthing.  It’s a role of Depressions, like it or not.

How’s that for a long-ass lead-in to this morning’s column?  But it struck me this morning looking at the ad-libbed garden room on the side of the studio as first light was breaking:

It’s really been a “follow your heart and what it is will come along in time.”

Part Earthship with solar powered grow lights, energy harvesting, part wildlife sanctuary, part compart gardens, part shops, part art dept.   Even some Disney-like aspects to satisfy the kid in all of us.  With our own hearts and hands.  A kind of “So this is what we’ve been doing,” moment.

This is where we’re planted hoping for a late in life bloom. But a goal anyone can steer for – a place to try realizing a better world.

Without the trip to Mars.

Markets Try Again

Although futures were up 150 at press time, it’s not likely to work higher than Friday. Since late selling came in then as we close last week down – again.

We have only minor numbers mid-session this morning.  But later in the week, the Employment Data will be along.  We don’t look for any grand increases in hiring, though, since the Biden administration is way short of leadership and corporations with markets down more than 25 percent are wondering who to axe to save the next nickel on the balance sheet.

Food and Resource Wars

Until governments get behind Earthshipping and getting out of the way, the headlines continue with the usual crap.

The Role of the Internet in lighting off people’s drives toward less government bullshit has escaped another “leader.”  Iran’s supreme leader blames Israel, US in first public comment on protests.  Which somehow doesn’t surprise us.

Ever been around a Presidential Visit?  I’ve been around a lot of them.  So as I read Biden to Commit $60 Million to Boost Puerto Rico Flood Defenses – BNN Bloomberg, I looked at it as “there go a couple of days of recovery effort…”  Small price for a photo op?  Depends who you ask, I reckon.

A fresh Nobel Prize:  Nobel Prize in Medicine Awarded to Swedish Scientist for Research on Evolution.  Which begs the question “Has there been evolution or just so much adaptation as to confuse us?”

Elections in Brazil this weekend are fuzzy so a re-run looms: Bolsonaro and Lula headed for runoff in Brazil election – CBS News

Domestically, US libs are keeping up the attack on U.S. Supreme Court creds.  In articles like Trust In the Supreme Court Plummets After Overturning Roe v. Wade: Gallup Poll.  We think if justice Kagan really believed the Court has suffered legitimacy losses, she should check the instruction manual of the closest mirror

Bitcoin remains in the low $19,000’s today.  Meanwhile Kim Kardashian settles with SEC over crypto promotion. Kinda halfway related we also noticed Just-In: Vitalik Buterin’s Proposal To Mitigate Ethereum (ETH) Censorship.

ATR: Ham Radio Season

There we were – the assembled multitude on 3806 KHz Sunday morning and who should show up but a 5-land fellow living down in Ecuador.  Good signal, too.  It’s getting to be that time of year on the low bands at night.  Summer static fades.  And the AM broadcast band becomes quiet in the wee hours, as well, making far away (and sometimes “far off”) talk radio shows pop in.

Elaine helped me whittle down the standing wave ratio on the north-south off-center-fed dipole (OCFD).  Hams will appreciate the “before anbd after” numbers:

Meantime, The Radio Rancher tells us:

“A few days ago you made a reference to an overnight ragchew net (I think) on (I think) 3880.  Did I get that right?  I stumbled over “The Early Bird Trans-con Net” a couple days ago on 3940 — which is a low-content “check-in net.”  Pretty much all they do is check in…  04:15 to 0600 EDST.”

Even if not checking in (saying howdies and such) this kind of net will give you keen insights into propagation around the country.  Useful thing to tuck away.  Along with 3.999 MHz on LSB at :15 and :45 past the hour if the balloons go up.

With luck they won’t, but you can’t bank luck.

Write when so moved, or you get rich…


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68 thoughts on “Rally? Future Sighted! New Book Pending”

  1. ‘….what we see is that events may have a rational (science-based) driver to them.’

    C’mon George – stop the techno babble. The pipelines did not explode on their own. We don’t have to be Sherlock Homes to recognize the ‘top 3’ : Motive + Capability + Opportunity. Or, in other words, ‘Occam’s Razor.’

    I am sorry – Ure government (yes, I have disowned the criminal USG) did this. This should be obvious, but just like the covid ‘vaccines’ that are killing tens of millions, everyone wants to look the other way and pretend that it is not happening. Yes, Ure government is responsible for blowing the pipelines and the covid vaccine. No techno babble will ever prove the contrary.

