A “Trading Insurance” Policy?

Our Focus today is on trading discipline and tools.  As I have admitted many times, I can time markets OK but I’m by nature flighty and always second-guessing myself.  That costs me.
For whatever reason, I tend to  drop into second-guess and worry mode. So I’ve been looking for ways to improve returns.
Paradoxical as it may sound, the data I’ve collected on this Fool George give rise to the idea I need to spend more time playing and less time overthinking (and its profit-killing companion over-trading).
Counter-intuitively, the less I pay attention (except at key times), the more I seem to make.
We’ll talk about the odd quirk of personality after a few headlines and the morning’s longer view of charts.

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George Ure
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48 thoughts on “A “Trading Insurance” Policy?”

  1. G,

    Mighty interesting trading notes and ideas today Kemosabe. The more disciplined – stick to my rules trading I do, the better my results – alwayz.
    Problem for the coot is monkeymind noise (ego) easily distracts from hard discipline.

    Alwayz keep in Ure trading mind -“the Trend, is Ure friend” no matta what!

    Trend is Down – coot trades that direction, Trend is Up – coot trades that direction. .easypeasy-lemomsquizzey.

    G- as a concerned reader/ballbreaker, Please do not ever Use Leveraged ETF products – ever – they are just like DeepState, whose soul purpose is to suck Lifes’ Energy out of U & coot.

    ? Is not Increasing the Money Supply – currency debasement, if a corresponding increase in underlying GDP does NOT happen simultaneously?
    ? Is not Selling Treasury Bonds to Cover/Pay the Interest Expense on Outstanding Treasuries an Indication the Bond Seller is Underwater/Bankrupt? Should there not be a Penalty Paid (higher Interest rate) by Issuer with such Shitty Credit?
    ? Does not selling more debt to service old debt not DeBase the Currency further?

    Congratulations US/Congress – we have the prettiest pig(USD) in the slaughter house! No Bitcoin is out in the wilds still..”Let The Bronco Buck!”

    Now where along the local highway (I95)did I leave that lil trailer full of chinese made Biden ballots ?

    • Leveraged ETF’S on the upside won’t hurt you, it is the short levereged ETF’s that are a trap. Just look at their trading patterns & the use of reverse splits to keep them above $0.00. Remember there is unlimited loss potential with short ETF’s. If you do invest in a short ETF, make it short. I have used TQQQ & it has been very profitable. SQQQ…avoid.

  2. 11/23 – Isn’t a mass death due soon? Maybe one of these corporate parades will get tapped with a dirty bomb, or a bunch of dirty bombs will be found. A parade would be a few days late from the 23rd but that would sure dominate dinner talk…. on Zoom.

    C’est la vie Al, Savannah and Hoda… but on the bright side, the NY commercial district would be destroyed and the owners could be made whole on our backs, insurance, and leave. A big enough blitz and even Trump may be able to cash out his buildings.

    My problem with trading is I never sell on time. You guys take all my money. :(

    • Well…

      There WAS that truck full of “explosives” the po-po found in Philly the other day. Of course, being a MSM release, it might’ve been a farm truck full of nh4no3, bound from a port to Upstate — Sux, not being able to trust the “news” nerds EVER, for accurate reporting…

      But yes. George’s observation was a 126-143 day window, and we’re due. Then again, if these are scripted events and not periodic social “steam blow-offs,” it might not happen until Biden has been installed and [has] Bedo at his side to initiate the gun grab. Never let a crisis go to waste (even if you have to manufacture the crisis…)

  3. Yo Dude. I don’t know why this popped in my head the other morning and then resurrected to my thoughts this morning with Rays Comment.

    Remember back in 2012 when the Social Security department order 174,000 rounds of .357 hollow points? And the post office a couple hundred thousand rounds of .40 cal and Homeland Security 1.8 billion rounds of Hollow Point amo???


