DDT (Data Dense Thursday) & ToT (Turn On Trump?)

Short – and Hopeful

Big Picture stuff first, then data:  As we advised our Peoplenomics.com subscribers Wednesday, there is still a case for the markets to move higher into early next spring.  Sell-In-May Ultimate Edition.

We have a template for such a possible final blow-off:  1929’s final thrust lasted 91-trading days from final pre-peak.  We don’t know (yet) if  the
‘final low before ATH” is ahead or behind, now.

My pure Bearish nature suspects one more low before final launch.  Not advice, but projecting a drawdown of markets to  S&P 3,000 level before New Years.  This would set-the-table for a 91-day Miracle Rally. Through April 2021.

That would be marvelous “frosting on the cake.”  It could then end with the Chinese Reunification with Taiwan and the (real) Wave II of Coronavirus.  Which, in turn (with perhaps some ‘off-stage help’) could be twice as bad as the present mutations.  We look to dead minks and Danish courts for guidance along with other potential mutation incubators. (Minkubators?)

The reasoning for my going short for a few hours was simple:  Long-ago I came up with a simple way to become fabulously wealthy but it requires too much actual work.  Still, when I  don’t use my technique, I can drop 10-large faster than anyone.  To keep sharp, sniping for lunch money is useful.

The idea behind my irrational approach is simple:  Make 1% gains – if possible – dozens of times per year.  Law of large numbers thing.  That one way the “Texas Hold-Em ” inclined gambler can mathematically stay “in the game.”

Since 1% intraday price moves are all over the place, the idea is to harvest a ton of these.  It helps, of course, to be directionally agnostic.  Playing video poker is, in my humble, one of the best short-term trading trainers out there.  It’s less about “the market” (or the ‘deal’ of ‘shuffle’ so much as the money management decision-points.

Call it a casino – and not “investing”  – and play it like poker.  The real assets of life are not the ones on paper.

ToT: Powell’s Resume Day?

Might he Turn-On-Trump?  Keep a close eye on Fed boss J. Powell in coming weeks.  Like the talk he’ll be giving this morning.

Powell’s exactly right (and we figure with coaching from Ben Bernanke at  Brookings) what America needs is  jobs.

That  ought to harmonize with the Biden Commissariat, but you never know.  Powell’s got his Fed term to 2022, but Biden – or  more specifically Harris – might want more “Made Up Money” than even what the Fed has printed so far.

Thing about long-term economics is there’s got to be mass destruction of savings to “fertilize” the next long wave of growth.  Still hasn’t happened yet, in our view.  The analog to the Tech Wreck’s $5-8 trillion hasn’t vanished, the similarly large collapse in real estate values of 2009 hasn’t happened either.

So we find ourselves wondering if  killing off small businesses will be the “deal” in 2021.  

Powell’s “resume problem” is that he can probably see (as clearly as us) than with no stimulus yet (and none likely till Feb. 1 or after) tens of thousands of businesses will be shuttering.

As we see it, and in Elliottesque terms, we had Job Collapse Wave 1 down in spring 2020 with Lockdowns.  We have been in a Wave 2 job rally (easing of lockdowns).  Which means with (new/fresh) Lockdowns ahead, Wave 3 down of jobs ought to become clear.

I think Powell sees it.  But since Biden’s not running the new administration’s econometrics (and people like Kelton, Warren, and Sanders will hold sway) Powell may have an incentive to “Turn on Trump” a bit in  order to fix what’s really broken in America.


So, The Jobs Picture

Here’s more evidence that Jobs has been in a Wave 2 rally in the weekly unemployment filings:

In the week ending November 7, the advance figure for seasonally adjusted initial claims was 709,000, a decrease of 48,000 from the previous week’s revised level. The previous week’s level was revised up by 6,000 from 751,000 to 757,000. The 4-week moving average was 755,250, a decrease of 33,250 from the previous week’s revised average. The previous week’s average was revised up by 1,500 from 787,000 to 788,500.

When these begin to click up again, it will mean the start of Jobs Down Wave 3.  And with it – possibly the market will follow.  After all, we have seen some linkage between Jobs and Markets already.

Dow futures earlier were down  almost 200 points.  But part of that (as we mutter till blue in the face) is likely due to dollar strength.  When the strength of the dollar vis-a-vis other currencies goes up?  It means it take “fewer dollars” to buy the Dow or any other notional.  Which makes it look cheaper.  In other words, down.

If the dollar  remains strong, it could stop BTC’s run at $16,000.  There’s a fair bit of “slop” in how financial gearing works.  Totally out of tolerance for machinists and Technocracy believers alike.  Whether that’s crookery or merely a side-effect of Greed, or grease?  Harder call…

Now to CPI Data

The Biggie is – of course – the Consumer Price Index report just out:

The Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers (CPI-U) was unchanged in October on a seasonally adjusted basis after rising 0.2 percent in September, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Over the last 12 months, the all items index increased 1.2 percent before seasonal adjustment.
Component indexes were mixed, with many offsetting increases and decreases. The food index rose 0.2 percent, with the food away from home index increasing by 0.3 percent and a smaller 0.1-percent rise in the food at home index. The energy index rose 0.1 percent in October as the index for electricity increased 1.2 percent. 

