Producer Prices and Then?

Inflation In Check?

It may seem that way.  Consumer Prices held even this week, but there may only be a modest break before real “stagflation” sets in.  Either that – or the deflationary depression shows up when we figure “Help, we’ve fallen and we can’t get up…”

The future will be defined by how we (might say in billiards) bounce off those rails.

J. Powell was expressing concern about Job Creation this week and the main point of his remarks echoes, even now:  When a lot of businesses  try to come back, people will not be (and this is key)  coming back to the same Economy.

Moving pieces all over the board, not the least of which is the Reality Gap.

You can see it in the Fed’s own H.6 Money stocks report this week:

As bad as 50% more M1 sloshing around will eventually be on the inflation side, we ain’t there yet. 

There’s no economic Law that says you can just “Out-Print” a Depression.  But don’t tell the Fed – they’re trying it and we’re keeping notes.

Oh, and it’s really a lot worse than the H.6 says, since when you run the NOT seasonally adjusted numbers, reality is 10%  uglier, but that’s just running it in my head.   (Class assignment?  60% annualized?)

Producer Prices

With the flat CPI this week, this morning’s next data point is trhe Producer Price index – just out:

“The Producer Price Index for final demand advanced 0.3 percent in October, seasonally adjusted, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Final demand prices rose 0.4 percent in September and 0.3 percent in August. (See table A.) On an unadjusted basis, the final demand index increased 0.5 percent for the 12 months ended in October, the largest advance since moving up 1.1 percent for the 12 months ended in February.

In October, nearly 60 percent of the rise in the final demand index can be traced to a 0.5-percent increase in prices for final demand goods. The index for final demand services moved up 0.2 percent.

Other than some expectations data, could be a quiet day for traders, except for Left Field events.  How much of a sell-off comes ahead of the weekend (if any) may tip us as to next week.

Empire State Manufacturing data Monday won’t be reason to speed to the trading platform, but Tuesday’s when Retail Sales come in and that one will be worth keeping an eye on.

So What’s News?

Honestly, not much today.

Joe Biden is still projected (by the media) to win Arizona. But, unless GR(T)rumpy can pull off a decisive election fraud victory in Pennsylvania, we’re not seeing how anything changes.  For now, Donald Trump is stewing.

<Mainly, the world is nuts…>

Proof of the assertion comes in a report about how two bears were shot after somehow ending up on a Russian submarine.  (Begs the question are we spending too much money on Defense is they’re having these issues?)

Then there’s the daredevil teenager who was hanging (no net) 200 meters up in the sky over a construction site – nude – down in Australian.  Frequent commenter Len down-under has been telling us insanity is going around there, too, but yeah – this cinches his case.

As we have said (seems like  forever)  Insanity is contagious and spread by social media.

Speaking of the Online Uprising…

Did you see where the  WHO drops censorship of words ‘Taiwan’ and ‘China’ on social media after backlash?

Elsewhere along the digital batle front,  Commandante Ure points toHow social media company Parler may be able to compete with Twitter” and says the Commandante “Guerilla action is everywhere. Except on Russian subs…”

But digital warfare is the name-of-the-game these days.  And to prove it, Amazon filed a lawsuit against 2 influencers accusing them of knowingly hawking counterfeit products on their social media accounts.

How About the Weather, Then?

There are two macro stories to be concerned with:  Eta and a “next storm” are worthy of comment.  

Eta is just off the coast of North Carolina (which we all  know is really South Virginia – a known  fact because it was called that on Social).  40 knot winds, rain and blowing out to sea.

Meanwhile in the southern Caribbean another tropical storm is trying to pull itself together:

“Showers and thunderstorms associated with a broad area of low
pressure over the central Caribbean Sea have increased and become
better organized since yesterday.  Environmental conditions are
conducive for additional development, and a tropical depression or
tropical storm is likely to form later today or tonight while the
system moves slowly westward.  Additional development of the
system is likely over the weekend, and interests in Honduras and
Nicaragua should closely monitor the progress of the disturbance.
* Formation chance through 48 hours…high…90 percent.
* Formation chance through 5 days…high…90 percent.”

Unless it turns north, in which case up into the Gulf.  Zeke the Cat has been trying to interest us in the office pool on this one eventually whacking Nawlins again.  We’ve told the schizophrenic (Zeus, Zeke, Zippo) to take a hike.

How Dry We Am

Being Friday, we can get to fixin that this afternoon when the market closes.  But the National Drought Picture shows the Climate BBQ just keeps getting larger:

Seems to us people who have invested in deep wells and water distribution in these areas in colors have a bright financial future.  So long as it doesn’t include the eating option.

Out West: Magnitude 5.5 earthquake strikes western Nevada.  Not recount-connected, though.

More Mainstream?

WHAT??? You want a more “serious ‘tude on the 13th on a Fried-day?”

OK, for you:

Limiting Indoor Capacity Can Reduce Coronavirus Infections, Study Shows.  Which anyone with half a brain could figure, but….now we can  put numbers to it.

Seeds of change…or the best news on consumer prices in years (we can’t be sure, but…): Wholesale marijuana, hemp oil prices fall nationwide amid growing supply of raw material.

And Ure will be making a supply run this morning.  Since CNBC tells us Grocery shoppers trade up from dried beans and rice to premium foods as Covid cases rise.

Our grocery cart will include four gallons of jug wine, back in stock.

