Protest? Riot? No – Insurrection

According to the stock market (Dow futures -flat) all the riots overnight (mislabeled “protests” by insurrection-supporting media) is insignificant to our economic future and financial horizons.

Then again, so is coronavirus.  Because we are well past 6-million global cases and expecting 7-million within a week.  Plus, there are now more than 372-thousand global deaths.  Markets should be around half of their all-time highs by now.  But with the Fed intent on doubling the money supply, normalcy-bias is holding-on.

Of course: Racism is Horrible

BUT…so is being a mindless supporter of (or participant in) the  Digital Uprising Which – if you weren’t aware – regularly runs “gig ads” to line up goon squads to further (someone’s) agendas.

We anticipate that president Trump, announcing plans to designate Antifa as a terrorist organization, will empower the Justice Department.  Don’t be surprised if they begin to trace-back  “protest gig” promoters to their financial sources.

Predictably, the left-leaning press will try to shield Antifa’s involvement.  We weren’t the least bit surprised to see CNN whining about “Trump’s crazy designation of Antifa as terrorist organization.”  We see the media as giving quarter to terrorists.

See the Poor Journalism?

Having reported “the news” for more than half a century, the glaring hole in the media today is a lack of linguistic acuity.

Modern media seems unable to distinguish between riots and protests.  Can this be “accident?”  We think not. Words have meaning.  When they are misused and misapplied it is generally with a reason (or agenda) or outright stupidity.

Let me help some young “cub reporters” along:

  • A “protest” is when people peaceably assemble to seek redress of a perceived wrong.  We’re all good with that.  Gather away!  Be one!
  • However, as soon as the first window is smashed and looting starts the definition changes to “riot.”
  • Loot and throw in arson and you kick-it-up a notch.  Insurrection. “A violent uprising against an authority or government.”

Which does what?  Turns “protesters” into “rioters.”  Into insurrection.

I’d invite you to turn on the television and see how the word  “protesters” is being used incorrectly.  When referring to “rioters.”

We’ll skip the easy questions like “How does looting and arson – insurrection – become labeled by the press as “protests?”  We can agenda-sort later.

Big Lie Alert!

The First Amendment does not protect rioting

The Mainstream Media’s Big Lie Monday – after historical revisionism will be what, do you suppose?  We expect a campaign to “sell looting” as a “protest against injustice.”   Do-overs for criminals.  Peachy.  Just peachy.

Typical headline: “George Floyd Protests Escalate Overnight As Luxury Stores Looted In SoHo.”  Thanks, CBS!  They’ve wrapped up “looting” as just another level of “protest.”  No, that’s rioting you fools.

In reality, the Floyd killing has been hijacked as excuse to loot, drive an insurrection and increase racial divisions in America.  Unanswered?  It’s in furtherance of  who’s agenda?

Applying Osborn-Parnes

We all want “understanding” of what’s going on.  To the tool box.

There are many creative thinking models to choose from to assist in this task, not the least of which is the(Alex) Osborn – (Sid) Parnes model.

“The process of creative problem-solving usually begins with defining the problem. This may lead to finding a simple non-creative solution, a textbook solution, or discovering prior solutions developed by other individuals. If the discovered solution is sufficient, the process may then be abandoned,” explains Wikipedia.

In his book, ” How to Think Like Sherlock: Improve Your Powers of Observation, Memory and Deduction,” author Daniel Smith proposes a series of steps to improve your CPS (creative problem solving) ability based on work of the Creative Education Foundation:

  1. Mess-finding (<— the killing of Floyd)
  2. Fact-finding (<— began late last week)
  3. Problem-finding  (<— we are here this morning)
  4. Idea-finding (<— pending, next round of agenda-selling)
  5. Solution-finding (<— dependency on #4)
  6. Action-finding (<— dependency on #5)

As we follow the flow of data coming in from Minneapolis – and dozens of cities attacked by rioters – it becomes quickly evident that there is  more going on than meets the eye in present tragic events.

Behavioral Economics 101

Another short Wiki entry, before we “pull things together” if I may?

“Bounded rationality is the idea that when individuals make decisions, their rationality is limited by the tractability of the decision problem, their cognitive limitations and the time available. Decision-makers in this view act as satisficers, seeking a satisfactory solution rather than an optimal one. Herbert A. Simon proposed bounded rationality as an alternative basis for the mathematical modeling of decision-making. It complements “rationality as optimization”, which views decision-making as a fully rational process of finding an optimal choice given the information available.”

There are many reasons why people went to protests.  But looters and arsonists are another matter.  They’re the modern analog of “shock troops.” Hitler would be proud.  Sometimes a name reveals all.  Is a would-be Hitler type personality behind the looters?  If so, who is looking for them?

Its a Data Problem

Using Smith’s CPS process, we may skip Step 1 (mess-finding) Because it’s all over the television.

His second step (fact-finding) continues to evolve.  But, already here, we can see some “big plays” being made.  One example is the appointment by Minnesota governor Tim Walz of former congressperson Keith Ellison to “take over” the George Floyd (murder) investigation.

It is an extraordinary move.  But, one assembling the data might remember Ellison.  And who took his place in Congress. Ilhan Omar.

One Scenario to Consider

…is that Keith Ellison will be credited (in the near future) with “calming and restoring peace” through his handling of the investigation.

That, since the upcoming trial(s) will likely be extremely short, would likely make Ellison available either as a potential (wave of support) VP partner for Slow Joe Biden.  OR, he could be the next U.S. attorney general.

Gimme $10-bucks on that outcome.

“The Story” to Watch For Is?

We would be keeping an eye on a privately-held, 50-employee company, that reportedly has as much as $1-billion a year in revenue.  I refer to  Craigslist, owned by Craig Newmark.

Being private, we may never know, but a tantalizing question (or story) would be any report of the going to Craigslist to get ad listing information.  Who has been putting “gig ads” in  for “protestors.”  Armed with a “terrorist organization” designation, that might prove interesting line of inquiry for the federales.

Maybe it would lead back to the country where Schwartz György lives?  (George Soros doesn’t use his real name.  But you knew that, and that the media goes along with it…)

Beyond That?

Who knows?  Despite media histrionic – which in our view helped propagate violence nationally – we don’t know much more than last week.

  • George Floyd was murdered.
  • There’s one perp charged and more likely.
  • People were pissed about racism.
  • And someone capitalized on that to  use events to foment violence.

Lots of TV time.  But, as we’ve said before,  Everything’s a Business Model.   With failing ad revenues, television continues the media’s collapse.  This is a delaying event.

Evil as racism is, it’s an  easy monetization when the herd gets stampeded.  Thanks networks!

Big Picture?