    I don’t know why that resurfaced… And there was an insider around then that said when you see Gold move quickly you know the US Civil war will begin shortly. The plan was to relocate the Government to Denver Colorado… I read it on rense back about the same time. He said somerhing that stuck out. Once the Amo orders were complete you will see a move in the Gold Market and that is a signal to the Elite in the know to take shelter because the civil war would begin in the US shortly after. If my memory serves me.. I mean it was one article of millions I have read. I just don’t forget much.


    Anyway. Just a peculiar resurfacing thought

    • I remember they said it was all for target practice. That they had 580 some odd arrests for fraud by the social security officers. 174,000 hollow points divided by 580 arrests = 300 Hollow Points fired for every arrest, durring “Target practice” with hollow points. Huh… No kidding. That is odd.

      I wish I could remember where that article was. Hmmmmm maybe I will remember it later.

      Just with Ure recent Kitco anomaly, it jogged my mind about the movement of Gold in price as a signal. Because weird shit like that happens right before you see a move in that area. Like it’s some sorta “heads up” from God or the Universe if you prefer. Weird shit like that happens in my life all the time.

      And since I rarely forget anything… It reminded me of that insider dude back then. If what he said was true. Lol

      • SocSec is not LE — They don’t do investigations or make arrests. They call the FBI. Nobody uses JHPs for target practice, they use FMJs, or nekkid solid bullets or [semi]-wadcutters.

        There were a number of articles. George linked to one or two here at US. I went to the source, which was the purchasing and RFQ area of Government Services Administration (gsa.gov), then looked up the RFQs and purchases, myself.

    • Always take Rense and other, similar sites with a grain of salt.

      Conspiracy theory is always based on a real, true, event or condition. The “theory” part comes from somebody saying to themselves: “Hmmm, that doesn’t quite make sense to me. I wonder if…” and the “wonder if” conjecture becomes the focal point of discussion, instead of the one_provable_fact being the focus of subsequent discussions.

      The government ammo purchases weren’t unusual. What WAS unusual is enormous purchases were made, over a very short period of time, for a whole bunch of bureaucracies [like the National Weather Service], no employees of which ever carry firearms.

      When examining a conspiracy theory, I suggest always finding the seed of truth which spawned the theory, then doing one’s own conjecture based on that truth, rather than theorizing about other people’s theories. I have no concrete knowledge regarding the government’s ammo purchases, but my best guesses were that they were “straw purchases” made to supplement “carry” departments to surreptitiously augment their stockpiles, or they were “black ops” purchases which went to feed CIA ops…

      FWIW I have a cousin who’s a NWS forecaster in Anchorage. Cuz and SO both shoot. Neither has received training or ammo from the gummint, nor has any ammo or training been offered or made available…

      • “That was done to hide the real destination of the ammo spread it around and make it less traceable.”

        Which is what I, too, suspect, but then we see the spawning of a conspiracy theory, because the next logical step is to ask “why?”

        From here, we can fork back to the fact (the gummint purchased ammo) or feed the theory: “Hey, maybe they passed it to street gangs, so when the civil war starts, the bangers won’t have to worry about ammo…” Feeding the theory is always a lot more fun than simply contemplating “well, the gummint purchased ammo…” but it also feeds wild supposition and often hysteria.

        Sometimes it’s hard enough, seeing the meadow past the trees. When we build a wall in the forest, it becomes even more difficult…

      • “Meadow past the trees.” Lol.

        This will be short and quick. I have a long list of stuff to get done that my sensai gave me.

        I am well versed in all things conspiring. The term “Conspiracy Theroist” was first coined as to anyone who would question the Official Congressional Investigation findings for the Kennedy Assasnation.

        It then became a common term for anyone who questioned reality of any situation, occurance of event or circumstance.

        Lately it has become a perversion through main stream media as a term for anyone who would go against the Official Narrative.

        Make no mistake my friend Ray. I question everything. I am also of the idea that everything that is presented is not just face value. We live in a world of paradox, Analagy, metephors, puns and parables.

