Prepping: Kill Your Fear in 2020

I don’t know if this is really a “woo-woo” topic, an extension of what will be on  Peoplenomics tomorrow, where we talk about grassroots dispersed manufacturing (as a disruptive technology)… Or, whether it’s another chapter in my book  Psychocartography.

However it arises, the  topic du jour today is  fear.

Let’s begin with who we are:

Maybe it sounds a little “nuts” when you hear it for the first time.  But, everything I’ve found  (and it’s in all major religions, too) points to each of us as being made of a soul-stuff of some kind.  Think of it as “energy of a self” if “soul” gets uncomfortably close to religion for you.

Science has made a science out of  debunking religions.  Except for  one small thing.

Conservation of Energy

You see, each of us has two kinds of energy.

There is the “chemical breakdown” kind…the sort that arises from glycation of foods, feeding muscles, and even nourishing the brain.

Yet in the “brain” is this small bit of “mind energy.” That’s where things like the next great lines of C# code come from, or going back a ways, the Pyramids.  The next live-saving vaccines.  The free-energy breakthrough.

The sweat and glycation did the physical work.  But the “mind-stuff” – ah, that’s the energy to be pondering.

It’s the most powerful substance there is, this personal energy.  Why we admire, why we fear, what drives our passions, and gives us peace.

Our biggest shared problem on this playing field?  Those who use knowledge of this doman to dominate and remain Masters of Humans.

Fear’s the tool, you see.

Their problem? Keep 7.2-billion People in Line

Let me step back for a moment and speak directly about dreams.  Because most people (though not all) have dreams they occasionally remember.

The whole point of my book Psychocartography was to learn to transit between your second life (since we all have one, plus any of the many other worlds we can visit in our dreams.

When you get to be pretty good at transiting between the waking and ricxh, nourishing sleep (where the dream Realms are), an odd thing happens:  You (almost automatically) become less fearful.

You overcome your “fear of fear” if that makes any sense.  Where does the fear go?  It’s not too complicated.  Anyone can follow.

People Make Their Own Prisons

Accomplished dreamers (a class which includes certain religious pursuits, monks, adepts, shamans, and the active dreamers who map) figure out after a while that what controls people (here in the nominal waking world) is fear.

It wouldn’t do if everyone on the planet woke up one morning and no longer had fear.  Because fear is the basis of power.  To dominate and subjugate is the path of power. Armies and taxes, taboos, and orders, laws, and conventions.  None of it but a shell, each with some kind of threat lurking behind it.  Giving it “power” through fear.

The world has evolved a marvelous Grid Of Fear that is so all-pervasive, almost no one thinks about it.

But it’s there,howefer, often in a subtle way,  but always trying to box us in.  To keep us all afraid of going “outside the box” – and by extension, into the powerful worlds of our dreams. To cut us off from The Source of All Knowledge, and to keep us “under control.”

Paying taxes, accepting of an exploitive culture and economic system, while at the same time, blocking our “escape to larger Truths” which are there available by simply working on our dreams.  We all get to be shamans, should we choose.

Because the answers are “all in there” – but most have been conditioned not to look.  “Me a shaman?” We’re programmed unworthy by the corrupt systems of the world.

Dare we let the secret out in 2020?  That?   We’re all powerful spirits – not just bag of blood and bones worthy only of toil to pay tribute..

Mechanics of the Grid Of Fear

Pause for a few moments and imagine how the world would be if we ALL renounced evil at every level.  And that includes the Most Evil of all – Fear.

Fear has been grown and nurtured.  By, among others, Hollywood.  The “selling of fear” – the murder movies and those with gratuitous violence – serve a fascinating “dual role” for the controllers in power.

Their main function is to give rise to “nightmares” – and the better a “horror film” is, the more it leaves scattered, grotesque incomplete thought fragments floating around in your head.

These are main distractions from powerful dreams.  Because a major role of dreaming is to tie up loose ends and ‘finish that thought…”

When you take-in enough poisonous, venomous and vile crap during waking, it lurks around the edges of mind only to spring-forth as you  try to enter dream states.