The undeniable facts are these:

  • The world began a longwave economic decline (int. rates) from 1981.
  • Consumers have hit hyper-saturation.
  • Makeshift-monetizations *(gender, space shows, etc.) are of limited use.
  • So along comes a “surprise” pandemic.
  • And an attempted overthrow of America via insurrection now ongoing.
  • While relations with China are tanking.
  • And unemployment is rising.
  • More robots will kill the future of work.
  • There is no “substitute economic model” in sight.  (Sorry Bernie, socialism’s not it…)
  • The planet is approaching total resource depletion.

Sounds like an End Game to us.  Current events keep the masses distracted from thinking clearly about mankind’s limited future…

In Other News

With the US pulling out?  “China reportedly says Trump’s plan to sever ties with WHO shows U.S. has become ‘addicted to quitting’.

Job replacers growing asDemand for Enterprise Robots Drives Momentum in the Robotic Components Market as Automation and Artificial Intelligence Propel Revenue to $126.3 Billi….”

Still selling Climate Change: Climate change: UK’s record rain to extreme dryness astounds Met Office.

Not That Any of This Matters

Because, in the end, there’s  The End.

If you’re not tracking, go see a very good  ZeroHedge article: Here Is The Stunning Chart That Blows Up All Of Modern Central Banking.

Tick-tock.  Prepped, yet?

Write when you get rich,

93 thoughts on “Protest? Riot? No – Insurrection”

  1. George, perhaps you might look up Boogaloo and Accelerationist for a different picture of your set of assumptions. There is an increasing body of evidence that folks who want to foment an second Civil War and put black people back in their place were the perps turning protests into riots. The actual destructors were white according to a bunch of photo evidence.
    Be careful before you press conclusions that might not comport with reality.

    • Be skeptical when you see “photo evidence” and remember, you are only seeing what the photographer wished you to see. ANTIFA is nearly 100% White and is unconcerned with “race.” Their agenda is to foment a breakdown of existing society by any means necessary, because the ensuing chaos may be used to establish a more “pliable,” new government.

      • …with THEM in control.

        As we’ve warned, the claim may be “anti-fascist” but, in reality the word “anti” is only there for the incredibly stupid. Who make such great “followers.”

    • I hear a lot of claims, but a real shortage of evidence for that theory. Occam’s razor, and all. When you’ve got a group that’s already threatening to go out and raise hell and has followed through numerous times already, as anti-fa has, conjuring up some secret group of white supremacists trying to make anti-fa look bad seems like an unnecessary step to explain what’s going on. The common thread I see among those selling this theory is they have an overwhelming need to believe that their ideological compatriots could never do something so awful.

      If mainstream conservatives had come out after Charlottesville and claimed that the white supremacists had all *actually* been anti-fa LARPing as alt-righters, conspiring to make them look bad, would anyone have taken them seriously? Until there’s some good hard evidence, I take people making these claims no more seriously than I take Alex Jones.

    • What we see now is of historic importance. It is a Soros funded communist insurrection aimed at the takeover of American governance at every level. Antifa is funded by Soros foundations and controlled by Bolshevik operatives. They are very well organized and their goal is to create chaos so that civil war ensues. A lot of the violence is entirely synthetic.

      Anyone who has studied communist revolutionary theory can clearly see the developing “pressure from below – pressure from above” tactic being employed to allow existing communist agents in governments to exert dictatorial controls on the majority and establish a communist dictatorship. It’s been done before in many countries for over a hundred years.

      If antifa is legally defined as a terrorist organisation we should expect the gloves to come off on all sides. Then we will discover just how deep the treason goes. I expect some blue state governments to request aid from China and the UN. We may find out that those crazy rumors about terror cells, foreign troops, and Walmart FEMA camps weren’t so crazy. Of course, there are always some foreign troops here for training, but probably not enough. The real danger is that the logistics have already been set up to bring large numbers in to staging centers where the required equipment has been stored beforehand. At that point the only hope left will be the 2A.

      I hope this thing winds down and goes away for now, but that would mean this time was only a trial run for the Bolshevik insurectionists, and they will soon restart their revolution.

      May you live in interesting times!

  2. With today’s media, journalism is dead. All they want to do is stir the pot and promote the liberal (socialist) agenda. Funny how they promoted the gun control protest in Virginia and called them domestic terrorists and with the riots it’s just a protest.

  3. As a member of a mixed race family I have seen first hand the deep and ongoing pain of racism and the deep anger that is felt at police bias and brutality – sadly it continues to happen all too often.There are many examples from the past few days of police over reaction and brutality directed towards citizens, which only proves the protestors point, making things worse.Throughout the country most are protesting peacefully, but it is not just the outsider left that is causing this to spiral out of control. You leave out the “outsiders” that are coming in from the right – Boogaloo boys and their ilk. I know these folks, I grew up with them and today have some as neighbors. They are proudly primed and itching for a race war. It’s not just the left that want this country to be torn apart.

    • As a member of white family that just got here in the last 100 years on one side, and in the last 60 years on the other, I can attest that it pains me to say that we have been victims of racism, black on white racism, which of course, doesn’t exist. It pains me to see whites that never owned slaves in their family tree, from other countries that didn’t catch him, ship em, or buy em be called racists. I have seen my family members be brutalized and arrested by the police multiple times, through generations; no protests from us, none for us either. We abhor what happened to Mr. Floyd, but I don’t support BLM; all lives matter to us. We don’t like the divide/division/riots/violence. We want the police to be held accountable for THEIR crimes and not be above the law. We also want the vaccine companies to be held accountable for THEIR crimes and not be above the law either; since vaccines affect black children MORE than any other race, you should be behind making vaccine companies accountable, too. The police kill more whites each year than blacks. Blacks kill each other more. Then the blacks kill whites more than whites kill blacks. The media, BLM, and many other affiliates are itching for a race war and the message is that ALL whites are racist. I will not accept that and will not allow anyone to call me a racist to my face. And SHAME on the liberal mantra of white privilege; another democratic construct to cause division. Oh, wee…boogaloo boys, what BS; a new nice cute little term to jiggle around and make bank.

  4. I know this is somewhat half twisted – I do agree that these are riots and quite possibly insurrection. In a weird way what were the revolutionists prior to the revolutionary war. were they not insurrectionist? Were they not dealing with a corrupt Royal Monarchy? Taxation without representation? Do we not now have 2 corrupt parties and taxation without representation – neither parties constituents needs are being met. Is the federal reserve not stoking wealth inequality? Have they not crossed admittedly red lines (ie buying HG and HY debt) are they not now dictating the budget of the United States and the House merely a rag doll reacting to the printing of vast amounts of fiat? Strangely and I don’t like the feel of this at all – we might very well be on the wrong side of History (and I don’t agree at all) and witnessing the redress of grievance by the very poor (stoked by the very rich leftest). seeing what I would call shock troops marching through residential neighborhoods shooting paint/pepper balls at the citizenry sitting on there own properties doing nothing but observing a needed remedy? I agree with you loot we shoot – but even the police departments have been neutered despite having all the trappings of a well armed military behind do nothing local and state administrations. This does not pass the smell test. Military conflict with someone is next if the Trump administration continues to spin out of control. I would not be the least surprised if firearms replace bricks very soon if another similar event happens – then we’ll see what the administration morphs into and it might very well be the conservative faction of the nation finds itself a victim of an overzealous and corrupt deep state – just saying – this has a very weird feel to it and very much nothing like the problems of the 60’s as you saw very few whites and or Hispanics involved at that time – this is very different …..have your head on a swivel and protect you and yours …..