And yes, a little Butterball since November of this year features  three (count ’em) turkeys.

Oh, and speaking of Turkeys and smoke (as we were):   Sorry to report that Greenberg’s Smoked Turkeys up in Tyler, Texas won’t meet all the demand this year due to an explosion that wrecked the plant this week.  They WILL be back in operation, says the owner next year, however.

Planning Ahead:

  • Peoplenomics:  George’s swing trading discussion on Peoplenomics.
  • Sunday Urban column on enclosing additional space with lean-tos.
  • On Ultra-Make This weekend:  What’s your “filament mileage?”

On that note, “A fiery cat with the speed of thought, a cloud of dust and a hearty “Time to put Feed Bag….”

Write when you get rich,

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64 thoughts on “Producer Prices and Then?”

  1. Speaking of shortages just about all ammo is gone as well as reloading components. I found some primers last night (no, not going to say where) that figured out to .15 each and was repelled by that price until my wife said she found some on MeWe for something like .37 each. It reminds me of the times I refused to pay more than $9/oz for silver on Ebay back in the 2000s. The usual places that are all out of stock have them listed, still, for about 2 to 3 cents each but they’re gone so ….

    Conspiracy? 2A is useless without ammo to feed the guns. Still plenty of those on the stores’ display cabinets. If you go to the range or back pasture start concentrating on hitting your target the FIRST time instead of going
    bangbangbangbangbangbangbangbangbangbangbangbangbangbang, etc.

    • I was just talking to someone in a govt position.. they were talking about the possibility of the six week mandatory shut down.. in January.. and the war powers act.. would they stop it all evoke marshal law and have the supply rations.. or keep the velocity of money up the way they did last spring.. sad to say if DJT had gone option one.. and caved a little with the broom rider.. this whole thing wouldn’t be an issue..
      people wouldn’t be feeling the stress of the shut down because the velocity of cash continued on its path.. and the dem’s would have felt like they still had some control.. the end result would still be the same just push the noodle along a bit further..
      depending on what they do.. so far its a toss up.. I have told the kids.. set in your supplies. and obviously I am not the only one since there was a run on toilet paper a short time ago..
      I still have a couple of wine making kits to pick up.. maybe three or four gallons of juice.. and some sugar LOL… then I will be set .. make a little drink a little..

      • Wine making. That’s a good idea, too. I’ve always looked at the cactus pare apples across the pasture and thinking about making wine with them. It has to age about a year to mitigate the cactus flavor but I’ve heard it can be pretty tasty. If worse came to worst, though, there’s always that thing you can do with the deer corn …. strictly for personal use, though.

      • Biden’s alleged infectious disease expert seems to be one of those pushing the six week martial law lock-down scenario for Covid-21. I asked a waitress at breakfast this morning what she thought of it. “That’s too long” she said. How many hours of talking heads would you have to listen to glean an equally profound summary?

        So it is beginning to appear that Biden’s plan after he takes office is to throw all the miserables who voted him in under the bus. Personally, I’m getting accustomed to being thrown under buses, but I would rather be rubbing bloody elbows with a better class of road kill than Biden supporters.

        No doubt that the FEMA camps will be put in service hastily to take care of any street freaks who don’t know the revolution is over, have failed to disappear back under their rock, and are good at dodging local buses. Meet the new boss, worse than the old.

      • Andy – Whoa! A Dillon 550. I’ve watched videos of those Rube Goldberg thing-a-ma-jigs and there’s a ton of stuff going on. I guess it’s great when you have it all set and are pumping out the rounds but how long does it take to swap between different loads and calibers? It’s bad enough with my little RCBS Rock Chucker changing things up between hollow points and round nose loads. Seating depths, powder amounts and sometimes case expansions all change with each load on one caliber. Don’t get me wrong, I love it and dreamed about having a Dillon long ago. It’s a much more constructive way to work off steam than Bourbon.

        I went ahead and sprung for the primers. In my view regardless of who gets in there’s too many reasons for things NOT to get back to normal in 6 months or so. Roughly speaking they came out to 21 ounces of silver. You can figure it out from there. They may turn out to be a better re-sale investment than PMs at this point in time.

    • With the chaos at the NRA this year (basically federal indictments for stealing NRA funds by those who control the NRA) the NRA was ABSENT from the election this year.

      For those of you old enough to remember it was the NRA push in 2000 that helped keep Gore, who wanted to ban oodles of rifle types and other guns, out of the Presidency.

      “IF” the NRA had been able to be active this year it “may” have had an impact in some of the wavering voters – you know the ones who voted downticket for Republicans but who in the Presidential race voted for Biden (LOTS of those Republican vote splitters in PA, particularly eastern PA – which is the only state so far I have paid attention to on this issue this year).

      Yep … the NRA was MIA for this election. I guess that is what happens when virtually your entire organization’s top leadership is under Federal Indictment and looking at potential LONG prison terms.

      • Y’know, I’d not thought about that this round but you’re right. I had seen the usual articles in my American Rifleman magazines but not heard that much about them getting involved politically this year. I wouldn’t doubt that was a big part of the motivation behind the N.Y. Attorney General going after them this time to slow them down as well. Not having the usual channels on the TV has slowed the propaganda flow coming into the house considerably. It’s just the Internet bringing news as we choose to view it on our terms.