A couple of discussion points:

  • A bit of hyppy talk on the financial channels, so it’s cast as not the end of the world.
  • The long-term trend looks like this:

But, we have to wonder what will happen to the Housing component when the eviction time-out ends?  And if Energy prices start to rise…

While We’re Waiting…

…to roll with “Daytrader catching falling knives”  other events pale in comparison to money.  These rivet our attention:

Whatever happened to the Ant Group IPO? Jack Ma’s stalled IPO is about more than Beijing saving face.”  Wasn’t there an early rock song foretelling of this?  “Ma, Ma, oo Mao, Mao, Ma, Ma, oo Mao, Mao…”  (I still “hear this song everywhere I go…”)  

[Decoder Ring for Children under 60: PapaOom-Mow-Mow” is a novelty nonsensical doo-wop song by the Rivingtons in 1962. It peaked at number 48 on the Billboard Hot 100.”  You thinking someone didn’t take his meds this morning?]

Marking time to Reunification of TaiwanTrolls Get Creative After WHO Censors Taiwan.”  We’re secretly “Winnie the Ping” fans.

Pardon Us for Asking:  As  Time rolls with “Donald Trump Couldn’t Be Prosecuted in Office. What Happens When He Leaves?”  Ure is wondering if a sitting President can –  you knowPardon Himself?  I mean “Excuse Me” is already in  common law or use isn’t it?

The Battle for New York is Over.  Texas seems to be a Contender.  “Nasdaq, Other Trading Exchanges to Meet With Gov. Abbott.”  Just so,  Grasshopper.   If George won’t move to the Mountain, the Mountains will have to move here, then…. (taken ’em long enough…)

The downside to all this is I’ve seen it all coming, though you may not remember it.  But, here’s “the deal” from the memory banks.

Ure has a Flashback

Long ago – like when we bought our initially little 12.82 acre slice in 2003 (later added adjoining land to it) I told you I  loved everything about Palestine, Texas – EXCEPT the name.  Our closest analog to the Gaza Strip is the Mexico border and that’s 350-miles away.

I proposed (though no one took me seriously) that we rename both the City of Palestine and Anderson County Texas.

I would have  renamed the city Tomorrow, Texas.  (And as the markets meeting with Abbott shows, that would have been a prescient name, indeed.)

“Anderson County?”  We would have renamed it  Maybe County. As in  “Where do you live?”  “Maybe.”

Such that when all spliced together the brutal Truth of the Future would become clear to all:  Tomorrow Maybe Texas.  Playing in a world near you sooner than you might think.  You go, Greg!

Around the Ranch

Quiet and peaceful-like around here.  The whisper of breezes in the tall pines and the soft hum of the 3D printers…

Zeus the Cat has tired of sleeping in the armoire in our bedroom.  (Zeke pushed some of my shoes out to make a nest for himself.)  After figuring out that sleeping in the middle of the doorway between the master BDR and bath was a “free kick zone” he moved into the walk-in shower next.  We’re not sure where his next hideout will be.

The Route(r) to Happiness

Sign-making projects loom around here – maybe for next week. 

The sign on our front fence was dinged by the garbage truck turning around (they also nailed the mailbox, though on a different day – nice of ’em to spread the damage around).  Split as it is, time to do something a little different…a new sign is in order.  Rebranding opportunities galore!

I’ve come to consider my personal Wealth to be defined by the number of routers I own.

  • Two DSL routers
  • A ViaSat router
  • Formica 1/4″ trim router
  • A Bosch 1/2″ 300 HP grown-up router
  • A Bosche  “Pony ” router for sign-making
  • Dremel router (attachment) for the real detail work

This latter is seldom used – I detest details, if’n ya’ll hadn’t noticed!

Signs are a lot of fun.  People take visual cuing easily, too.  Think of the role of signage at Disney World, for example. How would you know it was a Haunted House?  Sign sez so…  Though even the nature of human visual prompting is changing.  Everything else has slipped the moorings, so why not?

Why, we’re so old that we remember when a sign reading “Women” on a door would keep all men out.  Now, signs like that are becoming the basis for lawsuits.  Says something about the direction of  visual cuing in society, but it’s coincident to the collapse of fashion into blah-dom as well.

‘Nuff musings… 4,000 words (and that’s just the project list) plus 5-actual projects and a video call to do before martinis.

Write when you get Rich (or if Rich gets you, for that matter),


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78 thoughts on “DDT (Data Dense Thursday) & ToT (Turn On Trump?)”

  1. George and Everyone

    “Might he Turn-On-Trump? ”

    Now is perhaps the most critical time in American history and World history!

    Now is the time for deep prayer and meditation on keeping President Trump in office. Our country and freedoms depend on it.

    If you don’t pray than you can use the Law Of Attraction to achieve that result. I have used it many time and it works.