    • …As I said the other day: LOTS of “left hand” actions.

      Be aware, be skeptical, trust no one and no thing to tell the truth…

      • Put your hands on the keyboards, brothers and sisters: From the mouth of Ray!

        Gimme an “Amen!!!” (and another) (OK, and how about a small donation while we’re at it… lol)

    • The founders were not insurrectionists. Before beginning a war against the then ruling authority on the basis of continuing oppression that could not be politically cured, they established a new authority with the Declaration of Independence. The new authority was immediately at war with the British Empire, but the founders prepared a new government to replace the existing one that they fought against so that barbarism would not follow their victory.

      The current groups seek chaos so that the Bolshevik dream can be realized. Of course, many of the ‘foot soldiers’ don’t understand this. They are ‘useful idiots’ as Lenin called these people, and they are used for cannon fodder. Ironically, if the Bolsheviks succeed the antifa groups will be the first to be liquidated as they have proven their propensity for violent opposition to authority.

      We should fully expect to see planted agents in different opposing groups commit acts of violence to provoke more violence from all sides. This is also an old tactic.

  5. addicted to quitting? or quitting an addiction,,see how they spin the truth to the opposite , they turn a good thing into a bad thing,,WHO’s side is CNBC on? They are the enemy of truth, the enemy of WE the PEOPLE

    • By now, EVERYONE should be able to see that the MEDIA IS THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE.

  6. the POLICE will never protect you or your property……NOT their job….it IS your responsibility to do THAT….imo

    • True that! Better be ready to take care of yourself, family, and your property. Even if they wanted to, there are just not enough cops. If shop owners had started to shoot from day 1, looting would have been way down! So far, so good here in my area in FL. But if they start to take this to the burbs, I will be loading 556 mags in short order. Not in my back yard!!!

  7. Shocking Behavior G ! just shocking..

    AG Ellision – former head Demonratic Party – the guy who has/had a picture of the Antifa Handbook posted on front page of his website – that Tinysota AG.

    City with a Dem mayor, Dem Gov, Dem Chief of Popo, large % of minorty population is refugees from the sub continent who dont “bat an eye” over something as common as corrupt police beating on someone.
    City considered to be one of the main centers for child sex trafficking – da Pimps run that town – and EVERYBODY (LE/Courts/judges/Pols) is in on it.

    The Country, The Country is on FIRE…I dont think we need any water in these cases – DEMOCRATS & MSM are hell bent on DESTROYING AMERICA from within – REMEMBER a VOTE for DEMOCRAT is a Vote for Xi..let the MFers burn – Burn M.F.!

    Still have not seen(photos/vido) of a boogaloo boy or any other white supremacists groups involved in the violence in any cities – I must be missing something – Stories and unnamed sources – same ole B.S., different day.

    I do see military Contractor types causing destruction/damage to property – who PAID for these guys – they aint cheap – they also seem to have Pre-Set Deals with L.E./Courts in Dem cities, as they have been “Getting Off” very quickly and back out on the srtreet.

    Check the hair styles, body language, and foot wear – all 3 combine to ID a Mil contractor.

    In fact if you go thru historic photos from terror attack files – they are easy to pick out – Boston Marathon Bombing ect.
    There ARE ALWAYS at least 1 or 2 TEAMS of NoGoodniks on the ground planting false and misleading info and evidence whileh STRIKE or HIT Team exfiltrates.
    The more U know..

    • The videos of the Minneapolis riots definitely showed a LOT of whites and, surprisingly, females rioting. Read my post further on about the grass roots reports of what’s going on in Mpls. Whites may be the majority of rioters this time.

      • You may not know as many shitty white radicals as me. Remember, I go back to the Seattle-7 days. They are very strategic at making up false icons (white extremists yada, yada).
        Too old school for yah? to see in my time machine.
        Honesty was not their strong suit. Nor civility, not intellectual purity, either.
        Come to think of it, they were poster-children for toked-up socialism and devoid of most values.
        Hmmm…guess we haven’t see much “progress” by them progressives after all…

      • There’s lots of White “Black sympathizers” with these protestors because the college professors have been pumping kids full of “White privilege” and “White remorse” for 25 years. The protests I’ve personally seen seem to run about 80% White. This makes it really easy for a few White out-of-towners to “blend in.” Once the first brick is tossed, IMO the gathering has gone from “protest” to “riot” the cops become active. The protesters then “get in the spirit” and the violence & mischief accelerate and become self-sustaining.

        There are a number of memes about, in which somebody is boo-hooing because they got gassed or were rounded-up and arrested. I can’t explain that this stuff happens because when the police give an order, it applies to the folks in the back also, whether they hear the order or not. I can’t explain this because all the kiddies see is the mean ol’ po-po hurting them or their friends, or arresting them without cause. They can’t understand they are being used, because regardless of intelligence, their simple minds can’t accept that the protest leaders would lie to them, and they have no historical prospective from which to recognize past iterations of these same tactics.

        The protests are not violent and they’re not bad.

        Opportunistic Anti-Americans are taking advantage of them to further their political cause.

        This is exactly the same pattern as the ’60s riots.

        Except that for every SDS / NeoNazi / Black Panther / Weather Underground type organization of which the government knew in the 1960s, there are dozens today, of which they know little or nothing, and many in government wish to keep it that way.

        George, you bemoaned Alan Dershowitz last week. Dershowitz is a Liberal — always has been, always will be. He did not “flip into the Trump camp.” He was on the Trump defense team because he’s staunch in his belief in the Constitution, and because he’s honest. He is what is commonly referred to as a “JFK Liberal” — He’s a disciple of Alexander Hamilton, but 100% patriotic and 100% behind the Constitution as a binding contract. He is also one of the last of a dying breed.

        Today’s “Liberal” politicians see both the Constitution and “freedom” as impediments, and have enough of Mao, Che, Hitler, or Stalin in their belief system that they’re okay with all the rioting BS, as long as it doesn’t happen in their front yard and it’s not their front door which gets kicked-in.

  8. “insurrection”

    What is there to save? A bankrupt Illinois? Failing dams (massive failing infrastructure all over)? Failing PG&E out West? We saw the police protecting the stadiums over the neighborhoods.

    At this point I’m doubting any of the Chinese students carrying U.S. student loan debt will be paying the debt back. U.S. government allowed that to happen. We citizens are going to have to pay back the Chinese loans for the Chinese who dashed in form of bailout because someone else has a pension based on the payments plans. Thanks. Thanks a lot for keeping the academic complex solvent.