        Noting the above article and finding an old book I hadn’t read since right before I met George Ure on line and the Web bot, forum etc. So I through it in my car and thought it good to review. The Book title is Poetics by Aristotle. When I opened it. There was a little yellow sticky note that said one thing. It was in my hand writing and I hadn’t seen this note and I don’t remember ever writing it. The note read, “Gold $5000.” That is all it said. It has been sitting in that book for 14 years. Prior to me even meeting George on line. And all the sudden it shows back up into my life and perception around the same time George’s site gets attached to Kitco which is a gold site.

        And at the same time we are a country divided against itself. With a sitting president not willing to step down and an another president stating he is the new one. Which is a recipe for Civil war.

        So, it just jogged my mind that when I see such things line up by chance or coincidence or Juxtaposition in relation to each other as multiple limes of thought converging into a single focal point. I take note as well as do a calculated search of my vast “wet drive”
        aka brain to asses all things stored in memory relating to, in conjunction with, no matter how abstract or other data to that singular focal point.

        It’s not trading advise. I just noticed it all moving in concert together toward a single focus point from multiple lines of thought, multiple minds, mulitiple platforms and different time lines.

        I sure hope that makes sense bro. I have to get the gym and begin my wax off wax on training. :)

      • @Andy

        “And at the same time we are a country divided against itself. With a sitting president not willing to step down and an another president stating he is the new one. Which is a recipe for Civil war.”

        Nah! If Trump is still down on 12/13 and the lawsuits aren’t going anywhere, he’ll step down. He will probably not allow Biden access until he has to — Joe is a security risk, and if he were not to become CiC, could not pass even a low-level FBI screen. With that said, if the Election stands as the media is currently calling it, expect a Grover Cleveland redux, with the Trump-2024 campaign kicking off before year’s end…

      • Ray is Sociaism the answer to Civil war? Hmmmmmm I don’t know. I know that civil war would be worse than most anything. We are a warring nation it would seem that when ran out of enemy’s one would have to be fabricated to battle or we be faced with the battlefield of ourselves and our lives.

        Often times this is the case on the Human introspective. I too have gone to war with myself on more than a few occasions. I hope you are right.

        I’m too focused on standards and speed to be concerned with grand scale and my “prophacy” still stands. Some of it has come true and some of it is yet to come. Alot of the language around each event has come into play. Honing my spiritual abilities day by day to more precision instrument.

        I depend on my intuition soo much I don’t even realize I’m using it. It’s like breathing. I just do it. But it doesnt solve everything. Like body aches or having to go through shitty stuff to make it to the good stuff on the other side because there is no way around it. And most times the shitty stuff is good for ya. God is in the character building buisness. Lol.

      • If the options are socialism or civil war at the fork in the road. Civil war would be the fast rout to new growth. Its today’s day and age one things for sure. If the US went into a civil war? It would destabilize the entire world. I have always thought that, Japan would be the sacrificial enconomy. Unlike most people who think China is the Dragon in the Book of revelations. I have always been of the idea it was Japan.

        Japan has had the most difficult time in the last 100 years. Big Boy and litle boy produced for a while the Most industrial nation in the world. No doubt about. Half the cars drivin around the world are hondas, nisans and toyotas. And they all well know for the reliability. Even started a decade of “Fast and the Furious” a Japanese version of The Us Muscle car era. The devistation of Fukashima has produced much industry in other areas.

        Like the Black death before the Renaissance. This is a standard model throughout history. At the micro, macro and world stage. Take Dave from Wendy’s, Colonol Sanders, Andrew Carnage, The Rothschilds and the story of Waterloo…

        It had also been the story of it life many times. After experiencing an NDE, I became much much more skilled in the archaic arts, Clairvoyance and telepathy along with my recent sciatic nerve issue and it’s crippling pain forcing me on the floor where I couldnt do anything by lay on the floor in the fetal position. It was there I pictured the Level in my mind and bought it to zero, propelling myself above the pain and able to move, feeling it’s intensity but no longer ruled by it. I drove 1900 miles in 36 hours with the worst pain I have ever felt in my life. It was constantly present. However it brought me to a new copasiity for seeing “life path Inertia” and I over came the pain and it has not bothered me since.

