Psychological Release and Pending Markets

You know what’s interesting…to me, anyway?  The idea that here we are in either a “running (iv) or an ending rising diagonal in the markets and shooters are popping up.  First the one at LAX and now one at the shopping mall in New Jersey.

This latest (suspected “relief of emotional tensions”) event involved a shooter finding 6 or 7 shots inside a mall about 9:20 last night firing shots, but no one was injured/hit.  The purported perp’s body was found several hours later…but again it was a 20-year old male which stories like this one, mention he had a history of of drug abuse.

This will be about the umpteenth time I’ve mentioned “blow of mechanism” for social tensions…damn strange topic to pick on for an ostensibly reasonable (somewhat, anyway) economic-oriented website…

Not only is it election day in New Jersey, but markets are in an area where we would expect to see a break in one direction or the other.  So we ask (innocently, I assure you) is this all entirely coincidental?

Markets: Noise Trading?

No accounting for why the market is looking to open down 50, or so, on the Dow in the early going.  There is some softness in Europe and Japanese futures were weak over here when I looked earlier.

Factory orders were “up following two consecutive monthly decreases, increased $8.1 billion or 1.7 percent to $490.8 billion, the U.S. Census Bureau reported today. This followed a 0.1
percent August decrease. Excluding transportation, new orders decreased 0.2 percent.”

Now, if that was all sell-through, fine, but look at this:

Inventories of manufactured durable goods in
September, up five of the last six months, increased $3.1
billion or 0.8 percent to $382.3 billion, revised from the
previously published 0.9 percent increase.

So we sit back, scratch the head-top solar panel and wonder how much of the gain is real (increased unit volumes) versus how much is price hikes coming down the pike?

Leaving Colorado

While the play-by-play of the New Jersey and Virginia voting is OccupyingDistractifyingNews, we figure there’s more to be learned of the general public mood by studying the report that 11 counties in  Colorado may secede from the state and form their own, 51st state.

Since Texas has provisions (if I recall right) to break into multiple states at some point in the future,  it might be a pretty interesting trend-setter to watch.  Our part of the state here (east Texas oil country) and over in the Permian Basin, why just our oil-depletion taxes could buy everyone happiness…

Oh, Texans would have more sway in the Senate this way, too.

Der Purger in Chief?

Another top military leader is out, says a report over here, which adds to the body count of nine generals and flag officers bounced by the house-cleaning administration.

All of which could be consider more, or less, routine except we have been reading this  headline snagged by reader Madison Avenue Mike:  “‘I’m really good at killing people’: New book claims President Obama joked to aides about using drone strikes.”

All that’s missing is the jackboots, but the modern analog to these is the ubiquitous SWAT uniforms, but that may not be apparent until future generations come along.  Who needs brown shirts when black with the word “tactical” added cam garner the same price bumps?  All about business models, right?

And  related – in some of the most seriously back-asswards hype-ology to complete the public discombobulation – don’t miss kneeler/dealer David Cameron blaming Edward Snowden’s revelations for “eroding fundamental rights and freedoms” in the unemployed kingdom.

WTF, Dave?  That’s like telling a traffic cop that his radar made you drive too fast. 

Is it something in the water our leaders drink? (Can I vote, yet?)

Ginkgo Time for Obama?

Not to beat up on a fellow in mid-purge, mid-insurance roll-out, mid-Middle East mess, mid-climate change dealy, but has el Jefe flipped  because (according to this report) “Obama denies ‘you can keep it’ video taped promises…”

I mean if it was just once, but OMG 29-times

Dude…I take Huperzine and Gingko Biloba to cut back on this kinda thing happ’nin..know what I’m saying?

More after this…

Climate Police/Land Grabs?

I assume you heard about last weekend’s “crash course” to combat climate change?  Yep, training programs to move ahead with the “climate change” cum land grab and Agenda 21, if I am reading this right.

Especially now that the White House has rolled out it’s climate task force.  And along the way, be sure to read the underlying Executive Order on point.

All of which would be fine, except for the one small tiny, itsy-bitsy problem.  Global warming is over, at least for another 15-20 years and the reason is simple:  The Sun which has been through a period of very high sunspot activity is now in chill-down…

image The implications of this are pretty simple:

Government seems in a big hurry to “get ‘em while they’re hot” and as part of that will be implementing another socialist-style land grab to try and force people off of privately—owned land.