    Amtrak needs another bailout. (I’ve never even been on an Amtrak train but they’ve received more than one bailout since I’ve been alive.) That’s the future in this system. The longer you live, the more you get ripped off.

    No use breaking your dick for it.

    I might call that AM 910 and tell them their website won’t stream. The other day a caller called in, a black guy. He got a ticket for riding his bicycle without a bell. Poverty rate in Detroit prepandemic was about 35%. Poverty is bad. There are no jobs. Unemployment in Detroit psotpandemic right now is running 48%.

    • You know steve.. I wondered about the part about the chinese students.. not paying back for their school tuitions..
      the kids I have met from different countries.. that went to schools to become doctors and nurses etc etc.. all got free tuition..
      Yet supposedly they pay double what resident students pay..which didn’t make any sense..
      How did an african student that had a yearly income of under a hundred dollars get a college degree to be a doctor..It didn’t make any sense to me.. then The gossip rag forbes answered that for me..

      “many universities in the U.S have recognized this issue and have deliberately set out to accommodate the financial needs of foreign students. In fact, some of the top universities in the U.S., like Columbia University, Harvard University, and Stanford University, actually offer hundreds of foreign students aid—and in some cases, even full tuition.”
      which I am amazed at.. there are quite a few chinese colleges that would put some of our best to shame.. chinese students are not social butterflies like we are in the usa…. they learn at a young age that they have to succeed and expand.. that studies come first and to be the best..

  9. “(Dow futures -flat) all the riots overnight (mislabeled “protests” by insurrection-supporting media) is insignificant to our economic future and financial horizons.
    Then again, so is coronavirus. ”

    This past weekend.. the kids had a cookout among the people that showed up was a friend of theirs that is an inspector for the cdc and health department.. we got into a lengthy discussion on the coronavirus..
    His take on the virus that it was deadly for those in my age bracket and those with a compromised immune system.. ( something we already knew)
    Yesterday.. there was an article that I read.. the title.. ” Could this be a globalist agenda”
    Now I think about our administration.. every three months there was a false flag event. each trying to get our country involved in some sort of battle with someone.. each time our president .. started to get sucked in then common sense had him let it go.. then the corona virus.. one that could have decimated the planet.. the blaming wars.. but no war… the lockdown and the virus is not contained but the spread has slowed considerably.. with more time the really smart people analyzing this will come up with a successful treatment for it..
    Now.. a rouge police officer that kills another human being.. three other officers sworn to protect and serve stood by as accessories.. peaceful demonstrations with outsiders coming in and destroying property and rape pillage and murder along with those that wanted to raise awareness to the issues at hand.. this morning I read a note from a friend that said when they got out of their car to go shopping two young ladies ran fearing for their lives because she is of african decent.. those causing insurection and damage.. also instill fear and loathing..

    NOW MY QUESTION… because all of the false flags through the years.. the corona virus that could have purged the world of useless eaters as a culling.. now outside groups gathering to riot and do dammage pillage cause fear and also spread this virus..
    could this all be an agenda by the puppetmasters that have been pulling the strings for decades.. the ones that own our politicians…. the others failed .. now why not causing insurection..promoting violence, pillaging, maiming and killing , installing fear among those that would be supporters be a situation dreamed up by a very few people just to further their end goals? to get done what they have been attempting to get done for the past three years.

    I am just curious what everyones take is on it from that perspective.. I just had some random thoughts.. I see lines to it all being a direct act to get something they want..
    we already know they will stoop really low to get what they want.. nothing is sacred that is in their path.. so what do you think could this all be just another match in a flamable world.

    • You’re catching on.

      The fallout from these riots will be gone in two weeks; the heads will talk for another two.

      Expect something as big (or bigger) than this, along about the First of September.

      Somebody is pulling strings HARD. The point is to keep us so confuzzled we can’t think straight.

      If I had to guess at this point, the reason would be The Donald is getting dangerously close to tearing down someone’s playhouse, but there could be lots of other things going on. I’ve been too busy to snoop around and see what’s in our “leaders’ underbellies…”

      Understand, I’m not accusing anyone of fomenting either a bioweapon attack or nationwide wholesale rioting, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t suspect certain people and factions of taking full advantage of these issues to further their own agendas…

  10. Several years ago I worked on the south side of Chicago.
    I got off work at 2 AM .On school nights M-F there were
    Thousands of people walking the streets.
    Most of which were school age.

    • well Perry.. my thought is.. the HERD mentality and trying to fit in with those around them.. NO I don’t think they went to school..
      I was seriously picked on and discrimated because of who I was and that I was a little more in tune than the average students.. so I seriously DUMBED myself down just to fit in to survive..( long story that I don’t openly share )..
      My daughter had her clothes ripped and destroyed because she came from a poor family and went to school in a rich area.. the other kids did’t think she deserved to wear those clothes..
      Yup.. I think that many of those kids just follow along to fit in.. and they skip school to fit in join the gangs to fit in and follow the crowd throwing rocks to fit in….

      • even with my religion.. because I worked seven days a week.. I wasn’t christian enough for them.. very few of them will even speak to me .. you see they only associate with good christians..
        which amazes me.. I am pretty positive that some of them also work weekends. LOL.. what got me.. was at sunday school.. in walks a very nice young lady.. she seen me and blushed.. she is a single mother with three kids.. low paying position.. a member of my church coming to sunday school. outside of church she and I had a discussion.. ( she was one of those that i pick to give a hand up) as a single mom and not making a large income.. she had to resort to selling time with her physically.. she was afraid I would let all those good christians know how she survived..
        of course the welfare department wasn’t able to carry her.. so she had to make do anyway she could..all the condemnation of people even when one of the bishops.. was a child molester.. ( loved the little girls around twelve.. of course he is a good christian )( known only because I knew and helped one of the young ladies that was having dificulties in society. she told me all about it.. )sort of an Earl story.. I heard a lot of them through the years.. for some reason they feel they can vent it to me..

  11. Now George I know you are more intelligent then that,peaceful demonstrations bring nothing, never have never will for they will sit back and let it run its course and laugh at you and nothing will change.Been there done it, involved in three one was when the new governor bragged that he was going to be the one to force taxation upon the Indian reservations(he had taken $10,000 dollars from the business sector) in spite of 200 year old treaties,was there violence of course there was, for they will have it no other way they instigate it,the governor threw in the towel when they caught some of his finest using batons beating up a 70 year old grandmother trying to protect her young grand-daughter, and it was put on the air.

    Number two was when they were going to put in a nuclear dump in the neighborhood,bringing it from downstate to upstate and dump it in the sticks,that was during the winter and damn cold, and yes that too brought some violence with it, but the bottom line was that no dump was coming to our neighborhood.

    Number three was when they were going to put in a salt mine,in the process they were digging up a Seneca graveyard (after all they were only Indians) when they could have put it in a few miles down the road from there,the demonstrations were very peaceful and a Blackfeet woman who was a leader of it, called the media and the press and ask why we couldn’t get any air or press time on it, their reply was because it was to peaceful.