        With war comes famine, death, pestilence, etc. Etc. Not a good option. However, Socialism suck the big D too.
        I’m a capitalist. I’m a constitutionalist, I’m for the people and I’m for making money and healthy success. None of which is possible in a world where you a
        massive chasm between the rich and those dependant on the state and a system that makes it impossible for those dependant upon the state to ever be inspired to accomplish anything or invent anything.

        So I look to Japan to be the sacrifice. I have been looking at it since before Bitcoin. When I saw bitcoin the first impression I got was Beta test. The second was an alternative to the collapse of the Yen had been established. Nobody knows who owns the majority. Rumor has it, it was presented by a older white jewish fella not a Japanese fella.

        The one thing I know about Bitcoin for sure!!! Is that Federal Reserve Banks would squash it like a bug on the windshield if was a threat to their existence. Because Old Money, doesn’t F around. They will whack presidents of the most powerful nations in the world and blink an eye or loose a wink of sleep. Just write it down on cocktail napkin on a yaght out in the Mediterranean Sea and boom it’s in the news 3 months later.

        Bitcoin has only been around for a very short period. Old Money like those who control Foundation X? They been around since the Pharos. They have whacked Emporers, Czars, presidents anyone one who doesnt toe the line to the control of their families interests.

        So if Bitcoin is aloud to be around? It’s controlled by them because if it wasn’t? There would be no such thing as Bitcoin. That is a fact.

      • “Ray is Sociaism the answer to Civil war?”


        Leftists are proactive, rightists are reactive, and tend to not speak or act until they have to (which is how Republicans lost both the Black vote and the MSM. When we shut-up, the leftists took over the narrative and Goebbeled the shit-stink off their shirts and onto ours.

        Unless it is heaped on us one grain of sand at a time, “socialism” is the match that’ll touch off the powder keg of our society, because it’ll spur 200mln silent, laid-back Americans into action. The Eugene Debs’ of the American Marxist movement have given way to the AOC-types. They don’t comprehend “patience” and don’t understand “delayed gratification” so if given an opportunity, they’ll push hard, and the grains of sand that’ve pelted U.S. social fabric for the past 120 years will suddenly become dump truck-fulls of sand. It’ll get noticed…

        The “answer” is to return to the Constitution as a binding legal contract between the People and the Government — as it was both enacted and intended.

  4. “The reason we are not closer is simple: The Federal Reserve in the last 6-months has increased the amount of M1 in circulation by more than 50%. ”

    dumping water on the ole table.. push the noodle along.. LOL

  5. First of all. Another great tutorial by you George…this is why I have been reading for well over a decade now. Now…I apologize in advance though…for commenting on something that is unrelated to today’s great column.

    I have been watching more and more of Fox lately and their night time “commentators” are the opposite of their daytime news broadcasters. It’s night and day literally. The daytime newscasters report the news and they are fine.But, it’s the prime time hosts that stretch the truth beyond comprehension. Although I am a Republican, I am a Reagan, George H Republican, not today’s Fox Republican. Fox paints the Democrats to be fanatical socialists. Living in a liberal state, that could not be a more opposite statement. Prior to COVID we had under 2% unemployment and a $7 billion budget surplus. That’s sound fiscal responsibility, not the liberal spending spree party they are made out to be. While there are whackos like AOC that Republicans like to point to as the Democrats mouthpiece, she is far from it. The Dems mouthpiece is more like Bill Maher. Listen to this clip from last nights show. George would agree 100% with what he is saying. I agree with what he is saying. My Republican friends agree with what genus saying. If the entire party of Democrats thought like this, Trump would have lost by 50 million votes. But they don’t and As a result, there is division amongst Democrats.