By doing this, government makes people (humans, free unregistered free-thinkers, in particular) ever more dependent on what? 

You got it!  Corporations which are claiming patent rights to life and are renting the very life God put on earth (by accident or design, we can argue that nit) by claiming that they have a proprietary mix of jellyfish and wheat which does this or that. 

Of course this who area is wildly profitable – and following the health-insurance industry’s using the “Government for Corporate Enforcement of Forced Consumption” model, we should be seriously suspect when we read about genetic pollution.  So file this under GMO rants, but trust me when I tell you, there’s an agenda in play.

While the Washington Post warns about the “:Congress turns a blind eye to global warming” we note that a new study says we may be in “chill mode” for 20 years.

But look at the bright side: Al Gore, (who invented the internet, right?)  will continue to be able to command incredible speaking fees and the Agenda 21 backers have to be licking their chops at the prospect of kicking America’s small farmers off the King’s land.

As it reads in the Book of Carlin:  “It’s all bullshit and it’s all bad for you.” 

If government was serious about pollution, cars would weigh 1/2 what they do, mileage would be 60 MPH +.   We’ll all have 100 HP engines, tops.  And we’d learn that dying in auto accidents is when happens when people don’t pay attention.  Instead, whole industries have been built on safety gear.    Where’s the damn ViceGrips?  More pinches than I can count in this area…

Oh, you didn’t notice?  Corporate agendas are in play here.  And with all the hoopla, since solar cooling is obvious in the data now, government will do the usual grab and grandstand and claim success.

For the Sun’s behavior.

Carbon credits? Pollution credits?   It’s the same thing as wife-beating credits when you think about it:  It’s only a vehicle for the genuinely  corrupt to cash in on society’s ill-thought bad behaviors.  Ain’t that special?

Hell, I’ve been around damn near 65 years and people are working longer and harder today than ever…and jobs are drying up, to boot.  So what exactly is all this “progress” that we’ve built?  Sure and shit ain’t time off, now, is it?

Hand me my blood pressure monitor, would you? 

On my reading list is Rupert Darwall’s The Age of Global Warming: A History (Kindle) which is $10 bucks or the hardcover which is $32 and change. Gee, that shouldn’t be a tough decision, should it?

North Korea’s EMP Plans

From our resident war-gamer who eyes such developments with some suspicion…

Another ‘genie’ slipping out of the bottle.

Per U.S. nuclear policy, a high altitude EMP attack is treated the same as a nuclear first strike attack.  Things would “go ugly early.”

Jim Woolsey, CIA director for Bill Clinton, had some interesting observations here:

Among some of the information Woolsey divulged, this snippet is an attention grabber:

“On December 2012, Cooper said, North Korea used its so-called Space Launch Vehicle like a Fractional Orbital Bombardment System – a secret weapon invented by the Russians during the Cold War to deliver a stealthy nuclear attack on the United States by orbiting a nuclear weapon over the south polar region, bypassing U.S. Ballistic Missile Early Warning radars (BMEWs) and missile defenses.  Cooper noted that the U.S. has no BMEWs radars or missile interceptors facing south.  North Korea apparently orbited a satellite over the south polar region on a trajectory and altitude consistent with making a surprise nuclear EMP attack against the United States”.

As far as possible individual actions aside from standard disaster prepping, two words of advice . . . ‘Faraday cage!”


You’ll notice this morning that our WG has dropped the plural ‘s’ off cheers?  Presumably it’s because he and I may be the only two people on the planet to read the full 7-megs worth in the “Report of the Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack.”

So, how much actual change has been done?  Oh, hardly any.  And don’t be going around asking ugly questions like “So, OK, George, assume the folks in DC are out of control…just what IS the EMP resistance of all those misnamed ‘Smart Meters” they’re running around putting in?”

I don’t answer questions like that.  I’m the reporter/inquisitor, not the engineer.  You need to ask them.  But they’re probably all off at Global Warming rallies….

Crime Alert

I just know some criminal, somewhere, is going to find the CNBC report “Rich families hoarding cash: Citi” useful brain fodder.

Oh, and aren’t some of these people the ones who don’t want folks to own guns?  Let me go out on a limb and forecast the continuing rise in crime because ofx the huge disparities between rich and power.

Oh, in an earlier time, those who live in in the arms of the Sheriff of Washingtonham and those of us out here in Sherdone Forrest…