    Are riots nice no they never are but sometimes necessary, for without them nothing ever changes for when the politicians see them, they fear they will be be next, and they should be along with the 1%, it’s got the making of a long hot summer.!!

    This is not about the death of just one black man,for I see all colors in the demonstrations its the pent up rage of the working class which has been simmering for a long long time, and without meaningful changes even if it simmers down, it will only smother until another incident flares up again.!!

    • Bluedogg says “Are riots nice no they never are but sometimes necessary, for without them nothing ever changes”
      NECESSARY,,now you are a person wanting riots???????? don’t complain if you end up in the pound, encouraging riots is illegal and NOT necessary
      Blue, I almost feel bad for you, the next 4.5 years will be rough on you

  12. There are a lot of bad actors in the riots. Antifa may be one. I will give credit for Trump recognizing them as a terrorist organization…But don’t stop there..

    So are white supremacy groups, according the Minnesota officials. They are part of the potting and destruction with the intent of tarnishing these protests. Reports have them in many cities. Gangs of all races are being opportunistic and looting as well.

    And listen to this… Large chains like Target, Starbucks and Apple, who by the way can afford security, but we’re absent during the riots, buy sophisticated insurance policies that cover the entire chain for losses stretching into the millions of dollars. Guess who has been looted the most in big cities the above chains and Best Buy. Insurance fraud? Sales have kind of sucked the past few months…Nice way to recover losses.

    Bottom line…I get the anger…I get a few idiots in a mob going crazy, but this has been monetized at all levels…not just leftists…that’s ignorant to even suggest.

    • “Large chains like Target, Starbucks and Apple…
      …buy sophisticated insurance policies that cover the entire chain for losses stretching into the millions of dollars.”

      Honest question: I have never seen an insurance policy which did not specifically exclude “war, riot, or insurrection” from loss, damage, and liability coverage. Have you ever seen such a policy (I suspect you or your co’s occasionally sell a commercial property, even though that’s not your wheelhouse) and if so, what were the rates like?

      • Ray, policies are being offered for small businesses and short-term rentals which have an option to buy Terrorism Insurance it is to cover nuclear events, and other things, FYI. For a short-term rental, it adds about $200 to the annual premium.

    • “Antifa may be one.” Water may be wet. Minnesota officials have lost all credibility. I have yet to encounter, in person, even one member of a ‘white supremacist’ organization. The only groups seen on TV or in print are sad collections of marginalized people. They all appear to be controlled opposition. Antifa, on the other hand, are well organized, well paid, and number in the thousands.

      The interesting thing is that the Minnesota officials, after presiding over the police dept., the city, and the conditions that underlie the current unrest, now act like they just came on the scene of a traffic accident and assure us they are the good guys. The stupid burns. Don’t let it burn you.

      • Have to agree: I live in Texas – where the 19th – Juneteenth – is a special day and widely celebrated as its when the Emancipation Proclamation arrived here – and I’ve yet to me a real white supremacist.
        Juneteenth background

        Also a Great documentary (must watch for several readers who are w/l’s (white liberals) called “Uncle Tom” which comes out that day.
        Yeah – lots of black people see this all the bullshit, too. Preview story in Newsweek:


      • From what I saw in videos and read in Nextdoor comments, a majority of the Minneapolis rioters were young white boys–younger than the typical Antifa thug. And they were scarily well-organized, as evidenced by their all-night activities, of which the planting of incendiaries all over was just one. Some of the incendiaries are still being found. I’m not sure Antifa was there at all, and if they were, it was only a small number of them. However, Antifa are definitely involved in the copycat riots.

        So who were these guys? Is this a newly formed group of troublemakers? Is it the Boogalooers, as some suggested? I’d guess that some were teens who were itching for action after being pent up in quarantine for three months and thought the protest and rioting would be a lark. But they wouldn’t have been the organized ones, and the majority were obviously organized. It’s understandable that authorities would want to give a name to such a group, but without previous experience with them, they may have latched onto the trending “white supremacist” label so people would think they know what’s going on. It’s stupid, of course, but authorities aren’t known for their brilliance. In the meantime, someone had better do detective work and track these folks down because it’s highly unlikely they won’t strike again. Whoever they end up being, white supremacist or otherwise, it’s a sure bet the media will claim they’re Trumpsters.

  13. George Floyd would be alive today if the Democrats didn’t lock down Minnesota because of this glorified flu.

    • And Trump would have won this fall had dems not been willing to burn down America for their agenda. And crash the market (give it time). Then blame it all on Trump
      Roosevelt was a high-minded socialist too..,who beat Trump’s historical analog, Herbert Hoover.

  14. George,
    -Don’t appreciate the failure to acknowledge that evidence points to significant portions of the violence being perpetrated by white folks, suggestive of counter-infiltration, to be determined after thorough investigation is given time. [balance redacted, violation of site Trump Hate rule. Also seems not to remember most Antifas are white…Jesus where do trolls come from?]

    • George, why hasn’t Mike been banned? I understand and apprecite that you welcome different viewpoints to comment on your ste. However, my recollection of the last year of reading your site is that he is the most redacted poster to your site. I would even wager he is more redacted than all the other folks that comment on your site put together. It seems he posts something in violation of your site guidelines and you threaten him with being banned, he plays nice for a while, and then a month or two later you are redacting his posts and threatening him with being banned again. In fact, you just referred to him as a troll, which by definition is someone who intentionally posts inflammatory statements to provoke a reaction. Hardly someone who brings value to the conversation.

    • TDS dementia is a growing problem. BTW, I hope I live long enough to vote in person in this election. I don’t want to vote Dim like all the other dead people.

    • 97% of all leftist trolls crawl out from under their rock when the opportunity arises to publicly hate.

  15. Anyone wonder what the second wave of the virus will be because of all this? Should be hitting in about 8 to 10 Days. ?

    • We just had 16 new cases announced today – after having barely one or two showing up per week over the past month or so. I am going to have sooo much fun takin’ it to the virus deniers on ZH! Thumb your nose in Ma Nature’s face and I don’t want to be anywhere near you.

  16. It seems that the census has come out of the woodwork! I understand the desire of the fedgov to know how many people live in a community, but they’re very intrusive in wanting to know an exact DOB! Why?

    The rest of their questions all relate to race or types of “hispanicness”! If we’re to live in a country that is colorblind, as most of us wish to, what possible relevance is there in having us split hairs to identify ourselves as some racial subtype? This seems to be counterproductive on many different levels. I’m told that answering these questions is “mandatory”. Identifying my citizenship would appear to be more relevant and useful, yet that doesn’t even exist.

    Personally, other than the legal requirement, I see no upside whatsoever in answering this census. I don’t need “services” and don’t use the ones provided.

    Americans are supposed to be self-reliant!

    • The politicians need the info so they know what to say. Otherwise they’d have to wing it and say what they really feel.