    You visualize what you want to happen. You see it in your minds as if it has already happened. You must have a strong emotional link to it happening for it to happen. The Universe is triggered by this emotion.

    When I was a young man in boot camp I saw a Sargent wearing a Misslemans Badge and I wanted to earn such a badge. I dwelled on this idea all through boot camp. A year and a half latter I proudly wore that badge on my Missile Combat Crew uniform.

    Several years later after collage I wanted a job in the Space Program. I had a strong emotional need to do that work. The universe found a way to put me in that work which lasted twenty years.

    After that I wanted to work in Silicon Valley and again dwelt on it. I saw myself there and doing the work. Again the universe found a way and I worked in the heart of Silicon Valley for two years.

    When that played out I wanted to go back to my old job in the Space Program. A friend in that program called and said that many positions were open due to hurricane Katrina and would I like to come back. I went back.

    Ladies and Gentlemen The Law Of Attraction works. It requires the use of emotion to trigger the actions.

    If you don’t want your country destroyed dwell on President Trump being Inaugurated in January 2021 !

    That is all.

    • Rocket Mike,
      In case you haven’t noticed…in the words of the Orange one…
      Biden won YUUGE. The most votes in the history of America. Nobody has ever had more votes. Biden had more votes…the likes we have never seen before. There has never been an election like this before…people from all over the world ask Biden…How did you do it? We have never seen anything like it. It was a landslide victory. People are saying they have never seen a victory like this before.

      Get the picture Rocket Mike? Your braggart man crush LOST…He LOST BY 5.2 million votes that WILL NOT be overturned and the count is growing everyday.

      Our country will not be destroyed. I am on panel of experts here in the Silicon Valley( The Valley that you foolishly left. Just think how incredibly rich you would be if you stayed…just in house equity alone) This panel is charged because the prospects for us are going to grow exponentially. And the good news for the rest of the country is that the increased jobs will be so dramatic, that they will have to source those jobs in other states. Tesla is doing that already in Austin…while still growing it’s footprint in California with 6,000 employed here in Tesla, 12,243 by Solar City, 6,000 by Space X. Rivian, another San Jose based electric car company will also look to expand their facilities in other states…Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Apple, HP, Netflix, Intel, AMD, Nvidia,Salesforce, Arista Networks, Zoom, Oracle and more will be adding jobs in other states as the need for technology will increase dramatically. It starts here in California and will expand in a State near you. Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality etc is based here, but will more than likely utilize available workforce’s in other states to speed the wealth and utilize local loyalty around the country to grow market share. The old car manufacturing model. Where you make it, they will buy it.

      Dude.. you all need to get a grip. Presidents don’t matter…Attitude does however. And the attitude of the Orange one was just enough to bring us down from a mindset standpoint…I am so glad he is gone, gone, gone…Nothing can stop us now that we have someone that doesn’t call people names and have a conspiracy theory every two seconds. The sh*t show is over

      • Marky

        Did not Ure mother not raise you right ? Did you not know Stealing is Wrong? oh thats right Ure leftist RE agent, my bad duhoooh !

        Consider Dominion voting machines – the ones Used in 8 Swing State Elections – officially questioned and found corrupt and and easily corruptable back in 2000.

        Results from these machines Will be Overturned, just Dominion results – not even talking the Mail In Fraud.

        Clowns cant even steal an Election with ALL of the Media, All of Deep State, Majority of EU countries, demonrats Workingtogether to pull it off?
        Now U know why they are called clowns over at cia.

        Dominion is directly connected to Clinton Global Initiative, and Ure fav humanitarian grigory soreass. Nice try clowns..

        So solly cholly, time to change the lightbulb..

      • Presidents don’t matter until your son or daughter is sent to a third world country to fight in some meaningless conflict… Did Trump pee in your Cheerios? I am honestly curious what policy did Trump get in place that made you so hate him? Please don’t respond with what people say about Trump, but what has he actually done? I don’t have any respect for the man personally. His personal life was awful and his ego is outrageous, but no national politician earns much personal respect. Hillary was clearly corrupt and Biden has been in power for 40 years and pushed many disastrous policies and is a warmonger.

        We will see if California continues its amazing growth. Its high taxes, regulation, pension policies, energy costs and hatred of individual freedom is driving many entrepreneurs out. Even Telsa and SpaceX have not built new facilities there, but in Texas. But this is what happens when areas become fully under democratic control. Those politicians make areas under their exclusive control unlivable over time.


        The department said then that more people left California between July 2018 and July 2019 for the first time since the 2010 census, leading to the state’s slowest recorded growth rate since 1900.

      • Biden didn’t “win big” he “cheated big” as is in the process of being demonstrated across the country. And he knew the fix was in and that he could just stay in his basement and “coast to victory”….sorry it didn’t happen.
        You’re the one who needs to “get a grip”, Mark.

    • “When I was a young man in boot camp I saw a Sargent wearing a Misslemans Badge and I wanted to earn such a badge. I dwelled on this idea all through boot camp. A year and a half latter I proudly wore that badge on my Missile Combat Crew uniform.”