      • The NRA showed their true colors when they failed to declare for Ron Paul in the primaries. He was the most pro 2A candidate ever seen. NRA told me they didn’t support candidates with a small chance of winning.

        Cancele. My membership the next day. The rest of you just kept donating into the pockets of management. And folks wonder why the country is having problems?

    • I need to learn this here “reloading thing…” Got a (literal) ton of lead laying around, which would be much more useful, cast as projectiles, than in its current state…

      • A friend does the casting thing. I’ve had him cast some .44’s for me but I haven’t loaded any as yet. I wanted to get on to .45 and .380 calibers to make sure I had what I needed. I’ve collected some lead tire weights and such over the years and gave that to him when I bought the mold and handles for him to use. I’ll get back to the .44 Spcl. loads a bit later. That caliber is a fun one to shoot.

        I am a bit more concerned about accuracy so I prefer to go with factory made slugs but you can only go so far with pistol rounds in this regard. My rifle rounds have proven to be pretty good once I got the powder and bullet weights figured out years ago for my .225 Winchester which is obsolete. I want to get loads developed for my other rifles at some point down the road. Keeping notes on each load helps even when your reloading activity is separated by years.

      • I don’t a ton of reloading. I had a Dillan 550 press. I probably made over 10,000 rounds on it? Who knows. I made a bunch that is for sure. I used to live by the Norpoint shooting range and when my ex wife was laid off she would go up there every day and shoot. Like 200 to 300 rounds a day. Lol. So I bought a press to save money on Amo.

        There used to be a place called Kesselring’s up in My Vernon. They got shut down I think for led in the environment. That place was awseome. They sold everything. Cannon fuse, Tripple F black powder all kinds of good stuff. Ha ha. There is where I got my press and then I ordered all the extra bells and whistles online.

        It’s a really fun hobby.

        Needless to say, we had a very cordial divorce. She was a better shot then me on pistol and I’m no slouch. Ha ha.

        I had the 9mm, .357, 40 and 45 dyes. I never reloaded shot gun or rifle. I know alot of dudes who do. I just bought 5 cases of .223 back then and 4 cases of .308. Super cheep. And shot gun Amo is super cheep. So I never saw the point in making my own.

      • I’ll tell ya what Ray. I’m partial to that M&P 15 for close range under 100 yards. However ain’t nothing like HK 91.

        I’m not a 9mm kinda guy. I did have an XD M 9mm that holds 19+1. A springfield armory kinda guy. The choice of brand of the US military in WWI, WWII, The Korean Conflict, Veitanam, Desert Storm and the first part of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.
        You can’t beat that kinda live action field testing. Almost 80 years with of War te testing. I shot 5000 rounds through my Springfield Tactical .45 and only had one jam. And I made the bullet that jammed. The military recently switched to Glocks . Im not a big fan of glock.

        I been wanting one these for a while. This whole handful of “F you!” PTR 91 PDWR .308 WIN PISTOL 8.5″ BBL. – H & K 91 Type W / 1-20 Round Mag
        I shot my buddies about a year abana half ago. That will put down a Grizz easy.

        That is hell of a piece. I’m very fond of the Hk91. .762 is always the better choice and that is a really really quality made rifle.

        As I always recommend upgrading all your pistols with a solid guide rod and a 22 on recoil spring over at wolf springs. Like a $20 upgrade and a 22 or 26lb recoil spring will make a .45 kick like a 9 and a 9 kick like a 22. The faster you are back on point? The better. That is by far the easiest and cheapst upgrade. It makes pulling the slide back the first time a little stiffer. But worth it. Waaaay waaaaaay less recoil.

        That you can get a titanium fire pin for about $60 online and everyone I ever installed I never had one miss fire. Unless it was a bad cap.

        I ain’t never understood the Kimber crowd. Most people who buy them don’t know how to shoot, sweep a house or do any tactical shit. Lol. Be better if they just got a meat grinder mossberg 12 guage. Blows wholes through sheet rock and you just have to point it in that general direction. Always cracks me up when I do some in home tactical training with friends and they think hiding around the corner on a sheet rock wall with the light on behind ya and your shadow sticking infront of ya like sign saying. Shoot here. Hahaha. .Or holding your hand around your wrist to shoot so the slide can cut off your thumb. You will only make that mistake once. Ha ha ha or leading with your pistol 5 mile out past where your walking around corners. If I’m around the corner I will just rip it out of your hand and beat ya with it. Lol. Or shoot ya through the sheetrock. Most people don’t think about stuff like that. All their tactical training they got watching Movies on the TV. Where bullets ricochet off lenolium floors. Ha ha ha ha.

        Anyway. Have a good day. I need to get busy. I am back on schedule.

      • I will tell ya what. After you shoot 5000 rounds through the same pistol. You don’t need those sites anymore. It just becomes an extension of your hand. I could go a year an a half with out fireing that pistol and still hit a bottle cap at 100 feet without using my sites.

        I used to incorporate “Dry firing” and draw every morning for 20 minutes as part of my morning meditation. Lol.

        Trust me on the wolf solid guide rod and larger lb spring. You will not regret the upgrade. For hella cheep. Every pistol I owned i shot it once with the standard 12-16 lb spring they come with then upgraded it and I makes a HUGE difference. For only $20. Shit Id probably be there number one salesman if I worked there. Ha ha ha ha.

