According to the stock market (Dow futures -flat) all the riots overnight (mislabeled “protests” by insurrection-supporting media) is insignificant to our economic future and financial horizons.

Then again, so is coronavirus.  Because we are well past 6-million global cases and expecting 7-million within a week.  Plus, there are now more than 372-thousand global deaths.  Markets should be around half of their all-time highs by now.  But with the Fed intent on doubling the money supply, normalcy-bias is holding-on.

Of course: Racism is Horrible

BUT…so is being a mindless supporter of (or participant in) the  Digital Uprising Which – if you weren’t aware – regularly runs “gig ads” to line up goon squads to further (someone’s) agendas.

We anticipate that president Trump, announcing plans to designate Antifa as a terrorist organization, will empower the Justice Department.  Don’t be surprised if they begin to trace-back  “protest gig” promoters to their financial sources.

Predictably, the left-leaning press will try to shield Antifa’s involvement.  We weren’t the least bit surprised to see CNN whining about “Trump’s crazy designation of Antifa as terrorist organization.”  We see the media as giving quarter to terrorists.

See the Poor Journalism?

Having reported “the news” for more than half a century, the glaring hole in the media today is a lack of linguistic acuity.

Modern media seems unable to distinguish between riots and protests.  Can this be “accident?”  We think not. Words have meaning.  When they are misused and misapplied it is generally with a reason (or agenda) or outright stupidity.

Let me help some young “cub reporters” along:

  • A “protest” is when people peaceably assemble to seek redress of a perceived wrong.  We’re all good with that.  Gather away!  Be one!
  • However, as soon as the first window is smashed and looting starts the definition changes to “riot.”
  • Loot and throw in arson and you kick-it-up a notch.  Insurrection. “A violent uprising against an authority or government.”

Which does what?  Turns “protesters” into “rioters.”  Into insurrection.

I’d invite you to turn on the television and see how the word  “protesters” is being used incorrectly.  When referring to “rioters.”

We’ll skip the easy questions like “How does looting and arson – insurrection – become labeled by the press as “protests?”  We can agenda-sort later.

Big Lie Alert!

The First Amendment does not protect rioting

The Mainstream Media’s Big Lie Monday – after historical revisionism will be what, do you suppose?  We expect a campaign to “sell looting” as a “protest against injustice.”   Do-overs for criminals.  Peachy.  Just peachy.

Typical headline: “George Floyd Protests Escalate Overnight As Luxury Stores Looted In SoHo.”  Thanks, CBS!  They’ve wrapped up “looting” as just another level of “protest.”  No, that’s rioting you fools.

In reality, the Floyd killing has been hijacked as excuse to loot, drive an insurrection and increase racial divisions in America.  Unanswered?  It’s in furtherance of  who’s agenda?

Applying Osborn-Parnes

We all want “understanding” of what’s going on.  To the tool box.

There are many creative thinking models to choose from to assist in this task, not the least of which is the(Alex) Osborn – (Sid) Parnes model.

“The process of creative problem-solving usually begins with defining the problem. This may lead to finding a simple non-creative solution, a textbook solution, or discovering prior solutions developed by other individuals. If the discovered solution is sufficient, the process may then be abandoned,” explains Wikipedia.

In his book, ” How to Think Like Sherlock: Improve Your Powers of Observation, Memory and Deduction,” author Daniel Smith proposes a series of steps to improve your CPS (creative problem solving) ability based on work of the Creative Education Foundation:

  1. Mess-finding (<— the killing of Floyd)
  2. Fact-finding (<— began late last week)
  3. Problem-finding  (<— we are here this morning)
  4. Idea-finding (<— pending, next round of agenda-selling)
  5. Solution-finding (<— dependency on #4)
  6. Action-finding (<— dependency on #5)

As we follow the flow of data coming in from Minneapolis – and dozens of cities attacked by rioters – it becomes quickly evident that there is  more going on than meets the eye in present tragic events.

Behavioral Economics 101

Another short Wiki entry, before we “pull things together” if I may?