      That brings back some hilarious random stories from the military LOL LOL LOL LOL we use to go and get new recruits to do outlandish things back in the day we did a lot of funny things in the military. it backfired a couple of times though.. one was go get a gallon of prop wash and don’t come back until you get it.. the kid takes off and doesn’t come back for several days.. he was going to be listed as awol.. he shows up with a pint of propwash… and says I looked everywhere all i could get is a pint…LOL.. LOL LOL the base general ordered a new car.. but we needed a refrigeration unit really bad for our building.. so our team leader.. LOL. LOL decided that we could trade .. LOL LOL so the trade was made.. the numbers were changed the car was detailed and painted and the new car got the old numbers and was traded for the refrigeration unit.. the general got in the same old car he had been riding in.. and had this puzzled look.. the driver said I know with the damned military every thing looks the same.. LOL LOL LOL
      once the general wanted a rose garden.. the air force was building a new officers club.. LOL LOL so a detail was to go get the materials off of a construction site on another base LOL LOL LOL out we go.. loading up the base police stopped by and asked what do you guys think your doing.. oh just off loading some of the crap the general wanted us to get rid of.. well pick that shizt up and get it off of our base . We loaded the whole thing up and off we went.. the generals greenhouse was built LOL LOL LOL..
      I went out taking pictures of the flower garden around the presidents helo pad. i was picked up.. they confiscated my camera etc.. I am in jail and they called my boss because he was the one that was on the list to be contacted.. he tells them he can’t his guy was out for lunch.. then he said.. what did this guy say he was doing.. well give him the damned camera and send him back .. he is the one that will be doing the processing of it.. LOL…
      Now the base I was on was pretty secured.. there was a guy that came in to get his picture taken.. got it taken and then a new recruit said.. this isn’t right.. he was suppose to be a british officer.. the uniform had several different uniforms and insignia’s all blended in together.. now he got by and went down hallways and through a tour of some of the secured area’s.. LOL LOL.. and it was a recruit fresh out of bootcamp that noticed it..
      they had done an arial of DC and area.. we wanted to print up a huge picture of the dc it was awesome.. they said no way that photo was classified..our arguement was.. but we are locked in a classified building whos going to see but us…. well if you can get one from someplace else.. you can frame it and put it up.. off went the letter.. back comes this beautiful thirty by forty picture of DC and area and all the facilities clearly marked a better picture than the one we had on file.. some of which none of us knew existed LOL LOL LOL LOL we were allowed to get it framed and hung on the wall.
      then my favorite story the bubble wrapped jet.. didn’t happen on my watch but someone elses LOL… the jet needed a fuel line.. nope can’t get one.. what is the next thing up a wing.. nope don’t have one.. what is the next thing up.. a new jet.. but you have to have it ready for transfer.. so the jet had to be bubble wrapped.. the base comander came on the next morning to see the fighter jet all bubble wrapped came unglued.. until the truck came with a crane to pick up the old one for the transfer.. LOL LOL LOL those were the days…

    • “Now is the time for deep prayer and meditation on keeping President Trump in office. Our country and freedoms depend on it.”

      BOY do I agree.. unfortunately.. the term is up for Trump.. we now have to face what the opposition has planned for us..
      If I could afford to do it.. I would move preferably to canada although I know a couple that moved south.. unfortunately I am like the vast majority of those in the country.. I have to stay and accept the outcome and decisions of those in power..
      If it follows the history of other countries then there will be a military intervention at some point to gain control over the people..

  2. my question is ,,where does one put his money, if one believes that the electoral college will select Trump for a 2nd term,,
    a little peter paul & mary, if I had a HAMMR
    Question #2: why do all the ballots from dead people, only select Biden? brain dead
    Question #3: what is the difference between a tool and a weapon? intent and use of

  3. Sorry to say (admit?) — Trump lost, “fair & square.”
    At least as fair as American elections have ever been.
    Always been SOME cheating. American as apple pie.

    But, I predict, it will turn out longer-term (If the Republic survives at all) to be a huge stimulus for Deep Comprehensive Election System Reform.

    See, even stupid (fill in a “Ds” or an “Rs” to suit your bias) will eventually perceive that ANY human-manipulated system can easily be seduced and corrupted.

    It will come to appear to all that truly fair and accurate lections are really in everybody’s best interests.

    It won’t be easy but it CAN be done.

    When the “wrong” people have the levers of power, anything you build biased “your” way will be used against you when the pendulum swings in”their” favor. (Ask Harry Reid about that.)

    Trump’s Gift to America is that stimulus.

    • Simpletons like us, Wm, figure if the bank can keep track of every penny and report it to IRS, why can’t we just vote like – and where – we bank?
      If they can’t lose a penny, could they lose a politician?
      (A cloud of Kush as Ure wanders off into the cloud of incomplete and unformed thoughts…)

      • hmm good question George…

        “if the bank can keep track of every penny and report it to IRS, why can’t we just vote like – and where – we bank?”