      • @Andy:

        “PTR 91 PDWR .308”

        Nice lookin’ piece o’ work — Unobtanium, everywhere in the lower 48 right now.

        “I ain’t never understood the Kimber crowd”

        Fine guns, and well-engineered. They’re probably not as good, nor group as well as a (less-expensive) Wilson Tactical, and certainly not as robust as a (less-expensive) Glock or SIG, but years ago when you could buy a Springfield .45 1911 for $600, the Kimber was pushin’ 15 bills, so there’s a cachet about them that appeals to the snooty UMC crowd. Personally I don’t buy into that “you’re paying for the name” crap. I bought my Deere tractors for the reliability, not the name, and I bought used. I don’t care if a firearm looks like a total POS, as long as it does its job reliably and without fail. It’s a tool, but more-critical than most other tools, because when you need to use it, a failure could well cost you your life. That’s why I favor Glock and SIG. I hate the look of the Glock, but they’re like an AK or SKS in that you can drop one in a mud puddle, pick it out, and it’ll just flat work…

    • “Biden’s alleged infectious disease expert seems to be one of those pushing the six week martial law lock-down scenario for Covid-21. ”

      I think the reason why DJT didn’t go this route was he believes in free enterprise and wanted businesses to make the adjustments that were needed.. keep the chain the way it is.. but influence the links in the chain to be stronger…. let companies decide which direction they are to follow and keep america working and Strong…. the way I understand what has been written.. to seize the country the countries resources..industy, labor, housing,distribution etc.. we have to have the secretary of defense declare a national state of emergency..
      just a business model and a way to take total control.
      the way I understand it.. in that scenario industry buildings resources no matter who owns them can be commandeered for the benefit of the country..
      What better way than lets say SanFran… and all their homeless from the refugees to the executives shizting in the streets.. .. got a fifty story building a few empty houses. the homeless population has just been taken care of..
      the atlantic had a great article on this..
      I loved the part where the politico article said that at the present time poles said that only 3.4 percent of the population are favorable to democratic process, that the upper class has outpaced the wage earners and jobs are vacant for the hourly…. hmm interesting are they right.. I don’t know.. Its all a business model.. we already know from that hard drive what drives the family.. so if what I have read is true and you had total control and untouchable and you have access and control over all the industries of the country, the whole labor force, and distribution lines. to make a plant that would put it back in the loop and make is sustainable and competitive with the rest of the world…. what would you do to solve these issues.. when its all a business model.

      • The direction we and Europe is headed with the Covid crap is simply an excuse to shut everyone down in as near to martial law as they can get without troops deployed – but in the end it will be like Nazi Germany. If you can’t go to a venue of any kind without a shot, can’t access your bank account, can’t fly, etc. then it’s Mark of the Beast time in your face. Interesting times indeed!

      • the part that scares me.. is back when Obama and Biden were the powers in office… there was a big issue of Biden and people in cages..
        Fast forward to today and the hard drive that vanished and the report that there were thousands on photos and videos of torture and pedophilia and the thought.. how far does the apple fall from the tree.. do these issues coincide. So far the hard drive is gone the evidence is gone and the owner of the hard drive free to do what he wishes.. the USA went crazy building camps.. ( some say oh they aren’t there.. )
        EXECUTIVE ORDER 10990
        allows the government to take over all modes of transportation and control of highways and seaports.
        EXECUTIVE ORDER 10995
        allows the government to seize and control the communication media.
        EXECUTIVE ORDER 10997
        allows the government to take over all electrical power, gas, petroleum, fuels and minerals.
        EXECUTIVE ORDER 10998
        allows the government to seize all means of transportation, including personal cars, trucks or vehicles of any kind and total control over all highways, seaports, and waterways.
        EXECUTIVE ORDER 10999
        allows the government to take over all food resources and farms.
        EXECUTIVE ORDER 11000
        allows the government to mobilize civilians into work brigades under government supervision.
        EXECUTIVE ORDER 11001
        allows the government to take over all health, education and welfare functions. »»» Even SWAT Teams are Helpless Against This.
        EXECUTIVE ORDER 11002
        designates the Postmaster General to operate a national registration of all persons.
        EXECUTIVE ORDER 11003
        allows the government to take over all airports and aircraft, including commercial aircraft.
        11004 allows the Housing and Finance Authority to relocate communities, build new housing with public funds, designate areas to be abandoned, and establish new locations for populations.
        EXECUTIVE ORDER 11005
        allows the government to take over railroads, inland waterways and public storage facilities.
        EXECUTIVE ORDER 11051
        specifies the responsibility of the Office of Emergency Planning and gives authorization to put all Executive Orders into effect in times of increased international tensions and economic or financial crisis.
        EXECUTIVE ORDER 11310
        grants authority to the Department of Justice to enforce the plans set out in Executive Orders, to institute industrial support, to establish judicial and legislative liaison, to control all aliens, to operate penal and correctional institutions, and to advise and assist the President.
        EXECUTIVE ORDER 11049
        assigns emergency preparedness function to federal departments and agencies, consolidating 21 operative Executive Orders issued over a fifteen year period.
        EXECUTIVE ORDER 11921
        allows the Federal Emergency Preparedness Agency to develop plans to establish control over the mechanisms of production and distribution, of energy sources, wages, salaries, credit and the flow of money in U.S. financial institution in any undefined national emergency.
        It also provides that when a state of emergency is declared by the President, Congress cannot review the action for six months.
        National Security Act of 1947
        -allows for the strategic relocation of industries, services, government and other essential economic activities, and to rationalize the requirements for manpower, resources and production facilities.
        1950 Defense Production Act
        -gives the President sweeping powers over all aspects of the economy.
        Act of August 29, 1916
        -authorizes the Secretary of the Army, in time of war, to take possession of any transportation system for transporting troops, material, or any other purpose related to the emergency.
        International Emergency Economic Powers Act
        -enables the President to seize the property of a foreign country or national. These powers were transferred to FEMA in a sweeping consolidation in 1979.