    • Stephen, my heart goes out to you and those like you who have come to believe they are hopeless victims to vast domestic conspiracies. Yes, history proves that power often corrupts and that those to gain power tend to want to keep their power. But as greater evils rose to confront America and her allies, which threatened traditional way of life and eventually national survival, our historically and socially segmented nation has managed to pull together and cooperate to stand against the greater evils. WWII and the alliance of desperation between the U.S., UK and Russian is a good example. Out of that desperation came a hard won can costly victory against fascism. And so it must be today. The U.S. is not going to damage the infrastructure and by default the economies of critical allies, unless Biden is in league with Putin and Xi, which is not likely. Russia is the immediate threat, a serious threat, rattling their nuclear sabers. China is waiting in the wings, wanting to gain influence over all that surrounds it after Putin plays out his hand. These are the greater immediate evils for all of humanity. Our collective focus must fall upon them while holding our elected leaders accountable for their domestic and global actions. But time is running out. Our ‘one nation under God’ is devolving into woke tribes with segregated self interests the top priorities. Americans have allowed themselves to be fractured by extreme minorities, led by men like George Soros, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg and Michael Bloomberg. The nation is in the early stages of a societal civil war due to the self interest and arrogance of these men and their personally funded special interest groups. Sadly, this nation is well on its way to paying a hefty price for letting itself be led by the nose into the pursuit of woke tribalism. As the Carol King song says, “these are the good old days.” Remember them well. Soon every trace of them will be relegated to historical obscurity.

      • So Warhammer, what’s the time frame from when a ‘conspiracy theory’ become ‘conspiracy fact’? In todays environment, I would say from 4 weeks to a couple of months. Russia isn’t the enemy; I would look at the heads of the G7 – that’s where the problem is.

      • No longer in doubt”, but I digress..

        “Out of that desperation came a hard won can costly victory against fascism. And so it must be today. The U.S. is not going to damage the infrastructure and by default the economies of critical allies, unless Biden is in league with Putin and Xi, which is not likely.”

        = upside down, backwards, non nonsensical =Satanyanna/Satanic .
        Zero logic –

        – LOGOS?


        This is truly F-ed up writing, I oughta know.

        USA is fighting for,alongside the Facists – Nazi’s = Ukraine, HELLO!
        How is it you are unawares Bandera/WW2 nazi’s, Nazism in general?

        Ure US govmint is giving them OUR money to the tune of $1.2 Billion with B, monthly..on top of all the Weapons/advisors/academi types already in that meat grinder of a hellhole, with moar pouring in daily.

        “US govt. not going to damage infrastructure…” ? Were you not awake/alive on 9/11 ?

        You musta got washed so hard, hiding under Ure AFarce issued desk – cant even see straight, let alone think straight.
        The price being paid now and in future comes from the neocons (warhammers) leading USA around by the nose..nice try rewriting though.

        Gruppenfurher was Put in a box, has been for awhile, now lizzy has joined his dead ass..Ure team “leaderz” bee dropping like flies, as the “sick qi” tends to work opposite the super refined
        stuff. Why all the darky dark types, dee’s/crowely, tend to die horrifically..overdoses and what not.
        Not about countries in final analysis – it is all about Light vs Dark, Good vs Bad. As Edgar Cayce once remarked when spiritually queried -armageddon is the battle of Souls RETURNing to Earth physical plan versus “no light/heavy” Souls LEAVEing.

      • Yesterday’s conspiracy “theories” have become today’s conspiracy “facts.” Don’t write them off so easily!

      • Minsk Agreement. Minsk Protocol. Minsk II.

        Seems to me WE (and our allies) did that; did not honor our word, contract, nor commitments.

        Can you weigh in on that, please?

        What exactly would be doing if this was reversed?

      • So, Warhammer the idiot appears again. I feel sorry for you for being so stupid.

        Thank you,

        • we, ujm, actually like a provable fact or two, rather than raw ad hominem attack.

          Could you clue us into what triggered this? He’s at variance with (or ignores) Fact X:______which over-=rules for reason Y:____

          In this manner can we learn…assess priorities of logic etc

      • “… unless Biden is in league with Putin and Xi, which is not likely.”

        Seriously? The DIMocrats since Clinton gave our missile technology to China have been in love with Communism. China, today, is a huge source of personal income to Biden as he weakens our country six ways past next Tuesday.

    • Sadly I have to say that those who would MOST BENEFIT from the pipeline being DESTROYED for the entire foreseeable future are:

      United States
      Great Britain

      Russia had/has absolutely no incentive to take IT’S most powerful bargaining tool off the table (the ability to supply wavering Germany with natural gas so it doesn’t economically self destruct) BUT the US /Great Britain / Ukraine DO have an incentive to do that so they can keep the coalition of the “maybe’s” on board with trying to force people who would rather live in Russia than Ukraine to live in Ukraine.

      (in the above I am NOT talking about the entirety of the various provinces – districts of Ukraine, just those parts of those areas that are mostly of Russian orientation, language, and history – remember the Crimea was part of Russia, Russia’s main warm water port and has been for the last 200 years, and is 90% populated by native Russians- it was just administratively assigned to Ukraine in the 1950’s by Khrushchev for administrative purposes, NOT because it had any ties to Ukraine)

      As for all the bull-crap that the pipe exploded from INTERNAL pressures is just that, CRAP. A simple external look at the broken parts of the pipe will easily show if it exploded outward or inward, and you can be sure that by NOW the Swedes have already done that quick inspection.

      The Swede’s LACK of talking about it CONFIRMS that it was an outward explosion pushing in on the pipe … or they would be screaming from the high rafters that the FOUR different explosions within a 17 hour period on TWO different pipes was “just natural” overpressure, (like we read about happening in the Gulf of Mexico MONTHLY with it’s tens of thousands of miles of underwater pipelines – RIGHT??).