        The bank is really good at it but Because the bank has had issues in the past.. I am anal about the check book.. and quit using quicken because they handle all your banking on their servers in another country.. when the program quit having the ability to keep accurate records I quit using it.. My concern was.. what if there was someone not to honest on their servers controlling the bank account a few pennies spread out over hundreds of millions of people could make for a potential HB fundraising campaign..

      • I have to agree with George! The only reason we don’t have an open source, validated, hardened, checksummed and possibly blockchained single election software is intent! SpaceX is able to land two boosters simultaneously using software that has absolutely no room for error. An election system is simply bean counting. Such a system, with physical security such as vetted observers and proof of CITIZENSHIP, along with residency, would go a long way toward having an election that real people could trust. Providing for competing media without censorship or monopoly power would help too.

        It’s not rocket science!

      • Question: What is the difference between putting money in bank and voting?

        Answer: Banks are audited and elections aren’t.

      • “Simpletons like us, Wm,”

        The problem is.. just like I overheard the Senator tell another candidate..” they are all dumb as sheep and will believe anything you tell them”
        He was right.. the way the elections are set up are ripe for ballot manipulation.. first you have the ballots that can be added or taken out from.. then you have the machines that are basically owned by one of those that loves to manipulate elections for his own gain.. then if all of that fails.. we have the electoral vote where the rules have been changed so that the voters can change their vote if they so choose.. pick it apart and it doesn’t matter..
        what was it George Carlin had to say…
        bet you haven’t heard a word about that hard drive and all the corruption either have you.. its now buried and justified …

      • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qDO6HV6xTmI

        Hahahahaha…. LOL now I do love george carlin..
        It is like the hanging judge.. he only hung what two people.. but is well known till this day.. why.. He made it a party.. they had a carnival and popcorn hot dogs.. and everybody came to watch..
        then you have shanghi.. and their caning.. they have zero crime.. why.. because one being caned rather than imprisoned is painful but what is even more painful is having it done in the MALL big white pillows your pearly whites showing or your chocolate browns.. and smack.. now what DUI person would want to pay a fine then get his azz smacked in front of everyone.. for the really rotten and bad people we do have NAFTA.. outsource send them to a turkish prison or a mexican prison.. chinese.. prison.. with a proof of life clause once a year..

    • Ure Vote = Ure Compliance

      – If Ure Vote EVER really counted – U would Never be allowed to Vote .

      No worries – Ure “prison rations” will be sent out soonly – cant keep up this FFF (Fake Financial Facade) much longer without some more juice.

      Sure! the “Warden” will be cool with a new, UnControllable, Voting System for the Prisoners..

      bet you got a vaccine , that is 90% effective on 50% of test subjects with Lowest level of covert19 classification infection, that has to be stored at-94 degrees and requires at least 2 injections, that U want everyone to take – wont be easy..

    • “It won’t be easy but it CAN be done.”

      Boy you got me William.. I sure can’t see how it could ever be made honest.. its like a drawing.. how often does it happen that a store has a drawing and someone wants what they are giving away.. so they stuff the box.. crinkle the slip so it takes up more room.. etc..
      I had a friend that worked at the bingo hall.. she said one time.. hey come on down I will make sure you win a couple.. what.. oh yeah they do it all the time.. family members of the bingo hall come down and to make sure they made money they would get them to win the big prizes.. so I went down and sure enough I won three hands right off.. slot machines are set up to pay out a percentage of the take.. so how could a person make an election honest.. hell I wouldn’t be surprised if Honest ABE voted LOL or Thomas Jefferson.. LOL LOL LOL… and unfortunately you won’t ever know because it would take how long to go through every single ballot.. so let it be and enjoy the new president..

      • LOOB, please see my comment above. Honest people CAN run honest elections if there’s the political will. The technology is there, and it’s certainly possible to keep the source open, examined, and crosschecked by any interested party. Real stubs that the voter can take with him could allow his vote to be validated after the fact without compromising secrecy. The key is to have knowledgeable people who are actually and impartially honest run the show, and make it very difficult if not impossible to change the tech or software after validation.

        It really is about political will! I’d rather have an honest election and lose than have a corrupted one win for me. For better or worse, the majority of people get the government that they deserve.

      • Several things can be done IF everyone is willing to be honest and fair.
        Multiple confirming IDs upon registration IN ADVANCE with ONLY absentee ballots for a FEW specific reasons — illness or incapacitation, or foreign service of some defined and certified sort. Mass “mail-in” votes eliminated.

        Elections take place ONLY on Election Day — NO “early voting.” As some products are held in bonded warehouses, absentee votes could be counted as they come in and embargoed as to result till election day.

        ZERO “out-of-state” financing for senators or congressmen. The simple rule being, “if YOU can’t PRSONALLY vote for an office candidate, as in he’s in your district, you can’t contribute to his campaign fund. Also: ZERO corporate or PAC money. Individual voters only. …AND, True Voters ONLY. “If’n ya can’t VOTE for him, ya can’t DONATE to him.

        This reduces the influence of “outside” money, and keeps the candidate beholden to them’s as actually votes for him, ONLY.