    • You make a very good point and one I’ve pondered too. If we’re serious about “civil rights”, then shouldn’t we try very hard to be “color blind”, not segment people or give them “advantages” due solely to the color of their skin? Seems counterproductive.

  17. Next time you watch pictures of the riots, look for the one with an umbrella in the crowd, I believe, he is Drum Major or Field Commander directing the violence. They may or may not be ANTIFA, I don’t know, but they are present, just look.

    • The only person with an umbrella that I saw was the guy who allegedly began the violence by smashing the AutoZone window. A person claiming to be his ex-wife, and a few others, later identified him as a St. Paul cop. The St. Paul police department denied this, of course, so we may never know who he was.

    • That’s odd, because as I recall one of the “players” on 11/22/63 there in Dealey plaza was identified as “umbrella man”. This isn’t the first mention I’ve recently heard of the umbrella man in this string of riots.

      • Sayeth Wilipedia:
        to search
        For other uses, see Umbrella Man.
        Umbrella Man

        In the aftermath of the assassination, two men can be seen sitting together on the sidewalk on the right side of the photograph. The “umbrella man” is the one in the dark jacket, farthest to the right.
        Louie Steven Witt
        October 20, 1924
        Rockwall, Texas, U.S.
        November 17, 2014 (aged 90)
        Dallas, Texas, U.S.
        Other names
        Umbrella Man
        Rio Grande National Life Insurance Company
        Known for
        Witness to John F. Kennedy’s assassination
        The “umbrella man”, identified by the United States House Select Committee on Assassinations in 1978 as Louie Steven Witt, is a name given to a figure who appears in the Zapruder film, and several other films and photographs, near the Stemmons Freeway sign within Dealey Plaza during the assassination of United States President John F. Kennedy.
        Witt is the subject of a 2011 documentary short, The Umbrella Man, by Errol Morris for The New York Times.

        Did he have grandkids?

  18. Please define what you are calling “racism” before calling it horrible. For example if one wishes to live in a white area with no “people of color” around them, is that racist? Many would call it such. The term is so broad brushed any more it is virtually meaningless.

    • Around here, racism means any deviation from absolute equality . Which infers 50-years of preference in work, education, and benefits ought to be inspected we start putting things “on the scales.”
      Frankly, we should all just move on. I’m not aware of a single white slave owner being alive today, nor a single black former slave.
      Meanwhile, we’re awed at the global reach of ‘fa in turning on demonstrations in other parts of the world.

      In Ure’s reality, people in Germany or England don’t go demonstrating about American issues.
      Unless someone has made it a pay-day for them to do so…
      And now we circle back to the planned Global Digital Uprising we’ve been writing of for how long?

      • Amen George…
        We never hear about the enslaved chinese or irish.. the Catholics or the american indian either. Society I think has moved on..
        The only person I know that bought a woman was a dear friend. He was one man I admired and asked his opinion on many the military no one knew he had that title or honor. All the bigwigs in the.military were going to do an inspection . I was scared to death that my shoes weren’t shiny enough..he said you’ll be fine..the day came and he walked it shoot there was more gold on him than there is in fort knox..the caravan driving slowly by and they screech to a halt. Everyone gets out marches up in front of him they go to attention and salute him..they get back in the caravan and drive on.
        Later I was at his house and we were talking and I asked him what that was all about.. his answer was..I did the right thing..he did the right thing about his wife to..he was stationed abroad and wanted a house keeper . He tried to hire one only to discover.that women weren’t allowed a job or an education..but he could buy a woman. He went down to the plaza and he bid on one of the girls. Winning her sd he became his maid..they eventually became friends and got married. He insisted that she expand her horizons and learn..she became one of two hundred of the most influential women doctors in the es hospital who book of the world. I know she taught schools and went on lectures. And she still signs her letters doctor.. speaking of which I have to drop a letter off to them to see how she is doing.
        I personally think he deserved two of those medals for doing the right thing.
        In America we enjoy.many freedoms that are not allowed in dome countries.
        Unfortunately many are blinded by the past.

  19. Much as I would like to think Antifa is behind the Minneapolis riots, it is appearing less likely all the time that they are the instigators. I’ve been paying VERY close attention to what’s going on there because it is one of my old neighborhoods that was the first casualty. The totally destroyed shopping area containing a Target, several supermarkets, and other stores is where I frequently shopped when I lived two miles away. And having lived in several other Mpls. neighborhoods during 65+ years, I’m familiar with all the other areas that were hard-hit during the last week.

    Aside from watching videos of the chaos, I’ve been reading the thousands of reports posted by neighborhood residents on the Nextdoor app as they stayed up for the last two nights patrolling and watching/reporting every unusual person and vehicle that shouldn’t have been out during the curfew. LOADS of covert activity, especially last night when the perps realized they couldn’t continue rampaging on the main streets because the Nat’l Guard was patrolling them, so it appears they planned to wreak carnage in the nearby neighborhoods. Police and residents both reported that incendiary devices had been planted all over, probably by the numerous unlit, unlicensed vehicles cruising or speeding through the streets and alleys all night. The night’s cast of characters included cops in caravans, murky folks in suspicious vehicles, hoodied bikers and walkers, alley patrols searching for arson kits, and some of the standard drunks and drug dealers. It would have made a great movie! If not for the watchful residents yelling at shady-looking strangers and questioning some of them and reporting to each other and the cops, I believe the area would have been in flames. It was astounding!

    Getting back to my original statement, the videos and Nextdoor reports indicated that the majority of perps were white and younger than the normal Antifa crowd. Previous reports suggest a large out-of-town presence, but there were plenty of local rioters also. Many Nextdoor commenters thought Boogaloo boys were the main troublemakers, as a previous person here suggested. However, this is a very liberal community, so they might have wanted to deflect blame from the left-wing Antifas. Whatever, this was not the normal riot of previous years–too many whites and too many females. But it was VERY organized, to the point of being the insurrection that George calls it.

    As organized as the insurrectionists were, so too were the residents of all the neighborhoods involved. In addition to protecting their homes and local businesses after the initial onslaught, they organized clean-up crews and designated drop-offs for the tons of food they donated to those in need. They were AMAZING!

    To add a personal note: After seeing Minneapolitans’ responses to the riots, I’m not so worried about a civil war. As long as the internet is up and people can communicate via sites like Nextdoor, taking the U.S. down will NOT be a piece of cake.

    • @ Tumblweed

      How many were shoot on sight for their trying to do evil…I would hope more than zero…ON THE SPOT JUSTICE IS WHAT IS NEEDED IN A RIOT…and ESPECIALLY IN THE NEIGHBORHOODS WERE MANY LIVE IN THEIR HOMES….DEAD ON THE SPOT WORKS TO STOP INVADERS…imo

      • Have You ever noticed that riots where there is a great deal of destruction are usually happening in their neighborhoods..funny how that is.. the fickle finger of fate.. destroy the businesses and homes in their neighborhoods.. forcing them to go to other neighborhoods in the future yo buy the goods they need..