      The entire affair was imo to keep Germany “On Board” with the Ukrainian War of forcing people who don’t want to be Ukrainian, but Russian, to be Ukrainians …. and in the process refuse to implement the Peace Accord of 2014 which the Ukrainians signed (which DID provide for local voting on the issue – which the Ukrainians refused to do and now say they WILL NOT PERMIT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!!).

      The US long ago left behind it’s roots of NOT being involved in the internal affairs of other countries … and staying OUT of the constant Wars of HATRED that have been a constant of Europe since the Middle Ages. It is sad, and will be our downfall, to keep poking our noses into every WAR OF TOTAL PURE ETHNIC HATE between People that happens on this planet. THAT is precisely what this War in Ukraine IS, A WAR OF HATE between two different Ethnic groups.

      If the US itself did NOT do the destruction it most certainly KNEW it was about to occur since the US has so many naval assets and underwater listening devices within that NATO Lake called the Baltic Sea NOTHING moves in that entire Lake without it appearing on screens in the Pentagon and in the CIA control room.

      One further thought which I have mentioned before:
      If you push a rat into a corner where IT KNOWS it will be killed it WILL attempt to inflict as much damage as it can on the other animal that is trying to destroy it before it is killed.

      The US “IS” pushing Russia into that corner where it now understands that those in DC and London are trying to DESTROY Russia as the country that has existed for several hundred years … and imo people here are too glib in ignoring it’s threats to take the conflict nuclear IF the Russian Leadership believes that the West is about to dismantle the Russian People into scattered small enclaves spread over 11 different time zones. We threaten the same AND would do the same if an OUTSIDE entity was trying to dismember the United States (in fact we fought a bloody War over that type of dis-membership issue long ago)

      Stephen 2

  2. On September 30th, Zero Hedge stated: “Michael Hartnett, one of the biggest bears on Wall Street is stating that as tactical bears… they are short until Halloween. A SPX 3333 will force “policy panic” (Nov 16th G20), then a rally; “Big Low” not ‘til Q1 when recession/credit shocks = “peak Fed”, “peak yields”, “peak US$”.

    They are saying the trade of 2023 is short $, among a few others. His reasoning regarding the oversold entry level is buying the SPX some 20% below the 200-day moving average: which is currently at 3374. This has worked over the past century (except 1931/37/74 and 2008).

    If Hartnett, who is Chief Global Equity Specialist for Merrill Lynch/BOA is right, Gold should be on an upward move in 2023 as the dollar crashes. Same upward moves will happen to all commodity prices including oil, gasoline, natural gas, and food will also increase. It is all relative to the dollar except as the Fed keeps panicking and raising rates, the housing market will pop big time. 2023 could be hyperinflation thanks to Biden and crew already adding $4.8Trillion in deficits in less than two years in office.

    Powell is trying to save his reputation and not become a sacrifice on the banking altar by doing a mid-course correction to dampen those “transitory inflation numbers” that he and Janet Yellen were exclaiming months ago. Transitory yes…HIGHER! Yellen will be the sacrificial lamb for all the Demo_rat spending.

    The liars say no recession. More lies of course from D.C. The yield curve is saying recession, i.e., inverted:
    • 2 Year Treasury: 4.28%
    • 5 Year Treasury: 4.09%
    • 10 Year Treasury:3.83%
    • 30 Year Treasury:3.78%

    A move of the 10-year Treasury to 3.25% in 2018 sunk the equity ship.

    If you buy the 10-year Treasury with a nominal rate of 3.83%, with inflation running at 8.9% (another lie from the liars in D.C.), you have a real rate of -5.07%. Actual inflation is running over 16% on an annualized basis. Which means if you buy the 10-year Treasury, you are actually earning a real rate of -10.93%. You are in the hole as the dollar loses purchasing power! Based upon inflation at 9%, the 10-year should be 10% nominal yield. When real rates are negative, i.e., inflation exceeds nominal rates, risk assets do well.

    Nominal rates are higher here in the U.S. than the rest of the world. 30-year Mortgages have more than doubled in 1 year to 6.79% on 09/30 (over 7.08% on 09/27). Bank of England is taking down rates which means more money flowing from England into the U.S. That will temporarily strengthen the dollar, keep gold prices down, and artificially keep the market pumped until EPS hit. And based upon what FedEx projected, it could be getting much uglier.

    The TIPS (Treasury Inflation Protected Securities) ETF rises and falls inversely with real rates. The fund is trading at $106, a declining level not seen since February 2011. The SPY (S&P 500 Index) ETF is currently 357.18. If you take a Weekly Chart of the SPY ETF and TIPS ETF, you will see a close correlation between the two charts except lately where there is a wide divergence. Either:
    1. SPY has to fall to meet up with the TIPS
    2. TIPS will have to rally and rejoin SPY
    3. The two will have to meet in the middle.

    If the TIPS stays at 106, or falls further, it will indicate that SPY would have to fall somewhere around 250 which would be an approximately 30.27% drop, or an S&P 500 Index of around 2500.00 from the close on Friday of 3585.61.

    Hartnett was suggesting a 20% drop which would be 2699.20. Either way, we are still in for a major correction. I would be wary of buying Puts or selling Calls in the SPY, or shorting the SPX until November.