Nightmares are why some people never dream well.  It’s a feedback loop – causing people to not want to remember.  And now the Fear Grid is complete.  Less dreams, more horror…more horror?  More drama, more money…oh, year, and more raw naked power manipulating the sleepers who can’t dream….

The accomplished dreamer is not immune.  But, with practice, you can declare your power when you are asleep.  Each of us in all-powerful, yet most are afraid to claim what’s theirs.  They abdicate and in the power vacuum, evil comes to the fill the void.

Once you claim power – absolutely and totally, your fear of dreams begins to lessen.  Old long-suppressed thoughts are finally addressed.  your mind heals and in doing so, opens.

And as this happens, your dreams become more like adventures.  Then, best of all, come the dreams where you learn.  Oh my God, the glory of learning in your “other worlds” is an almost indescribable experience.  Bit…fragments…notions…can follow you back to waking. You become a bridge.

More important?  As you “lose the fear” of the dream realms, you find yourself (back here) in the waking world, able to tap into larger parts of your waking mind, never before fully plumbed.  You end up growing.

It comes to pass that we’re all like those birds that have landed on a single wire that runs north and south.  When born, it’s like we’re all facing East.  Before us, very much as in Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave” we looking eastward at all times.  For this is our waking state.

“Pay attention!”  Who has not heard it?  It’s the Fear Grid – keeping us from being “totally connected.”  Keeping us focused on rote learning instead of knowledge-seeking.  Keeping us aimed with our economic masters want, without regard to our humanity and the limitations of resource.

The world is run by people in power who, consciously or otherwise, use Fear to maintain their control.  What better way to keep people under control than fail to remind them that we will all “fly off” at some point and “head out West again.  Happens when we die, reminds Shakespeare (in McBeth).

Point of living is not to collect fear, but to renounce it and all other evil. More than just renounced, though, we need to claim.  You ARE an unlimited person.  When was the last time someone reminded you?.

No, as long as the horror and inhumanity is large enough, we all stare – aghast – to the East.  We gobble up lowest common denominator programming and gratuitous violence because it is “sold” to us out East in the waking state..

The Me-Me’s of social have their own kind of fear-mongering.  Mob violence of the digital sort.  It’s an amusing playing field.  You just need to avoid the landmines of evil.

What I’m proposing for 2020 as a “class project” for UrbanSurvival readers, is that we all allocate a bit of 2020 to conquerring fear this year..

Going into our dream realms and learning along the way to become a Co-Creator with the Universe.  Grabbing onto – claiming as our inalienable own –  that unlimited power which is our birthrights, not as mere humans but at something mores.  That south-stuff.

As a long-time reporter it became clear to me long ago that I could not deny the reality of this terrible world.  Nor could I deny the processes in place that keep our fears before us.  Booze didn’t wash it off, nor did drugs…

But by strictly controlling my inputs, living a bit apart from people who aren’t in harmony with us… and by being a faithful understudy to the powerful Force that rules all, one can learn to keep a “foot out the door.” And not buy into the lies, demons, and bloodshed held up before us. to invoke fear.

As sick a perversion of business models it is, it continues to work.

Metaphorically, then?  What kind of birds are these, on the phone wire, who – held raptly attentive staring East by the daily horrors and fear – choose not to fly West each night to roost in other Realms and to study with the Great Creator?

Dumb ones.

If we can change even a few people – helping them to “break the trance of horror and inhumanity” then, come this time nest year, perhaps a few more people than just you and I will hold that marvelous truth and act without fear having renounced the evil and all its works, and all its ways.

Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, Life’s is….in the other direction,

Write when you wake up.

26 thoughts on “Prepping: Kill Your Fear in 2020”

  1. affirmation from Monroe Institute

    I am more than my physical body.

    Because I am more than physical matter, I can perceive that which is greater than the physical world.

    Therefore, I deeply desire to Expand, to Experience; to Know, to Understand; to Control, to Use such greater energies and energy systems as may be beneficial and constructive to me and to those who follow me.

    Also, I deeply desire the help and cooperation, the assistance, the understanding of those individuals whose wisdom, development and experience are equal or greater than my own.