“Bounded rationality is the idea that when individuals make decisions, their rationality is limited by the tractability of the decision problem, their cognitive limitations and the time available. Decision-makers in this view act as satisficers, seeking a satisfactory solution rather than an optimal one. Herbert A. Simon proposed bounded rationality as an alternative basis for the mathematical modeling of decision-making. It complements “rationality as optimization”, which views decision-making as a fully rational process of finding an optimal choice given the information available.”

There are many reasons why people went to protests.  But looters and arsonists are another matter.  They’re the modern analog of “shock troops.” Hitler would be proud.  Sometimes a name reveals all.  Is a would-be Hitler type personality behind the looters?  If so, who is looking for them?

Its a Data Problem

Using Smith’s CPS process, we may skip Step 1 (mess-finding) Because it’s all over the television.

His second step (fact-finding) continues to evolve.  But, already here, we can see some “big plays” being made.  One example is the appointment by Minnesota governor Tim Walz of former congressperson Keith Ellison to “take over” the George Floyd (murder) investigation.

It is an extraordinary move.  But, one assembling the data might remember Ellison.  And who took his place in Congress. Ilhan Omar.

One Scenario to Consider

…is that Keith Ellison will be credited (in the near future) with “calming and restoring peace” through his handling of the investigation.

That, since the upcoming trial(s) will likely be extremely short, would likely make Ellison available either as a potential (wave of support) VP partner for Slow Joe Biden.  OR, he could be the next U.S. attorney general.

Gimme $10-bucks on that outcome.

“The Story” to Watch For Is?

We would be keeping an eye on a privately-held, 50-employee company, that reportedly has as much as $1-billion a year in revenue.  I refer to  Craigslist, owned by Craig Newmark.

Being private, we may never know, but a tantalizing question (or story) would be any report of the going to Craigslist to get ad listing information.  Who has been putting “gig ads” in  for “protestors.”  Armed with a “terrorist organization” designation, that might prove interesting line of inquiry for the federales.

Maybe it would lead back to the country where Schwartz György lives?  (George Soros doesn’t use his real name.  But you knew that, and that the media goes along with it…)

Beyond That?

Who knows?  Despite media histrionic – which in our view helped propagate violence nationally – we don’t know much more than last week.

  • George Floyd was murdered.
  • There’s one perp charged and more likely.
  • People were pissed about racism.
  • And someone capitalized on that to  use events to foment violence.

Lots of TV time.  But, as we’ve said before,  Everything’s a Business Model.   With failing ad revenues, television continues the media’s collapse.  This is a delaying event.

Evil as racism is, it’s an  easy monetization when the herd gets stampeded.  Thanks networks!

Big Picture?

The undeniable facts are these:

  • The world began a longwave economic decline (int. rates) from 1981.
  • Consumers have hit hyper-saturation.
  • Makeshift-monetizations *(gender, space shows, etc.) are of limited use.
  • So along comes a “surprise” pandemic.
  • And an attempted overthrow of America via insurrection now ongoing.
  • While relations with China are tanking.
  • And unemployment is rising.
  • More robots will kill the future of work.
  • There is no “substitute economic model” in sight.  (Sorry Bernie, socialism’s not it…)
  • The planet is approaching total resource depletion.

Sounds like an End Game to us.  Current events keep the masses distracted from thinking clearly about mankind’s limited future…

In Other News

With the US pulling out?  “China reportedly says Trump’s plan to sever ties with WHO shows U.S. has become ‘addicted to quitting’.

Job replacers growing asDemand for Enterprise Robots Drives Momentum in the Robotic Components Market as Automation and Artificial Intelligence Propel Revenue to $126.3 Billi….”

Still selling Climate Change: Climate change: UK’s record rain to extreme dryness astounds Met Office.

Not That Any of This Matters

Because, in the end, there’s  The End.

If you’re not tracking, go see a very good  ZeroHedge article: Here Is The Stunning Chart That Blows Up All Of Modern Central Banking.

Tick-tock.  Prepped, yet?

Write when you get rich,