        Now sit back.. and think about it.. If the country is in a state of Emergency under marshal law.. your view of the country crumbling.. the economy a shambles the dollar bill imploding, riots in the streets, people scared for their own safety., and you had those powers.. what would you do.. JB already said he plans on making the tax levies even.. no need for the wealthy to make that kind of money and not pay their fair share.. look at all the homeless and all the empty buildings.. clean up the streets.. make jobs.. give the middle class a job again.. hmm..
        Of course.. will any of this transpire.. or is it just fear of the unknown.. of what could be done..

  2. Get ready for lock down people! They will be locking everyone down in Feb according to some news sources. Get ready for mass starvation from this bear flu BS. So sad that people can’t see that this is coup to bring in the Great Reset.

  3. Shit dude, reading the future is easy compared doing all this website stuff. I can see the future most of the time just by breathing. Lol. Ohhhh myyyh gawd this is kicking my ass hahaha I can’t remember the last time I slept 8 hours in a row. I never need more than four. I laid yesterday to take an hour nap and woke 8 hours later. Thank you thank you thank you. Especially about my website not showing up on Microsoft Edge. I didn’t know that.

    Gobble gobble. Thats what she said. Hahahahahha

    I don’t have time for women. I am consumed in new venture.

    Off to the gym and do all the stuff you put on my list. I need to get that done before I go pick a fight. First things first.

    • Andy, go here:

      and download Amaya.

      Then go here:

      and bookmark the page.

      After you’ve got yer poo in a pile WRT running the page, use the Validator to find out where your page code is “bad,” then use Amaya to clean-up any bad code the blog-app will let you change. w3 is the World Wide Web consortium — the folks who set the standards by which the Web actually functions, and w3c is completely reliable.

      You should have a copy each of Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari on your computer, and periodically check your site with each, without being logged-in (also look at your site with a cellphone.) This lets you see what the vast majority of visitors will see, and clues you in on where they might have problems.

      To “run” any Webspace, whether a website or a blog, you have to understand there will be glitches and stay ahead of them. Note, when George’s sites tank or get screwy, the cause is either an Act of God, or a software update. He doesn’t brag, but US/PN is a popular webspace, and the way he keeps it so is by being proactive and staying ahead of the problems, as much as can be done…

      • Thanks Ray. George is helping me a ton. I will book mark that stuff. I appreciate all the help and insite. Bunches!

        Ya see, I know one thing from my studies that is a common occurrence since the recorded history of man. .

        Times such as these. When the world is in much stress and pressure. When the volume so to speak is great all over the world. When everyone is “feeling it”. That is when the Calderon hot as F and produces the “Gold ingots of men” such men as Tesla, Asa Candler, and men such as Budah, Krishna, Jesus. Socrates, Luther who all prodestant variations of Christianity comes from.
        People like Alxenader the great, Mlk, Ghandi etc etc And thrust them to the 4 dimension of existence.

        All of them produced when cauldron was Hot like it is now.

        I honestly think I can be one of them who produced in this rare season of Humanity. All I have to do is replicate the formula of Asa Candler. Not in his drink so to speak.. but using the same system of thought and method of genius.

        While most of the world is looking at 2020 like it’s a gigantic dung heap? I know it’s times like these that produce the men of legends. hopefully I can be included in that group.

        I had huge moment of doubt but George just pulled me out of that moment. I suppose that is normal to get into that mindset. I haven’t been there in a long long time. Thanks Ray and everyone. I appreciate you bunches. Moving forward.

        I sure do appreciate all the wisdom you Lady’s and gents give me day in and day out. Old people rule!

  4. I didn’t even know it was Friday the 13th until ya said so. Hahhahaha. That is my lucky day. Since I experienced 3 of my NDE’s on Friday the thirteenths. Ha ha ha.

    Faaacccckkkk! I feel like I got my donkey facing backwords behind my cart wearing my cowboy hat and I’m wearing the bridal, got my spurs on the front of my boots, my 6 shooter is laying in the mud next to my cart, While my team of horses is out in the field having sex with someone elses cows and goats. And I’m trying circle my wagon while the Indians are laughing too hard to put an arrow in me and raid my wagon train.

    Guess I’m not that smart after all.

    If ya follow my drift. Ha ha ha ha.

    • I don’t have any plans on experiencing another NDE today. But I didn’t have plans on it the last 8 times. Those big angel looking dudes on the other side were right short with me last time because I supposed to be here until 2080 at minimum then I jump to the Middle ages to straighten out shit there and start the rennesaunce.