    Remember, the Demo_crats control the money. The Treasury, and the Fed is now politicized and they will not let this market crash until after the election. And the G20 meets in mid-November 10 days after an election that may again be marked with fraud and irregularities.

    The big sharks are swimming looking for little fish that get in the water too early. Caveat Emptor! A black swan event could accelerate everything.

    Nothing above is investment advice of course, just one person’s opinion.

    And thanks to all the good people on here for your positive comments about my post last week on a few of the commie/lib trolls on here.

    • the family lecture to my kids and grandkids.. was that the moment they start to work.. invest the same amount you pay in social security from your pay stubs into savings bonds…
      In my life.. the figure added up to fifty million dollars just for the share that came out of my paycheck and at what almost ten percent interest.. doubles every seven years..
      NEWS: The initial interest rate on new Series I savings bonds is 9.62 percent. Series I Savings Bonds.
      Current rate: 9.62% for bonds issued May – October 2022”

      If you started then get married and cannot afford to continue on.. no problems.. a couple thousand in savings bonds at a young age reinvested will still make you a millionaire.. the magic of compounding interest..
      One of my child hood friends parents did that for their children.. one spent his rather than reinvest it.. the other reinvested in it.. is a multi millionaire.. retired at 40

    • Hoss,
      I appreciate the info without a rant. It makes your post much more useful and digestible. Don’t know if I agree with the analysis, but thanks for the food for thought.

    • WTHS; thanks for ALL of your postings.

      The Truth is not a rant, ever, it may be passionate, but discerning ears can attune to the correct frequency.

      Please keep posting; I like learning from someone smarter than myself.

      • The Truth-
        Thank you. I am sure there are many many things I could learn from you and that would make you smarter than me. :).
        God bless you and all the other positive people on here. In an era of lies coming from government and media, we just talk about the truth. Some people do not want to hear because they are either so stupid or brainwashed they are like ostriches…heads in the sand and asses in the air. They need to learn how to use the scroll button and go right to the end. Take care.

      • “Some people do not want to hear because they are either so stupid or brainwashed they are like ostriches…heads in the sand”

        A tornado was coming overhead.. everyone was to be positioned in safe areas.. we got the two hundred people all in safety.. and I was curious.. was there really a tornado coming overhead.. sure didn’t look like it from the window.. so I stepped out of the facility.. the door locked behind me.. dam.. I could see it.. spinning overhead.. .. I didn’t run.. I walked calmly and didn’t look at it..
        I believe the people know and see what is coming.. but like me have decided to ignore the great threats that we are facing.. and sadly the least concern of it all is a devistation of the country by the miss handling of the economic resources we had.. someone just asked me what I thought today.. I said I doubt we can avoid it.. the worst is the vast majority of the earth is dead from radiation.. the least is starvation and and economic depression worse than anything this country has ever seen..

    • LOL I love it when Jaime Dimon spouts off. Great investment advice that….. Like a good Barons article look to go the other way on the macro.

  3. 3806, eh? Sounds good. I’ll check it out.
    I use WWV/CHU, Shannon WX Aeradio, and the California DX Society global beacons as my combo DX-O-Meter. Predications and charts are good, but actual, right-now, RealWorld, on-air results reveal the Current Truth. And even simple shortwave radios can hear these things.
    (Note: one needs a “BFO” or a “SingleSideband” capability — but many halfway decent modern shortwave and AM/FM radios have a BFO. CCrane.com is a good source. If’n you gotta lotta moneys burning out your pockets, the ETON “Satellite” has been called Real Good. (I do NOT have one, a good friend has one…)

    Don’t pinch pennies too hard. Decent performance will succeed where Cheep Krappe will disappoint.

    • Ever try the “second radio BFO” trick, with the second shortwave receiver tuned ~ 455 khz lower? Tried it on a couple low end shortwave portables, can be done with a gentle touch and good ear.

  4. Yo Texas RM,

    Whats the dealio wit big city skyscrapers and their 100 foot tall steel tower-antennas ? Never have I experienced any AM or FM signal strength commensurate wit those massive constructions, what gives radio man? Shouldnt I be seeing lighting bolts and flames shooting out those things..? Or each big city has one big giant collector antenna atop tallest skyscraper or is it loosh scrapers?
    Recently been suggested by greater mindz than my own, I know hard to imagine that, that modern cities act as intensive agriculture farms 4 loosh, and that those massive “antennas” are in fact Collecting & Transmitting loosh to someones/somethings..mind blown, nyet or just pondering extreme long wave Energy waves? Or the fundamental equation of parasitical life – More Humans = Moar Loosh.

    Recently re-translated Sumerian texts/cuneiform speak to a “god”/reptile in heaven-An and wicked hatefully violent Enlil setting up a grid system(in the heaven) to keep the “adams” in place & enslaved.
    *’Adam” = beastofburden/Sumerian.

    – this one needz to bee cranked for full spectrum effects..