        There’s more, but it can be done if everybody agrees to an honest system

      • “Real stubs that the voter can take with him could allow his vote to be validated after the fact without compromising secrecy. ”

        I don’t know about everywhere else but around here.. when I go in show my identification.. they put me down on the sheet and the ballot number that they hand me..
        for mail in ballots I am not sure exactly how that is done…. ..
        MY drivers license.. almost thirty years ago now.. a guy I worked for went in and bought a product.. a couple weeks later he gets a thank you card for buying a new expensive card.. he says hey look at this.. those idiots sent me a thank you card.. I said you had better check it out..
        several months later he gets a call at the plant.. what kind of insurance did he put on his other new car.. I didn’t buy one.. oh yes you did on your birthday .. anyway someone had taken his identity and had loans and credit cards etc. everywhere..
        Now back to my drivers license.. I was talking to someone else about this incident and he said oh they can’t do that.. so challenge made.. I took a blank piece of paper put it in and envelope and went and got my drivers license.. which I still have to this day.. so if that can be gotten just how hard would it be for George Washington or Abraham Lincoln or Thomas Jefferson to fill out a ballot and vote it is their constitutional right…
        the sad part is.. how would you know.. what was it a news story that said that fifty thousand ballots showed up before any ballots had been mailed out..
        then there are stories like this one..

        none of it good from the angle I am looking at it from.. this year will be one to go down in history..


      • “ZERO “out-of-state” financing”

        Sheesh william.. if they couldn’t except gifts and financing, fact finding missions free vacations etc… dinner out at a thousand dollar a plate restaurant.. then why would they even want to be politician. That wouldnt be fair..lol lol

  4. “Powell’s exactly right (and we figure with coaching from Ben Bernanke at Brookings) what America needs is jobs.”

    HMMM… isn’t the Brookings institute is funded by….. LOL LOL…
    It is hard to tell just who you can trust.. the jaded ones always play both sides of the street so well its tough to know if your being led down the yellow brick road..
    Now with talk of a six week mandatory country shut down… will that be with military action like curfews etc.. or what..

  5. The prosecution of a former president would really be something. Especially if he/she fled as a part of the process, like OJ. But the Biden (in transition)/China/Hillary team, (BitCH) machine is all vaporware, like Trump saying he’d go after a certain someone’s birth certificate…. or is it?

    • Yeah Yeah – still laughing – right after tRump Drains the SWAMP!

      wait whats that U say – he hired the Swamp creatures ..hmm

      Birth cert, Fleeing Country to Birthplace/Homeland, anti American, married a Dude, hates non muzie Americans..hmmmm

      Scandalous? more like GROTESQUE

      • “he hired the Swamp creatures ..hmm”

        LOL LOL you auto text misspelled the first word.. He.. i am sure it was We.. because we always vote in the same old people to look after the peoples well being..

  6. Yo Gdog,

    Is oldman labs still open for Anti Grav bidness? Well fosizzle my nizzle pizzle!

    Sure I understand, (on a personal level), AETHER = Electricity&Gravity&Magnetism R 1 & Same thing.
    Any of the Math guyz ever look at/work on Maxwells 1st 2 formulas ?
    Second 2 formulas ?
    *vonbraun&dornberger accessed Maxwells orignal workx in Berlin.

    What the hell are thompson &brown talking bout in electrostatics..Transverse Radio Waves ? They describe gravity as Non-Rotational Vector Gradient Field of Force. The key is supposed to be Maximizing current density at the Reverse or Gradient field. Word on the SW prairie is this how US govmint steals cattle – for covert fallout testing-nanu nanu.

  7. Notice the Covid thing has vastly ramped up lately. Is this political? Great way to usher in a new ‘President’ with a vastly expanded control agenda, but as Yogi would say, ‘it ain’t over to it’s over.’

    All I can say is that Hollyweird and ‘Powers That Be’ started ‘Reality TV’ to mock people’s belief in a totally fabricated reality. Covid is like a giant reality tv show, so people just gladly accept the lockdowns as ‘prices to pay.’ Please get in touch with John Rappaport’s work on the virus (he has been covering ‘pandemics’ for decades). Of course, if you are locked into the Covid narrative, it will not be worth your time to investigate Rappaport’s work. You may as well just wear the mask, get the vaccine, and accept the increased lockdowns. Just remember, they will not let you out of the paradigm once you accept it. They will mask you and lock you down for decades to come because you never questioned the essential narrative. Even some very smart people believe in ‘reality tv.’