      Which is happening all the same time. Because at the fractal layer we are what Seth said, “living many lives simultaneously” however they are experienced in “real time” as a singlular occurance. I do remember getting blown off a jeep after hitting mine in the Korean conflict last time and taking an Bronze sword to the side of the head from a Roman Legionnaire as they stormed my village in germany. Let let me tell ya. Taking a sword to the noggin sucks and not in a good way. I also remember living in an era where people were singing and trees formed into houses. Haven’t got a clue when that was. Could have been a fricken elf then for all I know. These are my first memories I still remember from when I was a year or so old. I thought they were just peculiar dreams and havent ever talked about them. I still remember all that. Apparently, I didn’t get enough of the amnesia stuff before I portaled into this life. I do know that some of the same people who are in my life were also in my life in varrying forms and roles then. It’s hard to explain. I also remember living on a planet where the sky was green and the plants were all red and there was a blue sun. Another, Earliest dream from when I was like 3 years old. It scared the hell out of me. My mother just discounted it as the wild imagination of a child. Except people were taking to each other boxes on that planet like cell phones and it was 1973 o. Earth where such a thing wouldn’t exit here until many years later. Lol

      Shit! now it’s snowing.

      Enough blah blah blah. I got work to do.
      Thank you so much dude!

      Serenityy NOW!

    • “WHAT??? You want a more “serious ‘tude on the 13th on a Fried-day?”

      LOL LOL

      There are lots of theories why Friday the 13th is considered unlucky, many of which have Biblical origins. Some say Eve bit the apple from the Tree of Knowledge on a Friday the 13th, resulting in she and Adam getting booted out of the Garden of Eden of course there aren’t any references to it in the old scriptures either…. Others say the Great Flood of Noah’s time began on a Friday the 13th. again.. there aren’t any scriptures that relate to that one either…There is also the fact that there were 13 people present at the Last Supper the day before Christ’s crucifixion but if you take a second count.. there were fourteen .. women weren’t counted in those days..
      Then my favorite one.. according to legend, the Knights Templar, a powerful religious order that served as early bankers for all sorts of powerful people, were arrested on Friday, Oct. 13, 1307. The arrests were done on the order of French King Philip IV, who wanted to get his hand on the Knights Templar’s cash (and avoid paying then back money he’d borrowed from them) Phillip accused the Templars of heresy and had some of the order were arrested and reportedly tortured.
      The date of those arrests – which were made dramatically more sinister as the years progressed – led to the link between evil and Friday the 13th.
      The more popular reason that the friday the 13 became unluck was according to a Templar legend, Grand Master Jacques de Molay was executed on Friday the 13th. De Molay cursed both the king and Pope Clement V at the time of his death and over time – after the curses apparently came to fruition after the king and the pope died – the day’s unlucky reputation grew. then there is the word…
      Someone who is afraid of Friday the 13th suffers from Friggatriskaidekaphobia now Andy I dare you.. go say that six times real fast LOL LOL

  5. Gratitude is the Attitude profoundly speaking this morn G-man.

    $16THOU Bitcoin – heading Higher, much Higher..ThankYou!

    30 THOU on the DOW – Thank You!

    Light on the SNARK, but still the best “temperature taker” on the internetz, and it is FREE! – Thank You!

    No REALLY – its FREE! How easy is that? Market pulse, Social pulse, No Political pulses, cause well the Living Dead dont have no Pulse..duhooh!

    Toss in some serious philosophic creation theory ( how to make shit/make shit work) – why its a cornucopia of really neat Information – not to mention really Interesting Comments – pure gravy! – Thank You

    And to the leftist libs, demonrats, prog dims & assorted other low lifes on the left, – Thank you..for showing me once again what moral less -evil action looks like.

    Litecoin 4 ALL!
    -but Nein BTC, transactions are getting expensive again, transaction time is slowing down – as more and more newbs get in on GENIUS.

    • Dude pick me up! I’m stuck on the hill and it’s snowing like a bitch outside. I got bald tires on my car, 400 hp and positive traction rear wheel drive. I don’t think the tires would make much difference. Lol.

      Alms… Almsssss for the poor prophet who is a struggling start up. Ommsssss ommmmsss for the middle age white dude trying to accomplish the possible in a world full of impossible people. Alms… Allmmmsss. Wish I could get a buisness loan as easy as an immigrant. Arrgggh.

      Ok, God willing. I won’t die today. Hahahahahahhaha! With that comes the winning attitude that, Anything is possible. As I wait like a damsel in distress for my roommate in her honda with snow tires to come rescue me on the hill.

      • Andy, it seems like you have a great summer car! I’d suggest a set of clip-on chains or real chains to carry if you’re in snow country – especially with RWD! You’re the driver – I’m sure you know that.

        You have a great website, but I won’t comment on any site using Disqus. The story about the crow and mouse gave me pause: – What IS an ethical way of dealing with mouse problems? Everything is part of God’s drama, and the “right” thing to do is often a moral challenge.

        I’m sure Zeus has an answer.

  6. “As we have said (seems like forever) Insanity is contagious and spread by social media.”

    Teenagers in this part of the world are playing a new game of chicken. They get a group together and lay on a major highway covered by a blanket. Points are given for how many in a group and how short a time they are able to throw off the blanket and run to the side of the road before a transport truck goes by. Bonus points if they can do it in the passing lane.

    • If this is true, it is wonderful news. I have always thought that killing off the stupid of the world is a true gift to humanity!