      • I think it was in Tulsa where a guy was taking his horses back home from a livestock show and wound up going through a bunch of people blocking the freeway. As he slowly went through the “protesters” they started pelting his truck and trailer with whatever they had then tried to SET THE HORSES IN THE TRAILER ON FIRE!! There is a video on the web or FB about this. He’d put his pistol on the dash so everyone could see it then managed to out run them and stopped at the two State Troopers stationed on the freeway. The troopers shut the tailgate on the trailer just as the “protesters” came within throwing distance of the trailer again. I’m sorry but the only answer to abject stupidity like this is one of these – If this idiocy goes any further and even gets to my neck of the woods we’ll start to resemble the Balkans in this country. We did have a demonstration in our town last night but you’ll never hear of it past the local news – it was peaceful. People with rap sheets a mile long showed up but nothing happened past exercising their First Amendment rights. Even the dip sh*ts around here may be a cut above others out there.

    • “Many Nextdoor commenters thought Boogaloo boys were the main troublemakers”

      I’m not sure exactly what a boogaloo boy is.. my guess is your referring to African Americans.. what I’ve learned is what my parents taught us as children.
      Never judge a person by their color race or religion.
      Ir how they dress or what car they drive or how big they are.
      That good and evil comes in all colors shapes and religions. Treat everyone as you would like to be treated.
      What I teach the grandkids is be the blind man.. a blind man cannot see the shape color or size of a person..they judge a person for who they are and how they act.
      I had a car.. it was a really good car.. real comfortable seats a good radio and it was a nice quiet ride.. I got it late the tow truck place for a hundred dollars..the kids asked me what kind of car.. I said close your eyes.. doesnt it sound and feel like a Cadillac . Henceforth it has always been know as the Cadillac..they are grow now and still tell stories about our adventures together in the Cadillac

      • Nope, boogaloo boys are not African Americans.


        “The Boogaloo movement, members of which are often referred to as Boogaloo boys or Boogaloo bois, is a loosely organized American far-right extremist movement. Members of the boogaloo movement say they are preparing for a coming second American Civil War, which they call the “boogaloo”.

      • Oops! Need to make a correction. I used Wickipedia’s definition of boogaloo boys, which Ray says is incorrect. So here’s the definition according to

        “A band of freedom loving, beer drinking, meat eating brothers. fighting in the ever so great, yet gruesome battle of the boogaloo to restore balance in ones country. Often spotted in short shorts, Hawaiian button ups with a rifle of ones choosing equipped with standard capacity mags, telescoping stocks, and the ever so frightening “fully semi-automatic” select fire. With everything else those soy boy coffee drinking, unpatriotic, leftists don’t want you to have. These fine men and women are the washed away face of America our founding fathers would be proud of, I give you the well regulated militia we have come to name the boogaloo bois”

        Sounds like fun! If I were younger and male, I’d join them.

      • @LOOTB

        they burn their own hoods BECAUSE they do not own it they are renters….they burn their bros business because they consider them’toms’….since watts…same ol agenda….SHOOT ON SITE …LOOTERS …BACK THEN WOULD HAVE STOPPED ALL TODAY AND IN THE PAST….

        also after a Hurricane in ones own hood..LOOTERs are SHOT ON SIGHT…NO questions asked…as the Police are NOT required to protect you or your property..ONLY you can do that..a florida boy…Semper Fi

      • Look it up. The Boogers are a newer, radical Left neoanarchist group whose single goal is to spur the U.S. into another civil War.

        Most of the press you’ll read on them (and wackypedia, too) accuses them of being “fringe Right-Wing” but if you read what they want and how they intend to get it, like the Klan and the majority of skinhead and NeoNazi groups, both their methods and intended outcome are totalitarian socialist (which is NEVER “Right-Wing.”)

        Free trade, minimal central authority types can NOT EVER be communist/socialist or fascist. Regulated trade, big central authority types can NEVER BE conservative. Sometimes, examining what a group’s intended new government will look like is the only way to determine whether they are Leftist or Rightist.

      • Been wondering what boogaloo boys refers to myself, so I searched for it. Has several references to unhappy white men with beards who don’t like anything except chicken tenders, guns and cops and have never gotten over playing soldier. Then there are later (I believe) references to a coming civil war that will be the boogaloo.

      • “Oops! Need to make a correction. I used Wickipedia’s definition of boogaloo boys, which Ray says is incorrect.”

        Gee, Tumbleweed, must’ve gotten under your skin somehow. I wonder why…?

        Has several references to unhappy white men with beards who don’t like anything except chicken tenders, guns and cops

        Karla, from what I’ve read, the Boogers would prefer to shoot cops, hence my calling them “neoanarchist.”

        The Boogers remind me most of the hardcore ‘60s MC gangs like Hell’s Angels. Some seem to hate Blacks, some seem to hate Latinos, some seem to hate Asians, but ALL seem to hate authority…

      • Ray

        “Gee, Tumbleweed, must’ve gotten under your skin somehow. I wonder why…?”

        Not at all! Don’t know why you thought that. I merely found alternative definitions of boogaloo boys after reading your comment about the inaccuracy of Wickipedia.

  20. I turned on the TV last night and it was broadcasting real time looting. TV crews were there with reporters and bright lights. Looters of all colors and races had no problem jumping through broken windows of a mall, a CVS, a jewelry store, liquor store, nail salon, convenient store, etc. The looters appeared to be under 30. Live TV broadcasting their shameless faces and license plates.

    What shocked me wasn’t that someone would break a window or that a few people, 5, 10 would crawl through the broken window to loot. What shocked me was that there were hundreds and hundreds of people looting.

    I’m a strong supporter of the justice protests. I stood out holding a sign and I’ll do it again. But it may be time to shoot looters on sight.

    Now my point, this isn’t about antifa, or floyd, democrats or republicans or white supremacists. This is about the moral decay of the US. When “normal” people have no problem going through a broken window and looting, the end is near. That’s what’s happening to the US. Lots of people just don’t care about anyone but themselves. Lots of people have no moral and flawed character. Sense of community? Gutted. Sad. I’m losing hope for the US.

    All of the preps in the world may not save you nor your guns. I advise all of my friends and family to make sure that their passport is current. I advise your readers of the same. Keep $10 grand liquid so you can flee. Be ready to leave.

    • Good luck. The passport office is mostly shut down and renewing your passport today is supposed to take months! They’re recommending that people wait until conditions return to normal(LOL) before submitting their old documents for renewal. I’m not sure what’s the smarter move these days. Keeping 10K cash around is possible but borderline illegal(nobody seems to actually know applicable law). It’s certainly suspicious though. What constitutes “liquid” if brokerages and dealers are closed? Banks? Lastly, with documents in hand – where do you go? The entire world is a tinderbox. I had a couple of places in mind and both have become quite iffy since the advent of the virus. For the moment, rural seems to be OK, but the pace of events is accelerating.