  8. “Signs are a lot of fun. People take visual cuing easily, too. ”

    LOL that is the truth…. one of my hats was building cabinets at a cabinet shop… anyway.. the receptionist was a pretty nasty woman.. she was just mean.. so one day I was reminiscing about how mean she was with a friend that owns an advertising agency.. and the plan was made.. I nice big sign announcing the new state wide URINE bank.. the message in short was that in the event of an accident and a urine specimen was needed that by leaving a specimen they would dehydrate it and then when an emergency happened they could draw out your specimen and they could rehydrate that.. I bought enough specimen bottles to do the whole plant and set out the sign and bottles.. it was an impressive display.. I of course worked right next to the bulletin board so I could watch people as they would walk up read the message grab a bottle and then take it to the receptionist even the plant ceo and managers took one to her LOL LOL LOL LOL it was hilarious.. and she sad there proudly with big boxes of specimen bottles of urine around her LOL LOL LOL….
    I did several bulletin board jokes in my day.. they were always funny until one day there was a lady and she read one then looked at me and said.. what in the heck are you doing now.. so I stopped.. … my favorite one was how to apply for vacation time.. by the end of it.. you didn’t know if there was a vacation time allowed or not.. LOL LOL..

    • Yes, signs are fun. I live on a lava flow, and the builders did not tear up the rear half of my lot… just the front where the house was built. When I cleared the overgrown back yard I uncovered some beautiful ropy lava flows… “Pahoehoe” like black silk curtains. Reminiscent of a rock garden park, I had a wood sign routed out, painted brown with yellow engraved letters just like the national park ones. “LAVA FLOW OF 1840”. My personal backyard volcano park, properly signed attraction.

      • Nice! We use the (same?) motif on our fence signs. Chocolate brown background, bright yellow infill of letters.
        Trivia point – if you look around there’s a sans .ttf font called “State Park” – all upper case because Smokey didn’t have lowers?

      • LOL years ago I use to have trouble with people dropping their mail off in my box to be posted… LOL LOL LOL LOL it was frustrating to the delivery person that always had to come get me to open the box and give them the mail.. so one day I had a sign made up for shizts and giggles.. US MALE … LOL LOL LOL… for the top of the box.. I am much older now and don’t get bored as easily as I did when I was a kid LOL…

  9. Mr George,

    Request a redo for UrbSur this week. U have not, yet , that it is BITCOINS Birthday this Week! So please – allow the BCN ..Happy Birthday Bitcoin..frm sir Paul/Russia! w/LUVhttps://youtu.be/MjF1bG5LUcs

    Boderless Bitches..

    Get some while U still can .


  10. Power is power if you are a refrigerator. Knowledge is power if you are a human. You will know to plug it in. Most don’t.

  11. This is a real live tweet from Donald Trump. Just wow!
    .@FoxNews daytime ratings have completely collapsed. Weekend daytime even WORSE. Very sad to watch this happen, but they forgot what made them successful, what got them there. They forgot the Golden Goose. The biggest difference between the 2016 Election, and 2020, was @FoxNews!

    He tweeted just days before that he doesn’t want media calling an election, but it seems by this tweet, he wants the media…or at least HIS media, controlling the content to manipulate an election. So his State run media became woke? They developed a conscience? God forbid the media report the news that doesn’t favor Das Fuhrer Trump. The Golden Goose got goosed!

    • on a day when six service members were killed in a helo crash and over 1,000 americans died of covid trump tweets about TV ratings and conspiracy theories. It’s clear what trump cares about. Think trump will offer condolences to the families of the dead and injured service members like biden has?

  12. And I just saw this from John Cornyn…this was his proof that the election was rigged. Don’t laugh too hard.

    @John Cornyn…Another example of why it is prudent to let the process run its course: Thousands of Uncounted Votes Found a Week After Election in Puerto Rico.

    You don’t know why this is so funny you say? Because Puerto Rico doesn’t vote for a US President. They get ZERO electoral votes. Yet another word salad rant for the dummies that don’t know better a d are too lazy to do their own research.

    Another doozy from the orange baboon…


    That conspiracy theory was a total fake out. It’s been debunked by both conservative and liberal media alike. Trump is desperate. He is acting scared It’s a good thing we do not have a world threatening crisis…he would probably panicked and made it worse…OH WAIT…The Pandemic and a quarter billion dead Americans. Never mind, this idiot could handle a broken show lace on his fake Cole Haan Brogues.

    • Your take on this is that anyone who says anything questioning any election results is a fake and a fraud, because it challenges your DJT narrative. That is obsession, not relevant commentary. The R & D parties are screwing everyone in the country blind, and you seem to be a part of that party.

  13. “The Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers (CPI-U) was unchanged in October on a seasonally adjusted basis after rising 0.2 percent in September .. Over the last 12 months, the all items index increased 1.2 percent before seasonal adjustment.
    The food index rose 0.2 percent, with the food away from home index increasing by 0.3 percent and a smaller 0.1-percent rise in the food at home index. The energy index rose 0.1 percent in October as the index for electricity increased 1.2 percent.

    Where do these people do their shopping?
    Obviously not in the same stores that us normies do our shopping.

    • OTFLMAO…. now that’s some funny shizt there.
      I still say George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, moses, noah etc.. they have their rights to vote for their choice.

  14. quiet day . respect for the masters . augusta the only good place left in amerika . heaven on earth .. BUT .. my robots are telling me that tonite is deadly on dow and other assorted dog excrement

  15. You could also trust the library. They can keep track of millions of items, and a million customers, and know exactly who had what book for 1 day too long. Pay up sucka, you owe a nickel.