    Can not wrap my head around Les Miserables(gray bug/bigeyes, w/telepathic emotions) and the tall white POS repto’s allowing nuke war to destroy their city “feedlots”..

    time 4 freqi fun-da-mentals – if a frequency is vibrated fast enough, its emitted as Sound, vibrating much faster, it is emitted as color of Light..Sound 2 Light =40 octves. Too far Out or too far In? Only believe Ure own lying eyes ? very well me hearties, lay those bad boys on the Optical works of Henry Oldfield. SpaceyTime&Dimensional Realities..Oh my! You got em – U can use em, Peepz.

  5. There will always be someone wanting to point out what they see as your shortcomings or in this case how you are not the same anymore.

    We built the ranch house in 1987. Every nail, wiring, finish and paint was done by myself with help from my dad, retired Army, rancher, and tile setter. The only exception was a the furnace that was installed by a nephew of my brother in law who had just recently graduated from tech school and was beginning his apprentice program with a large Mechanical contractor. 35 years later he is now a sheetmetal worker earning 6 figures.
    When we decided to reduce the ranch operations next year the boss said she wanted a new kitchen and bathroom(s) so the project kicked off last week. She was not ready for the upheaval and mess of the demo which is not even near complete so this week I need to set up some sort of mini kitchen for us to prepare food. No such thing as door dash out here and you can only handle so much diner food.
    I cannot imagine paying someone else to do this for me. With the exception of some heavy lifting and some of the final fit and finish like the proposed tile work, That was my dad’s realm. He could set tile standing next to the box and toss it into place like dealing cards.
    We still have not made final selections on cabinets or countertops but the financial impact just for appliances caused a “Holy Shit” moment. So much so that we are considering refinishing the cabinetry and using the money elsewhere. And we haven’t even started with the bathrooms yet.
    Needless to say, I never thought I would take on another project like this mid 70’s but what the hell.
    I too have noticed a change in your style but who am I to say if it is good or bad. I will say I continue to find useful information, inspiration and encouragement from your work. From time to time I find the comments section useful and entertaining as well.

    Best to you and Elaine. Stay safe. 73

    • Since I have been larking around these parts, things have morphed, as the future runs under our treadmill as the Eternal Present.

      I have found all topics, stimulating.

      Am I a radio buff? Nope.

      Can I build a building, operate shop tools? Nope.

      Am I a Ham Radio Operator? Nope.

      Yet, here I am.

      What have I done with over 14 years of arriving here, much more regularly than our person that made that comment to you or gave you that feedback, mentioned in your column.

      Thanks to you, Mr. Ure, I have traversed the future and tamed it daily, fearlessly.

      So can anyone that spends any amount of time here.

      Dip yourself into the Ure River daily, weekly, monthly, join Peoplenomics and traverse the history, all of it worthy as knowledge is imparted.

      Take what you need and leave the rest.

      No need for others to contain or control or redirect this river, let it change it’s direction on its own as necessary, per URE in-spirit-ation.

      Thanks, too, to the contributors.

      Psalm 46:4: There is a river, the streams whereof shall make glad the city of God, the holy place of the tabernacles of the most High.

    • I can relate.. I built our home by myself all while working 2 full time and 1 part time jobs.. I made a few mistakes .. nothing major .. it may not look like factory made ..my favorite cabinet is a small dish cabinet.. it was meant to be a divider..it was completely made and finished by five grandkids under the age of ten..
      My most frustrating..was a small 2 foot wall..the bosses sister and brother was telling her I would never get it done for at least ten years..I let that bother me I set the wall up no level square etc.. and nailed it solid all while thinking azzholes you could pick up a danned hammer.. ( my ten thousand dollar hammer would work.. contractor took the deposit and left me that hammer)
      Later when I went to put in the door.. I seen it.. a half inch out of square.. my lesson..never let what someone is complaining about stress or upset you.. I was living in it a month later after her comments..

  6. G,

    U got Ure ears on ?
    can you hear that sound ? its off in the distance, but steadily getting louder..the sound of many feet running..

    from Credit Suisse . Next up – Da dominoes start to fall.

    ..into one another via weapons of mass financial destruction – Derivative Bombs are everywhere..like Ukey land mines in Russian civilian areas or israhell robo machine guns stationed all over gaza – hmmm common linkages hear?

    Dont know preseactly – but I do know its time to put on Ure running shoes – and run down Ure bank to get what ever you can before they get “temporarily closed” for bank holiday.
    The face of the financial Kahuna” is rolling over this morning, long boards will not do, need quad fins 4 some control cutting thru the chaos – better yet – stay out of the financial surf zone. Big ugly disorganized breaks – stormy seas – you have to be a crazed assed madddog 2 paddle out into that swirling cesspool of financial fecal matter. crazed! https://youtu.be/e96_1NxL9no

    • Boy the blog site hit on it….
      In the news today..our pushing this war and making more remarks has sent the whole mess to the next level..

      “US Shock Statement Triggers Russian Perimeter Plan: Moscow Responds in the Field and the World on the Brink of a Nuclear Abyss…”

      Now send Ukraine more advanced missiles..move troops into position and to talk about attacking russia.. and see what’s in place..the dead hand defense…automatic.. if that doesn’t scare you nothing will.. (well the snake handler that rescued a cobra in the news then went to give it a little kiss and gets bit on the lip gives me a little kringe to…lol)

  7. Texas is fine right now. Western Ukie was fine at this time last year.

    In the past some mentioned later in the collapse Mexico may launch excursions into the U.S. Ya gotta admit it’s easier for them to march through Texas than Michigan.