    I ask their guidance and protection from any influence or any source that might provide me with less than my stated desires.

    • Monroe Institute offers a CD series of tutorials to learn out of body lucid dreaming. Part of their “Hemi-Sync” courses. While I hear their week-long on-campus offerings are most effective, if you can’t afford that in dollars or time, I’ve found the CDs do work. I used them religiously for about 6 months and didn’t see results. Then about 6 months later I started having very lucid dreams. And one dude I know who did on-campus work was able to bend spoons along with other students who were likewise successful.

  2. “But the “mind-stuff” – ah, that’s the energy to be pondering.

    It’s the most powerful substance there is, this personal energy.  ”

    Amen….great post this morning..the mind and its power..

    Two people.. one was a young man out drinking way to much driving late at night.. he passes out leaves the road entering the ditch. Driving what was estimated by the police to be well over a hundred miles an hour. His car hi a Culver flipped end over end several times over three hundred feet expelling him from the windshield where his body flew another seventy five feet.. he hit his left leg was not only shattered but was shoved up and out his abdomen. He hit his head and broke almost half of the bones in his body…the flight for life crew figured he was dead but he still had a heartbeat. They said it was the most horrific scene that they had encountered in years.. flew back to the hospital where they surgically put him back together . Afterwards they put him in a chemical coma until his body healed. He walked out three months later..( similar story with a wonderful young lady and her daughter last year. That I had the privilege to be the help she needed to get herself back in to society)

    Then there was an executive got up to get a cup of coffee and scanned a couple of sheets of paper..went to sit down at his desk missed the chair bumped his head. His injury even though it was mild was enough to kill him..
    Is it the mental determination..
    You see the same thing with cancer people on deaths door..
    Take pancakes..a woman on her way out the family death watch..the end was close.. someone suggested they go get breakfast at a nearby restaurant. The woman that hadn’t shown any signs of communication.. her color came back and she muttered pancakes did you say pancakes. I have to have pancakes and got up to go with.. a year later she was once again on deaths doorstep family walking down to stand vigil and one says not one word about pancakes.
    In over forty years if caring for people I’ve seen many things. ( I started before you got paid for it. It was voluntary steered labor of love) there is definitely a realm we do not understand or can comprehend.

    Woo woo events.. I went into the post office to buy a money order to pay a bill.. got to the clerk pulled out my wallet got the money he printed up the money order I went to out my billfold back in my pocket..where is it.. we both looked all over..did someone steal it I had it the clerk seen it . It was in the car in the glove in the heck it got there is beyond my comprehension

  3. Selling FEAR…

    You forgot our political system.. the constant selling of fear through MSM .. fears of our administration.. fears about everything..even though what we have seen is a reduction in military new wars and a man that’s trying to accomplish everything he said he would. Does he have faults absolutely.. he has my respect.. he would be welcome at my table. Just like his employees he has since he got in office tried to be and do the best for the people he works for .the American public.. more than I can say about those that have been attacking him since before he was sworn in..

    Then amusement parks..just like MSM they drag you to the top of the rollercoaster then.paint the visions of horror for you to expect on the way down..only to discover.. it like that sham trial was only a mental illusion.
    In an attempt to gain sympathy from the people.. a false narrative

    • Fine and savory point. Sorry I didn’t mention it.

      Been in a “Ure deep immersion” this week with PN and the website….Can only change one corner of the world at a time.

  4. Ahh G rasshopper seems to be waking up – Yea!

    Big clue right there at the end – the second to last line ..the line from the “song of livin life” only has 3 Row’s – but 4 Merrily’s – as in life the 3 Row’s are WORK life, the 4 Merrily’s are Family/Lesiure/Fun life – U have discovered this Deplorables philosophy of Life!

    Peace Pops

  5. “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.” ~ Yoda (as voiced by Frank Oz)

    Mythology and George Lucas (who crafted the modern myth of Star Wars after mythologist Joseph Campbell’s work) have helped us to understand how many politicians, CEOs, religious leaders, teachers and even bowling league officials crave the power they hold over their minions (a key attribute of the dark side), going to great ends to attain and retain it.