    Now conversely, there is also division amongst Republican far right and Middle right. The far right encourages Trump and that just feeds the monster. For instance, if Trump would have kept his yap shut and thumbs disabled, there wouldn’t be division in the first place and Trump would have won easily. But, that’s not Trump…not even close…the man has mental issues and that’s why he has to go. The middle right won the 80’s and early 2000’s. The far right can’t hang on to one term.

    Here is the Bill Maher clip. If the link doesn’t work go to You Tube and search Bill Maher New Rules Nov 13. Don’t judge until you listen to it . This is how Democrats in my state really feel too…and I can guarantee that’s how you feel as well…

    • “I am a Reagan, George H Republican”

      That explains lots. It is impossible to be one of these, because Reagan and Bush41 were diametrically opposed. Reagan was a conservative, Bush a far-left Liberal. Reagan picked Bush up as VP because without him, Reagan would not have had the support of the Republican Establishment, or their money.

      ” The Dems mouthpiece is more like Bill Maher”

      Bill Maher is an entertainer. He’s a “Libertarian leftist” by his definition, but his political inclination in reality is that of an “anarchist-socialist” (a prewar bolshevik.) His professional shtick is to make controversial statements which have little bearing in relevant fact, but piss-off as many people as possible, principally conservatives, but occasionally those from every “side of the aisle,” and he’s very good at it. That doesn’t make him “thought-provoking,” or even listenable. It doesn’t make him intelligible or even intelligent. It makes him a court jester, just like every other entertainer, and only as “bright” as his scriptwriters allow…

      • By today’s standards, Reagan was a middle right and Bush was just MOR. But my point wasn’t about me….It was about Bill Mahers comments. Did you listen to him? You sure characterized him, but I didn’t read a word about whether or not your thoughts on what he said. I can’t imagine you of all people disagreeing with what he said Ray.
        That’s the problem with America…we like to characterize and put people into boxed categories and then we seal the box and never let them out. People change dude. For instance, Trump changed a lot of people’s minds to the tune of a 9.5 million person vote swing from 2016. I would gather that over 30% of those were Moderate Republicans that voted for Trump the last time. The rest were Democrats that sat out the last election because Hillary was a joke.

        Same with Looking out…He commented on other things and my post was mostly about Bill Mahers you tube clip. Talk about deflection. Listen then comment

      • “Same with Looking out…He commented on other things and my post was mostly about Bill Mahers you tube clip. ”

        Your absolutely right I prematurely flared.. in my world when I do something totally stupid where even I question the logic for my reasons behind doing such a stupid thing.. I have to face it that it was my fault and then make the corrections needed to never do that again and move forward. Along with hoping the wife didn’t see my actions to remind me of them further down the road.
        I got the impression that you were trying to blame the president because the politicians in SanFran did a but load of stupid stuff not that bill was the one blaming the president because of the stupidity of san fran politicians. My initial thought was how in the sam hill could the stupidity of the politicians of Sanfran be his fault that everyone there welcomed the illegal refugee population we ith open arms that added the extra stress on the dynamics of an already severly stressed local economy.

      • “By today’s standards, Reagan was a middle right and Bush was just MOR.”

        Um, no.

        By today’s standards, Reagan would have been “radical fringe right-wing” and Bush41, a “moderate leftist” (whatever that is.) By the standards of 1980 Reagan was a “conservative Republican” and Bush41, an “East Coast liberal Republican.” nearly identical to an “East Coast liberal Democrat,” except the EC liberal Republicans are disciples of Mussolini and the EC liberal Democrats, disciples of Marx.

        When Bush was Liaison to China, he began formulating some of the ideas which would spawn “neoconservatism” as a political ideology, the PNAC as a means of directing American foreign policy, and eventually the term “RINO” to describe those labeled as “Republican” and “neoconservative,” once they attained a public office and their voting record belied the “conservative” in their “ideology label.” Those of the (mostly East Coast) “Republican Establishment” became “neocons” in the mid-1970s and their membership accepted those disaffected Democrats who had been split off from the Marxist Wing in the Democratic Party schism of the late ’60s and early ’70s.