    We may get the ‘coastal event’ this month.

    NATO warns of mobilization of Russian submarine ‘Belgorod’, carrier of the Weapon of Apocalypse

    “The new submarine was launched in July and is now reportedly submerged in Arctic waters after its possible involvement in the sabotage of the Nord Stream gas pipelines, according to several unofficial sources.

    NATO fears that its mission is now to test the Poseidon super torpedo, a projectile capable of traveling up to 10,000 kilometers underwater and then exploding near the coast to cause a radioactive tsunami.”

    • That submarine taking part of the destruction of the pipelines in the Baltic?

      Take a look at a shipping map … only ONE deep water way in and out of the Baltic LAKE, and it is so narrow it has a Suspension Bridge over it!! OH … and it’s not very deep there under that bridge to begin with. Do that withOUT being detected? sheesh, NOT possible unless you also believe that 600+ foot long submarines can go under the Golden Gate Bridge into San Francisco Bay without being detected too.

  8. Folks,

    The space race twins are certainly not identical. Mr. Bezos’ new half billion $, 127 meter luxury yacht was finally able to exit its Rotterdam shipyard without a historic bridge having to be dismantled after all.

    In contrast, apparently Mr. Musk and some associates spent a Sunday this past summer aboard a 27 meter yacht rented online with listed pricing starting around 7 or 8,000 $ per day. Subsequently the world’s richest man tweeted that he was “back at the factory”. It seems the rented vessel went by the name of Zeus.

    • Texas oil patch saying: “If it flies, floats or f*cks, rent it.”

      Useful on big tools for the farm, too. Excavator and bulldozers. But I still lust for a D5 with a six-way blade…

      • Lots to be argued regarding , , or f*cks, regarding rentals, since the latter has a mind of it’s own and even the best can just walk away. Unfortunately, rentals come with serious restrictions and quality rentals are generally unaffordable.

        Unless you can trailer it or have your own dock or airstrip, owning something that flies of floats can be a real money pit. Heavy equipment, on the other hand, is HEAVY! The smaller stuff can be trailered by a decent truck, but excavators and D(x)’s are in the province of permit loads. If you can find one in decent shape at a farm auction and get it at a decent price, AND can hire for the delivery, you have a play toy that can do lots of work if you have the legal freedom to dig at will on your own property. I prefer to go a bit smaller maxing out at five to six tons, since I can trailer those things easily. The smaller stuff often goes for the price of the larger stuff or more, since it’s relatively portable.

        Maintenance is always a hassle, but most of it is fluids, hoses, and filters.

  9. Me: “But I don’t want another fuel driven, electrically operated device!”
    Voice: “You thought those diesel cab heaters were a great idea a couple of years ago…,”
    Me: “Well., yeah – I did…”
    Voice: “But they were too expensive., right?”
    Me: “Yes..,”
    Voice: “No excuse now.., look how cheap they are !
    Me: “But that means more fuel storage., a couple more solar panels, more batteries, more wiring.., Arrggg !”
    Voice: “So.., you can easily do all of that.., ”
    Me: “Where am I going to get the money.., tell me that!??”
    Voice: “Easy. Sell something. You friend offered you $500 for your Damascus fighting knife., didn’t he?”
    Me: “What!? I’d feel naked without my trusted friend on my belt !”
    Voice: “You have others., some real good ones, too.”
    Me: “Arrgggg…., OK, I’ll seriously think about it. OK?”
    Voice: “Don’t take too long.., the window is closing fast.”
    Me: “Ohh., shut the hell up….,”

    • I’m having that argument with myself over a certain Corvette I bought from a friend at distress sale price & fixed up with intent to flip it right away. Now looking at prices on CL the price keeps going up… and I keep postponing the listing. When will be too late?
      (Fun to drive & show off, but totally impractical for me.)

      • I would buy tow truck cars.. they tow a car and after a couple of days.. in the drunk tank the;average wage earner person can’t afford to get it back out.. so .. after thirty days they put in for a title and they own the car.. if a bank has the loan on the car.. they are usually offered the chance to buy it out of storage lot.. or give it up.. anyway.. I would buy those cars. the buggy is a insurance sale vehicle .. paid two hundred for it.. so far I have put on almost three hundred thousand miles on it . I was looking at a lot one day for a bargain and they had a new corvette.. from a distance it was beautiful… I asked the tow truck driver.. does it run.. yes it runs.. how much two hundred fifty dollars.. omg.. I want that car.. the tow truck company says.. best you take a look at it first.. so we wander back to the car.. it was a seized car.. hauling drugs.. got picked up and in their investigation of it.. they ripped the thing to shreds.. it was sad… totally destroyed the car.. I turned it down.. it would have cost more to get it back up to drivable than the car was worth..
        One woman I worked with at the grocery store had a pretty rare car..it was gorgeous.. anyway she was always paranoid that someone would scratch it so she would park it where she could keep an eye on it from the check stand… one night.. she goes out while she was working.. someone had stripped the interior including the seats.. and left her a five gallon bucket to sit on for a seat LOL LOL LOL LOL it was funny but sad to watch this woman crying as she opened her door to her car. and seeing what they did to it… yup they locked the door behind them LOL LOL LOL I was younger then and in my own way I said well at least they left you bucket seats LOL LOL she didn’t find it anywhere as humorous as I did..
        she wasn’t able to get repair parts for it either..