  6. George

    “everything I’ve found (and it’s in all major religions, too) points to each of us as being made of a soul-stuff of some kind.”

    Having had a paranormal experience of seeing my deceased sister in law as a full bodied apparition I am convinced that we are a form of cohesive energy that is never extinguished.

    I watch some of the ghost hunter type of TV programs. There not using special effects to show stuff. They don’t have to. There are lot of spirits who are earth bound and make themselves known.

    She Who Must Be Obeyed had several encounters in a nursing home where she worked as a nurse. Nursing homes in particular are hot spots for ghost.

    I no longer Fear death because I know we are immortal and this realm is just School. We come here to learn and experience a life possibly many times until we get it right.

    And George your words are the exact essence of what we are to learn:

    “Going into our dream realms and learning along the way to become a Co-Creator with the Universe.”

    We are on the leading edge of creation in our own personal arena.

    The Abraham-Hicks books get into the the leading-edge of creation and our part in it.

    There is also another part to own existence that is not talked about by the powers that be. That is our ability to create in concert with the Universe situations and answers to our needs by a form of prayer.

    We are not taught how to correctly pray! There is a researcher Mr. Gregg Braden who has numerous videos that will explain this.

    Like this one:


    And this one:

    GREGG BRADEN: “Our ElectroMagnetic HEART Affects Reality”

    Mr. Braden has numerous video’s on YouTube that are a great resource for this topic.

    His later videos go into how emotion affects DNA for the better or for the worst.

    I encourage everyone to view them!

    George this is one of the best articles you have done! What you write about exposes the key to the survival of humanity in all realms!

    The more you know about our true nature means you have less chances of being stuck in a nursing home as an Earth Bound spirit.

    • “She Who Must Be Obeyed had several encounters in a nursing home where she worked as a nurse. ”

      She’s not the only one.. all of us the worked the doors have tons of stories.. experiences of the paranormal. I am sure she will say.. it comes in threes passes two more will follow.. I personally believe the spirit stands a vigil by the body..usually you’ll see someone and they are talking to a loved one.. my mother was telling me that dad was visiting her in the evenings and telling her not to be scared they would be together soon. Then visit about everything going on just like they use to do..

      • She Who Must Be Obeyed confirms your comments. We even had it happen in our home where her sister passed away. That Lady had a visit from her deceased mother then passed the next day. She Who Must Be Obeyed overheard the sisters side of the conversation. As far as I am concerned it’s all real!

  7. “It’s the most powerful substance there is, this personal energy. Why we admire, why we fear, what drives our passions, and gives us peace.”

    That’s why I think that if the “ruling class” had to “really work” for a living just like we regular folks have to do, there would be peace on earth forever. The devil always finds something to do for idle minds. This thought occurred to me while studying the beginnings of WW-1.

    • Bolshevik.. I like the pay it forward concept . Help five.people in turn who each help five peaople.. in nm less than a year everyone in the world is so busy looking to good good deeds there wouldn’t be time to fight and cause harm to others.

  8. Two questions I always enjoy kicking around:

    1) Are you a brain? Or do you HAVE a brain?
    If the latter, what is it that does the having?

    2) What would you do — how would you act,
    if you were NOT afraid? (Do that.)

  9. George,

    Great post with a lot of good points.
    In addition, consider that our “lizard brains” have fear as their “default” setting. We are here only because our ancestors were the ones that were afraid and ran or fought – those that weren’t afraid were eaten or killed.
    Overcoming such “hard wiring” is hard freakin’ work which most of us don’t want to do. So, we’re ripe for being exploited by the fear mongers.
    BTW, have you ever noticed how much of advertising is based on fear. No wonder we’re so screwed up.
    Happy New Year to you and Lady E.

  10. Great article this morning! It resonates in my soul. I’ve thought about this topic a great deal over the years and am convinced that fear is all that’s said in this article. Fear has a place, and that’s to alert you to danger. Once you’re fully aware, fear has done its job and you need to deal with the situation. The abundance of amorphous, ungrounded fear in society is quite dangerous both to the individual and the society at large. It’s definitely part of why some in military and law enforcement react in ways that can never be undone. I particularly understand the fear of whatever may lie in The Realms. I need to revisit this and have known it for a while. It needs to be done with some care and compassion though.