        This is how a leftist fascist like Kagan became “Republican,” and why his wife, Victoria Nuland, thrives under both Republican and Democratic Administrations. It is also why those of us who watch politics from an amoral, detached, or strategic perspective, see little difference between “Rs” and “Ds,” other than their candidates’ principal funding sources…

    • “I am a Republican, I am a Reagan, George H Republican”

      HUH …when were you like that…….. you sure could have fooled all of us Mark…..

      • They was a time before the comments section, that George used re-print my emails we had to send to him. I would love to go back to saying nice things about the Republican Party gain, but Trump ruined it for me. His lackey press lady Kayla McAdummy is saying there were a million people at the Maga March today. There were 11,500. So sad we have a narcissist that just can’t let it go. Based on his sexual predator past, it’s no surprise that no matter how many times we say no, he keeps on attacking and preying on anyone that doesn’t allow him to screw us.

    • “Prior to COVID we had under 2% unemployment and a $7 billion budget surplus. That’s sound fiscal responsibility, not the liberal spending spree party they are made out to be.”
      Did you even think about this at all Mark.. my god… you didn’t even consider
      the influx of illegal refugee’s.. what is it thirty percent.. since covid..the flip of the surplus and unemployed had nothing to do with our present president.. but the stupidity of SanFran drooler politicians that were all for allowing illegals free entry and public assistance at the cost of the hourly wage earner..
      I personally don’t give two cents if someone wants to move to America to pursue a way of life.. just do it legally.. pay all the taxes that the regular workers pay and pay a non resident tax without any of the benefits that are suppose to go to American citizens granted to them until.. they gain their citizenship.. plain and simple..
      don’t blame the pres because everyone there wasn’t thinking clearly.. I am all for helping someone in need.. but there is a point where you have to say.. can I help any more.. put a limit on how much you can help… or wear the famed red sweatshirt with the word SUCKER printed in bold in white and black outline on it..


      • Actually MARK.. I have an extra Red Sweatshirt with the word sucker on it from the days when my heart was bigger than my bank account…. if you would like I could send it to you.. wear it with pride I’ll send the extra ball cap with IDIOT on it to I have a couple extra ones of those LOL..

      • looking out of the box
        November 14
        “I personally don’t give two cents if someone wants to move to America to pursue a way of life.. just do it legally.. pay all the taxes that the regular workers pay and pay a non resident tax without any of the benefits that are suppose to go to American citizens granted to them until.. they gain their citizenship.. plain and simple”
        Sounds pretty easy to take except for the one glaring exception here. That being LOYALTY to the U.S.A.- permanently. Not just while you are collecting all those free benefits while sniping at the country and demonstrating for even more. At the expense of course, of the citizens. These latest illegal immigrants and “refugees” aren’t loyal and just won’t stay ‘bought’ by grabbing the benefits and bad mouthing those providing them. Assimilation NOT Accommodation.

      • LOOB, you are still stuck on stupid, trapped in your box of fantastical and delusionary thinking while avoiding facts:

        illegals paid $13 billion into Social Security (2016) and $3 billion into Medicare (2016), by using fake Soc Sec numbers:


        And when did Trump buy a homeless person a house?,
        Jared Kushner’s company is evicting out of work tenants:


        Trump did not expand E Verify (too many of his businesses hired illegals!) It’s incredible how you love to bash illegals, but not the person hiring them!!

      • “That being LOYALTY to the U.S.A.- permanently. ”

        A great point Ed… especially when our enemies came right out and said they were going to send warriors in posing as refugees..

        I think its wonderful that the us govt is finally going to charge taxes..the ones I know still are tax free getting their free coplege education.
        Back in the eighties iworked with a refugee that got everything given to him and along with a guaranteed 40 hours while the rest of us had to work multiple jobs. A tax time received a check for more than I grossed working six jobs..
        Most border jumpers work for cash under the table.