  10. “DeSantis calls impacts from Ian potentially ?’a 500-year flood event'”

    He joined the 500 year flood crowd, yes he did. Suckers.

  11. Times and people change in response to events, maturity, and learning. I have considered your posts to have great value for a long time. Yes, your priorities and outlook have changed, just as our world has changed.
    Keep up the good work. I appreciate it. Today’s column seems to have turned a corner in a positive direction. I hope events don’t override the positive possibilities.
    Damned Well Done!

  12. I took exception to LawDog’s lament because it ignores the fact Nord Stream 2 was brand new, and devoid of product!

    I still do.

    NS-1 could absolutely have blown up as a result of shoddy maintenance. CNG will always blow up underwater when it is exposed to heat, with no oxidizer present, right?

    NS-2 possessed no accelerant, no heat, and no oxygen.

    • Good call, Ray.

      IIRC the question of “what was in the NS-2 pipeline” was glossed over, perhaps to expedite reaching the [desired?] conclusion.

      Additionally, there is a poster there who has made a *lot* of posts, all pushing the narrative. He seems very invested in it.

      The cynic in me wonders whether he gets paid by the word, by the post, by the replies he draws, or maybe by how much he is quoted by others. (There could be other possibilities, but I’m out of time.)

  13. I wonder if Nordstream 2 was insured? My understanding is that while the pipeline is owned by Russia’s Gazprom, half of the $11 billion or whatever construction tab was financed by Western companies. Can you imagine presentations to their lenders at Banking Gnome HQ in response to loan repayment inquiries? Hope it’s by Zoom and not in person! One imagines DJ Ure can set the mood of the former with a little ditty heard in a London theater 60 years ago this week at the premiere of “Dr. No” –

    “Underneath the Mango Tree”

  14. I’ve been setting up my place as a stealth Earthship, since it just looks normal. There is no hand pounded rammed earth or tires. Just compartmentalized house with lots of insulation and multiple sources of heat and power along with thermal mass. The parking heater would keep everything from freezing and one room toasty. It’s on my short list. Enough food to have time to plan. Unfortunately, the garden, necessity though it is, is relatively low priority since there are so many other priorities. There are gardeners nearby that are much better at it than me, so hopefully we can trade if it ever becomes necessary. I’m still working on upgrading skills, materials, and equipment.

  15. Would 4″ of acoustic foam and a piece of aluminum foil covering the window teamed with an electric space heater in a bedroom qualify as a Stealth Earthship, or does the heater have to be non-electric? Would I need to add a transistor SW radio?

    • Yes – that would be damn near r-19 I think.
      Add a transistor radio.
      Look uyp the SI4732 series on eBay for receive of everything: The ATS-20 stryle (*small screen) runs %0-is
      While the larger color screen ATS 25 type run $110-ish
      Example of latter is https://www.ebay.com/itm/363622446035? You are on your own to find usb power source
      Then a ham license and getting on the loc al 2-meter groups and plug in the NOAA WX freques and that would work,
      Key: There is NO RADIO NEEDED for an Earthship – that’s a design style
      Ex-Urban ship? Yes./..

  16. Because of our Forefathers, the United States has been truly blessed. They laid the foundation for success through the Constitution, Bill of Rights and choosing to be a Republic.

    We have grown from mere settlements carved out in forested areas and along rivers, by determination, sweat, blood and tears of people with little more than a dream … to being one of the great Super Powers of the world.

    Today, everything that holds The United States together, is (and has been) being challenged. From an intended Republic, to an eclectic psycho fuck of people and ideals on a highway to hell. Fortunately, many of us are standing our ground for the “Old Ways” and hope and pray all this nonsense goes away.

    I’ve been around long enough to see conspiracy theories turn out to be fact. – just wait for it, and you will too.

    I watched Biden threaten the pipeline, and sure as shit, there was an explosion. I watched a (vaccine?) be developed and did the research … finding fault on every level. Thus, my decision to avoid it at all costs. I’ve seen folks join the military being promised the world, only to come home with mental disabilities and a park bench to sleep on … On and on …

    They say, “If you don’t change with the times, you get left behind.” That’s fine with me because no one knows where the hell we’re headed anyway. I’ll just sit here. Thank you.

    Todays political news is more like a soap opera, and much that passes as news would be more appropriate on Facebook. What is important, is way off the beaten path at sights less traveled … buried, where (someone) wants that information to be.

    I do things, for the good of country, family and for the Grace of God. (I need that Grace) Happy to help whoever, but I refuse to sell my soul for a world that may be a real peace of shit by the time I leave it.

    • Here is a quote In a lecture that I came across from Yuri Bezmenov, a KGB defector to the West in the 80s. It seems that the Democrats and their media servants are doing their best to demoralize us. It is the communist way. I have given up arguing with the few remaining Liberal friends I have.