    The other great social control mechanism seems to be guilt. To me, that’s surprising since I’m relatively immune to it. Responsibility is one thing, guilt is another. It seems that the political left relies largely on guilt as a control and manipulation mechanism, whereas the right relies more directly on fear. This seems to appeal to different mindsets and possibly different stages of development. Guilt, unlike fear, is simply a space filler, like fiberglass insulation in the mind. Given enough time and acceptance, guilt will completely fill your mental cache and processing will become erratic or non-functional. Providing that you have a sense of responsibility and are ethical, more than momentary guilt is unnecessary and can be tossed out the mental/emotional window. Fear is different, and like anger and shame(master emotion) needs to be fully processed.

    It’s important to distinguish between guilt and shame. Guilt is pointless other than a warning that you might have done something wrong. Shame is corrosive to the soul, since you’re seared with the understanding that you ARE wrong. Shame is as serious as cancer and needs the same level of caring and healing.

    It’s time to get some real work done now! Peoplenomics will have to wait until after dark. And then – perhaps – dreams…….

  11. We live in a BINARY WORLD! One that is a combination of “concrete and abstract” elements, Brain mass is concrete, thoughts generated are abstract. They are interconnected, as Newton surmised, “for every reaction there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Turns out our existence within our world is a “zero sum game!”

    Religions are great at focusing on good works, focusing on the elimination of evil. Is such a thing possible in a binary world? I don’t think so! In a binary world, elimination of one results in the destruction of the other. So can we win in such a world? George Santayana famously said “Only the dead have seen the end of war” is a good example of this. War is a product of a “life/death” struggle, eliminate life war no longer exists. Ancients realized this and formulated “Yin-Yang” as described in Wiki,

    “In Ancient Chinese philosophy, yin and yang (/j?n/ and; Chinese: ?? y?nyáng, lit. “dark-bright”, “negative-positive”) is a concept of dualism, describing how seemingly opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world, and how they may give rise to each other as they interrelate to one another.”

    What this says to me, any conflict, or situation, the best one can ever hope is a natural balance between the two forces. Focusing on one, results in diminishing the other, creating a situation where a resulting force builds up to restore balance in our “zero sum” game world. History is full of such examples.

    What does this mean for year 2020? Do our leaders, pundits, etc. work to restore balance, or are jousting with windmills like Don Quixote? You decide!

    • For what its worth……

      “Religions are great at focusing on good works, focusing on the elimination of evil.”


      Modern religious orders in the USA pick and choose which portions they focus on and that is what they’re messages of…which is good and the elimination of evil.. even in the religion I belong to that had in the past a great deal of people against them .. there are the dark teachings there to.

      The religious texts of old indicate that they’re message is that of focusing on good but their actions have a different perspective.. sort of like f—ing for chastity…

  12. I don’t believe “fear” is either “bad” or “evil.” While it IS the greatest control mechanism Man has ever utilized to control Man, it is also that emotion which makes us careful, and is a tremendous motivator, when understood and not allowed to become overwhelming. The secret to “fear” is to become its master, not its slave. That doesn’t mean to use it as a tool to dominate others; it means, to use it as a tool by which to free yourself…

  13. Great post George. One of the reasons I have been reading your columns for over a decade is your insights into life in general (dreams, human potential, et al)- in addition to your market information, of course. Btw, loved the second podcast. Hope you will retain the podcast format. The < 20 min duration is perfect. The audio format really brings out the humorous side of Ure.

  14. Fear comes in a lot of flavors. I tend to be more concerned about the course of the anger which follows.

    Fear of things which have not yet come to pass can be dispelled with analytical thinking, hope, and prudent measures. In your face fear is something that you learn to face with life experience. Fear arising from media sources can be switched off.

    I remain hopeful that 2020 will be a good year for me. I hope it will be a good year for you as well.

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