    Compare to the debacle with Oracle and the state of Oregon. Half a billion dollars later, Oracle couldn’t keep track of 3 million residents and whether or not they have insurance. Nobody got fired for that, btw, but I think the library data base would have worked just fine for the job. They even have a web site.

    Face it, as long as those in power think their corruption will line their pockets, they don’t want to make voting more fair. And besides, if voting changed anything we wouldn’t be allowed. (h/t Sam Clemmons)

    • Except: Libraries (and I seem to remember this from my MLS older sister (all 3 kids got masters in something) that libraries are barred (or long-ago were) from keeping track of the materials you borrowed. Fear – back when America was a law ruled by laws – there was fear that could be “information prosecutions.” Thanks to HRC’s fine research (hammering phones and berries) we know THAT so far information prosecutions seem to result in nothing, but give it time. Kristalnacht wasn’t done in a single night…

      • if i remember correctly the patriot act allowed the government to get library records. the librarians were brave and spoke out against it. the librarians were protecting freedom and privacy. they took heat from ashcroft, bush and republicans ‘if you’re not with us, you’re against us.’

        but that was before trump when republicans defended the FBI.

      • “if i remember correctly the patriot act allowed the government to get library records.”

        Oh yeah.. I actually cannot go to the thomas library and read any of the bills put before them to consider.. I get the access denied flag.. to get access I need permission.. LOL.. I can go to the library and do it but why waste my time.. if those in congress don’t want to know whats in them.. why should I…

  16. data collection by the robots in that server crash event George and the fury of corona and the talk of a large scale 6 week lockdown , that someone mentioned , has blown the fuses on the happy woo woo zombie robots . throw that in with some ridiculous chart and candles and you have got an iceberg dead ahead . nice night in the atlantic turns into a graveyard

  17. Comrades,

    “The tribe has spoken.”

    Zimbabwe’s “Newsday” has noted the delays in USA Election 2020 tallies. As vote totals continue to firm up, I would imagine that stage teardown may include reflection that women driven, non-charitable, democrat flag waving LLCs like The Emerson Collective and CZI buried the tactically outflanked octogenarian donor set.

    The numbers seem to be saying that while Mr. Trump realized a 10 million vote gain over 2016, someone deleted the republican Marvelettes’ “Please, Mr. Postman” folder. Mrs. H. mailed it in for Pops and democrats added 12 million votes over 2016. I’ve no idea where 5 million independent/other votes went to. Kanye West only accounts for 50,000.

  18. last time .. years ago I discovered something called terminator warrants . I copyright the name .. they are like the silver guy in terminator , the cop . they are destructive nonsense invented by citiezombie aka citigroup years ago. once locked on target . that’s it . im telling you as I said the other day , put it on like hair oil , the terminators are locked after data collection. short the guts out of it .

  19. the desperation over at the 321 car yard to get fools gold cars .. some guru who I think not is trying to tie and overlay weather cycles to inflation!!! and of course the obvious conclusion the perma boss salesman big tough bob buy yellow dog . the audacity with so many dying and sick in pandemic and lockdown. mother nature she is awesome and now they are trying to use her for money .. I respect her but nobody gunna tell her what to do or change her . truth is rates want to scream higher in a credit squeze.. more bidding for less capital . take note George . even junk bonds at record low yields . ahh sayonara ask Japanese .. very bad outcome .. abe shoot arrows up ass. should go down to 321 and check that wopping good story about weather . I might overlay gambling volume

  20. I hope to have everything streamlines this weekend. God said to me, Son I gave ya them balls and that voice for a reason. It’s time to step out and up.

    Then…. Soon,

    I’m going to go pick a fight with our political leaders on both sides of the spectrum. I am still undefeated in most arenas having only lost to two opponents in intuitive battle both of them Women and mostly because they tricked me with their tiddies. Lol

    You will know when. I’m not worried about it. I already been crusified a couple times already and I don’t have anything to hide. I’m a good citizen.

    Any suggestions before I do?

    • See if you can make a difference… One that brings the parties together. Good luck, everybody hates everybody. Consider Mark for example. He is your typical self promoter. If it is good for him, it must be right.

  21. Ohhhh I switched my light crown to golden lights. You ever use that color George? At first wearing of it with golden light LEDs, i could physically feel it tingling in my head. Not sure if that is a good thing or not. Lol

  22. old Elliot wavers find it difficult to know if the sun has come up . they would also struggle if they are alive or dead .. really fed up of this psyoptic yankee sheet . yep just another night of bullsheet in the temple of commies

  23. hey George do something genuine against the spin .. tell all the good people who zuckerbergs father was. come on dare you .

    • Nope !

      No Ballz – Mossadniks scare the SCHEISSE out of Boomers..see 9/11 – who was doing ScoobyDoo Celebration Dances, why did gruppenfurher bush leave saddam in place, why are Muricans bleeding out in the sands of Syria “protecting” Oil ?
      When the music stops – where will Ure lil yellow dog be..

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