      True of the Covid vaccine as well. Please do roll up your sleeve when it becomes available to Americans. Btw, it looks like they are going to beta test the vaccine in third worlders first. It’s pretty easy to cover up large numbers of deaths in the third world. When do we ever get news from rural Africa or South America?

      • “If this is true, it is wonderful news. I have always thought that killing off the stupid of the world is a true gift to humanity!”

        The Bigger Question to contemplate Stephen… is.. who determines who the stupid are? and what are the age specifications?
        ( Have you been invited to go into the deep bunkers when the time arrives.. )
        Look at the Aides virus and the claim that it was spread throughout africa from a small pox vaccination.. and how fast it traveled across Africa after the small pox vaccination was given.. thirty percent of the population in one year.. did they mark which viles that were the infected and which ones weren’t.. the same thing with the Tuskegee experiments…Heck look at this covid..for Arguments sake if this was put out on purpose they have lost control of it..and the mutation of it is so fast that I seriously doubt they can come up with a vaccine for it specifically.. my guess is just like the other times they have experimented with releasing a biological . they don’t have control over it.. its not a thinking virus it moves at will..

    • saw people (and kids) last winter playing in the snow in emergency truck offramp. Darwin’s Law in action.

      • thats nothing…Jonathan… It was fifty below zero and forty mile an hour winds.. I had on my snow pants snow boots double socks of course..down filled coat my face mask my favorite winter gloves.. my urshanka hat.. ( yes an animal did sacrifice its fur for me)
        waking along the road.. when I seen a teenage kid.. shorts and socks on with flip flops sandals.. a sweatshirt and a thin coat and busy clearing snow off the sidewalk and driveway……
        At the time I was visiting with an acquaintance repeat contestant on Naked and Afraid.. and we were discussing the blizzard.. they were stuck in their car in it LOL and I said speaking of naked and afraid.. you won’t believe what I have in front of me LOL LOL LOL we both had a real laugh out of it..its called stupidity..

  7. As we have said (seems like forever) Insanity is contagious and spread by social media.
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

    The way I’ve heard it, for many, many years is:
    -Insanity is hereditory, you get it from your children.-


    • Well Bob.. it makes sense.. they aren’t driving.. so the road tax and gas tax isn’t being collected.. if they are an executive then they will more than likely deduct for a home office.. so it doesn’t surprise me at all..

    • Y’know, I’ve been wondering lately if, when we’re given an opportunity to be born into this life whether for the first time or the umpteenth, we can be born into any point in the timeline that provides the right influences for our growth as needed.

  8. Comrades,

    The Politburo has spoken! Mr. Xi has finally sent congratulations recognizing a Biden/Harris Election 2020 victory according to a BBC report.

    Remaining in the wings still to express congrats are Russia, Mexico, Brazil, and North Korea. The latter may take some time as according to Mr. Biden, Mr. Kim is a “thug” while the NK leader has past-described the new US president as “a fool of low IQ”.

  9. G -report from the wilds of Pennsyltucky and nearby environs..

    Local profets on the boobtube spewing about some lockdown information, supposed to drive my imagination, with FEAR, masking their intentions of Global Subjugation.
    Natural response to this insane nonsense ? re: driving POV w/mask on?!?!

    Run down to neighboring State(TaxFreeShopping) super liquor store!
    Case of Six – 1.75 Liter Jim Bean Bourbon@ $161.94 or $26.99 per bottle of “mothers milk”
    A bottle 23 yr old Zacapa rum/Guatamala – thanx Santa! $48.99 “grandmothers milk”
    A bottle of 19 Crimes Snoop Cali red – $10.99
    A couple 4 packs of Ginger Beer – cause Santa is feeling “muley” -$6.99/7.99

    Sunday hunting is now Cool in Pennsyltucky..Yay!

    Sundayz will now be called KillaCrowdayz around these deplorable parts – like bankers, they eat others’ babies..’say hello to my little friend Hatsan PCP bullpup .25 cal”..cawcaw -pfffft-pop&poof go the feathers

    • Eastcoast,love those PCP, but I got no crows, cry cry,,starlings are getting rare in my neighborhood, cats eat well on collared doves,80yr old neighbor lady and ask me to remove shit birds from her feeders,,pop poof,,pop poof, so quiet and accurate, makes me smile. 22cal Kozak compact slowed down to 670 ft/sec for yard and garden pesting. I got the 25 cal with a Donny/wink wink also for furry pests
      for the unknowing,,,PCP

  10. Ahh well calmed down now George. Watching Augusta nothing wrong . Especially when I’m on DJ and the Ozzie up the road in Brisbane. Got 250/1 the Ozzie . He is tough good operative. Gotta be in the global gulag. Must say Covid , the flu , is getting very serious. Genetic culling

  11. elon musk has subscribed to prechter . an Elliot waver . old pisspot Elliot was . now anointed new world sage tested positive negative positive negative to the flu in one day .must be worth billions to tesla . wont need anymore government money

  12. damn finally dawned on me . I was in Washington in 2012 with family . just been to Lincoln memorial and walked across to the Vietnam wall . said to wife hey take a photo of me sticking figure up nose of that eagle on top of Eccles building .. mafia hideout . she did that then we needed cab . saw one ,guy was standing looking at FED stalag the driver . after leaving said mate why do you stare at that sheet . he said one day im gunna be in charge and im gunna be the most famous remembered one yet . I said that’s great mate maybe the last

  13. I was thinking about that guruturd McClellan. About el bullsheeto stuff Mother Nature laughing at him .old salty moriarty at his car yard has a Nicola kontratieff salesman !!! The father of long wave economics plagiarised!! Do anything to sell the FED . Ahh old salty bob full of guru

  14. Comrades,

    Bloomberg had a report about The Lincoln Project, oft-extolled by our esteemed Mark, trolling Mr. Trump’s lawyers on Twitter such that they dropped out of taking on the Pennsylvania election challenge action. Here are remnants of the tweet:

    One respondent offers a sarcastic observation that while the Russians could co-opt the 2016 election, the 2020 election was beyond reproach and could not be thrown.