    • As JFK said ‘Those who would make peaceful revolution impossible,will make violent revolutions inevitable” and he was right for there’s no changing this system the rots to deep and only a revolution will destroy it.!!!!

      • Riots and revolutions are 100% morally opposed
        Our forefathers signed their names to a document and stood their ground for freedom
        Rioters are criminals that mask themselves and hide in darkness, cowards
        peaceful protest are being taken over by commie/socialists leaning provocators,,using BLM groups, to push the riots
        JFK was/is a hero and remember, JFK jr was best friends w/Trump, who is following JFKs steps to destroy the CIA and the Fed banking system,,the slave masters. The antifa idiots are being used to create riots and keep American under deep state control
        the Trump presidency has been under attack before he even took the oath by the deep/dark state UN globalists
        Keep up with the Gen Flynn trials and you can see the old guard being taken out,LEGALLY, head FBI lawyer forced to resign last week, the swamp is being drained at high levels,unseen by common folks
        Bluedogg,, stand up for America, cause if you are standing againist her,,may God have mercy on your soul

  21. “the left-leaning press will try to shield ANTIFA’s involvement”

    As will the lefties in CONgress. ANTIFA has done the strong-arm head-busting of the Left for years. The Commiegress knows this and doesn’t care that Soros is funding plainclothes shock troops on our soil, as long as the troopers bash the correct heads in. “The enemy of my enemies…” and all that rot…

    What gets me is the Libs believe to their core that they can use Soros’ groups (including the groups marketed as either “Pro-Black” or “Anti-Black) and Muslim guerilla organizations to achieve their agenda, then NOT DIE at the hand of their “tools,” once the fireworks are over.

    BTW, other than being told they’re “Right-wing,” what makes any of y’all think the Boogaloo Boys are so? Before you answer, try researching their core beliefs and goals (don’t use wackypedia. It took me less than 3 minutes of reading to identify five things I KNOW to be inaccuracies. If a messenger is unreliable, DON’T USE IT!)

    Now, do those goals seem more in line with Leftist or Rightist principles…?

    • Great comment Ray. People need to do their research, and hopefully they have studied some history from accurate sources. Otherwise, history will be repeated in our country.

      • I make it a point to not buy history books which were published after 1960. There are undoubtedly some great texts that’ve been published in the last 60 years, but I’m one of those folks who keeps 400 irons in the fire, so I take the lazy road. Pre-1960 texts are considerably less likely to be colored by politics or laced with political correctness disease. A pre-1960 text on the Revolutionary War period is much less likely to go into the sexual practices of Messrs. Franklin or Jefferson, and much more likely to cover, in detail, their accomplishments…

    • It appears you are drunk on red Koolaid. When you tell me not to use a source of information, please provide an alternative one so that I might better appreciate your point of view.

      • Joe, honestly, I generally go to the source and read their manifesto, or if none is found, research to find out who an organization’s leaders are, then research their backgrounds and draw conclusions (usually, but not always right) based on that. This is the way I research politics, politicians, and PACs, and I’ve been doing it for well over 30 years. Using my digging as a “recipe,” it is easy to apply the same technique to any social or economic search.

        FWIW, when evaluating politicians, I NEVER believe a word any of ’em say, but look at their voting and argument records (sometimes pols aren’t popular in their district and have to fudge their voting record to retain their seat. They’ll typically argue honestly, then vote however they have to, to get re-elected…) With a pol like Trump, who is both a “lightning rod” and is never going to get an honest or fair “shake” in the media, the only place to go for actual, accurate information on what the President, EOC, and CiC are doing (I broke the job description of POTUS into its components for a reason…) is

  22. I am old enough to remember Lyndon AZZ Johnson’s Great Society when downfall of this country began. I read a statistic somewhere that claimed 70 percent of black births are illegitimate the socialist agenda was set up to create a voting block and they make us pay for it. It looks like they have won.Ok have at it.

  23. What kind of a “clown show” is this? I didn’t see any horses, no dogs, and no water cannons ;-(. What are authorities really afraid of? Were they not supposed to protect the “taxpaying public” who will pay the bills? Questions after questions!

  24. You have been played by floyd and his cop buddy, he’s alive and laughing and richer, remember Sandy Hook ,every,home in the surrounding communities had all their mortgages paid off, its in the court records, follow the money. Every false flag just follow the money. Remember Boston, remember vegas, remember Oklahoma,remember 911,
    remember all the wars they were about money, but now that money just got to be free have you noticed no war , you wanted change and you’re going to get it .
    get ready for the prelude,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Q=trump

  25. …Wordpress ate the first post. Lessee if this one makes it past the software censor:

    “the claim may be “anti-fascist””

    The mainstream “media” has been actively engaged in “newspeak” since the 1970s — not strictly Orwell’s definition, but nonetheless, a method of speech where whatever is said is the diametric opposite of the commonly-understood meaning of the word or term.

    ANTIFA is a German invention. During the Third Reich, Hitler had a hitlist of groups of people whom the Reich “needed” to exterminate. Descendents of David were not at the top of the list — communists were. Communism and fascism are competing far-left ideologies.

    Hitler didn’t want competition.

    Only when they’d killed off enough commies to kick in the law of diminishing returns, did the SS move on to others. The remainder of the communists formed ANTIFA, the Anti-Fascist League, to maintain their ideology during Hitler’s reign.

    George Soros resurrected the term in the late 1990s and had his surrogates create a militia of fascist brownshirts, tasked with bashing heads and the beatings of people whom their handlers deemed needful of being beaten, or anyone who opposed ANTIFA. They are well-organized, well-paid, and well-educated in mischef. Kiev was the testbed for ANTIFA. Soros AND THE U.S. GOVERNMENT (USAID) supplied a bunch of “paid insurrectionists” (“Swedish Nazis,” if’fn your memory is short) to harass the Ukrainian government in to leaving office.

    ANTIFA is, as a group, about as far from freedom, free-market trade, and democratic republicanism as is ideologically possible.

    • There was once somewhat of a difference between black shirted communist thugs and brown shirt fascists. Now, not so much. All have become more atheistic, and both seem to tolerate some sort of limited capitalism; that is, the socialist and communist doctrines seemed to have largely merged. This seems to be the the CCP party line. While the CCP may not control the US government, they do control the US leftists and 100% of the MSM spin.
      ANTIFA and most of their rival gangs are hard left and combine elements of both traditional socialist and communist doctrine. There is little difference between ANTIFA and the white supremacy groups they pretend to oppose. All march to the same drummer. The leftists have been trying to divorce themselves from Hitler and Mussolini now for 75 years, and have largely succeeded in their propaganda effort. The social justice memes are just a cover story to mask their soldier’s logistics and movements in public. The ANTIFA goal is insurrection and violent overthrow of representational democracy, and suppression of organized religion. The anti-facism is just a cover story.

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