    • “Here is the Bill Maher clip. If the link doesn’t work go to You Tube and search Bill Maher New Rules Nov 13. Don’t judge until you listen to it . This is how Democrats in my state really feel too…”

      GMAFB…..If SanFran and good ole Bill Wants to house the illegal refugee population just print up a poster .. free housing and food.. no work necessary.. LOL.. where I live they are giving them the highest paying jobs in govt. to the refugees. and the best benefit packages and telling the people to suck it up buttercup.. and understand their needs..
      But please don’t blame the president because the wealthy population in California aren’t contributing enough to pay their way. So suck it up buttercup and deal with it…

    • Doesn’t Bill Mahar tend to use Homophobic Humor when referring to Republicans or those he considers inferior. Insulting them with tasteless, demeaning jokes. Oh, i guess that is why they call him a liberal. Go poop on the sidewalk.

      • from what I know.. Yes he does..
        Like most of the bleeding hearts.. they would love to see a world change .. Until it hits their pocket books.. then they whine about it..
        what very few people ever mention is the closet of red sweatshirts in the Trumpsters closet as well..
        What gets me is those that don’t like him will not talk about the times he has paid someone’s medical bills or bought a homeless person a house.. sent his private jet to take a child to get medical care that was drastically needed.. and then paid the bills and made sure the families were taken care of while the child was in the hospital sick.. or the meals he provides.. those things are not in the news.. the money he puts out to help someone he does out of the generosity of his heart.. He doesn’t brag about it.. or try to be recognized for doing those things they were acts of mercy to someone deserving a hand up that’s been knocked down…. I am sure he hires people the same way.. He has his faults but under all that narcissistic bravado bluster is a heart of pure gold..

      • Protection ? You aint kidding !

        – what is needed around here is Protection from Idiots & Idiocy and the purveyors of such alphabet agency tripe Re: washington post/politico.

    • “…You’re good enough, you’re smart enough, but we don’t like you.”

      When a BSer starts off a spiel by telling his audience THEY believe Democrats are “good enough” and “smart enough,” the humor which follows, and makes people not realize they’ve been programmed, doesn’t play well with me.

      Republicans are the Party of “put kids in cages?”
      “Democrats already lost seats for going after what Brett Kavanaugh did in high school?”

      I agree with what he said WRT Democratic strategies and fragility, toward the end of the monologue, but he also didn’t color that part of the monologue with slander or negative inference. An orator matures his points without belittling those with whom he doesn’t agree, or by belittling everyone evenly. Maher is not an orator, he’s a jester, and in this particular case, a political hack.

      • And the President doesn’t slander and use negative inference on just about everyone that doesn’t have the last name Trump or Kushner? That’s how he got elected. Calling the entire GOP candidates names. Then he switched to calling them media names and then anyone else who dared to criticize him. The man is a walking slanderer. And as noted on the past 10 days…a baby, a sore loser, and a Yuuuuge liar.

      • Yes, but [Trump is] an equal-opportunity bad-mouther, and he’s not an orator, either (but I thought you’d noticed that…)

        What part of “construction worker, from Queens, with money” can you not grasp…?

  6. Comrades,

    Editors of today’s newspaper obituaries deleted the usual full page remembrance of an accomplished citizen recently departed “due to a high volume” of published passings. Overflow entered a second section.

    Two weeks ago, there were about 120 Saturday obituaries published. Today’s newspaper has over 150.

  7. Learning to fly Cessnas in my 20s, I freaked out on a crosswind approach to the runway. There were kids at the fence line jumping and waving at me, and I held it too high for too long ‘clear’ them. Distracted from normal approach angles. So then I slapped down full flaps and let the plane weathervane 45 degrees into the crosswind as I came sideways down to the runway… with the hair on my neck standing up. Figuring “this is going to be a go-around, but let’s see how close I can get it”. Once into ground effect I kicked the rudder to straighten out down the centerline and suddenly… without so much as a bump… my wheels were rolling. I wish I could have pulled a ‘save’ like that out of my trading. I crashed and burned at trading…. don’t do it anymore.