      “exposure to true information does not matter anymore. A person who is demoralized is unable to assess true information. The facts tell him nothing, even if I shower him with information, with authentic proof, with documents and pictures. …he will refuse to believe it… That’s the tragedy of the situation of demoralization.”

  17. I love my ATS-25. With only the two foot whip antenna, in a house in Hilo, under a steel roof… I was able to copy the interisland net on 40 meters across 300 miles of the island chain. Fabulous radio.

  18. One thing I love about Ure writing is that you DO change with the times and are an astute observer of life. I spent my early years, preschool, living in the country. Must have scarred me for life. Small city schooling growing up, and then working…. in the glitzy big city metropolis with all the money and excitement of life. I hated living in a concrete box, and couldn’t wait to retire to my own patch on a piece of the rock. I got my ‘earthship’, and again it looks like I’m ahead of the crowd. Glad I made it this far before the fall.

  19. George,
    Sharing your life Blog has been a great help to many. Your 10yrs older than me, and I’ve been reading your blog since 1998. All the living you’ve been through. “How to live on 10K a year”, to buying your ranch and all the projects that have come from the space to work on them. Buying the “Beachcrate” and traveling to all the writing conventions. The trouble/hassle of maintaining the aircraft and how hot it was when flying in the TX heat. Falling from your Tractor, eye issue, then turning 65 for Medicare (where I’m at now). I was a peoplenomics subscriber and even had a double subscription going for a few years, something got hosed up and I gave up. Still great to read your articles. Ham info is invaluable, I’m not a Ham guy but am into Electronics (automation, CNC’s), have 2 Leadwell Mills with Fanuc 0. Closed down 2 Vought Aircraft factorys in Dallas and Grand Prairie, sad to see a legendary company go down. Have my own little ranchet in Burleson, TX. Your projects inspired me to complete a bunch also.
    Note: I’m on edge of military airspace for Fort Worth Joint Reserve base and they have been seriously practicing Fighter Scrambles, it’s been one after burner session after another.
    Thank you for your Posts gotta go neighbor with Case 590 helping with another project. :-)

  20. “Ever been around a Presidential Visit? I’ve been around a lot of them. So as I read Biden to Commit $60 Million to Boost Puerto Rico Flood Defenses – BNN Bloomberg, I looked at it as “there go a couple of days of recovery effort…” Small price for a photo op? Depends who you ask, I reckon.”

    You DARE criticize Puerto Rico Joe?


    The Puerto Ricans will get over $30mln of that $60mln, after the Presidential visit expenses are deducted.

    Whaddya want?

  21. “The Role of the Internet in lighting off people’s drives toward less government bullshit has escaped another “leader.” Iran’s supreme leader blames Israel, US in first public comment on protests. Which somehow doesn’t surprise us.”

    Amini is a farcebook/twit heroine, with millions of Western girls and women cheering in solidarity with the Iranian women who are protesting her death. I haven’t the heart to tell the ones I know, that (as of last Thursday) 78 female protesters had been executed.

    The Iranians are protesting various things, including a shortage of potable water and nationwide rolling blackouts but those over Amina’s death seem to have captivated the Western press. The Ayatollahs are not pleased. Come to think of it, I believe some of the protests are over the thousands of Iranians executed a few years ago, during the last wave of protests…

  22. White House defends Kamala Harris’ hurricane relief ‘equity’ remarks:

    The White House is defending Vice President Kamala Harris over her recent comments that “equity” needs to be at the center of the response to hurricanes.

    The controversy erupted after Harris was asked during a Democratic National Committee event about the White House’s efforts to respond to climate change-related weather disasters within the U.S. and abroad.

    “It is our lowest-income communities and our communities of color that are most impacted by these extreme conditions and impacted by issues that are not of their own making,” she continued. “So we have to address this in a way that is about giving resources based on equity.”


    Kamala Harris said about Hurricane Ian that “if you have a different skin color, you’re going to get relief faster.”

    “I think what we got to do is we got to bring everybody together,” Scott said. “I’d also say that what Vice President Harris said yesterday or the day before yesterday, that, you know if you have a different skin color, you’re going to get relief faster, that’s not helpful either.”

    When Brennan said that wasn’t what Harris had said, Scott shot back, “That’s exactly what she meant.”


    …And this is why I consider “Politifact” to be “politifiction.” Their “fact check” is exactly true, yet anyone who knows “equity” in 21st Century politickspeak means “equal outcome” would understand that the fact-check is completely dishonest. It is a sneaky way of constructing a straw-man, then slaying it, instead of fact-checking the contemporary meaning of the words Kammy spake, and giving an honest evaluation thereof.

      • Took me a while, but I whittled it into something a 6yo would understand (which explains why a third of Americans can’t…)

        Understand, this is strictly the political definition:

        Equality = “equal starting point.” Everybody gets the same opportunity, and society rewards them based on their accomplishments.

        Equity = “equal finishing point.” It doesn’t matter where you start or how you play the game, because government will add to, or take from, your accomplishments, to ensure that everybody finishes exactly equal.

        Just remember “equal starting point” vs “equal finishing point” and you’ll have the translation hard-coded in a jiffy…

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