    Actually, The Lincoln Project itself lathers up quite a soap opera on Wikipedia. The wife of one of its founders was a Counsellor to Mr. Trump until this past August who grabbled with fame early by unleashing fisticuffs at the 45th presidency inauguration party. Her TikTok influencer daughter described the president as a bad person, and the vp – uncle to her mother’s cousin – as a closeted homosexual. When the president complimented the Counselor’s spouse on being a loser and husband from hell, she responded separately that the president should not have replied to taunts of mental disorder because her husband was not a medical professional in psychiatry.

    Hopefully Mark will keep us in the loop if and when The Lincoln Project decides to shoot itself in the foot again.

  15. I’ll say two things, which you will never post, George.

    Treating/reporting on government stats like they mean something is psychotic.

    And secondly, if you do not see UNIFORMED law enforcement as a source for weapons and ammo when things get tough, you will quite likely not survive what is coming.

    Anybody who invests in firearms that do not use the most common ammo of government agencies is just a gun nut, not a prepper.

    Don’t worry about a lockdown, worry about the government declaring anyone a criminal who possesses more than 2 weeks of food and who does not turn in the excess.

    • Ha! He fooled you… ;-)

      Some years ago, the government did just that, then reversed the declaration when PR got slammed and it was suddenly obvious 2-weeks worth wasn’t enough. If you can go wayback, you’ll see both the declaration, and the policy reversal on the DHS website.

      • And when all the folks who just stocked up to 2 weeks of provisions last spring suddenly realize that 6+ weeks is going to probably be required to get through this winter and spring then you can expect the Mother of All Food Panics to hit.
        We need a catchy acronym for science & doctor guys who never took courses in economics, since they are likely to be in charge by February.

        • Forensically Undereducated Crafters of Knowledge Hidden Elaborately (from) American (the) Democracy

          I should never zip wokda and vrite. Maybe I’m a mathematician who’s got and “average mean” streak, ya tink?

      • I like G____’s new acronym. Funny, I had already started using that for the group in question before I understood it’s true elaborately hidden meaning. Now I can feel more intellectual when I use it.

      • “average mean”
        average average
        average definition
        average ornery,,,bingo
        Forensically Undereducated Crafters of Knowledge Hidden Elaborately (from) American (the) Democracy,,,Society, ya forgot the S,,just roof reading for you.
        I don’t drink but I’ve heard Tito’s is smooth as honey dew vine water, but I have drank a lot of plain vine water in my time, made my head hurt

  16. OMFG… it’s 4 AM Monday morning and I’m playin’ ketchup with Ure comments section and I just LITERALLY LOL… for 5 minutes. The “Reply” button is not visible to me using Ads Killer Plus on Google Chrome …up to date
    Version 86.0.4240.198 (Official Build) (64-bit) so not sure where this’ll show up re:

    “Forensically Undereducated Crafters of Knowledge Hidden Elaborately (from) American (the) Democracy”

    I just poured my second Rusty Nail with Grangestone 12 yr Single Malt

    (’cause last month I converted > $1K USD to liquid, next week I open MACALLAN)

    Your humor on those “Head” a-holes is MOST under-appreciated.

    When I retired in ’17 I converted $10K USD cash into “tools” to throw 9mm & .45ACP downrange (I’ve since donated to sons-in-laws several), also converted $10K USD cash into 5K+ rds of every usual calbr ammo. (which at today’s prices is a 5x return :-) … enjoying reading Ray’s woe’s on availability…since I have more than I’ll ever use (may barter in 2025)… Read a few years ago that street price for pistols in Australia after they successfully outlawed ’em was in excess of $35K, so average price on 50+/ea of cost < $350 seemed reasonable.
    Can't believe Bill just spent 25 oz of silver on JUST PRIMERS for my cost of .45ACP.

    I'm obviously inebriated, so sound a lot like Len from 'down under'. Len, Look at LT CHART of Nikkei 1997. "shorts can absof*cking KILL YA"

    I was in Viet Nam in Tet offensive of '68. Don't come to my door with a Vaccination needle. My Colt AR 15 ser no. is less < 07500 and I still have ALL the 1,000 brass shells EVER used in it… –) one day worth somethin'?

    so with 5K rds… what's this worth today?

    my creds? 1970 own company in TX, '74 recession drove me to MLPF&S registered rep. Prechter and I same mentor (Bob… Hmmm Farrell, Prechter, Oanon ?)

    He screwed me out of $20 million in '87, but I'm a happy family man today. When you accept that a criminal mafia is in control of the financial world (and US Govt.) today you may survive the future.

    Maybe most importantly… A_dy, I pointed out Tom's Big TOE to ya. Still debating a trip north to chat. Could 36K be NASDAQ?

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