  8. Comrades,

    Amongst the angsts seen above in the kingdoms, one must savour the crumbs of respite sometimes lost in seemingly uncertain sees. Yea seek shelter under the cabana of super yacht Venus of Cayman flag shielding Empress of Apple and offspring of the full blood from fierce French Riviera sunshine. There upon churning swells pirate paparazzi risking all to drop timely shutter on high-resolutioned pictures for light-starved, packed as sardines in steerage, locked down and anchored to dry land readers of The Daily Mail. Perhaps it was a tea service in progress, and dainties from a Swiss chef? Sweet. One understands the former mayor of Washington had walked the plank and did not reprise this season a le mer.

    Of course, since the retirement of HMY Britannia to Scotland, The Royal Family had been getting by with occasional charters of the solid East German built MY Leander G at a half mill a week according to Wikipedia. Still being shorter a couple of fathoms to aforementioned Venus, one awaits to see if the last will and testament of the late Honourable Rear Admiral of the United Kingdom, savior of HMS Victory, and former head of National Car Parks by day has envisioned a suitable new nautical home fitting for Members of The Firm of such largesse as to spare the Public Purse from springing a leak.

    Twelve days to supply base Zhongshan landing? Aye then, if the sea firmament turns shade to W?x?ng Hóngqí, let there always be a tot of English Harbour to keep evil spirits at bay.

    God Save the Queen!

    • Lizard queen still biting,scratching and tearing into little ones ?

      TWOT is still alive -well Ill be, them repto symbiotes got some longevity..

  9. Comrades,

    Batter up, filet of fish at dinner had a story to tell. While many cod allegedly jumped onto the ship deck of John Cabot, formerly known as Giovanni Caboto of Italy, before his voyage to discover North America for England, the species had fallen on hard times in recent decades. Today my freezer contents indicated there were no cod filets remaining in units of 10 at 900 grams weight per package, 90 grams per filet. Going forward, more expensive new stock from the store with a “new” sticker is a same-dimensioned packaging as before and now promises at least 6 filets in a total 500 gram package weight. Mine had 7, so about 70 grams per filet. But nowhere on the store shelf was there any of the more superior cod. It was all pollock.

    • 10 years ago on Peoplenomics told you this shit was coming

      “I expect to be alive to eat the last meals of fish and chips due to ocean depletion.”

      Global warming is a sideshow. Famine kills.

      Like the farmer said, “Can you dig it?”

  10. look the best way to sum all this up and the mensa mind comments is .. god something amerika . another week of bs dead ahead . each week madder badder and richer . did yah here the one about the market correction!!!!or did you hear the one about global reset !!!!! or what about the civil war stuff red folk vs blue . old prez v new prez!!!! epic blockbuster series 24/7 on cable tv and internet

  11. George, virgin galactic is planning a big test flight between Nov 19-23. It was announced a week or 2 ago. That could be some of the jump in google searches form the date.

  12. Watched Armstrong today . What a ussa blogger . America about to erupt in flames. Flu violence mass lockdown and the p@@@@ says market great . Just to think I wrote to that bastard in prison when he was a leper . Believe nobody short. He told me 5 years ago from where the caterpillar dies the butterfly flys . Prophetic fool sheet. Socrates is a male sex robot . Good on yah Marty . Still USSSA . Still got the cd ? Bad cough 2

  13. New news this morning – “We’re Fixin’ to Overturn the Results of the Election in Multiple States!” – Sidney Powell Releases the Kraken

    It ain’t over till it’s over. This rot needs to be cut out of the American fabric with a dull knife and no anesthesia. The Biden effort to overthrow America is a poison arrow that needs to be dealt with decisively and it takes a person in authority that is NOT a politician in any way, shape or form. My Ann Coulter post on the 5th still stands.

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